DHK - Michael Irvin breaks down Patriots vs Steelers and addresses the constant news of sexual harassment in the work place; A special Star Wars themed Final Drive

Dale & Keefe
Friday, December 15th

Final hour and Dale and Michael are joined by the Playmaker himself, Michael Irvin, to discuss the Patriots matchup this weekend with the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as sexual harassment in the media work place.  We end the show with a special Star Wars themed Final Drive after it grossed 45 million dollars which is second all time.  Our own Rich Keefe even weighs in after taking the day off just to go see the movie!


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Final hour dale Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WEEI I don't rich heat today scheduled vacation Davis scheduled for a couple of months now because then that's a real big deal of the guys who run in the morning. You know we all have vacation days with the use up by the first of the year I'm gonna use up some to just one yet. I got some coming up two or Michael's got some governors not values and rich earlier round has more coming up besides today so. Definitely you know that's that's still to come and eating OC Star Wars today pictured there Massey did I haven't heard loud and yet. We'll hear from him I'm sure. Just I just said to have don't spoil that. Don't tell us don't don't screw this thing down. Because. You know one of my sons asked me this morning hey game you know we're gonna see Star Wars and I tomorrow. Said no. Got them long not that long. Faced come all (%expletive) We just don't have to see it today. Now rich keep needed to see it today. Instead of that line last night slash this morning. So. I don't know what shall we saw 2 o'clock baby why isn't too bad I don't write too. I don't it about the role that I know yet abided tickets a couple of months usually doing trending he was sitting there. And ready to watch. The last guy which is going to be great and I'm excited about it I don't wanna hear anybody talk about them up and read any reviews. Until we go see. Holly holly fellas we'll check get a. Altogether. Adrian walker of Boston Globe joined us 330 today. He was talking well specifically about. The peace in the globe's spotlight series that's been running all week the piece that ran yesterday. Of which Adrian walker wrote it's called the big it in the stands and other stories. We talked to walker about it I had some issues with some of the reporting. He he did admit to us that he made no attempt to reach out to Adam Jones and that in hindsight. That might have been a mistake. I did not go to Adam Jones the cookbook of the story was more in Boston. Well while the perception of Boston brass so music. In retrospect. While he really was that they jump off and it for a lot of the discussion of that topic in this town right. Let's perhaps those in particular aspect. Yeah Adam Jones well legacies of Adam Jones and there are like to see some of CC sabathia. Torre honor for for out of towners. Previous Boston athletes who were just here Jae Crowder Isiah Thomas. Or athletes who are here right now. On any Jackie focusing on the Red Sox and and poking focusing on those guys but any because Fenway Park is sort of bend what again any everybody can be any athlete an innocent in its not like you have to go searching for somebody who's gonna say something crazy. My you might give a talk to professional athlete here African American says yeah. I like it. They would a good guy would have been stepped McCord. That recording is White House I was saying how many athletes are outspoken. About race. And Boston. He would instantly if you ask a question he will he will get into some of the patriots who kneeled. And and fans weren't happy some fans weren't happy with that some fans are okay with it that's that's have been regular too as well if I gonna have this honest conversation. About race in Boston. We got to get to the point where if somebody. Doesn't see it the way. You see it. Instead of just terror tearing them apart you got to understand we're to come from I think you'd be shocked. Up and be more specific. I think. A majority wide audience. Would be shocked. About what a majority black audience would say about Colin Capra nick and kneeling. I get the same effect could be wrong I get the sense. That overwhelming. A lot of white people. Are against this in a big way liked it and it there sure. And you talk to if you talk to I if you go to a how predominantly black area that's one thing this series brought out there aren't a lot of put the predominantly black areas. If in Boston and I don't know me to meet meet me correct that there aren't a lot of predominantly black areas in Boston with certain. With certain non. I demographics. Certain at certain financial numbers I think that the metric they used was 75000 dollars. Median income predominantly black area. Atlanta has over a hundred of those DC has over 100 of those Boston has four. Jose areas to instill. One of Milton and when Hyde Park there it is but if you if you talk to view I had a a room full of 500. Black people. And you asked him about kneeling and Colin Kapanen if you have a completely different conversation that you live with a room of five under white people okay. Let's skip that. Let's let's turn honest conversation about that let's go somewhere let's not run away from that. Well I just it's it's hard for us to get there is hard. It's too bad. And if we get to that point. How will fuel will go on the road somewhere. There were several other parts of the stories that that I didn't necessarily. Agree with. Adrian and I had a little bit of a back and forth about it. And and I am 100%. With Michael Holley. That there is absolutely a discussion to be had. And that it's an important discussion to be had what I would refuse to do and I refused to do in the aftermath of Adam Jones is just ice line. Why it didn't happen. C'mon now. Is your head stuck so far in. The sand just in case without a difference I don't Soros as the head stuck so far in the sand that you honestly don't think it could happen here. Really. Couldn't happen here. Didn't happen here yeah eight absolutely he's lying. While those same folks would claim that they need evidence before they before they. Well except Adam Jones story but they apparently don't need evidence that he's line. Now I don't know. But what circles you you run and and the people that you've been talking to. Lot of people that I know just me my story but people that I know. That I've seen in various places. Have been talking about this series. Pretty consistently. How about you. Ed Ed talking about it and saying it's interesting. And they've learned some things about it and it is inspired as provoked some conversation how about you have you talked to people who do you get a sense that. The folks at your weather friend viewers neighbors. Colleagues. I I I hear much much much more talk about the series. On these Airways that I hear out there. You know with the people like I know lower people but I I work with at the other job. I I effort basically very little discussion about the series outside of here for a lot about it on this radio station. This whoever the government is where we're together you know you can help me. I can help you we can help each other we just like it did just a different worlds in some ways. In his not a bad thing. But I've heard a lot of people. Talking about custom depth and saying. Saying. Some a lot of positive things about it cheaper for me Agha just I'm just tell you. Out of this fix that I've read so far. I think they've been pretty interesting my least favorite one obviously was the sports one. Now it was the softest of that of these stories. Out of all of them bet that was that was well at least fair. It was it was the least sourced in my opinion. Now. The hospital on piecemeal. He really did it because I know for a fact that some people I care about were deeply hurt by. And Adrian walker can tell me all he wants to do that that they weren't reporting that in May they were trying to infer that all the people within the walls over their felt. Yeah I didn't I didn't read it that way and he did. We don't I'm saying Pete yeah there'd be no I know but I wouldn't say when I'm when I was reading the story I didn't read it that way. Some people did of course she would read it that way if you work here. I understand that part of that. If you let you have some. And a for -- get it's not like a normal job let me just let me just point that out if you are a doctor in release of some of the nurses. So I people who were just working there constantly it's not just the jobs three. Try to save line they have some residual daily into so I can understand it is being on alert if anybody says anything even mildly critical. Or that it youth you interpret as a way that there are trying to say this I understand that. How much were hit here you use an excellent sacrificed so much time into it you're not even keeping up with your time. You are valuing these families and these kids morning your valuing your own your your own interest yeah I cannot and but I'm telling you as a reader. So going there are so Alia that Colin Dana Farber racist that if I didn't see it that way now a friend of mine does work here is on the board. Dana Farber and he sent me a text yesterday we were talking about it here is talking about it on the air and he's wanted to people. Who has spent a lot of time talking about the series. Enemies get in text when he's. Put put me to my friend says that the that that. But I 40 yeah they're alive. I'm on the I'm on the board. We don't dispute the argument. We realize both access to care and cultural competence is an issue. We're committed to making it even better. I think edit and and I'd I'd I don't know anybody went aboard a C but I Izod our target of the people got French president ascent understand because of from the from the board perspectives like okay you're looking at. It's just all vantage point all of the stuff but it's not just being on the board or being. A physician or nurse. This is like this is why we have these conversations it's all bad it's point when people call and say you're an idiot or. I don't think that happened or that did happen they're just giving you their experiences. That's all it is. So you try to get although you try to get some kind of consensus of what people are talking about me figure out what to do next. This is very normal it's healthy. And at the techsters says dale not everybody was upset by the story you don't know everybody there either met never said everybody. I said there are four people were there enough right that I have spoken to were upset by. Ever set everybody and no I don't know everybody I only know some back to the calls that you guys marks on the cell hey mark I don't. They get laid out there let's go and I'm mark. Eight so I quite get my point where you guys I don't wanna come out the wrong way. Your take it annoyed as you know markets are freestyle Friday you take your time my brother you do is give you you say yet that that way you wanna say you don't take your time that. I mean I think so. I want to go back to coordinate the use of free agent and everybody here and you know we got. You know some flak for piano and view of the white player. My point one you know why is that so bad in that movie and I say that is. Arguably the best ought to felt sick when Larry Bird correct. No no. This thing back Abbott and not at all. I got called by arguably you know are under I would eleven men's might be good to fit kitchen and make a large majority to make an argument for bird out Jimmy Russell politically correct. Our own Larry Bird. Now. You know he played in a predominantly African American and we saw a bit about lately. And I think people. Maybe unconsciously seem politically it would end any current or. Won't pretend because. You'd be younger dog. Is that edit they get because. It would probably at America. Underdog or buy is a minority is a minority of these on an underdog but he's a minority hires from taking the towns of these six they can shoot and deacons played defense he's fast and he's all underdog he's pretty good I'd let it. I would take every article again it'll double and an eleven to make it quite a boat in opera hockey on Marty puck in but. Favorite abroad at. Malcolm who can. Do how they did they let us go I'm not iron yeah he. Now let the creek in the block in not I would look at people say oh wobbly appearance or you know a guy like him. He's a creative because he's African American or maybe that. Recently. I wanna get a player like. And I I mean like I. I honestly don't think that that meant I can't lump everybody together I think the majority of fans who were cheering for Gordon Hayward. Wasn't that he was an underdog who wasn't that he was a white guy. He was as good a free agent as you're going to be able to come up with. In the summertime I'll never forget what it and you wanted to become help your team could have created for look at the free agent options. He was as good as there are wise. Enough not now you didn't know at that point that you were gonna be able to trade for Tyree Irving. What you knew was to free agency was going to be where you're gonna add some talent to your team. He was as good as he had available to you out there if Tyree Irving was going to be a free agent in the summertime. Celtics fans would have been chaired the hell out of him when he came to town and. Yeah I mean the conversation we wouldn't be there and this is I guess is going back to the very beginning of Adrian story yesterday. We're not in this situation anywhere else or not having this conversation. Anywhere else so oh how. What ever you feel about watching an athlete OK that's your business. You know if you like Isiah Thomas because. He shorten your short and you identify with them go ahead do your thing if you like Gordon Hayward because he's white you're white and and I you know he think he's underdog go go ahead of would have and that conversation. About it anywhere else. In the country so I have. That's why there was there's resentment for many people in Boston. About the whole story line. I am just trying to be Smart basketball fan. I'm looking up a C seventeen banners. It's been nine years since we had a banner. Long nine years at all. Well nine years. As an odd years that we had a banner once in a woman up there aren't. How can nineteen be helped my team can be helped by picking up somebody who's available. I don't have to trade. A couple of first round picks to get this guy on me this money. And and a recruiter. And that's when you go for Gordon Hayward every other NBA city that's a story in Boston. It's a different trail and yes that's annoying. If if you live in the city you hear people talk about. 6177797937. We'll talk to Michael Irvin on the other side will finish out the hour with your calls because you guys have been all lined up. Dylan Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. They visit with the hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin of the NFL network Michael has brought to you by VA New England health care systems Boston fault wagon and by Elizabeth Grady dot com. Michael thanks for being with us as always and first question is what do you think when you see Tom Brady and the patriots look as bad as they did on Monday. Failure it is it would it would that was shocking how you win. Very low there really was visit to shock you just don't watch it all together. It's been an ultra wood but you know we don't talk about. He certain things that I have somebody's number. Are you know all those seven and in Miami and why is that so when I mean just what they're wary of it was shocked me like BP they were able closed down low and middle of the field. And make home plate full fall on the outside of the union. And then they were able to personal lives. And not do it any kind of separation I think it was. It was cute and Craig that he Miami do. I'm watching my mil a year for Cleveland it quickly and that everything. It would be in the opposite you know you put it. But they don't but somehow some way when we overcome the Mayan victims within the reviews are good players is that it is discomfort as we watch. Well the Steelers Michael. AFC in the patriots play them on Sunday four to 45 were all excited about it what do you expect. To happen and that game. The big day raised their great quote they did meet. Even more. Saw all we're watching because. Of the week the pages played invited noted is don't put to Britney and the other. You're so so you're one we all we saw Miami controlled lobos who go and not allow. Anybody. Not without moving then he told that it will now. Pittsburgh. Trying to control who knows. Without weren't seeing here is really difficult thing. I'm you know why it's an emotional didn't hit the ball to vote very emotional when it was because I was the you know chute run to view and everything. Would know multi society. You know this whole. In the middle of that off a little bit. Into the heating blow back that a bogey that's what Belichick going to try to. Right wishing each year is known long in make it and invades Ukraine now another or another that though. Because you know it and so you'll ground locally while the book is playing in BP words like right now. That's when the Bill Belichick spoke. Are they give thirteen live. You know and so beat duke sort scorpion to be hopeful it'll there are returned returned back to you. If. My memory is correct a wide receivers never been named an MVP in the National Football League and I'm sure you think there's. Alabama wanted to zoom memory is correct. Yeah except south and had an opportunity. Was a couple of years ago Puerto weird they're greet each year I go to coup. You know given that the government does that differs and he also Greg. And we've given that you know but a book but I certainly thought so the shop with equal or so. They've beaten. Was putting those moments but he was well we'll. Its global putting up those numbers any eating area you wouldn't. So so when the game you give me the set up now who you got in the got what are. It is thought vehicle going it is you know the other series scored. All. Been in the news going from being you know go in being in Pittsburgh right now. You're in their so so so I'm all political and the umpire. It's a great. We didn't even even though the danger preference billboards that we. With some of the stuff we've seen here lately Rob Gronkowski hit that cost him a game Michael Bennett hit that didn't cost him and I think should have. Is there more disrespect. For fellow players in the league than there's ever been. I wouldn't necessarily say that you know this is the credit you're all the way. With all the things that we one on the all the football field albeit without all of the wonderful fall group who shares your throat you know news is that we want to go. We've done some concrete tunnel used to cost all of a wonderful all throughout. He built well you go to bed at me what they needed Kiet told. But it did total choke in the kit so critical to open and saying. In the you know real estate and you know he looks like he's done putting is going to let me say let me use. It would he award and you know what we're. O'Sullivan a little bit is people out of breath and think oh OK we have about this well is there. It's your every could've voted him Gordon. It is here and like he creator of life in Britain ever about it. When you grow you wouldn't have put on there. All the I just been. We're we're. Being cool. Though it is. It wouldn't get out you put the troopers that was slide that was the putter but I don't think there's this bird where where you juggle football so. We still have a brother who that we seek actually easier without it confirmed that brotherhood. When you get all like yeah but all Maurice that's Korean forty thought. Reparations. Recorded start corporation. For war on sort of game there's a great deal of respect there or did you think Michael Bennett deserved to game. America really. It. And related I thought it was just opal. It though I thought that book ever perfectly in order instances. A little experience. Everybody people people are just and stood there jets beat you get it actually we do is a photo. Of renewable. Look right of the freezer or award goes to its like no illusion about it you live. By the look dark you used to consider the bill would just like his. Fewer people of privilege to what they usually. Remember now. Don't talk too much still which you have to try to be the year ago so and so it is it's who would appearances it is now we're oh. I actually think the jaguars are going to be a problem. In the playoffs and not that think they're getting to the Super Bowl but. That's not easy out pot parties limit especially on defense. There. You go wouldn't go and that's. Physical I don't know it. In gates who you know to know he normally you'd what you're eating it leaked just gave it included don't. You know believe that there's which is here what you look like fools who took the court. This sort so who agreed only backing and then and a great all the fun you know it's an effort and it just gives them physical presence of physical. Rebels' offense running the football but I think there are real. I like what I see I like what if he put. You've you've you've got to do talking about resolve Guzman goes all good right now to what you get the real seduce. You know Michael you talk about a lot of things happening on the field and off the field one of the stories of the year in every industry. Sexual harassment where to guys we have on Monday from the NFL network guy Heath Evans he's our Monday guest. He wasn't on this Monday and you know why you worked NFL network and you know Marshall Faulk suspended as well and I Taylor. How does this. How does it affect. The way you do your job but how you put these times in the perspective that goes into the guys here it's it's a crazy time do you put an perspective. Well what. I know yourself and who does a great time and you know through the skiers. There really is riskier. Watching on that just I just called more sure stalled almost. Taking well spoken. Totally 100 it was a bit more from just the moment go directly go full circle and they. You know he's got more than normal. I feel like he's taken. Late late I'm taking the worst thing you're taking you know what I mean. Uncle would likely deal we viewed in and you're in effect my. I've really you know as living here. It's way out of a calm out all come out and go I don't know either you're doing you know we're all about about this. Of this is that you know booklet produced here at Emma holding its own. I've been looking at for years. I don't know anything. About it that'll and I am in any of the in note and no doubt whether you're the first thing that they intend about like any quickly. To see that fun England and I know god is not written. The year Kurtz oak tree buddies on that work with in any kind of way. What you don't know somebody could easily just posting in here and you know who. You're serious situation so here it is just eerie ski area. There's no doubt there's no doubt. We gave some people out you get influence on the slopes something so wrong and they deserve everything here. But. In in including all. They're going to be some people pick it called and maybe didn't necessarily deserved somewhere just don't we will see what where when you're playing. Palace and where men and grew year you hear a man accused of doing this you say I know that guy he wouldn't do it but he felt comfortable. Saying that about anybody because. You know who what we are with each other guys is it could be completely different does it make you afraid to don't multiple. Well there's and then they should understand. That what are all understood that there are doing their own income change. Is what went and how one see what went create one years you know it's all so assume we can beat. You've talked and talked in the same thing. But Britain it means different things you know what I mean to each of those and that's William Beecher will also implement them. This TO report. My guy that I would be humorous reminder that universal mind with the same day been with the go out wars since nineteen. Years right in the day. When a script when I and I tiger from on balance it was going into project into the well I think he certainly demonstrate commitment is certainly down the list. The so Michael if you do a lot Cuomo who uses where you want the word now's not a law school. Also like the things we used to be reduced local round in the law or you can joke around like this in the workplace he adored. Eight that. In the workplace law who spoke with local install. Or place though where he worked he told me to move out all all stoked for all Lou before I step into that or. And I think our. They call from the HBO a scapegoat for the seat belts Beijing that he gave me to enlighten. Well it is because. I didn't know I didn't know. Space in the ability to steer clear ago. Finally before we let you go I saw the picture this week your grandfather now. Yeah congratulations. What they call it looked like Limbaugh and. Little called the great that I told you about home you know what do they war oh downgraded Google. Global keep working out. Will Brooke good looking grim period it would you got to give legal Saltzman movement off our holder who aren't really did it. Colts equally. Read there's a change your whole bag of York right and achievable by. The video amount due to. News reports Michael Jackson. Well my habits look forward government would look pretty straight at which it's a real little or no clue and I'll see it. If there are no real close prayer premiere. Slugger who entered you know. Ourselves feel that's what you'll rat out. Elmo we turn it. Finally he hurt right there in the back who will bother clip there about rich you without. It is equally able. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time we'll talk to you again. Erica goggles a lot of yes it's. They're so little out. Of respect their right there. Well ever Butler is. About a series. Here people like certain that we are different. We appreciate it thank you very much. I guess. They are Michael. That is a hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin joining us Sports Radio W media. Final drive cosponsored by a RS restoration specialists regardless of the season a disaster in nature commercial. Residential or medical facility at any time. In an IRS disaster plan in place to make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more and they RS. Serve dot com now this better be spoiler free. But there's going to be some there's there's going to be some issues how do you sell us on the other side of the glass still hasn't scared it. I'd just make sure enough problems. All right today with a with the worldwide release of Star Wars episode eight the last genocide now the movie made 45 million dollars yesterday alone. Which was second all time spoiler free here. But here's some fans who've seen Star Wars and their reactions first up. A fan who just can't quite get the words out after seeing the movie. You. It's often often. Good try. That was hit. What is happening home like it felt like we should. Neither should be intruding on this moment as you know you're you're right you're right Wilson could have been no spoilers there that line coach to keep that could events. Now this other thing and couldn't get many more words out because well that he's still processing to move on earth hour. I'll use it costs off. You know like people who say I'm still processing after a movie or play or anything like that puts him. What do you think you don't like getter not thought W still proud are right let's evil we can do for you hear a simple. Yet just do Corky enough review. Unsurprisingly the last and I was good it was fun and intense and I had a blast watching. For now I'm just gonna be very vaguely doing little honest I was good. And I that was torque he Africa now this is the one that scares me based on the intro here and I'm just warning you now. You give anything away we're were thrown down not all fans like the movie. Here are some criticism. It's harder girl. Likes. What grass. And a couple of really good saves. Or her role it was. Why tool. It was or thought ma whose body style action but some points. Or what the explosions and stuff and this is. That's. Course fighting was going to be saw an outfit that. And like you know here's the review you you've all been waiting for. Arnold Retief the day off to today took his vacation day today this afternoon. Recorded a review for us on some sort of ancient not so good recording device. Eight it's risky for and I just saw Star Wars the last genocide in a case Star Wars episode eight. This film's two and a half hours long so promise me you don't get the large soda you just you won't feel it just don't do it won't go to get through it. The first thing that jumps out to you about this movie is the amount of nudity. Now there's not there's like the other of terrorists. I've looked at the spoiler free though from Michael for everyone else is probably all the way to see it right now there. It's a nice continuation from the force awakens much like the new hope to empire they at a few more characters here and there we'll give you more background but once you've already met. What about the poor this is this is the big question go to no creature looks pilot mark wise or talent but pang when you've seen them. This really thing you know like the zone and observed in my mind off it about. If you love to pour. The urine luck but it happened to hate fun things they don't like the board of the deal that being fine. There's a disease like they've cracked it and there are some actual stall war. On the new cool creatures like the aforementioned pour. If force Luke Scott Walker's and it. Well you know which way. This was. Good to possibly very good but not great. Don't get me wrong it's it's a good time here enjoy going that maybe I was hoping that it would be the best one yet and it wasn't at least to me. Quality full breakdown on that we have to do podcasts I guess they shameless shameless plug at the iTunes. So dale Michael Roth each time listener. May the force be with. All stopped that's still true that he needs to invest in better record what would that look personal view I don't. Alter. With Joshua Adams that's what I don't know Deng and rumpled what I. Well he did give us have reviewed it was pretty much spoiler free although he did say there are some Star Wars. He said don't get the large so. Now all that's good advise my two would have to I would arm let's say let's say. I get that large soon I don't want to get them in front of me could you gotta. BS on that one. Because if I'm in the large so. And I'm there early for the movie for two and a half hour movie that they have their words like half hour. Okay it's me sit there by a minister. On our part to register it and I thought it. Just as the credits that idea though coming events are ending. My Blatter can handle large sold over two and I gotta get up depends on how excited you are whatever happened. As an out of your question. All cut up a cure rate policy I'm not a Poppinga is not the movies that you don't have popcorn Holland to the point. Philip coming attraction it it's a purple after Doug left. I didn't get a bigger problem I get them that when. And and I know you're the garbage bag full popcorn is just a tradition is the popcorn is not as good as mine and it never make it I'd make it but it's just. It got to have something there it's a crutch. Nothing wrong with that final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. We got to get out of here IC Alex Roemer in the hallway as some tweet out earlier I he is it here in place of ever keep coming at just supplementary got. Patriots. And now my line on them close game they don't I today it's six point 06 duke other. Patriots by six you've got. Patriots and definition of a blow a lot of companies go seventeenth OK all right. Now doesn't get him ready for my appearance in Pittsburgh radio and site at all out at piper going full homer on this and patrons are gonna blow them out you lose. Birds. Steal Lugar's. Monday will be down at Gillette for patriots Monday with a Bill Belichick enjoy your weekend everybody by.