DHK - Michael Irvin on Marshawn Lynch, plus is Keefe "douchey" or just snarky?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, October 20th

Hour #3 and we discuss the Marshawn Lynch imminent suspension with Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, plus a listener is critical of Keefe.


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Our number three dale in Hollywood heap. Sports Radio WEEI. And by the way out west corrected yesterday. There's no such thing as an ex marine. But there is such a thing as a former marine. I was told that there's a difference in other and it that. It was completely appropriate for Chris say that she's a former marine. I never doubted about whether or not you know she should take dump with another question about the appropriate she. Did tell these guys while she was talking to you on the phone now and down hey hey hey. Ma she concluded here and perform surgery on you without benefit of instruments or anesthesia and also taking a dump while taking into account any likes. And you know that's actually that's set. Then as a freestyle Friday. When can I get I know this is the audience and understand this yet they might depending on which you say. When we have permission to expose some people need to be exposed we have permission to do that are under the thirtieth. What day Monday the third Monday the thirtieth. Then you're okay with that I'm here it's your years here OK with us telling. The real story of some things that happen due to wander around there okay but right before Halloween night our founders competency blow big Xstrata down. Toledo bend kitchens WEEI stories yet. You'd like Charlie Murphy. And who have go look at the look at the real good the real story. So. I am an apps up in the publicity that when he. Today is the twentieth ten day to waste ten day we can act they are of the here so apparently. Oh sure it's it's sure. Apparently Tom Brady's parents Tom senior and Galen Brady. Have done an interview with the NFL network with Andrea Kramer for NFL game day morning which will run this weekend. They've they told about how tough was last year not being able to come see Tom play and Tom senior told Kramer quote he knew our frustration of not being able to beat back there with him. He said. To his mom you'll be ready for the Super Bowl. He told us that the middle of the season out the time they were seven and one you know it wasn't exactly an outlandish prediction. And you know you're saying stuff to your mom you're trying to keep her spirits up and keeper Golan and frightened as as she did. But evidently told his mom in the middle of the season you'll be ready for the Sioux. I love it and I'm all right and you if you if you go back and this is before we all. Knew the real story. Go back and then listen to that we'll watch actually. His interview after the AFC was happy AFC championship game. Or maybe it was out of my ground game yet you're such a long do you feel all right so yeah yeah. He said he I am my parents I love you mommy blows a kiss at the camera yes and it was cooler Brady. I've never seen him this this typed out. When I understand. I understand. You know why he he stopped instead of cannot play around with these fools and mourn NFL OK given the suspension. I can go out take a four games. American fight anymore got app I got more important job to worry about personal personal reasons and it's like they're throwing it was in the pro airliner at all. And a two when that's admirable public was I recommend that question from Atlanta they asked them what his favorite Super Bowl is it's probably. This guy young kids so I realized that we don't what is what is with all of the Golan rules of the game yet you. He's got the 25 point deficit and is the first game your mom got to see the entire sees. By the way even if he felt that way they're under strict orders not talk about there Super Bowl anyway in a so so he couldn't get I didn't even think that helped it. But see I'm with you. I know there is no way that couldn't have been the sweetest of the fights yeah bowl championship so come on the book another vote later on three somebody who I know somebody who could write them write that. At biography things have been crazy guy who's re that is gonna daddy got things that occurs. In a couple volleys and outlook supposedly coming out the guy from from New York magazine or some like that. New York Times magazine and he's they're going to be a movie to a Bartlett French movie he's a big timer. And he is written. He's an award winning. Journalist mark doesn't leave leave Ludwig yes mica now. And I thought it was supposed to got a couple years ago but maybe. It won't change client embraced about a little bit but what whatever that thing comes down that's going to be. As he was he was writing this as that he was following this during the whole deflate it sounds right. Great yeah reporter and see that's the only time Brady will be honest. Once he's done. Yeah and I feel all he'll never be honest about Roger Goodell. Deflate gate will what he thinks the league did two home. He'll he won't be honest about any of that stuff until he's no longer play and then. It's those two classy and who might be even and what the evidence in two games here they definitely. Trees juicy details about stuff August. If need Alia beats you but he oh I know as I thought I'd love of freedom and move. Was released in the game that on an explosion cookbook now. Putted number one seller. While about for a long time you know or because all those self help. Authors that one. One area. Of the in the updated version where do people feel I help you guys. But today or another year he won't mind that I share this I don't think well known and I. I was I was talking to Zdeno Chara a couple of days ago. And and he told me he bought the TB twelve math. And he's been going through it he you know he's he's got great admiration for another four year old athlete. Performing at the highest of all possible levels. And it and he said he just he wanted to devour everything he could about the nutrition and a I'll metrics and everything else so he he bought Tom's book in his don't throw it. Chapter by chapter just because he wants if there's anything and then it'll help him do what he's trying to Oscar. Like Patrick well. On poverty polyps Brady can do. Compared it to a lot less than charged and are you want anyway it was it's 129. Yards I think anybody 49. And remember that little. There aren't that three that that's a good form three good for solid. Those were more those were chin ups yet to deliver easier than pull up a little hard when you bang your head into the door frame down a better copy than. I've got my work out and for the weak area you're sort of idea the real sore. If they stretched so if you do that like to do three. Three of those you know every week is fine and so that that at least in your life Michael got that ten to twelve ball enough that I if you're you're pretty observant forgotten them pretty good. On don't overdo it now you don't wanna poll and the effect that. Volatile go crazy out there 6177797937. Tonys and Charlotte hate. I don't. All of our audience yeah. I just wanted to call and say thank you. Moved out here in Charlotte and lived in Boston pretty much all my life located yeah. And I got to say you're just so it is but footwear. Not us on the talk talk. Was talked about it you're not at all. And that. Now what what what would be the big topic in Charlotte today you think Tony on afternoon drafters are set to Panthers. Probably the pet is absolutely. Probably the trend is going to is NASCAR number two. None probably won't do another big NASCAR fan. And obviously not a not a great. Not the charlatan or ultimate. I would I would guess Panthers won NASCAR to college football three laureate a hornet's. If the Michael Jordan. Oh yeah. I don't know. You probably know him. Not the kind of do you know don't appreciate the love thank you. Cadet and good luck thanks so much my call and ask your question yes. It. Was last week you mention it until it barely. Lou who I am yeah our home every applicant could not pull out now. Whenever he looked a little bit in the same room. Athletic government like this had I had 30%. And it's saying ten to 30%. Idea. Well do it to share with the world I would share with the world they they. Are having a big musical discussion in the office today. That and and at this was based on something Billboard Magazine asked this question. At and I went around the the room in the office nest you know all four of you guys the answer if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life. What would pay. We added some interest thing you know it's very ideals bird. As that sounds and Q life Steve wonder that that would. Now I cheated a little. That's because I'm a little like cheating completely. Not just you Keith cheated aidid's that's what I cheated while I've I went with the Eagles greatest hits. And and what I did was they actually have two volumes of the greatest at right Eagles raise its volume one volume two but you can by the Eagles ultimate. Election which I bought today by the way just like 33 songs or something and CNET that did that give you enough so I went out. It well yeah it's on one album but it's been it's like the greatest likened doubles and greatest that's not likely widget that you did the greatest hits I said did the best of Marilyn Manson. Fell in love lest we forget. But that's the yes I did it's actually real album that's item made a thing that's how we talked him out of weird out Yanukovich 120 track and I was about weird out that there a point track. About. Customer own thoughts at lest we forget it and so you can only listen what about how. Never throw it man it's good stuff and there aren't. Lunch box pupil people there's some good students that are Maryland Manson now. Probably wouldn't guess that one I would get sick of almost anything no doubt ever before. Before like you would have liked either yell at your iPod or whatever you would have any deleted due insert a CD. You can listen to a three or four times the same 1012 songs on its popular route it's about yeah yeah. So it what that is a brutal question the premise obviously is what's called the one album you couldn't live without. And they just worded differently you know. Don't listen to it you don't listen one for the rest of your life. So then you have to change a whole how to be light bulb temperature what you have to do need to change your whole. You know approach to listening to music. If epic kind of peace and out of her do it there on up on a crack to it later our backer listeners for that one song a day or few weeks yeah. She's like. On sister and wood and was coming next. And I thought you know I know you get sick and edit and did you can you click shuffle. It wasn't without all the of course I'm gonna need that. Because when he looks in the same city over her relatives that you know as soon as the one song and like minded already Kevin has an excellent. All you lose your mind Wilson once either personally know thriller Michael Jackson now now not sort. It's this or AME tracks on thriller ten. Like it's the sort. Album is less than an hour that portal thriller the song itself is about an hour. Thriller he writes the Texas as lady in my life that nine times I was only nine at a jail locked out art laboratory now text he says I drove to LA once with a only one CD. Can't listen to it and yeah right yeah just ripped Al you know that you had and it's. I wouldn't work either because there are some songs and isn't much I loved thriller but come on our campus in the building on deleting and still now okay it's too much. Beat it too much. You like to again get down there aren't out our if you actually connect this kind of imagine this is that the freaking me coming out. And I imagine. As Janet his own back up and ask. A large amount Collins column about it he writes these. I I kind of think she's an enemy you face them here. I got back a couple of days it's appropriate and I. And the governor and I figured I did know is that strategy edit get a whole album is 42 minutes nineteen seconds. He settled on our use of the longer and now the more weights. Once we had a Philip Bailey thing come up ahead of what I just had to bring up the busy discussion we were evident on officer and a real tough on. Had to put that that on the way home. Was a purity now some some irked when the fire out. By the way you could do pretty well inactive yeah that's I think a lot of it I thought that Richard I have and that that's that's can be tough as that tough. That's a matchup that's 012 matchup there. About tenacious he's self titled album. Nations the while there that would be seller titled thing. They were to like a couple of skits and their two associate apple with everybody lap of those good old and again real well they just get older than the song yeah that's true. It is fast forward through how many times you know it's the same joke in baskets meantime thing. Here's groups. I well I think a lot. Of got to work at a party at the act after cardinals got added him to let it keep Roland history dates and cities Aaron Garnett around. Back to the calls a 617779793. Sevenths got singed robbery case got I don't. I got an eight mile. An outlet so that's mostly for reg is that it probably will be put it this way rich. It's a question do you understand that. Wins somebody chooses to boycott the whole point is they shouldn't just sacrifice using a product that they issues. But they don't use it because they you know that met the company they wanna teach well you understand that the boycott right. Well that's not saying I don't understand why these people don't like the edit letting their players ill disrespect the flag. Why they don't just give watching minutes apart but don't want to be gay or or watch and if it's their team but it's a matter of the planet anyway because what they're. Because if they can do that they're not boycott that's why they're doing. I guess my points god of thunder is really surprised that people are gonna boycott over a need but they're knocking a boycott over. Women abusers and child abusers and all these other guys that are in the lead like that didn't set them off but this did that the beavers. And I kind of yeah that was at separate because it's exactly what is over but. But the other guests were keepers they did you know keep his right here site you know I've talked for him but. I don't think he's saying it's a separate issue is the issue of it why why boycott this why boycott over this not boycott over that as a simple. Way open. What you have and I understand that I think that I was putting. Everything I don't understand why they'll just give what's in nationally at them and watch the game. They actually don't watch the national and that it loses in televised. Most of the time it was there was no couple weeks ago I had a big story. A lot of what Iran is doing what a lot of people are doing is choosing not to watch because they are aware of protests. But not seeing it as some people go to the game if you're going and you have your binoculars on. And you are looking around the stadium and you just you look at people were kneeling. Then yet you see it. I think have a decision to make an insult I always. Like yes like the vice president and for that he you know that was common. It blogs out there it is to have that it didn't want to see the game you can't believe he was there for the game needed an only child of just to be dad did tell the guys that are running. The timing. In the national football only now they do this comes that never got tackled while 49. Despite knowing that was gonna happen I never would have come to this game. Although you wouldn't in a press you know what I mean but my boss was talking about it in the speech in Huntsville Alabama. Oh and then he would not tweeted out that I almost hold it all back. But I managed in the bush so what's. Once everybody stands then you're back in or does the lead I'll have to make a rule I wore what a what is it well don't believe Terri said they won't make rule. So the news never back. And when I saw it's there's someone apparently. Not not this isn't for everyone obviously but for some folks out there and their dead serious. As long as there's one. I'm up now for some folks the fact that there was one to begin what it has pushed them out. There'd be an end and they may not become pack. I don't normally just jump on calls you know the instances. Well when they're out of what you would do whatever message rob carry this through this life to wait till then. Ben's doing the talk show them apparently. Right now before I get us yes. But there's a bit but then went right to it he got the he got the not craft. You're right to an aircraft. We're ready for this Scalia. Evans on the cell phone make him. God do you want. To be no. In which he had to do she. And that hurts you beat six examples. Yeah. Like out all feel a little you know outlook on the it is racist. I addressed guy blowing all I have far beneath all that. And and the B yeah. All guns and well. I got off a bit of them and try to figure out who's more offended by that unilaterally go with that means yeah that's all I'm like him I don't see it. Hey Kevin that's your opinion you are entitled to it thanks for sharing it. I happen to disagree with you about. That change I'd. Yeah I wish you the best in Olympic Games. Kind of takes away from the hold you know of the initial you know nut graph of this that and wish you the best. While he's I think it's an interesting tactic the disease in there because you have pointed out in the past that you appreciated good grudge competitor do. OK I've got to be that's got to be caller yes it's just a yet that the president and that's says I have to via through she's not towards anarchy Sparky or argued kingdoms but I'm not a definite above all else I would not describe I thought about it compared to the other guys so prepared to dale and Michael. I'm not involve a Katrina. Yeah. Yeah. I did see it that way out. Your blood dripping in sarcasm mr. yeah but that's. I. Find all entrepreneurs sarcasm can lead to delusions sometimes I guess he sees that. But I can't be perceived. Okay. I don't that the above all else it may hand compares I don't know home like him now not and this. I don't see that you can yell at yesterday when you announced the second coffee it was very minute. Yell at each active. Yeah but yeah oh yeah at somebody's staple yet on this guy PO box. EU talks on the air but yeah and Qatar and it. Does you a lot like human Esther. Both radio hosts are supposed to Wear headphones both Wear headphones. Is Nancy. I've known guys. Lower levels where you. Six months. Ellen Hollywood keep Sports Radio WB. Patriots practiced reported south end of the week. Stephon Gilmore Eric row hardy lanky have all but ruled out this weekend flanking obviously. After the automobile accident I'd Gilmore. Out with a concussion and an ankle roll out with a groin. Johnson about a mostly full participation in practice today but is listed as questionable I don't know what that means because he hasn't done on the practice report. Jacob Hollister and added to the injury report today limited participation would make chest injury he's listed as questionable. A landed Roberts. Returned to practice today after not practicing Wednesday or Thursday with an ankle injury he's listed as questionable. Other taken Rex Burkhead Chris Hogan and Jack Mason completely off the injury report. And of course Brady and prompt for instance had met on at all weakening the C Burke hit them with it would appear that that's going to be your case. So that's the it's dark in there. Obama at all it sounds a little above and all this thinking you could soon Rex Merck and errors are drag. In. Now at evidently. I'm. I think the chances are gonna run the heck out of the football anyway so they made. In another question is which of their come now apparently completely healthy group of running back to that and who elect to go instantly Dion Lewis sort of taken over. Although James White Dion Lewis would seem to be locks so that it's a question of Gil Leslie or. Or Birkhead right. Growth that the all out for us I think that's probably editing has been helping assuming you have Devlin to that can imagine undressed 55 running backs. They haven't invented the first image that almost an embryo hurt they started on them. I've talked without the playmaker hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin from the NFL network Michael is brought to you by VA New England health care systems. And by Boston Volkswagen hello Michael how Oreo. But I don't Wear elements are called it. I put it out there. I did desperation. Is a great motor graders and that I watched Oakland. We can't defeated I watched your fears of a hole and desperation. He. It forward a bit into the interpreter. Were desperation. Wing right away. It was a desperation a desperation or lack of execution by Kansas City already should've won that game. I think he had Dowling. So I don't cook yeah. War it was. Which has become so great it. Is Greg Greg yeah our vision and Goddard that was all ready Jerry. It was that it you know whether. So right world feel. Marshall calls without it in the quarter result confident though with this sport this works that most. Triggered so rule wow. Marcia. Gay weekly. Marcia I would pick would be oak. Slot the world wouldn't speak at the first cut out. I don't like golf we go crazy right we don't create. What a great that we ancient silk ball we rented it out all your focus bull repay. So now we have yet you know those sick it was so incredible. This court we go creep in that it registered with that what was or are you can't that I thought our political factor it was an incredible moment. That would mean. I think that that there that night football game. Probably we. It's a whole attitude and don't sit there and I. Ram that rams niners do well to. And this year. Or what could amount to help it probably being paid what we call you exactly. Like cable through it won't. Play poker table while. Because without one and that's a bus trip conclude its settlement includes the rule here. It loses big credit where it's what Richard so it. You mentioned Marshall I wonder has he said anything to you about. This special that's got to be on the telephone network Bob Israel going to Israel several players. I don't Robert Kraft has been big with a taking players to Israel not only. Every connecting with their faiths but also spreading the football message and Israelis and he mentioned that at all fewer and if so what does he said. Or will we sort of talked about. Charges are up. And call. Is what probably shouldn't be Brazil at. You can watch as what would put on shall Washington talk about or Israel. My I don't know I understood that and I don't work. I guess so we all should know watching Marshall beauty emotional on the motion now you talk about it. I'm just so hurt. Who saw or heard enough crew wanted to cool I was content to cool that your. Lutheran one. You know vote Republican and former Clinton looked in Connecticut where technical wait for a better than it is to a cooler out. We're we're we're smarter better equipment but I the we're. Exit oak politics you know along globe I don't I don't want to pull the lone. Home on modern predators someone write about it. Liquid from the that in and and and I know and you know. A bunch of still due to a pretty well all tribunal when I went to. But that to him that we don't know who it is strongly about it and we're going to Google's Washington yesterday. Karl watching Marshall. Talk about them isn't true that if they could. This conduct an incredible triple load an ocean current. Let it go next year. You can you. Yeah at a local and it's will go visit the most the summer coming up and go play. But whatever it was something important. You know whatever the look on the cook. I don't want to question stretched toward you know really use that mold and no it is a poor confidant and now. I don't let it go lost that Olmert noted computer should it. Our own quote and aristocrats. Does with those two a little craft our Dhaka where really homes in the world as. Just like just like. What I believe we and so even though people say about being a problem because Lola. Very so but still pretty adult oriented I believe. In these kind committed. These kind of hit that level competence. To such great being. Put all these keep your feet in here. The youth brigade bring it out I does leave those guys could rock crowd it's neutral it's believed that there. And we didn't multnomah but both about. And a sure it was a. Speaking of Jerry Jones as you said he's he's been a one owner that is that is said hey if a player takes a knee during the at that they're not gonna play. They had the bye week last week they're playing Sampras this go on Sunday. How do you think the players in that locker room are responding to that message. I and it it it it is like what what I call your soul at all and well although five dollars and considered diluted the there's this is there at all. Oh the fear. In an it's giving all to something else that it was too is that you have an edited and reviewed and it would look at all the in the world that the world what could pick. All the bottom are turning their local business standpoint and a great. Everybody because there's services that Erekat and all all. There are. It's unlawful that aren't so why don't you get to the world with a quarter. Well one would appear in the as partners we dealt with that being the leaders are people president. You have a partner. The squat about the situation that we are eating. What we wanted an active dialogue. And into the problem you would litmus try to remove. The issue of stopping us from Ewing to the core of what the message here. So unity. I think I mean I think we're seeing it now. What people moving away from now predicted to be you can bet that analysis. Oh. The old. Everything at a my dominant. Win these guys beating. On though it has been depleted it and we got a president. Who couldn't about. The businessmen he can no. No there's no way the owners could awoken at beating whipple's cleared their first witnesses well. We wanted to talk to. Until we tell you we demand that Spain. I agree that we would have been the not it would have been ever you know what I'm saying no competitive it would affect all of these is that you know he is. To satisfy which means that care about what we need we need it would've been no progress but he or whoever sort of debate you do. And and they talked about making about an admiral William Crocker about the progress if they do either tweak. From the president elect a mutual more. Like Scott you know working towards those who have stuck to what they're called department in the issue. I didn't vote that little. And so so numbers that are. Talking a hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin analyst for the NFL network. I'm Michael I said this yesterday to these fellows I I was wrong about something I misjudged something I misjudged. How much the anthem issue meant to a portion. Of fans in America and I and I said all fans won't won't step away from the game for this issue I was wrong there are people who have and and are coming back I don't think. Well. I'd like they'll come back. I like listening. You know who need it gave people. It is while we wait for the historic reading of ought to mention all the oh. I I hold its blueprint. That warm days a week betray you. You know is that we talk about that we actually be about. Saying you were in the and it be that way you don't have any. An innate and not to be about. What did you suspect actually football live at all it just throw out community where. Where we're pleased about when it looked out under the flat. There would only this Supreme Court and court ruled that he could act as part of forces from him at right. But I put my girl. Will fervor. And the supreme quote me wrong you cook like engaging content to keep this Supreme Court what what you know. You know if if if that wouldn't leave that's where your blood it. European. I believe we can peak called apparel fight. Everybody's caught up verify. Mean we people. Even to those sparked. Part about it is naive about world Biden is that we don't you and then at that picnic that is not cool and elegant you know we all approach it. All of well we all know. The news out of that are currently out there it. You know what I mean but it doesn't mean it's perfect and they don't issue that we and all of Pope about has got to work. This work on this issue. And and and I don't think that it can loan quote as many. Because they can't really do a recurrence from everybody else that we are not afraid to look it used to assess how can we get better. That the situation. It ain't been that a situation. How do they get hands. What are our identity is I think. It will which means there will be guys I was with the meeting here that you're seeing. Bill. On in all of this lectern to. Most powerful people in the world that are saying we're listening. To your issues where rooted in Kabul there were quick view on these issues. I think that the police in the right direction. That's what one. That's wise old garden. Yeah now that. Then there's the locals welcomed a winner at the front in the war on them all loose. You know. Am pleased to 400. And WW. OO. Are beating good people getting together and talk that the others work and other definitely an informal. And how we do things that work to make that were buried their witnesses. Of a democracy. We have it will we and that means it is committed electorate. Go back to last night's game what do you think Marshawn Lynch and what do you expect his punishment only. People. Are. And in New York area no there isn't it a dark. Relative because there's perimeter created matter and not I'll. Where you can bet or is it to their poor. Is that there are a new leader of the cargo although fortunately it did just that the people. Of seeing her that girls. Sure look like Jack worker rep read. You don't lose oh result whether it's running out there at the arc and all. That you look at the record is. All of you rather than me. We went in the app you'll realize it was a rout them out. So our continued through with it. Since ten. It is not a big eking out to be active compound. There aren't there are certain or a certain way the picture. And I'd allow that nobody. Agenda we took him. Michael we always appreciate the time in the conversation thank you very much we'll talk to next week. All right. Apologizes. To Doug and it would be Israel they still were all for watching Marshall and guards he looked at it and and they're going through to reflect rollout where some are not being able to make that trip so I applaud but too low too emotionally it was a. All you never have to apologize to get emotional and actually got you know what. And I'm glad you said you did get the most that's reason I asked you I was I was amazed to see. The reaction from some of those guys in the that was. It was authentic American C because you're erect let Marshall around here as you can imagine. I'm Michael Marceau hunt here and if you just thought about football. People say may have march it was not over the patriots beat the rams in Super Bowl 36 and he's always got patrolling patriots fans. But to see that side of home. Really opened my eyes at me and he was. Of that wow. I didn't. Hole you were so muted their coworkers and experience. Mean and that's what put me through column I missed that you don't really share it with you. Like wow what that trip must have been in. News. Where it was sun. And those are. Just to work. After I watched that my first constant. And it was a cool. Wow that would do just incredible the way we've we've talked about it even out you don't altar with a commercial break. We just kept talking we talked about it all night long and it was incredible and I checked into. Well we're all sort of well. Oh well crafted and and that took hold journey with concern news regret that was just incredibly important roles things we know. I've missed something without them you beat you. But you'll never get it going man you're going I'm I'm. I don't I can't wait to hear you I can't wait to talk to you about it and and what's your experience was. Once you go through it we we do we want that would what that first interview and it can happen here you just share your story. Well actually do web salute. Thanks Michael thanks to our partnership and is now Michael Irvin from the NFL network joining us here on Sports Radio W media. Tonight he'd give us just walk you know 15 of the I. Track well done keep. That's my throat when he Edison subsidies that for a full game. Or or tough to sit beside it do good the whole initiative that will sound as the falcons make him well. And I as overdue we've got to do that'll game whereby and it more dual and less stuff. At it's it's fun every week I I truly mean this I enjoyed talking to Michael Irvin Eton he's about as relaxed as he can be I think. He tells us stuff sometimes that shocks me surprises me. Eight. He was seriously emotional about the idea that he couldn't go to Israel on the strip but he couldn't go. Because it is legal issues in Miami they didn't want to detract from the other guys were eighteen hall of famers who made the trip with Robert Kraft. And and he elected to pull himself out for that reason and he's a very religious guy he's made that very clear in the past then this would have meant a lot to him to go on the trip and he couldn't go. It really bother him. If that is the double whammy for him because he's thinking about missing out on this opportunity and listening to Marshal on the other guys talked about it but then. Aren't why was it some of them maybe a mistake that he made or trusting somebody that issued a trusted right reliving all those things could have been. You know one decision he made could have led them. Not having to do without all summer long and and him being on the go on that trip maybe even other opportunities I'm sure there other experiences that he missed out on as well. And sharing everything is. This trip. And I can't wait to see the documentary and in what they came up with. Eight tonight as it is it tonight I think ideas they have a national network they've been promoting and a lot and then some the videos are from the Kurdistan. Is i.'s interest things compelling. Thing that stands out to me about Robert craft like the statement he put out about. The anthem. And and how old. He approaches it what he said to the players he addressed the players need to vote. No word you don't you don't necessarily. Have the same life that I have you don't have the same view that I have put. We'll work together we'll figure it out you know every week we got to figure out ways to talk to people who don't necessarily you know look like a sound like us think like us. On and on but then. That's one thing to have that statement that's another thing the lip. Here's a guy who's Jewish. Who is reaching out to a lot of a lot of people who are Christians. And coming together having a partnership going on this trip. So it's not just going on here here's a press release announcing that he should he's all about it. So I I have great respect for what he's doing with these trips and he's got a for awhile and everybody who comes back. Raves about it I remember talking to Richardson or Richard Seymour and his wife. Went to Israel. With the crafts that they would they were baptized in the Jordan in. Just had an incredible. The spiritual awakening. And some time to get the knowing that the time Ira was still alive and a talking with Robert Myra outside of a football right. The football dynamic. Wasn't just say I own the team in Europe player on the team is just. Families you know couples talking. Doctors that everybody who comes back. Says they combat changed beep yeah. And I can see how you would I mean I've seen snippets of footage. They've shown little bits and pieces of it here in there but I had an iPad I'll check that the listings here I thought it was tonight that it was gonna make its debut. Thursday night football last night obviously but I I thought they were they said it was going to be tonight I'll I'll be interest to deceive myself. Suit you know how he how he feels about it and Robert Kraft when I've seen stuff in the past when he's done it just seems to love being able to show. He has cut his native country here to these guys and and let them discover it let them explore. Like he's sharing his house with them that sort of thing. Does to back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. A village in south he had dealt I don't. I don't know it's going I'm. We're going on vehicle when the child abuse in the white created an open it but the big differences NFL that. Not at it has honey 90%. But the child abuse they had been punished and it will be a that I don't like it but I'll watch the patriots other Green Bay pack. Active while I won't not valid that the moot point leader Aaron Rodgers and that they. Sure but actually bill would not lumping them in actually is a big difference and one of the big differences. You just played out of NFL punches and mine is an iPhone punish them. I'll punish them because they're breaking the law. Okay they're breaking the law 11 group that we have all have as American citizens. It's a peaceful protests virtually peaceful protest vs lock braking too big difference. Itself. You know what I what does it and sometimes an apple doesn't punish them appropriately CNN do you think the NFL always gets it right. They view the case of Adrian Peterson okay. Yeah and even with the punishment doesn't it would act there. Doing that twit shock over what was he at the time for. It was forty years old. Well. That the people of crying out that they want to. The NFL it is a. Don't know what well in the case of Adrian Peterson so many people wore it drove us crazy there. There were people trying to make excuses. You know it's he was just parenting. You know he was he he was brought up different a different culture southern culture you discipline your child I I can't tell you the arguments we had with people and we would say no. Taking a switch. To wait four year old child. And making him bleed. Is not punishing your child it's child abuse as it's a bundle people who fought them about is just abuse. But it's sort of related to flaunt our system is that we don't call it that but it is. But if a player got fines of say for taking Andy then you could say he got punished for but he kept taken mutiny. Does it make you feel letter I was in fine for at least wreck is because he's got punished. And I think it's had a pretty clear Roger Goodell has no intention of doing that. Because it he would then have a fight with the NFL PA he's got enough fights with the NFL PA doesn't need I think he feels from a business perspective I don't wanna add to that. We and a beast with the players association now. Right OK let's are real look at article 46 if you lost all standup. Sickle look at that he's written a month I Jackson Framingham paycheck I don't. I'm not I got there until the question like you guys is how to run between news and on offer anything let down rumble wanted it to old Dallas. Team meals. On Sunday as Jerry Jones all the game. And number two do you think Al Davis would hire contract. The last one out absolutely. We're out there have been a little input into a yeah so and so Mark Clark Davidson north honors the late father he parked in the first half how hard. I could care volatile markets cam the entire time he's great at one point it like you're out of that cell phone but finished like. Insult or it could NIC Mark Davis I think of Kabul were saying yesterday about Rob Ryan yeah. First of when he goes out in the morning Vizio. This is mrs. this is working for you saw that you just goes for comfort is that minds however. Good suck and it's like they're okay match he sweats or I am yes drew this haircut yeah works just fine. Still the owner of the team but yet out there it is unprecedented. -- are right here I got an allergic what you got. Where's your seat out right where I just remember what you're seeing I probably could take you. But Al Davis would have done that as far as Jerry Jones. Yet he gets the top one problem once and walked out on back. Because of his whole team decides to ticket me he will not forfeit the you don't. Was like he's Jerry Jones one of those owners where if this player cap predicted literally anything else he would assign them. If he murdered a guy says but wasn't in jail and was eligible to play he would have on the team. But because it could mean now Jerry Jones is the most outspoken against him as far as owners are concerned. That I do las by the you don't now. That's Oregon and now we sue in the week. So yeah Al Davis weren't even if you're severely this is what Al Davis would say you know what I don't think he's very good quarterback and many want to go right to see at the headlines of people say about it that's definitely. So you mean my fellow owners don't like and gears units I'm not kidding that's trying to commissioner crazy yeah yeah oh yeah c'mon enough food commissioners wanted to do it I'll do it anyway. That's what he was all about good call yes he he wouldn't. 61 cent without question 6177797937. Is telephone or text minus 37937. Final drive today is left. All the way madness and Michael the fan at all but I don't oversell okay I'll play better everybody start to get off bothered over here he's don't oversell. Keefe. This this has the potential to be my favorite one has the potential is as a potentially another one right now. Our leader in the clubhouse right now we did one as a couple weeks ago remember saying it was my favorite but then I'm blanking you know what quality them there was very memorable was couple weeks ago connect about the snake attaching itself to deport woman's faith that was it the horse the horse pulled 19 I don't know it was as though several months sex talk about selling sex. That's about sex robots with the that's one bomb Portland my cause by guy. Are you a part of them was they readjust rattled off round after. Massachusetts though that worked in town Boston has appeared in state. Very Massachusetts vineyards out of there I've had I've only got a computer somehow some way but today and yet he's got it great when bill of this day without giving too much of you are no more than me I know it was bill. I've I've met. One of the people involved. Boy I've met one of the people involved. It certainly can start rounds in the heart of cause and relation to the GA there is evaluated Josh with the theory that you with a laugh about it. Even though we live in Massachusetts and it's kind of puritan. And I picked up. John zarrella is bigger guy the American she thought gosh that my favorite part of the whole thing. But it's. That's when his current job to Adam's gonna say while these idiot I definitely this actually happen you know and this is gonna sound made up but it's all true. Alter some of the options. He saw his candidacy daddy got completely salt and he's got some great sound bytes coming out. Today I can't I don't know this day and he's got a great sound bites the best they'll make I left after a regularly. Make it. Ed he's all over visible to him about 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio W media.