DHK - Michael Irvin: The NFL has to send a message and suspend Marshawn Lynch

Dale & Keefe
Friday, October 20th

We check in with the playmaker, hall of famer Michael Irvin for his look at the Patriots and all things NFL.


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I've talked with the playmaker hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin from the NFL network Michael has brought to you by VA New England health care systems. And by Boston Volkswagen hello Michael how are you. But I don't were elements are called it our patent. I put it out there. I fear and desperation. It's great motor graders and that I watched Oakland beat kids that fit our watched interference call it inspiration. For these. It forward a bit in an interpreter. Were desperation. Wing right away. It was a desperation a desperation or lack of execution by Kansas City are ready should one bad game. I think he had Dowling. So little cooler. War. Period which speaker and so create it and as Greg Greg yeah I didn't. Goddard that would vote. Rarely Jerry it was a it and you know also what it. So right world. Marshall calls without in the in the quarter results on it and go with this court this works that will last a pitted. Several well since March. In the that we create. Mark and I would pick would be oak. Slot in the world we're here. Because the first. Oh my god we eagle creek right. We look great while we create that we ancient silk all we rented it out ball in your pocket but we picked. So now we've got so sick it was so incredible this score we go crate. That it registered with that won't cause or are you crawled out of thought it out you don't factor it was an incredible mix. Network and praying that we'll look at their rightful all day. Probably we. It is in a hole record deficit of theirs and that's. The rams the rams niners do well to. And this year. Or what could amount to help it. Probably being paid what we call directly. At like naval crew. It won't. Portland table or. So it because without one and that's that's. That's true conclude its settlement includes the rule mayor. Who is incredibly slow retreat so red. You mentioned Marshall I wonder has he said anything to you about. This special that's got to be on the telephone network Bob Israel gone Israel's several players. I'm no Robert Kraft has been big with a taking players to Israel not only. You know re connecting wind their fates. But also on spreading the football message and Israelis and he mentioned that at all if you and if so what is he said. In what was it talks about. Because the course and we're. I. Call. Underscore our mission to Brazil and it watching as what would put an shall wash talk about the or Israel. My daughter and I'm on the and I got to work. That's all people should know lots of martial beauty emotional on the and you didn't auction now you talked about it almost. I'm just so hurt. Also heard you know crew wanted to Google allows kids to school that your. With certain ones then you know alone can't went to an opportunity law and Connecticut or take away from the experience to a cooler out. We're we're we're smarter better equipment but I the poor go. Exit oak ought to know won't quote criminal and Arnold spoke to be home. Loan on modern senators from by the writing about it. Exit point from the and in this president and and you know I've been brought up. Didn't amount that's still due to a pretty well all trying to you know what I went through. Put that to me that. We don't know who it is and the attitude of going to Google's Washington yesterday. Collection Marshall. Talk about losing to motivate you could make it and there. This is not an incredible triple load in the ocean current. Let him go next here. You can you. It will limits will go is that the most the summer coming up equipment go let. But whatever it was something important. You know that there was confident the group. I know martial portion stretched toward never really viewed that mold don't really poor confidant and don't let it go most at all sports don't computers ship that. Our own quote and aristocrats. Are those with Google a little credit card Dhaka where critical of the world as just like dislike. What I believe we have to know even though people say hello being a problem because all of compared to so but still pretty as an adult or do you work I believe. In these current committed. These kinds of partners. To such great being. Put all these keep their feet. In is being used again bring. I does leave those guys could well it's either so it's believed them. And I don't mean it's an emotional let them but of and I'm sure it was as. Speaking of Jerry Jones as you said he's he's been the one owner that is that is said hey if a player takes a major in the at that they're not gonna play. They had the bye week last week they're playing Sampras this go on Sunday how do you think the players in that locker room are responding to that message. I if it is but what political future role at all and well callable five dollars compared with diluted the yeah. Is this is that all. All the future. In in his heart is giving all to something else that it was to him that he would edit and in the millions of it looked at all the in the world that the world want to pick. Well the bottom aren't here though it import it affects everybody because there's services that Capcom all all. There are. It's a golf event so why don't you go to the world with a quarter. We'll wanna put it here you know as partners we got Quebec being the leaders are alternative. You have to start and the order opposite to see this. We are eating. What we wanted an active dialogue. And then in the at the problem be it. Litmus try to remove the issue of stopping us from using too poor. Oh what dismissed the duke aren't so immunity. I think I knew that it was being narrow. What people moving away from the downturn that could be you can bet that analysis. Who ruled the old. Everything at a my dominant. Win these guys beating. Our own though it has been depleted it and we got a president. Who couldn't about. The businessmen he know. No there's no way to all of us could awoken at beating whipple's cleared for an exit well. We wanted to talk. Until we tell you we remain and that being. I agree that the would have been the nothing would have been ever you know what I'm saying no concluded it was so all of these is that you know sitting here. Instead of which means that care about what we need we need it would've been no progress that he or whoever sort of big media do their. It and and and they talked about it to me about any federal court where you conquered by the progress if they won't do either tweak. From the President. Clinton choking more of like stop working towards those who have stuck to what they're called department can issue. I didn't vote with little. And so so none that are. Talking a hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin analyst for the NFL network. I'm Michael I said this yesterday to these fellows I I I was wrong about something I misjudged something I misjudged. How much the anthem issue meant to a portion. Of fans in America and I and I said I'll fans won't won't step away from the game for this issue I was wrong there are people who have and and are coming back I don't think. Oh. I'd like build on that. I like living. You know who you visit people. That it while we wait for the historic reading of ought to mention all of this and I at all because who reported. That one day what we betray me. In in all this that we talked about that we actually be a battle being lowered independent beat where you know out of me. There isn't anything that it be about. What did you Tibetan athlete football live at all it just throw it I don't even live there. Where would the police about where to look out president of flat. That would only the Supreme Court and court ruled that he could act as part of hostess was in the right. Quote remarkable. Will the fervor. There at the Supreme Court when they're wrong you cook laden gave economic accuses screen court what what you know. You know if if if that wouldn't be is that we're here. What your union. I believe we could he called up their fight. Everybody's caught up verify. Mean we view. Even Louis squad. We fight about it naive about we're fighting is that when we don't you and then at that picnic that is not cool development that we don't. It all looked well we all know. Use the out of that a country out there it. You know what I mean but it doesn't mean it's perfect and it ought issue that we. And all of that brought about as a got to work. This work on this issue. And in and out of Britain that they won't quote maybe. Makes me because really it was separated her from everybody else that we are not afraid to look at the issue they're so how can we you'd better. Let this situation. Aid. And there have been some towards. Under the guidance. What are I didn't didn't I think. It will we've seen there would be that would with a meeting here that you're seeing. On paying all this lectern to. Most powerful people in the world that are saying we're listening. To your issues where rated neutral there were quick view on these issues. I think that the ugly spill in the right direction. That's what you want. That's what I told Spartan. Now that. Did that he won gold from what happens from there who are either of them all loose. You know. The police department and WWW. Oh are beating people getting together and talk and others worked in the other highly informal. How do things that were made darker beard it witnesses. Of a democracy. We have it will we. Than it is committed an electorate. Go back to last night's game what do you think a Marshawn Lynch and what do you expect his punishment only. Our. In New York area and older or as it does work. Relative because the perimeter created mattered not how. Where you can bet or is it to the airport. They're active leader in the current bill although fortunately it did just that the people. Seeing her the real. Sure where are you Jack worker rep re. You know it is. It was all wheel to run out the arc and all the that you're the record is. All of you revenue network reach. Went in there app you realize who wrote a smaller continued to witness it. Since. The about. The making an effort to be active compound. There aren't there certain at all or a certain way the picture. Of I don't know about that nobody else. Agenda which we can. Michael we always appreciate the time in the conversation thank you very much we'll talk to next week. All right. Apologizes. Which is not a billion it would do is look they still won't watch martial. Little guards he looked at the end. And a point 22 went back to all of our troops home and not being able to make that trip saw what I got too low we emotionally it was a. All you never have to apologize to get an emotional and absolutely not you know what. And I'm glad you said you did get the most threes and asked Yahoo!'s I was amazed to see. The reaction from some of those guys in the that was. It was authentic American C because you're Iraq let Marshall around here as you can imagine. Michael Marshall hunt here and if you just talk about football. People's they may have march it was not over the patriots beat the rams in Super Bowl 36 and he's always got a trolling patriots fans. But to see that side of home. Really opened my eyes at me and he was. Like wow. I didn't. Told you so you know tiptoe with experience. Mean and that's what put me through column man missed that you don't achieve it with you. Let wow what that trip must have been. Dollar shoes he where it was something that it it was are. Just. To work. After I watched that my first time seeing and it was cool. Wow that was just incredible the way we've we talked about it even out you know all and commercial break. We just kept talking we talked about it all night long it was it was incredible and I checked into. We're all sort of oh. Our rob Grafton. And it took old journey with them and news just incredible it was just incredible will Wear those things. Know. I've missed something. That you'd be here. But you will never get it going man you're going I'm. I don't. I can't wait to hear you I can't wait to talk to you about it and and what's your experience was. Once you go through it we we do we want that would what that first interview and it can happen here you just share your story. Well actually do it well salute. Thanks Michael thanks to partnership and is now Michael Irvin from the NFL network joining us here on Sports Radio W media.