DHK - More “not good news” about J.D. Martinez; An MLB rule changes to make the 9th inning must watch.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 3: The Sox have yet to get the physical done on Martinez. How long does a physical take? More thoughts on the possible baseball rule change. Mad Dog may be on board, along with both Dale and Keefe.Caller Larry provides the worst baseball change ever, take away a fielder when they make an error.


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Yeah it's. However three dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI let me give you. One more additional piece of information and JD Martinez and we'll get back to the gulf conflict nick apart of weeded out moments ago. The Red Sox announced they will not have a press conference to announce Judy Martinez today. Asked if there were a snag. Agent Scott Boras said quote. I have no information from them other than the review is not yet complete on equal. Sox doctors are reviewing the tests an MRIs. They it's obvious not on very well. Whether about what's there's a snag. That's aka the agent is saying I have no information from Boris has no idea other than the review is not yet complete and so yesterday one of the the theories but boomer Loney was. Maybe they want maybe Scott Boras wanted to be there for the press conference. Our league throw that. It now is in the the medical hands and serves. That is a concern for me he was announced you know. Two footer broke the news that he was a member of the Red Sox recent gonna sign of the Red Sox on Monday here we are late Thursday afternoon. Nothing. Also earlier today didn't they say oh maybe after this game against BC maybe and a note doesn't only that's the case either or Tyrone may be tomorrow. Even though there even think maybe tomorrow. Medical staff obviously. Either needs a second third opinion fourth opinion they're looking out over more closely. Elect. Just point now what the information is a compact vehicles that you guys at 617779. 793 and has knocked down the hole this one with Scott Boris to be there for us are glad yes there's no there's no way there's the way that's what it is it's all about the physical right now. Indeed if it goes through was there something wrong with a sky is is he damaged goods. Reviewing test an MRI. How long does that take. How long is that I know the old days apparently did not get a doctor on the line for us the power of the physical take a look at an MRI. I think some of the good doctors could be speaking at a school year that look at that poppy real quick boom they don't have some wrong. Was in the movies as truthfully I don't believe it's like an hourly and equipment I don't look good do you have a lot of doctors in your life apparent I am not so good or terrible and that's one of the you're healthy guy I guess I get back to the call 6177797937. This out proposed idea that. In Major League Baseball executive told rich Eisen about. I'm all for I I was Ali yes you still I loved it both days obvious conflict that I. I didn't like yesterday but I talked to reflect and really think about what it could mean for the great game of baseball America's past time. And I think it's the year I think he needs it. Those just joining us the proposal here is that it York trailing in the ninth inning. You can in effect send up anybody you want now rich guys and example was let's say in the eight inning you hit batters 34 and five. You go to the ninth inning you're trailing you could have 34 and five right back up and right back up again so you have control over the first three guys. In the night you can't have those guys hit nonstop the elderly units arrived at. They can't get nonstop and you can't like cherry pick I'm gonna get three here in animal and it one. And I don't when he hits five I mean it that the way he described it is 30 look I've just been a dance center on eight. Listen to that may have been his example to sleep are you want you to the meteor your line up in there because he also says you can send any three hitters you want as though. Either way that's semantics of it but the point is you can do that once. And then after that you returns your normal lineup in the ninth inning owned I got loud night to send up to the plate. As your first three hitters who ever see you well. Whether they have just played except a three hour fire goes out and yeah I don't know NN ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out I think that's just an example I think that's the and he stated that anybody want and medical. Then it goes back to the the traditional one so today I'm rich Eisen. Chris mad dog Russo joined to a range and rich ran this proposal. Oh my five done first three in the order. In the ninth inning anybody gay candidates. It's not a terrible idea based posada do everything they can that you know better than anybody have sprucing up their offense. You know you know there would be admitted to really learn how good elite pitcher resort to strike outs. That sonic little excitement almost by the NBA gonna have court you know with these last second shot quite a time out advanced the ball. Which you have to do until you know twenty years ago they wanna have some excitement at the end. I'm in China gathered up and pick out a way to combat the accent of the great relief pitcher. And find those asked thought Basil highlight material. Into diabetic so it's not a terrible idea now that never gonna do it. They have no idea added it's brainstorming that global lot of crazy can't you. We don't know about the action hitting solid man on first and second whatever it was we saw that during the World Baseball Classic. So that child actor Robert Annie Mae can do to create. More rallies. In the last three innings in this game of these games and so that right there is probably couple cartels or they exist. Park avenue and what can we do that's so rich guys and seek and get the world. And basic thing is and it's on again if they don't want to give you credit that's that's it that's something you're just saying. Something different I would not point at that and I'll if there's also some consideration we'll do it is now. My idea so rich saudis there won't happen but even mad odd. Guy and LB network that huge baseball guy he likes. They don't like it's I wondered bill would have to be. Would baseball have to lose even more popular than it is league it's obviously it's. Kind of falling in the hunt for them on rob Manfred is open anything key and unlike many people he's not say and public. Maine worry what we've always been he said we gotta think about some things here but pictures picture pace of play things he's talking about you know this thing along here at this play helps but. You can still see a two and a half hour. Stinker and you have a boring sort of damage strategist left it like we're watching a movie oh without going our behalf at the sock it to shorten the view of a great movie. Think they would baseball. I didn't pitchers were saying closers. All pitchers would lose their mind sic Chris Sale. It's one nothing Chris L as the lead comes out in the eight inning and now and that up to Kimbrel. And Kimbrel have to face judge Stanton even though sailed just got those guys out in the eighth. And then he gives up two home runs in the game's over. With sales there those are the breaks or he San. Rule is that I'll put this are actually sale won't make excuses. Met David price's head wouldn't let that happen you'd loses mind. I like that I don't I like through but this would be a pitcher nightmare. And which is another reason why I like what is also good to keep those guys in the gyms in Connecticut agent. Hey guys how are you gonna. Until until good do good but the latter question about the coverage of a US hockey and many Olympics but first I wanna comment about your solution. Please let let me get this straight now so we're trying to speed they gain and in the ninth inning and putting these people right. Well I don't know that this isn't mesa I don't MD and not partying McDowell with speeding up right game. Well so we're gonna create more extreme games now I don't know what we're gonna do is create more excitement yeah or more more offense more diseases things that they need more troops. And screw shortening the game because we're gonna make. And eat your your your obsessed with a shortening the game they'd they'd like to shortly games to. But they also think that they've got to increase the interest and excitement I think you're focusing on the negative Jim. Yeah I am now I am watch more extreme games was asked him okay look I have to court quick question they'll see it if you an idea. Tuesday night the US cut men's hockey played against Czechoslovakia and eaten at least where I am making mountains in the game. Right. Well it's on NBC sports network it wasn't on the network NBC. It was on neither wanted people covered female I want. I watched that there was a Judy. What ought I'll take it back was on CNBC. Solid round and I found it in order Wednesday night I and I saw it and I think USA argue that all organs of the week we were watching at we were doing we were working at NASA and yeah we had a Bruins Edmonton game. And we had it on it was on CNBC. I think they've all been off they're all lawn there how long it entirely what I thought were thought it was going and I'm willing to argue with best. Last night the the United States is playing against Canada in the gold medal game. And their their relegated to NBC sports network and not on NBC. I like that don't on the network but I well. It's because you noticed the that you Olympics in prime time from eight to 1130 on NBC had stopped on late. The about my body but not hockey night almost all quick hitters though they're like here's here's a three minute figure skating team let's get out the Bob so it's the snowboard lets you view this. There they try to appeal to everybody there wears they know arguably two and a half hour hockey game. Even though it's the gold medal game and I'm more interested and you're more interested in it they think the casual expand would rather see. Lindsay bonds' final on and then some that is count ping pong around to different things where's the NBC sports network. And CNBC they they'll take full games here senate official. In general I agree with. But we're talking buildup gold medal game you know USA Canada. I I would if it were me and my word network executive I'd say look we gotta put this on on the network that everybody gets no matter if they get cable or not. They got rabbit ears and on the back got married they still get NBC says it's Canada yet that that's a game ball aren't Bobby east and overtake Bobby I don't. Let's don't. First time caller was show all the time on it also extreme or five hitter. Who want. Well it or what can you don't like it benefit probably it's eight innings yet sports 11. I 789 hitters are coming out now you can substitute for three or by hitters base or run erupting want. The hulking. Getting it are coming up at 345 meters fourteen edit it. You get like a teacher. Like letting it be trailing by a runny can plug it in the ninth weekend utter failure saying if you go to if if it only happens in the Obama at the New York the tenth he can't do it but. If the team takes the lead in the top of the ninth we'll guess what the home team's going to be able to the exact same thing. Now. Responded out. Coming up are known by Ayers and thought that that nine. Well it executives. Said that it regs and and by the way in at the team that trailing by Iran. In the ninth inning of his 345 hitters are coming up he's not changing in there is that either. Archie are therefore. Yeah. Obviously this makes zero sense this matter or don't sense that it you say well the other to be as a 345 hitters up he doesn't get you. OK fine but that he's got it it's that there's a 162 games of chances are he'll get it that that team. Will get a chance to use that there's going to be a time where. You know it's it's. 789. And then you're right you're middle swap those guys out other times you get exactly we won not that great if if the team in the top of the ninth inning. Is trailing by Iran. And they stick up their 345 hitters for the second inning in Iraq. Those 345 hitters do their job they go ahead by Iran. In the bottom of the ninth inning the home team gets to do the exact same thing right. But he says well what if they are to have the politics that they're happy and they're good network that I worked out form dons in Webster hey Don I don't. What's going on. I I think you are shortening fine like early in the spotlight like in baseball I. If you bring out your best hitters base 345. In the top notch vomit whatever it is that you're able Horry is all act. A lot of you implement something or do you actually. Shorten them after. You report but as. Why I think one of the ones that was out tossed out there before I think they might Donna the World Baseball Classic is you start the extra innings with a guy on second base. And I'm OK without too late that's definitely outside the box but that reminds me more of a college football overtime rules thriller aren't we. We got to score we're gonna try to on this so even if you have the number nine hitter leading off well guess what he's got a guy on second maybe it may be bumps in the third or whatever so. Doubt be a way to still have excitement right away in in in the afternoons. How were awful almost 81 outlawed Al each team sport with a runner on second just to beat up. And it is I landed at point. Oftentimes what are the guys economic times and would win the game in focus. I I would assume you would still be able to pinch run for instance of appointed if you're a big lumbering cleanup hitter doubles. And he's on the second base that you've got to decide I would put pinch runner in so that you know I got a chance of scoring on a single but if you went to that. X rating rule where our guy at second base I'm sure you just put. Dave Roberts or put your input whoever your guy is on second base and then you're just as good just like the to win with a single there. Now techsters seem confused that they seemed. That's what we'll that's sounds about right once thought it was only for blowout games thought they had to another one thought I had to be more than one run lead for the new rule I didn't say that Edith said if you're trailing in the nine losing in the ninth. Period because if you're down ten I don't doubt my child's coming up whatever that I'm still turn a game off but if it's close hand. Oh it's Chris Bryant Anthony Rizzo yeah you're you're recording or if you're trailing in the ninth period. Whether it's by one run or ten runs you can do this wreck but it only really apply again. If it's. What four runs or less I think it's we're really gonna get the the interest there. If there was any more than that fine was first to guys homer whatever what is here's what you Seattle okay you're down by five in the bottom of the ninth. And I am gonna bring my 345 hitters top or are all take it back I'm gonna just go with my regular batting war. Now my 789 guys you know. They give me within a couple of runs OK now though I'm gonna skip one until I'm gonna go right to 3450 yeah are you got to start the inning that way exactly where Jim is on the cell phone hey Jim I don't. Are you got a Jim what's good. Art so I don't I I I wonder how it impacts. Are things like statistics so. You know what sort of guy cool. You know there's a 500 career home run in over fifteen year period. Ought cheese poured into that set the started his career now he gets I don't know what it is or should unions let's say a thousand more. And that many Sam and that's gonna happen every single game and yet to be losing in the night every single game. Don't talk I'm just saying you know let's let's say I don't know what the numbers yeah artisan wrecked out of the art. Our impact. Release which is going to all stream are now they're always decent. Are on the more impressed zionist get more than that. Not many in to begin with you may be able to make some arguments Jim that would sway me against it but but the impact on statistics isn't one of them from. Well it is one of my outlet well I'd I'd like that the idea of science sector page. Our whole all of a lot more than I like the guy getting out in the ninth inning in the eastern and make getting a legitimate right and but it goes against everything argues that it's one of the parts. By rules of the game you'll or. At slightly. Aren't I I honestly don't take I I just a lot of people don't like audit or I am I am of the opinion that baseball does need help. Now Michael is Michael wants to lead the way it is and more were putting words in his mouth here and he's not here to make his own argument he. When you film opens but especially when he has kind of been against things that speed up play or change things up. So my guess is he he might be against this I thought baseball needs something needs help. Whether it's you know that the of the intentional walk without having to throw four pitches good fine. Change it up at your word about this or that you can't make twelve mound visits again I go I guess last solo let's. Let's not does that thank you that'd be great. Are his point about also these guys getting way more pats. I don't think that would be a concern also you could shave off a few games of the you're gonna do that either because they want the money they want the home dates and they want everything but. If they played a 150 games several 162. Without the such a big deal that he took a while I wouldn't mind at all I looked around but I don't want to point. They need the income you know that especially the way the salaries are now the idea. So so do the things that you think realistically can be done. And this could be you could implement this. Man I'd like to see if they did 6177797937. It's dale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. He's he is something that's extremely important to the Red Sox extremely important which are meant for and publisher's office but he did make a deal with the they are making steps towards improving the pace of game. I think a lot of people at the clubs are hopeful for to continue down this path to do to me to decide what they robbed him for the star he's. Making double teams that didn't happen has to be collectively bargained with the union that's where our sport works. Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy on live Kirk and Jerry down in Fort Myers earlier in the week. I listen I I I am willing to consider anything that improves the the game of baseball. Now a couple of Twitter followers ask legitimate questions okay and when we discuss this Dave writes I can't believe no one said this yet. All while watching game before the ninth if this happens well not every game's going to be you know one run two run tonight then you're gonna miss out on Chris Sale you're gonna miss out on you know black parents that radiate JD Martinez at bats before the latter people make that same argument about the the NBA a quad Aaron you to tune in the last five minutes of the game that's fine that's some people wanted others her watch it right from the beginning. Via the previous caller was worried about the stats and date frankly that the staffing doesn't bother me. Now but one of my Twitter followers gene set up a batter hits his fourth home run of the game. Or hits for the cycle because he got an extra bat with the new rule. Would there be an asterisk next next of that accomplishment I wouldn't think so. Endless cycles the cycle. I hit edit the I got an extra now it's even more dramatic because of that now here's one another legitimate question in my opinion aren't Chris Sale. As a and no hitter. Or or even better perfect game going into the ninth inning he's got a one nothing perfect game going into the ninth. And he's got to face the 345 hitters in both the eighth and the ninth innings even more impressive giving him more I thought. Yeah that would that would drive those guys at target pitchers closers. Middle relievers starters they're all gonna hate this well there are gonna have to be mad dog story that by never gonna happen. But I think it might you think there's a chance of us I I think I I think that under rob Manfred anything it's an option what's the most dramatic I think the fact is an executive actually said this to Eisen is because they've been talking about this. Yeah I came from somewhere boarding the most dramatic change to baseball's ban the display replay. Currently being able to plot ever you'd say DH. The F okay. Puzzled so recently make sense there's been a little bit of a dip in interest what has banned. What do they really done that once the pace of play it has become like an issue. I guess there's two different news pace of play there's also just you know entertainment value. But I think that what what do they really done that they took out the neighborhood rule. At second base you can't run into the catcher at home but that's actually more a safety thing and an overly dramatic now know those are kind of okay. There's no pitch clock they've said you've got. You know. You can't take your time became kind of know Omare in between pitches that they don't want you don't know Dustin Pedroia adjusting the gloves every paper guys still do. Clearly nobody does anything about it. I always you know what I guess probably the intentional walk that that's headed out and and that's kind of been dragged Els got out whatever let down their death organ that's probably the most. This this would be a mean far and away the the biggest change the baseball sense like ease that problem that the I like cores and Attleboro hey Corey made on. An ideal guy yeah. Personally I wanted to do you think he would try to so maybe in the minor leaks first. And secondly. Marty its effect simply as confident as we know baseball players. They are molded on their confidence in what you know you have a seven. 89 guys coming up in the night didn't he get sat down our report Geico because of the new rule I mean could it affect their confidence will point to where it can really. You know image them in the long run. Well one I think it definitely would trust in the minors first decisions on the its I everything in the minors and exits just. They're an experimental ground down there. As far as the conference thing I mean yeah maybe but those guys also get pinch hit for an end to deal with that you know juror number nine hitter. He asked to know if a guy I was gonna say well wait you're innocent JD Martinez up instead of me that's the thing if you start messing around and like John Ferrell who would have been if any part of Warner run your tiara from some console and I don't know announcement affiliate out that there's no announcement but. John Ferrell and some of these other managers might screwed up where they might out think themselves and say. Well you know wasn't really you know who's hot right now signaling alone in a what was he doing in the you know he hits in front of somebody that might be upsetting but. It will keep bats or. He said Martinez it's a relate that heard David Ortiz throughout his entire career hit instead of somebody else appreciative deal with the Tonys in Bridgewater hate Tony I don't. Ordered guys know what's going on. Either lost or it misses the ball and it was staying at her or hurt so. Based all law I'd personally like. If you leave it alone it's gonna die. I'm telling you now. It looks at him. It's taped what it's like this and it. I'm not this this is not a speed up the game moved as this 10. Well the baseball knows this he's not actually sort yeah we it is. An excellent site. Watch sport what sort out. Automatic spot away. That Clark let Paul Light just want out all sorts all the while it will all fall. Well. Once we did not all or choose between. What's what it's all. So what are sort yeah. It while changing. It let's get it while it's what baseball. I want it Tony I wanna change the game. While I wanna make it more exciting I wanna make it something that that young people might have more interest in the they do right now. Puerto pictures that democracy in action in between it yet this this adds action miscues this gives you something in the ninth inning every time you spend more action. Just stop. Topless beating up we're not talking about speeding up Tony. Are. All idiots at. I don't want to know only one do you honestly think that if the game with 245 instead of three hours the kids at an all in all watch. It's all all top man that in its slot. It's all all sports. What not humorous animals to sleep in a it's the first order Boston curling and all this week it's pretty you review them. All of this or. Fast or. Less than I I I'm a baseball fan Tony I like it but the but the fact of the matter is young people don't like it as much as I do. And and it rob or embedded as a Major League Baseball can figure out a way that makes it more exciting that makes a younger fans you know a lot. To see that ninth inning like that the sport and our guys Jews to the deals for fifteen years as the purest of all this Peres the ball. Daria. I think I didn't pace of play is one of the issues if you write that up and that's how nothing to do with the palace does like get issue and they're they're that you you can look at it. Concurrent tracks here for a they wanted they wanna speed up the pace of play absolutely. They also would like to make the game more engaging more exciting for the fans are different things. Myself Tony suit to sleep on it because that's what I got what you did yesterday I I had a child very similar talking to meet that you're willing to did you change your pin that's right a change at their first time a year I was able to do that what ever I eyed maniacs are actually that I think about it. But Tony I I thought the same way yesterday's that this is. Too much of a change. But the new thinking about how exciting all these games would be in the extra layer of strategy that goes in the and all the sudden every night every close game. It becomes must watch at the end up on make the hockey analogy. Hockey went from regular overtime to three on three overtime amazing the purest went out come on it's not the same yet more fun it's better it's more exciting if and then they said if we don't decide at the end of the three and three overtime were only shootout the purest at mod ties are okay. And anyone who. What should that's the kind of fun to I don't wanna decided championship I don't wanna have a team eliminated from playoff series based on our on a shoot out. But in a regular season it's better so here's a guy at the next question and maybe would you throw this rule out in the playoffs. Or you keep legitimate question I would probably throw out the plan yeah I think so too and Annika in the same way that hockey you know. Eliminates the three on three overtime in the shoot out. Write it in in the playoffs they Tuesday night and I'll play in five on five for twenty minutes some of that and we keep all the yeah I would probably all the mail on as a role in the playoffs it seek another copper how much. Deep yeah both here today and it's remarkable thing to witness I'm impressed myself 6177797937. Yeah one Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. It's her or vote freaknik baseballs for the younger generation pace of play is that the quality. This document yesterday you want that to change you'd hear the games three and half hours of two and half hours I'd prefer quicker today the F bill. I think. That's kind of a vital line of how to make it quicker. It's my opinions on what it could be how would have been book with an idea that you think that there. The woman lemon ma ma basis gimme gimme. Though more than a minute and a half between. Innings but come out there Phillip my phones have the time waiting for particle because commercials obviously we have to make money. If this whole operation again. That I have to between innings pitcher can't be the third that it has that box. I was for sale. On earlier this week with Kirk. And Jerry down at Fort Myers. He's all for speeding we came off. It but he is the classic get it and throw it kinda guides are unfortunately enough pitchers like that Major League Baseball. But again don't confuse the pace of play concerns legitimate my opinion. With what this proposed idea would do. This doesn't do anything to speed up the game in fact it might slow it down. Right that we had one caller saying I gonna force more extra games yet maybe but this is going to be so much more exciting against him me. Must see TV your must listen radio every time of the Red Sox are down by one. Ursula should be entertaining anyway you're down by one in the ninth inning there's more reason to to pay attention to it but if you know that's the bottom line up against a really good closer. Eric maybe it's not as good power. Yeah Vinatieri got to be that excited very difficult but now sudden you're bringing your guns McKee bats and Knight get on a moral reason to pay attention. Back to the called Larry's in Plymouth hey Larry I don't. Welcome. I can't outsource about taking your hockey background. Yeah you commit error sit down and opens the field. What's being a little so so like if if Pedroia commits an error. What on you don't have a second baseman for an inning. You have sure you have to sift its orders I just don't come on Larry. I might want they want them on the power play that incidents and well what a couple more often and so what their potency of soon and what it via the other thing is if you just. You have to do with what you. What about this what about you can pitch to your own team. No and I. And mostly in America Laird of my balance parents talk and I'll going to be winners that's on look I I I said I'm willing to consider anything. I'd I don't I'm not I don't overstated that. A tiny little bit no like I I don't think that you you get to play with fewer fielder's if the view that commits an error. An attempt and it had to sit out a figure about what you said. I'm yeah this feels JA devers take a stake it's the third basement where gut our team was on the field that is. And I and elegant the hyperbole a lot of the worst thing a hundred. That might have a got a chance to show up on Friday I got my head out on the mark tape on mark it on Larry. And it UCF you have to take a player off the field are death sort of the point is should it takes away the whole thing about the body they shift that remark. That the everybody over the ticket guy away at the statewide up resistant biter of shortstop. It guys I have done a evolution of the proposal that John Bell and lol I like even laugh. As. Heck I'd suggestion would be to not limit and I. In not letting it to the top of the inning. 83 players. Not on base. Can be got called at Blake and and anyone who I did they did back in such a situation where forfeit. There next. Dot. Bat allowed you are really spit in my head like a pop out I don't I've no idea literally naked if they did IR camera matter on the I think I think simpler is better on big ninth inning. Give us your best hitters perfect I get it where we're actually looking you know for for other idea which sort of try to concentrate on this what are. Don't be delayed it doesn't dark Yvette the other great at all but I have one that really you like not a lot of ass yeah I know we are not put out by that I don't need to be batting out of order every inning I don't need to do that Saturday to be making sure Ehrlich. Oh yeah I remember you had rookie got the third in the forests and now he can't bat out of order again I don't need to do that. That that sounds like an absolute nightmare to me. Hadn't thought about this but attacked two rings up at that point. The picture makes dinner. Under that previous call this idea that you're hopeless and I've been really stalls that pair got out there can broaden its okay yeah that would be a problem and a pick catcher the smokey yeah umpire of the crowded like this and a gala that the official score. It happens. That they'll probably would play I don't know now probably Jim's on the cell agent. Hey how you don't want to judge him. Are my suggestion would be to do like football. Have to retain an opportunity can't call. Ultimately get this far larger bench bring in better players are defense that a player for a parent. So saw how many guys maybe on your roster. I don't know how many are at a funeral. And then you can just while pregnant when you bring I got off the bench you don't lose and you can swap and pork okay all right so I think DOE says it perfectly we're look. Were talking about this yet not being able to that we're not looking for I mean not that I don't like that I I like a good idea and I'll hold my ticket idea I like could I that I was very Jason good guys. Good idea are always welcome. Let's focus on this because other people are talking about it we didn't pull this out of that there. Do you have guys that out of order when you're trailing in the ninth inning is to get more. Interest in a bigger moment in Dallas you brought up you know. All the other sports late in the game your best your fellow players out there and again that's the nature of those sports that's not the nature of baseball and that's why yesterday. Kind of pushed back on it but is that you know what. If he can make that change how exciting would that be it'd be great now I'm a little confused still literally sailed Camden hit my 345 guys again are or can you salmon it might might one. And animate my three and animate my seven I think you said that you could hit whoever you want in their ninth inning ninth inning all we heard about it during nights not extra okay it's nine inning only meant that you are allowed to send up to the plate. As your first three hitters who ever you locked who. Whether they have just played. It's 345. Goes out and around ENN. Ninth inning. Your manager sends 345. Right back out there. And then six goes and seven goes and he goes see it and if it goes into extra innings Hughes they haven't figured out what it would be. Do you pick it up. From eight do you figure on the eighth or you pick it up from where it left off that you recreate the batting order in the ninth inning that goes now for the rest of the game and room. Gas. I think you just laid man on his staff there I heard it as 345 with his example like all right you guys power hitters that you would want to hit. But I think space like that it would let's see what here's here's the confusing part okay so I'm gonna hit 13. And five. Who's up after that here who was two up to start that inning. One if it was one. Well then one is him so he can hit twice so that three and five and I guess a 135 and then who. Oh maybe go after after that an event at six. So that it's day 678 right for nine net you know that it I mean I said a little confusing explanation is a little. It could have anybody watch is chances are. It would only be guys hitting one through five that he wanted to recycle and otherwise you have a terrible lineup otherwise you got a lot of properly for you got a guy who's really feel that they've had a Philip JTJ sit in the nine hole he's in he's four for four on the day throw admitted earlier in the manner that Agassi come Andy's got the speed you're thinking you know what I'm I'm gonna bring him out here. Yes that's a little confusing than you don't want those guys to get to a batsman. But the the product in that far ahead is they're saying if you're using this when you're down a couple of runs then. Bibi to win the game that way or or or where girls and and also fine tuning obviously yes but but it. The overall idea I don't are strong now. What is clear here to meet even based on license rather confusing description. Is that you can't pick JD Martinez three straight. Three straight hitters dollar I don't know three different and alike like TJ oh she gets to shoot six straight shoot out dug holes in the Olympics if you don't get the same JD Martina is up okay. Dad without see it won't wartime matter you'd you get to pick three different hitters and then after that goes back to think who was doo wop. Our Crist ends up in Maine take Christen. Again and again good break. Can't think integrated that Mandela I don't want to thank you pursue that yes. Have made it and I think Corey kind of took part of what I was thinking come out of around sensitivity and some of the baseball players but. I do think it's a good idea to try to which order I think it look hot that game I think if you can. Not do it sequentially it reform and then that was his strategy. So who is last in that first read that it that's where it takes up afterward. So that it did if you didn't get 13 and five YouTube put them up. Then then six would go next then seven then eight then nine and a. Yes because they think of them haven't hot game and you can kind of slowed them and as needed I would. Wondering how you thought it would play out in the person that that the pitcher. Do they get it changed and they get to know who that person they have to commit to. A throwing. I actually Richard saying in other words. Eighties you don't just know who the leadoff guy is you know all that dictate the not a matter aren't I think that's a good I guess he said it thought you should add that usually goes on fire Clarence a visa the first three guys on Centre right up this edit you can change your your bullpen accordingly exact that's another that's and it Donna and I had and now without a doubt be a nightmare that's not fair and it's like. You can you can fake out when you're gonna throw lefty and there are righty or whatever in the and that that'll affect the pitching change that's. Yeah I would think you'd have to commit to a you know to announce at the start the inning here are the three guys I have leading out the inning. Animal came of that to it adds another little wrinkle or a seat beacon works for us carry our ideal bite you start to talk yourself out of this knob on the of the right now. The right to myself a couple of Beers tonight I'm tired are back and I got and I hate. Staying still play Scott's an actress in Massachusetts eye and actually see that Britain might call screener before the valued science. In the bath she's this hot how eco. Good how are you going to do eloped and earlier caller to our. I I figured that the average. Assuming someone asked the winner and someone passed will lose. The average team in baseball this will happen to will be dollar Colorado more than 81 games a year. If you took that back. Our times those three guys. Are over fifteen years that quote 150. Extra at that. Well assuming that they're the best readers throughout their fifteen year career. You don't give an old guy is an extra twenty. At bat over their career and every. Arianna I I cars while I reject your premise because I don't think it would happen as often as you say but let's let's let's just say no let's except Scott and eggs I am buying an okay. Or got it. So I. I don't and I'll go see them last orbiter where. We're well I mean it is that it's fair and suburbs for the pitchers that archer really not care for a pitcher. But if you think about it for the worst teams from other teens who are you know. If you went sixteen wins are in a 102 losses you know those guys are get a second. Well you know it's got to let me get this rules and I replaced by any means that they are a fine tuning it where it is it has to be a save situation rate could be it could be three runs analysts are now. If you're down five to bat like usual you're not gonna let you get this this big momentum swings extras thrown another monkey around he's fitness classes are so they sniffed that dialogue with a terrible idea I I I tell you rich came the hitters hit this inning. Our 34. And two. And three it's up again and now it's up again Ben five would get out. Who's up who's to up I guess the question so that's would you goatee I don't know who was then do a lot yeah. It's Turkey they they got it they got to figure out a way to do that. To say you're you're putting 342. In place at 789 after those three guys though that out they sevens out via that Nadia. It'd be a tricky thing I'm weekly report to. All of those up after two are very are they believe on first base I gotta I gotta hit now. Air yeah now I'm in less than they got to figure this out there it's a good idea. It just. Just needs a little fine tuning a lot of fine tuning stuff a little financial and repeatedly you'll be back aboard tomorrow I'd probably hopes 6177797937. Its telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media.