DHK - Much more attention on Kyrie Irving now, plus did the Patriots get enough for Jacoby Brissett?

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Wednesday, October 18th

Hour #3 and we continue to discuss the Hayward injury and how there will be more scrutiny and attention paid to Kyrie Irving now.  Lebron makes the Hayward injury about himself, plus we look briefly at Jacoby Brissett in Indy.


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However free to Helen Hollywood heat. Sports Radio WB yeah broadcast Latin causeway. Across the street from the garden where tonight for the Celtics play their home opener. Against the Milwaukee Bucks for a fifth told you. Sometimes there's stuff that happened on the conference call the morning that make it on the occasionally you know will look he's got stuff we kicks up around it doesn't make. One of those happen I think it was yesterday when Michael was telling us. How impressed he has been without Jacoby percent has one quarterback the Indianapolis Colts may be surprised if some. Not great but I'm sorry guy who's started five games as they went three is their record. And he looks like he. Mean the second of a good quarterback great you know nothing special there but it. Rule fast and loose with the term good he well he played their quarterback a little while longer than Angela. According to colts GM Chris Ballard Andrew Luck not at practice this week or the rest of the week. Soreness in shoulder cortisone shot. It's sort of sound like Andrew is being set back a little. Now but but. He's gonna you know who played maybe another day or a couple more. Weeks to get to Kobe percent. And what what you thought of just think of Europe you'll be demonstrated yeah do you think he could start five games for anybody. Certainly that the patriots of course not the patriots' that I did today at the patriots. They naked I didn't have to go to another team could get a man who played five gain. I you know so it just makes you wonder. But all the different right because he's not. The ideal start he's not like he didn't win that job in Cleveland or Stanford Cisco at the couldn't but yet he didn't do that he's there. Because Angela has her. It's who's playing as a backup like Brian Hoyer and Ryan mallet have started games in the lead laws of war. And O'Leary he's not gonna play here I don't want to play here that silent thing is just. Sometimes you have an asset to make millions or you need you missed evaluate. What he is what he can bring it but I doubt I'll ever gonna ever gonna cut him yet got to the got that they're gonna cut them. It made it that they should even get down that road they spent a third round pick on Kobe percent. And that the next year the very next year to connect caught. We're doing and hold to quarterback. You're probably something out of them now turns out they've made a trade at that time I applauded because. At at new bureaucratic out of but they're gonna cut edit Ed receiver they got dorsett. But. Maybe they could have gotten more hogs over one more year develop word of the year. You could get that mormons out and I don't think like now we've seen them play five games of what a couple of stars you can have them before you started. Two games he won one game and let me know the score at any are had a bat Wally had to start the second one out. Everything it another way what would Indianapolis Colts Q you now vertical reports that appears that they don't have recess. They wind up cutting doors at the patriots pick up doors that they hold on a logical we have a city cut David Ayers somebody else. Then. They don't have Andrew Luck. We saw what they got from Scott told me what do nothing terrible he gets he gets their trading deadline and you're the patriots they are. Quarterback we're gonna give us or any that you walk and it's. I mean it would be the first route makers like that a speculative with Robert form there for Barack yes if the third round pick back in other words. Yeah that's again because we've seen it now at the time. It they just bottom. If they just straight up Cottam then what would you say I was surprised I haven't tried it but it but that the way you do about it. His last game was against John online on the last play out or if I was glad usually in the game which was against. Square crowds but he played well against scrubs and eat it in the great if he'd look at that he looked great for McCain and advocate of its drugs you won that night chipped out. Bodily speaking of Andrew Luck this poll. Most overrated quarterbacks in the league player pool right yet. Number one most well over rated kindly let me. Agree everybody out I argue right out of everybody outside of knowingly. Agrees that likely he'll make you scarred. Forever two losses nightmare. But that's why it's a frustrating because he's one of those super bulls but you would not want him mr. core rapper the other great resonate you if you cherry pick the best things about them but overall. The year for you don't like the playoffs two years re throwing twenty plus at least he's not great and so it EEE fits into that overeat it was a. Also rated second both of race it was to look at it that's fair I'd address well what he was projected to be both number one overall but the thing that jumps out days crazies that. That quarterback most likely to win the most super balls that next year. Tom Brady Tom Brady wanted it sporty. At at eight got hit it might well let's go play Phillies fifty I think you were first on the sport and allowed at least 45 but even if you win wall art as soon. That might be enough they got air Rodgers it's only the front air routers that its top five act Brusca was up five. On that list fills still a lot of respect for Brady. Yet even as people he was voted the number one player going into this year. On the mad bomber. Backed the call to you guys 6177797937. Johns on the cell phone hey John Wright deal. It here let's dilemma that. Not much room at the switch subject here go back while they're there yet arm so one touch on cheek router real quick to and there are. Her third you know. What what does he have over Gordon Hayward. Rich. You don't seem to LT lags well. That the good when it's well but you know he's got rich it's actor and it's not to say that he's the dirty player. But that's the type of stuff he does. Who themselves. It and you know still has cry all that so. We wait for Debbie and I think you would rather have Campbell if you are at a time we've got a but I you know that's what instantly he's not a better shooter than many people are quicker than married people each year jump higher than many people. But he works very hard so it would show that on the court. Air. You know I've seen players do this before rookie Jay do it in Austin. You don't eat he tried hard and and you hope unsure. There the next term mortgage here with new year he'd think about India rubber meets. He didn't think that would happen but you know you went forward and it didn't work down either spirits editor in broad media today. But around fully. Fit that would hurt your arm and since it's mainly directed towards you. What we're RG. OK. Well you know this weary and the you know after the injury happens every once distraught of course. You know and race abroad during the broadcast. We are back. During the third quarter halftime saw Gordon whatever. Well why couldn't you good at bat. I'd screw all of its members worked out and my. Read how do you really re I don't think so you got them yeah. That is not Helena here and I am watching it I was. You know I might roommates thought that I felt Marco Rubio. A moderately I don't know I'll I'll I'll I'll art. You know and there are expected to. Appear on court your Iraq here act. There are hurt and walked over there. Of course I'll eat a low. There aren't and John you have you have a problem with the fact that he goes over to. To give a little encouragement to an injured play. Couldn't couldn't embark on an act in the locker room like he already did it. Wanted to know you're doing. Note that it means that if you can go there. Are always guys are you talk to get an update early to talk to a water that Stevens that he talked a lot of the trader did not say he was over there it's it's got to be on him regardless it's like you for that all of that not all the other players who went over in game. Based on five minutes the whole LeBron brought them next time I don't wartime and what else combined product it's like nobody else is there had. They all went over there there there I don't have an out and help the hatred LeBron Jimmy healthy but but I mean we're niche about a guy going over it and injured Celtic player encouragement you re. Did it again out to be there when did you stop watching all the other guys at a product LIP hobbies that there for a moment the collar. Now. Come over there are wrong selecting it from abroad says the court or is it more important and anybody else if they don't look at those teammates through there of that approximate. Now right now a Kostis on any of these that I'm not a doctor but Huckabee got a let's get out that was Altidore in order if you wanted to spend half hour or so be it. But the bronze. Eight which. His teammates also had an opportunity there nearly a long. The attention there. The wrong you're Ryan wheat and try and copy and lay it out about them. He's thoughtful he's going over awful awful going over to help somebody a level player. Good point who that other people public knowledge at all it is always sought advice on what cult set up this long lengthy suite of encouragement. It is. Gordon Hayward tonight the world overnight but that's everybody and yet but I mean but by police this long like the thing. It's. So he's yet Egypt seeking attention. But. That's I was at the same thing every well that we did apparently never seems to matter I mean when all the that's an. The language of mail Alberts. Over at no matter what and I didn't have a hard but that's about it that. At least they dug it matter. If they can feel bad. If he says two and a half hours ago it hit him I got yeah. They that it wanted to tonight and it is up patsy and leave Massachusetts. Let's try this again. Take what's going on it's not that. Uptight about Qaeda but he's quick side note because they are being started what you product. Article about this coaches not an op and it bit them. All I did and I go what that man got sick. Exactly you write what they read our Wednesday orbiter are errors. And everything you. They're as good story at that point toilet of a little disrespectful or target some clarity if it. Put its. Arena and. Tatum all part of I think I am EU and but he. I I know it's a different game in college but he did average about 35 minute blackbeard and yet they'll playback back they'll like that by the game by. He came in offered here's what you performed straight year form and it expectations are super I didn't meet him last year that you don't know from deal with now. I think he's going to be great sport and on our. Haven't looked at it you're right you're talking about what the best players in the country that's how it works. They play. Definitely you know 3040 game and a lot of basketball player in the country might look as it's played all the time or the other a user to what they do their. Daily battle. So last that I loved his reaction was asked about LeBron was it what to expect because. Not a dollar to the bigger than I thought. Better than I thought it was just yeah. It's impressive what he's you take him who. NBA debut separate receipt of its ambulances is real NBA debut is in Cleveland. And it gets LeBron to he has grown up he's ninety. So every NBA season he can remember LeBron resident of probably the best player in the league right probably. You know not been. He's my hero absolutely like to him he's by the greatest player of all time. An early in that game to Tatum get gets the ball the pain any goals that kind of soft if there's a problem blocked shot. Like it that's a welcome to the league moment that a surge he's gonna remember forever like yeah my first game was against the broad. You admitted later on bit now probably the nervous happening nerve or our efforts in the first half you could tell he was and then there's the broad who's bigger than he thought faster than they thought everything else. The what are way to to get into the leak. And it's not a usual four. And these rookies especially got rookie to go to new back tee which. Tatum is not that situation we're rookies quarterback teams they're picked in a lottery sometimes it just jump right into the starting lineup in place. And it's not always effective. But they'll play if they're healthy 75 to 82 games or play thirty to forty minutes a game of just what they do so. The caller earlier Peter was saying. Yells and it got out and got to give mom medics Leavitt I don't make any sense. Maps and South Hadley came out I do but I don't. That's going on. You know. It might that perhaps what Ferraro and race quite a party started the war but it its stamp out distanced. I laughed at the clock when we enrichment asking him about. The whole camera situation in an overusing him and then I'll let you had changed and what you think you know as much. Increase was kind of like open and there's fires things you know. Well I you know is it because the media. And it started questioning your argued about the overuse or did operation come down argument is like now. Do you know. The situation like pals so it wasn't because of media. Also and started in pointed out or ownership income you and it was like backtracked and I'll and I'll. And Britain's got beat Richard and I like making a joke right. Oh really you're you're trying to tell us that that is that the region. So you know like a kickback to understand about that a little bit. That it was just plug in an outlet my apps are organized. I was at a you know I think what we're getting here it is a lot of possible. Have we don't have a lot of choices I'll do it looked like I have done so we have story time. Want to read the article yeah let's go you have you wanna accentuate. Which. It that would that letter that if you add the article to retool my time with younger Irish are that it. But he called upon now he didn't say yes and I doubt though that you're an hour. Internet oh here I don't know. On the audience then yes what would you beyond sort of idle divided politically that's a wildfire that was. They're gonna lie low or you live news updates coming in with Campbell. Handley with members on hand later. Hanley that we had. Well you just did with that was the one I'm not an answer that was just kind of just did. Ollie other that then there is Eckert sleep aid where did ball didn't deserve it knows that a yes or that it no. If you're saying that it deserved rest. Or did you apologize to act and they both of a three minute answer week doesn't answer though was I don't know if no we don't get it that you. If we should. And they have been a little on bond and on Taj odd odds you know. Because pretty soon if at commanders here Naples couple months and I got a little. Lot of these though faculty and have a strong word just read that I thought this whole yeah if the good moments. The good moment I don't it's gonna miss John and the job interview when they come to cure all the day we didn't keep the men. Yeah we always gonna tell their album yet alleviate people bought from out there to lead up to it. But there were questions prior to that we that you route that you authority it counts all the way. And others that week that at that point there's no turning. I had the answer would like your against them one room and edited out and you'll find that's great because you know like I can't imagine you and Alex Cora. You announced cores you like me. You think being a target of all it's going to be yet. Ballot hire you and I don't yeah I hope when they altered your buddies that. All the Natalie scoops about the alcohol by are you going to be there tonight. Along. About your own neglect they're both. I. Don't know yeah yes yeah area that's why is it clear out of that lie about. Blacks of that do it will be great Jack down indicate. Jack right now. Well good afternoon declaration technical term. And cable network resources you guys in the classy team won and radio station and number two. I was always very edgy crowd opinion and I probably played Boston by collection at least thirty. Undercut yet today and we'll see exactly the result of and fortunate. While play is cute and ending. Injuries so I just wanted to own. If bodies we're gonna party is deserted place. Yeah this is about BK. If you can educate me on the NBA do they have like penalty right here show in hockey dinosaurs you chancellor twelve blocks where did you get starring that we get to spend it any games. And not so I wasn't gonna all of which you guys yeah big time trial the. But I think what it called. To see the way some of these folks are describing. This is this getting so much momentum to argue tomorrow. Is look too late for. The PDA first acres. We're gonna go to tomorrow leads eagerly follow we beat the elk it's router thirty yet. Yeah and it is aware ahead of that we're jumping out front in the PTA we talk about and I did if you it's going to be a big deal was dirty. Somebody's gonna ask him to think it was a direct. Yes. As answer now there are now he says no absolutely not was not a dirty at all. We Atlantic or now know Ole hug I don't know I don't really view them enough to go to somebody all it's fortunate. That's what you do is go to somebody like OK here's the and you know you know that what you were discovered a beat after awhile it's it's it's. Maybe I should we tell us what happens happens OK with it every beat writer noses when they're covering a beat you know there's certain players go to. We'll give you any any incidents of a report in Aussie go to one guy is for guys like this hey. You think it's it's you know this point in the season. Twelve games like football pick up games at least popular press asked of developers pay next day's big guy. OK tonight award. Federal. You know. Okay that's what I'm all right and I didn't. I did know. I got the headline error very well guys award and wore down but you go to somebody who say what you want Wednesday. In Europe with. You don't Brad Stevens and whether they're OK it's over for me let me go to somebody else the guy who all of questionable. In. Markets markets. On another relationship is we've. Crowder mark Al Al Al you go low about like yet recently spoke that night somebody which is cities around it that's a yeah at. At best it. A lot of weight of that lately I don't know rosier. Here or there that the guys are speaking a day. An East Hampton again right down there yet as we go. First had a lot of such honored. Crowder that was not even close to a dirty play I mean obviously you wanted to play hard they were useful upset last year and you. Cheered Hayward when they say there when you touch him and what not even close to a thirty flight. But there I thought was. In the fourth quarter Brad you know we're here about four minutes left I think you just got two weeks field. And I think we Heyward being hurt. That we need some of the spread the floor and shoot the ball and market market obviously outback Jack you can actually. Oh wait no wait a minute these. He's now that's an old scouting report are markets and our new season has dropped twenty pounds just all all the so I was there. How does your right. You're right it's not it's not Smart it's not Jalen brown either if Jalen brown gave me a lot yeah that was his best games he's played it is Celtics uniform but. Three's the hottest thing three's free throw like he's he's a lot of great shooter but can be surprised he could put up some points that he usually gets to the basket and it transition but. That's what they and their lack especially you take Hayward out of it. We got knocked out the most I think it's rosier either of a cholera Liu tore through here I don't want him in my crunch time on either you know I don't. But he gets sacked by some of the shoot it right now it's going to be Smart and brown of plutonium Norbert Avery Bradley at the Bradley right now I think your big guys Horford and Tatum and Debian guys shoot without there. 6177797937. This telephone on your causeway. Are right corner of Lancaster and caused waves Dele Ali with key Sports Radio that the media. And don't move as well. And they games. Now. You're listening to the Tragically Hip. I probably without question the biggest rock band the country and it. I yesterday court down easily figure but the tragically lost his battle with brain cancer died at the age of 53. It is hard to overstate the people the impact this is now on the country of Canada. And especially by the way a sport of hockey. He was huge hockey and in fact. Little tidbit for folks court Downey's dot father is Harry sinden. I mean his his connection with the hockey goes back years and years and years. He was well I'll put it this way the New York Times obituary for sport Downey today. Said he was a combination of Bruce Springsteen Bob Dylan and Michaels dot. I mean for Canada yeah gamblers lose it. Now stylistically or impact impact okay. Michael's eyes my boy. Are you. Bruce Springsteen and Bob go about though that's pretty it is very eager. Laws used to be up prime minister candidate came out and gave me here a tearful. Farewell to him today. And and said that Canada lost their their best friend. It's it's a huge stealing candidate they're doing moments of silence at the Toronto Maple Leafs game tonight and other places around the NHL. But the the connection here for local folks is that Ericsson is his godfather. He's big Bruins fan for obvious reasons and was here for games on the number of occasions. Dead heat if the rate. Yeah it is full of good news that he had not good news both get to work get a tragically hits on what I asked Ian if we complacent tragically if today I knew he keep them through. For mr. Yeah it in this is this is not. That it closed and they expect to the world of her realities. We are so let's talk with Kevin Harlan today. But he got its complaint issues they went from Cleveland. To Oklahoma City so Kevin Harlan can't do it is today you know Q so adopt. That you okay. I don't know I don't know if I'll I'll I'll stop and I don't know why yeah why what Reagan out and why they got that I thought he said I thought what would happen if they know what. Albert Edwards spent it's always texting and say hey guys Zaria and I want to create an. If that's a polite please tell my life and I ease off you Iraq. The restaurant I. I only you know we have or well or less room and he tells us all the time level. But he's never Arlen and everything up then that orbit was. All of you haven't always from one. We're out together after parties earth how does that. Just like guys invite new York and out. Or white with the reforms that boost that. I. Thought that you ought to tell I don't know how much are we get your ass there's only if you're into account that's for. But he will likely try to join us in the news corset look atoms were. Integrity if nothing else an excellent overall excellence and excellence in choosing best friends are there. Jackie's and break it eight Jacqui NATO. Hey good afternoon gentlemen welcome he's. One got it why Saudi injury last night one in my contract for what will be the next gen of it's three. I don't think it was deliberate and hoping crowded it is what I so dark I agree to a deal. Third mobile. So what do you guys think you're more likely to happen because what I excel where it was here. Either ivory you MVP of the year or C acutely. Tatum get Mo you know hundred minutes you're that you rookie of the year. Three Brett even beat the fifteen wins and goes all the onions it cork we got sick. But I had a real good chance to coach of the year anyway I mean I think I think Vegas actually had to miss the paper. For coach of the year this year well it it's the hands you know coach of the year would. Who got him last year. I don't know how atop my head around though got coach that you're last year. Effort it yet. Was that it but the did Tony. Yet you know what if it might get it out of out of jet cricket yes you. What that would do it again Tony. Our state Kurt two years ago if that's where Mike Wooten holds or the year before it yet so but no holds are a couple of years earlier than what about six games so it guard and oil 73. Yeah. Yeah I think this in a weird way because usually it's. Like Popovich could win it every year like her now could win it every year but both guys because you so much talent. In a weird way if you remove a great player for teams the expletive about it these kids they get the same season they had last year the 53 were just like they were here. He probably wouldn't let coach but it may have been starting if he starts averages double digit points. Comedy topsy he will be rookie on rookie here. Erving got his work cut out for our outlook for an immediate BP obviously but again so many guys and if he he's the all NBA you'll take it because they're so great players. Eddie some cell phone handy I don't. Italian apartment Obey you guys actually currently do like each other. Quality and you know that's nice. I don't know that's a problem it do that radio he would do that puzzled. Clark. Yeah I AM. Let me tell you are calling. I'm just wondering. Cut a couple quite after recognized. On the you know you've you've been around a real long time do you think that you little one at eight past challenge for our but the question that Kiefer out. He would have benefits tend to respond the same way it I'd like to ask all of you. How to like gas fell back one last time and would questions being a little bit tougher knowing it would be one lap car. Two records of art requires users. I don't know answers the first about it your tails I guess is he would not take in the same Iger. Because he knew me you know it's may. Does it at that point you really know you do know who you were but at least you know you're right at that point it nodes deep but you know he's ready in time. Really different. IIIIIIR. I'll blog that. I noted in an outline. I think he does I'll hatchery and they don't like eight bad credit wedge a lot right. That you know playing on here ever everywhere. Red Sox fans era like Ali you know Arnold and rich you say they say first neighbors and dale Owhali he. Dale Ali keep with athletes yeah I think he's rich he's he's I think that the CI of that that he does. But the other read that like February or something those the rabbit and it aren't you doing weekly interview. Again dean starts the interview yesterday hi dale I'm Michael hi rich Bill Belichick starts every night Ohio Michael because McCain called all required namely it's every single guy does this. So look even worse when a weekly get within person. Ferrell and Belichick we speak to a regular basis in their cards right everybody else over the phone. And the other thing I think me that final interview is this is just like if the other if you ask the questions that you think are appropriate to see what a year. That we. You know. What would barrel if you know what's good byes like walk it's a rough about this the last myself so I'll have to see it anymore. But there are certain good bye questions you want ago. For example you feel like you used to it I heard a lot of stories but the team and the like you. Do you feel like you have to respect of of the leaders of that of that room. You really feel like you had a leader I know of many times security here to get 25 leaders. Is that realistic here you have 25 leaders voted what went right in what went wrong David Price that you regret Dennis accurately. I've situation the way he handled it may there are a lot of questions. Asked. Not because ought to be to jump what is but. Don't you wanna know this. To me and I Marty said on the year I think it was the Eckerd sleeping it's sealed its fate here. So that's the one I would love it you know if he had to do with old. Which you do with different. And it and lucky mate he may continue to fall on the sword into and out you know. But it could be the greatest interview ever with a worse than ever because that would you could be you know I'd do well it goes right it's you know the same kind of tired stuff or Kabila diarrhea or manipulate. I listen and I have a point to make a tackle after a radical. 04 wheel barrel full. And they need to give five and very well choreographed. Nobody if you would like yet David Price with the problem. Like he keeps it's straight out come out with that yeah that would be huge that's probably the case. But for a guy who always defended his players and probably the wants another job I would now expect him there's. We're bringing out there he he's going to be. He's going to be at our place tomorrow yet to rate your face well we talked with fuel at the radio station but it in the deal guilty guilty in the building. Because he has something if a coffee with the manager. They got him a dictator coffee we say hang out and we think that I spoke to Cumberland farms area providing this from most notable he keeps you have a little bit him. Eat some food drink the line. I saw him imperiled when they were different all bad idea that the story of those who can. What did you say to. And jokers. That now gone from that to. We're out of the process now the thing you do it again nice profit was copy. Let's stop and eyes pop out more like your hockey puck off of the Internet so Michael Rappaport now. Call me out of course out of that that you wait and apple corps all of not thoughts and I've got a six what 77797937. Were about an hour wait final drive. As we broadcast live across the street from the garden where the Celtics opened up a whole portion of their schedule still a work from the Celtics all afternoon long. On what the situation is with Gordon Hayward. Still no word on when surgeries schedule what the the diagnosis is Dan. We've we've heard from a lot of you know experts but none of whom have actually seen the patient. So hopefully that report coming pretty soon as well it's dale and Holley with heat Sports Radio WB yeah. Not as bounces. Or so ago it would now. Thankfully I was able. Learn the game the way spend much time. This is almost. Paul George. I guess giving them encouragement. Gordon Hayward and still no word from the Celtics by the way about prognosis and treatment or anything like that one other quick now as we get back to the calls. Earlier. This football season I was. Almost knocked over by the announcement by Chris Long. Was gonna donate his first six game checks. Charitable foundations in the Charlottesville Virginia area Chris Long latest college football with the University of Virginia. In the aftermath of what happened there he announced he and his wife announced that the Chris Long foundation was gonna donate his first six game checks. To these endeavors. He announced today that he's been delayed its other ten game checks. Two educational equity cause. For education based youth support organizations. In these three NFL communities. So explain this here for free spirit has given us all all in this little game chats about flies in the face through so. Many people call it there a lot of football players doing things like all the wanna do is you know take it near do this like Akron not doing anything. Undergo here's your one he's not the only one that is I don't know why you got no water at all but. He's literally taking it to higher salary this season and giving it away that is unbelievable Oscar. Now I. I I understand the cynics out there will say ice in our. Are happy to report please so yeah all right I had never heard anybody taking they're our tires salary out for the season. Now donating it is that educational charitable causes. And literally putting it's money worth that's good for him and his ex about a body that's the percentage is my eight years in the arms oh yeah. The fact that he's like giving it away brass. I was spectacles these guys 6177797937. I'll Willis on the cellphone hey well I don't. Good how are you l'Alma. Good they're really good recruits or there are. Our call in crews from ice stink and I don't think that you with the pending the outcome but I definitely think about it too little Chip Beck. If checked it there because that you know from what happened before when you lose you don't. With the whole situation back regarding the the fear cheer for our. Hayward to record they would. And aren't we cute little pictures watch golf yet we expect to sit well and I think it's much like like that at all if you try to. That injury but I think it's what like you know an ocular guy you. You know check that the board is gonna come background check back or back or a ball. You know that I do. How how I'll watch it again I'll watch it and see what everybody else about it. That some people have dating Charlize today. I don't think so but I'll a look at what we're time. Look for any kind of facial expressions room for Jae Crowder at academy hit checked and I. You wonder if the exact same play happens and it was a month Shumpert in that position of Crowder did anybody mention at all or the only because of who would applaud shopper knows JR Smith yeah maybe it's upstairs that they say it was dirty. That's room at which airs at the probably what was there. But yeah that's a tough again they're just trying to prevent both he and the brawler is trying to prevent value. The try to prevent that from happening aren't you supposed to. Yeah now the Broncos for the ball more than Jae Crowder does but still routers in the area it was a it was a poorly thrown. Who sought or I don't know. I don't think he was a dirty play it again at infineon called a foul on the court but they missed it but. Though but speaking of dirty plays you mentioned some notes. The Rick Pitino. Speaking of dirty play that started available. Rick Pitino is going to be giving his first. Nationally televised interview. That night it was on. He's always shape Phyllis. EST the of sports that are that since midnight. So. He would be at this comes just one of our hours after it announced that he is suing eighties. There was get a story out. Because I saw a lot of people. You know the weakness. And I read these stories comments. About zero the result comments about lightly on the social by some of my tweets at June I'll read the comments you know. So are tweeting as villains in this Ali no witnesses today. If the other guys drive you know what another job be spending it. And it's an opportunity to hear his side of the story so. What it was simply that the really letting it match tonight you need at a pitino story about the that the reason he's suing the this is beat its deepest. Gave money to this player without Rick no way. Right constricted Knoll so a deal it is going to cost Rick his job. So he's not gonna sue the surprises for general law while a lot of it doesn't help much does the outlook on in his well program I x.s and o.s worried about the children that he is worried about these young men mentioned Asia getting their education on a day where Ted Kennedy died. Yeah we're focused on the wrong things. I couldn't I couldn't dislike Rick you know more if you were twins I could despite the deal. Mike's at Randolph they might Qaeda. That god is going on hours of like that about you know armed. The hole they were going to attract. A bucket you know. Anyone who's played a sport like you're gonna push to get physical it was tragedies and accident. I don't when Carter when LeBron it is what it is but an up that question. In the hot seat and you've got I think this Celtics team had a chance before last month when an engagement to this year. No and I thought they had a chance to get to one but I did not think it could be the warriors. OK so get into what really to me is nothing surprises me credit so we're looking at the US. How would help it we're gonna get the chance to see out of that you had to don't want to pins. One so I'll pull up treatment needed this or to you need to you brown. Well what. That he becomes the spartans to a slow. What you like they're not. Whether good or bad. We're gonna get an opportunity right now I think whether that or good it's good it's good that you belong. Because they're gonna learn from the mistakes they're going to be playing 3035. Minutes an uptick in my I'm out of it and obviously. You know they look at last night but I think it'd take to conduct a one. Yet he's gotten dropped baton expected. Number two. Tyrant that he want to have his team but the economy if they hit it well they were last year after this happened and I think the future is so great that the. Yeah and you're out some good points here by all the questions. Does any of this they'll affect I read so he's got two years public two years and always three but it's two years. And the player option this year and so. He's got one year already where there's no championship. Most likely and no Gordon Hayward. So going into year two. That's way and you know he's gonna have to make some decisions about what its future. If you play this year if it doesn't Wear down as it does he is more empowered. I.'s board side about Boston let's excited. What are the factors into it at all because if he is if they don't win NBA championship if you want but Gordon were worried that if you. But if Jason Tatum plays well and Jalen brown plays well. Carrie is involved with the Brad stevens' office. He wants his head around that's great. 6177797937. Were causeway right corner of Lancaster causeway. Thanks to our good friends at Miller Lite and star market it's dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio WE yeah.