DHK - Nancy Williams, 44, breast cancer, Boston, with Dr. Hal Burstein, breast oncologist, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer after she found a lump in 2016. Her treatment has included chemotherapy, lumpectomy and radiation therapy and she is continuing 2 of the 4 chemo drugs (“chemo light”, she calls it) through January 2018. She will then begin endocrine therapy in pill form for 5-10 years. Her hobbies include real estate development, attending theatre, traveling, and reading. She is single and has one sister.She currently works for Wilkins Management, Inc and Marsalis Music, LLC. Wilkins Management is the management entity for several acclaimed jazz musicians. Marsalis Music is an independent record label (founded by Branford Marsalis). For Wilkins Management, she handles all publishing and IP matters for the clients, and for the label, she handles financial and business affairs.

Dr. Burstein’s clinical research interests include novel treatments for early and advanced-stage breast cancer and studies of quality of life and health behavior among women with breast can

  • Dr. Burstein has written widely on breast cancer in traditional medical journals and on the web. He can speak to:
    • The Breast Oncology program in the Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers at Dana-Farber
    • New advances in breast cancer that are helping women
    • What it means to have metastatic breast cancer

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Thanks to generosity of the Boston Celtics and their rather. Large contribution plus all of you guys out there as well we have topped the one million dollar mark. On the 10000141000. 837. Dollars. We have an old friend joining us doctor help bursting has been on the Jimmy Fund radio telethon on a number of occasions in the past. But keep based on the bio I read about Nancy Williams you and I should maybe leave the room and just let Michael is this what the path that Michael admits he just wanna talk stuff for awhile. Voted that Ohio bond. Yeah she was born in Akron right now if you have that then on Q Cincinnati. Yes aiming left Akron in other places but settled and that. And but beyond that beyond the this is where we leave now I don't I'll I'll. She considers itself the black guy that's fine that's all we know but. Anything that somehow you worked for. Marcellus what's the name the company I looked and looked locus management and and at the management entity for our several acclaimed musicians including repertoire so. And you just think that. I am what I don't quite ecstatic and I think even more about that all unbelievable for news. I'm very grateful you are musicians and let commercialism at the end Harry Connick junior I'll just have at it. All that's all. Harry Connick junior John Redmond and they are quite prolific so we're very blessed that them. It and and then tell me when you were when you were diagnosed. And and richter docks where we knew this when you got that diagnosis. So I confirmation. That I had breast cancer alliance election. And that'll set you beat me before my birthday so that's quite a birthday present for sure and I think my initial. Response was. Truly just. Bewilderment. And surprise. And aftershock because. There are other illnesses that run in my family but this was not want and so I'd just. Was not prepared at all to you told me Nancy you have a heart condition. This is an immaculate before okay short. But cancer. And was not prepared for the so it definitely was suppressed. That was the next step from there are who going it's or your common doctor woody woody try to find much information as you can and no I made a conscious decision not to Google it because I thought that might be next. Because there is a lot of information out there but there's also a lot of information is not correct and and I thought. For my own sanity. Why don't we just that we until positions Tellme what I need to now and then that way I can stay in as. Comfortable space as possible after having received that kindness while that's where we. Doctor burst. Because I got a son who's a bit of a hypochondriac who've read something on the computer and it's ITN as it felt. So I have to. I do think Nancy's advice is good Greg talked to professionals like you would not enter information off your screen. You know it helps but these days everybody do everything so we joke about doctor Google's. That the other. But. It's he contacted us. You know her story really exemplifies the team date skier like in the farmers though. She'd probably half does care professionals as part of her eight week treatment. Searches. Each colleges. And colleges. Obviously terrific he curses. Genetics counselor when it tested for the risk of breast cancer. And it's really thinking about that whole team put together that makes the care we give we thinkers that. And what do you what do you think of the treatment that you received here in the communication that you heard that your good doctors and nurses are. It's tremendous agony you. Many many samples but this one I think really empathize it. So I think it may have been after the first chemo session. And I received a call. On the weekend in the evening from. You're asked whether. That there's a rally and personal it was a weekend. Really you're actually calling me on the weekend. During your time when you don't have to. I was done and I actually mentioned it to my sister my father and anyone else I spoke to that weekend because you don't need that was just unheard of he's actually calling to see how I'm doing to make sure everything is going okay. And it took me a few minutes on the phone with her just to process the fact that you've really did this in her time. And I hamster. Is this something that you guys always do well and we don't do this because we just want to make sure that you don't have any questions that aren't any. Side effects that you're experiencing that maybe you have questions about or just need some guidance maybe just reassurance or hold the phone. Okay. And did that was phenomenal to have that happen right out the gate. And and in time I did have a question and I hesitated to call because it was the weekend. But didn't want to wait until Monday slips OK plan. I'll call and hopefully I'll just give her voicemail message. Shouldn't threaten its that the it is treadmill he. But have not come through so many. And it does not tell you the level of care and concern and compassion. That you're going to receive. I don't I don't know how else. Italian. And mean but my experience it that's not an isolated case. It was that way from. Day one just the initial introduction down an intake area. I knew I was in it radically different place because the young woman down there made me feel so comfortable. And she felt like she was a neighbor as opposed to. Someone just taking my information down to get me started in usher me through. Along and unknown an uncertain process and so that was my first indication that. I made the right decision to transfer over from where I was too Dana Farber to be treated and I cannot. Seen enough unquestionably. Without reservation. That it was absolutely. The right thing to do and I am immensely grateful. And will forever be grateful for the care and concern and compassion and the competence. That. I experienced during my tenure. Do you find out. The treatment is going to be chemotherapy and radiation your words everybody is hurt and now it's you hear you're gonna have to go through those things what was your reaction. Still. The only real vision I had for chemotherapy. Was the Hollywood image of the sickly individual in a bed whose skin and bones no hair and ghastly. As can be and that's what I buy. I was going to look like during the course of this. Treatment and really did not know because I had not known anyone who has gone through cancer and so. That was one of the many reasons why I stayed off the Internet because I just didn't want. Reassurance that that was what was going to happen in business sugar I just said. Let's just delayed the knowledge as long as possible. So what is coming down the pike. And until it was very reassuring to me to enhance the teams say that well that's not actually what's going to happen. There are many possible outcomes and it's very individual and and really I think. Was probably the best thing they could have told me at that particular time was that. There is no prediction that we can give you right now for what it's going to happen. Because each person responds differently so while you may have heard that. So once those grandmother passed away within three weeks and someone else lived. Another five years none of that is really relevant to you because it is very specific. Do you and you were preexisting. Health how well you follow that regiment how much you exercise after it there's so many variables. That you really cannot compare yourself to anyone else and I think that that's something that every. Cancer patient really needs to hear because it's it's extremely comforting in a very uncertain time. Doctor bursting community takes what you call chemo light. Give us some anti harper right after the private burial yes but she makes it look pretty easy and I think the point she was getting into the air about individual position is so true we individualized it both because every patient in the different experience. And we individualized these days because of the different cancers that we treat. So she had a particular type of breast cancer called her two positive breast cancer. Which is what the success stories these decent moderate oncology care and we were able to use both chemotherapy plus two targeted drugs. Got a remarkable response to her tumors that she's now cancer free it we're thrilled by that. But the the point about. The details of stuff. That's where it's so helpful to have a team because you see the different experts you see people sort of put the whole package together for you you get handouts that described the medicines you're supposed to take along the way to make the experience he's here. And down obviously if you Harvard correctly it's it'll be easier to explain things to or perhaps thought I don't know. But. You know she was really a model patient and I think that a lot of the images she alluded to are fortunately for many patients a vestige of a different time placing cancer care we've really made. So much progress and of course you're seeing that today in all the stories you've heard of folksy. So Nancy is cancer free. But can still come back next here and tell your story inspire somebody bring back Branford and when you hit it at. Ellis and an opponent of the whole family. There haven't been listening magic that inspire people to vote to cut back they would have a concert at. Go. About the plan and any and that it is opening up and down. The window and I. There well see Williams doctor helpers the fault of you thank you so much it was delightful to me read it. And after the the emotion that we had a little while ago you were the perfect. You probably sunshine in here today and we really appreciate it thank you thank doctor thank they would let you guys get great doctor helpers theme Nancy Williams joining us. We hope you'll help us light up the it's the simplest can be you can call 8777381234. That's 8777381234. You've got cell phone in your hand you can text the text the letter K. The word cancer Kate cancer. To 20222. To donate 25 dollars or you can log on his signature into workstation worked not working listening to last that's okay we're not judging. Of which you can log on to at www. Jimmy Fund dot org. 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