DHK - NBCSN slaps Felger on the wrist with a "suspension", plus what will the Pats actually get out of Martellus Bennett?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 10th

Hour #1 on a Freestyle Friday and we begin with a discussion of Martellus Bennett and how he managed to find himself back with the Patriots.   Then news breaks that NBCSN has "suspended" Michael Felger from their airwaves (for the weekend anyway) for his crass comments on the death of Roy Halladay and NASCAR.  Plus Louis CK releases a statement and admits to sexually harassing several women.


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Gonna tell you right now there's another investigation coming felons what's out there will be another investigation. Don't you worry. Because let's be honest most of the folks in the National Football League don't much like the patriots racked. Greg Bedard tweet it out earlier today. Greg Bedard said. Well the NFL have to look into this Martellus Bennett thank Rhonda excellent idea followed it up with now the patriots and do anything wrong here you know. I don't think they did Carlo well I'm well aware that what if they wanted to look what if there was a phone call. Tampering because Chris price. Aboard weeded out yesterday. That as soon as he was put on waivers Martellus Bennett was talking to somebody in the patriots are guys. Up right now rating Ewing in the hot. Radar yeah. Foul I cannot in good conscience allowed you to go down this irresponsible wrote your reined in now. Could you know a deal really means. Right Uga I don't know I'm not I'm kinda guy it's a happy kind of oral got a radio and other great job manipulated either front there I traded Michael thank you gonna say thank you. Nominally secular freedom and the freeze got a try and all the brown eyed Italian everybody's wondering. Is out on the practice field today are scared he's gonna play let's head torn rotator cup half of that shot at 88 practice Jersey. Our social about Green Bay that's what I wanna know. Was a Mike McCarthy was it already. Sold about somebody Ares mad at him mad at them and it just it contacted Adam chapter and said hey this guy's got a torn rotator cuff him McCarthy. Yeah connect Corky you know amount McCarthy was really weird today. Yes he laws of McCarthy's talking about Martellus Bennett. And how we talked to him before the bye week by week he said got some pain may yet get a second opinion in a second opinion find out what the injury is. They talk about scheduling surgery okay I'm following him like I'm right there with you reckon with the then all of a sudden he says and then there's the termination. Minutes. What happened between scheduled surgery and termination the big really big step that we're missing. The team as saying that he didn't disclose an injury yet does that party's name yeah we talked about it he's gonna get surgery he had surgery on gay injury. So Greg what are. How David both wrong something's missing as of a big part of the story that we haven't heard yet last night Martellus Bennett. Sent out a couple of interesting tweets went up was I between both on time I was read them all exe to that's what he's had actually want to say hacked though. Now yours is WTA 2000 apps and Arthur finished there was not a are now wasn't about. Is that what is going 01 they can tell the story he said but not right now so I don't know Pete was. Outside the green Bay's story out of our house and that pay child story or maybe the combination Don. I'm not even joking when I tell you that according to Chris price Martellus Bennett was talking to somebody in the patriots. And and I Saturday and I I anonymous thing he has I'm assuming Chris meant but a player. But I also assume that part of that conversation commitment I'm fine. I'm Tanya I'm good at America play. And at some point would that player than say to a position coach was talking Martellus last night he says he's good to go. Or maybe I don't think so I don't think so. I think the rest of the National Football League doesn't think the patriots did something dirty here full I promise you date things like make them that if they are playing out about his bid what when he ninth or so there's 28 teams problem maybe 29 the only problem in the AFC that could not have blocked it was Pittsburgh. But the every irritant in the AFC could've blocked the patriots from get them. But what I think in and and you read the stuff out of out of Green Bay the stuff Mike McCarthy said. You read this stuff now nationally and some of these national people with him when he went from need rotator cuff surgery on the practice field. I I gotta I gotta I gotta take for you may not even thought it's not even odds line might be medium. In my Bihac sports today and I hate him and I hate that I'm starting to believe this. And I hate that I believe this because I wanted this big event to happen and the event may not have the steam. That could've had last year two years ago. Predator to placate is the bad the patriot haters ball was on fire. Was on everybody hated the patriots two years ago. Patriots hate. Has died down its other. I don't know it's told I might have done well are you kidding I don't like Marshall Faulk on the idol but yeah I don't think patriots hatred. Is as intense. As it will go against this whole thing I don't super mold they'll understand if they win Diebler has they had kind of like this team out there get a lot more fans what they did I don't know. Think a lot more branded. Radio a lot more. Yes down 28 to three. Great comeback tour. It's the story of his mom hey we all bark about fat and is that he's emotional during Super Bowl week. They got five Super Bowl titles he's playing at the age of forty people are good target on Brady I don't win it or you're against I think patriots hatred. Has decreased by 15%. You would do we think about numbers well I don't know on record. This is. My chart I mean I don't I think it's more than 13% NI LA right like other guys. I hit regardless of where regardless of party Europe hatred of the tape and down like all of these guys. We got during elections when it come on double to give you an interview like that school went to the county yet when he has little if there who's who's voting you still unaccounted all right here are excited they get so excited so stuff. According to my charts and I don't start on you can't hear of doubts. Patriots hatred is down is still high in Western Pennsylvania I don't know yeah our area this is like like the NF LTV ratings they're out but there's better than everybody audit is very well. And says based off one based on the fact that the patriots. Had their steady. So if you are a few if you know this is why you're so inclined to believe that spy gate. Got the patriots some on deserve championships. OK you got a case and 20052006. Because shortly after spy gate so they don't normalized and you'll see what this cheating team does a 2007 has I didn't get it went because despite eight. It was like eight and and you know. They got caught they got caught 2007 to a start to die down like around 20102011. They had to placate. An Oakland people related by that the air restaurant Knoll. But it added to them being cheaters and people didn't like that and I I think what you're not accounts by our three years ago is big body explain. Okay here's something to them and call for that's what people think I am confident now I am telling you what is your radar actually I'm thinking. This is what the NFL is thinking. The patriots rigged this again there today say they desperately needed another tight end. This guy goes to Green Bay sides for a bunch of money. All of a sudden out of nowhere my shoulder they don't know they would have a case if he didn't have to go through waivers there'd be something there I think if you go through waivers. Well medical waivers I thought I'd throw that out OK this like an I'm telling you guys. Good idea below the patriots did that the. Well I don't doing a bit of our love that you don't know why they keep it might be inaccurate to say that they love the patriot they just don't hate him as much what Anthony goods and until that our audit until they start to lose Michael that hatred will not him just like when I'm when they socket then they'll stop me to just like like at duke basketball at Yankee baseball people they. Round they start to really like him know that to him boardwalk just like every movie needs a love story people like every loves it your all you do and you know what you also like people he can. Aging stars. They are stars they like can this the only major public aging stuff I don't got you know softened with age of people. Are are saying nice things about now Susan Sarandon. I don't think a we'll let me. And always be around for artists that salad right. I want bill but the impact of the cars. It's beautiful woman who. Did you not. You get what they. And people to people like want to go there are some disarray I had the bread that was borrowed it. Yeah let's let me edit. She's. Now I thought it made sense provide now you who're you gonna okay great and there's an actual. While Kobe Bryant. Kobe learn a little I got a hot right I had on my uncle my illusion is key Clinton Era. Do not in Boston because he's a Laker went on Colorado nationally. And probably Colorado he probably. I don't know that point he was. I was accused. The laws. In 2003. Wasn't was it 2003. As it was a while ago at a pretty upgraded his wife's ring that's right four million dollars and four million plus. It was definitely eat or something is that it was some insanity and he's Abaya. War war is for four and a half somewhere in there where he had to say. No we're through your duty you know there's adultery I thought OK I'll how active era or millions Jarrett OK buddy. Not been cleared that up. Well and you're good so. This is in 2003. At the end of his career all Coby. Don't call when a great guy. What a great competitor. To best players in NBA history all these things you know you don't really focus on. What he was doing when he was in his twenties. I think it. If you hang around if you just hang around. In sports you don't do anything too crazy. And he was able to reach a settlement so really never got the gory details. What actually happened in Colorado. But you don't do anything too crazy and you just stick around and sports. History is gonna kind it. How are you Brett Favre of that. I don't think so my networks might put to the dictator had you know the sad sorry excuse for a talk show host it he's state they don't hate us edit all her. Yeah my I had fun tomorrow Fed's last. Now every bit as a little earlier thread less now now there are bad there's not a current cheating in the guys on. Longer longevity one because of the longevity of Belichick the longevity of Belichick Brady. On the new. It softened the impact that this I don't know what effect that victory all the strip aren't as great then. And they used to be that whole hate us because they ain't as if it's right on a little bit now a little bit. Just a little. I I I guess you're right back if I stay vertical outside if they were undefeated right now. There would view would be sing another is that you have poems and tribute to the patriots in the that Tom Brady wouldn't. A bid just briefly Harold bring you some news from Michael's other employees he's breaking news which dale and Holley with a friend brought you by Cheney and Phillips auto glass and Sports Radio WEEI. Michael brought this to us but that mandated arc they did it all just happened. NBC sports Boston has put out a statement. They said moments ago quote. As a result of his insensitive comments of by about Roy Halladay and Dale Earnhardt on Wednesday. Michael Felger will not appear on NBC sports Boston effective immediately through Sunday. While we don't have editorial control of the contents of his radio show which we Simon cast elders' comments are not representative of our networks in use or standards. All the humanity so he doesn't get to appear for the four hours he would have been on today and about on tomorrow at all anyway. Well today as early editions in early edition. Of we should probably ask you I don't know. I don't know if this is not only are not either so one to appear tomorrow on anything right but I don't play zone Sunday would have. Big programming day for the assembly felon and former NFL and have both Sunday. Charlie Weis is the host out of room. Pre imposed when. Charlie Weis bird career Perkins. It took the mics on virtually foreground. Dan coping. Rebecca or wait for. Why the shots were Norton things but it's the night was well we know I don't know how I heard another story all what's the other story we're audit law I don't know. On. O'Donnell now that c'mon you know I thought it was something that he rope and honestly about Shaughnessy it's a bit that he wrote somebody didn't care for those that decision maker. That's what I heard my third here he wrote something about a decision maker number no I don't loads of them they are kind of a classic bar stool decision may what did you try to hit on many times right there was a certain thing that somebody. I guess finally got wind over just got wind of urgency. Well maybe. I don't know I don't know how can throw that that's what it was you know that article overture toward formats into. There where Alan natco six weeks OK six weeks with a good run that put up there I think that's how hard job to hold our heads up high turnover position the one where you literally just read tweets. Into the show as so what was so so hard about my job I don't know maybe you like job. Collaborate you know is great amber and I am a moderate beat her every post entered him into their every why not I'll do that ability not read them. Well enough I don't know not a moment from a data related reason they December rowing in a different era different are all adult eyes that I honor that I think they went. The data card. David Gardner made that play active bet my last alone let Jackson axed him I figure to Abbas we're unaware of Boston radio RT this -- -- to Boston that what was bigger to Boston right boss like maybe should've known that going and I'll vote on the axle and then -- they want with nick Stephens I believe we have a ball down our sister station you know what happens he accidentally lasted a full season we'll see. Acts that are now not working in just didn't click they've brought in Liz Gonzales who's lesbians out Tucson she was on familiar with the lineup with the works just have one games that's why I'm okay well I I get that going rate I don't know what to lose a game they blamed her you know what they may have lost that they lose they don't lose games than they ever wedding at halftime refused again. And we're gonna win this one and then well they blame there and the methods used on and I think about a couple people science I don't know. It's as a tough when it's either really difficult to edit larger re imagine that holes slot that little slot of them. A reading tweets and just interacting interacting social media. They got you got to Celtics game tonight too early editions that a short show anyway. So what you wish you'd. Be out here you're the coverage they like the real thing it's a real problem trash it's. The for the forgotten. Sweet guys the week readers. The typical double X says he got fired from a job so easy DJ being 220 wait I did that then I got going and Harry. The bit for it out the daddy you know he's probably up the linked in and be ready to go tomorrow ethnic and why not last thought about it about it in the become too comfortable and that's pressure so I guess the the question about you know is anybody upset. Corporate from a corporate level about. What was said the pokes and NBC Boston war NBC sports Boston. Now I don't think this is a gigantic huge punishment by the way. Milo and there's so. The resounding yeah it's on the radio show won't be Sino cast today. He want you to do a half hour of the early edition and you'll get to do Sunday night. And back. And NBC sports. You know disparate debts they a lot of NASCAR stuff right this networks. So that's probably that caused sounds out of joint tweak them the most the branding it NASCAR on and BC's Anna Booth. That's probably things yeah from a corporate perspective they were a little little tough on him long ago. Although a lot of people defending him on Twitter and were very upset them with the Sox yesterday at. Yes yes I notice that you can't please everybody. It can't bachelors get as I said yesterday and some of freestyle Friday we can talk by anything you want including you know with this topic or how people of the patriots out Alia I loved the more than they did. Tell me OK before we get to that the that Felger thing I'll just point this out. You used to be able to Jerry Sorkin confirmed its territory who's always seeking patriots had. You used to view but it just fine and they would just all and to your let these people who it right things about the patriots eight things about the patriot that were outrageous. It's harder to find people now there are they still there just hiding there waiting for scandal or have they said you know. I'm gonna have to finally. Take that loss and accept that the New England Patriots. Are a great franchise one of the greatest franchises in the history of professional football and I don't like it don't have to like it but there's nothing crazy going on they're just good. Now I don't feel you know they gave. I out of the and I hope that I'll died of Pittsburgh. Does not think it's right or Clark and material so you'd only hear him say something about the patriots. Certain borrows a New York all of right. And then. Oh okay levels ever since I find it okay we're not doing at any air marshals one coming. And how many of it into. You OK art I'm I'm. I think our forgot about that in truth I visited B zero editors to. Public this year at the comedy and dimmer view of all over the ban all due in late August yeah. Marcelo maybe hang it up. Just say it you know I've I've not over ourselves on over it. I think it's say the talk about patriots haters. And I hate saying it. What the ball to happen I want it to happen may have missed my window until it all I know they argue just keep keep put this thing off it's like that web site. Bad media check website yeah. What your second at mount you know reactor should immediate check website what we're gonna goes out with a thicker with a little bit weird it was on the go website back in the day had mentioned that. You know just like teams now wins and losses I think for media members how many wins and losses do you have. I don't that's called it was a winner if I ought to hide out and got right. Rob I bet they aren't that aren't there but they don't have here they don't have your full stats there have anybody else basic things exaggerate you're always raw data don't quite go to his website you can see my actual record. Be great for beat writers to. Hey O'Grady really rate is gonna hacking your own stats yeah you know this I expect this on Tuesday this guy will play he won't play all kinds of steps. And they did it Rob Lowe wouldn't it traded debt for first rounder area and he wins a Dutch tablets. But I on the pal gripping the good news is for us. People have this. I've our backs we have issues sure yeah I'll say it loudly enough. You know your your favorite theory you know every dollar rich keep it your favorite host. And he says some things but novels like that and yes yes it at a the rich keep your favorite post and he says some things that. I go outside the lines way outside the lines. Given the benefit of the doubt and if people start talking about them. And I'll be released you're gonna be he's apologized he's be finally a dozen people who will come through defense of those you love. And believe it or not some people actually. Love us on the radio. On. Them and it was like millions take. I wonder title is Julio did say that let some of the nice thought anyway as Michael said it's freestyle Friday and on Fridays we like to bring more of you guys wandering to the table Celtics are an action tonight. Bruins are in action tonight. A patriot to get ready get on an airplane and head for Denver they won't be back home for like ten days. To go to Denver they practice all next week the air force academy in Colorado Springs. They fly in a Mexico City. To the job and get the hell out of town as quickly as they can't. Get back around November 20 thereabouts. So we got back to add to the list as well 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. It's dale Hollywood Keefe Sports Radio W media. It was shoulder. Almost. It's it is an injury situation. And toward work. Usually equipped. I mean what's I think it's really no one else would wishful. For talking while the people's. Bodies. Injury and and so that's what principles which was. Well you should handle. It reports and so forth. You didn't support as well as. Well. Oh. The problem won't try to judge. So that was Mike McCarthy Green Bay Packers head coach yesterday. I he had a media availability today now what changed between then and and now is obviously. The patriots put it waiver claim in on Martellus Bennett and got him I don't think at the point where. McCarthy spoke to the media today at the patriots had gone onto the practice field yet. So I'm not sure that Mike McCarthy knew that wearing number 88 not practicing in pads like everybody else was. Was Martellus Bennett but today. The media wanted to go back at Mike McCarthy about the whole Martellus Bennett situation. It's Tuesday practice and it. Actual concern if you're both in the duke so companions. He did that went to a number of all and in the last medical. Such an eligible with regards to. Marty was there to Moscow and serve so you know after that it's human health. The termination. And in the play side I was comments on that it is open to question for us respectful. Adamant when they say respectfully they mean I don't know how many men now are. So sick talking about it so the last time he spoke to anyone medically about Martellus Bennett they were talking about scheduling surgery. Then he's gone. So what now is on the practice field I was the failure to disclose an injury so accuse well aware of uninsured it's sort of sounds like. In an I've been reading about this over the last 24 hours it sounds like the Packers are kind of asserting privately. He had an shoulder issue before he signed with a mandate he didn't disclose that now don't to keep players matter. Physical you had to try to do a physical pictures in the physical. When they apparently pass I mean he's gonna put these on and are there field he's on the practice field for the patriots and Packers say he's scheduled for surgery. Okay that's the difference in and maybe just told the Patriot Act and play through it. And I play through this injury but he sent to the Packers. They tell the Packers can play through an injury. Are you Joseph the Packers he couldn't until the patriots he could mean he hasn't practiced for the Packers in two weeks and how proud Italian what I can build. And I would days so it McCarthy when asked you know do you think he quit on the team. He would say yes we did say no. Is that the tough thing to do Assad's slippery slope it is to a venture gas and he he did not do that so. They got to be. Pretty upset with them but also. They didn't have to Connell. Rick I write all I try to do is get their money back against but they're team with Aaron Rodgers down they're not going anywhere. But if there really upset of them he could adjust IR dome you could have whatever you go to has been injured the rest of the year for them. I'm Marty B is going to be playing on Sunday nights sure feels that way that they are rightfully playing against the Broncos well we have more catches on Sunday night the points and eight yes he will you'll have to wait us GAAP one you don't want to have I want a catch against the Broncos I announced the home team for now. For now I think that plan teams. He does and my guess is Marty won't. Now Jacob Hollister remain a cutie uniform for Sunday night but I concede Dwayne Allen. You know dressing. For a couple of reasons one you don't know how how Martellus Bennett gonna hold up physically and two I think Dwayne Allen plays on some of the special teams as well. I know you guys are income retirement the six into patriots to. Should go to segment two on Sunday made timbers a bad team and knows bad play and damn bird not. Alberta hello all out of three and seven for Tom Brady gotta gotta gotta. They should win this game seven into which we'll put them in and it gets stopped and the AFC all these things the patriots continue to roll along and are you guys surprised by the what you think of the hot tape I don't think Patrick dog think it's the reality of where we are now. When I said they don't hate the patriots as much now out there if you can you give me one example of hatred. They ga to Hewitt he may example of like a shady story. Well other than the Boston Globe talking about Tom Brady and his dad in a best buddies I don't things like that. Well that's that's right at home tonight I'll OK that's the hatred. Well until about for guys outside of his. Most people don't understand most people and knowing your body 90% of people in New England are gonna say. I don't care what. I don't care what you say about the patriot I love the patriot Liebowitz or not so you're talking about Oz I sportswriters are you talking about other fans from other parts of the country because all of their gonna start to all of a sudden all all of them all of the above. You don't Twitter. Yet thing. Don't go to Google Lotta lot I doubt if any of its kind the NFL official count unifil to reach anything about the patriots it's we'll all look at those spots to look at the com. Big comic dated my child another dig dig in and how it in there so it's the same as it was yeah. Atmosphere hasn't changed it's getting worse among fans it is getting work to be I think the media people just. Laying in the weeds waiting for their moment to jump back that they had nothing to do right now. Not gonna say as soon as something anything at all they'll be back. I mean you you've got the the wicker shrimp thing from last week was nature wicker and you know is that hatred and it it was it was the other got problems. He knows his stuff going on air. There's a gorgeous it collision floor or explain telecheck in the Guerrero. You had a guy from the Golf Channel who was who was adding an amber yes there are there it Michael it's still there still there they don't like you letting them know you personally I patriots Matt Blunt the UNL I don't know why is there any more than they did last year or the year before that of the year before that in fact. The fact that they're to have the defending Super Bowl champions makes them hate you more might just be less to say that might be less you're OK that's it I usually wait for that as soon as their bad Iraqis there will pounce on. Yet America's all hatred is irrational but that it is a rational. Take on the patriots and waved people. We just got on and on a couple of years ago me deflate gate opened up so many other things head Tom Brady is doing that but the football but they always do that and that's what we got them trash cans in the warm sports drinks and all all the other stuff that world of sports talk about warm sports drinks and and trash cans. I like that everywhere you win. A couple of years ago there was just no escaping like everybody was against the commissioner was against you. The legal department of NFL it was against you. Troy Vincent was you know Ted Wells was the Steelers the giants all these owners everybody just fell. Like the resistance was everywhere. And now it just seems a little. Calmer. A little bit. I 50% calmer guys if I paper. I think there are about 13% out there. All right I think it was simply you know you do sound like a fool if you keep clobbered him in the key Yang and what they what do your parents and right but they hate the hate is no different. All got people people around this country wish that this team day they would give up our firstborn male child of that team could goal in sixteen. Indicated they would do anything to have this team fall on its face. I mean in the aftermath of of rating Jimmy route to San Francisco that that hatred for Belichick doing. All yet you're gonna get above 41 round Pittsburgh idea trader for a second round pick it even shocked I mean he was it clobbered about it. And did you go in sixteen what would happen to get the best they get some franchise. This altering player I think the next great hall of fame player of the patriots was start another round. Another fifteen to twenty year run. With Steve Belichick is the head coach Steele and it maybe I'm just looking at it too. Reasonably. I think he's been around since 2000 Bill Belichick until about Belichick and Brady since 2000 bella and we know Brady's took over in 2001 but. 2017. Doubles 2018. At some point don't you have to say okay. My faith is is wrong. It begs the whole everything I beg done everything I counted on about the patriots. He's just wrong act. Way back in 20032004. I Arafat flop for me I thought they were lucky I thought they were just lucky and Tom Brady was a flash in the pan. Then at 2007 about as a spy gate stuff but that that was the reason they won. And they kept on winning they kept getting the Super Bowls and martial law says how many times they won a super balls in spite then they took care of that. Two out of three. They're. A few different things because you are are there are you saying that their lucky or he saying that their their flu key are they say that they're good -- now respect formula you have all the other things that don't they also new light them like coach K at duke and spend their fifty years I had them just as much now as they did in the mid nineties we get the same navigator intermittent because he's he's he continued to be there you hate the fact that India continues to rice's Dicky you've been so much or more of LeBron need I stood out they have started growing a little bit assets out of the way I can get behind. As he gets older when he gets like 3435. And continues to play rulings on what an amazing athlete he's doing this at 35 or holding athlete that's different Campo don't. Right. That as a great example from two winners this year the game winning touchdown pass from the Texans game last settle their rent cook's got the yeah dotted the sidelines and a beautiful play number one like to retrieve the comment on the and it felt threatened there. Was not a match clearly hit the ground patriots can only win by key. The number or comment general comments just I don't I don't court. One that changed in 13% to seven and how does that answer. And I love the fact that they heinous. If your patriots and I'd wanna explore yankees fans probably reveled in the hatred that the Yankees always had a around the country. Well maybe but maybe you. Before I give up this ghost I'll say it this way. Maybe they hatred has gone from. The date cheat to win type of hatred to bear at the top. Because it was never all he does take the patriots because we always take great teams. That's not quite intelligent parents it was different it was the next level there's another one when he broke that he had the yeah I know you have other. I did at yeah I asked for examples you gave to. Broke the wins record October 5 NFL Viacom calls on the go. You know puts the stats it is when numbers number one comment most like most recruits Tom birdie leads for lucky as wins for quarterback in NFL history the biggest fraud in sport. That's. Why I like I was set with love I don't I don't read tweet that biggest fraud and sports. According Tom Brady order comet or everybody who liked it yes the biggest fraud and all the sports. Well I disagree you take him out but that. If they don't regard. 2.2 million people remember it like it always got 117. They beat the saints are number one comment without that team he wouldn't be name. It's a stupid. Yeah. You know a lot of edit or Smart yeah. Without that team without that they Tom Brady wouldn't be a thing without the Taylor just out there violence yeah I tell you the mad about it it would Teradata and number two number two bronco fan bronco car cheating legacy. And liked buys seventy some people it's their honor like for some reason but every other promise threat for severe. It is it is the word as soon as you say patriots. They all immediately say chiefs and hate it is hate there's a. Hatred their Michael Weller through it oh well. I say this. Excited down and get on board corn fool. Going deep deep homer to watch Jerry Norton got nothing on me. I don't know if you're probably not act and now got a knock on the locked out homer short. I'm not out homer Portnoy. Going all it arrested for the team but I guess I would yeah. How is part of a dominant problem. I'm going full homer and when I go to Minnesota. Men have won a full and about meek patriots with a mink fully oppose it only. It's an analyst Nelson Corliss has a home that's paid the patriots. Cut in Minnesota of being good picture that's Bruce's number eleven now. Think it probably big settlement and knows the blood side I but that probably does. I was gone for our we get right difficulty coming up next 6177797937. It's Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Let's get called for you guys are 61777979837. We did not make connections last Friday. With Michael Irvin of the NFL network we will make connections today to do with a support thirty. We've got our our we can review key for madness coming up about 54545. Somewhere in there I stretch it because there's been so much that's gone on this week we might need more time than we normally doesn't say it's slam packed this week. It was it's a question of you know who did make the cotton who did right. So what Michael is in Michael outage and we. Interestingly eight of the interestingly I think the last few weeks. Fighters going out land here two weeks ago your best movie you've ever been and yes it in the history of radio probably last week. A real downer for you or what was going on yeah I don't know needles you know I don't know but now I don't need to tell you know good crowd into our I think a bounce back week energy wise for you yeah cut all over the map with some other stuff got a better week notes. Yak about how I was grating I think that's fair and expert that you really don't know if not by best left on the thank you don't not good. Let's not let the match right yeah every loosely guide and what was last weeks of league and things that sound about. Now that loses is now I've still got home I doubt I thought that the I get called good deals right now yeah I'm Heidi quick. Before you start saying stuff 6177797937. Brad out on the vineyard hey Brad. Get a court order every god or allied with the crowd. First for a long long period and he used as a school record that I do love you next. That's very ironic that the problem of whether to launch what molecular. All of you do and I love where you live. On the vineyard love it. Producers. That Catholics into conflicts I think in the duplicate. So. What do you think when you look option in law. We certainly talked about. Topics we can inspire anger. What you talk about it until the gentlemanly. Way Rahm. And I mean I think there also consummate gentleman. By. Its increase in more slow and and then when you get people of America held here from people like pat who I don't and then. Warren. Radio personality became so angry. I associate and way more important her speech language in the lights went out the treatment might. Gentle guy and now. He seemed angry all the time and I don't know if I can stick. But it's very awful and then. It is. But I don't think it's important well I'm that's really important player in the world how important attribute for action well. And when somebody works well there are just I had lost the Celtics won't force like I had that's station I'm Richard funeral and well that was on like this happens when he made those comments and it's. It didn't go forward read that somebody would take a situation like that. In the end. TJ added just to make it about and well well yeah it's Altman and I don't think it should be fired in England where the ball. He certainly shouldn't be lauded for. Why is now being lauded by now for the for the comment and I appreciate what you have to say about color dale gentlemen gentlemen Joseph Arnold now I think I better it seems appropriate to me on the onboard guard he has silence so jam gentlemen dale it's gonna action and is assigned numbers are Cy Young the only guy. But. Now so appreciated comments about the show and what he says about prefer to the profession sure you know. He says it doesn't if you're radio host and another radio host does this. I'd do you look at and say yeah and it doesn't it's not good for the prefer for the profession sure you might say that. Unfortunately. My I have to disagree with his other. Take. About anger. Yeah I did I did I do I really do I think Brad I I get where you're coming from and there are a lot of people agree with you but you know what there are a lot of people that feel passionately the other way and actually. That's what they seek out in Atlanta I don't know land that's become a thing and radio Arnold. Since it's the start of radio products as a starter radio I think it's more recent I think it's probably in the last five to ten years where that has become a thing and it's a lucrative thing. They ice and say with it. I would tell him this to a space at the David columnist whose face when he started on around a more. Know what he page when most popular guys start of Iran more always used to say stupidity is lucrative. If he's not a stupid person but he plays one play does and that she did great for him so stupidity is not just lucrative solo anchor. And if you're that guy you're just willing to just come out and just. Scream and everything it shot down everything. Is gonna work out where did you like I want them and it's worked opera for Felger hundreds truth be told I went too far this time but. If you wanted to writers pick it's it's that has been pretty successful form hasn't. Yeah I would I would think you're he's not gonna change if he does that it's gonna backfire outbreak is what she sort of establish who you war than you sort of get your your listener base. Because that's what they expect and that's what they want a year and then if you lose have to change that and that's that's soccer work. And you know ten ways even admitted it you know he was. He was himself for a while. As I can nice guy you know said not doing both pre and post game for the Celtics and filling and on on different broadcaster and as high school football game great voice played a great boys are from pine moss on them and eight he didn't get the patriots the what about social. And that. Just turned that it's not something in him snapped and he said well at mama can be this company man became a dying hos come out of this house man anymore. We also got a radio show and was and then that didn't work yet that you wanted to change things up played nice guy on the radio not anymore I'm not playing the nice guy to be sent all the bad guy yeah. Are back on. It's still got a job and and in TV and he has invited here is part of those in the morning show here is one of the he's got the healthy casting couch members. Throw works. To order form. You know a partner I mean that the guy who's co host of the morning show here's been suspended a couple of times. Is you know as popular as anybody in in radio in Boston right now it's worked for him to write. Worked there that it has worked there as a says the other called wolf I wanna be entertained that is open for wrecked so they can discuss Iraq can't please everybody. With all of the stuff and again that you think about what Felder said give a ton of people criticizing companies also a ton of people saying you know I. I thought I feel the same way or if they don't do the same way do like I don't don't criticize them like you made one mistake and apologized and it was a great apology which is just did say each unit I was I don't know how you feel great about that part of it disable it. Do you agree with them yeah they don't they're all out apology that that's that's. Much more fraudulent slight today. Louis CK came out about the allegations against him yet you know to set. I did that that was made was made are also on the trailer and they're all telling you the truth you know I'd them. I I don't know what I was thinking that day and I'm I was you know them think and all okay but you. Would say out of he was in pretty good on that he did say that I don't know what I was thinking he told her exactly what you're thinking. They admired yet to keep at it as essentially took advantage of my celebrity. Which is really strange. And I think it speaks to something deeper and ready to get into it and his apology this is something he's gonna happen handled himself. You ought to take advantage of your celebrity. Handle themselves yeah yeah I did it without ill advised choice to turn out now are not apologize for vanity you know Michael Lebanon if you thought you are celebrating my yeah yeah yeah Oppenheim so I regret not getting in my life. I'd if you take advantage of as many people who take advantage of this celebrity. Without harassment. Would do that to ensure on the right line is there any club that could he get dates. I idiot could. It was just beat real urban real pity that can make it's sex based on his celebrity absolutely. He can get sacks so. Why did you happen to disagree that good. Two with a sense can pick clubs are not gonna get sacks he could get a tax sounds like you if you wanted to get that. It's good to have that they're right it did tonight seeking gets sacked if you really want it there are Jessica he took it went another way with a so he decided to use his celebrity. And perhaps people where some people use their celebrity and I OK okay that gives you access. Two people to places that. 99% of the public never gets too and so. Don't I don't. How is movie's gonna do. Not even sure you're gonna get to see I don't know what's going on I didn't if you if you look at Hollywood now at the lengths they're going to to expunge these people. I I mean Kevin Spacey think he's got a movie that's coming up next month at this is unbelievable and and what they've done is they have they've cut him out of the movie. They've hired Christopher Plummer there re shooting every scene Kevin Spacey was going to be yen. With Christopher Plummer is the actor I mean they they just want this guy out. I thought yeah right and it they yanked his house of cards on Netflix that he is completely gone one thing that. This is it's those sad state of it here but there's like a new name every day so. Unity they all sort of then blend together I wonder Lucy Kay is gonna end up sort of like the what the Andy Pettitte of this like the one guy that that admits yeah I did it and then would that. These are people are more likely to forgive that person the right would be a lot on all my deflecting and all this other stuff. While only reason I did it was because is well you know there are some things she's not telling your laws or it's creepy as he comes last but not on culture. There. He's not as he doesn't come across much of as a monster as a carbon Weinstein. Or Kevin Spacey are those three I I was saying in the office to these guys Michael if it was easier for Louie CK Aikman state. I did. Because he didn't touch anybody. He still creepy caller prefer it all that stuff creepy but what he can fall back on as well I never touched it these women I never raped anybody. What I did was disgusting but I didn't do that if there had been sexual assault. Leveled at him if if there'd been rape allegations leveled at him he would put the statement. If that was different now. Okay I'm cry I'm a tree I'm out I'm a bad person. You know I I did everything they said all those women. And he said he says I want to address the story told with a New York Times by five woman named Abby Rebecca Dana Julia who felt able to name themselves and one who did not. These stories are true. Okay that. We were just talking about this yesterday who waited the way to apologizes to get right at it. Don't dance around the issue don't talk around the get go right to what everybody is. Upset about or what you're being accused of taken on you either did it or you do it. When you have a problem if you tell the truth. The problem becomes part of your past. If your life becomes part of the future. Truer words never spoken to him if they don't want that is so much or words of the sort of follow my own dad and I I don't busy and yes by the way blocked. 6177797937. Its Dillon Hollywood keeps. Michael Irvin involved with thirty real quick or quicker than they won't have an update on Martellus Bennett looks like he took it in some grim tales you can read from a what he had to say. Coming up as well and moderate or monitor right now there are yours Martellus Bennett from NC. The Packers examined my shoulder on my visit march 10 and cleared it they even gave me an extra as well. It got worse during the season specifically against the cowboys Sawyer asked haven't checked. And we checked it after a few days of content planned to play with a or get surgery I chose surgery now here we are. They tried to blanket over me doctor McKenzie trying to cover is on asked her after trying to persuade me to play through major injury. And me choosing to get surgery. They have access to all my medical records my shoulder wasn't where it is now at the beginning of the season I'd leaped up playing for the at Packers. So does he sanity about whether or not he can place on. A part that I was concerned about I don't see it so he is hearing what's being said marine band fiery. I'm saying hey listen I mean I did not hide anything you guys knew about it. They got worse. So he was deciding to play for the Packers then they talked about surgery now he's back to being injured. Yet willing to play for the patriots. Interest. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio W yeah.