DHK - NFL ratings are plummeting and we want to know why, plus we get a text definitely not meant for us

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 20th

Hour #2 and we're discussing the NFL ratings drop and why it's happening.   Plus the best unitentional text message ever?


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Our efforts to get on Hollywood's king Sports Radio WEEI disarm the program brought to you by AT&T. They get a sense as I do that the National Football League is a bit under siege here early on in the season. There there are multiple stories about the decline in ratings week to look and down their stories about interest in the National Football League. The attendance numbers in the California teams they they empty stadiums. You've got to be used study that came out basically saying kids shouldn't play tackle football. Because of the dangers of CT eat getting to ensure The Herald wrote an article a couple of weeks ago about the drastically declining numbers in high school football participation. In the commonwealth. And and you'd get a sense that that Roger Goodell and company a sort of taken shots from all sides here don't check. Yeah bit I would say they they definitely are and and again I don't Michael's point from yesterday is there over the ratings I'd be down but there's still crushing everybody else but the idea is it's not. It's not going up you don't for awhile it looked like the NFL with untouchable and everything and they were doing was great they were just make it so much money everybody wanted to do and invested football. And it it was great mate they can make changes it would it would annoy some fans but yet they were still watching and it seemed kind of untouchable and all the other sports. Wish they were the NFL you don't baseball basketball hockey they're all trying to rating similar to the NFL. In all the sports are are dangerous moral level they're all kind of risks of injuries especially when you look at it you know sport like hockey but football's the one that is really van. Over the last year so maybe even longer but really going after. Ari what happens if you play football for this long what are sort of the health risks involved. Which. I don't know how much it's gonna affect the B current rating but it could affect how the sport is played over over the next several years. Yeah and you talk about talk about it being under attack dale it is. And that leads me to the next step in this is what this is straight from the NFL playbook not a team's playbook but the league's playbook where under attack we come up with a counterattack we attack. We are very good at establishing the narrative and we drive that baby home and everybody believes it because which is good at it. So what is it. And we Rascal is asking this question earlier asked the question to you guys with no answer whatsoever and I was open. Do you dale and and keep could bail me out but did you guys have got me some of the listeners can't what what what the counterattack from the NFL what do you say. This sense I get hero the first couple of weeks is what they're trying to do is push the idea of how we got really good guys in this game. Word leaks out for instance today that we find out the ball Bill Belichick and Tom Brady made significant contributions to JJ watts. Hurricane relief fund in Houston and JJ watt had the hurricane relief fund to be Democrat he's serious about again okay Chris Long I can get donations. Charles it's only six paychecks from Chris six Dana game checked yes oats in this sense I'm getting is what the NFL is is that. And what they're focusing on here is. We got really good guys forget all those other things you may have heard out there about are the guys in our sport we got good people. Yeah okay. Their lead guy asked me what I I think that's it right now. I don't know if that's enough public if that's their counter and I don't know if was if I have a lot of mom and dad looking out for little Jimmy is gonna buy that yet got a good piece right now but. Are they gonna remember being good people in fifteen years when your football career is over right. The next question there's a few things there to defend against right there's the safety of the league and also the decline in ratings and you know one of the cut they'd put the open is. This is Warner your be dealt talk about is. Well as a lot of ways to consume the NFL now so yeah the third tonight rating on the NFL network shore but. Our kids are also watching it on Twitter and read it streams and whatever else Oreo bunch of people watching an awful one that. Other feed all these different reasons there's there's don't watch his big thing is kids are still watching football. But maybe it doesn't. You know register as the traditional ratings or he's gonna try talking that. The health stuff. I don't really know howls you do it besides the look over here thing we clicked Ellis and like. Daily talk about concussions that we could talk about concussions but but he Tom Brady I 100000 dollars. Today and then next thing you know you forgot all about it you're not you're not answering those questions at all. Now there's an interesting story out of England that may have something to do with the decline in ratings for the national football really and believe in and out of that and tidy and I believe it or not and not the be broadcast rights for the English premiere league soccer are coming up. You know it looks like he's going to be one of the major players in acquiring the broadcast rights for Premier League soccer. Amazon. It was on taken over the world and as Andrew Brandt points out that it on Amazon and Google and others. Are interested in bidding on American sports broadcasting rights and as general Brent points out. Ratings concerns may be overrated and there unveiling its vote and I have didn't they got it on the day's notice that this doubt that the concerned it looks as though Amazon and Google may be and they've got. As much money as they need us her. They may be able to push the networks out of the broadcast business. Take it over themselves they don't care about the ratings. All of a sudden all these ratings concerns that we've been talking about for a couple of years now project does that say it's. Ratings are yesterday's news but we got Amazon. How much how much money will Amazon guaranteed to each team record raiders' other than that the raiders. That that networks relocating the raiders but that but the networks can guarantee each team. X amount of money to the point if you're Smart owner you have to be Smart if you're just an average average intelligence and NFL. He can make a lot of money you can make a lot of money it can't just off the deal that you have. Al davis' camp and I just can't sit out OK okay to let their TV money that we're good also drink. Very about a current broadcast rights in England for Premier League each team. They get eleven million pounds per game. And they say they think they think that Amazon as a sex. OK sure there will dwarf that. Amazon sand and it Google actually have the money where they could look at at the of the NBC broadcast package the ABC ESPN package and say that will double lab guys got nothing Paramount and all of a sudden Ryan Goodell is gonna look like that conquering heroes are owners at all. Well there it is the winner Taylor Dell Dell announced it yet but it got up and an outstanding for that's when you're gonna do because. That's the key point. It Roger Goodell is able to make that happen. He can go back here for a collective platform now and say I told. You guys made that I didn't volume billion didn't I tell you. We get it to twenty by doing ditch effort to put my name stick my head. Yeah. Particularly Compuserve. Go on the corner. The pound out a but it really that will that will keep them around reverend Jerry Jones contrived you do it does get it just dropped down and and Robert craft anybody else he gives them a deal where they can double or even triple so what. Already taggants be on Amazon. There are determined that while that's what to try to do with Premier League soccer so every game would be there is right now that's the NFL has I played and means. On your phone on your eyes Dario I mean that you watch ES anymore you law articles everywhere tell everybody right now though the NFL's getting money from CBS NBC. ESPN with their regular ball then and then they got probably it will give each when he got the prime time I guess with the exception of fox but they get EO doubleheader they all these games. So I don't have a lot of lot of money without BY 880. Quite a difference there if you remove it from cable. How far waited in Venice for Andrea Agassi that's a far. How much longer is everything cable I don't know while I don't know trying to come a long in the broadcast rights are. Yeah right you know locked in for now for literally they've got this year and next year. Under the current contract but what they're looking at is the bidding for I think it's 201920. And and you get Amazon or Google involved she's the V networks in England can't compete. Now they got no chance I mean there it's there in effect saying look were running this at a loss now. They're gonna commit here just blow them out of the water they can do that exact same thing here they could they could in effect say to CBS we're gonna set a number. You can't pay. Net Alison ratings don't matter anymore. The decline in ratings does it matter now that money and it's flowing in the NFL. Now the health thing is another issue they cannot dodge that idea yeah do you Wear down. Don't think they avoided. Out on the big dodger because. Not yet now there I think they're generation away. For having me dodged that question. Because there's always going to be somebody. Who plays it and I think this is gonna play out I was just to be honest I was gonna play out by economic level. So if you have do you mean if he had the means to do something else have the means to get another you know. Fifteen million dollars. To sign or. Our 3045 million dollar contract and you'll do it. You'll you'll take the path of least resistance if you have the ability to do it but a lot of people don't have the ability to do that you know football's a way out. So go to college they go to college and in get a scholarship because. And going to school for free and gives me an opportunity to play an NFL. He uttered a lot of ways to get scholarships and according Aurilia accord other it to the national federation of state high school associations. The number of high school football players. Drop by 25901. Last year. 25000. Op. I mean you start at these things up and sooner or later the but the pipeline of players to the major college level starts to look a little thin. NYT 5000 high school football players who were playing before yeah decided last year you know what. Golf doesn't look so bad if it quarterbacks are bad now when it'll. We will go to forty years in Norris playing. Yeah I think OK so maybe it's a little more specialized but I really I really do think is gonna. Go from being a diverse league rehab people what it with a cliche about teams on the beauty is. You know you have guys coming from all over all over the United States and all over the world in some more poor summer middle class from her rich. Now Z it's gonna be less diverse league. As we get. As we get more more concerned. About health and some people going to be concerned about health but they'll say that's a lot of money. I'm not gonna turn it down those of means will walk away from those without the means to get a quick thirty million dollars in us. Yeah what how that plays a percentage of people who play anyway are gonna be pros for less than 1% what present you're going to be pros. Less than that less than 1% people who play football whether it's pop Warner high school like. You're not gonna make it to the NFL you know the best parent said that the that you're not gonna make it and I shouldn't get into it picking up what I cash in Sunday that is such a small percentage of people OK everybody theoretical about about pros in college because gonna you know college averaged average cost of your college which in this. Is crazy to us sane so if you can get. A free college education. And not make it three and a half ago. 700 I was that's 200 years into it now but if you're really worried if you're still worried about. Head injuries and all the everything it can happen you after your client that's really what you're worried about. Wouldn't she play basketball or baseball or soccer. All these other sports. Give scholarships he had scholarship in the band that you get a scholarship playing video games now at a number of schools that there's a lot of ways too if you if your whole goal is just to get. Your college paid for doesn't fall apart are you the only thing. Like those who who those who get their college paid for I'd say most of them I don't know if it's 90% but most of them who have division one scholarships. Have had this thought that yeah I'll play in the pros for example last year it was actually earlier this year I took you from Harvard Harvard football player now. Arthur Bryant's going to be all right because I look at some ask you know what he wants to do. After school graduates of exit junior. And he said well if I don't get drafted. If I don't go to Italy thinking wow. You've already got Florida forest they are saying is that only the third on so I think there's a certain type a personality we don't get it back to put that out there we don't understand it. There's certain type of personality that will continue to pursue football in spite of the information without that we get information now you have. 50%. Of NFL players thing I'm afraid the plane right now. Noble what you do have. Is it ball pursue is 34 players. Under the age of thirty who have retired from the NFL in the past two seasons and that is such a misleading stat because all of those guys not retired because of fear of concussions not all. It at but not all of us out in public I don't know half of them of those he's at 34 I bet she's seventeen haven't retired saying. Concussions scared me away from the game 71 thing the league can say they doubt it but I'll refute you don't like rock didn't Rob Ninkovich didn't say that. I think that's what was on his. But I think I did well and I can't receive it but if you gonna take that approach I can't argue with you always when that would. Because outlet but don't you'll you'll tell you just eliminated back all night at seventeen of those I think I don't think I'm doing the outrageous thing of taking people out there word. You know rush out and probably give or did they are taking cautions concerning me for taking somebody at their daughters think they concerned. He didn't say you retire because I understand the utes are that that that was part of it I thought process part of his thought process he might have said that he might have said what does he have to lose or he might. Not a wanted to say you don't ever thirties he is unfit that that group outlet but I'm just using him as the tea recent local example of somebody. Who walked away but everybody if not they say guys I would just assume most guys it is because of that they're retiring on early yeah about it without some of those guys have said it and why would why would they say in other guys wouldn't. The kid from on San Francisco the linebacker Morlon. 2425 years old and good bye to years only bread and a good good player. Something about well some don't wanna say it because it might be perceived as soft. They did there there there and I think that's teammates might says that aren't there already are ahead in front and two teammates and he got retired Brian where credit's gambling people look at you and say you you had. You got your million dollar short windows goes to your effort to head injury. And I think they did that's even more reason to say why you're leaving because there's this. OJ rich US district now is is there's a perception that. Head trauma is not a real thing that concussions walking away from custom build real men real tough guys don't do that. And the come on saying I am a tough guy imagine NFL how about you reporter who's interviewing me right now you're playing in the NFL. So you have no right to criticize me for my lack of tough talk that's how much you've got I don't think there's less. Questions and I guess I need around right monies I get right or about backs not right not talking I understand. The drug gamma hesitancy has hurt right now and and get the whole thing and they would do with it that I think it is perceived soft yeah field play. But they're not as you know if if if people aren't gonna listen to union have. You have information. And you have a real our real thought process about why you're leaving. I don't I really do graduate are doing and at some point to say hey nobody's concerned about your people concerned about it. But I would say your average NFL player. Is it thinking about that right now analysts think it's the next step we have a couple of NFL players that we know very well one of them well works in the mid day. Christian Fauria. His son's playing football. He played football suns playing football he's coaching football right now Tedy Bruschi hit play football this could it is playing football right now so. There and help as many people were walking away from the game saying I don't want to that they are those who plated at the highest level they're coaching it. And they are charlatans. Are playing it it's just a racist. Pat unlawful Bausch and how I do if I ever ever thought I would I would want him to play football at some point I'm just saying that either that would even with the studies like BU but I think by the time. Again don't have a kid but how nice kid but but but by the time he's able to play a but the game looks way different anyway. As are already changed our capital helmets but if it doesn't look yes I what I what I that you need EB. There's obviously a risk of injury clearly more solid than any other sport but. The the coaching has been getting better deal from friends of mine that that coast right now and in this just. Pop Warner there's sort pot actually had a tackle worse for many years they didn't and there's a risk there yet to sit down it to you to explain over today. This is this is dangerous it's would you still want it you still wanna do this and that's something that you hear all these guys that played in the seventies and they're all upset now when. You know unfortunately a lot of home their their lives were cut short they claim that they didn't really know what the rest work. Now if you're playing football right now you'd pretty good idea what's cool that's apparent are they're dangerous things that your kid may wanna do that you take no billion a two and a yes of course he's we're so. Yeah for them and that's it that's Al Haig and I wanted to bungee jump that's are gonna tell you not gonna go to ING but not Mexico or not. They don't have the regulations. Dollars and the motorcycle completed sixteen year old little Marshall a couple of don't know. Football that the couple. Now my wife went through some different Allen a whole argument that it can't tell you how that got that goes in the in the future but let us now by as much as football and how I would say yes who were using words arguments the guys you're way. Nit us at probably heard ours is to secure it and I ended every other household in America right yeah and why this guy I thought I lost. Quite worked that way no real life are let's get to the call 617. 7797937. Is telephone number it sort of feel like beat the NFL is kind of under siege here the first few weeks of the season but. Maybe is not gonna matter to them financially in the long run. I'd Dave's in Manchester heyday of me at the right button your date your next on Sports Radio stale in Hollywood keep. Hey how you guys doing today so I did. I just got a disclaimer for Michael that alma Michigan fan. Sorry that you you don't want to know what all securities got on today. When is Ohio State shirt on boy are you know I've got. The program program has gone over the I've I was going to weigh about Bowling Green in Toledo a few years ago so Michigan has really made some some strike. And I love you man found proud of you. Wall. Yeah same way I've been watching for years I've watched all the Bradie James Darren. Old call because it it's free for all he's done and be forty he just speak with a leaping undersea each scene that you receipts. You know that comes out today that he got to keep that money. And down my number looked weaker to collect. Trainee and not paying way hit men and saying boy that's a bad look pretty hasn't done anything for that for the hurricane. In down you know what it turns out we get to that in just a lot of. Old JJ watt said today when he was asked about it he said you know I've I really don't think these guys wanted this to be out there right. And end and water actually said both in the case of Belichick and Brady. Amateur they are not and how it came out I don't know where or where it became pop out fraud. I don't you bring you are Dave. You you bring up a great point and I just think it depends on the cause for example Tom Brady. I'll with best buddies and my trying to water down fairly. But but Tom Brady with best buddies that WEEI with the Jimmy Fonda radio on telethon. It is obviously a public event. So where. Raising money we're giving money. We're we're giving money we want more we want people to do what we're doing and give money give money okay please please help help us raise some money and fight this. So you want obviously you don't have to tell people you're doing it minutes on the inner. The event is happening I know about it. But many times. If it top it this never came out I would what Tom Brady's say anything if people are saying it's a bad look at how right you can't get a day. Don't know what you're doing and it. Don't wanna know right I don't want to know hey I'm a little skeptical honestly. One people are telling you all the stuff that they've done it not an event surrounding it's a bar where we had this conversation so it's a you can tell me what a great guy he wanted trio. Yet the only candidate. So. I don't feel that he had. Any obligation. Now to tell people what he's done apparently neither did he. Is he didn't tell anybody. Now somebody told somebody told about he and Belichick and I promise you Bill Belichick and tell my body throws cutting issue 80000 dollars caramel which he told. He's at all athletes in other thing about brain like everything you don't see it and I'd say okay yeah yeah. Yeah of these Mike's up in Maine hey Mike I don't. There is a great honor if you don't sound well this is what I had got a bag I'd I'd I'd hear got a now that thread just brought enough for the fact. I try to call back to get a chance we just we as my dignity for the same thing. And now today getting outside the ring in 6177797937. Is telephone number it's day at a Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media this. There about the safety. We had a report from our committee that as you know that's a priority for us. And we have made significant progress we have an update. Our engineering road map as we'd like to refer to occur from. Some of the committee members. We also have an update on our search for our chief medical officer. And we got some pre season injury which I believe you've had some battles. But Goodell plot meeting on October about players' safety. All the as well all manner of things do well. Don't worry we have a committee. They want to have that at forty billion dollars a year. Whilst not everybody's eyes that's very as the one to urban health craps on board about user we have tents. We put up tents everywhere now they go into tenths of tents or new addition answer would tell people are tense there's so frustrating Arctic how how they outsold the tents. How they'll add on that chip on the tenth Yancy Gates. We yielded either brigade gap is gonna happen. But he thinks who's and lots and I look at the blue cross and she'll get out there are hard to feel that guy has got original idea orally and you know Coleman who camper to organize a word you know pro always dark horse candidate University of Phoenix. I act on our industrial graduate Alex graduated they were done and I are. Acute that the facts are. Football's kind of under siege whether it's the ratings whether it's safety whether it's attendance figures everybody keeps showing these pictures tweeting out these pictures. Of the the stadium where the LA chargers played the stadium while. Everybody knows the stadium that the rams play and then you know it's pretty massive but it looks pretty empty San Francisco's the woman blew me away. The opener in the in for the 49ers they're honoring Tom Rapp minute halftime. There was less of a crowd and go to war reds game for. Crying out loud enough that. Don't worry all manner of things into it to make fun of everybody you Wi-Fi is about to get paid at owners believe in them. They believe in them because they believe in money they do as life and Izod cooler coming near Belmont I see Roger Goodell they think money Jeff b.s those is about to save Roger Goodell zap sound. Kelly's enamored take Kelly I don't. They have little race real quick I heard that morning people like talk contrasts what that much at. The children good selection of the league and. Not an impact of that and we did it it's not leaning in general are my well we're good and we now I thank you we appreciate it we are pretty a completely different different programs that don't want to be us and we certainly don't wanna beat them right. More than a court or globally when I turn on a sports station I'd let your little talk and sports but people heard that once or twice before. On that it took offense or. Well it's only current earlier was saying nine and that's not well thought there you know spent just worst and worst case scenario. After worst case scenario. And public okay. Forgot what about Butler I was about that Republicans what it in every week about a lot about the matchup Bonilla likes all in what you wanna look at or where ever the patriots. I feel bad for him like obviously I haven't recently talked. But I lately from never being on the field adamant that achievable or that he would probably not be an NFL right now. So it's like there's. It may yet. It it may be as Michael pointed out was sixteen plays away from from voter percent yes 49 to 65 so you know maybe maybe it's it's it's not that big deal. And it will certainly bear watching going forward. Maybe it's bothering him made the whole contract thing is bothering him and and and and by the way he wouldn't be the first player in the history of the world who you know bright the contract again except I don't we're getting thirteen million a tournament's contract above but both performance in the concert I just have to go here. In this business have looked normal but don't they couldn't take the music. Blues clues you flu season. All lied under Mike and I heard Bill Belichick recently says about the past oh yeah light right now that. Does that play again and again out of jail free card forever when Michael Serbia. If I I don't think it just I don't think yeah I can't we say and I think it is bothering I think Obama as I was on. I think he picks and chooses by the way Belichick picks and chooses when the past matters when it doesn't matter now he wants to get his team's attention. They'll say. They're playing Kansas City before they play Kansas City on Thursday night. Rod is over more competitive than we were in 2014 right. In 2014 has surpassed it passes the IR don't all like a time when Donna Miami Gaza boarded it. Well wire 2004 it doesn't it's not relevant to this situation so when he needs to use the past. He'll bring an apple over the weekend heading in the past what we bring up the path begun battered by a failure to pass does banner it ethic and the future matters for him to. Because I think they do take in. They take into consideration contract status. Yet but I think also what we've seen two in this happens every sport but the contract year some guys go nuts and have an unbelievable contract year might be their best year. Of their entire career getting J. D. Drew right it was one of those guys that is contract year with the Dodgers is his best season he ever had. Other guys. Maybe worry about it too much and they put a lot of pressure on themselves in the Kara go the other way even Jamie Collins last year now Jimmy called and getting paid he went to the right place for that. For the first what eight teams or however many games is with the patriots who's up and down as soon as he started saying something about it yeah a couple of here it is it's not about butler's there's only been two games but I don't think he's played great over the. Action he doesn't play great up and he got the other side. I grainy not say he and you don't get paid though hasn't been bad. And not not not now the other guys that bad. Welcome Butler has been below his standards. Stephon Gilmore. Maybe he's making subtle plays maybe to an Al Horford nuanced thing that we're not saying. Show in the stats she had a plays there are a lot of nuance things yeah I'm not really have hasn't. And but that footprint down yet now. So at luck and here's the good news actually have a third corner our second and third corner. They can rely on so because they went you. If you wanna consider Butler the wanting Gilmore the two political Gilmore won Butler to the took opera to the states Butler for the sake of this conversation. They put in a row and before he got hurt he was all right and then and Jonathan Jones made a couple of really nice place so they have. Some guys a quarter. We're trustworthy and that's one thing in half work half of last year third quarter know that I'll believe them and they already got a really good secondary. We just like it accordions Chung and Harman. And it didn't giving Richard some roundly remind. Are a lot of fans. On mats in Rhode Island hey Matt how you don't. There are great at canoe jam I appreciate you guys taking our call. I I was old and I think all of new law. In the book yeah I called it. If you do it. Talk about is. The problem. An awful. Old go away from the city. Call home but I really would like this and implement what college the whale watching. I. If they get away with as you know often hurts more you followed it from there as well. What would you come down honestly it. Get our. Well at all. He spoke well and get a little four. College law. You didn't check it cool lots. I. Wrote a book that I've held. Off. Yeah I mean everybody keeps putting their money on on somehow equipment saving this sport while I can understand that they've they've certainly had a long time a look at it happened that they've and they have made changes that they are better I'd edit a tea ID initially used to always really laugh at the take the face masks off. Recommendation but if you really think about it yeah. There's a lot there where. You don't feels invincible you're out there and he just smashing had somebody else. Maybe you're getting like a minor concussion but you're just your yes your adrenaline flaw they are you really think about it that you use it as a weapon oftentimes whether your offensive player or defensive player. You know your linemen you just possibly smashing into each other and if you're. A running back or receiver your your dropping your head and everything else if you took the face masks off. You have to be a lot more now relying on form tackling it be it'd be more globally rugby and that's what it's helmets are very prominent on all together that it probably is. That gets added to it it's like rugby I mean. And rugby is is much more violent bogus very violent sort out the head of article lazy I would not every man crazy. I can see. Taking that figure helmet away. Probably will reduce costs and dramatically. It would look weird and he came it would look weird wood 3000 in the into Gaza and AT and I USA I it's a raffle at address carried on our backers elements god I remember I remember what it. College Hockey went to the full cages there and legendary hockey coach said Watson said to me he says we've just made the biggest mistake we've ever made. I supporting Nina protecting play guy's face he's is not all or gonna do was turn them into tanks. They don't think they can be hurt they don't think they can hurt me but yeah they don't think they're invincible and you watch the college game. They're they're not some time. Line stunt to go to mockery ahead among area in the face and if I don't protected. But you're not really neat yes and no later you're protected from. Certain things but like brain damage not so much. It's so people are as far out so yeah I get a B it that would be such a leap but that would be such a jump that I don't know if we. Try to imagine it right now on this count I wanna football no moments. Kind of like headless horsemen thing you know if fact it's just reared its just imagine a guy all padded up the big linebacker all padded and don't element Obama it was it was. What's going on. I don't know I'd be all it a lot of flooding all the wouldn't get players. Hit their head on the ground a lot yes wide receivers that's a helmet to protect against what what happened that's gonna happen regardless of with a helmet or or down right at their helmet protects them down more than ten bare hand on the ground. You have a lot more Brandon Lloyd's. Catch and detect it down get down get down. And I this is really rotten Meehan and I'm not proud of this song. I love when people send us text betterment for some for other people files that got vehicular got a number. I do go out others in number and everything I'm not a match in this one. I think I lost in hearing in your bed. Where we've you know we humbly or Julie gets out of work. Welcome I solo. Shot that the element of that tactic that. I don't know I don't know these people and as Julie is that all the legends and tonight we're a year ago known. Where is my husband right now who are female friend had this until they get the tweet back Felix bags are texting it to WEEI yeah. Listen. Your buried Julie. Julie's after for your phones and yet even there yet I hear my own. And if your marriage originally just Julie farmers right now. Etc. just got to know what it did it work harder for hours after the September wanted to look at I love you so much. At. It's still look the best when we were close it's close to him I think I lost my era in Europe. And Glenn actually we got a Sachs points in one run on the error number it wasn't this but it was similar ordinance. England routed on their listeners all morning I haven't used my vibrant and weeks. I just knew that. And all live forever. And whatnot again well I'm in. I'm so corny I haven't used my vibrator and weeks. Yeah it's actually operating attacks. That you are just confessing stuff but maybe I am so warm. I can't wait to see that that's what it was that was him I'm out now. Eight days. Maybe on himself with a wait to seek to and other taxes you teller Julie's already home and yes I have are here and got a I'd rather 67. 797937. Its telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. 617 7797937. As telephone number text minus 37937. I just mentioned this briefly because it's it's ongoing we mentioned that the Yankees are playing the twins there at the at Yankee Stadium Mets yankees are winning big. In the bottom of the fifth inning Todd Frazier. Hit a foul ball into the stands. And and it hit a young child. I've been watching the video during the break it appears that the young child is a toddler. You know 345 years old small little blond headed kid. And apparently was hurt very seriously. Dead spin has been showing video of of the players on both teams obviously distraught. Frazier was crying at home plate at one point. And you could see him gesturing to the umpire they're supposed to extend the nets. And and players on both teams' hands to their mouth. Major League Baseball said that netting had to be extended to at least each dugout before the 2016 season because of what happened here at Fenway. Well at the time. The Yankees declined to extend the netting downed the foul poles they said now you know in July they say outwards see seriously exploring it. Well. Apparently. There will now that netting. Probably would have been the difference between this little kid gotten drilled by this foul ball. I have not seen anything further on the on the condition of the child but I mean Frazier is literally standing at home plate crying. And then it took a wildly they stopped the game they didn't try to continue playing. Umpire wouldn't allow the Dem to play and then after awhile. You saw on finally on on the on the telecast they showed made an adult carrying this child out of the stands. Who is. Scary moment at Yankee Stadium. 6177797937. Is telephone numbers we talk about the National Football League in the issues. That it may or may not be facing IMAX in Lexington came out I don't. I'm great uncle won't let alone. Well not bad news item from here in the great segue into that we use every. Because I mean and I'm a huge football and I played it the longer they could play at I waited through college and I try to the FA US well couple I'm gonna want to look. Indianapolis carbide. Like. You know looking back into my mid eighties. I knew when I got off the field. And walk through the end of it in bad chapter get off at me and I do that night live I mean it. Don't know why he brought rock that is kid really a lot of cities. Seven. I'm like there's no way you planned out all the there's no way anyone could be an awful lot of football. Without being like football you know people are I mean I'm a football junkie there's going to be cured that ruled that parents become a passionate about sport. Kind of a little from our local guide and you pick. But. I mean if you. If you think these young athlete network planning a big contract and went a couple of years and now I'm retiring because there. If you question that they're raping whether they're trying to avoid navy sub CPU down the road I take a look not look at that I mean. He just point that I could put the act a bit and played. You know I helped out a little bit I got. Up. Who was up often that we are at school softball and basketball. Just didn't want to play what it called achieved an academic. You know they get more money academically. And I think the point rich made is is is so good in and you know sometimes when I'm speaking to youth groups you know you stress this. Think about when you went to high school think about the best athlete your high school. Chances are that you didn't play. Well let's just say that he did anyone on to play. That the mathematical trickled down from though the pool of players who start when their kids. And then ultimately make it to the major leagues in any sport is so small now that doesn't keep people would delusions of Granger and no damage you get out their practice. You're gonna make it you're going to be in the league well. Most marked. Or or people with. He's eager is either delusions of grandeur or there's talent. Or some people were just really really gifted. Athletes and I think that's most of the NFL. As soon as most of pro sports really think about it I did their target of hello and it is in a lot of cases. It's hereditary. Just what it is able coming father and sons or fathers and fathers and all of these sports the Matthews family just alone okay. You know I Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds and I saw a name the other day collateral to shield my column and another while another hit it feels democratic collateral that shields and Gary Matthews Gary Matthews junior. On and on and on and on so there is a talent there's a god given gift. It comes to playing professional sports and some people have that gift and they wanna use it despite. The few years. A people who don't have it don't understand what that gift would need to provide. But even if you or even if you know going into not to play in the pros and his nation play that he should do and I just think I know there are some who think while also do that and that's really about it most say hey I I enjoy football on a plane or play his arms like and my friends replying. Today this tells me. Did in the college great. You know it if not whatever you play as long as I can you do have to still understood the risks are of it but yeah eight if we shouldn't get and any sport paging. To make millions of dollars to willingness if you do that's incredible but most. Good chances are as good press. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's dale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.