DHK - No timetable on Tuukka, Holley is taking requests, plus Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Friday, October 20th

Hour #4 and we're discussing the Sox closing in on Alex Cora, the timetable for Tuukka's concussion, Michael is playing soundbite requests for people, and Keefer Madness closes the week out.


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Yeah. And we don't know themselves. At least. Have a lot. Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with key. Sports Radio WEEI as we do want freestyle Friday is. LeRoy street takes us into the final hour and a we've had a lot of stuff we've talked about throughout the course of the date today a lot of stuff that has been happening here. And we talked about the fact that. The Celtics can pull three tonight okay they cannot fault only three tonight there in Philadelphia taking on the 76 or 7 o'clock start. Only three starts to get us a little queasy now I've if they'd then. Failed to the New York Knicks and went on for. Editor about me absolutely terrible I know it's a long season but. Though those are bad teams like the sixers and exit to funnel expensive and this year jaw and he is obviously awesome and at that won't pick DiMarco falls with not as covered a team like the Celtics. If we're saying they're still gonna be a a home court team in the playoffs even without Gordon Hayward a well you beat the sixers are you BP surrendered to be the next year. Short and etiquette thing sixers yet I don't think so playoff team now epic you know they have known in the Eastern Conference now. Joseph Allen be fine now healthy for now for now what happens sees what he's healthy. He's. Outlet let's but it the so who who who checks them tonight Al and beat yeah. Tough night for a yea start with a is guardians are without and then you go to new names. Tough night for pay me back act act. If Harry admitted to them beacon of play and he says he hasn't done and it's gotti's daughter restriction and I didn't like restriction sit scouting report on. Indeed was wrong. As do the Kansas remembered her saying I'm his guy you know he's new to the game. And off yea he's brought it to develop right now defensively is where you know maybe could develop is often not he's. He's not. Just bad defensive specialist rod guy looked pretty refined. To me. There's only played 32 games now it is in now on sale of but. You know it all forget that I think of the three games this year. LeBron. Retreat. Now indeed. In all and all three of those guys so LeBron what it was us what one assist from a triple double yes. That first game yes freaked gives you saw Jeff Goodman called it a quiet thirty seconds that's sarcasm. I quiet. They went quiet and I heard all really loud. As Jack sarcasm 37 yen. And now and be tonight things can be really tough game forum. Is getting more crowd they don't I don't think they're better than the Celtics but I just respected talent. Especially that it's top three guys Aaliyah really love the end young guys Simmons into an out and faults I'm not even include him. Now in their house limit diabetes. And either go Covington its arch. It Covington it doesn't mean they're good for you really and if you leave him open a knockdown shots yet party's winner here but 29 I think in the opener but I don't think he's great. I don't get twenty I mean are you aware of that I likely it is that I don't he's had seen an outlet for example Carla at the town's injure wigand's exactly the wrong team together. Volvo also am a bubble Jamal that's a great team to build on they didn't sniff the playoffs another in the west again but. Though the east in the west have. Have gotten a little bit closer together in the sense that there are. 500 ish teams make the playoffs and western it's more top heavy grass so it's not out that outlandish to think about get there I think there a couple of years away. So for a team that's own suitable to desperate you can't then lose to Philly. Yeah I think there I think there are a couple of years away from being really really good yeah but but I think they'll make the playoffs this year. Safe tape on that epic comeback and lucky make about that there'll it is you know sixers will make the playoffs. This year disagree. We gave up Bruins fans some bad news this afternoon when we found out that Adam equate somebody to help bring more bad nine L a broken leg last night blocking a shot he blocked two shots in the same shift. The second one is the one that that broke his leg. And will be out as much as eight weeks they're saying he scheduled for surgery on Monday. And it just seems like in some respects and it's thank god it's early in the season in the schedule is fairly easy for them. Because they've just been snake that Patrice Bergeron finally made his season debut last night David Backus made his season debut last night. Adam equate breaks his leg David crate she left the game in the third period with a upper body injury whatever that is is in a Tuukka Rask is out the concussion protocol to get a player back they lose a player it goes back and forth. Having said all that when they've got some semblance of their normal team together. It looked all right. Honors Bjork looks all right. Jake to brusque looks all right they've got some kids who looks like they can play at this level. And and I like what I see when when their healthy enough and by the way Patrice Bergeron matters. Health. He is a big boost to them nonexistent at that balances the lines so much better and I again outscored from from more than one line. So I think this is the team then at least they're headed in that direction and no you don't like. The data back to sign Michael well unfortunate happen it's gone yeah I think I had to change that can't. Not a clear zones and I don't think he states that frustrate him. Two early may he probably isn't a really regularly and everybody else early okay but the rest of the guys I think it's our dire building towards something arguable law a lot of young guys that forwards or defensemen and then you you build with that with a couple of guys sprinkles and that are very much in their primes like. Brad marsh added and Bergeron. It's a playoff team I don't know it's it's you know it's gonna advance very far but a beat expectations taxis pundits and took its gonna be out of me it doesn't that passion is there a zone. Can you just he had no and I obviously I'm a plane tomorrow. You know you're in the concussion protocol which just have no idea Billy was saying last night on the telecast he said. And you would expect it Anton who built it would play anywhere from two to four games. Counting last night's games there you know that that you just don't known now for games would mean. After tomorrow they don't play again told the following Thursday that by Thursday Saturday and next week. Some you know that would basically be two full weeks that he would miss under under the at the picture that Billy painted but none of us not yet as you guys now. With concussions you don't have any ideas. And the Red Sox apparently. Apparently not a manager RRR closing in on Alex Cora. Unless somebody on Twitter suggest it was Twitter I saw this how about what what bull would be in unique combination will be an Alex Cora manager. Dusty Baker bench coach combination. You've got that wily zadi then. That's right dusty since that man. If you act now to right yeah he is out there. That's more pitches in nowadays dress pitch count its main thing. We need this win c'mon get a nuggets fell back out there. So I'm not gone right so if we're giving grades on this. Red Sox hired Alex Cora. Grade of work speak. Beat like RI III like kids more new little boy he saved the news anyway. Eight months so he CB. I don't know he hasn't been a manager. He checks up a lot of boxes they get it done better. Already based on the VI. I I don't I go to the retreads you were talking about what they are hard and on hard greater but they abuse and to me. Today are brought us on what number I'm David I go to the instructor gives him a I can't take is the home and didn't trouble. So how to act how to best pop house that I was going to be hoping to be on pay this back. I think it is got a bit of a sudden out of my only if you do. For you could job great you've unit. I obviously. But it definitely if you guys are saying you know the Rose Garden higher if you're say a plus if you say David would be dale that that aren't they could have done better. They could've done better how can they have done better and I I just I Diego the and the candidates that they held DNA. A total core I get an a minus. I don't know when he would be I don't think there was one there's panic and available name is Terry Francona got fired tomorrow Deseret Terry and all those guys are available that. That would be quite as fired and I'm mad as another way. And the I have to fulfill a request at some point that maybe this is the times we're talking about managers. Somebody on Twitter was saying Hague Q could you guys play that little. That clip when Glenn and now mad we're being very obnoxious. Talk. You'll have to narrow it down my tongue that I had this to tell him a lot of lines targeted multi but why doesn't underrated Spanish wine or only good ol' yeah yeah it's painful has had my one final question there's a big blind guy and have a lot of people were texting and you're asking for suggestions. From you. On on the line I UN Napa guy you a fresh guy Italian guy what what what your expertise here. I've I liked Adam I'd like Spanish why doesn't have quite some of the Californians. There's so much delight there. Spanish born in this specialized tremendous underrated sense we have all had great. Normal warm. But the good news and also the pricing is great states have been updated news world. Admitted it was the Washington. I think it's called Spring Valley winery at its subsidiary a bigger question of those on the shelf you don't want to. Not that it plans to tablet available and at 7 o'clock what is it with its. Yeah Buddhist army but. That doesn't that we ever get tired and that into the food remains. Check it out about fifty bucks a bond that you cannot grow rather economists expect. Incidentally she's the. Job credence. Instead of fifty bucks for Apollo one said listen now Elizabeth that's about. Spanish ones underrated by the way he could take requests now underrated yes we we take request a free up only countryside and humorous sound bite requests are trying to I like it so what he is I think it was Rick. On a Twitter could call wreck. Worth relive those record charities just to start out that what you're doing now that this remembers things are remembering stuff and Rick for charities alert to be concerned that it might only might be related I don't know they're good there he says. If you play there yeah. Tomorrow free stuff Friday if I got you do that form so so I hope you're listening and in. Net I want to did not choke anything okay cool would have been the a manager free the A manager hire free in Ireland it's now pay available manager yes unavailable Saturday okay. That integrate on that scale to hear what's available yeah. Then. Then. I think I think Gardner. Is are gone. Now and what went well rated you up my guys I played well great would you have given me and I garden higher quality dividend in any. Ron Gardner. Garden higher. That was placed in a tough situation and guy who thinks carrier ring isn't as good as I think throughout this thing got put on the resonant okay it will carrier into the sixers in the playoff system just point this out only add that to offer a sad the point is that. Since catch sense the only Irish Irving is better than guys yes. According to this than two out of three in this room who is bad boy of more than that but in this room for short two out of three guys majority definitely. In two years ago carrier Irving led a team of 48 wins. Last year that a team that the three wins. I think in the water ball carrier and no I thought I say top I example K app and had a team that's player of his fifteen month 48 and 53 games. Back to back seasons. One year forty win team did not have Al Horford by the way. So to bring about the Big Three stuff about him if I doubt it date they got smoked they want 48 games. Soured and receiving and why is it any better at the very least don't don't fear out there because we got at least 48. In this thing I don't think it's about regular season when I can't think it's about getting the team to a position where they can do some take I think I say it is on damage to play out at at least also. I'm gonna dismiss that the winds don't have a dog. They don't like to finish this and I didn't know they haven't I don't know finished well you don't get the credit. That it sent to start the season last year Isiah Thomas had a better supporting cast around him. And carrier Irving does right now these guys may end up better. Eleven new players. I think allscripts. A no that's a team to beat. You got a few in there. Though it's close that's close out of here before. Four all without that average out worse as he was his third guy was Evan Turner but you love it hollowed out alternative prouder I do both got a I love a lot of ground let me like to a crowd loved it Crowder playing for the patriots 617779. I seven out of every seven telephone number right back to the calls that you and final drive coming up. 1520 minutes from now Sports Radio W the. This is the season of resiliency our greatest big to people come from adversity and fighting through what inspiration noticed being courted he would on the Jumbotron telescope the patient that they got to stay strong. In your freedom resilient and on the future brilliant brilliant campaign but told the team to KLA. That's a city that's the need our power about to back from the course of less than 24 hours and even their losses these didn't look talk I don't play your game in a chance to say that often even then Danny he didn't about deflation it's not contagious the poor sleep but most jaded but onto the pats in the Super Bowl rematch. Even if the falcons when they can't get it back to game that was one good bell was a row and what's done is done the Bennett got hung. Noticed that played into off the field and feel regret and remorse but they get another clause if failure to follow through football would do against the dolphins in week things aren't you what the pats got a lot of things to work on still at that but try to did not. I'd rather not be thrilled the deeds kept the last two teams score within eighteen. These improvements as good as they seen men outcome of that love love plus shots tell job. We may get saved Michael Phelps dove mode jog there about wood chips they hit. Try to throw a swing pass to running backs pledge. Paid six take it to the house put this in the bag and UN protected the ball you hold break it's similar to catch it as saying disorder do. The evening game protect home do. Wood chips for hips. That's right. Not via from mr. last night at the real mr. lists like around what are the real mr. Lewis. Ally apps on the list. Now let me know cliff stuff not the right answers she struck me about tonight not alive and that affects your life. Is that right back to the calls that you guys to 6177797937. This by the ways and historic day in Boston sports like that. Up thirteen years ago today. Red Sox completed the comeback against the New York Yankees. After being down three nothing and won the series that was thirteen years ago today. 51 years ago today 51 years ago where Robert Gordon or made his Boston Bruins debut. About. The greatest pro and ever if not the greatest hockey player ever made his Bruins debut on this date back to the calls obvious Inge. Aaron hey Bobby howry. Good how are very well thank you. Excellent. Yet Grammy and I really appreciate our. Yeah cool I was I was calling first I would say that stuff that a lot of people feel this way we aren't going back for the morning. Show I listen and every morning and I also really enjoy guys that we have community is very different but I'll but I really I'd Imus on the car vote on the day. And I like within the vote. I'm accurate they go I'm glad you're an independent thinker because I think they told their audience if you listened to and I endless endless not so obvious I appreciate you do as Canada and have a fan of your own well I got your own. That it adheres that they might. A part of that I've been I rate you what you're writing I was side. Going out and insightful and always thought the world you look at the privilege immediate couple times and use your Q dale. When I was early in college. I use that let them that you wouldn't do me I really enjoy you guys'. And I don't there I think it you know when you're an accomplished a lot of different things are looking for a lot different opinions. I would immediately calling because. Politically I generally lean toward the afternoon. I really like for you guys erratic it. Mike I really a lot with what you say I think it's interesting their and saw that never talk about on this on the radio. Air raid probably has that after the pass they're certain people want to talk about. So you know you'd deny a coal in the morning so racist and I and I actually beat you never sent back out right but as. Just like. Pretty. Generically I would be like yeah I don't know what you're where you're gonna say about that. But bail them are mainly calling it and I don't think human thinking I might you cut a casualty called. Robert Kraft I needed. Of Israel. Yeah I took that I just annoyed flopped my words I meant that the land of his ancestry. Okay cool iron again and now I know he's an American I mean I'm not I'm not still but I just it's you know sort of cut around the wording on the. You got through the barrel inaugural ID like oh. That guy again it was nothing of real import I just think that like in general role. One thing that we sort of overlooked when it comes to. Sort of like all groups is like what we're what we're saying a sort of like how we're how we're characterizing people. And you know I think Robert Kraft and especially on his politics and by the way so I'm. Interest of full disclosure and Israeli I was born in this state my stats from Israel. On key lean politically wait I wouldn't ever leave and and there's an interesting thing about. Are Americans. That I got to buy it though that like if for some reason they job Israeli he's. If tend to lean toward the conservative side of American politics right now so I and I think that it. Bob Krause leaning I think that is a big part of what he's what he's sort of like gravitate toward. But you. Israeli and any. No on eight and and as I said that was clumsy on my part I and I meant the land of his ancestry. He has talked about his his love for Israel and and how much he enjoyed showing it head to of people who've never been there. I know laundry tip that is talked about making the trigger Robert Kraft there and and on and on number of others. Yeah I think Andre Tippett we've talked Bob Marshall Faulk. Earlier. Richard Seymour got by him. I think our Mel blocked it from I'm not mistaken I think he's fun people over later a lot of Curtis Martin. There's so there are a lot of a lot of our players that he's reached out to. Then there are two of Vista at just to introduce them to Israel. And he goes over there alive and their football team set up. There on the field named after actual there as well. On a regular football field mean that it's named after him over there as well. Albert you know but to obvious if they threw a phone call RV I would say it's my colleagues on some story. You know talking about them. The obviously I don't know how he would defend yourself. Against being Calder races. We don't have defend yourself when it wasn't set about. So I think that's what I think that just let you play out. And I just look forward to it because. And I know you know Q and then in and Chris from their via dynamic producers discuss promoted they're awesome and really. On how they got promoted but we'll vote good move. We'll talk about that later it was time and we don't have we can happen talk about that at a so I'm shorting can find the sound where. I called. Kirk. What he claims that colleges. Now they've tried it and they're saying someone out there yeah. And no market. Teleport in. Odd couple of quick Celtics notes before we get to the break here com. Ordinary or was released from the hospital today. According to Brad Stevens. He is resting at home as you might expect. But at what it was at least released from the hospital the Celtics are officially applying for what's called the disabled player exception. This would potentially be used a certain amount of money that would be used to replace Hayward on the roster. And and probably my favorite lavalas the starting lineup was announced for tonight. Ron stroman is in the in the starting lineup at an errant veins put him on indeed. Shot him down to push Ronald so who's boss as Michael said if he can check chip maybe top. Final drive is counted just a couple of minutes. And one half oh here we go where it is dandy don't screw this thing is the balance of world kind of wait now. Coming up next Sports Radio W media. She's remanded yes you may keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's going to be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon and not think I hate hate. It's got so he's just gotten a lot. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. They encrypted on me is that it's being while in the pecking order I'm liking what I don't seem. I'm so corny I haven't used my vibrator in the weeks. I wasn't strict at my. Adult life. I hear a wrap of the week it took some requests for this for the open for every one Kiefer madness like that I think on Friday. Requests all the sound you want my party paid models off earlier. Now this what Michael's very excited about this veil well he overheard any night talking about it yes he has built this up to a fever pain he is very excited about it big fan favorite in this area Rick Pitino. It would do if they let them and pay because you Rick Pitino in the news again he's officially out as Louisville Clusty at a sit down interview with chief vilified. Without a inappropriate time to relive some of the great moments that Rick Pitino and I thought well that this particular that value that our inflated friend Karen ciphers. Our lead out right now the big story is that what we call you that was outward. Jump off mistress ulcer. That Garland caller at the swamp monster with the roof if if I. I've been a good event where where where the wife was asking what was who is Obama's policy expert but he finally going back several years W first asked about this he decided to go to the denial approach everything has been for and everything report everything you're showing it breaking news. They had can be diet is all holes are wrecked. He'll play today are all of my act you right out and talk about you right now that I don't do the hundreds that Kennedy had to wait until tomorrow at least on out there eighty Rick you could've picked another day to do what you did correct. They take can be is 100% a lot. There is gone otherwise it's all about the hoping this is not in only had a tendency to start there now he does about the good way places that. These guys leave everything year who denied dip in beaten and usually with a there's fire that's very often after games. A lot. All of this in a lot. Okay total fabrication of the truth. So that's another weather up a lot of ways that affect. A lot of application of the truth I don't we got a lot fit my god we went out these guys. There was no truth is Sacramento Kings is no truth and speculation and all said very little truth instead period and it's that you know that. And truth will be told that certain cut. The way he took on the Sacramento Kings still hear what he apparently there's rumored that border tonight if you add those together so now. Let's change up a little bit maybe it's alive but there's something else only that but we're missing the whole point of everything that's gone on he. I didn't blackmailed. Seven months ago. Black olives black male announcer now and I got a victim of a criminal out and out right now we're bridges and whose leader is alive but now you know black male outlook. And these allegations. We'll proven false and I'll repeat the commonwealth attorney's words will avoid any credibility whatsoever. MS Norton university fence. I don't agree that if you will remain as it is theory out there go well here in this state because enough is enough and everybody's tired. We need to get on with with the important things in life like the economy. Oh don't you ask him if we re yeah. It's gonna fix the economy if you just leave me alone for a we can learn about my thing yeah for the continent they're bigger they're out there are theories are correct. It. We need to get on with with the important things limelight like the content object. Girls were really some crucial things in life like basketball. That you're fragile economy out probably used up my gas confidently while at the sound up yup my easier is it about. And that's no university fans that if any he put this on the news and mortgages. If you just fans of anything we accomplished that just changed the channel. I'm shocked I'm. That's. I don't even be good for your uniting reformed get out of races and it's not driving around town by and the copies of the local newspaper penalties for a touchdown and it does that's in the paper and the newspapers won't write about just read something else. And wait for the trauma truth will come out of this is blackmail. So not a lot of notes black honored by that that I skewed to the end of that as we get the thank you very. They didn't know about it now that's about it there's more on loss on cipher as well moral or just ciphers. When you have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of your past. If you life becomes ought to be future. And it made it very difficult decision to tell the truth. The federal authorities local authorities to university officials the most important people look me the most my family friends. Well aware of what did you through thirty and will spend dollars as a whole lot of Barack Obama would. With technically she be called a shot clock violation. It's a there are that you got there what does this say about violations like now. Three seconds but it Ryan but it's not it's not have to worry about that poor mileage sensitive. Was it unlike an Italian when Mosley but how do you knows that table cloths and I do you know what the checkered Italian deal all of us olive garden. I think what they have. It was a nicer restaurant than that I while he knew he wasn't it someplace that he frequent it all the time yeah well some employee Twitty Italian restaurant after hours yet or those aren't eight. Precluded it all the different of recent and. But I am here today because I personally apologize to my family every single day my particular. As yours in particular. They make the sudden rise to me every morning. All articles on bail and I booths and must and I Audi that dental how path. I'll concede. Runs and even then there as Europeans prefer that you if you don't use and so good at the flag he really use the word change everything they are highly principled people very strong Marley. Very strong fundamental. And I let him down what might indiscretions. Six years ago about it. And now six years ago figures figures. Hung up ball lie six years now yeah. That's their only alive but it happened a long time that as a wild. And I let them down with my in discretion. Six years ago and I'm sorry that I wanna tell my extended family which is all my players. Recruits who believe in me families who have believed in me that I'm sorry that indiscretions achieved acidic or. Yeah I did it. At double value this there's reiterate how long ago this was out now is obviously one of the time he was very much in the news that there's the next senator rosier member of it's part of this now they had a a different type of sex scandal at Louisville. And he had to try to explain missile. We knew we pulled security in the dog. We knew we had imagine living in a dawn. Social media. Never even entered this ever came up. And reason never would come up to me. Anyway is everybody knew that you. If you were play you'd be immediately suspended. And if you are coaching would have been terminated immediately. They all knew that so that's why was kept from. I believe in the NCAA. Well I love LA and I believe this you don't want he believes hour and I'll let these incidents in LA believe me NCAA until yes Dudley said. How it on the sort of been an innocent Iraqis did for a bit yet. The people who are who investigated. This what highly professional they were fair do I agree with the failure to monitor what let people know absolutely not. Because I over monitor my staff. Eagerly. And it he never doubted they were fair they did a great job fair highly professional group I don't agree with what they. And people were. And this young man made it very big mistake and we apologize to his mistakes. We apologize to upstairs to a university many many times we don't believe in any of this. Let's disappointment is that. Somebody who's seen as going on didn't come to me he'll come go to wanted to assistant coaches and say what's going on is wrong we need to put a stop to it. So moving forward and go talk to my team today. They have vague sense about a lot of different things that if you see something wrong and I made that whether or not it's not snitching it's not turning someone in. It's protecting your program and especially your. Yeah. Due mainly be at the night if passport useless now. I didn't see any right hand seasonal right exactly the guy yet to what's going on with the FBI and was defeated at the chance to sit down with bill on this didn't know anything about. What do toughest to get to do and hope let's take it like this. I. Spotlighted that that we aren't going there yet I just like I did there's always you do it well I'll start safer communities start it's a well. What do toughest to get to. Hope you it's take like eight. And hopefully use. Democrat they realize it's the reporters Cutler. And I retired and accused of and he asked any athlete question I don't know why are regular you blood pressure machine. You're wired up. And I guess I was asked two questions question and I want to ask me. Any other recruits I want to ask me I like you and I are requiring that you know that it is the lack I've wanted to up the movies and TV shows that you don't get asked the questions when you're in the light of market. In my tenure. Whether given anything he said that's not what if after. I now I ask the question. You were here for what did you have any knowledge of the boat that we getting money do you have any knowledge of these transactions. That it's actually no questions asked. Us. So I had no knowledge of idiots. Well there and to question of ma and how could you how could he not have no. How how do you respond. All I can tell you is I don't answer those people well I answered to my players who have been over the top. In support of me I instantly assistant coaches and most importantly failed. But the one person you got to answer to your items got online and as I sit here today and tell you should I had known that somebody walked into a hotel room. That I don't see how I can possibly now. In the other case people say how did you not know what do what security in the building assistant coaches. Met twenty manages. So we monitor social media not one thing can not socially we handled the case. So should I know let's just say I take ownership folk who like hired and take full responsibility for that. It's not a line. If you believe. He dug in deep buried the lead. Format it and you wonder why there isn't it. Twenty yards and run two to one of I. Gatorade and manager layers where monitors and the blue Gatorade manager but he feels pretty good about I think he feels like he's going to be in the long. You said publicly on on multiple occasions now that you will be vindicated in this what does vindication mean. I've already been vindicated. Not by lightning take the test. OK. A lot of excellent. People there. Just plain text messages what plays to set the phone calls from my assistant coaches. Other people. I've been vindicated in my past nobody's been arrested on my staff. Had been vindicated because I had incident one person Eric wheeled. Whatever god you believe that's mostly what. Do you feel comfortable that that you will be clear of any charge coming your way in the future 1000 person. Because I know. I know the truth like I tell my players. I'm not hit the one thing you don't wanna do. Is that. Mislead the FBI the front of the a. The equipment they don't know. The ethnic well Activision are there there is ultimately about the table and both it'd ghetto but it. And it what they get away with this guy. Mislead the FBI. What are you just start. You don't you don't want do that there you've got bigger problems if you do that you've let it Alter. Don't thank you go to that point I think you know. One and I should add that tattooed on his forearm and I read it every point one wanted to that's what got out of the university rule. Never lose this lead the FBI or the US turn. And it felt that stuff you know two and now are ready I'm ready Hollywood's moguls and it was. Well we've played hard the whole year. With a because of every day your people negative op in some fans. Larry bird's not walking through that door here Kevin details about what went through that door Robert Parish is not what Internet dot at all. And it's expected to walk through that door they're going to be great at all. What we are young exciting hardworking. And going to improve. People don't realize that. As soon as they realize that those three guys and not come through that thought that that in this town will be for all us. By the way honesty and integrity are walking through that door anytime soon audibly so. Bottom of this quick little. Interaction it would release or innocence on the heels and but well worth one and certainly he has to these acts. I saw you running dude and the comments. Could have been and guys pay and I didn't let it. Out on down now gotten all of our approach though. And the other one that I rumors when he told backs off of Max asked about the numbers after a lost art here so don't give us about numbers. Number is toll relevant numbers of the people who lose to the sort of numbers when you lose you can third numbers in the toilet that's where it belongs. The numbers you'd ideologues on you you did lose. That's why are bringing up and ask you about that numbers ever keep is coming up next Izod Tommy current water in the hall rights activist Gilani. Yeah in the hall is going to be here yeah picky. Cast of thousands coming in on both the weeks from now got to bring up this falcons game to current and I think our current is going we've done very about it boom at the pictures salute today we will be Gillette Monday after the patriots falcons game on Sunday night you guys jury we hadn't. And join the I think there might began in Belichick will be there and Alex Cora. Maybe the big plus for the Red Sox a hard subject to change the law. I believe any NCAA. I overlook that my state. Of Oregon and not quite like it that's. It.