DHK - Oliver Baublis, 23, glioblastoma, Jamaica Plain, with Sandra Ruland, RN, neuro-oncology unit, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Oliver was skiing in Italy with his best friend to celebrate the New Year. His friend suffered a head trauma while they were snowboarding. As a safety precaution, his friend’s parents asked Oliver to watch his friend when he slept to make sure he didn’t have a seizure. Ironically, Oliver was the one who had the seizure that night. He went to a hospital in Italy but they had no MRI services, so he had to go to second hospital and got an MRI. The MRI detected a brain tumor. Oliver had an appointment waiting for him at Dana-Farber when he flew home. A tumor was removed via surgery. Oliver then began an aggressive treatment plan. A second tumor developed and was removed in June 2016. Oliver then began a clinical trial involving radiation and immunotherapy for one year. Oliver is a senior at Northeastern, majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in business. On Mondays, Oliver has blood work at Dana-Farber, returns to class, comes back to Dana-Farber for his doctor's appointment, again returns to class, and comes back one final time for his infusion. He is deeply committed to earning his degree and looks forward to getting his first job! He still loves to ski, golf, and be a "normal college dude!" Oliver has an older sister and loving parents who have supported him, and he believes this experience has brought them even closer together.

Sandra is an 8-year veteran nurse at Dana-Farber and works in the neuro-oncology unit. She likes working on this challenging floor because when a new patient comes into the practice, she is the nurse that stays with that patient for the duration of their treatment. This allows her to get to know the patients on a personal level and thereby deliver enhanced, personal and compassionate care. Sandra's husband is currently receiving treatment at Dana-Farber, so she knows what patients and families experience: how it feels to sit in the waiting room and face seemingly insurmountable challenges. Sandra has formed a bond with Oliver, in part because she is awed by his ability to golf, go to the Cape, go to college, and apply to internships (all from his treatment chair!) while remaining positive and being determined to beat cancer. Sandra says that if he can stay positive and focused on his dreams, then she has to do the same! This is the attitude she brings to each patient, with a strong sense of advocacy and an equally high level of empathy.



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Have to be joined here in our studio at Fenway Park all of her problems. Who is Syria a senior at northeastern university and also Sandra Roland it. A nurse neuro oncology unit and at the Dana Farber Oliver to see how Oreo. And countless friends out there I didn't notice that they were all wait and outside the window at two who's out there who are the friends. Tom Adrian Tyler. Connecticut and up to fifteen feet. You know I am when I was reading through your stuff I'm I'm reading Oliver was skiing in Italy to celebrate the new year in and they can just wanna hang with a Oliver Furl. You were skiing in Italy yet you've been asked to kind of keep an eye and your friend if they thought he might have a. Seizures yes god. Acts scheme. Happens here. It is. Let's office so he stitched up. The two. Doctors. It seems that is him and see. Anything wrong. It's. What do they. Your initial thought when I came back to. Him tell she's. So. It's pants. The hospital and the first. The machine. So. Funny stories. For him. In med school doctors from Italy's the weight. So she jumped in. Whitney. And then. Truth to the other hospital main hospital. It's. Cut the late January Connecticut. For three days but. Movies. And that doctors like me. And so you know if consider that you know if there's a bit and yeah. But. Yesterday. So it's. I'm. Spent the next three days. Came back and now. Sergi. Mr. Arafat and I just got a promotion I think and yeah. And yeah. Tim Dillon and think yeah and Dan you done yet. Scanned into Cannes and coordinate system that's I'm. Oh yeah it. But you find out it's the brain tumor what what's your reaction of that just can do attitude you know. So. It's just speed bumps. Yeah so I think your senior northeastern your majoring in mechanical engineering might airing in business you don't have time for this stuff Padilla. I just found out that I don't have to Canada. When what month you gonna treatment for a year yes that's definitely. Oliver is very creative with this problem solving he turns effort for his appointment for its examination and then he checks into infusion and he knows how to sort of. Alcoholic gaming the system but he checks and so they start to make is drag him and he goes over it was classic northeastern. He attends this class while they're making his dragon and it comes back and he gets his infusion hits pretty amazing that something. Schemes the system I like your style into account. So mechanical engineering what we've got you interested in that nobody went what he wanted to do when you are when you graduate from northeastern. We'll was finance and accounting before so. Like I related my job sucked as a deduction if you do I'm good at math so. China had mechanical engineering. And it's a lot harder for it it's definitely worth it soon mature as a link. Where to enhance its attitude at two construction to feel like nine years. So. He's got an internship right now he interviewed said that while he was an infusion scarcely. To Jehovah for a second. Ticket. Yeah and I thought he would be this quote customers use the normal college viewed. Yeah what what exactly what does that mean that you were to Africa normal college due care act. It's premature to him affluent. You're at it. Yeah. Receive treatment and yet there goes T. I'm. Thinking that the I. He's doing very well. It means that. Look like work equally well. Okay good. Hash tags so. A look at it it's OB gets whatever he wants. I was out of work yeah that'll work Red Sox tickets appointments and yeah when someone comes in with his attitude and we're partnering care. I mean do you just instinctively wanted to do whatever it is to make it is eating these easy and as smooth as they can because she's so brave and. He's amazing. Yes that's definitely doesn't define him when he comes to the visit teasing there. Editor. Water. Content currently. Living allowances. I'm I can and yeah. Although let's who's doing it then senator Roland Euro on ecology unity in our great thing to do. Yeah it was there's a problem or not you know that if they're speakers. Yeah both. I guess I get us some of them. Six. How. Guys thank you very much.