DHK - Ordway fires back at Minihane, Hope Solo accuses a FIFA official of sexual assualt, plus Michael Irvin

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 10th

Hour #3 on a Freestyle Friday and we start with the strange man-love signs we think Mut left for Kirk, then Ordway fires back at Kirk about money and ratings.   More on the Felger suspension from NBCSN, Hope Solo accuses Sepp Blatter of FIFA of sexual assualt, and the playmaker Michael Irvin joins us to close out the hour.


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Based on his celebrity absolutely. He gets sacked so. Why do you have to take you disagree that there are. They're expected. Two is set up with such stunts convict plug I don't know yet how sexy could get a stack up. Out of three gala Hollywood key Sports Radio WEEI we'll keep seemed to president's term to altered. Mr. until the truth here and I apparatus on opinion and shared it that was there during that game did sex based on the celebrity secret you know sex. Cell many people pointed out the Martellus Bennett in two grams story. Which has been kind of on going I think he's done for the moment but I'm not positive because he just keeps adding to it and basically. He's sick on all ham on the green bay Packers and and their team doctor. And out and just. Putting them the last couple here says all about money I get it but don't lie homey. You knew WTF was up and he followed that up with CR EAM. And when you worked noble tang clan and cash rules everything around me. And in a bloody or it's the Graham story then got Levy eight you know you deserve respect for that. They are you that when your songs on here. The album was classic has heard of our current urgent. Is the patriots are Obama's no lingering problems if they know and I'll get to what what they know they're on an airplane right now the busy doing this from the air play that it does in the locker room or don't as far as the practice field today. Yeah and maybe get it right after practice. After practice or had this when you know he was composing this for awhile and he's had to tweak it a little bit before he was ready to release it. Yes is sharpening about. He he is traveling he's listed as questionable. I'm gonna place travelling he's just finally get a don't read don't normally take take you know passengers so my guess is he well. Art Marty good for him good friend and and it is still a good pick up for the patriot for Annika. Even if he plays in four of these eight games. They had nothing at the position they were kidding literally nothing zero. Zero from Dwayne Allen to shocking. That the big shock not that he had zero catches on several targets is that. Pro football focus had him ranked 49 out of 65 tied him with 49001. Guy dots are behind that pretty up there at worst part of our monster behind pretty high rankings I guess they also did it matter if you think he's a decent blocker. Everything that this year. And I didn't slide and reporting that pathetic openness means they give you wonder about their rankings it at the top fifty tight end in the world yet you say it that way. That's pretty yeah not bad now yeah the rankings I would throw are not fifty people in the world to a better than the way down at tight playing time. Where was five was Marty being ranked iron forty. Higher than back under you'll you're going abrupt that's that's the tables of it these artists you don't know the answer I don't know the answer and Oregon you're just asking the cars that's doing here. That just passed through lessons aren't we we have spies who tell us that the patriots plane has not yet departed. They sit on the runway down their prominence on its own program so he still tickets will be there could be new additions to this since two rams story that's been got. And at I think was Albert brewer pointed out. Martellus Bennett this afternoon has put more information about a patriots injury. Then in the previous career of Bill Belichick and the patriots combined really has animated the exception of rock and his dad in the joint statement of pale to what is much is this now this is this is a lot. Ours is pretty if this is pretty inclusive. And it got everything in their store and all it. So Marty B back to the patriot since it probably the last time we'll see. This version of him now that he's officially a patriot is the last time we have pure unadulterated honesty. Martellus Bennett he can play around you can tell some jokes just don't give the inside team information. Now I will hasn't done he's done that and I don't want to throw of the wet blanket on this because I know you're all fired up but implants I guess. It's pretty good chance he's not black. I'm just saying first of all the he's had his first practice in about. Three weeks OK three weeks second of all we say they don't take passengers and they don't but they're not coming home. They're staying in Colorado Springs then they go to Mexico. So you can see I'm married you'd take him along even if he's not gonna play Sunday because that is does that play with the team. I think he's gonna play many years innings they had practiced in three weeks but he's been playing this season. Not affect its way Allen and take a halls are still on the roster. That are now may be right Basra pointed out that that that could lead in to maybe doesn't play. On Sunday Bill Belichick had a guy. The day before the Super Bowl. So we took a guy to the Super Bowl has called and cut them so you think he has a price if I got him the guy deserved and again the problem taking a guide to Denver than cutting him. In Denver. How could you cut me yeah and my boys is that they have all those guys on the roster and so. Yeah it at some portal he you've got to how many times you. Yet easy to get rid of one of them and Dale's idea that you're not coming back to get Bennett in order to send him to -- of Mexico Colorado Springs to practice actually per week in put him on the on you know aircraft one and you'd be allowed him come out and he stay and and fact that I only think I wonder if that three guys were ruled out are also traveling. Because you know they aren't necessarily ruled out for Mexico right unless they're out for a couple weeks passengers are real bad but if not probably lautner is good team bonding experience. They sent radio but they're very typical home you hang on Colorado are a lot of things in Colorado Springs. Back to the calls that you guys at 6177797937. Paul's in Connecticut hey Paul I don't. A pretty good. Not bad not much arm. I'd really like you're you're dialogue today at. Yeah well I think the real reason and it felt viewership is down at. Very little new in the healing I think NFL viewership is down because of the content that yet though are shown to the fans for years. And member of grown up and it night. L partners members Mike you're too young but if you remember. In the seventies and they'll always pretty. And all the games were aired at reasonable times 1 o'clock or 4 o'clock and then you know what you're saying get a good night's sleep everything else you got Thanksgiving occasional Saturday's. But you know games and during regular waking hour very pleasant and inept and you know ice go down to the two Schafer stadium in. And jade stadium an airplane yet want the agents as reasonable need to take a second mortgage. And the couple games on Thursday night Sunday night gains and at 1230 and masses of people sleep I think people starter realize it. Yet well not worth the costs in the pocketbook or the cost so once hell I would get sick. Out in that it's that are keeping some I don't know if that low hum in the background. I'm going I was listening to pinpoint Osama but if I'm not mistaken won't Monday Night Football what it used to be 9 o'clock. Yeah fighter. What did I do later showing the good old days usually works is actually let East Coast East Coast viewers it was more macro 9 PM start that's 12. I don't think people are saying it's that the cost they don't wanna pay it may be your. It maybe a casual NFL fan is saying is too much for me but. Season tickets across the league probably are are similar to what they were in the seventies if not better. And it is it's all relative so in the seventies and say at the time while this is a really cheap ticket. Based on what your income was in 1976. It was stolen it until it's expensive because you're watching pro football and people they were getting paid. Are you look at it now you say it's really expensive yeah paid four dollars and 1975. To go to this game well Q what does that compare to you everything else at press time. Well we'll gas. Roger Goodell gave a speech earlier this week and and I'm I'm not quoting it exactly but I'm paraphrasing and it's pretty close. One of the things he said was fans don't come NFL games to be protested to. And that's pretty close to a direct quote of what he said it's almost as if he's looking at the NBA and Adam silver in the control he has over those players. Anything can you know one maybe we ought to have a rule in the NFL like that maybe Jerry Jones wasn't that far off even though he wants to take my contract away mullet stuff. Where does what where does one go for the protests. A protest. The park and I don't I hadn't run out of there to give most of that people are looking forward and look at where he's right economic report anywhere most of them. I think we got the delegates sports in particular is a way to sort of what would real real world issues that but the same comets are heard at awards shows two of those actors and actors and practical joke of the day is more high anxiety and act. At thank you so much for this thank you very much and really appreciative. Said listen clean water does that hey this. America Africa and are on he went on and on and on about saving the environment now for the environment is now that we need to control this the -- you that. And he jumped on a private jet but by itself but I took off in nineteen. Much feel and use as concerts it happens a concerts. Pearl jams Springsteen U2. A Lady Gaga. Lady it did that I have yet to I don't know what I did an idea she was a Mohegan Sun last minute if I didn't have you brought the severe that you went to a Lady Gaga concert and that's something we just we but I thought I was I was telling us off the air about yeah are you I kept that to myself OK because you have supplement what's Marlins probably appropriate that you captain choose she's very entertaining in a very good and you mentioned that you went and why wouldn't be markets he said our I like what you really don't. Could just said okay we'll probably aren't sick that it I really. Yeah out of theaters today not just ahead at times it's just the little British first of all part of union out of my house that you know that wasn't my practice when she tries to make me leave the house but once a week. And so. By doing that you want to and I want to and or not does not work what does not work against him here like that it just to get out we needed me you need to get out of the house and so. Go to the consulate that basket that that uses up about three or four weeks worth of get now but never the contributions of the ponson last week that today you wanna vote different that a great but I was that your ability to pay out there but a concert at the end that's. It's one off of this undated when it accounts for once you went to this Lady Gaga performance just wow entertainer glad watered and I dragged me out of the house. That in mind the people around like are you are your journal over anything like that now OK so what's they just folks got a price on that is an idea what Carl and that he got a music and everything here. Yes and I don't touch me that already don't touch on the gravity on areas like that but underneath is a market that's how we don't know yet they can sympathize with your and I can't sanitize or guy if you have some great I've had my round I don't care yet Americans say OK I get out of high thirty right now there. Hansen designated this hospital room in every hospital in the distance and Gloria as the stays on for three days you could smell the three days do you like the one that comes out almost like a foam or that the more illiquid ones I'm more liquid the foam stuff is. Like you like the phone dog would you object of the foam stuff in the thank you tell you that the German Pope. I I don't like us sitting in the germs that we sitting here and coming here with like the cleaning person and you got welcome have you seen what this place looks like sometimes what would have been worse if you're at 546 seconds yeah lovely studios. And those first fifteen minutes haven't done that yet I just clean. Ethel I never quite an area I am not right. I never understand the mentality let everybody spells okay press release it and you spoke coffee in it happens it happens everybody here to the best of instantly. And I have surmised and ending it in writing Ed. As somebody was at that I guess I just pay for that so don't you always wonder what their homes looked like at that point lose I'd go that far I don't I don't I got out of our. Man Joe's. Bleep me. He says he's gonna go in his office and this kind of that we did Massa or that went to resolve beats it only took the garbage from here and went to go don't but on my desk promise he didn't companies that implement these are. It was also it's harmful by the us thinking by key another marquee. We don't call my commute column Mike my. You talk about this place and how sometimes it's messy to wasn't very messy actually. All right yeah some are a little bit some artwork pick like. New school artwork up on the walls motivational or new school. Print out a piece of paper with some parodies political orange font yet real boring font on the news. You know taking it'll far as a non I know mutt is a big men hand for. I know yeah he is you know thousand it would exactly be hard to tell. Well probably when he's leaving these notes and fill out an ad makers of this is truth if writer looking at right now one of the notes that's Turkmen and can lead a horse to water. And they can drink. I heard many hand doesn't need to believe in god because he is one okay. The dose that he's a man with a feminine manifestation. Of Kirk. Many. A foot if count taken dole on top of not know who actually left these signs on a no I was OK I'll Elena tomorrow because there are very complimentary Kirk Almonte was in the last night and I Sunnis and it's warning you this Friday morning. This morning so yeah these spent the night may be making these signs. That night doing this is a very well these are the ones that made it maybe for another bunch you wanted to choose the four best ones. The court would like these are yes no I mean they didn't exactly tell them down now that I go up here but I think they need could be. Little more decorative. I did it right on basic and I these things. Different things are different font idea new fresh funding some color in there won't read the list economic just the paper and the world and there's even like the four best liked Chuck Norris on third trip north north I don't that's like Chuck Norris took a trip to the Virgin Islands it is now called the island. When I think I've got to get his. But I don't know if he was going from a Chuck Norris model has to sub division just minutes boxes does matter to pop art on decisions his feelings that. That much feels he needs to share. Don't mind putting up some artwork in the studio I got. On. Month. According to violent answering the question. One of our interns fraud mean. Who's tweeting at me frogman progress. On Friday for sure broadly yeah fraud. Broadly on what it is unless we're asked about tight and rankings are probably wise if you have a lot more crowns its number one Marty was number eleven. On another line into an Allen was against 4949. Out of 65 on this one Marty B is fifteen. They're two top fifteen tight ends according to just on last year Providence just like last year and in the differences or is he looking at last years that. And out to god that is okay Aaron Aaron got an intern who's in a moment. Doing award Jacob Hollister ranked I don't really solid hitters in the mix your bowl he's he's below Dwayne Allen just like probably out about the frog. Proxies are odd man also knows front at front Mathieu mode and on them let's not on in the north AJ derby. Behind that are the bad Fauria CNN analyst Joseph. Not had access hack. I guess that job right now it up pretty in there as pretty that Torre. It's our. Ironing out I'd give is is uncle credit his uncle has been lobbying hard for his nephew. Yeah and I respect he has a local militia or graduate this problem I'm a freestyle Friday I can stream of conscious extreme crisis since Friday. All over the map Friday it's really place my skills so. Arguments in good lord where. What was going on earlier with me. Way it took a shot or two. Yeah. I got out that yeah he was responding. I think yeah shots that were taken as we put some of that final drive yesterday so so big day for men and he's obviously a huge proponent of censorship. He thinks he really should cross the line 31 daughter fired yesterday it was a big day for men and not let you Felger you know I don't even sign my god it was leading the charge session I had. Hash tag and none of us in this from wanted to fire that we don't think we didn't think he deserved to lose jobs here just or clear. But admitting it really want that he had to hash tag justice for doc. Fire Felder had the big signings over there nearly got arrested so anyway he was riding high a big day for him and to be one dollar parcel radio Portnoy. And I'm sure they talked about that than it really just started hammering and I'm glad. They're they're crushed in order a marriage makes fifty Koran now and how did you better off not doing anything was a word about it. Yes it was a better attic that you came back can it was this morning. Opened his show miss. I love this this'll. So curtain enhancing with them you know nobody's making any money where. Kirk we made. That money you're making a fraction. I hope we were making in the field is a fraction of most of the car whatever it please. Stand signs off the African all that I really soft nine was sucking up to me handling its job. Your guy knows so there's there's signs behind me the wall. Which is printed gets sizeable. A bold letters Kirk made in the horse to water and these are charter endorses them is that this is like when people do talk no earthly Chuck Norris doesn't push up. He pushes the earth down a marker it and I think Chuck Norris were chuck Northrop for Kirk many doesn't need to believe in god because she is one. Trending right now I know we're in the network show that's an. It's the yeah yeah. Yeah. That's midday show the business. I think. How are we right now it's a big about it operators and ourselves to put the act itself happening I started bad. If asked what exactly usually I like channel nine it actually it's a red light is yeah look I know talking we are in the program of the program has begun. Straight day. Here's the background everything has been that bad of a macro guys he thought guys that put him he has been number one now for five months. Spent five months now so who is trying to get promoted who easily the who is late last lion to lie it was Alex Walters news to who does that shift. Any man. Down the boots and how you look now live and we're ready for the music there. Evidence. But handyman. We did it well obvious other note is that the lollipops great Turkey is only yeah. If you do. With cameras that are going on there and let's hope so early and they just tell and I had stopped he want to. I had notes and then get used to look at the wall reap all the stuff on the wall lick let don't let about the written and try to get sick birds around the zone bond Bible or Ahmad. I don't think there is broad he doesn't want the walk of the show are and then what is the talk about right now where our help can't even. He faked me out there here's the nutcracker he has been a war for five months. Communion aboard fifteen years and lol yeah. I don't like all. Only they missing their progression with the titles of these. The rubble for five months to Beckman and a more perfect in your. It'd be dissidents. Now that was not a not to have tended to get back out I don't ever talk adult. Let it towards his co host in bad blues no competition. And the Golan rightfully pointed Opie & Anthony race. There was no competition. Version. Of pot and it was a well let the competition back. And Vrabel was taken. On an am station beating F Adams time annals that we put to him sports. Business and it was all the same signals as a Edwards is as a bull the it was written about the ways it was fatigue or IP our signal. Cool. And feel like 50000 lunchtime. Probably not if not naive idealism. Now three stations there was one there was the original suit back on Indian dale on the sick but it also even that's not true even if they were like five watts. And even if he didn't have any you know competition like we have now right now Sports Radio in Boston is unbelievable. It was just to agree to five years as an app is great atmosphere. This is at the same argument for. Other Celtics. I won the won eight straight championships if you had thirty teams currently don't have fewer teams in the league while you deal with the competition that you have in if you dominate dominate. We'll talk to Michael Irvin coming up next named impact your calls as well Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Little delay due Mike Miller and flight he should be with us in just a few minutes so we will talk to him and we do. It's talking in this way. Last week terrorists plus. For good now producers weren't here anymore who they were communicating with who unfortunately we're here. So it will be it and we'll talk to Michael Irvin just a little bit. And then a little over an hour from now we'll have a oh we can review key for madness which quite honestly we could start now. And probably neck and everything in that'll happen this week on all shows. All shows and both stations as it turns fractal stations are involved and I and a number of ways I would say that they are even the more than the two stations in another station got involved and I mean I'm only critic in the media critic is involved yesterday we've mentioned that Chad Finn. Wrote that Michael Felger should be suspended. Yes so. It and he wrote that. Free apology heavily pre filter policy that apology and quotes. So. He can see on Twitter Savard was coming out of and saying hey you know this is a WEEI. Guys doing this. You would have written more user responding to the NBC sports Boston statement is literally finished beast way. Which is which says as a result of his insensitive comments about Roy Halladay and Dale Earnhardt went to microphone or not appear on NBC sports Boston effective immediately through Sunday. While we don't have editorial control of the content of his radio show which wesun cast. Felt his comments are not representative of our networks abuse or standards or Ebert tweeted that. And the guy says out that have been WEEI guy. I would have something more which fan says another WEEI martyr. Why are these just aren't linked to a story made me I wrote today Felger should be suspended. Writing now about this you need to think for yourself man. Stupid errors and anger place. That's just absolute sense there's a lot going on having what we can take away from this. This week. Is that Sports Radio in Boston are really matters more than anything else. Sports Radio there's there's no other all this com while exhibit no other John zarrella has the has the listener ship that's portrayed about her that's that's that point and time calls. I'd like you say about Tony Roma. Can run a lot of added that it and won't lose second Sports Radio in Boston is number one and everything else's. It's far behind. Not even close not in close you know we say about your city doesn't it was important we might actually like very well important to your city's sports you heard a rat you should I love that about this place you know how we said yesterday that it seems like every single day we get something new. We we hear about somebody new Louie CK with yesterday. We got another one today. And when just in the last little bit and no one who has the accusation Hope Solo. Sailor and said well that. She was Saddam. Groped. I Seth Blatter. This is a slow number matter of armor fifa president at her that while she says that she said they were. They were at the ballot and d'or awards in January 2013. And this is which he said she alleges that she had quote Sepp Blatter grabbed my ass. On quote prior to the two going onstage to present or former teammate Abby Onebox with the women's player of the year award. I was in shock and completely thrown off solo told the guardian. I had to quickly pull myself together to present my teammate with the biggest award of her career. And celebrate with her in that moments like completely shifted my focus to Abby. They said the guardian went back and looked at the video. And said that idea be of the video of the event shows Blatter trailing sell well as the two entered the stage together to present the award. There's no direct proof however. That that this is what happened she said I had Sepp Blatter grabbed my ass it was that the calendar or right before a one on stage. Sexual harassment has been normalized. I have to admit Sepp Blatter wasn't on my list of people I thought I here although not surprise. I saw summit on Twitter saying that set blotter wants that let's get women to play and tiger shortly he did say that. So not surprise is if these these people that are in and pro ignited Iverson men I guess or talking about the men in these positions of power they typically these. Rules of pro life for a courtesy of life don't apply to them. And it probably get away with a four years and years and years. But it does seem like the time now where a number of people. I just feel like it's it's safe ports time to to speak out against it. And it just men in positions that positions of power or is it. The Mitt is it what we've been. Told audio there either error either explicitly or implicitly what's okay what you can get away with a what what aboard a man is supposed to do what a man is supposed to think. Well desktop monitor there's definitely examples of four men and middle class men and author to when the same thing clearly guys very. The the positions that they're literally in but whether your auditioning and actress yeah or whether you're here and there where you're from fifa Orly these things if I think it's as I I can do whatever go to markets like I guess you're not wrong like I think men for the most part I'll have a little bit of that feeling anyway but now all of sudden your. You know a billionaire or yet you have just all these control of these people's lives that you're not just the boss here you it's even bigger than that. And that's where we're seeing in this left and right now. And it does it I would think it has to. Change change the way you think about things. And and I asked you yesterday dale about. Europe your daughters and any hasn't changed the conversations you have as daughters. But being a game and that's that the that's easy to say it changes conversations you have your daughter's. Would say their sons it's changed the conversation to have my son's. About know what's acceptable the fact is at and I am not and that. Trust me enough worries people say you know I XP I I grew up a certain way and you know I'm to blame my parents for anything. It at my father wasn't around so I'm a minute every every. Four behavior that I have or every thought that I have one of the blame it on my father and I've been around you know I'm not. But I'm just trying to think back to the conversations. I had. Growing up. Having conversations about it this is how now. This is what you're supposed to do I know my mother was adamant. Because of her own experience. Of with domestic violence. She was adamant about getting women I ever from a very young age. If three or four years old. Do you are not to hit girls are goddamn thing you know you're you you never had ovals is not a predator is yeah so that she was adamant about that. But just in terms of conversations. About about you know what's appropriate behavior in and what it thinks you think it what do you with the things that you're gonna say and things that you do. That was more from observation. As opposed to just a sit down conversation. Part of that could be and maybe some guys had to whip their fathers or mothers. Growing up I don't remember having that. But that is something that I would be I certainly will do along the way I guess that's just parenting anyway it's not just one conversation it's it's effective it's a series of. It's a great point though because I think that's and everybody immediately says man you got to talk your daughters and warned them once you talked your there's prevented that's really Smart. I can remember the conversations in my house and that was the only females and house were my mom and my sister. And I three Brothers and my dad Meehan as so that was the two the two females. One you would mean hitting your mother wasn't in getting a small crowd enough but you wouldn't speak. Costly to your mother or my father was just gonna come up one side and but as far as my sister was concerned the boys could fight like cats and dogs. You don't touch terror. President blood even a question. She took advantage of that I might I trophy this death yeah manager that. But I think a lot of these these conversations just have to be head I mean maybe. Observation is not the best thing for everybody because what do you observing. Fortunately. But I never I never I heard stories after the fact so my mother would tell me stories about. Seven when I was I was grown and there are some of the stories and it housed as. Gast op. If I had seen anything right at that are all you can just what it for angriest yeah right we don't have to somebody let. I saw. Just normal things what do you know what if you see abnormal things you don't even know that their abnormal. So how does that affect you. As a young man. Or as an older. Just think oh well that this is what I've always know. So I think I think we dissolve have to look deeper and dig deeper now amended this. I'm glad all of this is happening I wanna put that out there I'm glad that all of these stories are coming out because. It it's. It's exposing something that should have been exposed a long time. We'll talk to Michael Irvin coming up next Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. It's time for our regular weekly visit with the other playmaker hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin of the NFL network Michael has brought to you by. VA New England health care systems and by Boston Volkswagen miss talking to you last week Michael how are. And armored guards to run on the front door well. This looker or tour. Are grateful all week here. Yet there's sort of a big college game your interest and it isn't there. I'll model murdered that day right. Or are there or actually right now you read only of the electorate applaud all of I'm so excited about this Rick it's good for. That pull out right call eight equally the other in a little. Rarely. Yeah ever. Are there or that they can happen high. That of course reminded. Was blessed to have to experience. The vehicle to someone at valid that we experienced it back to these aren't that would gain though. It suited magnate Robert gain there is courses so that smoky beat but it just that you do it quietly. Quarter you're oh Tuesday Mark Gardner actually experience that so it it it's it's good which you which. Gerson great Miami Notre Dame stories over the years. Whether it was running up the score in Gerry files last game at Notre Dame whether of the Catholic vs topics T shirts. Any any. Notre Dame Miami stories that you either experience or have heard about the stand out here. Oh my god. Let let let this rivalry. That would. Heck yeah just like any rivalries glories that that that this company and hired that you like. Oh my god that that I still live there it is illegal to put quote. You could crowd out. You'll comet belt although a little bit yeah what what is it that he will call out order workbook whenever it. Would later it's well regular court. Well reward top receivers coming out. Or hypocrisy you who serve more. Don't Mets we won all flat on Pluto there. Tellem might god might eat the dark little gauntlet wall go to another almost. We late imports you know what it's like this you're you beat him so rare where the hole while. They were they were being beat the gym ground you know well what about at all. Previous appearances not that great at the course like you took back. It split pretty bare me out there today. A good movie template already in the people who care a middle me it equipment. So politically it was there about what there just isn't right the whole. I. Knew that the your your credit color goes on. You know what I'd be sole leader who don't Corbett in that respect. All picks trees all married we're all pretty good though we're all like when we were so hard where they. And product as a whole. Job. You know a whole. A little the order there while the Chela was the subtle level of talent. We while you're hurt but we at all like darker wherever there's not quickly but there atmosphere. I believe we'll ride our guys not make this moment. Now one of the young big stories of the week Michael's been Jerry Jones. I was considering filing a lawsuit against the NFL do you think he goes through with it and what do you think ends up happening with the all of this. Whoa whoa whoa we know art is eaten we got all of them billion. They don't give billionaires without land off all the answers to all who it is there's just didn't work. You know so they're all. It is wrong in that know how to put a halt all our our all the side that you're I don't like hearing on vick's involvement. You know I remember picks would be unfair. We're what I am hearing it and and I haven't it's good to out which year out with him in the commission article personally I don't know a lot of people don't. Well personally I like commission that it. A likeable lot though and it and it and number hold on Oprah somehow some way. Like called me you know we beat you guys. Com so let out there witching hour and then you're not and that's usually how it works widget you'll look familiar is court agreed. Law and order up. When knocked it on your gonna choose to almost certain route a novel regret beechy. Up here in New England we'd all about article 46 and try to fight the National Football League and how generally when you fight you don't win. In Dallas they found out this week that fighting against article 46 is a losing proposition. In hindsight do you think Ezekiel LE it would have been better off taking the six games when it was given. Through we will also hear it now because the Pentagon. Or at the rear ordered these. You're like there at night recruit. Because the pinnacle of the old I've gained and they come out of the to a regional and integrated the Wal-Mart. But we tickle. Are you were in order to hurt. Orbital rocket that made it to pick and hear about the way I don't want to drink and very. And Edward yet. I don't want to be left for a change in the first two would next year that means that we'll be here you. You know what I mean. Try our current record though so now that within the last week. How we're going into the picture like one at fifteen and in our news is to round like Ole girl right there you go quite expecting it. There's what you are near rock is hurt it regularly is a real Iraq. You know Lindsay is actually back in war. I really weird there was that you. I just would wondered your doctors your daughter Aaron I don't know what happened. Not a lot work here on whether actors with. What not in this new way to do so on. That got us all a little battle it out. And they were saying you are on the user log report but an Internet peace should buy or you're in it. And I I have it at the plate it clear they ordered workers are. It'll be clear in the desert you'll. The police. The police Allred. Not real art they're not out what you want each equator are extrapolated to mean. You put it down the inner is not determining. Up in this and so you cutie urban perspective and not. What about this is certainly not but not in it you're out there and at that all the way to. Our I wanted to make a dramatic turn and talk about something trivial and you would have them and site. On this did you noble characters involved Tony Romo was going to Deion Sanders Deion Sanders. Had a great response you've got a gold Jack. That he didn't. He told donors so what you make got a whole exchange. Not all the two crews there in the political where Leo. Told that made an off the page. On. There's an American idols are more dispute. Oh yeah ability or lack a pack now let's start me was you know worked so hard it took me back at him was. You know it themselves bit heated debate tackle. Beyond the upper low change your outlook over expression. You know wouldn't. It is almost like somebody. Come back later appeared certain remarks. Quite a bit like blocked. I'm not Kobe bettered him graphical required are not what Clark thought my contract negotiation. Eleven at which you're goals where he treated well armored a lot let you know that. It was all about the reception. Well. With this dog. They're better all under the you know he is so much. It if we look at Tom Brady here. In New England he's Ford he says he wants to play until he's 45. You played had a hall of fame career do you stop playing when you're 33. If you could have a good injury had edged out June. Did you ever have a number in mind of of where you were gonna stop playing football on your terms. Oh yeah yeah I remember not. A good number of or at risk factor. They're good luck at all. Build alliances to local about a decision we. Good work here you know who are appeal to walk on walk on route would say you know luckily I'll open our group is appropriate there will recoup. If you're not like I'm under. There's nothing in the world like. I haven't beaten three with. And you. Collected wheels going out on the football field. About. Three other gods collective we do not like it you'll never ever ever never ever. Go to anything like it appeared in your life goes well would you betray suppose you can do it. Told me about it you do connect. This is the bottom luck at all well probably he and everybody. Is if you're with. Required to ring mortgage required spot and Internet address our yeah. Well you go right people around you know. Arm but it understated the god you the most Julio and so. Political. Michael missed the last race we get a chance to ask what did you think of the Jimmy drop all trade to the niners for a second round pick. I say listen I go to recuperate wherever but you know now I gotta looks off when I heard. Or come out of their world go extra rebate we have on the we were just opener but what you got to find out what he's guided him. Before you go back into the bracket who reported an artist you have to find out right now what I thought it was a victory what do you got what order Peter. It met that better than every you got from some other people out there if you keep on radio call adulterated it and show the cement. I've still got political while mastered that saw I thought that would be great. You spit it back around or have you got your back after the outrage used to serve their tobacco called Butler worked out well. Michael enjoy the game this weekend and good elect to the Yule and and I will remind you that the the Catholics. Did beat the convicts 3130 right. Not vote total total total refute this. Why hate that doctor rhetoric to bet that after the conference doctor that did start it. You're rewarded colder day that started the year before that when they income might every that we pay go wake up cycle yes. A little bit saying you're in fact commitment repeated Alamo. In it in an in doubt created where there that I would do admired William whitbeck Packard where the culprit the I would limit my neighbor eight currently sprinkle quick break. It's elected next week Michael thank you. Our writer will grow coworker and article that he. Aren't allowed a glare my card in the NFL network spanning going to bank but that's measurement I think strictly a 6177797937. Is telephone number it dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI.