DHK - Our Tom Brady discussion turns in to a Brady vs Aaron Rodgers debate, plus Final Drive

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, November 16th

Hour #4 and we continue to discuss Tom Brady's legacy as one of the best QB's in NFL History, prompted by our interview with Scott Kacsmar from Football Outsiders.  A lot of callers want to mention Aaron Rodgers and make that comparison.  Plus more sexual assualt allegiations came out today including Senator Al Franken and actor Sylvester Stallone.   We close it out with a "radio wars" edition of Final Drive.


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Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. He got a and big big big basketball game tonight TD Garden District rich tell you about a moment ago. I mean this is the biggest basketball game of this at the biggest that's Montana where you stand on it. What's gonna happen tonight I think the Celtics gonna lose I think the V win streak is gonna come to a visitor respectable loss they'll Honolulu well I have a five point game moves at the buzzer on a curry three. I think it's one of those they're down big. Early comeback make you respect your mind a fight and claw back ground lit Claude led by nine and lose by nine. We say you know what okay that's all right all right start anew what it does tell us pride there. Celtics team that is still full of surprises there they're surprised Jalen brown with his. Geared to improvement has been surprised Jason Tatum has been a surprise thirteen game winning streak. Has been a surprise so they will surprise you law. Tonight. By beating the Golden State Warriors. And I see this as if you're gonna be great game the Celtics when it the pull away late a little bit win by seven. They win by about seven points over reverse spread there when that's ever happened dogs are honest. Rules a bit win you're our hook up when it comes spread set and have you updated on the air to just take a particular right. And that went on got gunned down by age I would say solved social thing wind should we elect our got to go Breivik taken balloon you now tomorrow you have to yet and yet the Rogen about it. If they win this game this Golden State in and play last night Steve Kerr you heard his comments there are any open. He's he's saying nice things about the Celtics betrayed how he reiterated that it funnels water Mark Green hang out at Harvard everybody you know just really enjoying the Boston thing but in the back of their minds as they come. She can't play with us. Anyway that's actually what worries me is as you correctly point out. They wanna win this one. And it got old old compliment of players to win it they've got everybody. They do they really kind of wanna win this thing kind of push that. The young kids back to the small table on the kitchen bowl and they seal the buzz that's around Celtics at the subs on the top of the NBA right now correct you know with a book Harry are doing in the winning streak everybody's excited. About the Celtics are doing. So it's a primetime games on TNT the warriors see this they have a chance to go in there and say listen. Where that they are they are the team of the future north say that but where the team right now we're gonna be the team next year it. They're they're looking like. It's lined up for another one of these three Dietz I made an error river contract next year as well so that they're the team to beat for this year and next year. They are not a better team in America back and decrease the Celtics are not a bad thought he was saying goals has to go to all the media outlets and let me be clear yes the Celtics are not a better team than the warriors nod. Even close. But they will be better too nice to like doubt be better than that as little harder drugs straight. What is it nine generate attitude. Interpret things there. Ellison there they but he you know the miracle no doubt about that now adequately play ten times where they the only guy that fits in America but not tonight. At our time so you. Last thing on your television programs yet were ranking the top five players on the marquee players not yes I think it's Uganda mister ransom one rant was my hurried to Gary's right two retiree three carriers like three I think most people most sane rational people I don't know where our guys Scott has Maher would. Those are probably locked in I think clay should be locked in it for what has yards per attempt it's lower obviously but in the playoffs. I thought that was my number four about number five yes and you have applied it here that would have blood Dale Arnold quickie Twitter poll and I just want to do when I voted because I did well I had water I'll I well when I voted in reply 650. Responds at this point you're probably over a thousand or out yet thirteen hundred plus 200 liabilities and sample size I had my customer are you a question number five I Al Horford over dreary month. That's the that's the swing very controversial very controversial guilty of the vote here on this Al Horford drew hungry and the question was. Who would you rather have just for this season. Throughout taking age into account just for the season and don't worry about salary don't give me the are you could get children on greens for the price of one hour don't got it right now don't get it right now what is this season would rather have Raymond green. Michael says Al Horford I say are among green in the people say a 58%. Say Al Horford. Wow 58 to 42 now a lot of comments and I kind of agree with the students are you are a lot more talk show host and what's it. A knee Bob Boston Boston Boston significantly particularly take this into her lap and a half a the national all clear that likely fail and I don't think that they don't if TNT were in the same thing an interim agreement entered I think a lot of very Smart savvy basketball on the Internet comment how many opens market they said. For the celtics' Al Horford to better fit in for the warriors straight mongering to better fit a cop out but I kind of get what they're saying if you do that they see ball. Yes I think well. 'cause there are somewhat similar editors and it's over go look taller but that's the only difference and so for the Celtics. If you stayed straight month but brains can't turn on where you fit right in your face here. Horford who are you losing I think Horford on the warriors would slow Donald a degree can rob them will be better. That's announced a little better to let winning so they'll go when their best lineup when they have. Did the splash Brothers to rants. Green and it would dollar that best lineup and he would be better that way that'd be swapped. Or pretty good I think what you OK maybe they play a little slower but they're much more efficient team is already more efficient. Because Al Horford is he better three point shooter the dreamer. This makes weight AZ and admit there's certain locations. Where you know I can't ask money for Horford. Is routed he has really got after him on gets a little police also lose scared yeah. I have more lightly. Nadia kicked out that that you are right yes it is more likely than not to kicked out of the game would be. Michael. If we played them ten times they might win nine. But not this game not tonight not tonight we skate with them tonight we played with it's and we shut them down. 'cause we can grow. All big Bret Stephens is doing that. Well. Hanging. I'm Ruth and it's November coach lives it's always better off to our on our Ocala again later already motivated don't worry about it and I did Barbara and and this is not news because we sort of know on this but Chad Finn has a riot today in the Boston Globe. I Sergio dip will be covering the patriots game. Organ or ESPN I does not work the game oh by the way it's Tony Romo game Michael Tony I don't know the pomp. So it's Nancy it's Romo he adds ill suited and dip and a building. And the hours are there what does that mean so he's after the game but they don't they're not they are not every game is it radio. It is to have for ESPN radio is AD. So now what I learned about Sergio dip in the jet and word of a surge of your p.s and that he has to studio host. For Mexico's version of NFL reds. Home PI. And actually got to get the that's all the guys here on the field. As I'm you have requested him might gases we have about a week there are those artery where you deliberately and there. I would love to watch him on the river of red zone. Because they got Hanson let's just do it for the qualities. Because Emmy categories they're yelling get about a day off us now I'll have to speed and it's FAA might collision billionaires in the nobody got to take some paparazzi Hanson is like the Iron Man. He's not going to MP nutty tale that. I got it doesn't roll over but we're in this you've got a lot of vacations not got to use it doesn't roll over in the it and use it from February to August. Take enough time off if you want. Our moral of other plants form a lot of east liberty has rams and vikings angles broncos' weak and so. According to death according and we have heard this before. I would hit system from the yeah add to that a thing like unlike the countdown show that had not. Did they not watch that quite some time on the NFL countdown show today like maybe sit around all the games and maybe a case Sergio did get the update. Dale he said is you've. My draw closer if they're free with zoo. Our. In the aftermath of that. He told Chad Finn. I thought I was going to be fighter op I'll come a live chat at the at the top 1 o'clock tonight he's talked to how you know we should only go. He said he had was not live on the air time. A pattern of the I want it's not mutated midwest is in Michael -- right now why he said Giordano you guys in the United States human meat and out of nowhere new guy new face who is this guy out of nowhere. I'd been working in sports media in Mexico for ten years and different Cecil I don't I'd better up front and back again at eleven. He's I was not a rookie coach that tells the front end. Watson now on the thing that's crafty veteran Sergio did. He said he was not a rookie. Right is art started instead of center play from the very large hole that coaches are prepared. Quote of the night if you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. Coach van filled the premiers. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. He thought he was going to be fired Leo but so that that it goes really when he did his FaceBook. It's just every dead ESPN respected how he handled surely did but this further damage occurred it's a good thing I was I was introduced to it the United States. And we're trying to watch a football game they're utterly chaotic and it nice to meet you sideline guy I don't care to just do your thing. Historic night try to where they introduced asserted that starts I did not have been in and to have Colorado. That you know that was sort of broadcasting yet as Joseph eased in perspective would be the would be the way it was me on the rest of the broadcast moment that I don't know he said. They respected how he handled himself in the aftermath there but a true professional certificate tenure that it is to get the tip which Rebecca there. The celts are. I watched the rest of that crap games. To hold a city that I don't even start like 1015 at night watch the whole thing like this guy's got to come back on screen. Somebody got hurt to the Derek Wolfe got her ultimately got him up they got to get a solid and they'd never did. Sergio debt is the host of zone a row. Once the raw and have felt it was overall law I'd hate mail somewhere in Mexico jury has been. But man we got to find that I I had no idea until Chad since piece today that straight. He is than he is the Spanish. That the Mexican version of Scott Hanson. Well I once got Hanson Scott. We respect you put need to take some time off you waited too hard I think some time off to regular speaks Spanish here I think so yeah sixty. I don't usually is that's covered what we've got four yet so. Several years. Hospital. I mean to be sentenced me to. Onion. As you know models. I yet Martin the analysts. Figure on the amigo and I applaud you Rico. It. Mostly yes there. Sanford that's that would that but that's not grammatically correct nobody I am partly by the department contract that back out yeah dad I got guys that yeah momentum. There it is predictable or. Source yes I. That. You see what Kilby said how law healthy is right now. I find it looks as but he sued he said though but he said it now top. Auto David I know that you will look at these come out and about twenty minutes thirty minutes we will have. Hack hack at bat since I'm all around bad sound of the week lows in every little thing going on New York sole focus. Media regularly or is not here on here radio host cooler here it cooled here. Market. So looking forward to it won't can't get to the best on the week's best sound of the week is our girl. And again. 00 she all she played Lydia Dietz yet. That's hard time. That's good that it had a great yeah she ire at the range I'd I lived for this yet to come to my car. Well I've heard and what the car it would not put my my car yeah. I dropped out how are I have real night of the plastic like I can tomorrow. Back to care about frost frost like it dear and I were growing our business card also said Renaissance woman Renaissance woman who says I bring that I think I'd bring it quotes Renaissance woman. I. Fearing the oh boy who pulled it ugly well it poet musician. One gave you can't. This person who do not go to this person that's what I'm saying good advice that's clip of what I wanted to be uncle you know she welcomed and giving Rondo. That is the creative speakers Floyd and Enron right. You're you're bigger coupon organizer guard them out of state. Acclimated here relative if you gotta you gotta think I have my car. Are fortunate. It needs but it beats. Look at you guys some big. It negative why they back that the main event tonight of southward all I happen to think that they. Not into the war linkletter well I don't think the worries warriors weren't loaded ordered the worst team is it is. It's just get down to a it's unfair. There unfair it's not I'm not mad at the rant went there early years is the right to go there but they were already. The best team back. People they are the best team I've ever seen this in my lifetime the best team that I can remember watching they are the best. Wouldn't you also say that this is well. He get into trouble about a graduate. The the best too low. In the history of the NBA considering where they are their careers so you might find an example of will we Gerri I will definitely there that wasn't will add its peak right so I'm saying. Stepped curry Kevin Durant ball in their primes they are both. MVPs of the lead OK here try to better dueled in the eye hand apparently picked it ocean are. Well no I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd there's got to be examples summit league high Moses doctor Jack I don't know I don't know how do you view Coby. Verses are ignored those cars I think Colby O 10203. Not as good as either one now really yes that's early Coby. It was great but I but he wasn't MVP and the MVP XYZ. Like Shaq ones Shaq I don't think COLT we was Shaq and Kobe doesn't go about it that is a good that's a good example by I I would say current. I Agassi your point because that is doc has doc was toward the doc who is not doc. In an eight highway eight in 83 when they want it may was it was good things is perfect yeah but. You've been MVP back two or three years two or three years earlier in the starting you can start to see that. The decline I take it back 03 Kobe was third MVP so maybe maybe dazzled that's probably. The biggest one how about Q how about Kevin and Larry. Thanks so. Mary yes the killer for Teixeira the candidate B and Kevin you don't think Kevin carries it verses I think he was only first team all NBA elect wants. Not right. Do most is great do those who was on all of the ones and maybe you can make an argument that it's a little bit of distract Michael and Scott. I lost our god it's guy down these guys here that their love gone that Britain on I would do. There is a stretch. When magic was a rookie who look at. And then Karim was MVP of the league that year. Is that arraignment MVP of the league and magic finals MVP but it was magic got as a rookie. And I was rookie here but was he in the MVP. Conversation. Because that that would be magic and Kareem. His techsters got a couple of others for you got Tim Duncan and Tony Parker now we are part of a lot of work out here now. Allies who won and Drexler. Drexler wasn't a structure over the you orders earlier would be it'll by the way I think his rookie year or does not even his rookie year instructor is on the decline by the time I get to Houston magic I don't think got to VP votes as a rookie is second here that he really finished eleven OK so took a few years to get Ron Stockton Malone. Now these guys are both are in Stockton. And the law won him awhile to rants better than they probably are yeah definitely they probably are Tim Duncan and David Robinson. So our secure them but the Robin Robinson was answered. If you asked Brian Robinson that bet on Sunday shore but once. Those are towards the end. So get there it's Oscars about their eyes as part of I don't know it's in the it's it's a good one. Errant conversation and oh by the way I any team that has Klay Thompson as the third best player. He's he you know he gets on the gonna be guys who. Has been all NBA. He's gotten the MVP conversation but he's in that top ten top fifteen competition testing we year I think of I love to have them order few leaves in two years. He's on his contract is up before the other well having to ring can opt out next year and maybe you'll they'll figure some I was money. But Klay Thompson do you think he leaves. I think it's I think they stay that they found a way to get him to this they encourage the the the super. They really I think they. I don't think it's his lip service that it be like playing together. Yeah act now if they have this is something crazy happening daily turn on a separate punitive but they tolerated but sometimes I think they tellem. A country that that's enough or payday that's when his nicknames de de de de dated now triggered yeah. And MIT to punched if you're not really close friends of them date date and they day. The from Mars and next Friday that's not good at that data though I doubt of that try to release stuff. Alastair back to the calls have you guys Niko is an average 88 though. Hey you guys do it and actually our first time caller long term thank. No problem I'd sort of say that guy who's at Enron that have been Brady's got a mock. Well I think a lot of people aren't tending to predict is the point of playing the game in the point plane making these two water. One man great internal. It's. And not only that after winning you wanna win again and you wanna win again why is to get to a championship and to win the championship. Which Brady has done more times in there Roger. Yeah the kids are here is five to one. I Super Bowl championships to one. Anyone else what are public but Aaron Rodgers runs really well solved he was really fixated on Islamic lately and understand. If you really like what got their most runs and is greater than it might be being haven't amounted to more wins so as candidate is point admiral. You play a game to win. Brady's one more he's won the most so I don't release he wouldn't argue. So the other thing that he said a lot of was the quarterback rating usually hang it had a quarterback because right now Aaron Rodgers has the greatest quarterback rating in the history of football he's actually the only guy in triple digits over a hundred. But I would caution you if that's gonna be your goats do because if you look at quarterback rating. All time number four on the list. Tony Romo well that's surprised you guys love him the third guy as our announcer so Tony Tony Romo on the better quarterback rating than Peyton Manning. You literally wouldn't want punitive thing so bad that that's not the great I think it's obviously skewed to the way players playing now. If you look at the hall of famers like the Marino Brett Favre guys like that their quarterback ratings there is that in the bottom twenties you've got the Kirk Kirk cousins. As the eighth best quarterback rating of all time. That may you know I don't walk away and I can't underline he got out of Matt's job the fifteenth best quarterback Greg. Matt Schaub. Talk capita numbers it's seventy and still think about the Tony Romo number four or. Brady's is third and teachers. 6177797937. Our final drive down about twenty minutes from now or thereabouts Daylon Hollywood T and radio war stuff. Radio wars. Iran Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. Its telephone number. Back to the called. You guys got a book report excellent Jeff all right Jeff and Tony went out of his which I'll hold it here first thing we actually don't have active always I learned how to do it well yeah really. I figured it out on these guys want ads what you guys that listen. This is just talk is that the three of us with the three of us talking no word by two anti Lucy count it's a five via violence I thought OK okay. Is there any thing that I need to know your background. The bank everybody's caught our society I was gonna wipe everybody is getting called out. By the way have also decided and I've also decided based on you know the the I'm video footage that we saw today. From the dolphins player pushing his girlfriend in the car that if you do anything anywhere on the planet somebody blurted out of it right. Yeah everywhere. I go every thing every bury them at the knots. And every day get more everything. So today's publishing get on our high horse just as he never got a regular pop up slides the world today. Frank elf for Al Franken Al Franken. But frank in his industries it's a tour quality. Of his defense so we don't say anything at. I thought it was so funny to me it wasn't two people that meet him with he had a jacket on the matter are that matter. She was asleep. Soundness and asleep I got it have to be away in of course the remember kissing part of that I forgot that probably Michael Young diddle Google's here human quick Google and and found out that Lee and tweet mused while with Josh Beckett. Back in the day with him to recently you expect when it suited to contact yet. Another guy who's that on the station at one point. For saying boy for its judgment that's. Bobble a OK that while and then evidently we did so again and anything we've been right coming dale. Several things we're gonna talk about. I don't want to share them with class but you know other things you might. Product packed up for it was a high school be idiots to beat for a leader girls they be you know. Oh. I got a break in the trio. Keep by any time I ever got right but I can't even imagine the stuff that after the British writers you armaments. And it's. Probably for his fifth. Yeah. That's probably five as far as I know. On to say that you know. I like candies parents who cares where that road and anybody like are you right up until the point where they took out the restrain out out out that thing innocent little kid. Who's had a heart broken at a skating rink. Our pro. You know this is that we're gonna be a party you a story that fro the emotional scar everything. My preference Josh Beckett call. It's only should China be reported in place whatever. To rest now has grasping move. I know it's. An artist I like I don't lose you salvage ID chip cold or something there six. That that's not how she normally sound accurate. I. She sounds talent in a Benson ran a best of toads are we ever hope that you forget Anna Benson you can't. Careful. I like evidence of so it's so that we we're we're okay here. I you know line it's a go on in life I'm behind I don't even dare say that that I should be finally Keefe did yeah I got a house now Nokia said. And it. Should be five. Yeah. How about this stuff here what's going on Hollywood. In the event and I I got out of that I've never done anything. Yeah I was ever in a position of power and had money that's why should be okay as far as those things are concerned. And shut down after the asset. I've been reject her very heavily armed with a cut down there's no such thing is graced her I just move our quietly and I doubt Riley bumble. During the authorities were not involved and it just helps the public debt being shut down allowed to see Greg being decree and you know you got to work hard he you know you're not gonna be creepy well. OK with them publicly. There would be no way you go home any time things to say your set action I tried Jaffna as go to town we are all this stuff out hey Jeff. It's gonna want her to do. Well on but that Jeff. Michael how in the world that your wife stay with Q where it's how you are Covert at least. Yeah that's a good point yeah there's a lot of kids pocket he obviously doesn't listen to the space time. The most accurate. Just telling some stories of some memories just memories in it that's fine of a long time ago come on just a long time very understanding and I'm very happy now. I thought that ought to pick Jeff and let it go a long time ago that skate learn here oh. Sometimes a I'm so anyways onto this whole story. Nonsense. Arm. So they do you guys have are all outsider could she says it they'll check the read. And the system that the reason why great core right. The month the team and a so few great. Joseph mark and I tiger. Who hacked. Bill Walsh. And the thinking that system that would equate it Ron Amadon team into one Super Bowl right after he was on. What we talked and pretty much it did get content you. I'm not sure there was a lot of logic to some of the ambulance that I was making. You're yes and they're glad by the way. He's OK without he respects good gratified that guy's got a grudge you wish you could back up a little bit better than that putt but so be it. So and then as far as the oh Wisconsin native guy or whoever was it was a well what Erik rock we're runs. Hold it. So what are our about. What bloggers vs for since 2000 set. He goes. Mitt 2000. Since 2000 separated at 309. Touchdown pass. The ball league year which is where writers started sort. You know felt. Why are at 200 shot. Touched. Brady wins yet again I didn't get any typical category you want also. Like simple quarterback rating. We're migrating quarterback rating or yards per attempt yeah when and rushing yards different. Right up there with polling well. That shocker. Right. Are you you hit on it that we do. Added Larry I I think that Erin Rogers is a great quarter he absolutely is but Timmy. The five to one trumps a lot of those other numbers when you've got five Super Bowl rings and the other guys got one. I'll take the fact that your quarterback ratings a little higher than I he's the only card guys that you can actually have a conversation about like britney's better but. Who houses had ace a sure thing or Drew Brees. Is a sure thing hall of Famer but I don't think anybody's gonna confuse. Threes and break it I certainly don't know the numbers are off the charts but as far as what you would want in a quarterback in who has the chance to be the best quarterback who has a chance. Definitely be in the top ten Andy wanted a top five. Sure Rodgers hadn't out of Rodgers play another five years and played really well it's the playoffs and especially for him he can win one more Super Bowl. Just to separate himself from the one Joseph Flacco although like all the one guys quarterback Freddie needs that's reduce the pay out one of our Twitter followers pointed out Brady was tied with Favre and Peyton with a 186 wins last month. And Brady hasn't lost cents. At that time. If he had lost his next 58 games in a row he had the exact same record as Brett Farr. If he had lost 25 sick consecutive games he would have the exact same record as Payton man. And it's on the slot on eleven suggests that did that probably that 25 game losing streak isn't in on the horizon for them now. But sometimes those numbers are just mind boggling but. Winning is a team thing but that's all Jesse and. Just that are running in a coach thing and so it's not a quarterback so excited about that final drive c'mon it's going to be with us and regularly got radio wars in New York. We have some sort out the usual and indeed who who who makes some comments makes a net interest income eight pulling back. Read this parade. At. I think it's time to say Michael final drive as brought by terrorists well I'll I. That's coming up a minute till rich till they Caribbean coming up next Sports Radio W media. Final drive co sponsored by ARS restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster in future commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place and make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more RS are dot com and who should they talked to Michael. I got talked to rich fields. Good guy. The family dad rich okay we've got enough about everybody there and exactly that's going to donate daughter Katie. You know there's you know Steve sort of crack and also the sort. Com source sore sore sore. Football background while they're at six we have the only recruited him he recruited. Marcellus why daddy get him. He did this used to coach coal quality. Sort of sorry I brought it up and I'm you know I'm let's start the NBA. Rob Gronkowski may have just found his new favorite NBA player his Salt Lake it's the 76ers. Jolie and he. Can't think live birth after that client didn't bikinis if you're only about 50% what yet now they play hard you know he's got a little bit ago. They're walking among voters is also. Could do. Because it's good numbers. Resolve Hamas is an officer. I was just a random number X 69%. That are out 69%. Yeah. The salaries. Kind of random number but not for rob. Demeanor towards us that's what's got cast cars and Jesse anything today Saban went off script but one of his strangest comments of the Lyle. Are you right wrist. I just won't know how we got here. Want to offend anybody out there voting. I just walked by storm. Jeans. Worn out jeans. Holes in them. All cut out. Pollution Ramon I was a kid in West Virginia. I was saying to go to school because legends the world only because. We didn't have any better. Now they've gone that way. I'm just can't show you how we moved here. I'm gonna laugh bold man near a microphone. All I had near a microphone off as the we're out. Good genes that they are ready to Florida and get by the time with raw and the material missing those. It just seems to pull your pain so I'll bring you up off your book crap about it. And here how to regain here is better now is never ran from like twenty years ago run that you don't let the rich brown. Bill Cosby. It is not that I had about we'll bill you can pull your pants up and keep them out of. And stitch him up real site please that's a take on the raiders this weekend including running back Marshawn Lynch. Went to participates in a web series for Bleacher Report called no script and which he takes part in various activities he hasn't participated in before. He's English language this week. He's conquering his fear of roller coasters but that ended up being catch kind of more visual thing but we did fight Clinton might intrigue Michael O'Keefe from few weeks ago. Marshawn Lynch duds in his own dialogue from some classic movie scene. I'll never join do. And if you look this television. All we look ahead. And show you what's happening out. He told me and now. People that you can. Don't want. But there's blood. Much like. She'll be liberal blogs and yeah. And the fact that it on the Internet maori. A I mean those movies you think Marcia missing. You've seen a lot of it's either all or none I don't I don't know what between seats I don't wanna sit around here though it goes the other last I don't want all of the thoughts on around on anybody when he's recording ABC Mikey knew what was watch this yeah and patio is the he's got his own video games three and keep our dog weighs about football. Lastly we had some Sports Radio warts appear in Boston after our competition went on an idiotic rant about the death of Roy Halladay. Well with Mike princess is set to retire in a month and holding a good byes banquet last night. Peter Rosenberg. A co host on his direct competition. The Michael Kay show was kind of feeling is that it's a bit yesterday. Also I've got to leave today about 630 you don't that is until summer. Is that true or not that's why seven has been going well according hello relate yeah audit noted is that an event tonight is a public event or private event. Easy tickets and they're good news given figures a way I don't say really obviously what I am for someone who goes there should poll like aside and say. This little happy joy will you never heard of Peter Rosenberg says that have you had never met her mad dog you were just being Joseph Benigno but anyways here at all. I believe Chris Russo was why they chose magic I might embolden Joba eponymous. I solved. That dog and doing that who was better so they got Brady bill because they're Mike vs mad dog we got like. Campbell and dog. I think it only dog I loved princess not a veteran guy. As complimentary guide dog yes I would now result of continued soccer stadium don't give this dog's hole is seeing dog all the time. Dog show is still good my exes yeah. It did us with this week we place well yeah it's her act Geisel comedy. Slanted let's just say by the way. Peter rosenbergs who went to her occasions he single handedly done more damage to pop music in New York City the last ten that anybody that's okay coming on and and I was gonna use that word they're all right but sucking up to some of the crappy as rappers you were virtually little got a year racist remark on you guys are great with you mumble with him. It's always the bubble rappers that's all right. There subsequently does say Rosenberg and on the as well as on the outside going on the network I think since then we'll speaking of mad dog Chris Russo that we told you yesterday that the trio of Chris Carlin. Maggie Grace and former jet Bart Scott and been hired to replace princess of beginning in 2018. The selection of Bart Scott to fill that time slot apparently did not sit well with Russo I I cannot figure out parts. I can't figure out all that how executives. Are they major corporation. Just thinking about the connection with the fan base. And save themselves you know what I got the perfect guy. But every guy in here always wanted to choice. Who played his best cookbook the ravens. Played a year Cilic Rex Ryan urinated on a New York media when we ship let a boycott. About talking the players. And you know it was fired from CBS you know the NFL today. And this is that guy that you bring in to connect with the New York audience I you must be kidding me. How can you. Sit there and my decision say you know what it at the dot. That's we'd call and a Maggie what I got a guy who's gonna be a lightning storm. Well come up but Bart Scott who'll wanna know Joseph DiMaggio Willie Mays. And this is the guy gonna make yet another man. I'll be honest I'm actually insulting. I I am actually. It bothers me. That they got they decide to give that job to do is the next football player who's got note rising to New York. Who wouldn't know the first thing about his ship in New York sports scene and shoot five years ago. Eight. Oddity or any room and let a boycott of talked a joke probably something literally being admitted to nineties. But this is the use day. That kick as yours. Asked if I would solicitor I'd insult. To publish that and I mean I agree with a month. Some things he saw over the hump on others don't. I mean he he is one of those classic I hate everybody in the media types when he's a player and now what do you guys out he is that guy. I don't think the show's gonna do very well but it almost doesn't matter who built was I think in next show will be much better it's like your vote replacing princess. Doesn't know Joseph DiMaggio. Had a little else okay. Yeah I saw a guy a guy who played bad at the thirties and forties. It had had a guy who played. That the fifties until the early seventies. The odd bruise there is no difference. Who would you addicted to. Daley's comments are Rodney Harrison would deputies say it on Betsy Bennett and be there were hosting and drive it doesn't matter everybody agrees that believe me everybody. The station here is not from. Boston yeah you have to beat Chris Perry got a quarter partner. And a fine job but he lives here and now. And I think Bart's got to live in New York. Little personal. Went without a what the story of rivers and it seems very personal is taken out of Bart Scott let. Did he want the job or not there yeah that's though I'll gain not signed an extent okay Jerry hit wanna go back. How about. It's just too bad it's just tells me a little bit about his character to. He had he already feels he has been on. I don't know I don't know he held the spot for a long time he in my. Then they departed. And so now Mike's leaving you know what I would like if I'm if I'm in that jobs. I would like my predecessor. To. Help me out of it you know it isn't it like hey congratulations. This is what she is you know you got that. Is going to be a tough job in New York sports span is very difficult but once you connect with them you know love it. I guess I did it for you if you need some help can't tell you how much Mike's Altman to me you know he really helped hold down under talking about a real comparison and I got a guy was here for less than here. You know Chris it's just that he's got so much to offer any of them. Can offer Carlin so then Maggie. Can offer Bart Scott know what he has to offer is subject them to you had no old school New York baseball it's unfortunate. Russo made guest appearance last night at Mike's big farewell banquet and event which shot by the way it was put on by WFAN. And of course the question of Bart Scott came up during the Q&A session. I think. Points don't mean. And then makes. I'm I'm I'm I'm allowed to comment to. He says it is a bit. Yeah yeah yeah. Did I did I not get attacks about 7 o'clock this morning. That's not a bad. It's. Not good and bad and I'm. And. Any surprise move. Just the US senate could debate that graduate and all of I might need some help did you get like India restless or something like that wonderful stations is a good I can I decisions. I haven't. They're both they're both very down it's always got messages back and forth. I left that in their dues for the book and leave you with an ivory showed today Ankiel did they're Russo say who should have had the job now I would like to hear that. Directly or should I word it would mean that you did praise Carlin for have a New York Times today Israel defines what will now we'll play it cut from me it's for you tomorrow carlin's and his producer right yes he's been pretty slow play that for you tomorrow. In which the sports book talks about. I don't know how many people turned it to come on in other words he made it sound like. These guys like 1617 and eighteen on the list column. We'll play it for you remarkable and has been to an earlier finally our friend at back after this guest list. Reminds us all that we've only got a few weeks left to hear humble. Down to earth comments like this everybody. Everybody. No matter how successful someone is everybody's replaced by the way this is the way it goes this way life works flights canceled it. And that's the way it's supposed to work I mean that that is it you don't get these jobs are not. Permanent then they and he has slowly he is fluid almost out of what goes through most out of we turn this. Real estate they have to drive into that the list ahead into a very special. Piece of property it is a a revered spot now. And hopefully remain that's were very long time when it's a very coveted spot that I it is food without question the centerpiece of the city is this job. And it comes with responsibility go to a lot of attention that's part of it that is part of it with great power comes great response. And centerpiece of the city. Of this city think. It's not senator line though is obviously a piece of the city's afternoon drive on the fan. And by the way it failed miserably initially give the folks at a faith and credit they stuck with it when it was getting killed. From pillar to post and it grew and it became you know this unbelievable. Powerhouse but at the beginning if that's the final drive also cosponsored by cars for kids donate car help the child today schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids wrecked cars for kids dot com. I heard the problem that said months on tomorrow. And yet I see him here tonight glorious Thursday night and not try to add as they work for yes absolutely you'll close out his weak on the night program. That is and tomorrow more and more yes. See guys tomorrow enjoy the big basketball games and I think that's a big way and right bill I don't think so I'm always right and anything else. I don't know. I don't think so. Sorry B it down Red Bull for you tonight they'll. And now dogs are good another 2 AM morning what the hell.