DHK - Parker Sullivan, 4, acute b-cell lymphoblastic leukemia, Scituate, with his parents Michelle and Kevin and sisters Hannah, and Clara 8-15-17

Parker was diagnosed with acute b-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (b-cell ALL) in January 2017. In January, Parker came down with a bad ear infection. Allergic to many antibiotics, it took a long time for his ear infection to clear up, but even when it did, he still wasn’t feeling well. Parker became extremely lethargic and fell asleep constantly. He was pale and had shortness of breath, as well as night sweats. Concerned he might have anemia, Michelle brought Parker to his pediatrician. Blood tests revealed that Parker’s red blood cell count was very low, and more extensive tests revealed he also had extremely low platelet and white blood cell counts. Parker's pediatrician referred him to a hematologist at Boston Children’s – and Parker went there right away by ambulance. He began blood transfusions in the ICU immediately. By that evening, Parker was diagnosed with leukemia, and by the following afternoon they had the specific b-cell ALL diagnosis. Parker’s doctors determined that his case was very treatable, and as such, he is currently undergoing a research protocol at the Jimmy Fund Clinic and at home there is a more personalized and less intense treatment approach to chemotherapy. Parker is still in treatment and visits the Jimmy Fund Clinic on 3-week cycles for chemotherapy. He also has a visiting nurse at home who administers oral chemo and steroids.Parker attends pre-K in Scituate as much as he can. He loves Legos, arts and crafts, and to play outside - especially at the beach. His family includes his parents and sisters, Hannah, 17, and Clara, 13.


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I think we have a star. In the house somebody who is not afraid of the microphone and Eric Parker. You like a microphone on him but I can you tell people are sick easy you know we are commercially can hear you what you ask you before we came back and here he said how long way. How long does is going to. Count on this and got. Today because I would they've got nowhere to go right at the best moment ever seen he took the microphone away from Michael space yeah I want sometime I don't like enough this guy we can handle premiere of the great job partner at one. I wouldn't get tossed out a relevant regulatory I was right there round as all odds right now at least it Hurt Locker. It's what's going on today Heidi if you wanted to name me a lot of energy was what's going on. What do you live what agreement on a day telethon walker did a little bit when you have for breakfast this morning. And. King. Picnics and had to have been out off whole passel solar on politics and a half. As it showed up great. All I had utter. Today I it when you look at reserve announced it would furlough strawberries chocolate chips and podshock chipping case that your favorite kind of breakfast food. It is are you aren't you nervous being on a radio right now he loves geared easier. If they did not do this would you like to do this all the time. And. The market. Now part I don't want it is four years old he's here with his parents Michelle and Kevin. His sister's Hannah and and it's CR. Clara I apologize. My mistake mark yeah and I'm just wondering if any does anyone and house advocates say anything. Besides Parker. Parker. Has or had B cell limp pulled plastic leukemia. And I think I'll stand still do it. I think he checked out and what kind of missed the today. Tara Burke that's why it. And taking which if and acts. Like it's time today what's the chart that it. And that you can say well how good their wow hold. But it to stick around help without a recommendation and those who you're only four years old. Or warned that record right yourself on fire away your birthday. It. Ali okay it's your birthday coming up less than a month away. What would you like your Burton. Yeah. Can we get if we wanted to we were to get you sub the for your birthday here are these guys on the show. What would you want us again. And like Lego room. It would can we get them I'm. Okay and yet now without an elegantly. In the proposal would do what we get to collect as we wrap it up you know the problem. I that. So September 13. Would. Actually blow. Wow I daughter my daughter is your age. You're Sheen needs older. After a like enough that should have you with your question matters that. Series and there are things like that goes there. Yeah I do that we're gonna we've we've got you whenever they get some legs and. Let let me ask Kevin a question here because that would be the only candidate say anything all day in my. Yeah I hot that partner when did you guys know Parker says. Well Parker's diagnosed march 1 of this year so we're just getting into this month. Six of his treatment which is a couple years. When did we know he was sick looking back on it we guess that he was sick longer than we knew. And he just had a ear infection. That he would have a hard time getting through and he was super tired. Human. I thought he was just being active while he would run back from the battery go. And I thought it was just like you see where you're located and finally we decided. Let's get it checked out. It was the most brutal day it was it was. And yeah. Oh. Yes so Michelle went and brought him to the pediatrician. They did a little finger prick test. You know it's a normal Wednesday. To salute your birth. And and that doctors that mommy issues ouster hospital. Which is a little scary and then. I've got to self assured him that he told ambulance there debris to children's names. The whirlwind that is our life and telephones. And at Geneva on its. It. Yeah. Actually. Into the clinic which. I wanted. At. All. Check out the lack. All the ran around and I tell you said the girls I wanted us there. And maybe partner to help them. Now arc it is at me. I don't know I don't use up a lot of things well but making slime isn't one of them yet figured it out there. It. Every. Acts. Eight. Happy art at that rate there. To see. Team that. At. Is as its east meets. West. And I thought. That happened on us now I don't as knockout of the night I don't like having I'd like his sister thing. Yeah. And I so he's been out here for panic where tell me what it's like to have. Parker as a brother what would you like it was a process of life. It's not all right yeah. Couples or couples and Bob as I did it like it like to which are there dead are. Sometimes I lots and it. Is. That he's just. And I. I. Do how early everything which government currently makes up that. Bird yeah I like to sleep at a you know I'll please let's trampoline. His demand that each Anthony. Had applied but he's. He's the best. Way such as. It goes well in the Oklahoma. All I eat. Them. Yet everybody. Who's very funny easily as. 6 AM and then at that and a less than how. How all the nurses and all the doctors spent over that in my clinic. Yeah. Parker what do you think the nurses that the nurses there and the doctors and nice to you. Oh. Oh. There. Was. At. Eight. So. There. Oh it. A oh. Mark Sullivan you're. Yeah. Thank you for coming into this that was sent to the your TV. They're gonna realize oh I don't. We see Allen Kevin him. And dying Clara all the Sullivan's thank you guys birdman and it was all right you guys they. Parker need to have moment article about it written in the dapper camera. A.