DHK - Patrick Chung checks in, we look at the mess that is L.A. football, and the NFL ratings debate

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Tuesday, September 19th

Hour #3 and we start the hour with NFL with Patrick Chung calling in, then we transition to the rest of the NFL and focus on rating and the absolute mess that is LA football.


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Our first three dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI. A we were down at Gillette Stadium yesterday for patriots Monday as we normally do in. Meeting schedules and all that stuff sort of interfered and it meant that we were not able to visit with Patrick Chung as we normally do so we get a chance to knock them now Patrick John. Brought to my doctor Robert Leonard. Mike hello dot com use code word WEEI. And by Honda north hey Patrick carrier. You know ordered what great thanks you told us a week ago you were ready willing and able led to help out as a punt returner if need be and apparently need me how did you like the experience this past weekend. Good burger yesterday here are our character there and the cancellation so. For Katrina struck in the acute border apparently you do sir you know whenever my name called. Personally. Challenges that you faced before the New Orleans game and then as you went through it. How did you guys deal with with those challenges and I'm sure you anticipated. We just slid out of there are more aggression is not smarter it's. There are some problems. Are rooted in our noses. And that you know consistent as possible lord no sir do what you purchase Sturm. Do need an excuse to their ability and network golf course. You know you've you've faced Drew Brees before and in the last time you guy guys were down there and you're that may have been your rookie year. There in anywhere crazy and you guys you don't able or is he really did he bring to let them stay in this game we. He had them under control. It if you just look at announced a seven year span between trips to the dome. Does he do anything different same what's your analysis of Drew Brees. Mean he's still Burger King call would have done that you want to change just because Johnson. They're over over credit cards on me after a bit dated these terrorists. Couldn't say engine and reduce the curtains. Or worse to delivered graft and changed. When Adrian Peterson was out their does that make them a little bit more predictable as to what they're gonna do compared to maybe the other running accidents in the throw to a lot more. All I mean really you can do both. Of is that certain car and running game more to gain or incurred as you know play. Split bombers reached keys practice went to Harvard salons Gingrich murder coached Gomes each Purdue quarterback. We're talking to Patrick Chung of the patriots one of the things that your head coach a mentioned yesterday was the defense has got to get better on the east pick routes that other teams are running. Is it simply a communications issue or physical mistakes what's going on there. You figure out. Sold certain figured out. Well what are you what what do you bring into your preparation against the Texans were you have it is seems like every other guy that got on the roster especially the coaching staff. Has some type of patriot connection what what do you what do you think about when you face a team Monica. They're cooking their the coaching the critical critical to actually. Want your children to go to work efficiently Clinton. And Arctic are missing and exploited children nicotine. In scripture loaded due partly seen exactly hear what. Since. This will be our world. We'll get a ticket record you know as starters here do. Those are on us at any given Sunday reference and edit where it is any given Sunday rank among football movies. It what we're actually believe me restarts at what is the best. Football movie in Patrick John's opinion. Are either a movement started. Talks between those two. A vote for the program that say it was good to was longer recommend it yet a program yes yes on. Loan program passes love that he says he calls for the programs yet yet you have to think like into the toss of got to pick one out. Car. Seems. I don't know. A minority confirmed. Oh and auditors. Now you guys played this past week without Donta hightower how does how does that change who picks up the the communication on defense when he's out. Ritual spiritual little posters and notices. Literally they agreed it's based on you know agricultural laboratory. To change and will see articles in and their characters and well. Missed cut their body they're. Patrick most appreciate the time we'll talk to you next week. Are eager thanks that is Patrick Chung in the New England Patriots are patriots taking on the at the Houston Texans at home next Sunday. A by the way another football noted Adam chapter just reported a few minutes ago. The dolphins announced they have suspended linebacker Lawrence Timmons indefinitely. It's now I assume that that that is the entire substance of chapters tweaked. You'd like to think that what the dolphins are saying is you know. We want to get guys some help we wanna we wanna get him you know. Back on the right track you you'd like to think in the nauert suspended him indefinitely. Yemeni pissed us off last weekend. What am I Vietnamese NFL is not always the most evolve place that is not only Irving are about evolution. I thought I was most of all place up. Yeah they might be trying to help them or. Maybe maybe they are mad and I don't know. While they were mad at them I mean that the reports from them the Miami press corps with that Adam gates was really map. I mean just goes a while on a Saturday night they're searching high and low forum the police find him at the airport at LAX try to get a flight active to Pittsburgh. They were upset. But the question is unity duty of an issue of mental issue. Substance issue I don't know what you know you'd like to think it wasn't just you know I. Have been urged to go home I'm just gonna go to the airport now you know and that everything's fine you'd like to think that wouldn't would necessarily be the case. Let me ask you guys a quick question suddenly best Obama consultant Robert L. We are keeping our eyes and makes every now I'm paralyzed on an aero now. It it sounded as though based on now bill Belichick's conference call earlier today. He's got a couple of guys he's really high on right now in the secondary Jonathan Jones. Com or grow. Ohio and Malcolm Butler no. It sounded as though he was decidedly. Other high on Malcolm Butler in fact. Well if you yeah I don't know I don't know about this one and I and I know people are bringing the separate. Malcolm is looking at this that defensive snap count right now. So you mentioned high on Jonathan Jones. Played in 4141. Point 5%. Of the defensive snaps. Rowe 52 point three and we got hurt groin injury. Malcolm Butler 75 point 4% of the snaps. Wouldn't do it when every iron playing a 100% yeah I don't feel well I'll answer lies off the field they have the option now. They they have that option how about the field last through their third quarter was supposed to be your voice iris Jones durable my boy I don't know I don't know I now live bullets or second round pick you thank you get a starter with the second big -- in the years they had Jonathan Jones they had Eric row but their but their consistent third guy last year was probably grow. You know it was row and then you had Butler and Ryan let and you know Ryan more than Gilmore so yeah yeah hi blogger Ryan have you but. In that game in this saints game you have the option of of taking Butler off a little bit and putting row. In the Butler position because you have some bigger wide receivers if you wanted to explain it not built about Bill Belichick could be totally unhappy with Malcolm Butler that could be that's feasible. And I can't say all he would be unhappy with a player of course he would be we've seen it. We see that we saw last year yeah we saw it last Sunday when Alan Branch Alan Branch six maps 9% of the snaps in a game. So look at the unhappiness of Malcolm Butler or could be in certain matchups to guide did get in on 75% this certain matchups we don't like it for you Malcolm would take up the field. Laughs and we'll have row. And Joseph war however Jonathan Jones and that slot. Yeah I satellite it died it feels it feels like. Went in the past he's that I easy though at high tower now high tower they resigning and he's here. But Collins remember that your ball sheared and go through this to really got to vultures play while the other. And you it in those guys wouldn't play and then you could sort of see they would fall out of favor. At sought or this is gone because Malcolm Butler. In the past yet maybe it's not the best that to match him up. Within a six foot 46 foot five receiver but he still be out there if you figure maybe get him help over top or something I think he's still good enough. That a defense whoever they're dropping. I was okay 100% of the snaps. How band or put a 100% of the snaps. Stephon Gilmore played a 100% of the snaps in Diego debt maturity. Played 98 point five but if you add the stream that's a 100% after after. That's not resolve or inside job. We opt for the attack. That. Are very well throughout appreciate your. One other quick note that does concern the patriots and peripheral sort of way there was a major earthquake in Mexico City today seven point one on the richter scale earthquake that has caused. Significant damage throughout the city on your newscasts on your Twitter feeds you're seeing literally footage of buildings blowing up in buildings collapsing. Odd there has reportedly been significant damage to a study asked tack. The reason that matters to you appear patriots and as the patriots are supposed to play there later this this season against the Oakland Raiders. I mean they haven't been able assess the damage at this point is still trying to make sure that their people. You know war war being tended to win a football stadiums probably low on the on the list of priorities right now but. Wonder if that game in Mexico City could be imperiled because of what is described as significant damage to the stadium they're supposed to play. Yes good question do they play there there are they able to repair that stadium but it Bergen back to Oakland or or right. And if you're the patriots okay what's. Do you want what Belichick will now go to Oakland really value area I'd go to Oakland presents a home game I don't know neutral site at the cute rather right now I'm I'm just thinking that based on what's going on in Mexico right now saying an electoral I don't wanna go there where we're good yeah of. Am sure doesn't wanna go there but now we're going from a even though you don't wanna go I'm sure Oakland doesn't wanna go either shorter trip for Oakland. Which are playing in Mexico so it's it's. Pretty bad for both teams in terms of inconvenience yet you turn that into another home game for the raiders. Tough place to play evil and and have very good you know. Or at least and they got it at times they got a hold you know intimidation of black hole all that. Yes scary. And I thought I did it sure did it's frightening jets didn't spikes on notional cuts. The jets by the lake couldn't beat Everett high school now they I'm convinced that jets man. It out silent and let them do. And if it if they can't play in Mexico does it come up with a neutral site game yeah London's available and ask why now I love it if they aren't able to go to Mexico the Kyoto planet why not knowing. It's opens Oakland on him. There were given their home they're really the home dads everything given up any homepage so don't ever. When they go to London day it's the road today they're the idea the road team when they go to Mexico that are right I got a better idea. And I think Vegas. I don't pick out what what is going to be I don't do that got to wait for not got that you have to hit it actually have a football play you a little bit of football's ultimate Vegas every every city has been at the Las Vegas Bowl every year player when everybody has its stadiums are well. This stadium out there going to be. No matter how small it is it's a fair bet that the Los Angeles chargers couldn't silent they would not know but the patriots consolidate your patriots are they thought Yellowstone to a I would watch that. If there's an Roger agers greater. Patriot threat of data out today by many city that in almost airline operators are patriots. I how many knew what neutral site. What teams would you watch let's say OK and what we got to play in Boston. I got to play at alumni stadium a crack. On on a wave radar here Wednesday night. Game here which teams and it would you say oh yeah I got to see that its alumni stadium tickets are seven dollars apiece. They go check it out. Very careful to like if Aaron Rodgers is in town sure Packers. Would you Seahawks would you do it Seahawks young probably saints. Two Marines now that defense which is drive maker of high the Buccaneers this year September RC. It land you'd probably Atlanta and had been found this point. Jets that are known giants now known series. Yet insure insurance you're. Sure. Radio raiders are one operators and I decided generators to Alex Smith would you leave the. To stop a man and Alex then loud when it's not a URLs they. You have quality of work that he's the important and it looked as if we can just nodded but it's pretty simple if they can't play in Mexico City. Oakland just takes the home game back. They're the ones who gave up the home game to go there they get it back in the play in Oakland. And I don't think it's a significant. I don't think that the patriots would be severely adversely affected if they had to play in Oakland as a dog and other city in fact I'd be willing to say. Even assuming the wart and there wasn't an earthquake in Mexico on the wasn't significant damage all over the place. Kind of a pain and yes to play their anyway. You're trucking in your own water a year trucking in your own full that it does America whole thing I mean it as it hits as it is not and and I'm sure they don't have a lot of choice. But my guess is if you if you ask Bill Belichick had built on play in Mexico. Indeed there really don't hold on go ahead. You don't wanna go anywhere does he he'd he'd only you like who loves going to London. Now when they are done by which had only lets parents love Arizona Mexico that you're ready to London in this weekend and there's one union's majority. Yeah their service starts this weekend. Yeah by the way what with all the terror things that have happened in London the NFL's got a lot going there right now to write terrible. Now with a what's going on in the world while will will keep an eye on the situation in Mexico but there is what is described as significant damage to the stadium. I don't know what that means and whether that means hey we can't play here in a month third two a month and a half what are you crazy. Oh wait and see what happens 6177797937. As telephone number Bob's in Connecticut hey Bob I don't. Hey guys two point it be before the that can you talk David Price yes you can set it. Think Andrew Miller a company. If you don't it's sad situation that's what they said I doubt you any confidence Bob. I do you actually like better short for out of a lot Egypt. You know I let those guys think about it adding a lot of comparisons with a bank it was sent to saint pat arm problems and I think when you start it. From those both short and a little bit better for you that you can let it go in. If it was it working its work in a lot. You know I'm not a big fan of the prickly attitude. But I do you know you don't throw the ball and far out and out movement and broken left feet and right equally valuable piece in the bullpen. And then if you wanted to talk about the where they can play that game. How about putting NEA York Saint Louis for those poor people then get a team. Noelle she gets the underground or those there are no no chance NFL does that and I felt it Carter's if this is how. Later on. With the patriots. And the raiders. As a budget hate yeah you pay for the NFL personal literally an audience for paid for the raiders paid for the patriots yeah. It without ever be like you're being troll the NFL trolling your right now. I can't go back to something that that Peter said Peter King said that if if the patriots put Malcolm Butler on the block today. There's a 5050 chance they get a first round pick for. By the way that's Peter I'm not saying they'll get a first but he brought it up but they could get a first round pick. So they got the soul so if it Bill Belichick act. If B Sowers at all on Malcolm Butler just. If at all Atlantic city's plan a 100% of the snaps. As Michael said this this week he's got a 75% or whatever wise. If eighteen said they build interest that. When he we will. All of I would not to vote number that all offseason long thought that's Rosen knew the saints you thought member there they are treated first round pick for cooks. But that how many reports that there's gonna flip that pick right back in debt. Now Butler has clearly we have some saints secondary they could use Malcolm Butler more than to be any other team in the league. In what they would date for the for first round even those just the one they got. From the patriots that didn't happen those great start the season with Gilmore and we Butler. Perfect. Now after two games we're talking about how they may be doubled down on the welcome Butler and could he. Potentially be flipped for first Olympic I would dollars and at all as well as he could use a very good quarters as possible plus the way guys have been dropping like flies the patriots this year. You trade Butler rogue gets hurt now where aria how's he look you guys so far. And it's a two games has a very short sample but all out that's okay yeah that's I I agree by the latest okay yeah yeah that looked like Malcolm Butler to me now. But out of a thing in the same thing about. Stephon Gilmore. I haven't really thought of them he has that. He hasn't been bad. And I don't think he's been great now there are no others better than him released by my expectation was that he would be better than him there's really no. Is there any impact. You think that Stephon Gilmore has made impact plays as the does it get short take if any to get my dinged up a couple break up John Ossetia and got my 101000 dollar played on the Jones made two really good plays and bill is very high on him in the Conn yes Clinton and in for till wars like a tackle. Or track or guard when you don't pay attention to them that the good thing they had a good game. Of course shouldn't complain to. But for Gilmore haven't thought much about now. Not the not the affirmative. The only real guy it was the one with the Tyreke he'll play reader and office Hemmer McCord but something was off and he'd just torched and on the field thousand that was the only played two games. They know what what happened there Gilmore. They eat he broke up a player to and that's spent about a one of the things that ball Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick made clear in their separate conference calls today. Is that they don't much care about history. It's high you're playing now the determines whether you player now. And and if you are going from a 100% of the defensive snaps last year to 75%. Of the defensive snaps on Sunday. It's because you're not playing as well. I think Alan Branch Shia six said that you know what you're not playing as well it would be to about a guy who made a one of the greatest plays Super Bowl history. The point out that the past doesn't matter. That's peaks even louder forgot mark Butler who. I think for their rightfully so still living off that people still bring that out but that was. Years ago and that doesn't matter anymore. I I don't think it would trade and I never thought they'd trade Chandler Jones we. Or Jimmy Collins when they did I should do never he's in my mind yeah that Chandler Jones when shocked me even more. Already see I did not after he had his hole router with his team now I think about that can happen but now there's been so Richard Logan mega shocker given so many shocking trades that you. Besides Brady now you can't beat you cannot possibly be surprised or just not paying attention. And Jamie Collins happened during the sees during the season and I got basically what you would have got outside I just kept them on the roster yeah that's the next level yes during the season. 6177797937. Is telephone number tax line 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI. They don't want to use every everything everything we'll what his feet back that's gotta have it well past due. If he UV could you talk of him doing his future until the report. We're back right yeah it's given he was worried. 6177797937. This telephone number we've sort of morphed into some football talk here Jonathan Westfield. Hey John you're next on Sports Radio still on Hollywood Keith. It's. Get it on time let the shell. Out as it just wonder if they're talking about. How Malcolm butler's count has been reduced and I'm I'm just curious how that. Transpires over the course of the Internet been returned so that's calling the play at all. This track walk over to Julie hey you know. Women and this tactic what to do and how that works. What's good question I mean in in the you'd you would my guess is it's not Bill Belichick making that decision. It's Matt Patricia that's just against the out my yesterday the other side of my guess would be it is spelled sector I think you also he's very I would say ease. No it's going autumn ball models right he's the guy one of the few head coach in the league that knows what's going on and and in Gaza say what's going on defensively and offensively. I think. That he would probably know what was going on there maybe he wants to get a look at some of the other guys or maybe it is as simple as. The saints have a lot of really tall receivers are cut halls Coleman has a 66 or wherever it promises a pretty big receiver. Amazing medical that would play pretty taller receivers a lot the past I don't think yeah that's why I don't think that's the case then. Also didn't have the option. He he was across from rice it was a Ryan and in Butler. As opposed to deal more Butler so Gilmore. In a row give them two guys. To taller corners who can who can theoretically matchup with some of these guys. And it had any of those guys that you're not yet did what they had one now they have to ever wrote last year midway through. They have row and Gilmore if that's a reason but the bottom line is guiding play and if you really wanna look at it. They're sixteen snaps in the game didn't play. So in terms of benching him on his his time has been reduce any Chris. Globally by the way wasn't hurt and that might also not be necessarily. There's been a lot of incidents here Ray LaHood pitchers or could just take him out spell checker take him out or something even. As the weeks going on as spell check temperatures thirteen playing defense or hey let's get some looks within this group but could easily guys that I wanna seat. Out there for X number of plays. And let's go from there I mean obviously build I'll check in at any point in the game you say I take that guy out obviously but my guess is. It's Matt Patricia is the parents. And for the most party that's Matt Patricia Rhonda. And at a Patricia says you know Malcolm come on out Jonathan Jones Hugo winner whoever it is. I'm just guessing that Belichick and say hey you don't. Mean don't shall we don't doesn't let Josh McDaniels from the offense doesn't he let met the pressure on the defense. I think you have the run both their things I think there's also us just as the head coach you could say. They have all the supplies yeah probably are both sides troubled this person now or go to school. You know. Third and three I'm sure mcdaniels gets the call most of those observer wants while Belichick goes this vote on. Yeah on the sector especially on fourth in the fourth down I was definitely helped us all yeah I mean guys hey hey there on the field we're going to art. Obviously bill makes the call whether they let it go for keep the offense out there or punt I understand that but played a play. Doesn't Patricia get to run his defense for the most part and most of them. I mean let's Belichick just get totally fed up with a guy and says give him the hell off the field. You see it happen sometimes when when guys in almost in the scuffle. And they're coming off the opposite as they almost get in the scuffle my guess is that's dollar check saying to Patricia give him off now and I think that's why you see you know defensive minded coaches or profits of my coaches when they become the head coach even if they're not the play caller. You expected big boosts. On that side of the ball and and so again belts are of one of the few guys that I might Sean Payton something's gonna there's defense he doesn't care how you figure out the defense they haven't been able to. But offensively injuries chime and and all in Austin about what place are wrong and and things that DC's. 6177797937. Johns on the cell phone hey John I don't. John I did it. Bridge oh love to loosen the guys there afternoon. It's marketed in the last week in and out Monday Night Football it's only talk about hiding your chizik well before about why do ratings are now. I. And I think there's a couple of reasons first well. There's too many gains in season. Whether their exhibition and a NC and now it's being stretched. And humidity. In the game really. As could be getting their relief. And so that chronic I don't think is likely used to be when it went twelve of fourteen and sixteen games and acts. Yeah it's good really good game a lot I. Put him in a couple of first couple weeks and they are not dictating. Young. For me is in his. There's more college football the night who ever existed I mean it and amnesty and putting our school games which is not. But you can you can on the and fly in all kinds of football. I think. He emerged keynote jobs you know when they changed to a sixteen game schedule. Now 1978. So I feel like there's a bigger than pretty good ratings. Since then I don't think it's the number of games they have it. Maybe the better better argument is they don't need Thursday night football. It just you know two on Sunday and Monday but I know I'm pretty sure people can commit to sixteen patriot games a year they've been doing it for a long time. Yeah I didn't know it was not like you're right. All right if the patriots are playing there's you know I don't know watch it. And I think that I thought I find by the way I think that's that's the norm around here look the patriots and we said this yesterday the patriots numbers are always great. Obviously offer different vision they were saying the the post game show the fifth quarter up today higher ratings in the Emmys did Sunday night Boston. I mean people and it right traits are fine as it down Emmys well. Are here with a bit this is not one of the markets where what we're talking about it's it is is an issue at all. But around the NFL it's an issue and one that that they are concerned about. Yeah I think the product that it blows that is it's not great but and then I'd buy you sort of tolerable maybe the product. You at its highest wasn't great across the board except now we just see all these games at a Ryder showcasing every single team on Thursday night so there's there's no hiding. When there were toilet teams before like that. What does that one and fifteen or on sixty I would say my juniors yes thought this couldn't find it if you wanted to do. Whereas now everybody gets a crack at this Thursday night you're gonna get rams and niners. So you're gonna good crop if you watch the NFL a lot of us that no matter who's applying your turn it on I will not watch that game. And they're better off Florida and saying they've done recently. And it's not just that they're more games and did to your point keeps up that they're more games just games slotted in positions where they shouldn't be slotted yes for example I thought. I I used to think Monday Night Football with special. In Nevada football has gone. Monday night Sunday night is the new money senator football is the special slot especially to Reagan flexed later in the day since they always have better they don't I start out yeah that's already better than Monday night but but what Monday night has is really is and suffered. And and it's like some small hits beginning of the year I don't want to Monday Night Football games you have. Too much in the game that bothers yes opening night got in my back up because there aren't you would imagine a video clip. You're take out of your either you're taking away from some of the premium. Exclusive. You've you've got you've really got to see that's because that's a special one moderate applause that special anymore. Our house special so. You have that date Thursday night. You have primetime slots for teams that aren't up to Primetime Live. Your car that NFL set by the way about Thursday night. We'll use it to try things out you know different elements are telecast really color of their raised this or that the fact that six teams play in prime time every week. That's sort of speaks to. If Monday Night Football with a lot more special. When not below zero Thursday night there was even Sunday night. So you would get do you get two teams that you'd wanna see they've put it together and now as the one time you're watching throw football late at night. Beckett back in the seventies. When the patriots well patriots fans had a rough night in Foxboro. It was a Monday Night Football. As some issues against the Oilers and that may have been the night they want to drop dragging goal poles down route my one that I have been a night off. I may be confused I think that happens to have an organized show I think there was a seventeen year gap. In prime time. Game and should patriots were. Granted it is earned that so seventy years you know. I didn't say that now is there even a second team we can only played I think what everybody athletic Thursday's show. That's part of the problem of fluid I if if I have it if if I'd drop by the keep residents short. Keep doesn't want that let's say the house little messy most likely out there's a little messy. It'll keep you kind of put some things under chairs in and into the closet right mega look Rihanna I would have make that I'm gonna show you the best up that I have yeah. Double in that room Anadarko and NFL YouTube and I don't get right to edit values given to do that. No no closets is just up into now it's all open how we should have to sit through and and I think that's really affect the product. 6177797937. Is telephone number we get right back your calls in just supplement its dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. As telephone number text minus 37937. Let's go Scot on the cell phone Scott you're next on Sports Radio dale and Holley with key. It was our guys. So I think once advocate orbit in Q again you know obviously that cable carted out at Bedford electric stuff by. I want a piece that lifted but Tony Romo and how wide just a big. All the sudden output although he knows all the stock and people like well also said that the great day but broadcasters they have need to cargo now. I just it's observation block. You ever had you ever in in your lights down if you ever not watched a game because of with the announcers worked. Wow I I I gotta be honest I'd I'd never think about I'm gonna watch this one because I don't know I don't. Scott I think Scott has a good point I think you know why you don't do it dale who's your broadcaster. So you think every team if you want aria if you turn it down and you just talk more of your friends and you're there whether your on Twitter a little bit more or whatever else but I think. If that teams that I wanna watch that number don't watch the game but they were called small college football there's so many more games there are some even worse. People do in the games Regis you suck it up in Washington. We have put out but when that affected MEU which you just said Keefe. Are you turning down you talk with your friends more or maybe you turn it if you want those people that the broadcasters really affect you that much. Now I know a lot of people and Phil Simms is there. Either there or Phil Simms fans. Or they weren't Phil Simms fans they would stick around because everybody was so bad I follow just to make I don't know. Mean boys in mean girls. I mean girls but maybe so maybe I guess maybe that's yard and if it's a fringe game regulated but again there's not a single. Broadcasting dual. In the history of the earth that I would turn the patriots game off for there is no when they could put on that literally no big what they've given that that's and what you buy debuted watch it down maybe there's a fringe game. Maybe wouldn't watch it that's part of the only reason why you'd end up turning it you obviously weren't that invested in rams niners anyway. And so. I don't think they need the broadcasters will make or break it doesn't and they're all great I get the overall point that some home or are going in and you don't like them. But again you're you're tuning in the war that for the teams and years they want to gamble. While. This guy gets you more rating get more people doubted you and maybe without autism buzz I think at that point yet. And as well. But it you figure OK how it can't hurt at lake road it'll wait from a but if you hated him you wouldn't her in the game. Because ice on their I can't stand this guy right it's a sideline reporter. And by the way if he was the color announcer. If I want to watch the game and watch the game and by the way I guess is he hasn't jumped the shark are ready dinner on Sunday when he tweeted a picture of brilliance no coach gays trust him I told you he's having that time of his life I saw today on a lead balloon. Yeah somebody in your yard had that you know heated at video you're done the video I videos of these that you lost it. He had and the video may have some momentum there with Hewitt from weight on top of the world to. Instantly. On one it was amazing power that was that sums up sort of 2017. I count how quickly a guy that nobody ever heard of the so popular and and less than twelve hours later everyday thing. And I. Don't you. But people. I hate to point the finger right you'll keep them or you'll only wanted him on again because you were hope but he was gonna hope that bad again priorities something cracked or just be you don't know and no doubt about art I don't want it you wanted to be awful again probably an awful just different. Different interest. Different interest ever happen to be awful fine he was awful. Is he was not he was such as different very are terrible with the update their early in the game that's true. I want the I want Seward when he had in store was gonna do again. And are they gonna react to Pedro is down indicate pay Pedro height on. That particular call centers. So it is just let up off. And I are all ready to be what are they may. Big. Big eighteen planter in Africa the patriot. You are certainly Pittsburgh air. In order replica of the crop up product out. We don't we try here. It'll be a big match up it would be. All right trash and I'm a lead that would to increase the rate at a much better when you take. No no I don't think wedding will also look agent Lewis what they very do Pedro is everybody has the play of Thursday night because it is a disadvantage you don't wanna have to play Sunday and Thursday data off an academic teams do it. More than once the patriots have two thirds of hurricanes and that's only because they had to kick off game right begin the season then what's led to a long week so you will get the occasional. Really good matchup again at the is that patriots. Buccaneers. They might be their threats your game thief and a behind the bucks this year but there are other matchups he'll get good division matchups every once in while on Thursday night but the problem is. All 32 teams will be showcase a weird one over. Eight teams you might really wanna watch and niners annual magical. Brutal I mean. The numbers that that's that that game is gonna put up is if you just gonna kill NBC. Yeah that's gonna L network where I mean all watched. We we've Marty pointed out that stands in their respective cities don't care about that those teams. Right so why should watch anybody else. And Brian Hoyer Jared golf. It would you need you need to either bet on the game or have a couple fancy guys going to really the team element you know how many fantasy guys you cluck off close to Russert. And our doctors and I'm looking at. I think a lot of that this is what I what I mean when I threw a lot of this has overstated. I'm looking at indie wire service story and indie wire. And it's the best. The best shows. Of sixty or most most watched shows of 2016. At every Big Bang theory and they're going highs and lows. There's an highs in the you know this program did well and lows Kerio. Blows at 33. Re shows foot. All. Just football hall for. All I want to ask the public interest at a Walking Dead. In the Big Bang theory. The writers is okay hold on. Don't cry for any of these theories. As are still as are all still the most dominant programs on TV. But they're all still subject to gravity AMC's the Walking Dead remains by far the dominant number one among adults eighteen to 49. No one comes close the Big Bang theory is the most watched scripted show in nineteen million. And the top rated scripted broadcasts are among adults eighteen to 49. And on the total viewers sighed NBC's Sunday Night Football twenty point one million viewers powers overall. Over here the biggest though and it also means to drop as more pronounced. And it's great if those numbers are there's substantial declines from last year at those drops were across the board. Impact on Thursday night football and Monday Night Football as well I think that's what what what we're looking. Get a Niedermayer are at the Walking Dead numbers have gone down to the show sucks now. Yeah here it's so that just like quality of play we are what ya know we'll call that show is trash so people finally caught up to that admit there sir to tune it out. In May this this article was written on May 26. So they're going. Top 100 shows eighteen to 49 adults eighteen to 49. America's most watched series of the 1617 season in the key advertising demographic. Measured and ratings points. And out of the top ten. You have the Walking Dead was one. And I felt that and I've football team. Thursday night football three. And upper must've been an opener Thursday night football for maybe another opener at. Five Big Bang theory six this is just seven empire eight Monday Night Football. Nine modern family ten Grey's Anatomy so we talked about put it out yourself on your Grey's Anatomy and available. So we talk about these shows how bad it is. What are we compare hits you and it is gonna get better. It gives better. Are a year you're going from 77. At three used to wouldn't top ten. Olivia are many just comes out there are people not watching football as much as they were before because there are other options to watch which is probably huge part of it or else sent. This isn't as good they just Thursday night football. If you watch a lot there's a football last year. I wanna spend three hours. Thursday right now after northern most of the games are garbage. But enough. I mean Family Guy the Simpsons. They were killed for fur for football's ratings and kill firm was looking at. Saturday night football on ABC college football models behind an aria yeah so. As as bad as it is and let's just keep it in perspective is not really bad is bad compared to what level. The seat that's what we've been saying. It's declining and has been declining it is getting worse. But is it not gonna it's not all can work we're done declining now we're gonna. Now it's it's declining but the wind when it declined to nobody else is rising so there it. When they're declining. There's nobody taking over. They're there they're coming down but nobody's like topping them. Survivor would take the NFL's reigning how to get away with the murder and these are great either great shows. Well they don't have the negative rumors or whatever. I'll hug it out I don't know about your 6177797. ID 37 its telephone number right back to the call that you guys. I'll widely keeper madness coming up on author of very highly last I know it's fry it and not know what it is still teachers there and see what happened last month and I. Did a letter with a pilot will solve all of us isn't it okay OGL I'll cash. Well that's different that. Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.