DHK with Patrick Chung on Patriots Monday

Dale & Keefe
Monday, October 23rd

The boys chat with Patriots safety Patrick Chung after a win over the Falcons.


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It's patriots Monday we're down here to let stadium just heard from Bill Belichick a few moments ago joining us right now is. From England patriots defensive back Patrick Chung brought you by Needham bank Safeco insurance and by Honda north. Hey Patrick are you today. I I you don't hey bill just said here today let's go when he was in the studio with us that overall this was the patriots best effort of the season offense defense special teams. We see the improvement in the defense. What are the areas that you feel this defense is really starting to click on. I mean. You do it because ready or click on everything and aren't communications circle it you know does not get an equipment basically it's feel. You know we're Peru on their lives to continue to do one game let him her. Salt of club go to put their dispute to do it again looking about it. You know Patrick you guys came up with some really big plays on on defense numerous replays. Last night which one do you think. Would you call the turning point in game four. Home. What would not because I seriously can't block that kick. They're kind of got to go governor bush started beating them more art of war locked it through the public aid for turning point you know like. You know to fill the last quarter note these are also on the drastic was it and where you're at play old law discussed or. Our river. Probably wanted to best games of your career you know a nice I think it was a Monday night Miami you're all over the place. Ignited on special teams. Did you work that way on special teams just like it does on offense or defense you know going into a gamer dirty game I've got to tonight. I've read about a block a kick out whatever didn't you just know it. During the games at the moment at what moment the thing like that. Yeah I mean it's good solid and their children that really is currently on was instilled you know weaknesses are. Chancellor attractively surgeon also. To go in the game you prepared. Either you're the trigger though he also filled. Because a lot a little bit of everything and so sometimes you have yeah that Dillard Jack about Dylan album does it play. Now with Gilmore roping out the last couple weeks we've seen a lot more of Johnson got a mostly and Jonathan Jones how do you think those guys play. Or click. Their slogan of this still clearly we're winning games also got to play with. Know wherever is. A double play and you know look guys step up in the possible the open door and you know hopefully that can continue to do you know in a game by game plan about what you know they're definitely helped socialist. Patrick congratulations on the big win last night now we'll talk to again soon congratulations again. I gotta you have today. Take care study that is up Patrick Chung from the New England Patriots. Joining us. Think you think of a left or right yeah I thought around the world. They should think well it's important signal. It is long and I don't know it was a long lines in Arnold's life and you incident was a left turn now look at it would have taken a right turn on rent a point. But the grip on an editor. As a whole lot of those plays lots of work and note I don't know turn on assignment I many of them problem you think oh yes they found here on I in my experience absolutely now if you're in a left only lane yet with the left aero do you still use your liquor. And I usually go on laughed yeah a little wrongly charged into a rut we use the bleaker too much.