DHK - Patrick Chung talks about the best trash talker on the team and he is making ox tail for the guys.

Monday, November 27th

Patrick Chung joins the show to talk about the improvements the defense has been making and the win against the Dolphins. Patrick also talks about what he makes for Thanksgiving and Holley makes sure Patrick will be saving him some ox tail.  


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Hey Patrick Qaeda. Whoa pretty. What do and it would doing great thanks. Terrific defensive performance by your team yesterday with seven seven sacks a couple of interceptions. Overall we satisfied with how the defense played. Well yes although obviously what the integrated corporate towards. Let turnovers so recover. Trying to give every game as a defense so of course samples are definitely used to go to work on in order to know that and are yet I'm especially pleased. How to do it talks you about the global before it get to that point I wanna tell you I was unbelievable on Thursday ahead brisket. I had stood and applying. I had. Fried Turkey and instead made it until I had Eddie didn't make it but I know. I know you are chef. So tell me what you had and tell tell us what we're missing because we still haven't had anything for me. I'll make it uphill right there but all yeah soccer if you ask freeze of frees them threes. We're we're we're not telling you right now don't I don't really putting well well. I say if I remember artwork and right now. Ox tails. About theirs they were you we have the part that you make me think. All know what it paid Turkey does seeing. Are there we'll we'll premiere American cheese heads in the essentially that the record regular stuff that. Vertical mode but those tickets would use them without question let it go to bed. So you obviously have to make sure I have the date right next Monday as the fourth is that right. December 4. So December 4 coming back from buffalo. You'll be here I'll be here. Bring in Scottsdale. Where. Can you do right now there are at a critical moment. Okay. By the unit at the triple I'll I'll tell you talk about it about a year of I'll be around not a problem. What in the work. Go as far consult our partnerships to guard the outlook here. There's only one of us I know why I'm vote will be having to have somebody please. Are you watching the games on the on Thursday like everybody else Patrick you kind of get away from football. All our last game I mean I think I would honestly say it. Thanksgiving games and others say actually it's got to watch football other than not watched or yacht last couple of respect. When you take a look at at yesterday's game here in the win against Miami. Did did you get what you expected to get out of the dolphins from an offensive perspective did they did they show you anything that you guys weren't ready for. Not really get me it would serve pretty well there I mean there are always has some distance and utilities and we saw logos. Don't have a mix I would play with a couple weeks put. That would what are really also there could signal that we don't they know us. You know there's so get a notebook down get arcane political order inherently different view. You know I know Patrick alt fumble recoveries are not created equally sometimes you you looking forward sometimes because it sometimes somebody screaming at you ball and get it. How would you describe yesterday's just of your recovery there. Surprised that I mean that the border is finishing play you know I gave no column called reduced me saying this is. You're finishing the plane ever to look at our partner for our coach source close to get to the ball you never know what they've got solved just. Of literally just sit there watching Kyle Tucker will make sure it would curve ball to talk out you know sources. You know supplies and you're getting ready there is a little effort since football. Similar to game is pretty chippy at times Kenny stills looks like he was talking draw a lot of people throughout the game of curious who's the best trash talker. On your team who's the best trash talker you'd ever faced. On my thirteen hundred this remarkable. She's hilarious. Hilarious she's not disrespectful you can't say what you on the things he says we're glad Yugoslavia. You know it competitor and that Harvard brother. We'll. Oh yeah. Although public stage lately apparently an awful lot that. So it's quicker than they're never like. Disrespect in public standard air sampler C announcer call this the order to keep the game or if you gave more. Intentional. Or you're welcome Coca. That whole spinning the football thing when you're down by two touchdowns looks a little weird to me though. Yeah yeah. It's pretty hard worker bark or. Well we gotta get we gotta get Malcolm Butler wired for sound engineers and a forgetting Karajan knew that to put the Mike on the next. A mall or on wall order. Patrick we appreciate your time. We'll talk to again suit thank you are who we are taking us.