DHK with Peter King – Robert Kraft is a “league partner” who will side with Goodell

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 14th

We check in with Peter King from the MMQB and SI for the latest on the Patriots and the NFL drama involving Jerry Jones and his desire to block Roger Goodell’s contract extension


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Time for our weekly conversation with Peter King from the MM QB. Our talk with Peter sponsored by your New England Honda dealers and gridiron glory at the Museum of Science Peter joins us right now hey Peter how aria. What's that dale however you. Find better than now Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell. Jimmy your take on what Jerry Jones is attempting to do what is end game is here. I think you end game is to. Delay. The contract. And the final negotiation of the contract until at least sometime in 2018. In theory basically is that. We've got a bunch of things that Europe in the year ended don't look. Look good right now the the fact that advertisers are up in arms over the anthem protests. The fact that TV ratings are down a and about 15%. Over the last few years. The fact that the leak continues to be royal and no matter who's the commissioners is gonna happen. By eight Z the long term. Worry about the future of football. And that. That Roger Goodell basically is is on the losing streak. And he just he doesn't understand that I think he's absolutely right he does understand why. We is more than a year ago on his contract players or rush to redo it there's no pressure to redo it. He's not going anywhere. And what happens if you know six months from now. The ratings continue there nose accurate that this year there continue to be all these brush fires going on and and I think he's got an excellent point. Our Peter got a sheet of paper here I have five reasons why. Robert Kraft would be supporting Roger Goodell over Jerry Jones and you're gonna have give me your reason that I don't have written down to tell me why Robert Kraft. Who got crushed. Vied to placate his franchise did. Why would that guy he's supporting Roger gonna. Because. He views himself as a partner in the league and even when things go wrong for him personally. I mean really how wrong if they go the patriots still won a Super Bowl number one and number two. He. He and endorse his family here are going to on this team. And act for however long for the next half century whatever it would be. Soul I think he goes he looked at this. With that view beyond. What current situation is and I think. Craft is one of those owners who feel right now that. That. The most important thing on the league's agenda. In knee. In the near term and not so near term say the next three or four years is a new collective bargaining agreement. And the head of the players association these Smith. Is on record as saying. Two. TP bit. I forget his exact words but it it's very likely there's gonna be a work stoppage. And so. To put somebody in there I think I think owners like Robert Kraft deal that. Whoever the next commissioner would be and quite honestly. Whoever would be is gonna learn have to learn on the fly because I doubt sincerely. That there's gonna be anybody inside the league office right now. Who can garner enough support now he could be in time but you could garner enough support right now to get. If you don't win the commissioner's job. If it wins it goes out. So basically your answer I think your answer airlines with number three I have on my list which is. Robert Kraft is the ultimate company man now you get some people would take that as a pejorative and it could be admit that way or you can say hey that's a positive he's thinking about something larger than himself is that a fair. Way of saying it. I think Robert Kraft has been. He is his time. In the National Football League if you if you remember way back in the beginning. A generation ago. His time. Is that time of really big golden age of the NFL. And if you're Robert Kraft that you basically had. Paul Tagliabue. Leading right into Roger Goodell closer to. Company man I mean take leave a longtime lawyer for Italy India Dell never had another Japanese life other than we is the NFL. In some capacity. And end Robert Kraft looks at it and says. Man you know when I came home and told my wife stated basically cost us about. Twenty million dollars more than I'd say it was my outer limit. She wanted to throw me out of the house and I'm exaggerating she didn't but she was very upset about it. Blood look what has happened to the patriots in the intervening time you know since then the New England Patriots have won five super doubles. I have gone to. You know three other suitable. And or one of the great success stories in recent American sports. So. And the franchise is worth it billion dollars so if you're Robert Kraft. I'm not sure is that the wise is big for you want. Is for use that power structure. On park avenue in New York the NFL office to be blown up. How much support do you think Jerry Jones has because we hear about their compensation committee and those six owners and sir what. Where their heads are out there we know how outspoken Jerry Jones is but there's still another 25. Owners out there how many of them do you think are on the side Richard Jones. I think. And I have. Spoken to a couple of those. Owners rich a couple of the owners that I would call. Eight silent minority. And I mean I think at least somebody whose partner Jerry Jones. Hey he told me that Jerry Jones believes he has far more support in this then people say. And any yet I wanna make this clear I don't think it's going to be to be enough support. To oust the bill and to stop. The contract. From getting down permanently however. There are. Quite a few people and CNBC just as a report the sectors. And which I just saw before we be we the we began speaking. That that there is. A good size group of owners who want to see the negotiations put off for awhile. And I think it's yeah it's the end of the day it's only right and you ask how much of forty hasn't Lee as. I'd only be guessing about who he has and so are we being Snyder. It would probably go to Jim Irsay colts and and maybe the end rocky brook who's in the with the Koreans who took the top spot he loved Jerry but he also. Knows that. You know and he's had a pretty good spot now and Los Angeles. Building another palace. If you don't have a beautiful stadium. So. I think my gut feeling would be is saying that. I do think that there is some significant. Push back about this contract. But. At the end of the day at some point. These these people are gonna have to to surface. And are going to have to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jerry Jones. And I don't get a sense that that's gonna be any time soon. But I do believe it Gerri has more support then I definitely believe she does. We're talking to Peter king of of the MM QB NFL spokesman Joseph Lockhart said today that the NFL has no issues with how Martellus Bennett. Ended up with the patriots this past week. Do other GMs and owners in the National Football League have a problem with a. I think every you know I've only talked to one other team about this dale in the last three or four days because I was. Totally. Detailed Jones blank duty. But the one thing I think everybody's just shock. First of all. Is that he played. On Sunday night. Because. Like he said. In his post game press conference. He basically told his agent have not I'm not plane however he worries that I'm I'm gonna go have surgery on me you know I'm. I'm gonna go during the human race and then when Belichick called its sounds like he said. Hey look. And and look at not paraphrasing this. And I mean even assuming what he thinks about this which it sounds very much like he thinks they looked at the last two months I've ever been played football. It edit right image right shoulder a little bit more so what. It'd be okay. And so dale. I think that if you Green Bay Packers. You're angry because Martellus Bennett. Really tarnished the image. Of a doctor Robert MacKenzie who. Had an absolutely crystal clear refutation. Before this I mean just I mean. Extremely well liked and well respected by the players. On that team for the years and I've been covering him. And so I. I don't think. That there's going to be any organized protest to what the patriots did because all the patriots did quite honestly is. They took advantage of an ugly divorce between player and team. I don't see how anybody could have any problem with the patriots did. Our Peter so you look at the first four weeks of the season for the patriots they give up 42 points they give up twenty. Then 33 and then 33. And everybody's looking at them what's wrong at the patriots are two into the defense is horrible. Five straight wins later what's impressed you the most if you had to boil it down on one thing what would it be. The fact that. Bill Belichick. Never one time and look I'm not in the building how what I now I don't talk to build so I don't know that either but. I'm just gonna make this point about what has been impressive. About this season at least to me and that is that. Belichick just figured you know we'll figure it out. We have a bunch of new players on this team. You know both very young players in players who just walked in the door and it's not gonna take forever. For good player right Johnson better mostly to figure out what exactly were doing. And we're gonna put everybody in any good enough position we're gonna benefit. By eight the maturation. Of guys like trees flowers who are very good players. And we're gonna benefit from all that later in the season. And I think that's exactly what happened I think that. The one of the reasons with the patriots why you never really should get nervous early in the year. Is that you look at that time after time after time and as long as Tom Brady is playing on the other side of the ball. You're always going to be competitive late in the year. And that's exactly what happened here and I just think that there was no panic. About the kind of system they were playing Michael there was only. He's just thought that we're gonna get this right because we get it right every year and who knows maybe not. Probably not gonna be a I Carolina Panthers caliber defense sir or Pittsburgh Steelers however defense. This year but I think they're gonna be good enough to win any game they play. Peter we always appreciate the time we'll talk to next week you argue there's there that is up Peter King from the MM QB joining us. Interesting to note that he thinks that there is a a bigger group of owners in the NFL believes. Wanna kind of put the brakes on this a little bit we'll all find out if the break down go the breaks go on he's right. I'll be cured is. There there. They're interest but not so interested that they want to stop it like he does. I they're interested in it but he's got another agenda so he's pretend that that's my problem him he's pretending like his agenda as hey guys. I'm just asking that question he's one of those guys enough in those guys are frauds nine I just and I just asking the question you're asking a question because you've got something else. That you you're trying to say so for Jerry Jones he's asking the question. Because he's mad about Ezekiel Elliot he's mad about the anthem socket packet to watch also a master of your money possible this thing down.