DHK - Peter King on his relationship with players, previewing Patriots at Steelers.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, December 13th

Peter King joins us for his weekly appearance to discuss his relationship with NFL players like Tom Brady, and his thoughts on the Patriots @ Steelers.


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Yeah. Thought it would. Hit from the MM QB and kind of an interesting week in the National Football League would. Injuries and cautions that has this been as tough a physical week he's you can remember Peter. Yeah I think there's been a few weeks this year Rory just say hey you know they're Winstar is go down it's one thing but. It just seems this year end and the magazine wrote about it this week and we get a huge story this week. And the cover on it just says carnage. And I don't think that there are all that more all that many more injuries purse say. But they're certainly are more injuries. To star players and so little means stars like Shawn Watson and and it I think one of the things that. You'll see this coming offseason as you'll see Jeremy it is almost like a Major League Baseball. Where you see a lot of teams right now spending. Real money 789 million dollars a year on middle relievers. And that's sort of become light thing in baseball and I think this thing in football. Is going to be. Somebody is going to pay. Hate skiing in this offseason. A lot of money to be your backup quarterback. Because. You're gonna see the captain go up you know word word is down in Dallas that the NFL meetings that. They've told people that it's likely to go up to about a 178. Million which. That is the case and if you can. Basically. Do your quarterbacks. In the cap. Under the cap for lets say a couple of buying. Thirty million bucks. Let's just say. And if you view that that becomes about 16%. Of your salary cap and you might say oh my god that's so that's huge amount of money. But. Indeed at the end of the day for two or your ten most important players. Because I think now you look at any estate look at how many teams really need their back up quarterback to try to win. And so I think that's going to be the moral of the story more teams are going to be competing for good backup quarterbacks. Speaking of quarterbacks go Brady and Roethlisberger. Sunday in Pittsburgh I'm excited you're excited. What do you expect to see in this game. I think the most interesting thing as power the New England Patriots. Going to dip and Antonio Brown. And you know what all this. Well all this stuff now about people saying in essence that. Antonio Brown you know which is that legitimate MVP candidate and all this. Which. I'm not so sure and I think if you ask. Mike Tomlin if he gave in sodium pentothal and you ask him. If you had to take away one guy from. Your game this week against the patriots. Who would you choose to take away Antonio Brown Ben Roethlisberger. My gut. Feeling and I think it's that close is the sake or play without Antonio Brown we don't think we could win. Without Ben Roethlisberger but having said that I think the last year and I go by memory here might go. But memory is that last year during the regular season. When they played the Steelers Antonio Brown was. He's right or a hundred yards he did he get a good job against them. But I think what happened salaam in that game. Is that they try to play Malcolm Butler out of and Malcolm Butler made some big catches her hubby Antonio Brown made some big catches. And I don't my gut feeling is they place safety over the top. And then they may be played Gilmore over him and put Butler on the other side of the field but I don't know I. But I think it's going to be fascinating chess match especially because. You know even though you say hey the patriots coming off that game Monday night there at a disadvantage or they're not playing well or or whatever. But when you look at Pittsburgh and it is. I mean every game for Pittsburgh. It if they win but it's like a trip to the dentist and its its. And they they struggle I mean they struggle to beat Brett Conley at home. So I you know who knows what will see that it's I think it's going to be great game. Peter what you make of the game on Monday was that just picked up for the patriots or maybe something more. Not mean I think it when I look at that game and again I don't know any of the numbers about what exactly. You know whether Brady. It was hit. You know a lot more than usual but it seemed like he was hit more than usual. And I think that have to do with the fact that he just didn't have. The weapons I mean when you're without. The slot receiver you've been allowed in all Europe these people with your without sir your favorite receiver and then. You know you're most. Eight years you most impact full. You don't pass catcher in Gradkowski. In your without those guys on the road where you're playing a team. That's a pretty good defense that is the last game they have anything to play for really this year. You know despite what you know it might say mathematically. Either I mean I was surprised by the game. But. I was sent out I wouldn't be as upset. By if I were patriots in watching that game. Because. You know I I don't think that I would be alarmed about Brady because he had such a run of good games. Before that. Mean you know I think thirteen. Touchdowns to interceptions in his previous six or seven games and completing over 70% so. I think it's a little bit more of an aberration. Ridge based on the pressure that Brady saw. We're talking to Peter king of the MM QB. Three of the four of us thought Rob Gronkowski should have been suspended for his actions and he ultimately was did you think Michael Bennett should have been suspended. I do now based on what the NFL. Has. Has sort of put is its line of demarcation. When you intentionally. It was whether you're intentionally trying to hurt somebody here at Richard doing things outside the rules. And you're doing things in diving peoples' knees. Which clearly are outside the rules. And which you can't do. And so. I and look I think one of the problems in the NFL now is that they're kind of kind of changing the rules as they go along. Which just happened before but I really noticing this year Rick the suspensions. Usually. Plays lights the robber Greg housekeeping I think if that happened three years ago that would have been just that very heavy fine. And not a suspension but now. Because players' safety is so much on the front burger. You know gronkowski obviously in my opinion deserved to be suspended. But if that if that intent to injure intraday he's white which. You know whether they perceive it as intent. Or whatever it was to meet Michael Bennet was just as bad. And you think tank and some of these cases. Guys get judged more harshly if if that guy they hit. Doesn't get back up and other words of David righted jump up and it is had done gronkowski space masked this in Krause that's that this compels you get a one game suspension. The great question. Maybe not. But I do think the fact that he can he was can cut absolutely. Had something to do that Michael. And and also ask you and just in terms of the way you do your job in Monday Morning Quarterback to talk to so many people. How how many words a week that like 101000 words 5000. It's about 85 on. 8500. 8500 words I look at that that's about two chapters in the book but that's the way I look at it. Peter so you talked to so many people around the league and and you make a determination make any writer does that okay like this guy he seems to be pretty solid or this guy's lubavitcher. It makes you wonder now when you hear about how Marshall Faulk and he evidence and Eric Davis and Donovan McNabb. It all this year 2017. It makes me feel like I don't know anybody anymore. Only agree. Might go under I'm telling you I said this to somebody on our staff today. That. It reinforces. The whole idea. That. We can write long features stories about people. And we can say hey I really like that guy but I am not gonna be. I'm not gonna be somebody who's gonna say okay. I will eyewitness spent two hours of Tom Brady do week after Super Bowl I Apatow lite probably quite a bit. But if somebody says hey you know for exit well I mean. I I know Brady I guess some but I don't know him well. I mean I am not hey look I'm not in any way describing anything to Tom Brady but by the same okay so I've. Spent quite a bit of time with Larry it's sheer delight really know Larry it sure I get signed I spent a lot of time with a lot of players. But the right now I know them as much as they want. Need to know them I guess is what I am saying and I I couldn't agree that you are at the exact same feeling. That what should those guys wipe seen. You know I saw the NFL network guys are mean Marshall Faulk has always been totally. You know good. You know upstanding guy everything like that he's sorry and that video. Would Robert Kraft went to Israel. That he was one of the guys got a very eloquent and and a serious. Guy and everything and I just. I just think you don't. Really know the people who were covering and if we. If we wanna talk about fear athletic exploits and even some of the things they do charitably. That's great and I think that it should be pointed out but I also think just exactly as you say. Don't say that if you ask me hey what you think about guy acts. Well my experience with a it is has been really good I think he's a really good guy. But deep down we just we don't really know everything about these guys. Last question for me I don't think it's still a two team race in the AFC the patriots and the Steelers though Michael over here is a big Jacksonville Jaguars fan right now mum on how good do you think they are. The interesting thing is that we have said for quite awhile that you know. Well we look Jacksonville's defense but that Oracle's. He's he is eventually gonna kill. Well OK look plate portals the last two big Serb look at his numbers on Sunday night and I said. You know let's get out the blight block it is good the Blake portals hate being like him. Just for a little while last two weeks 70% passer for touchdowns no interceptions. And may seventh barely speak for it was against Seattle on Sunday against the good defense and I look. I don't know what play Bordeaux is going to be like in January. You don't get it became what it here first games in Foxborough. And need to light think Blake portals beaten Tom Brady in the playoffs no delight they play portals beating Ben Roethlisberger in the playoffs probably not. But. I entry. I don't you can't be intrigued especially. With the fact that you've got Leonard Forman who who is not quite as. Explosive. As he was. I say like in the middle of October. But he he gives them an added dimensions so I. You know look at I don't know how you watch the jaguars right now and say that there's no way they can win games in January area. I think you're very interesting Siemens. And press as the probable three seed I would think. You're gonna have to be dead at home in the wild card rabbit and it's slightly vague on the road. And I don't see them winning a couple of road playoff games but they're they're going to be tough out I think. Peter we always preach it's time we'll talk again next week. Thanks Peter thank our conversation with Peter King is sponsored by gridiron glory at the Museum of Science MD Anderson Cancer Center and by.