DHK - Post-Gazette Writer Paul Ziese gives us the typical Pittsburgh view of the Patriots (hint: cheating!)

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, December 14th

We check in with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer (and former roommate of Michael Holley) Paul Ziese to get the typical Pittsburgh slant on the Patriots... namely that they cheat.  And Dale gets a little animated about it.


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I know he's your friend Paul but this guy just completely embodies. Why I can't stand picture it is there in general I just want to punch him in his smug overly confident measures. Notable amongst us hasn't said that in the past. Five joining us right now is Paul's nice talk show host on 937 the fan. In Pittsburgh and also a a columnist for the Pittsburgh post is that but most importantly to rich tonight. Michael's former college roommate hi Paul how aria. Awesome don't guard guys are you guys go. Paula doing pretty well and that back caller who who said he wanted to touch interface. I understand that feeling nice I wanted to get you many times. It arguments as you know over the years. You know and we got into a reference basically over her argument apart. Well we're really little local yeah. Okay yeah yeah yeah it was yeah. In and went from there it went uphill or downhill from there. So but this crazy story you wrote today that what bush are paying your jumping all over the place you say. Steelers wolf filing and the patriots dynasty give all these reasons. And then at the end instead a patrons gonna win the game so what what's going to be the Steelers and patriots went. Work well you know or don't you are tied him as that of earlier column that is still has ordered a big departure for here. And you know that started out slow. Yeah I'm I learn from our mistakes. And there are aren't really there are true and that that is still a lot better than this. And how can I guess there's there's a major advocate. That. You know or it is here that it's almost 400 articulate he 97 touchdown and they're similar searches are operated the Steelers. So I can do that all adds there's that regulates. I don't know that I can bet that you are lower than ever I think I think clearly there are. I record breaker and very well our. Argument as to why they're going to repeat. I'm glad you're you're gonna pick particularly when. Paula is Mike Tomlin a good coach and o.s got a great record and he's been very very long time but I I have a hard time putting him in there that that top group of our coaches in the league. Well. Earlier in his record verdict there were some. Years ago and he's sort of start that yeah we're you know it that simple. Defense that's our defense got a little. Are virtually all of you know I trailer pretty good city where. All of our government OK yeah. We're right there basically there are out there. Well here they were the Soviet Sylvia at the last. Weaker this season's show. You know most main political rebuilding. They are actually or whatever. Umpire in that regard Gartner and I think ladies. You know something that does not you know they're not a big desire for instance there's Clark it is awful Klitschko fight like. Well that is all. Wouldn't here are Eric your world order you've got to answer it I'll let us. Respectable. Citizen. Didn't you want him gone after they lost in the AFC championship game last year yes you did yes you did I read your column. Mark all of. That you laughter AFC championship game against those patriots decimate them you say they got to make some changes they gotta do something. Like literally the column the day after the AFC championship. I certainly did are up to fire. And they execute. Execute well or the reason that because you are as they. He's. As you look radiant perjury isn't what they've done that a receipt. And let's let the let it was in the North Korea. They'd get out of character and Blackberry Eritrea talent market where there are always replicate as they are and they're good. It's like you go at all or a couple more years you want a big factor to our Arctic. I'll let you. Here. They actually have been outscored a major world and the other where there are people authorities certainly there as it's 41. The Steelers don't score 41 points on the patriots really. Well as as committee you know what measures question. The merger and they'll all the others are last year. Our locker. No return to this person in our board there at. Along with their resource. They didn't let let OK they the patriots you said it yeah use that in this is the real issue with the Steelers it's not talent. They had talented teams over the years and Brady within lieutenant to. In his career against the Steelers got some talented teams over the years had a fifteen and one. Team that then that team played at home and AFC championship game out of spots to be the greatest team and we we've heard this before. So whether you think it's they've never faced anybody like this before the patriots have the steelers' number they usually do so. I get the point of I'll be Gaza healthy but I'm not even sure that's a real issue. Bigger and bigger affect than they're get out and the national weather pattern I can't operate. And you know I look at it that people aren't sources narrowed so they probably out. Don't write him we're here. Or is. And the first in our. Panel as. It ended at the local or air act on her earlier that at the little. And it's got it they're never had a copy of the letter like right now also the mayor. Yeah it's an honor it is what it ourselves or our. The surgery it starts next gross. Top five defense Nepal top five top five points a lot of what you wrote today it's a month now ordered or radar are odd points it's. The yards it did in the past month. Other commitments. Which direction that life like all of Africa. As Margaret. It better. Earlier topic here. There are similar incident slaughter wanted to record. Or. How hard I have sat and act like I ended up and she wrote an article quote. We've established many times talk about Bill Belichick. His legacy is flawed. Because he cheats. They can't win without Tom Brady's must have been laughed when you wrote that you don't believe that you know. What it is that not true. And my partner here and I you know I wanted to come back it is I say or you're out. But the patriots. And emirates news well. You know knowing the other games like because I don't. I'll go yeah. Our company at an artwork no legal football. Oh yeah. Not at all samples. That ridiculous or. Are. There aren't you know we're all our thoughts on her. Robert and remembering that article. That was there was it was when he. At two years. All that well in the last round you know coach to win ten games too by the way. Anyone want. Every year and expert where they're fat or. Where we're at chapel at all the products are being here. Are currently only. Paul Paul how much effect did you think it if Tom Brady took the air out of the football so much do you think that affected things. Or are murder Hartford that would be done Paul pulled just say the word and none because that's what you mean. I know there. Are important at all how much effect do you think it happens. I'm not that they are all not that. And urban worker for the alt well. I put it. But the last two Super Bowl Paul we know more after that so they were probably measuring them in the super balls yet to release given those. It. Yeah. You know Bernard at practice or goes straight there. Well practiced this tape because because that's happened I have never did that ball they didn't take the practice not won a all you can laugh like a fool you sound like one they didn't do that. There. Aren't. That remote from all the patriots are. Well. So I I know I know. There are Russian person not at all they actually felt very. They go out on the political outlook on the content although he won at their most Robert all right that's. You're you can look at it tomorrow. I tell our resident Ed speaking out speaking of talking points list what your daughter right now that your your typical Steelers spared saying I'll wait a minute. They took super balls away from. 2001. We would've won that game of if not we're spy Gator 2004. If not more per spy gate they they took it away this kind of letting. Letting the coaching staff saw the hook letting the players off the record held stewards of this to Ben Roethlisberger to wanna write the Rodney Harrison retired for 87 yard. How they affect. That's the reason I didn't get to the Super Bowl spots there. There aren't why put so it's no wonder what. These easy. Yeah you know let's talk golf coach told scouting and I'll give you may not yet. When you I don't think you're really serious about politics if you say Pallet Jack in New England. He hasn't won without a guy that he drafted in the sixth round. Why did he lose points off of that that she should get credit for drafting its sixth round quarterback who became a hall of Famer right. Well America is. It may object what Paul what do Chuck Noll went without who live without the that's still current leader. Well certainly if barker as they work well. I donated. More along the salt that word fluid load. No let up on eleven game WiMax Matt Cassel. And anything. Yeah. The mountains and that's who got a lot of oil there at all out. Certainly want us out a couple Lara how do you know Brady can win with anybody other than Belgian. Library. I'm going to give radio. At least Dylan I think given Brady all the credit extended to anybody you want to achieve credit away problem for the in the air pressure a football. Or you're out. At all at all but very. Critical because you're. Think they'll be seen on Sunday. That the patriots the team on Sunday. Margaret Margaret. Up of the pitchers will be cheat your articles I have the patriots are gonna win that we don't pick it up from one direction aren't that I was appalled. They would debates she's last year when they beat the Steelers here at Gillette Stadium. Oil in a long record what they had flaws. I. You need a headphone that the NFL is in our job right well. Is that there. I know it's as what. Happened. No no legs and it happens all over the night parallel group. Well aren't all homer. Not much. That are. Very. And irises. What is. Hey Paul what Colin Dunlap he was very critical bug nighttime radio and I was the Dunlop he was on the station yesterday. Oh yeah I would certainly. It's so we want to sort of a little more hopeless slaughter RP here. You. Don't want to god I'll you know and you're in the early. Here Eric are you glad you're welcome your anger and which quarter a year so he's hold its. There aren't any there there are. So. There aren't very limited. You are the greens like a point. It. I got what was well it was a good plan the here we goes on so we were we're ready for that we don't plan on Monday regardless. But I thought I thought. My old college roommate will be able to get real prediction on the game I'm disappointed it. It is in all I did you hold it down with a real solid opinion against the Steelers on the radio right at the path of the papers you can be right either way because they lack of hatred yeah total. I'll let him out. I. Would. Why didn't you write yeah let's all the polls is that well I are here. Last year. There are a lot of old. Yeah. Are what it was like under there or are very. I'm not and I can't I guess I had reached out. What he did that in the end it was sort of buried there also are out. Of what I ordered it. I don't know. Red I. We gonna live on every night. All right I'm trying to with a bookie they had like that libelous or ironic I tweeted that is going to be feel. I'm looking forward to the the hatred tomorrow out tomorrow evening on super bug on Pittsburgh radio rhythm for. In I I didn't. Know. I. Liked that. It. On your dad. Always flourished always look at Pittsburgh is like a second or third home but now that's not the widow. Well let. Iran might out of it I'm going to sit out here where it. It's got into the. You're the one person is mentioned college football ads radio station that they're biased and I are. Our Paul. Paul's nice and I'm gonna guess that eat at some Point Park University Italian bank could you were doing his homework because I have kept at it couldn't understand the Cogent point to slap in the face. Calling card is all I know it is the ten year that all right now is yeah. This is a talent which you just heard there it's Wayne's ice in Dunlap that's hit. That is those to win when the team has won so much and it's it's been two main figures. You kinda have to choose one made the other the other Sox the ones we saw in this case. He's admitting that Brady's great Brady's often like you'll think she'd accept X seventy but there. He's the reason why they of one dollar check on what is what does he won without Brady a lot of rather than 820 year. So that's pretty that's where he's was he actually borrowing Jonathan Jones phone 21 line and he was look at and I don't was gone out to Jones territory. Now that was fine. Let's get back because you guys off a couple of minutes you wait your appearance tomorrow night round narrative are getting loaded for bear yet you think that Patrick calls before that does it sit there and listen to the Steelers fans. 61 at the patriots 6177797937. Is telephone number text line it's 37937. We get back to the calls the view coming up next Sports Radio W media.