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Wednesday, December 6th

HOUR 2 - The past few days in the NFL have been on the tumultuous side as far player discipline goes. Suspensions for Rob Gronkowski and Juju Smith-Schuster have made some of the NFL analysts go overboard. 


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The ball Britain's. Tony broad topic on which I know low quality. Arms because they'd like the black guys Tony brought up an idea assured Greek. And racial politics and every day. And I did on the radio station any number of years that you asked me the same question I answered the same way. Twenties Rodney does it go a bit today 25 years from now. Race factors into everything I don't wanna be anybody's day. I don't think color that the damn lot. You can choose to deal with it some people better do not know me you guys yeah I mean people all ought. Everybody sees call. Our number two Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI that was Michael will bond from PTI who joined us last hour. And I said will dive into the phone calls we well you guys are all lined up in and ready to respond. 6177797937. Is telephone under the tax line is 37937. Let's kick off with a Anthony in New Bedford Anthony I don't. I don't. So much as I love your show I was into it every day by I just wanna jump on while Mike Lowell on the side. I watched TGI pretty regularly. And the only person that sounded like they had an agenda was Michael will block. To me bringing up that gronkowski. Available a black played really has no relevance. In this discussion. He had a player who was holding him he let the frustration get the better of him. And it just didn't get a cheap shot clock ousted but it was a cheap shot. Plan to put it on Tony Kornheiser because he asked a question so please him. Only using. What she wants to use to suit his argue. You know race is an issue I'm half white half black eye sees things that other people don't policy. And to be honest with you it does sound to me like Michael well on really trying to push something. That isn't really there gronkowski hasn't old discipline history. He's never got in trouble haven't done anything like this Michael Crabtree a key to lead does that to you see Mike Evans chilled some money. You know I mean there's a lot of on the same Dez Bryant you know since she's come out of college Cornell Beckham to the list goes on it doesn't really have anything to do race. Nor F it let's say it's there okay let's say is there from the from the angle that he talked about the angle of of a perception and and racial dynamics. In the league you know what players and I'm sure I am uncertain of he's heard from players in the league he's are from all and I'm not owners these are from players and and scouts. And coaches in the league who talk about the double standard but that's the case and had about punishment when it comes to the NFL. Then I think you have a little more work to do at the players coalition when you're you've been talking about. Taking a knee and how the franchises should respond. And and doing some work in the community I think he got it. Keep it closer to home if players truly feel that their league is not. Handing out discipline. Fairly based on race then you've got to go to your player representative you've got to go to Dee Smith and say we gotta change. It's going to the next contract negotiations so if that's what he was talking about it's an out of eight players look at and say well why this happened to the white guy and this is happening to us. If you feel that way as a player. That you had a conversation I have with your leadership. But an and that most if if that will bonds whole point. I don't know if we could really prove it like I don't have I don't think that the league penalizes black players differently do what players I don't think that way but if that's his point. Maybe stick where that I was trying to ask him about. You know and as Anthony to the caller brought up hard rock elbows they black players you Michael Vaughan made a point to point that out but then he comes on our show and says. I don't think what prompted had anything to do with a race. And margins why did you bring that up and then he kept going back to will because this is a race issue both at his every issue with wrong that has no bearing on it. Sir are you saying he would have gotten suspended more of those the white play according what are you saying I know he did I know he made it very clear he did not want to vote words in his mouth but he said. Or he made sure to point out that the player that rock elbow was black and he didn't give us a good explanation that at all. And that that is what the most puzzling thing again if you wanna say there's a a racist issue within the league again I don't think I'd buy that but that you might have more boom. Ground instead on air and hit back from you hear that from players they're players in the league have certainly believe that. And and we saw some of that happening with Brady this I brought a Brady with him in of your patriots fan. You don't feel like. Hey yeah yeah that's a white guys get in trouble and they're getting off easy now not Tom Brady. Now I simulator nothing easy up the Tom Brady's situation as a matter of fact. You know you would think a lot of black players who feel like. They are judged differently a black players to relate to the case of Tom Brady because the goal pulls kept shifting. They kept changing the conversation on Brady kept accusing him of things that they and initially to accuse Emma. So you can say. That's the case. With with the Brady and I would pat I I saw this during the placate. Initially it was Powell wanted to go to with the golden boy a Tom Brady you know it's different set of rules for Brady so there are a lot of people. All over the country who were against Brady. That that the perfect white guy quarterback. And then as the NFL continued. To change it up on Brady and tighten the screws on them what if the players. Black and white rushed into the defense of Tom Brady saying okay it's got the greatest quarterback of all time. Look what they're doing it and this is too much we gotta change something Myers Roger Goodell why does he have so much power. He had this in this particular case. Will bonds as he did say it grow Kornheiser rotted out but I people upset. People who said this is a a racial incident. Well and and I do think Michael build one that you Michael Wilbon was being a bit disingenuous because in the cut that we played he clearly said. Rob Gronkowski hit the black player. That made it a racial issue. That's why I don't Torre brought it up than even said here I brought up I am sure agree with the Olympic okay that apple it was a matter who brought it up. That's how you feel if you if you felt differently what you would've. Orbit with a man and and quite honestly has is arguments sort of falls apart when he keeps try to fall back on the Crabtree to lead think well they got twice as many games. But then as you point out yet but this was the second time they've done it all cable maybe that was as maybe that was it. Those those two guys like squared off fighting each other in the end zone how long does that last how long on lake. From start to finish would that how long did that take up compared to grants stupid cheap shot that was promised you the second if I'm wrong did the exact same thing again. He would get one game out Russell. One thing I do agree with. His his analysis of Boston. And sensitivity. Racial sensitivity is a 100% right yeah there is yes we are here's a great deal and it is not just with people of one race. If you are if you if you grew up in Boston and you hear the way your hometown. Is described. Yeah you could say OK that happened and I understand why people feel that way and if you say that you you're in the minority. Most of the time it's. A c'mon now yeah that did happen. I remember that I remember that but no that's not fair and I don't have a whole story is stuff like that now are there that that reaction comes up a lot. And I felt this no. I I know how you feel in Boston I didn't grow up here and I did feel that way about Boston before I moved here. Spotlight I was I was on and it's okay. OK I have heard a lot of things I heard a lot of stories. About this city. And in living here you you have to be here for a long time just to understand where people are coming from an end to understand. How things are now. And didn't come by this completely edit eat. Soul bill his that was our. And even if it's not the same play it day that it was 840 years ago and we know you went in place. Played the most segregated. Places idiot America or lot a year Chicago and you know what you have to deal with what the error. Get a government who is a program parents or people warning in yearly maybe you didn't hear out of a their parents and grandparents so. Grandparents. Parents. Uncles and I would want I honestly and Andre is the ball generate enough about. Ancient history in some cases were Boston but yet and it brings a great point about Chicago case Chicago just look it up. So some terrific stories that have happened in the city of Chicago. But this is why Boston sensitivity is different. It happened in Chicago. Which you've got to do you've got to dig deep you gotta be a at an archive list. She did and to take to get into that it to to talk about that in the 21 century Chicago we don't watch Chicago and Al may be good to talk about. The homicide that happened there or they talk about talking about it being great city. At all the top sports fans in Chicago nobody's talking about race in the Chicago has a racial history. Equal to Boston's. It if not greater in a lot of cases. But what Boston in the when he first entry if you bring up Boston. That automatically comes up on the touch screen are yet have Boston has the patriots won their fifth Super Bowl and the history system. So that's why people here let where and it let's go ahead. Yes it was earned his earned it other places to. Terrence and an attorney Karen you do. Good how yeah we're gonna. Irma I've been listening to that I am mom I'm against I'm hack at and I am happy like eight. And I'm like shocked. I have been the flip side of that which is. Wong also would mall that entire team and nobody really thought that was great. When he was attacked by black players. And I just don't get that I don't get how we will move forward unless. We let things go and everybody stops talking about race. And making an issue when it was never an issue camera. Which is what Michael would get. Yeah I TI I can't understand how you would think that anything on the field. On Sunday headed into the race. Weather was the bills players defending bronco or brought dropping an elbow wanna defender but none of that. Had anything to do with race while and I wanted to make declared that I wasn't accusing he and Tony of this ball we've heard other people we play cuts of people. Making the Brady Josh McDaniels. Argument on the sidelines a matter of race. Well the black quarterback in doubted it would have been treated the same way. But the and I think what they're saying okay did going to the other category. There's dale hollow it would be perceived. You know we place Shannon Sharpe last hour okay I can't wait to see you well what would happen if Cam Newton gets into an argument that's offensive coordinator. Which oh by the way he was also setting up a false narrative. Like this and I was talking a no he was talking about. The black quarterback yelling at all white offensive coordinator in this case it was a white reporter I don't quite offensive coordinator. And at I don't I don't even know what that what the consensus is around the country the patriots like you were pretty much guess. That if if the patriots and Brady Sony nationally. The thing what most people would take the side of Josh McDaniels. If they have to make it probably hate both of them. Eight mcdaniels and the coaches with the patriots and he cheater. Hey Brady because it gets away with everything he's a wider. And he's got a perfect life and gets away with all the stuff so it is Tom Brady yelling at and a coordinator I would think. North at about narrative that overused word I think that narrative would be if you have to pick. One of them who is more right. Most people would go wit mcdaniels so it occasionally sat Politico there's still in your case. Can't do this let's get back. Cam Newton and Newton yelling at a coats. Or O'Dell Beckham junior yelling at a coach I think most people would go at the coats. This. But you're right area but let perception. It is a powerful thing at the crazy thing and you you bring. A lot of you bring out a lot. Yeah. Interesting takes. When you have a group of people sitting together watching the same sporting event. Don't what they bring to it I tell people say I watch sports for an escape but I'm I'm start to believe that nobody escapes. Themselves. When they're watching sports. Or you're watching sports you're not letting yourself go and not letting your your job go or you're not letting your. Act brought it to that I think you're bringing a lot. I think that's why the NFL numbers are typical business because people do want dispute that's why the NBA numbers are up and I think that's part of it but. Based on some of the analysis not escaping anything what do you watch my Hillary's people that are watching every game and my lower back regularly I think I'm sure there. Some fans who just watch it and say I'm an OK I just sawed a dunk. What I've done by John this. On tactical boat right over her over errant games and that's just a player dunking over player or at the next wreak guide Duncan I don't Australian guy I know are out about wars and they had at the black and I don't like her. I should now. I don't know I ate it I don't know people look at the start of the people I think they ask well are watching sports just for what it is. They should try to bring it all sorts of them all sorts of issues to the table. When it's just a sporting event. And an act if there's a side they're too it you can look at it and you can see. Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass you. Brandon cooks and say hey look at that and they hug afterwards thing. Racism that is according. White man and a black man come to did you believe it can't we all do the dogs and cats I think you know I go find that a final white mangled and a black man black woman hug him hug him out. Not I don't know about this stated a Little Rock N news or I Johnson Gartner Rajon night on. They guys are good afternoon back to my culture so much to face a little time. A quick decided I'm 62 or look the Natick and both my parents for himself in my father was gone from a young age and I took my mother in the Boston some of the weddings and funerals and whatnot we had some interesting conversations about. The busing crisis in the point the larger issues like in part am I can't believe things about this stuff we've had been around just to stand in. When a crisis with a positive and I assume that would be the case and other places too when I think that's a big part. Of Boston's. Baggage if you will and I've never lived anywhere well I don't know how to help to make a judgment on. Boston vs Chicago vs Saint Louis where you know right satellite I have no idea. The world. Speaking of I don't know how unbiased I can BI tape record Toni and Mike everyday and I love those guys and along with other reasons. I think as a white dude in the black dude he's doing good job on the we talking about racial issues in the limited context they do on there in the limited time they do. And I'm sure that Michael mentioned it based on the long term friendship and respect and I think genuine affection for one another. It worked important I think when told he said he's ringing up the politics. Racism play and I believe you mentioned earlier would be due to play at times we live and you know what I mean that's a part of that too I think. In all believe broad terms it's kind of like a left right thing. Sometimes and then people just want to hurl rocks of one another route that I have a discussion and. As true as it's deployed John and then the most important point well since the most important point but one of your many important points yeah there were really jumps out. Is that they know each other. So you know it's about Tony in my before they had a show together. They were working at the Washington Post and they had these conversations in the newsroom difference. So like they can have conversations. And him honest conversations about many things including race. That a lot of people can't have. Of different races because you know maybe it's just a surface relationship maybe. Are you work with somebody but you don't really have any friendship outside of work or your passing somebody you're thinking something and they're thinking something else but you never really articulated. They're able to. Get to that level I've heard him at times. Know Tony will bring something up then and and Michael come back and say yeah okay you look at it that way Richard how blacks and you don't really. And you're not looking at the way I am and and they go back and fort. So yeah yeah yeah you're right it bring up a lot of topics. That. Many people can't doesn't mean they're right all the time. In this case the racial politics of the NFL. Well Michael said it had nothing to do with the patriots so let's say and has nothing to do with the patriots let's take it to the NFL. If players in the NFL think their own league is racist or or his own league is race conscious. When it comes to discipline. Then how do you solve that that's something you better you better talk of done something better bring to the table for the next CB. 6177797937. Is telephone number. Dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WB USC. There. And I'm. And that. I'm in Lewis and relatively Britain Italy. I understand that kids. Do you know about the dynamic is the only. Plot and not. Being. Talked about that hot Brad Pitt. They're like it's sort of want to bring that up. I. Totally agree to an epic war but that's not what our show. That's not what we do what's right here. Just in case your uncertain about what they're about speed and tell like it is yeah. One quick NFL note here this make you happy. Roger Goodell has his contract extension. The late compensation committee has told all owners that a new contract for the commissioner has been exe cute and according to Mike Florio pro football talk. The league says there was quote nearly unanimous consensus that Meester each owns voted no a among all owners to finalize the deal. Arthur Blank who is the the head of the compensation committee here. Said that they signed a binding contract extension this afternoon with Roger Goodell well those are my last it was in the there's a chance that Goodell could be gone those closest we've gotten him in the last five years now what does Jerry Jones who now. I don't doubt that stamp its feet a little bit yeah he want to come and go back to business. Drafted really faster he's already he has already said before that he while he will not take them to court he started backed off of that already so. Don't do anything maybe step its feet and I know it's I Lester back to the calls you guys Jerry's on the cell phone hey Jerry hey don't. I'm good how Leo don't. I interrupted the radio which they limited radio and not take and it's all good men do well by an. And I like. He's channeling. And when there are pinch hitting them on the floor taken the day when it's shelled out today because duke in the same argument. Because that was making it and that is that an African American athletes are victims of disparate treatment. By the hour. If I can't capitalists. Are. True. I want to it's. I'll mob completely it's going to be about. I I don't I don't believe it's true when it comes to the national football I do not lead discipline is proportion desperate to aids meted out disproportionately. Depending on what your Blackberry line numbers for society at large numbers are clear yet I mean society at large pocket and held question sure I was NFL but in the NFL I do not believe that our that. Whatever you do it and others. And this is what they would have this is why I'm saying this is something that they need to collectively to negotiate in good and the next TBA. Or or who really take on another what do you mean I took that the player the players feel it in many players feel like if Blackmon more specifically black players feel like. They are getting a raw deal compared to there white colleagues what they need do is if somebody on it. I get somebody on a case that study every penalty ever every guy disciplinary measure as happened the last two or three years. Now the race of the two of the race of the player and what the discipline was compared if you have a problem. If there's discrepancy. You bring that to the table with the CB ain't seen by the way in now. We don't want you handling discipline anymore this is real sticking point for us because. When we do something wrong we are penalized. You know 45% more heavily. Scattered like I don't know how did writers about the need a committee of liquor Mike Evans Rob Gronkowski. Jalen Ramsey and AJ green nothing the federal fight on the field nothing rockets game. Well we're we're we're we deal with here if you're gonna keep points to Crabtree and to leave. Are will those guys federal fight last year there were yanking chains last year through the same thing this year. So I don't know I don't see it would also have to look at who's meeting out discipline in the National Football League and Hillary wants to point at the guy just at the new contract but it's not him in these cases. It's it's Troy Vincent. John and Iran is Jon Runyan it's Jones rations Derrick Brooks. I mean they're the folks were handing out the discipline right condom ponds now. A lot of folks are yeah upon sellout is whatever. I Harris is in Roxbury hey Harris I don't. I don't. A big round of going on here. If you break it down to like. An example of like the black man like. Would report cab in the cab auto like half of them by the got to wonder well you can't survive on them black putting your travel by car yet another pair. That they were going on here by the mistake of the path. With the NFL has done its content issue and it didn't like. Brewer will allow you a couple of examples. Do the receiver for the Jack jaguar many years ago. Got up to like do you laptop like that enjoy Porter town like bay issue like. Having the guiding get not a really punished. And you have like Tom Bradley Cooper in that you may keep that would be said and that it happened you had built ourselves when you say what you said about. Playing plays. And nothing really happened to he had all the little things that happened in the past and normally dreaded thing about it. And now it's like this year like you said no talk note at a much earlier this year the bubble that burst on like racial issue an NFL. And accountable way. I inconsistency. And now everything like a big issue when it is (%expletive) and he. But did wrong issue should be a race issue will become the thing that happened in the past. Now why won't debate issue and that. You didn't see that Paris I it if you make it a race issue I don't mean you personally and that's a UN issue. Yeah it's got a race issue with CU issue if if you look at what happened with gras can make it a race issue you're the problem. Yeah and it looked like even when you look at now like you look at social media a look at TV media I get a lot more develop more African Americans. Immediate now but it was in the past but now they have a voice now. In light until like. They're saying things that they wanted to say a year ago but important. Now have a chance there like they admit and in situations where are not exactly want a. Your point out a Riley Cooper you bring that up in his it's all of the examples you gave Riley Cooper was a racist. I had gotten out very much space of one million and it was that a very much was a race issue and that it can be ahead scratch or incentive not to see somebody have a Republican. Because what don't don't don't talk about what he's what happened to him after. Because egg Chip Kelly was the coach and as a manager Kelly as a rookie coach at times and you've got something on your hands here how do you handle it. And apparently Chip Kelly was leaving it up was team. In his team decided that Reilly ever gonna forget rightly. And bring them back in Michael Vick was one of the people who stood up for Riley Cooper. And I don't Chip Kelly had some players say some things about him right evangelical base so they and he he allowed the players to pretty much make the decision players decided that a brilliant I don't I can't. Then after that. That Kelly is in early trades the Shawn McCoy a unique phrases hijacked it. But Riley Cooper got a contract extension so about you just look at it just from afar without knowing all the time and it is friendly guy who's dropping this word. And it caused a problem he stays along with other guys and he's out of there are. What about the so I think it's only the white players been suspended Michael you brought up Tom Brady just follow through four games for that yet about Richie acog Hedo and I was the guy who was. They've they've basically do wells report on him threat or bullying a black player. It didn't get pop for the season got an indicted suspect he was offering a loss account was guy you can't bring back Ricky and encourage Israel don't got it. Video is about to Ray Rice and in his two games you know we are those of the big suspense that's about your loss in years 6177797937. If you did not hear. Our interview with Michael will one. And they got little contentious at times we're gonna bring it back on final drive that's a little bit later on in the program we will also before we'd done here today. Giveaway at pizza party for you in twenty of your friends went Donta hightower courtesy of Papa John's. So stay tuned that's still to come as well around Sports Radio WEEI. And. How he puts the ball all the necessary. Why he'd walked out I didn't break it up. You're not. Putting on the density. And how I was brought people would imply. What about you can't tell us about it. All the hype was these days. That you can call deals predicting what court did it. And why it's. I'll Britons aren't into it. Usually doing. It showed little lot wider. And so that's probably brought out once again. In the context of the ends up golf and its body. But the one thing you said there that is very fair is that you know there are there try to reach a nationwide audience. They're trying to do to appeal to the guy who's watching in Minnesota and Arizona and and that's fine I understand that he's not broadcasting to New England audience. But he's really he gets real defensive about the whole issue bringing up the topic of race. When he is the one who said Rob Gronkowski. Hit a black man. Each step there any targeted to but he signed it into. Whatever they say racial politics. Or say racial politics happening. It in the NFL. Just no doubt perception whatever it is an idiot don't know who your team and I occasionally and all your talking to you there there's a perception and I guess that it's whose perception. Who's who's having his perception somebody somewhere people's pockets that's right got somebody somewhere I don't have it has aren't about to learn. That this is happening it's only happening. Because. The players like somebody somewhere and think that of this have been. A a black player hitting a white player. But the suspension would have been four games. What are those low one out ballplayer hitting another white player would have been suspended more games because I don't white players getting concussion. What does Taiwan's why does Ron wasn't racially motivated but the league is well I sense that they're looking at a white Larry you're black well what it was Scarlett. Think based on that based on racial politics a white player hitting a white player doesn't get attention. Don't care nor does a black player hitting the black and a player that doesn't get it to. Unless it's Mike Evans in Lotto mourn and countless examples. Did the attention of it being a racial thing. It all right guys racial women players of different races. But then at the guys are similar I feel like your argument kind of collapses on itself. There's only one you would point to. It is round two of the leave aid crouch what ignore the fact that it was round too bright skip that just just wanted to focus on the fact that the two black men got two games. And the white guy got one game and we decide to go I was a reason why did two black men got two games because the two black men had this same thing already are also think in a distant third his personal opinion I think it's a worst look for the lead when he had two guys gonna square off in the end zone like running across throwing hand that each other one stupid jump on the pile that's yet to hit added that their calls that was the repeat offender part of what in I go to look worse. But the idea of all of that and then you have the the Mike Evans example which is the closest thing took wrong that we've seen recently and how but the money and a football game. Two guys got one game suspensions and won a home that is reduced to a fun. Arts or how to we get to this point I know you wonder okay out there how do we get to this point how we bringing up race with this Marty play for your earlier and so show Shannon Sharpe. Stephen A had some things to say about it we'll bond was on what that's what bonnet or are Kornheiser you've heard plenty of that. I yesterday. Marcellus Wiley. On sports nation. Said. Essentially that raw kit was one of the worst hit he's ever seen. That's the worst act I've ever seen between the white lines on the football field and look I have played where Rodney hears a who lot of his. He wanna say he played today a little whistle what I will be all right yeah I was pretty dirty ads on I thought. Some of the big hits and abuse that brought Rodney coming in after the tackle all of the Powell just to send a message respect that's. What. The rules and and and when we play again this was about everything. In this there now that's from violence violence like the sport or that violet violet. You could hurt the guy you could really hurt the guy you could tilt the guy because your a mammal. Jump and only human being like this is a mammal a polar bear. Yet that's not a little got no job no one's neck and head area that precedent in that moment. Our benefit this this really highlights the implicit bias. That he eats to what else is trying to say. Is an evil level of punishment we went out what do you think the byes in the bias is one your patriot. Two who you are white player. Three. You have this laughable loveable image that has not that there would this attitude has committed in this moment so. You can put that cocktail together and figure out what happened at that moment. But because quark is likeable doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a greater suspension. OK while that's a first mantle yes polar Bear Bryant now. Around by the way bears are significantly bigger than ground. And there about the same height on the standing up but they are significantly heavier. You're a mammal jumping he could kill them particularly well. I guess if you like it was only erratically yep original but everything automatically Georgia delta could have just got to take it I Antonio Brown can be erratic and I don't in his neck anybody yet right yeah juju can kill perfect there was a hit on the right or you can tell there's a lot of there that's an Ivy League. Educated man he said violent violence I. Then hold Campbell. That's a mammal the mammal thing aren't they don't want to use animal references for human beings in the context of its. He probably doesn't work. Her now tried too hard. There's also. Ryan Clark get Ryan Clark you don't want digest that and more of the marshals like those on from that there's a lot in there now they're at Northern Iraq Ryan Clark with Ryan Russa well this is great. Those awful who seat if you told the jury was dirty I have right guy had to say gay say he's at a whole who wanted. You know I mean people who want ground for sure the minute the exact takes the whole who wanted to see him. What exact he could you translate that. That they were put in the zone at a club and I does that date this is that this is the thing I text him. I thought they should've jumped him. Led that was my initial thought that his teammates. Suited keen to these defeats. And obviously you can't just the pain will they do dornin now in the lead and you can't just do that but as some way. His teammate should've let gronkowski know how dirty and how out of bounds. That play that play would solve kind of disappointed in that. They sort of jumped. Does not lay hands on C I actually agree with him that this has jumped yet know that yes teammates should've ship and they outstanding how to. We are on the fly are flying out of that that a lot of them well for Bronx I don't know a lot more Mike highlighted data of a goal from the play on the other side of the field. The more gradually gotten in the way in the least actively but what is it can't lay hands on them you can't and I don't know what can we will we gonna yell item. To celebrate sternly to live to the thing where you push a bit. Nor had it down. At all back. Wow that's needed to do now the whole hole that one yet and that's everybody Ian. Everybody wants to go there the whole squad as well and have a chance a couple of weeks and I'm not. Mammal just I don't human being. By the way OK about that hole there they would pull out there are also known as the white there. About hey it's a bit about and at boat and college Armas got as the polar vessel be careful white bear the whole white thing the white there's a boat and do you think the human beings and human being is a map right I didn't yeah so visual aid mammals yeah him being pulled. As opposed reptiles and on a yacht rock solid and acted in of a out of fish not know not a Leo marsupial. There have been. I'm not look at. Leftwich what you I love somewhere this year yes there's a lot going on. It bears there there's there's a lot happening but. Nobody's afraid it will last and not afraid have a conversation great or not afraid to let this run of logic that nobody's afraid. Who's we're not afraid have a conversation. Some scare people or Boston are not afraid. For the most part are not afraid to have the conversation may be yours the disagreement. There's a disagreement on how deep it is and where it is and how it manifest itself that that's gonna that's gonna happen anywhere in the country now does Boston. That's gonna happen all over the world. But. I think the real issue comes with. Why there. I guess you know an error error racial conversations to be had a lot of places. I personally did not sit on that play at you know come welcome back yet because I'm start to think that my mother and father of we're not African Americans in their four where they are Hamels I have to question my only worm apple particularly apparent on. Back me up Willie McGinest or kick it I just need aid I need a mammal. Yeah who played so well all that's I don't know ma'am all impact from Long Beach, California to tell me. If this was a racial issue where an. No other billionaires we didn't you reached a red in my little played our our car is actually not a risk being on there that I was sort of do. Their job of protecting a player straight in and help them all addictions are doing what you're color anything these things grow. Sort of SLR person Runyan. All of our Derrick Brooks paid make the call they reviewed the place. And you got one right at what I actually let. Yeah Boca figure ridiculous or social media and editor at some of these people go I'll try to sure there probably played the game. And I just because of this state we're in Nevada in that are happening it's easy to draw that Robert and all that Abdul. Feel betterment somehow. I do a little better however others thing he's a patriot radar data nature and pick his coat from the very few. Really hurt the guy you could the guy that yeah a mammal job and only human being so I rips out. I'd look it up amenable company's audit human being with him evidently not a men and know another example I have a crime. The stars Tracy no I didn't play that game yeah I did not yesterday and talk about it shouldn't talk about what forget it I hate this argument. As as much as any. The one that wiley just made. That okay he played with Rodney Harrison. And because it happened within the white lines it's a violent and the argot of the woods yet it's all you have to line it didn't happen and it happens comical if it happens on the field. Even if it's violent while it's like something that happens out of bounds. So Rodney Harrison. You remember that hit on Trent Green. And appreciate it Alia Ali yeah yeah yeah inherit some of the hall of fame career Kurt Warner. Harrison got Kurt Warner on the field. Because he knocked out Trent Green. With the ramps and better by violence. And that's when I predict her meals are crap we will wrap around Kurt Warner. Violent hit happened. Within the white lines it's good so you can do not think that somebody. You can maim the mammal. Boogaard. And it's fine because. Most violent plays on third down most out I ever saw on the football field opening scene of the last boy scout. The running back has the ball pull the gun out of his path shoots the defender he's dead he's won two don't think that the football movies available off it based on nature's or whatever shot dead body of coffee it was very violent but I thought what I don't have that because they have a I don't. I like the sport or that's violet violet you could hurt the guy you could really hurt the guy you couldn't handle the because you're a mammal. Just I don't human being. That's a word is did they hope to hit a volley all the managers there have opted edited mic right there talk about the Steelers the Steelers better where the Steelers dealers are more dynamic where the Steelers better roster Steelers have the Steelers have a better job weapons that person the Steelers haven't been there really hurt guided edit yeah. Yeah. And how about Brandon Meriweather on Todd Heaps was networks. Well what now that I like governor whether he won was brutal I was deaf and he was already in the air meriwether launched in off the flat panel. I was I need to meet that was worse than an out I'm not depending rocks by the way. I like to come with our report to stop him started out back and I'm understanding Bronx which was a cheap shot what I'm saying as. It's not the most violent thing I've ever seen. The most violent thing I saw over the weekend. You have noted I had. I felt like there are probably five different conversations to have here and and we all need to this is a sorting things. Which is we just need to sort. And I was sort of about an impediment to different categories and I think everybody can have a great. Honest conversation. About a number of things. But I think we're getting something from column a and putting it in column a and saying at all goals along and it doesn't. So there's a conversation about violence during a football game. No matter who who it's coming from in a matter what's happening. And there's a conversation about how we perceive. People of other genders other other races. This is a it's it's it's different is just a different conversation and yet there is bias. If you're a man looking at a woman maybe have a bias against women may be a biased against white women Asian women of black women black men. Who knows allow people people warrant allowed you know polar bears yep polar bears. But I think it's it's it's all just getting. Tangled up. Since they take up a Bluetooth. And don't they just don't don't parenting and a black and white 61 eight mammal job and only human being that's for two more to come. Reptiles. 6177797937. I'm we will bring back Michael will one interview for final drive here on dale Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI.