DHK - Ray Allen gets catfished; LaVar Ball calls out 'soft' Lakers coaches; plus Final Drive

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, November 22nd

The inevitable finally happened and LaVar Ball criticized the Lakers' coaches, saying they are "soft" and can't coach his son Lonzo. Will Lonzo ever tell his father to back off and let him speak for himself? Ray Allen's bizarre catfishing story is also discussed, as are the similar situations of those on the TV show, Catfish. 


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So that dale and Holley show hey an I got dozens of reporters. Tell them how to control. Have a great Thanksgiving Kubrick polar bears to Arnold. Michael holly and Ritchie. Ray Allen Milan viewed there's got to be a better way he doesn't seventeenth on the WEEI Sports Radio network. A I'm lauer did on Hollywood T Sports Radio WUPI Michael is. Often a little early start on the holiday he in the family have thought I think gone to war violence. Think it was sexy grandma not Michael's ground. And her basement and all those stories that no doubt helped though now with the kids grandma Michaels I think that's where they went back to visit and Alex streamers in. Here all afternoon long with a cell into filled the time with with Michael's absence. We lead we kind of all over the place throughout the course of the afternoon keep just told you during trending now Celtics and it's Bruins both play and I are I'm just in both both teams in action tonight. So we talked a little bit although probably not as much as we should have about both of those. We also talked a bit about Lavar ball who has once again stuck himself in the middle of a bunch of stuff here. That was the hold CNN Chris Cuomo interview the other night in and the president this morning tweeting about Lavar ball and and back and forth. And you guys have probably already seen this but Lavar has evidently. Are inserted himself in the coaching of his team by Luke Walton. Of the LA lakers this isn't too soft on his son edit it takes not just this side by by the way there's these two said look while it's too soft on the players' -- going to get out there and get a win yeah everybody tell us we have the hardball on daily said that they want the guy wants less on there always a pro rated news out of the gas I got other suns to worry about that I thought of -- bought came off pretty getting it pretty well in that interview the guys to be us that it was better than some of the best he's come off and I think our interviews she's average and he seems like a series coming from but. How irritate isn't this just exactly the reason why. You can see that the Celtics were never going to be interest in this guy. That and apparently Tatum is a much better player like yeah let's look I don't know that it significantly better but the very tightly says he can't. Eight and can't honestly I lives and install a few timeouts. No I haven't seen him. Out yet tank that's in a sort of anti ice and it's on me I guess not usually guys we're six foot nine and athletic can dunk a little bit they usually can dunk. A seed of doubt I am done on a number of times I'd I don't know how many I haven't counted the mob but but of our ball this is. He did go after Steve Alford much at all do you select obviously there's the back of forth with a high school coach and right and I finally having happy right now with Lee Angelos suspended indefinitely and it's not really on the team technically it away right now but didn't take long less than twenty games in the of the lakers are actually winning more than a file that whether they're horrible at 810 I think. And here is calling out to. The coaching staff already I thought the worst Alonso ball long though has ever done. Just walking away from the skirmishes and against the suns spells a horrible law not a coach didn't like it the teammates didn't like it Arnold that's what Lavar is responding to now. I gotta you are harder on him for for that. Moment. If he's right but once you. We're glad I mean what does every no parent wants to make life more difficult whether it's like to think that maybe guys stuck it out of our law is doing every Alonso and all this at all this stuff it's just weird thing and I'm like Spain. In SP needs to make this weird. Look at proclivity to. Defend love Harbaugh you know of our ball media knowing these include sports Emmy goes to that's on them and the what is your argument for this what he's the worst I don't think so he's entertaining but the but. For the his all his kids that aren't at all he was definitely was actually I've been CNN thing was with Erik per trailer ready item that rates but it was great it was great for him and that was exactly what he was looking for itself I loved that 25 minutes just total madness but this much longer need to be wise guy. Goodness what's that one's a ball from saint I'd go away. I think the money. The breadwinner in the family right now. It's 101940. Years whatever the happenings and he had done it yet he eased. He's a plea of opportunities to do it and all of the suns discount data tonight that's my dad's like Lavar I would want those you've been quoted says that's that's my dad and it's funny he's the opposite he's very quiet. What was little thingy do you remember any quote from Alonso ball now nothing I saw. Interviewed before the south in the cup weeks it was almost Belichick in light with how he's reflecting ants in the house win a brother in China and right trying to jail and he just like you know it's and try to be focus on the game here and you know hopefully everything works out. This is a snooze Sally Jenkins professional eviscerate her. Late in the Lavar ball on the column that you wrote a couple months ago but they brought it back. With all that's happened this week write the headline is having accomplished nothing on his own. Lavar ball goes officially to root and you know how good Sally Jenkins is at the end at this stuff. She says you've known this man before you watched him and other sports hawks during his strategies. Heard him bring in taking credit for their gifts as a DNA. As if the children and their mother had little or nothing to do with his brilliant science project. You seem a tennis matches and on pulled accident football stadiums talking overly loud while youngsters candidates side. Sweetly meek and strangely quiet and that's why you know how the story ends. It ends with the kids paying a price and she just goes on and on about Lavar ball she says what does he do. What does he ever done audio. This is out of something because they live in like a huge house though that's what's so bizarre luxury car he's got money somehow physical trainer but he doesn't look of it very easy now well doesn't it feel like in a UB investigation about to go wrong in these very needs me Betty. Now what are gonna be careful too good point the trump Justice Department might be looking in sees some stuff like that collar on and the only thing that Vick while her friends I mean we know he directs them to deal looked into his enemies. But yeah it's it's it's like I mean bully every to the point the odds that says dad like and not now that nothing nothing idea I don't think so I'm cutting you want but people like. Well the top marina that she would do that of that gets about a breaking point as far as father and son anyway I know it and go well forum later on but it did. Was there ever a what player that has ever had will be overbearing fathers has finally. Put a stop to a guy gets a unanimity ultimately a lot of these guys go through that their own personal demons in hell and and something happens to these guys unfortunately but. As far as them standing up to it the tar balls probably a different category than any of those guys anyway. He's so far without it it's going to be the worst murder rate in history entered an outspoken mr. Dowd is totally hijacking it's on writing -- to suggest because what's different about the hardball as it's not pay my son's the best it's my son is better than stuff curry I'm better than LeBron like it's just all these things he's putting on as I said he's only comment. He has and he's not trying calls on a whole lot yet. He's tried so hard to be Vince McMahon he's got the Vince McMahon walk guys he's got everything. And I just wonder if and look his sons of a good basketball where yes I don't think he's great basketball player but he's got to get tickets yet. And I wonder if their teams who were who watched this act insane you know on a non interest but he got let's play the game I heard I heard Glenn say this. Let's say LeBron decides in the off season you know what. I'm globally curse. I'm gonna take my basketball talents to Los Angeles I'm gonna play for the lakers. There's a pretty real possibility he then tells the lakers. But the first thing you got to do it straight back kid out here 'cause I'm not put up what his father's BS. I could happen if they admit he didn't want them or he just wanted to better player than the mall I doubt I'd be realistic but. I don't Michael brought this point out before as much as we all think he's done he's just dead ridiculous and and even a bad father for the pressures put on visited. He was the second pick in the draft any what's the teeny wanted to play for right. He got everything he will act in its defense of the skill level to Writely to plug the ball turns into a legitimate all star it's a means I don't know what the father but if he doesn't turn into that in your right in the audit please their own right the tiebreaker to forget right exactly but if if LaMont the Bolter is this has occurred as a rookie season chasing Tatum. Unequaled rod and make that request has he won it you don't play there in music can deal. But. And of Tiger Woods' dad was that overbearing. Yes it is a different. Between you know being obsessed with your kid training upon every day in my this is what your wife is going to be. But I don't remember Tiger Woods' dad ever be in like he's been Jackie's better than other guys thank you vote about a gut combination of Jesus Christ and Gandhi. He did say that about his own kid that yet but again not not another golfer if it goes Hardaway went higher up the full well JD now it to another level I don't know how those guys were at golf but he didn't say like off Phil Mickelson Sox have heated. He didn't do that kind of thing which is what are sort of initially got on the map for what that's what was it was myself so much better than he would score of you know whatever was against Currie. That is all the weird stuff about how he could be Jordan and people are eaten at a thousand and they are calling these guys college football grand jury indictments like I know actually that that is yet to play up in college basketball many did he try out for NFL team and present something out of the death penalty sailor yeah. Now that you so we are now it is late November sort about a month and a half until lines of laws NBA career Lavar ball is still. Creating headlines nationally nationally all the Talking Heads whenever he does it what words she'll play with this. Is my question music and indeed. December January February march we're still every outrageous thing of our boss says. Gets these idiot Talking Heads and at this and to talk about it yesterday case that it's the highest it's ever been right now. Would ask not what that's why trumpet that that changed the game because sports wide world paying attention to it so he was he was on our radar. But trump in the CNN interview puts them on everybody else's. That makes people like he wanted to root for our law which is to sell about a so torrent of because it's absolute support. The two people hate the most straight truck in the Harbaugh who do eyesight and decide at the bar yet a part aside aside with Lavar. Here's here's Earl Woods 2000 yeah. Tiger will do more than any other man in history. It changed the course of humanity okay he is that he is that it already is the chosen one that should still have the power to impact nations. Not people. Nations on a little more extreme than saying could be guys that can be stepped Kerry won one at sorted out there early I got its name that's aggressive okay. He's going to be years in the same ballpark. He also in that same article written by Gary Smith and Sports Illustrated compared tiger to Gandhi and the booed off onto the blue one arm. Lamar hasn't gone there yet but says the bar by the Sony tells Omar that it'll probably be sure to mention it aren't gonna help I never thought of that one and I go there with a group of ours it's like a wrestling you'll promoter in. Earl Woods sounds like he's high on New Year's. At a way to he had tigers drugs before it had custody put it this when he the other cocktail going. Now he didn't have. Whatever Tiger Woods has his own Mike logo and all that stuff now to both his father big part of that. I don't think so I think I was like he got in would Nike first. Right and that night he was a tire or destroyed Jordan would win but the jump meant something art that's going to be different whereas. Big ball brand over here is literally trying to uses kids to start his own company in the cell's own shoes cell's own shirts and hats I think parents shouldn't be. If it's unbelievably yes it is worth. The ball all the big bowler to seal. A big ball the brand as we discuss titles like there. No this is actually like it's probably more akin to a young child actor. Or like a child musician and their parents because they're literally just making money off their kid texts or have another great comparison like a pageant mom. Yes that Brooke goes big raising it had to get on yes or you know. Getting their their seven year old all balled up and made up then forcing a drink now do you have. They'll go to use the it was Alex Lindsay Lohan as the one of these child stars have been made daylight emancipated themselves from and their parents like because they're the ones that make him militarily on ten dollars they say now I hate it and we had eight out of my way so maybe long I just don't that it. Elevenths and after it. Kind of loose kind of loosening without. Lots of balls money is of our boss he's got something I don't. GO hills is like a nice town owner than ever chi town I think well did the CNN interview was done I think it is living room Brian you know what you could see behind it looked like a very nice house and all other pay all that I have several 100000 dollar cars off. And I went and saw that saw the biggest ego is now. The youngest youngest straight guys that can describe a hundred points last year and I guess we'll game out a thousand jobs only 92 NATO exactly against he has the the ST. I knew I was the one that would is that the bleep out on raw numbers out of that doubt that there Axel Alonso was there the the kid that got arrested in China was on that was not there now writers the other. Forgotten the bar said he had no chance to make it yet and yet the worst one is that we're so he's he's said that the beneath also sedan and another interview he said all three are gonna play for the lakers Monday march and it's. He said he said this one is Italy Angelos current currently in school while he set while school technically apple. He said he was gonna go one and done. And scared to go in the draft and man goes like Jeff Goodman who told us can't sleep at UCLA. Days like all the party's gonna scorched one united exactly twenty minutes is that he's definitely not going to but. I think his plan what's gonna go. You know at your supplement the draft not get picked it and signed with the lakers will part us. Thankfully I Donald Trump freely and I've fleet friendlier Angel ball from the luxury hotel in China where he was staying in those court with Spain and Italy went to prison he did eat it. I'll give Donald Trump credit he did he was responsible volleys yeah without pay in February to a special class that they would net that it would have been allowed to go back their luxury hotel while they're waiting legal situation. Probably not. It writes these gangs and deference is something like this treatment sort of Roemer was over there on assignment and just started steals I would say there's no map up sunglass it's I would be rotting in Chinese jail as we speak what trump was like hey. I will help you but yet the bank. I become the biggest impediment. Yeah well I've had. IRA account yes but. But let me talk with them on that steal from and it will be for eighteen into the email. Out it will who's watching his Big Brother watching me yes yes probably don't know the exact everybody's read your emails are raised renew tax and it all comes down to ask Ray Allen can't do anything on mine anymore or guys. You buy that story I think that is a secret gay. Situation re out not this that's the toughest guys say oh that they were daily lives I I'd I didn't get that part that's easily I thought I went rate thought it was spotted with blood but not this guy's saying he knew it was me. Meat had a gay relationship on line item and a Aysu cut I miss that deep. I think sure I ordered by that at yet that love the part where they made it clear that Ray Allen thought that he was talking with a number of attractive women right after they bought it that an attractive at all. Okay and personally authorities and is what does that mean that means tax rate. Exceeding junctures what causes these don't be given the Social Security number right. I just goes straight you can just lose your mind on line make you an interest to stop you can just totally museum mines and throw it all the way. I know that there was AM there was a story. And all couched as sufficiently tonight. Give any identities away a a former employee here a fellow employee here. Model is racing was that it was that it was of the Celtics game with a date. And their sit in front row with a date. And at halftime a security guard came up to the young lady and said Ray Allen would like you're number. She's sitting at risk are exactly and she's no good guys amplify on that note I'm sort it out I cannot stuff. This year she's we. Heard to say not now I think you know it's all of us guys go after him to list I have excellent carrier. After that happens every night in every single arena. I always left with the question of him and beyond the obvious financial issue. How much does the wife before she says you know why it solved the world will but the I'm in a whole bunch of money at the end of this either way sell. It's not like she's going to be left destitute if if she gets a divorce from the soft spike is there the one number Andrei Kirilenko put the jazz years ago is on his wife gave them like the one passed a year type of thing and Pete they get such backlash and people are like oh my god how can you possibly do this that you're saying. How many are already doing that for at one they're doing it ball and don't want commented that I Andre has passed a year. That that's the only thing he's still there's that promising but everybody there were other player wives that spoke out this is not what has some of these disrespect here for doing that. And they bearable funded Ehrlich was finally went in I'm living in reality yeah practice goes into what you think Eddie you can. You sex doesn't always mean it's an emotional attachment to. That is I guess that the people can remember the eighty's. Right right I mean I sell it to mediate isn't exactly means it's a strong emotional attachments just over a dozen union pocketing the very jealous of them for the wife in this case or fewer of them. Potential growth from our power and the caroling as perhaps there are others of shorter socially progressive people like ray Allen's once this case and that's the best defense for out right it's that I was actively cheating on my wife on like that up with the people of it's always a strange to Kobe Bryant same defense. The only thing I was guilty of adultery. We're in trouble when that that is an I and it only cost me a million dollar ring as he's out right. Myrtle there's been some that's that expensive mistake Nancy iPad when I did read the stuff about Ray Allen and we were reading yesterday I had missed the hold the tale about. That rate new ballot that was very as the sorry we had yesterday well when Bafana quote it's the can't Britney Campbell his defense is that Ray Allen knew it was eight. And what's this all everything about him he knows everything about me. There's something there which I don't buy because we had that DM that Ray Allen accidentally treated out of lawyers which Paris and safety I'm pretty sure yeah as a team why then the whole land down oh description was yeah actually very graphic and yet. These studies say it was a warning and there's a guy like that that's not so it just goes you can lose your mind on line it is very easy in earlier create a legal light just like that. Platinum is Paula and career all the entries offered reputation out how he be remembered that's catfish number 13 point shooting number two catfish Knight the second most famous cat the story ever. United in not get a match I'd say now now it while he's not there's something seeker in net today wanna talk about the gate. I'll bet I think that's almost as shirt especially at the history with that how we denied being held at exit interview of omelet what is so far. For all of rob and I followed. It off. I'm not bad right. To figure. Out how. Asked the question I'd incumbent sit back. We got to last just yet. Get Lattimore meant that I I agree it's been forgotten about easy it is pretty terrible. Yeah I is that the chart in its heard his name is kind of a marginal player yes he has. Probably be in on not gonna have one of these 1015 year NFL careers. Yet these diseases completely the headlines over hooters at all bottom pretty got to imagine his teammates as you crap nonstop. And heightened. Back to the call 6177797. And he's just come out would have to deal with less crap from his team has some of leases Inco has it pales I don't. Alex Alex Alex Alex Lisa how good I can make a huge point what you. Sony said that all it he would greatly greatly teams they government deal out it was really really bad. Sorry it's the same thing what color are learning if you were good state in the island eat it there Aaron. Of course is set but he's cute but we know we going to go at this old ground again tapper nick is good enough to play in the NFL it's not great I get up he's good enough to. Not our problem what are probably teams take place to be their wives and as it is gone kaput as us of a distraction the sad reality. But they're good at their prayers as it is Akron. Do it electrical. Player. That you want it got to take it back our our dates and then I'll take you back. Purple that you can't tackle and I'll look at the Allen and caught all the controversy and only call and talk. I. They're not gonna take on exactly what am. Being in with Jack Pitney a company if he would are currently code speak. And eat it on the mile nobody ever seen weak they don't actually. Of course what a good enough to place Dell lease that's my point of course and he was great it would have mattered it but he still good enough to have a job in the NF LA's there in every back even better than all the other starters right now all the aircraft believe that he's better than a lot of starters and a lot now. Let's starters by now I guess in my county Tom solid guy ought to down there it's a solid backups that are actually started that I guess it's more of a definition of terms thing here. What does a lot mean is he better than. Five starters yet look at Durham he's better than not Tom savage. Hasn't played a while but a lot already Alcoa had hey I got there is December numbers I. About a hundred. Last December. The league the niners it is great it was great Yasser that team he once. Russell Wilson. Not as procedure about their better care golf no Blaine Gabbert. Better. Currently I am very welcome Ryan Fitzpatrick editor Drew Brees no Camden no no not Ryan no case Keenan. Operate he's not not not recently Brett Hundley better. Matthew Stafford no match for this ski no but that's one of those ones where it's also at the epic I was just drafted really hired by team you'll circuit at the direction ago. Kirk cousins. No Carson went snoop Eli Manning. I'll with the way things we did yeah yeah there's a great Hollywood he's not senate and that press got to open their car. Nope Philip Rivers nope out Smith. Nope what ever you want the Denver quarterback to be this yeah it's tax yeah let's shoot out was from Texas a rock Ross Ross say yes I'm Mary go to. No partners but is not great if you play portals and both. Worlds better bank yes at the race played this year Kobe percent. Now I yes he's better physically he's out of the senators Tom savage better. Roethlisberger to open the Sean Kaiser better Andy Dalton know Joseph Flacco. Better with the way plaque has played this year clock has been awful popular item title on her face and what's really there is there was rumors about Baltimore in the off season and their backup to Ryan now right well obviously they listen to Ray Lewis now. They do is told through you know it was there neighbor. Besides a man who played like one Arena Football League team and an icon in the next day. Betsy and that's we're talking about backup jobs here which reportedly calling Kaplan was not interest that it. Thank you now. Now that's that. He he wanted to go somewhere to be a starter. And the FL was leaking an NFL executives are making how do you know who was leaking allowed the because they can't join narrative that the NFL linking personal ally and also I mean why would the property camp benefit from that is a good story for in talks in the Balkans say. Well I mean we would have maybe get him it's what but he camera did I say hey I will compete like. Not now opened before he sued the league in before the year started as he win out and said I'll stand for the National Anthem right so would you also fallen out with hey I just wanna be on the team and compete for job albeit a back up in if you're not you know I'll leave that what are the still are looking into them to back right. Yet in the side Austin Davis tracts but why I don't know he could've said something I mean what helped his case. Rather than just these different leagues and silence is louder than anything else is he it's also about the job 6177797937. Final drive come about twenty minutes from now. Dale on Hollywood keep Alex in for Michael Sports Radio WEEI. It's Daylon Hollywood she's doing everybody tuck in what's now does not okay. Yeah again shocked the Sports Radio WEEI. One of the theories. Many theories and anti making the rounds is somehow you've created this whole scenario. To cover up your sexual orientation. Are you gain. No hope far from. Far from that. Par aren't there to lock in value was very often make it three of almost like it could be ice doesn't stay there for a third that's the third. You know our exit as far as the secret lots of women so many what song Lennon. How love that Katie that connect merit. Live from it we got it but I understand for some folks there's a stigma attached to a that they can over especially Notre Dame programs football Notre Dame and but -- that is assist all cyber relationship thing to use to so bizarre he did not he never meet the person and how you can do that now I can get away with a delicate face time tonight that or me now are busy and our technology to do that that we can but that's an easy work around to do the mrs. doubtfire was there. And that's quite an H out of the you just use you slipped and that's a company I don't I don't know I think without knowing it was like you they were teeing it up for that was well done jacket yet they're boys and girls ask for lots of these pictures if you ever chatting with someone line that you won lots of face pictures. I Lucy Lucy's diner had just faced pictures. Common issue on the show catfish and they as talks about this last night. On what they say the people who. It will Arctic cat fishers say they don't have a web cam or they're going out of town lower there unexpectedly unavailable and people clients. For froehlich a three year it seems like you are rather months ago years of this. I hear is on them. I'd be a good conversation between the iPad now a picture of the thing for awhile that are good strong Penn palate and safer to make the hole and that's how are things seemed safer what happens if one person at their hopes up though. Wasn't ready and I think over five years multiple years it was a long you've got to be hiding some and they let the whole cycle of unit needing to get sick and and he died. The whole life in those five years they never are. I mean at the relive the moment that that wasn't a cute she's got to go to a game that you could make writers etc. thoughts either it's not user from the scale like one on here on now and him and now days. Let's give me anti tea out of the pass and say what he didn't I need to know about catfish. Nowadays if you eat cat Alex out there I mean how could you not know. Yeah he's got a sniff that out pretty well you just so charged up like he does lose all logic or some law just so yeah is no other options on in ray Allen's Casey has an option on saying it. In each and that this is this the only chance I'll ever had a for want to meet the person like liquid tender and bumble only ones like you would just like anyone meet tonight yup an exciting tonight okay you're real into keep pushing a lot it's like okay what is going on it hit the pick on to the next ask for a lot. Of lots and lots of days yet. Can't fake goes why doesn't one doesn't know it. Now that you could easily they. You need like ten Peterson is that it's like and multiple. You know a lot like Channing Tatum yeah. I'm. I told the newspaper to Alex's and outlets that that was at the pictures today where there a difference in towns like one Edward Darden like almost black and when they were held light McQueen he sent me two different people that are summer penny that I prevented that and Sammy Sosa. Could it Sammy may be let's say I am now back in the day right now. Yes that's that's the key and asked for a lot of documentation. That's signing the orders to I got it planned to meet with real human beings yeah I'd tell it on that. I think those are nerve racking you could try that. Well what's more nerve racking meeting with a real human being or getting catfish also for Allen let's just. It's okay as a professional athlete for years. Very easy for him to meet a lady or man whatever in a you know hotel room after the game and things like that everything I was pretty easy for. Even after his career he's still Ray Allen does he really need to play the charade of texting back and forth for like weeks on and with whom he has multiple women. And this Needham it just mean what do you do it yet. Your wife who toward the top of mind is so weird to me you backed entity we obviously mature and talking underage girls but still I mean. Why you do that man and senior eat with a New York congressman any night looking guy I know it's just people have weird things people do weird things alone they lose their minds we are things they lose their minds. That's something for everyone in government with an opportunity not so much for every one that for every one though. The but it missed out fires. You at 6177797937. Johnathan Franklin Rajon. Just taught about the Catholic issue. Just wondered if you guys thought. And yet it would it still out differently if cannot predict hadn't. Maybe once he got caught her patents on the team may be viewed more vocal about forty standing up for. Now I mean explain that all last year BYU is needed to explain it well all misty did know he was at oracle started it took awhile dollars a out of when he first started it was horrible wasn't he wasn't explaining himself at all odd to go back and by exactly what he said he made it pretty clear I that is for police brutality racial injustice the issue was we can't talk with the act it's much easier to talk about the act right she kneeled during yet and should you not. Much more typical to talk about how predict was actually protest. So I'm blaming the media. Prepare for mr. acting and when he asked mr. technical obstacles Smart was either where the pigs are dumb mistake dumb mistake but you know what you Wear one pair of south Castro T shirt. Don't wanna talk about the oppression of people and you Wear a T shirt with Fidel Castro wanna get health care all their T stop it Allah -- come on now while you could say is it's one thing he wanted to post a different societies on the planet are your supposedly on my expression out there then your stick in that T shirt on to bolster your your case now I've again bad move at a couple of god. Idiotic moves like the big Sox in particular does not. Does not be it does not mean that his entire his entire argument is now envoy. Announcing his entire argument is Null and void but he did some incredibly stupid things he did not intense here himself in the papers I was don't always licked it won't and that takes succinct and beat on back in his face. By every we also we don't know for sure how much. What are you played for the league minimum what do you play I don't I'm Sox owner thinks right so that's another just like it annoys me that we how to think like hitting the hillside Joseph Webb earlier this year and everyone's like it's been as opposed Angel had not a cap it's not as immediate like two weeks on the roster we're gonna 900 dollars I mean it's not gonna take got jobs are not every quarterback to get signs is that. You know is is an in is decided they glass ball and that we talked about this obviously off and on for a long time but it's just it's looked at as the whole league's 32 teams don't want them and I first all thirty teams wouldn't even need a quarterback no matter who the freeagent was the right one as than that number goes there weren't. Rental market for a quarterback in any seat should it choose that number down basic part African his skill set you know how many offenses if he stepped in and Ron see you chiseled that number down even more so there's maybe only a couple of teams. Then they decided that they did automated wanna deal with the distraction that was him. Now that he's not better than some of the players they just thought hey our backup quarterback we don't read more people know who we years I don't want him talking I don't want tempted to to talk to him alone in the GQ men of the year. Yeah I Catholic I niece has plenty to sue the league for collusion and I its dot ID he'll never really. Our final drive is coming up next Daylon Hollywood keep Alex and for Michael Sports Radio WEEI. Jalen Hollywood T. We make your commute home at least 10% more tolerable Sports Radio WEEI. I'll drive cosponsored by an arrest restoration specialist regardless of the season a disaster to hit your commercial residential or medical facility at any time. In an heiress disaster plan in place to make your client employees or tenants are protected. Learn more air rest serve dot com. Tails off to you Bruins pregame and taken on the other devils tonight keeping Reamer here for final drive and we start Alex yes. Washington State football coach Mike Leach yes it wears a big fan of pirates he's gone on and on about pirates in the past. He's known for giving unconventional quotes the media so when one reporter. Asked for wedding advice on Tuesday beach shared is brutally honest thoughts on how horrible planning a wedding can be. The women lose there. Your fields these concludes from aren't your mother in law's gonna lose her mind your long it's gonna lose her mind. Several of your sisters. And female relatives are gonna lose their mind and I NN. And they either gonna they're gonna barraged with constant questions. What should we Wear and then which of course my answer was I don't care. And then what color should the invitations feet I don't care. What should we have for dessert I don't care. Should we see this this waiter that that that way I don't care that the CI don't care is not satisfactory at all. And you're gonna get caught a catch 22 and I'm certainly Joerg house. And they catch 22 is. I want you to be a part of this too. So what color invitations. All right the blue ones. Well I kind of like I kind of liked that everyone's okay the templates and code you're just saying that because. If you want there's only you don't even thinking about it which is of course true. What you offered dessert I was thinking of strawberry shortcake. Oh okay yes strawberry shortcake would be good well what about the blue very pot. Lot like the blueberry pie we could have a blueberry pie ploy thought you should you one of the strawberry shortcake. It's just gonna go back and forth and they're gonna play keep away from you. And tell after your marriage there's no answer you can give that is going to be excess factory here correct. And if you successfully. Please if you the other shall still be. Well I just don't feel like he's that interest BO OK so you need to work late. Go in the back room and read a lot of books and take the group's been out so you make sure that the march in just right and they know exactly you know these well. It's that you picked out or whatever however you're doing it. And in the end you'll wish you a low you need to talk. What excuses. They Allbaugh I. To be as far arms way as you possibly care. Phillies worked shopping would stand up special guest the lights I think speaks to practicing on I got a happy marriage them. I don't. Sure yeah. They violated just one game out of the pac twelve title game I don't he's ready he's very ego like the guy Mike Leach offense is throw the ball overtime referred to early seventy times every time. These are just below probably display in Atlantic while that you save a ton of money at the humidity guys had Jason Rossi on and they were talking and he and he was recently there have been resolutions that handout program but he and his wife for paying for everything in their breaking it down on even if you get always wedding guests like Helm how much each person's gonna to bring to seek and break even. Than it is a very expensive if you do it letting. That maybe 150 I think there. The most that the average size and I think the bigger way than that our friends before making it made like that more people to family members through their animals if they can happen more gifts yeah right yeah exactly. Mark Cuban weighed in on the escalating Donald Trump Lavar ball feud on Tuesday said the the two are actually a lot of like spigots DMZ sports the mavericks owner hit the nail on the head when comparing the tactics ball and trump used to attract attention. On the real there's so much alike. Because. Donald if they would. Tuesday in the yard of the mind that we talked about go to the ball right. Donald doesn't apologize for anything and neither does the night of hard note that the apologizes nothing else to talk about it. The Bart doesn't apologize to be in the news all day every day at the president when that happens to talk about it. What's better football program that is straight out of the Donald Trump playbook. Trojans. He nailed it Cuba's not wrong and you're saying earlier. The bar been really not ever really watch the apprentice but I'm aware of it I know what is perfectly when the environment about summer the best. He's on tropics so like they really hurt are we gonna get more could boulevard ball's not only on Twitter right into the dirt and demoted big bowler Brandon Twitter on Long Island when Lavar is not yet yet you will be soon. Do we get anything this weekend from Lavar. Respond executing keep going for his line you see any child to get its red meat it's from space. It is it's it's minutes it's easy for both moment neither one's gonna let it go to listen to this this could you're asking earlier how long is Lavar ball. But what's the status of that you think about maybe it's gonna start to wind down tried. Read so much life and in this league this and never go down tweeting and have them protests he's. Crises that like more ball players did it enough yet but the difference is when he's talking about all of our all of our ball is winning. Obama is definitely does trump is stupid you got to his level. Lamar ball and I even Trump's level the way it doesn't even know blue marble is exactly Lavar ball just the fact that he is on the president of the United States has radar like keep you could not a Vassar anymore now absolutely but I mean it's a tribute to public dean how to respond to appease the lowly little relay is a little sleet is getting in his sinuses there hey who's the the most famous person's face of the about Bobby today and then wonder though it. Yes it's horrible and so what do you what he has I'm surprised isn't going after the load shoe sales partly that's coming next hall heat you're gonna go after that it did not know abound as soon as he does he's gonna face and then about a failed business that he had sat in the ratings are down but movie shoot the fashion apparel product season. Accidentally kind of funny even you have to admit that I earn I tell you I go back and forth deadly problem taking you don't want like this so once the 010. That is very I don't value out attitudes. While the ball not that good is it bring up a shooting percentage tonight. 42% the free throw down a boulevard that shooter that shooter one that won the criminal what the bad NBA player got married two months. Our friend Michael Irvin has a lot of opinions they football analyst and his latest take it's created a controversy. During NFL network team they show on Sunday morning Irvin one on a rant explain why it's easy to play offensive line. Always there through the key is that I quote. But my office along these diseases or anything you're 300 pounds he's 300 pound. Sniff of the output to reset packets that you wonder if you get 300 million dollars don't tell me about. This being sold off athletics that you would show us much auto salon and only god hello how are you were there. Well of an office alone look out there it is right there well basically what you wish I guess with Lisa. Clear why would get. Article goes out of insulin it. Wish I could with that you're doing on the moment. People unaccounted usually improbable three seconds when you get being leaked they'll pay you 300 million dollars and they go home a lot of thought they aren't telling me about Cecil. I have one question who. Instead of fun of each other for. And yeah. A question. I don't know by how many times have you pass protected. In your time he doesn't that a little. The pertinent to each lesson. The next two Omar cement. As is the boxes this be regulated just they just she's just keep read the dispute funneled Lenovo. Every boy wonder what was so why do ordered doesn't. How was OK but don't look at the ball at all. The fat man's stance does anonymous laughs and hold and it goes tackling like hyenas they really enjoyed it and I know Damien Woody was not relish their treatment for. And each other the fat shaming is kind of one of laws not right. Thought I frankly I'm cant I haven't got a friend and guests of the show he joins us every Friday not this Friday you can guess getting out of them into what we we did for about. Well fifty minutes is a wild night that that the dominant night that is he's changed the game he's he's changed he's done that now. Isn't party anymore laughter the last since yeah much department I don't I don't believe he does. Who's the fifth. A caller on my friend Seth the show on Monday by the way we got a month left the princess or you know do I get affiliate keeper madness I don't know sky may be the the next to the Bart Scott show that shows something else that's they'll provide plenty throughout. Yeah I don't know you so important news on that CBS show you it was awful so I was gonna let's not let the knicks he's gonna have no idea and no it will. Yeah that. I don't know have children terrible it's in that you need to be the show that replaces that that's you know so the next little bloody great to be to do it well you're conference as a Middle Eastern not these three so that that doctor make yourself right now. What they like they leave you -- you know and stands there my fault then returns that strong enough Michael or to your place mighty faced allegedly Terry port I replacing boards they was replacing Francis I think it's similar similar yeah exactly so Fred says on a show on Monday. He's to do our caller today suggested that. Princess who should become the next manager. Of the Yankees. Mike apparently was in favor of the idea and he expanded on the possibility on Tuesday. Say he'd be great in the role and would even spent extra time talking to the media. Muscle and edited it's get a lot of attention that I said that I recognize the Yankees I think one you minimum. They're only there you know interview of the what I mean to you and I really think about travel and what's in that he's that is what I mean the end of the media. Please amid applaud him. So that that'll be fun I looked full I would cherish close I've actually got an extra one every day decided don't let me get I would love boats organized side. That I was senator standard knows Simon I wouldn't be an issue. I made so that that I I would I'm done I would have I'd be missed in the days like when I didn't have one I have an extra one just for the I've had the to a day. Of those just so I can have another one. There that'll be fun for. So I mean it'll be fun so yeah I mean the amazing thing is people think that these jobs a source you know that they cloaked in mystery. So this is that it is Sox waltzes. Is that readily understandable if you apply yourself to readily understandable. It's not it's not like it's you know it's complicated as people think but again I am still haven't paid the dues. To do it so I know would never happen but they asked me. Did I think it could do what I say doubtful I would do that I would do the show before every game absolutely I do fifteen minutes for every game by the question. Why do missiles and I'll tell you hear there's some of the bump. Who does that kind of got along the headline idea yeah and I got to the when Harris played hurt and monetary wouldn't tell you right pay cut though. The luck taken yankees manager of no comments. Don't come to an animal when it plays so I can't comment. It's a pay cut was going to. Because so he famously. Years ago talking about how he was offered a job on the giants that I York jets coach Saturday that it would pay cut for me at the time. That's I think for his time about he wanted to percent curious. He wasn't a 100%. I that if anymore a joke aren't they didn't have a self deprecating bone in his body now lately doesn't know. It's a dodger days Tiger Woods no doubt in his mind he would be an amazing you break it needs to happen. That would be the greatest ever picture in me or own account. Walking out for petty and his little baseball pants he wouldn't Wear the hat either is I don't know whales and I would not that you got put the hat on skip it or not I'm not doing that. Not enough idea out there screaming and everybody. And that he was all excited about doing fifty minutes retreated that was his big thing twice to the pregame also turned into a life lesson their retirement is served. Apply yourself sports a pretty easy sports that sports are that. What do you mean that the idea to everybody's failed coaching it. Little place and as I'd say just applied themselves very few would have been able to be greeted. I'll have cosponsored by cars for kids on your part of a child today schedule your free pick up 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Alex would make the show today that it was a lot of fun to wait good. Enjoyed the welcome back any time thank you I think without them out of Atlanta you I don't make the that the decisions around here. Jet Lucy nice job today gently in the gonna show. Full disclosure and you know now shows buyers it's kind of yeah I think that's true. Brewer ordered best we could do that seven out of ten anyway with him here at the CC a city. Passing out the island looking at the passing grade booster with the show. Thank you I don't think Alex these problems don't you know need not show me. Most just now policy that's right about that Timothy McVeigh he gave his apology grifters that I was a beef up the policy on let's upon while as you know radio apologies are usually very good there is strong line great ones over the years you will definitely mean then I'll stick around I don't know where. If they have the seven rob Bradford gonna commemorative previewed the hot stove show I think a couple of hours and you're all but lost his mind that pot of those who allow those two guys I work in a unit the 80% of the notes both on either so what are ever have a great Thanksgiving we'll talk listen by.