DHK - Ray Lewis goes on a very Ray Lewis rant about Tom Brady being the master; Who will be the MNF commentator replacement?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 12th

Hour 3: Ray Lewis believes Tom Brady is the master and teams can’t beat him, he does all zen while describing how Brady is they way he is.Matt Hasselbeck will get a shot to prove himself as a future MNF color analyst … at the Pro Bowl, the guys debate if Matt can be good, if this is the place to have him  start his career, and 2 man vs 3 man booth.


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Yeah. Howard for retail and Hollywood people who Sports Radio WEEI. Finally a football game tomorrow night at Gillette Stadium. Feeling many folks around here going to be watching this with a little different on. Watching the quarterback for the little different eyes. A quarterback who allowed for the last quarter of the season didn't look as good as he did you know first eleven games in a great last five games not so great. All of his weapons available theoretically or at least all that you could have available are gonna have Julian element of neo that was ever going to be an option. What are people are really looking at. Differently tomorrow night just to see if there they see the first little cracks in the arm I mean think about that story you read a set Flickr chimp story he talked about. The chargers game where he had a read deep. Any check down to Chris Hogan because he was capable nervous. And that the patriots see slippage and Tom Brady. The back of your mind you saying. Let me see. Let me see how he looks mean we haven't seen them play. Since that story came right. What's his. On the sideline and in the Daniels knows how to those Dallas yeah early yesterday I was watching yesterday there is B roll of the patriots at practice. And Tom Brady is playing catch with a couple of a couple of guys couple of assistants and then. Mitch Daniels comes guy. Now just watch their interactions that are quite good graduate everybody. Well Friday and played and then a fan friendly do their first thing on the deal I would keep checklist would be is Dwayne Allen active. Tomorrow at 630 take a look at the inactives because. Everybody appears to be somewhat healthy Prado has been ruled out yet to this point handful of guys are questionable but. Take a look at that and active let's see if there's anything that jumps out there to start the game and then once it gets going right and shirk all eyes will be on on Tom Brady how does. How does he looked as you know how does he interact with players were the throws look like everything. I expect Brady looked the same. I just got to go out tomorrow he will compete if he doesn't throw for 400 yards and I would be surprised because there's not 400. So probably miss on like five or six passes to be one of those. That's what I expect big crock getting his defense forty and forty for forty height tightwad and maybe not maybe not that much maybe like 225 out of thirty. And they're able to pass the ball away at will there but a run at the way they wanna run it and just have a nice easy win. Over the Tennessee Titans but I don't expect any of these they'll look nervous I don't expect you know an eighteen for 39. Tom Brady with a touchdown and interception. Yeah I don't think Tennessee late last year at this three playoff games his worst one was the first one or the use the game was that was like he's pretty game he threw two picks and back. We teach her what to pick all regular season that he bounces back against the Steelers great justices to absolutely torched them and start of the super law it looks good bad for extra quarter and came back from did bailout it is fantastic but. Indian against Houston was a grip that Houston team even though overall they may be worse than this Tennessee team. The defense was better I don't think the test is as strong for robbery this week. Our own. Now you feel how do you feel about Tom Brady Gail. I look I felt all along that I haven't seen the slippage that everybody's you know predicting I I I know we didn't play as well. The last five games is he did the first eleven. I thought there were some extenuating circumstances I also by the way. Have felt that he's playing through something. Not that could keep him out but you know that that hole missing practices missed since it's so we all availability is that I I think he's been playing through some open right. I'm not sitting you're trying to make excuses for him he. He threw some uncharacteristic. Tom Brady air passes. I know you think Tony Romo you guys are big Tony Romo fans love growing will be RO tomorrow night was but could last game that he struggled with but I've got an analyst. Who would probably better than Tony Romo I hum probably the best analysts in the lead. And this is what this guy has to say about Tom Brady. So that's the chess online. Bringing that that that that's what makes it's got soul or to defeat him because you think eat them maybe economic cab. And if he does just like won't run out of words that the long run out of given that you know I'm glad to talk. Let her do what you gotta do malls young team they do not take time to say how we beat the math. You mustn't let them back. On the map takes a lot of desire to study the maps it it takes a lot of war whose. Yet to let you map. The one thing him Tom Brady and Peyton Manning may need to sit. Figure out how to beat. How end and just what I found out big pharma third one. And you want them all and Tucker. How long are praising and I. Can't chicken slap let's then I think the needle goes back. So and so we knew that once a little blue dog he's got from what I said is arguably the two best that our that is gonna take on. Pictures like if you go to the third corner. I forget William it is our challenges and figure it. So you've got two weeks. To target arguably the greatest quarterback Altima. You know. Directors felt about it. Game and a fourth quarter net axis of this course I watched it. Away. He got a pure athleticism. You don't know what that means you don't know what to buy two and we bring it takes the back and most in the back out and bring it back in what these aren't like them are. Simple it's simple math would you Watson's got late but acts and why can I sold my home. You can play it's a long look of Google Maps is not the plan is he going Embree got keys. And what is your equipment and out. It is the veterans out here and playing at the break reckless. Are pretty backwards at a club. McCain if he's the only guys who turns athletic into a four syllable or mr. Abdullah at right at file your capitalist system. Going to the club. You jockeys that have amassed what does he do on always picking on there called I think I I. I just right now. His hall of fame speech and should be on pay per view it would be the best try to immediately felt bad assets sold it was burned so bad that I took questions. For one of Washington. Though and one of the funniest tickets are toddlers she surrendered routers Qaeda syndicate of tires and it's out of Romo all. To hang our own. Own well. Hand do this chicks flocking to do without. Now the other night when we were appropriate hotel for the big snowstorm by the way yeah I tried this. Just that I know I saw the tire fires tickets in my hotel room they now stickers news. That's they do not enclosed enclosed hangers on these things as how this man hangs without sin. You're due out suggesting it's fabricated carrier c'mon you take that back right now I how you play and ahead here is how the math. His must be a man this is halting speech we made is that the play unedited an ideal our epidemic your show because Mac. What are I like. Believe an action like part of this point what I like blazes which are whores fibers point of Tom Brady is prepared accounting yet. Using him enough brain against these people were really studying like him so now out of you've got out grown up you've got to grown up. Among these kids and then when he gets late in the game that the kids to start a little overstated at every game is just Folger yardage chart its overseas I could point out parents are out of time but the other thing is I'd images Richard the street. He had to learn when given with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady Hitler to sit down. Yes and try to figure out what they were gonna watch more film and what you watch more film we figured out there they won't cornea. They got to the undercard. They are really. Any good to you would think of the words of the T about hard to figure out is that I could probably I'm. That's him that's. Gonna be mad at our third quarter were it not have wondered where are you return home tomorrow. That's what these ads that he that you're tasted so you you want to do you predict it thirteen that they acquired one hitters and I had to drive and but back to me at the third corps and how did the third order bought an adult and I want to almost as good yeah yeah I've been around and beyond I think you'll lose your hall of Famer that he now and you're one of the defense I'm fine her. Yeah yeah he's listening and mental game you're great mental game's important games important that you get the smartest third quarter in the league but if you're not good enough to portray others like I barely made I can't I don't and I thought I thought they can't. Kept a week. Masters and how we beat them. You must study your Macs. And and he takes a lot of our. To study the maps. It takes a model and yeah yeah to spread your maps. To the one thing you know Tom Brady page amendment. Sit. I have to figure out. How to. And then this rock found that there were no big arm third quarter. Our final stop now change about four back. They won't change to slot put a slot man on the and in needle goes to the back Daytona 5000 dollars and absolutely excellent open. At this point in announcing his odd little two bit the tire that it's gonna take on. Right bullet totally inconceivable less okay. Might avoid Atlanta all together and bring lasting images is decapitated but yeah but autism worries me is that when Atlantis to. To see how we beat them maps. You must study a mass. In answer our. It's about the Atlanta and Atlanta now and track government but stopped for a change about four back. It won't change to slot with a slot man on in the legal goals that they're gonna find something. And so we knew it was sold to open this care what I'm saying is Reggie Willits will vets that are members of tape on Syria. Right excellence will Willis. I forget we have here are challenges him it. So you've got two weeks. To put targets aren't the greatest quarterback all. But you're so close now. Pretty well now you don't really need Hillary's always dads are diphtheria that game and a fourth quarter that axis of this course I watched it. In no way. He got a pure athletic says. You don't know what that means you don't know what to buy to when and where Brady takes the back and most in the back out and bring it back can do well to charge quarterback. Simple it's simple math with Watson's darkly what you accident why he can play solo home. It played so long look of Google Maps is that the plan is it going embrace. You got key hits in these amount number Albert you're definitely. A draft pick six solemn there's no master and just keep it. A large. You're okay. Darren at all. A plea it now he's he's trying to master people too much and you know he's getting about her. They have they're not masters now this case as you know it was gold club is very Lewis was in line with the heat after this I have been president and had to study Tom Brady and Peyton Manning now. Wealthy as it goes to an economy at a hundred their priority code and to bring in a Packers we'll check down and. God be with Devin puts I don't think now it's that he thought that banana. I did matter and that The Who idea to another man I did not die until I got all the way to the date exactly key word in. Jack on the basis 20000 until I did I'd joke restricted joked that that brokers generally what we don't replace the joke out of the out. You know I'm glad that that's what the mastery. The master Wednesday with the challenge himself huge mountain and invest that time. Since some of his born into. So I was born which can get it right after the third down once or other corner of third corner and harder route is it open so can't beat old man at the club it's inspiring you at last year's lying you're making no sense and even get skip those ago mr. Yeah that's right evidently you don't dare say I don't yeah yeah Ray Lewis is Sydney old yet that's right at how the math. You must you maps. How did you study the math it takes a lot of our. Starting a mask. It's I. Well I thought of that there anyway has it helps get Betty all reverend Louis on this it will all degrade their jemaah. I begin at eight c'mon just tells different winners a lot of go yeah. Suppose that's picket. All nuclear gathering on a story you couldn't hold the whole story he will I've read. That is great now I want you to have a deck of cards just yet. Not today it wears you called which hands on Jacoby she thought that. I'm sick Kobe's stats. Six point 77797937. Right that difficulty coming up next Sports Radio WT. See that's the chess played com. Ratings that that the estimates this guy sold or to defeat him because you think that maybe comic get. And if you does just like the one man to alert that the long run out of given that you know I'm glad you're talking. But I tell you what you gotta do most young keys and did not taped. To say how the math. You must study the maps. How do you study the maps it takes a lot of terror to study the maps. It takes a lot of boring. Does that match. Grasshopper and does it some quite contain them that is really. Something. Ray LaHood in England Clinton. Again need to have them buy our film empire. Day. Robbery late Warhol's coming. Out this late portals and lumbering and it run down the field they keep. And I thought that puts you think that you think that they're not. A look at the match. With the date winking you. On eighth 1050. Who are pushing along how to you know Joker you brown who is the copy their the copy was. Back at yeah. McCain added that the numbers there you pushups and put him 476. For 76. And now like to put that over Rebecca how. Anxious advocates. Commercial break it on down the office for a minute yet. Spread of them and nobody told me about this course of the event but it was. Pretty much gone they would withhold it now there was a hole but outside our office who looked real happy they were outside the office because they had been in sandy upside. Down there by the all right what's ross' expert. That would it's all worked there for Bronson. Who own surprising rise. We've had some with pets and change the one here you know movement folks around. It's obese or this a whole different group now outside a much party your party group yes outside our office now and used to be there. Plus is a whole new group sales weasels come into an office that's there's just themselves. Active and that's also. We'll see now Shaw's and star market looked unstoppable this great game day it's nice afternoon nice avenue were pockets of wing where things stand. Not show desserts edgy and dips and everything strawberries are ones ought to follow up block that. Of all the pockets of wings were pretty much empty when down there pretty much gone salespeople. Aren't. Let them to get excited if that means it's vote. Well they come and read the copy that yeah. We're all on the same team here. Well you know folks cannot check on Johnson start our Ed do you prepare for the mentally your playoff football parties this weekend. They're ready to go wicked good swings in a variety of flavors stormy guacamole crunchy stormy tortilla chips. I saw that down their but it was there was much Atlanta was left party platters fresh fruits and veggies all make for the perfect menu that all the football fans that your playoff party will laugh at least the people parting outside our office here are a playoff party tomorrow. I got to work. That's right Bruins Canadian now unfortunate times and awful. I added that in cautious line first Bruins Canadians meeting of the year. Well first period people lost the first period act now before directly to get that and greens close I'll have it on I'll have on in the studio right you know in the green room and then I've got DVR gold at home olive all you know Sunday night and watch the whole thing from start finished. But it's just that the timing is everything department ice on Twitter David crate she was actually tweeting out come off. Patriots implant this Saturday night we prop finally put the Canadians and an article against the patriots playoff game the playoff party. Know a bit out at the shed 48 ultimate board game pregame brilliant and not mine Tommy carnage earned a part of it. Christian Fauria northern part of it jumps in and that's a mystery guests a mystery guest mystery guests are you guys are there really there are crosses your mind what does. On how to properly and rub across history and a does it's beautiful drive I am. On the way out of their gas reminds every loss Rossi to upper greetings. He was up there may know that there's deer Beers here or why he's one keeps on comfortable of people saying happy burnout because it's. I am I mean this camp is now Marchand says. Marcia Marcia mark Helm Marshawn Lynch is islands don't take self he's Whitman's he's got issues men's don't we see each other like friends and teammates on a paper that don't don't don't limit yourself that that's so ridiculous he took place validates a lot forget it a lot shares following the logic of Marshawn Lynch look like a little kid for like selfish little lame. I started collecting Kean senior Xavier as a regular days for women who appreciate the Mormon is happy birthday I do I'm a man who do you think you are very Euro must match for some what you are that's just a whole human being just I don't miss it when it's February 28 right stick doubts make it up bonus next month when I had to take itself as a way. Everett rice expert David week. Senate Monday to Monday. RA as of Monday zone over our party on Monday February 26 yet from here I only wish you have reserves that could say happy birthday to me once an hour look at this possible. Not on our own doctor at the end of the month. Last Monday in February. I would ask don't take selfish to a man wouldn't mind cake cake articulate. All of them. All of a topic that the Arctic air announced it would need to keep fighting we heard from our sales exacts oh yeah. On the excellent. Says sales actually did the work to get the league that's right you ungrateful bastard keep I got up and now and that the problem. Teeth. I'd say for centuries it's a partisan back from you know. Follow our thing that he would hold that means that every person who works in sales welcome to enter office that they don't go you know that's not their offices to help themselves. With sales. It was another department here. Like the importance of the party right now are very this is great all certificates are an auto most people don't care but is that ross' deeper than party what is the opener. It's account opening it he art I think in that department which we never seen easily moved yet it's called fry blocked it. The rock apartment at that all of that's right that's. Writing. Leave during the break your do whatever I want it's Friday that's angry as exciting idea. Am. One way. Rusty still at the party is he still the Friday partners. That's only video Friday that the Frist outside and coming out it didn't look for party I didn't real free with a large. She our colleagues actually going back and say we're not out there. Going down there and extra brings a good point what's the point. Slowed gets fired. On the day of the patriots parade yeah the patriots get back at the Bruins by playing a playoff game at the Canadian take out. That they worked out are. Not back to the calls Ryan's New Hampshire hey Ryan. I don't got. So here's the thing that I fully understand the need resources. It in and articles well if Don but it looks to recite the luckier. Cut of the accountability. Report have to do. I'll let you run an article in your ordered your editor talk. Are you org. Forced two or are you told to give them what to what your sources tell who they are for the people a little bit or someone to say you know your your Tbilisi quarter would just go. Yeah you get question yes it is great question what you wind up doing is telling your editor. Who and what the position. You know what what that OK I got this from someone with the San Diego Chargers somewhat with the saints there in the front office. I've used its source before I'm pretty confident you know he's been good she's been good so. You're British and I talked to patriot player but you don't opposites but have yet to play I taught you about Tom Brady and he told me everything but I got to act that I can't print that. They used earlier your editor. You felt confident about not just one source or multiple sources. And if you're really close your editor sure you tell them exactly who it is. But most reporters are going that far. So no one nit is involved with this. Looked out the schedule Nittany giving up in the permissions the. Well you'd like to think that that's hard to react well women I don't I don't think that out of date yet sometimes it is Ryan as silly as it sounds. Affect our industry sometimes you get information from one person now you can't run with that. I'd like of a nanny tells you shore. I solve Darrelle Revis at the airport. And he said he was gonna play for the patriots is dominant conference for the patriots. So then you get that from somebody's nannies and now we go to somebody credible. Somebody else who could confirm an agent and tonight you suddenly multiple I have multiple sources radler told you that Darrelle Revis is in town is concerned that. And that's it it comes from on sources are an unlikely places. But I've always been an iPad had a similar questioned Ryan's. While I would never expect any reputable reporter to tell me who their sources are. He he's not able to tell his editor that he can't say to a senator I can't tell you that if there's a relationship with the editor. If it was hard to picture an editor would say all right okay I'll take your word for it it's good. All you have to why would you don't saying if I'm an editor and and I'm I'm we're gonna run this piece and I got all these unnamed sources in this piece. If I'm an editor I'm gonna say all right we're recommending these people by got to know what we're going with yet. You you're telling the editor RA. One of them is a current player on the patriots another one is a guy who's known Tom Brady for ten years another one is. Gave a guy who works at TB twelve. You used give. Information without names if if there's no culturally but what I make that make it clear if you he. Every editor reporter relationship does not adversary on some editors I won my when my editors and I love him announces today but not an intern. In the news department in Cleveland we had an editor was column ever since her hands for obvious reasons he call you up and saying let's take a look at stories like. Oh here we go now to all gone shot that they should teach you to but he was tough. He asked tough questions. And ultimately. We all the interns we respected him so. If I'm work if I want to working for that guy for five or six years I tell them everything they trust him. It depends if you have a you know if dish concert Bob Ryan is running story compared to the year two on the OK all right back Al really OK are we gonna yeah you'll be able suffer with them than you would with a veteran reporter. 6177797937. Our final drive about an hour from now. It's our our week in review and boy there's been a lot of stuff review our week we'll get into that but we'll get right back your calls coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah. Give you one bit about patriots news. Concerns wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell. The patriots did not activate him today about 4 o'clock he will not play tomorrow. And the situation is they have until Wednesday at four. To put it on the active roster or he's done for the season. So you've got you know an outside chance he's definitely out for tomorrow right did practice this week. Don't know the extent of how much you practice they don't there and they were required put him on the practice report the way they do everybody else. But will not play tomorrow. They've got to do something with a by Wednesday at four or he's done for the Olympic part of that nasty Chris Hogan being back here Hogan played in. The Miami game but missed a fee and before that missed the games after that but looks like hope it'll be good to go tomorrow's a few of cooks Hogan in Amendola. And then sort out. Maybe get some OpenId the Britt org source that. You don't really need not mentally see our guys have played this season. Yet the three week window. Ends for him Wednesday at four day that three weeks okay we Q we've got three weeks to decide if he can play or not. That ends Wednesday at four they've got to make a decision by then they either activate him or worries out pretty wild he made his. Season debut in the conference championship game. Released yet ruled out if he's ready goes straight to go but you know. No pre season obviously know even like warm up game just thrown right into the commerce in Richard and I got asked. Well that's gonna say is going to be tough. Problem you see in this. Our season's over right here get yourself ready for next up we'll see you then. Although they keep bringing about their Iraq frozen during an ought to practices that it doesn't hurt. It. And one other quick football note everybody's wondering who's gonna get the job to replace Jon Gruden beside Sean McDonough in the Booth for Monday Night Football. I it would appear that they eat beef first crack at that job is going to Matt Hasselbeck. I'm Matt Hasselbeck will call the poll bull alongside Sean McDonough for ESPN will probable this is being considered Dallek a first look let's see what don't care what what you got it it's probably the world's worst football field crowd would be worse dislike the you know that the the first pre season game or some but it did a good way to see. Feel about the chemistry between the two because it's a garbage game and you don't really need to be x.s and o.s on the gay are breaking down a game or just more how you bounce off yeah. How do you party worker. And Hasselbeck would be column five. I would say and Dioner you don't like this agreement go to the three member yes I don't know maybe they are right maybe that's. For the pole bullets just John McDonough and Matt Cassel you know bring in Hasselbeck read your mom's a member of the great love it yes it's great. McDonna. Moss. And house of Lebow Woodson mosques and you know offense defense lawyers oh like that's. And it and ask. And and ask god would only think from the broadcast only guy. I've seen consistently. Via works that ask got to perfection well Bristol lynch whose. Who Bristol and I don't know who's a total time the guy has everywhere whereas in Africa or Nast media have figured I would. He's he's an actor comedian yeah I would use. Both yeah harmlessly which are brutal inches guys and that's a great job explaining who is. He's an old time guy isn't Americans say comedy writer songwriter and actor it's an actor comedian and you use both terms loosely does that like a pop culture guy you know of who have heard of him. I never heard of us for truthful answer of yes like okay. And they say that it's only blocks as well if you ran in from the part of a political ally on at the Gartner after me just go all out budget back our party. Whatever it is well now ladies out there so we lost him rot Rossi back in it and that's why don't run the show now and he's out there party and everybody but. Charles Woodson brandy bonds McDonna that's a good show. I think it'd because they don't help I suppose looking at Matt Hasselbeck not get a second look formula he gets the pro ball in and year out the door. What's that console back a lot well then again he's not bad he's not bad but if you if you wanted to go. What's the Masai guys he would keep this is if they ought to have been dolphins' defense. Alleged new coat they hire sometimes that the office defense and there's never anything out there that your deal to provide those guys though on the announcement got a quarterback. And order I like the quarterback crises the whole field. That theoretically while supposed to hang on the Corbett has a quarterback and a lot of them why that is defending the matter what your personality especially if you go from. Gruden. And what he threw a turn himself in suit is a real character or caricature where everyone let's say by the end. And then if you follow that up would like hassle factor in the pregame but. I think Boston would have been more entertaining. You guys think that debt. After what tenure absence from the sideline Jon Gruden is going to be good NFL coach. I I have my doubt it's the same coach he was asked before. You'll Soledad I do I don't know apiece ten years a hundred million dollar stood by the isn't it pretty good lick his. The way he is still in that stupid. QB camper there they does and like gruden riders were all would not like get the guys and on the van Blakey is so. He's one of the guys it's still very much in the east pocket of those players all the time he's interacting with the young guys I still I don't feel like he's so far removed. Plus he was such a young coach the first time around days. Tiger brings back that he's talent at these so mid mid fifties and early to mid fifties yes I think you've got to be he'll be all right I don't know about all the all the money they gave up to get them he's 54 and he's got a quarterback that is to lose that figure is pretty good and so that's all he needs and at the office soon. Won't take a whole lot make that it often on when his talking about his replacement is sought chapter and wrote about the there thinking did. If you didn't well I give a shout out anyway and give him credit for something somebody else it but he is not money I put on there and I applaud that the ratings. And how they've gone down a little bit yeah but it's still. I'm pretty good rockets used to have like 1011 million people watching pretty you know Monday Night Football which the time it's gone down more than a little bit but it's still it's still a dominant and at that was his point you know the it's gone down. But to paradigm sent about saying yes I'd go crazy and say you know people are stopping. Their football happens in Ghana something else and not one of males and and nothing is gaining on football I think there's a Gallup poll out earlier this week. Asking Americans are favorite sport 37% of Americans that football. 737%. So that was number one number two basketball 11%. That baseball the former national pastime right on the hour until while I baseball's done. They closed on as the national pastime your personal that I am I have and they're very angry about it well I think. You know what maybe compromises you're saying hey you like it you don't get out of here I hear I think it Barry. Had that have been in a fight since I was a sophomore in high school and our fights and over the fact that I wasn't much notified at all well one and done what as that that's proposed. And if Phillips I gather without ever rains I lose. I don't buy it netted but I didn't lose which which one of the tools you had to pick himself up off the ground ball to I don't think it's a lot that it might be it at DQ that's. Did you did you that somebody had no doubt I'll ever ranks of never dealt wrestling guy was never official bout. There's a win or loss I got to be able to square you have to see you did it did not read I got a good authority already been ready at all fights there. They're at a national erratic out O'Reilly wanna go out and I don't know I can't really do. A but ya wanna I wanna elegance of barbs about you based on 9%. From that it's pretty low. It's soccer got a percent soccer's clothes soccer is close to hockey you know. And that's okay. And on there soccer by the way death and are even talking about soccer being ready to take over. I'd like for like 25 years I don't know but I don't dale I don't know if you can dismiss it if you if you're gonna cardiologists say they've been telling me per La pride of that across became the next soccer fastest growing sport where. But once you're down in the single digits. On the you can look down on anybody into baseball now at 9%. You can't you can't just look at anybody else and they have yet right one day of baseball can't ya know at all nor nor can hockey. There about six of soccer at least in most places all sport and terrorists is soccer soccer soccer soccer today and he's still football there and football is the one sport that can still look down on this yet football can put Al can afford it and say yeah okay you know the numbers are down but we still have a twenty of the top thirty programs that's the big big TV soccer for so long was Heather asked her to steal players at football and often happens. But as far as what people enjoy watching it's still. Because before it was just like no matter where the baseball is being played and were Major League Baseball Americans of their baseball I October World Series opening. Now it's baseball and hockey are in the same category which is regional. There are some regions that are really strong for hockey like Boston. And Montreal. And there are some regions where it is just not. It's not taking on my Arizona where their media hockey doesn't belong in someplace where it's a baseball region Watson know where it's not. Like you to it that's not a baseball region San Diego. Really San Diego. It baseball region Cleveland. So I think that has more to do with the quality of the teen T it was good that. There he was good last year or tunes yeah and ended at Tampa. And and it team's been good for a long time I think. You can't say while the other had air air their bad now might look at say that they're I see up a place in Florida is a bad baseball region you can't. I can say that that that is an. God awful facility. I Miami. I acting baseball probably would be pretty good there if if they had a team that was any good they had good team and they and they dug well well well at all. Only during the playoffs so it's almost like there's a big event going on and a big event happens everybody shows up but that's not me that's. That's not unusual. But just on a day to day basis is Miami a great reason for baseball is. Tampa a great region for baseball. Have actor you have to say Houston is. This Dallas. I don't know I mean yeah it but he. That's to meet that would be the same as saying Atlanta is a bad region for sports because. Yet it. When you look at hawks game there's nobody in the building well and and but it tells you what the real time sports ultimately sent out there house anyway okay because that you know stand it that way to your point. Yeah it might be. Too much too big of a statement I'll say it this way. For Atlanta. What they really care about is what just happened on Monday night. SEC football act college football college sports. They they're more or college football mad more than anything else and you know it the falcons are on the Super Bowl yeah okay I guess that's cool. At a falcons games I have a lot of fans. But what really drives the region. Is college football in high school and high school for that if there. Is and is is hockey is hockey at that point is is baseball players they've baseballs and it slipped below the top three of the top four. I don't like actors and the fact that its third nationally is is a big deal but there's always a big four and obviously they were second for a long time okay were the murder for a long time. I thought I was a long time what are what are according to apple if you start had a chemical country outside my equipment used to get into our country. So the poll they start first heard about it and I think 1937. So in 1960 appalled that in 9037. What's your favorite sport. It's it's an online Paul I died were not on hi I have a little bit boxing would of one dollar and yeah I don't know what it was 37 bodies of hockey bullets in 1960 was based on 1972 was baseball. And then at the next year. Football football's been or maybe 97 it was based on football's number one in America since 1972. I am I surprised are you any idea if I was not I was worried all along that a lot of us and ball up and telling 1985 and 1990 that. It's been eight that was called the national pastime it really hasn't been now in your liked her not for very long time and most of mine. But anyone but in this town baseball's huge you and one day I don't know baseball won't be in the big forms like were at their three. Categorize the big four I checked my supplements. I'm saying bail out I wanna say baseballs used in this town just because being completely transparent. Is we have the games of the station. So. If if I can work for the station when I say baseballs used. Probably not councilman I am I gonna be honest no it's not you but us normal offseason but it interest Normandy theme. It's just no money than they had a lot of scandal they want anyone a bunch of games. They're limited vision. They went up once again not Ireland had to but I would say. Baseball and Michael right down on base you know and a beloved sport seats Burton is right now. Yeah right that other Johnson article awhile ago and lives and we said I don't know but I had our downs when this I had but I I I think that'll varies based on performance numbers in on the red salsa laden and you know put on a a big playoff run and also the back in the World Series in baseball is back everybody it it's it's all performance you know I still this is an original take I don't wanna say baseball's tomato cans. Stop. Minicamp. And I never heard that before never I heard that it's now the avatar on the boil Colleen Keith Twitter feed that's right okay yeah thank you Russell tomato cans and we felt like yeah. Who was sent home for past the nice going back to he's kind of a it's got a very attractive tomato cans there and work on the.