DHK - Reacting to your reactions from the Wilbon interview 12-7-17

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, December 7th

HOUR 1 - They've heard the praise. They've heard the critics. Dale, Michael, and Rich discuss the coverage of their Michael Wilbon interview from yesterday.


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So eagle on the last play for hours that elapsed. Symbol symbol when he outlining a lot of guys a lot going on a lot happening. Yes and he's obviously gotten warmer in the studio Michael's tower when her hat inside the flags and a winner has its say and a police or if they went sir hear or read. Because there's like there's not been a top okay top of the dome it's like a visor is a pattern that is kind of committed acts that years. But it doesn't provide our warm. All it's a very warm at the point yet they don't turn heat on here so I like it keeps us keeps is alert hasn't exactly got a provider only a threat which is what happened yesterday that it takes over the hot takes. Take after take and I can't hot agenda six dogs and a hot agendas on an abuse well. A lot of folks have talked about the interview that we had yesterday. Almost 24 hours ago in fact that's all I've heard talked about. Since week since we get it I heard my last night I heard down a curtain Callahan this morning I heard. Well there was no ass but what M today straight talking about it. We have anything we want to say about what happened yesterday it was your Tuesday. I was happy that we get it I was I was happy we talked to a I've I've heard some of the criticisms. Some of the constructive criticisms that have been offering in handled by the way is the employee of the month apparently. But the day outside the site of the month just yet clients I'm screwed that up. But out of first off happy that he joined the show that we talked about what he egg Kornheiser so impeach the other day before we played that's on the day before percent. Every question a lot of hero or try to figure out what both of them met specifically will want what he met with some of those comments. Then he was asked to come on the show came on the show. And I was really surprised. By some of the things that he says and how surprised by. The kind of doubling and tripling down of what he said but then ignoring a lot of things that might change his mind at least on the specific topic. Like how can you say there's a problem with a with a lead. And you know saying how white players you're suspended one way of black players get suspended another way but you'll ignore what the Mike Evans saying he'll only point out one. The only point out the crowd free to leave thing which at the end of the interview deals as you know that those guys bought a second time is that we have maybe they're also the tripod or are we here. As good as I did you get the sense that he was saying that he felt. There's a difference. Or that there is perception are heard are. You know I think I think he felt there was a difference until I pointed out that there was a reason why there was a difference and that also as well maybe. I don't know that he would actually put. Applauding too honest to god when when I said to him you know that they get two games because they'd done the exact same thing before I'm not sure you've thought of that. I honestly don't think that that that that he he just those two guys got two games. What do you think you're black guy's got two games like I got one what do you think his overall point. Plus. I think his overall point is that all that players in the league and I'm guessing I'm guessing that players really. Feel this way. The players that they're black players Duncan has Tony about the point 7%. Black elite. Their players and only who look at it and say. Discipline has handled differently. Depending on your race. Which would lead me to say well if you feel that way as a player then you probably need to talk to your. You pride talked need to talk to your representative. And did you talk to Dee Smith. Head of the players association. And work it out if that's how you feel but look players. Employees feel that way all the time. Amid this is not if it's not surprising to me. That a player would feel that way it would be surprising to me and we did some research and we found that it's actually true. That the that the league makes determinations are league makes its decisions when it comes to discipline based on the race for the player I was surprised me. But it doesn't surprise that players feel that way because people and every industry feel that way all the time. I mean just think about where you work. In the studio and beyond anybody listen to us. Where you work and the paranoia that exist. That gossiping that exists based on. What's happening who's being promoted who's not being promoted who's being punished for doing something who's not being punished for doing what is perceived to be the same thing happens all the time. In sports and business in life entertainment whatever. So I'm not surprised by that aspect of it. But if you really feel that way as a player he got to do something about it senators saying hey this is leagues a joke this league is terrible how could this happen so I really did. Think that that was Michael's opinion even more than players thinking that. I think he felt and he kept talking about the politics of race and it slightly to sort. You don't want it. A white player being suspended. You and Bob and other off field activities previously. In any. League at 71 ever it is. And the white player being allies left in this situation pocket but how do people. I do understand that. I don't know I don't know what it is what. The politics of it are how people perceive it so I think he's on my perception that it has been blessed and I. He was what he does just the wrong because he hadn't. Thought about the fact that they were repeat offenders are why would wind up I have and what are get all you want talk about my Kevin OK is that this is blows up in his face British soccer. What perception doesn't cut doesn't factor in there there's opens I don't know but this of the legal abroad should have been suspended two games that were Ortiz I don't know I can't. Form put up a legal back here I'm coming up when I go back and say what you said at the beginning keep. I think. I was a good interview I asked him about it. Stand by every second of the interview I stand by. The way the interview unfolded. I stand by every every action every reaction in me in the interview. It obviously did the job because it provoked a bunch a conversation. Not just on our show yesterday from 230 to six. But on. On Monday night and then Kirk and Callahan this morning and Owen map and here we are again and still talking about it it was a very effective interview. And then if I wanted to step back from anything. I've only thing thing I have. And had no regrets that's not the right word holding a wish. I could have gone in more on is the whole Boston Chicago. Detroit LA. All these all these cities with their racial history is. And how they've earned it. No well by today they heard it. And I agree yes you earned it leave you cannot walk away from. Something that happened in your city's history Boston can't walk we can't walk away from Charles Stuart it happened in our town. And newspapers both newspapers the globe and herald bought all end on Charles Stuart's lame story on him on as racist or it happened. We can't walk away from Dee Brown didn't push down and and Wellesley. When they were looking for a light skinned guy and he is far from like skinny looks like may. And I'd like skin okay all sorts of sorts of things that happened in Boston. That's not the issue my issue is I should've gone more and on. I should have said. These cities have earned it. But they don't get the don't get the reverb. In 20161718. When something happens if it may have never it would it would have been mentioned that happen and LA it would have been mentioned considering city's history. City is not back inside dragging its racial. History along with it. All the time I feel like from a national perspective Boston this seat that's eggs. Actually the point that I don't and little and I had a chance to have a talk off the air. There's little thought that I. Every time the question of race comes up. Boston slash New England you know that the whole Boston angle is that is a part of it and it and I think you've hit the nail on the head. If this were involving the bears and the vikings. Rates would have been brought up. It would have been a question for anybody but it always got to be absolutely read. Jealous idea that Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels fighting on the sideline then becomes a matter of race because if it was can't do when it. You have got to. About but I think it would've come up eight you know in that case it would have come up because has backed that other thing I said about players players. Employees. Are always looking at how other employees are treated how much money they make. What good things are said about him what type of criticism they get their always doing it so if it hadn't come up on PTI. And hadn't come out on sports nation would come up 88 in attack. Exchange from players. Ma. Tom Brady look what's happening to Tom Brady and people are saying that's leadership what people people are saying that leadership well. It happened to me in a criticize me. Just the wrong thing isn't that more of the Lee he is in the insinuating not just he other assets of that is that the lead the other advantage it would Boston being a racist city doesn't. No I don't that's our case crop. On the croc case no I don't but you don't we're talking dale is is getting into like you know ESPN and its criticism of Boston as the air right now is pretty clear. And my point default for ESPN or anybody else who does it. You do it more for Boston. Then you do any any other place you don't bring your company or put it is hitting off here and I could have a I have a real problem with that. Just as a as a citizen of the country someone who is who has lived all over the country who has worked all over the country. Just to show us that just got these are dangerous. Suggestion. That it Boston you'll there are things here there are things that'll happen in Boston on happening you another place in the country if you flip that around. There are things that happen in Boston. Don't happen anywhere else. Cecil. Said it's ridiculous. And that's why yeah I think I'm a little I'm a little sensitive about it on behalf of my city I think the city of Boston's a little sensitive about it. Is there a racial history here absolutely positively. As Michael Wilbon pointed out there is in Chicago as well Chicago gets to get past it. And Boston doesn't like direct why is it that it's okay for Chicago to move on from their racial history and we're gonna bring it up every. Ged time. It's something happens. But every time it happens for the city of Boston were gonna bring it up. I think that there's some things here and I look this is a conversation I mean we are on Sports Radio now but is probably. A lot bigger than sports radio and is giving out to be an example Google it if you want to being there were distinctly being at the opening being on Google it whatever you want. This took out. Cicero. Cicero Illinois. All right this is not ancient history with an 18511951. So twentieth century. It was there on the racetrack. Announced the different honorees for had its not like that race riots that after MLK was killed they are happening all over the country in Detroit Newark ala. As a race right Cicero. Or 4000. 4000 whites attacked an apartment building that had a single black family unit native won the black family. In the town so. It clearly crazy. And they and they attack the built out. That happened in 1950 line so if they've if anything happens in Chicago now. We bring out the recent history of Chicago has not happened dozens and dozens at all but every every every city in the country unfortunately. Has this had has this type of history. And no it's up to us than the known history of our country and ended keep moving forward to progress and and learn from the mistakes that. Were made generations past but so I can understand how people in Boston if you're especially if your. From Boston from Boston and you automatically. Have that that scarlet letter on you and you just pay attention to a game this opening Gordon Hayward. Comes to the Celtics you know it's a good player in all of a sudden you're if you happen to be in an arena. With 181000 other people not all of them rooting for Gordon Hayward and you're just painted as that Boston. Pat Boston bureau you don't outings there. I think that's crazy but even if Travis Kelsey did the same thing that prompted do you think they would have had the same conversation amputee I don't know. No not because trek is in charge Chelsea's light but that's not the issue the issue is like I'm a patriots. Things just the daily double. But that's exactly what my frustration is there and that's what I was trying to bring up to will Bonn at the beginning of the interview yesterday. That's my frustration but this is right I'm sorry Michael will one not Pollack. I I do not believe him when he says that they brought does not matter who was involved I don't leave him. I don't leave him if it hit it had been Travis Kelsey intraday B it's one. I don't think he's telling me the truth. But this is the case where they're not saying that the city's races like Gordon Hayward thing that's what they're saying. Or the Adam Jones thing that's who they are saying they are saying that at this time around. They were they were there talking more about the lead in and how they dish out punishment or how everybody views it orally just NFL fans in general I like this this is not a case that there they go again look at these guys are lucky that it was more of an aside. And I assure that Morgan aside that I did sort of take over the will be out yesterday a lot of his answer sort of went back to about one thing that was I don't know how you guys took it I thought it was insulting. That he thought the only reason we had a Maung was confused blocked. I've never wants a thing that I thought of okay. Let's get a black guy on to talk about this don't we already heard what you said we wanted to ask you about that why we played it going and I are that was absolutely ridiculous that finger that's the only reason we want him on so. Hey let's let's get the black I wanna say something crazy as not to fall. What I thought and that's clearly. He eat Maggie thought that I had an agenda which is also insane so that part I our team I don't know Warner but I don't agree with. Most of the stuff he said yesterday but that's the one that's just flat out wrong. So that was the whole idea that was an and frankly I was driving home two days ago. I got a text and Haiti guys wanna talk to Michael well on tomorrow on a ticket of course yeah with it why would never. I I knew and obviously we've had a mumble for the SE battle the program yeah I've never spoken to tone Tony Kornheiser that I can recall. We've talked a global on on several key against mr. sowell wasn't like we sat there and that let's get the black guy and don't call out or Anheuser wants let's get the black guy on to talk about this. We knew what you said we had heard it we played it. And he's been on the show before. We would have to say that that's what I had me on right now. Not a guy now I got a guy who wouldn't I don't know how to do that if I got right that's why I'm here my girl that I can actually O'Leary. Slowly reason. I'm here now I'll I'll ask you got that and I intentionally did when asked you off the year. To heard allotments. You know when you put it out there if it's and if I have something to apologize for how well they just treat somebody somebody. Said to me why did die in Iraq to rob and I'll let allow. Rich Keefe to articulate his positions and it's a I don't remember. Preventing keep from saying anything he wanted to say. But if I didn't I apologize to him. No I don't apologize that's one then you know social peoples that I've got your way some people said I shouldn't say viewers should have. I didn't need senator Dodd and get my question of says hey you know Michael Wilbon and no I can vouch for. Rich Keefe. He is the most non racist person I've ever met in my life on the all time he has no agenda or anything. Wanted at one to convert the the the interviewed just unfold the way it was gonna unfold but I never thought of hey. He's calling keeps on let me just rush in here and safety so you guys if you feel like you know I'll let you hang him or somebody does does let me know. No I I thought I can defend myself and I don't know pews listening to me I don't think he believe me when I said well I just asked him straight up what was my agenda could I didn't know what was I didn't really know what he was gonna say. And I was surprised by his response but I thought we all got an opportunity to ask them what we wanted to ask either give us an answer or at times I fell he kinda. Give us almost like a filibuster where they go back of the long interview and he had some answers will talk one on a minute 234 minutes and they're okay our our right. At any sort of taken you know pick in their to see whether or not the answer certain things but. Not a I'm not like oh where was Michael to rush to my defense on the record I can handle myself I think it's okay. And I think the other part of this and and different shows handle things differently I understand that. Here we we try to involve everybody. So once I began the interview and said I was gonna say I then wondered Michael to have an opportunity to say what he wants to say and have give Richard opportunity and that's where things got a little heated. By the time we can get protected me. You know a a period of time had had stretched out there now other folks I just jump in just yell just what that's fine folks do things differently we try to involve everybody. There I think happened to as I was. That's that as a citizens and keep them in but last night. And I was listening to. There was there there was a replay of the interview and then went when you guys start to show there's an we've ordered more depth. And I think now. It's a slight that's just a little bit of a revelation. Do what was happening. And anger. At Keefe. I think people who thought it was my fault tonight I don't know I'm on edge and I get out of a powerful thing is not a fault thing I think. Will bond saw it. He was you coming back. I I think it got OK dale does here's a guy who starts off talking about raided. Did think I asked them that question. You just ask me that. That loud there. Not out right away but if you want to outline. Listen I also think you thought yeah this also wouldn't say he wasn't listening because what I was trying to do was just clarify something that he said and at that point I was on his side I was like you said what wrong did himself was not racially motivated. And what is it screaming at me like you've Od DT I would Tony I'm like oh I just wanted to clarify that to set up my question threads I've yet to ask you. So there's definitely a listening I think Michael's point may be good when that he he may have bought. That he was talking to meet again in and got a little bit confused about. Perhaps and and that's why he thought bull when he said this all up for you Marty talk to me about this is clarify trying to clear my mind had. Talked that you're making it very clear that you don't think wrong was racially motivated and what did I know I know this and furious why would you point out that. I don't know I don't know I didn't count but I'm curious why you could point out why Michael why do you point out active player Michael. You write that hot right now I know I've I I've taking let her work I think you look at. Question Michael. One time when we get one in there we go one question and there. If they're defensive about his own points which that we can all agree on it and edit were all unanimous. In that Ron was not racially motivated and dropping in Melbourne somebody. They'll be it Democrat on my body was nobody did and I just wanted to clarify that with him because by the way. On on the PTI show what he said sounded like. But if you were doing is wrong thinking that he is a black players are exactly why and the inference there was there was a white guy in the black guy. And that's an issue. Okay believe me trust me. All Bronx I was a back. Pack and a helmet and a guy that was grabbing him asking Clinton was president and black white or anything else that's wanna try to clarify that with him but he was already pretty defensive that it at that point here. I will talk to you guys coming up next 6177797937. Is telephone number. Other text line it's 379371. Quick news interject in here. And I said to keep in the office I don't know an hour or so ago a little concerned about the Ryan Shay easier situation because the less they say. The more ominous it sounds well they said something now. I'll last night surgeons performed spinal stabilization surgery on Ryan Shay easier. Two addresses spinal injury that does not sound no it doesn't. So they did they woman a helicopter from Cincinnati back to Pittsburgh medical helicopter yesterday. And that'll last night they performed what is described in the release spinal stabilize nations surgery. And and sound good I'll get the calls that you guys coming up next to stale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. You. Don't white flight and real. It's a real mess and now we get batted ball and I don't know much about you that the amount. Thank god. I would wanted to be an inadequate answer. Quite honestly the whole idea that the only reason we wanted to get him on was because he was the black. Guy at the two is an insult this ridiculous it's insulting want. On an artist it's the calls do you guys 6177797937. Its telephone number tech slide is 37937. I'd Dave's in Bridgewater Dave you're up first on Sports Radio stale on Hollywood keep. Take territory when you gotta wanna point out where I think Obama's not the word that you guys that are sore. All right so we're bottoming on many levels. Or started to try to paint keep it a racist then. Just one of those white guys who think race is an issue until a black person bring I seemed to be what the Russian was trying to pay you which. Which wasn't fair what he was really effective without. But the other thing is. He's having two different conversations you guys are asking why did you imply racism issue in this change. And he's replied by saying. Listen if you can't handle reading the possibility that race is an issue that message it's not accept that that's not competition or happy that there may be systemic racism. And the NFL insidious racism to expose I think most people agree it's it's there you should exposes the problem is you can't justify. Trying to explode in this particular incident. I think I actually got a point is there are other issue with what race around the league or ever or how it how it's looked out. True or not though it was the supper argument but why do you think in this case that there is and I was never really explained. And it goes back out I'm gonna take responsibility for this part of it yes I think that every time it involves Boston. Our involves a Boston athlete Red Sox athlete and Celtics and does this whole. The whole Gordon Hayward say no we don't why you're clapping for Gordon Hayward stop with that crap only find another no it hit now and an okay. So it's happened at the Red Sox. Adam Jones capital at the Celtics hold Gordon Hayward had with the patriot out. Bruins community. Yeah there have been there when there have been thoughts that short war to war out there are some things here. The events ties to Sudan and then there's the whole Twitter thing in memory and it all got blamed on Boston and then people looked into it Noah will most of those accounts were Izod Aspen in Canada and everywhere else prevailed at blamed as being. Bruins end years ago. Yeah I mean all of the teams have been have been painted with the same broad brush. And and yeah I get to the point or regular little defensive about it because I get sick and tired of having my city smeared would that stop as you correctly point out Michael. Well bunt but let's say this about Chicago. Or or Detroit or or LA or Phoenix or anyplace else you can come up with proof car. So you yes he's back there. I think that's it and and tells that it probably might fall. If I set him off download the wrong path but by my opening question I'll take responsibility. I don't regret it that way I'll just take responsibility for. Don't. Thousand dollars 31 called art and artists are now is that the in the interview. Standalone in the interview needs no defense and needs no apology. Was a good interview clearly. Oh I'm not apologizing and saying I'll take responsibility. But I'm not apologizing for it it's an outlet you guys inside radio stuff we discussed during our conference call to build on and and I said these guys I wanna go right after right there I wanna go right at the beginning of the interview I wanna go right out of the insularity of artists we EU. We've had a bet with him during the Golden State series and we were gonna debate whether or not we brought up the fact that he lost that bet but then we felt like which set the tone for the interview. Right and we just played the audio with him and Tony from the day before we play it again for Brian the shoot so were were promoting it were tonight. Michael on drugs so at 230. That's what people I assume wanted to hear these 99% of our audience by wanna get right to a great that's our bond can explain it got hands area. Let's hear a the black players get by the white guy right in the neck. Lot of why that ordeal let's hear it brought that up in the whole lot of politics of race yes Tony Tony Kornheiser mentioned it. First on she'll put them on my horizontal time out yet. I'm not doubting that parking lot not only did we played probably under real steady and I think they actually I think gave our previous code from Bridgewater is is on the I think he's really I don't point to point. But I think that happens a lot. Manning that just happens anyway when you're talking about race. It's hard for people that's why it's hard to have these conversations it's not just at it it is not just that it takes honesty. And some. Introspection. Have a good honest racial conversation is just the people can point. If you're never on point you come in and what was happening yesterday commit taking that somebody's trying to say something to you that that that really trying to say Manhattan's. All of the time it probably happens to you you and your card happens to you a lot of you venture down that road to try to have a conversation. I was someone of a different race about racial issues and they disagree with you. Then it is goes left quickly the other night on the outs on these guys I got it's over with Steve Buckley on the air good football discussion about violence of football. We're talking about rock Bach wrote that chronic got off peacefully. That it should have been because he's white noted an artifact I felt as got caught up easily and music you know we've all resign who have all reconcile the necessary violence of football but that was unnecessary violence on and on Krakow these. So I just had a had a problem with that phrase got off Beasley went away. Now compared to sew it on our report any you know good spirited debate on football. Mike Mike I might well he gives no I think that's why you can't stay the same thing you know I think to me. Yet it's like Mike Mike Mike I got I like. So. Was treated out hey Steve Buckley and and Michael Ali got into. Wanted to have somebody tweeted back. You know. Polly's OK but he brings a bracelet on. All of a time or races I mention that race I mentioned there they obviously and listen to it right then and there then there's somebody who tweeted hey. Hey hey hey you know. But you gotta be careful. You'll you'll be accused of of being racist. I'm known why I've known Steve Buckley for it I almost 25 years. We probably 24 years or four years to anniversary. Warriors you know September September of an anniversary. So point four years. Knowing buck. Never caught races we never had that we've been I had the Treasury's not put it that just it's just where we honor is it's. We've got to deal with that I don't know how we we we I don't know how we progress. I don't know if we can progress but I don't I don't. How will bottles that you can't write the way he said it he's like yeah we do the same answer. I did 25 years ago argument began Tony five years from now echo plots. That's positive I think and it might be realistic but it's it's OK I guess we're just walked in. Boston's the racist idiot it was is and always will be a court according to that Steve's in Rhode Island hasty I don't. Are they your vote won't be on. All right good we are ardent advocate say that the biggest order of the weekend was diminished because Google ballclub and that's basically. Got a belong in the regional we shouldn't be the start. The bigger stroller world. In the Kasinga in the NFL for the first time marital history. That went on record books should regard colonial flag stick. Yeah I love that that was really trauma that was crazy he got suspended by the team and Zach. And the new explained what she can be university cute aren't. Usually the universe three times have we won compatible bold. That would lie on the road to movie that we should outlaw strip we know we would. Usher in all the critical could've could've laws on about sort of but it does look. Very Dyer also wanted to emotionally in all circumstances. Hold because of all the talking decision judge. Well let's peoples and have a really good guy who we yet. The thing is. Tom Brady is the first question they get your professional sports could be a little credit for winning much. And I'm not sure that that the commissioner agrees with the about why they suspended him but it certainly feels that way to patriots fans. And by the way four games. What talk about disproportionate. Punishment in the National Football League. Four games for the 6177797937. Right back your calls in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WE yeah. My typically one. Of my little boy not to give them what you're talking about Mike and gave LeBron the yeah. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. I know you can hear me. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line 37937. John is in Gardner hey John I don't. I'm doing well both guys are as well thank you and I appreciate it taken to date general I don't pick up my point directly yesterday. If I can do better. When Tony says the bulk of political the politics of race and then will once said about while. White guy jumped about a black guy I bet. I bet it is my opinion I could be wrong as always I bet he would take that back via a chance and when he. He could've guessed her stance yesterday aged. What would otherwise guys you. You guys already talked about I think he got defensive and yet public. Ally I had to be honest with you John and thank you for the call he had every opportunity when we were sort of talking before the interview. How how do we think will one's gonna approach this and Michael said often he'll doubled down on the ice in the situation that was tripled down he quadrupled down. It doubled down. But you know like John you bring a great point oh and it's something that we all have to think about in the media business. When you're on when you're on the air and you goal. And you make a big statement a bold statement and he gets a lot of attention. Sometimes it has that's exactly what I'm looking for. We especially if you believe it. But it is something he's saying in quite worded that way you wanted to worded and it gets a lot of attention. He got a couple of options you can do it is John said it's. You know what we needed this. I'm just trying to imitate another crack that war. I thought it did. I don't have that I don't know it's just now. Takes a lot of it takes some humility and Arnold is the case where this particular comment but it takes some humility to the saying now now LeBron. Nine and what is it that way. As it is being perceived like that now does that really really where I wanted to go Dana's on cellphone paid and a. They not they Dana they're not. Candidate. I'll put in on what was the place if you guys can find him villas in Framingham tape delayed on. They guys aren't yesterday when local sinner to will bond and he was campus seeing how that. The hierarchy at the end of well the culture holds the punishment was kind of skewed towards the light to get the blacks. They don't listen but then if you change Washington June and some guys need works both black who actually impaled upon. Derrick Brooks what they have have a multi racial multi racial collection of John Rollins later Jon Runyan is a YE four minutes and James thrash. Yeah that John Iran is a white is the white so we're clear. Yeah all but until we hear about it like when that happens is gene Washington Post gene Washington. There's no need someone would have to tell. These guys to choose skew it that way. Or or maybe that's his I don't know so I would tell me do it or maybe they just you know that's how they fake I don't know I don't buy it. But I don't by the that it is happening. But I do have wouldn't be surprised at all if players think that that's a good question I. Mark brought this up last night seek to me that that has more to do and ads are Europe now that has more to do with these lengthy suspensions. You know the the Greg hardy's the Ray Rice. I think that's where you started to hear that you know all while if he was if he was a white running back he wouldn't get that many games that sort of thing bumps. A UN and mark's point is our it if this is how you feel or or if you think this is how players feel who is that directed towards that Roger Goodell. Or is that you know legal owners is that Jon Runyan and odds are Brooks and James thrasher I don't think we got that answer and and in dome. I don't know who they would be Corning there they're you know them being upset I don't know who that would go towards. Pilots tried Bruce in New York hey Bruce I you don't. I don't know you lose. Good. Let poor call anybody racist. And are welcome. Well I didn't yet and there is a racial. Knighted today or insensitive. Gun owners. I've formal decision many times so we say well which is not do. They're not gonna get to a field because of worries whether or not code to well. To do and I released. In any American activities. To a single little foolish. And so every every single thing is involves race well that's that's dwelled on said yesterday ya. So every single decision that everybody makes every day is about race. It's not strictly big east it's not exclusively big stories but there's no racial component. When you are there things President Obama says but I walked those streets. A mixed calculation. Based on the rates of the people who are walking toward me. So I think it's it's undeniable that everybody is aware and a week and recent. I don't that I give us tonight Eric Broussard great and at home offers and burst the year look there there's no question. Although they with a history of the United States. The racial history of the United States if you fugitive if you read up on and and and it's it's you can't even argue can't. They can't deny it as you say it's it is there it is plain as day for anybody wants to look at but in this in this particular case. I do have a hard time with you know ground and if players feel this way I'm I'm wondering about the players if players feel like rock got a suspension. A one game suspension because he's Y eight. Any hit a black player that way and if it had been flipped around of the suspension would have been greater. Add to that that would surprise me and it would depress may have it how about you on the do you think that there were there was a racial. Non dynamic. To what happened when ground intraday be as white. Ironically two babies wait. He can't escape that you're right and everywhere. So large that it's hard consider what I'd be dealt ordered the NFL. So it'll I don't know their vote because and so inconsistent. Then it's hard to tell. But one actually cute when you see a black guy. Go up against the white guys hit it might subversive. Are aware that it's what kind of a black guy. If you're aware I can figure out what you're you're aware because it is just you look at. You look at the person I ever obviously there are so low on the let's get in touch I don't know where most people that's like me say I'll be crazy to say Bruce had a crazy to say. I don't know the deal Arnold is why eight. Yeah yeah I mean OK but I do hockey of course I am yeah. That would be stupid for for me to say that I've never noticed the race of the alarm of course I've noticed the raised alarm but that's not why. That that's why I love the man or Ort don't album it's not based on with the first one if we yeah I don't know but it has nothing to do with that. So yeah you see it of course you can't anybody's that's why I don't see it of course you see it you do see it is you decades Agassi a red card went on street the blue card went on street but. Doesn't make. That doesn't mean that you make every decision based on what your knowledge is. Of the person to Barack Obama released saying that he the develops preconceived notions. Of people walking down the street based on the color of their skin because I don't picture him saying that. Elie said something to that a I don't I don't know. Maybe that's something to that effect and abuse and given an example on the speech I don't know. Now when doesn't make way anyway so I'll let Barack Obama because our series he's Diana. Let's try Dane on the cellphone the latter black Adana. Dana. Hi guys what's up man. You called us OK now ready on the phone ready for and are ready to White Sox sports you into them are ready for prime we did early in places than we did it you know. I Tom's Dominique dominated hey Tom. What's up. He does so great to get through Uga. Does loses the dunes mutual paper abstract election though prejudicial. Treatment. Of any black person as a white came to me when I was in the United States say applause. Facing black on the air force base in Texas. I had to scout squad leader I had this guy matchup behind me who is six foot actually at about the quality. Just slip chiseled. Man in this kind of nice huge. Great shape guy. And he march behind me because I was the leader of the squad. And he called me after the aptly match he would follow me wherever I went. And I'd go up arcade. Yeah I wish you could count the black people back then on one hand. And I never even. And too many black people to speak to Wear whatever all right and all of a sudden I get this guy. And he would follow me wherever I went I would not have a payroll already. Why do you follow these is because I'm from Dallas Texas. And the other threats like guys that haven't spoke to me about the yeah I mean as a leader. Founded in 2000 ground or we'll bomb. What I found. Give any thought son Rob Gronkowski or Michael on yeah I know I don't think Guardia Newark. And ground with a lead that. Pacers are welcomed by an out of pottery fit nicely there. Veteran and the story. Michael did you like that story I may have gotten artillery have gotten lost somewhere in the soured got lost in their yeah right I'm not that I that I would have gone with the of the country is all white supremacists and the whole country. Will mature that I am willing to make that blanket statement that well historically. Dodi and now he's not out there. With a broad brush. Yeah and and bodily. In May have been too somebody else's comment about Barack Obama was Jesse Jackson. Here's Jesse Jackson sets. A little bit different yes that would be different now apparent. I don't believe Barack Obama would have said something I think that would make news at his most unguarded moment I died I don't believe he would've that would've said that's. Who is six foot six worried about the quality not just with chiseled. Man. That's kind of nice huge. Great shape guys look so yeah. Hard to argue with the point there all of chiseled man and follow the words that sort of someone here gave campers with him. Asked all right it'll be addressed him by the interview Aniston a great job description chiseled man affair and is preparing. Jay Cutler's urging. He is so we how we get the CM in and bases there you performed literally counting press conference Bartiromo. What he had said in the past the vote was that tanning oil or something that he did with yeah lotions and that was that was able you know him. Mosher a tough was it. Coke Coke and I think that would use it for a lot of the a lot of things yeah if there was. You wrote video but he Laurie how it is now I guess who won and you don't want us news and Michael who the oil. Blog I cannot study was coconut oils canola oil was broken cap and out of blog. An Internet blog era asking about it it is first press conference Philly. We continue to blog now. He's and manager may yeah. Probably I don't know about that. I Johnson Rhode Island hey John I don't. Only in my yes are you sure are. You know Michael it's great lucky guys I love listening to your show. On assorted disrespect for rent and that's up and answer. I appreciate the thought that alone no John I can do answering it you Euro. Harvard to the now. Anyways two points first is. I I really feel. This is not a racial issue I. I think that's irrelevant if you look at football regain its emotional Glock was emotional. You go back. You look at heart it's you look at Ed Ed. Plays that happen. Actually when I saw that play it reminded me and Davidson and Lenny Dawson. On any go back you look at it and Davidson did this same thing for Len Dawson. Begins this. Meeting get any mom. You gotta go back to what was it 1967. Anyways you know. I I don't think it's a racial thing I think. It's emotional that the game is emotional a week. I like every everybody at. There is no one who doesn't believe no regardless I don't even as well bonds and I Herrera. It wasn't like the white guys think at all there's a black guy land there I'm gonna spirit in the back and a helmet corrects that wasn't yet. There they're. Beef if they have one is that the punishment that was given to gronkowski was disproportionate. Because he's white. And well on wanted to point today Crabtree and toll while they got two games a week before. Well first fault was reduced to one but that's beside the point second ball they kept two games because they've done the exact same thing a year ago. And they should've gotten more than they got a year ago in this case that is Jon Runyan. The racists. Is get there O apparently won't in league owners cannot pay as much as we like to clobber the dollar round here I really don't think he gets involved in this stuff. I well I hate he believes that the of that though just Monrovia discipline stuff I think he leads to those. He's got opportunity if he doesn't do that he's a fool because. In a well paid one. Is right now at this contract is 200 million dollar contract. I think this is a time for Goodell. To step he got. You got you got your deal now it's time to step back. Try to work on being loved to if that's even possible. Trying to try to work on being commissioner of the players commissioner of the people. And I let a let other people handle it make a big deal about it you don't need to be the face of every type of scandal every type of disciplinary measure. In the league best not why you're there. So step aside and let somebody else in the backyard cookout. And I think in the east now that the longer punishment the the domestic abuse punishments the deflate gate Obama's clearly involved there's no matter what he tries to tell you he's involved obviously. But why sit here and and think that he sent out let me take a look at it gronkowski to include James solitude while there I don't think he's involved in that. And I don't think he's involved in the appeals that gronkowski made in this case to Derrick Brooks I don't think he's calling Derrick Brooks and they don't you dare reduce that panel I don't picky. Has anything to do with it. I like to kick around Roger Goodell as well but he's Stan acting and probably properly cell 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media.