DHK - Reaction and criticism of the Globe's multi-part piece on racism in Boston, plus Keefer Madness says goodbye to Mike Francesa

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, December 14th

Final Hour of the show and we continue to discuss the Globe's multi-part piece on racism in Boston, specifically revolving around the sports scene here.  Then Keefer Madness wraps up the show by wishing Mike Francesa well with some of our favorite moments.


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Take a big breath. Who saw. His. The final hour yes dale hollow with the Thursday Friday for me though. From what we've taken a day off tomorrow you authorities are worse it got tickets yeah Star Wars of the last that I it is I don't care are your nose and got a guy who knows that and he's going to be here on American. Look at. It this. Last last night that I it's not specifically DOC Star Wars alone won't confirm whether but it's hard night not it's the last. Jeff and I are the last that I does that mean I laurel has got the last day others are looking out loud stuff that I've heard it's I tried understands a Friday. But I got a knob on tomorrow afternoon and applauding president of the review on the big boiler full on review for taking the dale tomorrow maybe you can go see it on. I don't know Saturday busy Saturday. We have work tomorrow. Listen I don't have work tomorrow I'll go to the movies go to C the last yet I I don't want any spoilers I Whittle Saturday and find out that don't die or some you could go at midnight tonight. I won't. They get a good bit of those tickets are sold out to Geneva and it'll go RJR tonight that you'll be out of it for too darn useless it in my particular hole they are flat which I have played this. Months in advance. You're actually taking the opposite Star Wars yeah there's no other reason you know when I got to admire that they got a lot of a lot I admired I don't hold out an extra days and it's like no this force are worse. What's my need a whole day to deal to think about it on the way in on the way home. Collect Howard Bryant says what does that say about her casket after a hard Batman revolving or take the day yes deceased are older. Yeah just ally and an NN Saturday opulent and and I got no complaints about how we spend a threat from them that you want to and look at why did you think about. Eagle on Saturday Sunday. But don't tell me you know concede this weekend and humans it this week and but let's stay away from the spoilers that are they're out there already on what are you going to be careful I mean if I'm on the text machine of Don Mueller wouldn't give us a good enough. I am now looking at that they wouldn't give us a review of our death is can you give us a general Rupert review don't be too specific all of course note I hate spoilers I'll give you an Ares I felt stuck watching the I'm glad you out I don't know if you away feeling right now I guess I'm old enough to act saying that the actual fact or stuff. All that's. Also good. I admire. Say pick I'd I wanna love me some them as much as you love Star Wars it's hard that's very difficult to do but I just a little sports are going to be able to get there you think now. Possible even talking about all afternoon long is the peace in the globe this morning to peace in the globe today. The 1 this morning the globe spotlight team Adrian walker wrote it and decide to do it it's been a race I'll Boston race issue. Series all week long the medical facilities in Boston where the focus like yesterday or today. Yesterday yesterday. Well so far we've had you know where we are. We've had the seaport. Right right where we had college campuses. We had hospitals. And now. Ports now the hospital when I got to be honest really made me angry rock and it has to do like I guess because then you guys know this young we have relationships over. At one of those places in particular week we going to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute we visit. With the kids in the nurses and the doctors and you know we spent two days of our broadcast lives. Raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute it's near and dear to our hearts are. And the inference of the pieces that somehow care in Boston. Could be affected by the color of your skin and I think I did a dedicated men and women here work their deserved better than the in. Prince made but I don't think I don't think they were saying that these doctors won't care for I I tell you that there are people over there who felt that that they may have. Felt that way I didn't read it that way it greeted as. Hey if you go there. They're not gonna take care of you if you have cancer you're not good hands when you go to Dana particle and more when you go there how do you feel at a garden are gonna be here so just as it's legitimate you if you if you work here and you're reading that piece it makes you feel a certain way. And I think the flip side is their people who going to the hospital saying I feel it's certainly a feel like. You know the guy I'm not comfortable around the doctors I don't see a lot of people who look like me whatever it is and at and they got into the two reasons people are loyal. To certain hospitals. Just to be what people going to Boston medical used to be the old Boston City Hospital. And they will go there and sometimes people stay in their neighborhoods and other people no matter where they live they'll go to you MGH. Because they collect that's the best care right so I'm mad at eight. All of these but I can I I don't know for a fact that some of the dedicated men and women at the Dana Farber. Felt that there was there was some inference that that they cared for people differently based on the color of their skin and that really bothered them. While but I don't think the glow was making that suggestion suggestion I think there were people. Were saying I don't feel comfortable there. At any you know maybe you don't feel comfortable and that's not necessarily. It that could be them back and just be whatever they're reading into their perceptions now one woman was quoted a piece and she said she was in emergency room. And she was there before 00 white woman was there in the white woman was seen before she was and and their doctors victims who has had no that's not true that the same waiting time. And there's so many things you know we talk about race and we mentioned this before we talk about race is really difficult. It just untangle. All of the threads because so many people are bringing different things to the conversation. So perceptions just hard to it. Well certainly every part of the two finger on it why do you feel that way more than like the caller that we just took about how well when I was at them and have never heard them and that's his experience just like these people whether it's an optical out on his expelled guys rent mean it doesn't happen exactly and that's the thing and and so just because he may have felt warm weather to a whose examples that at a hospital and that doesn't that also doesn't speak for everybody and that's why I think. Specifically in the sports sort of made if you wanna look at some of the other articles as well. It's just. In my view points out of first did you spend a little bit more time on that not in the right Heidi about Cindy spilled more Tom wanted more examples get more of a page count of field studies that are. And in a way it goes back to the peace even to remember over the summer the whole Tom Brady and best buddies staying in. And unity the implications that they were making then see that was the more specific. That was they had allowed ourselves that was targeted that was talk and our lives are gonna absolutely once. Conflict with the target there hit look at this guy. This guy he comes off as charitable but. You know he's not doing these for doing these that this thing for altruistic reasons. Here he's getting over somehow so I thought that was a little more pointed. At that Brady. Adrian walker will join us tomorrow at 330. My guess is he was able to join us today because he was on the globe podcast. Which day they put out there today he and Chris Gasper we played you some pieces of it. Of will get a chance talk to a specifically tomorrow again I'll repeat Gerry Callahan specifically declined the invitation to talk with them. And they quoted him in the in the piece today. Odd they said Kirk minute hand. Did not respond. Kirk Manningham on Twitter today has said very specifically. Never contacted by the glow. Never heard from them dated NASA. So he's saying that's not true. Now you get that'll question you brought up what number they have that right now I don't right now's my guess is there's probably a lot of newspaper guys in Boston let Gerry Callahan number. Maybe aren't as a lot of newspaper guys in Boston who have. Turkmen and number although if you Jerry's perhaps he would admit have you heard I don't know maybe you could ask you might be able to get it that it probably would work out that way. 6177797937. Is telephone number I'd Davidson western hated it I don't. We're going on guys I did that. Alpert a long time. I'm hoping to get a little latitude here but a conversation with mr. Michael Holley. And when we start operative Michael Claudia thanks you're one of my favorite Christian. But but again about a got a little I got little bug bomb. Oh boy I don't need all parties don't have a lot in I don't know you don't have. And you don't have a go ahead. Anyway we got the whole gloves situation with buffalo and all that stuff in my right. Yeah and the. Yeah you have the suspension yet to hit captured it's like yep yep get. So my issue is is that Michael Michael will bomb was on your show he tried they're making supplement actually wanted. It was ridiculous but then Michael Bennett good hadn't pretty much done the same thing play was over the game was pretty much over. And he tried to wipe out somebody beat. He's got. Take that Michael will bomb attack and I figured that would upset you Michael honestly be. Upset me which which would upset me. The fact that Michael Baden was hypocritical in not actually Michael Bennet but bashing the crap out of Glock. Because he is black players what they. I you know maybe if he'd asked Glock not on a racial. That was on a racial thing he thought rock's play was he thought were grunts play was dirty. Whether a racial thing. That I that initially said he said that was that he didn't see that as a racial. Gras kidding on to David's wife then he did he shifted gears he shifted gears and talked about the racial racial politics yes there's a politics of hey Paul White players hitting eight. Black player in a predominantly black league correct. In my yet in my appointed is that. We'll bomb went on to say well Michael Bennett doesn't deserve expansion but Crockett. Serbs readings. And how would that. I would bet. Not playing the political power of two political racial game and accidents. At Howard get I'm guessing. That this is off I haven't talked to him about this is what I'm guessing. I'm guessing he looks at the very particular way so he's looking at a minority. Player in this case rock. I don't player did what I don't flared out a black majority lead and that the feeling that there is an imbalance. Then he looks at the majority player hitting the minority player. A mosque yeah I don't I'm not out on the back I don't know I looked at at and in other words I think you let's that it is an insult wise guy why do I think Rudolph. I think unhappy but don't understand guessing that as a white guy hitting a black eyes of the black guy and by god that's him. But maybe he doesn't it's let me just take all out of the way yet defending mattered most something must happen with the linemen or this is what he's like. Why can't you apply that to drawn to that clearly was the same way. But this is what I have to say too and I appreciate that the previous caller I forget his name already. But he says that he no I did try to forget it it is names out there anymore but I appreciate the nice comments that you had. That you had about me I appreciate that. But this is what has to stop happening. I cannot. Bouts for. Everything and Michael will bond says I can't do that. I'm not keeping up with everything that he says I'm not keep I don't have a book with his contradictions. In narrower you'd think it's hypocritical. And you wanna go back to last week. Where the interview say the interview didn't that turn out that didn't unfold the way it should have. And I heard on the air here. We just had to get hurt on the air here or here you don't hear other place where I work out. I heard here that you know I really unity. Because from a superior. No I don't so. You can't take well that you ruin the interview will bond and so now. Everything will bond does. I'm gonna come back to you and see if you check with Wilpon immediately answer for I have not gonna do that out usually there'll be a lot of things of Michael will bond says. That you'll be offended by you listener. As you know Internet between you will bond between. You me and we'll behind. It's weak willed on this earth from. 6177797937. Is telephone number Sports Radio WEEI. We get a real treat coming up. Kiefer madness on Thursday kind of heard Michael Huckabee and small crazy go to C the last Jett died but the real thing let's talk to people could make fun if they want us. But I'm just being honest and everybody I'm not making fun of them. You're just about set up so this is the last week of Mike princess on the fan. So I gonna try surprised all of bear some of the best stuff obviously had a pechora out gamble there a couple of requests we have a ton. A friend says the stuff throughout the years. Including my favorite stuff your fairway how do write in count down or to let her own person just like an assassin and we could do for hours and can we we should have started to make their their love so much stuff to read we're gonna do that you're not going to be here tomorrow let's. Our ambassador to argue it is Andy's not here now but it's not too specifically he Star Wars that's gonna have Friday night. Just. It. Starting Christina Jessica catching up and its beginning it. Now Lott earlier this hour over the last are waiting caller call and in reference something Gerry Callahan on the morning show it said comparing. What was this whole thing about about slavery and the treatment of Japanese people one point. It was over our heads I somehow missed that portion of a hurdle show lets them miss that one part of it. And so just to refresh everybody here's actually what Jerry said this morning. I energy yesterday saying it's not racial it's economic OK I agree with pat. How does that become economic well. And class of people who. Our war than other people who do who live in neighborhoods with worst schools and other people who don't have the opportunities and other people have. How does that happen how do you get out of that. So I agree with you that it is an economic thing you don't get out there today I will always be rich people poor people yes but that's the way the world works group of people that started with slavery is okay and since then they have always been the marginalized group of people. How do you change. Do you think how do you view of Ben Linus Asians have been marginalized Asians were never slaves 'cause they weren't really what I care. A what do you think FDR did to them in the World War II do you think putting them in camps. Might have marginalized. The boot the Asians are OK so I know agents helped build it would discriminate do you believe that Asians or enslaved to the extent that blacks or America of course not ideal of course I just told you with that we're done what was done to them they were. They were rounded up and put in prison camps by FDR and World War II. I would call a marginalized they were definitely discriminated against for decades. Right now. They are forced to sue schools like Harvard discoverable and any more Asians in. Hopefully discriminate. Okay. Maybe it wasn't what the caller said I still think his outrageous. These outrageous comparison. Absolutely. Yeah I'd never heard that person before. Nicole wasn't all that wrong with Israel out of it and you were slightly and I was off but it wasn't that Arlen drastically off was put a lot of words in his mouth. Enslaved Africans. Every slight the nation was built on it free labor to a letter to talk about during World War II. Just talking about World War II you know enough. Dollar an hour oh about global earlier than that didn't compare slavery that if the analogy of slavery and interpret Europe's. Why. Economics. For awhile in this country buffet I in the south that was did that's how that's how well was built. Chefs use. Pretty good years and years and years and hundreds of years. And I'll come I don't know. Parents today go there there you have it go back to the phones we got that Allison in Cambridge she joins us next with a thousand. I think I'm going to be sick and injured talented but not as we talk about. I I benefited initially that it didn't look really good conference class in college. And which empowers says. Possible. I would US open but right now and I was gonna end okay what Barack Obama says last year. The last Chanukah lighting ceremony at the White House would like crying right now he'd swing and entered into the pit. That's. And actually yeah so. It doesn't mean I've heard people talk about the Jewish people being racist about black continuously and yeah. I mean I just. Another ethnic group that would I was going to say is that the 2001. Reds. I read an article in the times you know how big old putt at the very closely divided on race and ethnicity and Oprah. Got a new content article about how to read in the record label to one in 2004 that you don't get over the course. Mean purse than it. Did. I haven't. And then the attorneys. Getting the different groups together. And breaking down the color line and went back. And it probably didn't get time that the article about a family in new York and they pointed out some people. And that's bad in the world that they did. And I don't understand why I didn't look at how I did I don't I'd say that's. In the morning so I think ultimately it. Yeah a lot of anger and hostility is going to principal. It really bothers me and I have a lot of WH a the Pope said that. Little breaking bread and I think that's what's important to Britain read both the world. And and well liked I often. And I VH Alden. A lot and there few while we have not gone on Michael and ultimate day unfold and anyway what did what did day. That's morals are worse than what a week yes. Yeah more this tomorrow mountain Star Wars. Poetry. Race. And gender spotlight. It's all there warrants out towards sacked big week for Warren Sapp spy gate it's patriots steal third. Late gates Paul vice you're going to be going on him tomorrow to. Polls and I guess it was the not crazy enough to crazy just period where where oh where were you ranked Paul's interview from earlier in the day I think sufficiently crazy for horse of sufficiently. Reflective of the fair because he's found I think it was the the Steelers pretty normal and then all of a sudden he brings in spite you claim that the only. Came back for crap phone call it a potato more rule of law firm forward rule Colorado potato it is Saturday it will be on my cell phones so. As you guys always thrown through a sock goers on the you know is charged right now. The extra mile on speakerphone. Are we got basically an action tacky for madness as every get to a right now this might princess' final week a WFAN. What Ron this is so tomorrow that's it. And that thing just goes away now did you read this that he's saying that the last hour. Or the last half hour he is not gonna take any calls. It's just gonna be him the whole time. He's just gonna go on all Iraqis according to a fun house where it's been five hours. Smooching. Access to pack though I do not doubt that. So will relive some of the best moments from the sports Pope coming up next portrait of W media. Final drive. For madness today cosponsored by air rest restoration specialist regardless of the season that disaster to hit your commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an heiress disaster plan in place to make your client's employees or tenets are protected. Learn more errors serve dot com also brought to buy cars for kids. Donate your card up a child today schedule your free picked up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. You can imagine yes you may keep madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Could be a great deal of the men now thanks so screw you keep yeah I assure you left. Our news just in which he got so. Bad. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments and their guys are capable legs. Martha's invade Philadelphia. Of changes some of the old try and Ayala is similar deals from Carl what do you mean now the residents and Michael as the liquid. One week this is the final week of my friend says so on the fan I don't know Howard film most of our time either on file priority for madness is this guy's been a staple for. Ever and we're a relive some of the best moments of micro as the volatility we could really do monies to show up against well I'll tell it like six months before we hear from a nearly. Legitimately sad over the departure it threatens the endless source of unintentional comedy which is why we love him so good five and a half hours a day solo. It New York afternoon drive it's really it is remarkable. Well if this was just a property address at some point one of these clips I've because of mostly his greatness about this those very timely out talking about Star Wars that most of the last tonight tomorrow here's my princess. Couple years back. Our all Star Wars. How could baseball was fought what was it for our full lock her a Star Wars with their dogs. How was it fool the people what did they see they want and what realm that they senator that they redid it if it's for the fourth body mobile book. And he thought it was for the American made 123 I understand there. But if it's not a book what would it possibly being. Applause that's what the trees on that account simply how did the eagle back from one what did Pete is so if you said when I certainly thought it was for how would you know its fourth no one's ever been introduced to the information before. The blues vibe that's right now without power forwards it's a new hope. Lewis not a predictor of why would be okay it was a book but not a move their freshman football and I get that a good part of the book that episode from a Novak or it's the prequel Powell. We a lot of off for instance on movies here he hears him talking about one of my favorites rocky four. So he's cause it does slow knee deep. We're. I don't play a couple of and then there's three wins. If we do it in you do it and a Mike got the worst movie ever may be at and TV it's great worst movie ever made. The locals might doubt was that terrible though the pot went three wins when he gives this speech. All that is the worst piece of video and a history of mankind well. Omaha. Terrible terrible awful way if rocky flows on if that's seen zionist I external I can't even watch it. I like fraud before it ended the Cold War. That provided you would be great villain in Drago who got a way to bring him back from three to the worst movie ever believe we're we're. Despite rocky five now don't works significantly worse it like I couldn't wouldn't follow in the storyline because I didn't like it you'd like so that like episode four. I like rocky beat him like a new hope he's good like the idea of data that lives where we are but excellent Internet account but then OK how about how about princess on the the sequel to the avengers avengers age of all Tron. I'm ranges some of the old try not only is similar deals front Robert Downey junior who has made only about a billion dollars as what's his name I have I admit you have. For you. Have. The guy he went. The green yeah. All the holds agreement and a skulls aliens and is. As black widows are very excited so does he hasn't tied it doesn't matter though I mean listen seizes the Els Colin many outs as far. Out did he lives pretty big but this segment for doing it. Not a race though agreeing guy. Robert Downey junior Jose's. TP through ripped the ball as this as well this whole hosting on another station recurrence or some inferences of this accident and I use this. In quotes. Competition when vehicle. Is a guy showed his arousal. At a show that beats him now you should understand this this would be like basically your typical night nets seven and I have to walk back I saw that I get the and certainly in the radio business. Now if you'll YouTube and on board yeah I'm so you know clam up. Unreal cargo you're you're yes I'm Gordy Howe. Clam up if it took that aids yeah. If a temporary. The airline career to rate seven for a repeat. Of excellence for any local or magnets that and around the world you dominate the world and you know I'm Gordon oh. That is I was real time grace David Price. Signs with the Red Sox did somebody hands. My friends that's the the release the press release OK there and he will read it for us. Well sort of on the price field you'll also under the laws just content forever if it's pitcher. There. The number of. Thought here. The brows ski global blow. This season eighteen to five to two full slide ERA. That was great doesn't want to. The footage read the king of that there is certain inference that that this one. Was from last earlier this year we added we did we do the social and it's great. The hall of fame ballot comes out all this is progress that open and to go through every single player on the ballot everything along. That well. So he's yes but I bronzes at the Q4 and look at your guy all right because it's. Good all the era guys who does he accused. Orlando Cabrera know by the clemency to. Goes you know Trevor Hoffman no Derrek Lee no photograph no like this you know fallen so I don't know that it is the Q all the Roosevelt. I don't like to point out there are Biden's trip so that it's not a I don't think of the hall of Famer but you're in New York. He gives him as much time and are the roads are curious if you think about it now. Are the road that's sure a lot of odd World Series by winning teams so you're listening audience probably thinks he's allowed her to be and yeah. In my particular Castro. Now. And LTQ for the rose well articles priority since there's no there's a Soviet Q2 Q Sammy Sosa the issue. Jason that it you know Tim Wakefield though Casey Blake know them well known Mike Cameron didn't I don't know Vladimir Guerrero yes. Iraq Tim Raines. Love poem will always thought it was on the rated OK I think he's a hall of Famer so yes and no just can't know Edgar Martinez no. Melvin Mora no I've lived on an erosion range yes. Yeah don't go and more normal Melba Moore no no. 30000 feet cereals you measure bears to their range I was like a given period though. It certainly is yes. Now now the only one left on my list I'm noticing that allowed to open up Billy Wagner nomads there's only slowly won't let. Is that your editorial about the Bartlett is a god like five red Bob organized. There near enough. Fortunately this is great and some blues he's still on the there. Are sure. Are we cut short so yeah W had the putting Schilling and we had a cut there's literally another two when he wanted to have dinner just him thinking about whether he wanted to add ons that you won that award he won one World Series year he won the World War II World Series of the year and policy asset LC SM BP. The way you you really stuck on the island for a little while can sneak this one accord athletes are called for an Mike from him a daughter who like to know they'd also like. It. And he wants. The bud. Grow quite pleased promote your world. Bob and Oakland and indicates twelve years old equipment call disease fifteen year old and a two month old detailed this one up please nine element of the world. Along they have not happy holidays and expertise to goes where it is our version twelve fifty is that they let him call on the show up grow up grow up. C'mon Mike. Would you go bro. Go back and by good guys this. And lower my are ongoing things of princess who would do well my favorite thing so he is. Again afternoon drive it's a very successful show they have producers that work on the show they got the beloved mic man as his update guy. He's in front of a lot of computers and yet he constantly looks up stats on his cellphone. And so this is an example of that. Miss him and couldn't really scum appeared. Then go to the way because others. That tests that this is the death of friend Nolan Batman. Then the fourth and not like hey we'll get back possess valid case if somebody gets the this religion its phones not work and grade are villas on the Wi-Fi. The zone. It's so I I was watching that their little idea of wanting them and until Wednesday he ultimately didn't get back. I went on longer and ultimately to even get stats that you gotta have the other one. He's talking about is one of his favorite players. Which one. I'm always. I've always liked. Gloria I'll say I don't know how I felt that their daughter had a lot of Wear and I don't I don't that favorite this is also we we love this when Mike would maybe bring his launch on the show you could harm our work is considered miss you terribly when you're here. Thank you from I appreciate it thank you very much for the problem is the opinions only team that shoots like that. Because I really great so no because they'll skip the ball they'll vote they'll go to skip passes and instantly what to do you cannot own them. You know that sauce. Which is gonna be on on the thirteenth the things that is really a special team. I mean. It was just grew and where the bad loans now I don't hello. Yes you were on today there no runs. Long. Garbled. There are at the affluent bigger gulf there's so by that we we are here on out is my favorite one they're great with him. But he got a caller. Was make it was making up the name of Allah Albuquerque the reliever it and I don't know about you know Albuquerque but that he was like oh Alberto Albuquerque I don't have I doubt we'd cut out. This wealth and they were there you go back Mike and the mad dog. At least 07 or away real quick again this fall before regardless record. She really is that's it snowballed us there was just the look there's. I certainly don't. Good thanks to. Act like you've got to give you don't. I and yet but they're already here it would thing soared do we put this little while ago my personal favorite. A color in your brings a brain and change for potential trades of the mats. And dog inference as a base of two different conversations different sense of bring it and mentions in his name ball will find out how many go at it again. I just straight for the Mets that the that the match how about Brandon Inge. We're sure when why and for so but yeah we'll appliance. Like what the first Asian players I referred to the payment back appeal fanatic. It's either he's been playing any outfield this French anybody could plan and I don't will be plays service like in July busy ugandans I like Camelot that you had a vote I mean. If you beginnings does I would be instant and just have a health now again I would want to be a first baseman. I don't wanna fool out all Fuller and this was the right it's surveys and Elizabeth of his right I will do that America's bright kids jockey I understand that nominally dugout alone and then put him in some backs that. In some inventive bats in the Al I don't mind now like yeah I did they would trade and you think your trade ins. Then I would obviously I think he's is very useful player like in July I could catch him played third base chances I can play other defense and I my game is a loss I got taken tonight that nineteen million dollars a lot of money coming out like kids away. Have to understand I can't say I a year from now on my put him at third right the first could be my team yeah I'd like I have the life you live and well very underrated player and I break. Now again that tiger is gonna want some back and think I'd be instant now on. I got it now again I can't home mock hurt my team friends I don't know and that's obvious now I think your mom and fantastic and I. Dylan Olsen isn't going to be able to but I can't right now limited wheels to better chance of cool honor of the lunch on laws that badly. I would tell people I would be very inch to an exotic mortgages available wherever available on these variants that yes I have I person on the light gains along. I think they like him as an insurance policy anybody's gotten to start so I'm inning got Jack Jones all of field marketing Guilford. Morton what's happening today exhibit a play at the highest Leo I don't know. Inside I'm like these a lot so I really do play who footed I look is that for the giants skyline and I likens alive. According and look at what he hitless in his own life and I'm trying to hide eggs I shun him and it's been haunted. You know if it did all right guys 1471. To 36. That's I think the big I don't really listen to two years ago in ninety RBIs in ninety somewhat because I Dante given a second. The light him. Is worth the gamble. And a hundred times are you know you aren't realizing an origin are real horribly value is at 236 out of care I don't care benefit basement right right right David Wright he wanted to move favorite right. The way so Brandon and of this it wasn't attached note not a night you know monitoring Holloman. Looked. It's really sad that not going to be here tomorrow if that is you promised to call and I'll tell you how you view update. I guess I really afraid review like a very general view. I loved it you know pulled forms. Forbes export of the whole thing. I'd gotten I would never do under that. Start to feel the popcorn and pop long. The type of people you're saying that that actually I don't know what the boards while you pour update. What's that port report a problem if they do some well like wealthy enough. I don't do it for us to Michael we're back at two I was the Crawford of our wit mutt. Covenant actors were treated W yeah.