DHK - Red Sox manager John Farrell and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Manager of the Red Sox John Farrell and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens join Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe on day two of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.


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Every Wednesday during the Red Sox season we come down to Fenway Park and we visit for the manager of the Boston Red Sox. John perilous brought to you by our fellow insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms 99 cent farmhouse blend iced coffee but for the second time this summer. We're sharing John's time once Terry Francona joined here in the studio today. The head coach the Boston Celtics Bret Stephens is here with a since well second time we've had two guys together Bret thank you very much for being here as well thanks trap me. We were just talking job with Brad a few moments ago but you don't watch in the patriots training camp and and what you learn you know even from watching different sport different culture different everything. You guys try to learn things from each other do you think over the course of the years. When time permits I don't read I've had some exchanges as he's gone down the stretch run out with a couple playoff fronts here late just. Certainly letting him know that we we'd pay close attention and support everything that they're going through but. I do love watching games in which he coaches particularly as he comes out of timeouts and how. They're prepared and how they're structured in schooled in it it's really impressive to watch. What's your favorite Red Sox player Brad we have one. Or. You know what I I'd like you on the spot with that I've got a chance to meet a lot of these guys obviously I like the ball. I don't wanna pick a favorite but I will say that last year's calendar view that I just or he's pretty impressive yeah I don't really watch it ditches wanting to hear an interview. He's just as impressive. If you Julius and you know we love about it is he's is genuine straightforward. And real. And as it gets and he's he's great to be around even on the days he's not so much bleeding we ought to close that pay close attention to those days here and a rapture excited to start every season but this year gonna feel maybe a little bit different go to conference finals and then you don't rest Ericsson that you make a lot of upgrades across the board got to be fired up to get back. Yeah worry unique situation because sixty hours. Our team is due coming off of a conference finals appearance so it's going to be. You know my I'm really anxious to get started at the same time we're really gonna have to hit the ground running. When we start on September 26 you know lot accomplished as it moves the regular season ten days we open. I think October 17 incident last year which was October 7 so it is going to be challenged to come together to equal. Will be better later that we are earlier. But I can't wait to get started with this group having opened with a coupon yeah at least have a problem with the cavaliers are right that's right exactly and then oh by the way that come back the next night and playing Milwaukee at home was really good so. It's NBA. It's India it's part of winning game. You know that you play under 62 home we play 82 there every one of them is artisan excellent. I was thinking about that your schedule came out all the national TV games but that that really marquee matchups that you get John you go through this all the time. Franchise being what it is and what it's been in the past. That means Sunday night baseball means a lot of games that you know whether you wanna play overnight he got plans. Well you're doing and and I I kind of get a kick out those teams that or some comments are coming out of the places you'll get six of those Sunday night's. And when other teams get one they talked about only that rivals while that's kind of warm here. Indy it's part of the schedules part of the draw it's part of the responsibility of play and in Boston here so. On one hand you could say it's a detriment but you know what were playing in the pinnacle of the sport and blast you to do that Mena 5 AM arrival here Monday it was actually for an hour or hour saw a oh and oh by the way here to make a game against Cleveland so yeah late arrivals those are just commonplace with our sports so you'd you'd curtailed pulled back and conserve wouldn't be canned. Knowing that game time is the most important time. I think electrical plays baseball more no hitters to review our governor Bachmann got triple play yesterday and you're not a good one more on defense shot at a point where Iraq are right. Yeah I think it's been Dotson is the presence among others. Forty years old you might think it okay ground ball first and seconds departments across the diamond. But there's the presence of mind knowing the foot speed of Yadier Molina. And he feeds. In the second in the icy throat and written turn a double play. I think equals all of the reports delegates at announcement three pitches. That went along weight and getting through seven innings last night so. Raffia devers has certainly made a major impact in the short period of time. It has been much better than advertised them differences so ball. Your guys' relationship begin because as John was there when you're really busy he might have some down time and it flips well as the seasons change how did you guys and gradually get together I think John initiated it text conversation my first year here and it was really time welcoming me as as a lot of the or all of the coaches did in this New England area it's fun. It's fun to be a part of this small network of people that you could share ideas with your thoughts with. And pick each other's brains as you've got to at least an idea. Of what each person is is dealing with it. The fun part about coaching for me house speaker John is. That every day is a unique challenge you know every day there's there's something new that comes up that you've got to. Tried to. Sort through to help your team become domestic media. You know there's there's no better people to ask for advice then people that are going through. Different sports obviously different different rules in hockey Bruce Cassidy used to coaching 1819 year old kids. It's kind of the norm in that sport. Not so much in your sport what you've got a twenty year old now you years old old if I yeah and it progressed as a veteran and her breath catch him probably old. What's the difference when you got a coaching kid who is legal drinking age. It. Well you know we we look upon every individual players in and of itself so it if Russia observers didn't show the Wear this fall the maturity to be put into this position our player development staff wouldn't even recommend them. And we almost look at it like in a worst case scenario hardly think that young players going to respond to the challenges. Or the spotlight. Whether you go back so bogey in 2013. To Benny last year to roughly this year they share commonality and that is if their challenge him in the kind of hit the skids. They're probably gonna be OK mentally. It's to rebound and be a little bit more resilient than maybe some others and that's where they'd they'd fall through the minor leagues and they become the big leagues with. Limited professional experience couple three years. But feel like they can withstand the challenges that are thrown away. The flip side Gordon Hayward is what 27 up towards seven you had him in college he. It's gotten better every year he's been in the league seems to hit all of the check all of the boxes. So one thing that stood out to me said can't stand Tom Brady now when there. Yeah. Has ordered an incompetent. Or what gives her bars I don't know. I gave I gave that advice I I passed I passed along that say that Indiana's first first of all I think that clip was a few years old so I have to have to let him. At that at least. Nature of it. They needed a by the time here argue about four weeks before your huge to operate and obviously here for years. Come from Indianapolis there is a certain Peyton Manning leaned back in the day but it. Obviously when you're geared your round the patriots rounds comment really a whole organization. It's so impressive and I actually. As Gordon after gore made his decision and move for actually. Sent them both. Little text. Japanese court. So he's already reached out I've been nice enough to if his advice regardless. So Todd has actually been and he's he's been he's been great about. That's been a terrific addition you know two years and rode up work for one year than another summer. To pick up Gordon Hayward what do you think you'll bring to your team. Well I think the one of the things about that BA right now is unity if you can play multiple positions you can defend multiple positions. If you can handle the ball past shoot it with size like these guys you know you're you're going to be heart tick off the court and he's just continually gotten better. But one thing that he's always been able to do is he's always been got its impact it went on both fans. And so we think you know regardless of who he's playing next to regardless of what position you put a map he's going to be able to have a positive impact it. You know a lot like Al went out came last year I think you know some there will be an adjustment period there will be time that it takes to get better better better. But all the way through out how this went. And then in the playoffs he plays his very best basketball. You know you hope that the court can have a similar experience. Is there anything you tell Gordon about Boston specifically you know he's played in Utah's entire career and I'm sure the jazz fans are great but we know outrageous foresees that Boston is. Some players love it's other players maybe struggle under the spotlight have you told them anything special about it. Not so how much I've enjoyed it you know I think that it that the one thing that I could do in speaking with them was talk about. How hard it was to leave the place you really liked. And how enjoyable it has been to coach in Boston and you know I think it was easy for me to say that and Isaiah are out next to me to second that. And you know pay. He's a really Smart guy. And he's a really hard worker. He knows. The right way to play the they'll play hard to play together he'll do all the things that I think. Will make Boston people appreciate this John you ever get involved in recruiting free agents the way Brad did with. Courtney were we do and there's it was a recruiting process that will vary depending on the the player that you're seeking. It could be. In person visits at an in their home it's certainly is bringing them in here to see Fenway Park. Two to go through that all recruit process and to meet others in the organization so EI I think it's kind of enjoyable both having coached in college. I know the recruiting. Path. It's critically important CT connect with the individual that they might feel well we're withers a place for them we've. Bring them the Fenway Park. Yeah you know I just got. That's part of our stocks viewers got to we've only had one visit my four years here that was as lord that we stop here on the way that's that your. One for one or switch gears a bit and just talk about how. There are some of the people we thought spoken with today cancer survivors. Have said their attitude got them through their support network got them through. Talking to a cancer survivor right here John Barrow. And just you remember. I gave one day to your thought some people are in shock some people say okay this is what I happen what was your thought you'd get this diagnosis. Our seasons and it gives it hit me between the eyes out of it for hernia surgery Cuba became a plan. That's not a normal. You know minor surgery so yeah you go through different stages and certainly everybody is gonna react differently. But I've looked like this has being an athlete I'm sure that probably helped my approach towards chemo because the intensity in which it was administered. So every day was my gained something okay how much can win today. And not look at three cycles for cycles and it might be of Cuba goes through but what is today have to bring in can I come out of this with a W today. And before you know one day after the next becomes a little bit of a building block approach. And that all the way I think you're able to maybe take some of the information feedback through year. Blood studies. Because for people going through chemo that's kind of you're. Viewed your holy Grail every day where my blood levels how money absorbing the chemicals that are being put in the and fortunately I was able to withstand. I think a pretty intense regiment. So that was my approach mentally the good. How impressed have you been by some of the players on your team just that the support that they have weathered spring training or other arm you know meetings over the Jimmy Fund we had brought holt on yesterday who. Clearly that's very strong relationships. With Dustin Pedroia to summit were we just for the Chris Taylor interview I pretty impressive to see all these professional athletes spend this much time with with these people. Without a doubt in and I think that's where sometimes if players can for room. A short period step away from all that is expected of them. The dealing with the media and their expectations outside we are really in the fortunate position to make an impact on so many people. And it's great to see players take the time as you mentioned. But I thought last night. Was probably one of the more moving. Things at the Jimmy Fund is put on when they had the individual. Patients glut of players in the respective positions in indices that godless America sung by another patient right now. It in the moment. Takes a step I take this game is one thing life is really the main thing. And she's so many individual stores and what was announced with their introductions. Prequel moment last. Read your your ownership came through with a very generous gift yesterday I know you when your wife made a very generous gift as well. How long did it take for you guys to understand what the Jimmy Fund meant to this area when you move yet to take very long. I get a chance to play. And a golf outing later and later in the year that we auctioned off at. At one of the big fundraisers for the Jimmy Fund it and you know obviously my I said I think I've told this story for my lifestyle my wife's mom died of cancer in 2004. And so. Ever since then it's been a a real. Emphasis for us to be involved not only with. Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund it any other ways that we can help. You know bring awareness and and add. Continual hope. You know to this fight. When a picket backups of the Johnson about the players and their ability to impact the community outside of baseball. I'm leasing the same thing when your players. You know talk to kids or even even adults just the impact there would have on people. Yet I don't think there's any question about that you know we talk all the time about the responsibility. Of being an athlete at Boston and you know we we we talk about it in terms often what kind of teammate yard says about Gordon what kind of how hard you play. There's also responsibility. Thus provide a positive distraction rated and to be something that people can rally around. Something that people can be excited about to be proud of to talk about it. And I think that. You know it is so fun for me to go in to the hospital rooms with our players. To watch them to watch the patients to watch the interaction. And to know when we walk out our players got a lot more out of that the patient and I think that that's. And mean you people always say that that is true. And I am. Holds true every town. Wouldn't you know we have John Farrell and here's team's general we don't talk baseball the definitely. You know what that's caught right given that given the purpose of the Jimmy Fund this is what's most important. In the game which we dollar involved in the respective ways it needs to take a second seat. Two it's of really what matters most fun having you guys together and we've done a couple of times now it's great to see both of you Bret Stephens John Carroll great steeple that excites us thanks watch from Fenway Park this is the WEEI nesting Jimmy Fund radio telethon presented by the our ballot insurance foundation.