DHK -Reimer vs Keefe and Dale; Why politics are so hot 11-24-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 24th

Buck and Reimer take over DHK for the final hour, to discuss the the landscape of sports talk vs politics, and Reimer's debate with Keefe and Dale.


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He's that dale and Holley show. You guys who. All right closing out. Gallagher Reimer with heat on portrayed him WEEI. Sorry Freudian slip by them so. Little weird on me fill in for my own show roster is and it's a little strange. I can't attack in Iraq one practice and out of practice a lot stepped up here I'm back I'm back to close it out there on high. Mr. Buckley. I was waiting to sock I had I have to get its costs would Whaley says a thing until you mentioned you don't jump in real. I've heard a more free free flowing shows that idea Franklin used I don't cracked the whip on you guys know now talked I was literally into that's later after the south is that the same out of corrected takes on filtered retract what I knew. By the way alleys and yulia. I have to ask the obligatory how is it Thanksgiving or is that is that who it was fancy house seventies feel a little 1970s it was great I got to three times a night of fantastic in Delhi that big a little bit yeah what's out there in nice to run this morning yachts went off the Turkey and stuffing out to the arena site. Now before the meal. On 1230 ones that as of the end game and and beef and immediately afterwards as well and then again at night at like 830. Like the arena that was fantastic did you read my lovely Thanksgiving calmer. I scan it yes. I don't think he won and it's a no no offense but it can only read one Thanksgiving football article and now it is the Jerry Kelly thank Allah and classic answer is about that I know he got a lot of them talked about but it's into brought it up some it's Jerry tallying column he wrote I peak in 1990s. War and he too ready to believe so here I was born so we are always meant to be together during an area and so. Now we don't work together an airline back replaced him with a side to an open across pats later I'll have known him for animals Jerry Britt wrote apparel. After I saw him. He did what he he did he we'll go to our Italian arm and drove one column week in a freelance basis we think Hillary who are like you know. W two Calzaghe all out streamer special when you got it offers an army agenda would say got a bit more into it and the I don't think they'd they'd tweak his as much as they did yours perhaps. And so he writes as a lovely com about the your high school senior it's a big Thanksgiving game and it's very rock Willie and would be the way to put it. And the years and years and years it was like we run it people cried you read it then coaches recently kids and it's really a wonderful Thanksgiving thing. Now hold because of the world we live and it's they they are still runs it every only announced mocked and ridiculed at its. It's remarkable it to me that Tonya never happened at daylight kissing her like he got a great in the Jerry voice as well effort. In my opinion I've not Don the Natick high school Thanksgiving football game in years you're closer are you now what reason fell off and got Amy should go to. Have many old bodies box that's the issue. If you don't if you have a lot of friends in high school talking about a life like a reunion you ring ate lunch with in the cafeteria gym class you in forest green missed Marlins French class lots of his fans can number one not fast. Lots of lunches in the phone Booth for yours truly TJ tanner on full house. You you were full house god. The guy that when you're scared of repair guy it's a strange that three guys in San fiscal them together raising the kids are all they lens cap on any idea what a day. Analysts are where all those shows the title to show is nothing to do with what the show's about what that's not true at all that they had Ohio house could be of Schobel poker might. Normal people look at that it's a full house. Journalist it was have a case here yes runs very very tree yes. I don't think of the legendary stick around there is that there was a little blond girl got what they were many blond girls compared DJ. I was in Stephanie middle child and then Nelson towards the show was like the eighties why why are you familiar with nick at nite used to play your thoughts and it was and I was a big fan of never liked the Cosby Show I'll let me lyrics rail goes from the seventies and I collect over and over four halls is not one. Digi you'd you covered high school game for The Herald on Thursday it seemed missed the I Cambridge. Thanksgiving football game your alma mine right. Are you upset about not. Is it just wasn't would you go to a high school would you go to the high school Thanksgiving game yes or what you what I like what what's the drop like I locked in the same building we haven't seen it. Years I locked in the same building is the as these kids did now like forty years ago so somehow I am drawn soles TI I promise. All of our looses if you're driving around Black Friday at any rate I'm not edited two and a half hours on high school football but. I need to tell you a quick thing. That only I would come up with our I did the so it's our I taught myself up our talk about a brilliant and is adding colonial like that's known unknown unknown. It's it's just. Thought the column itself it's what app with her Revere. At Miller field yesterday. It turns out went to had a chance to play that game at Fenway Park. But it turned it down because the two years they haven't played a home game because you feel was being rebuilt it was finally ready for Thanksgiving. So the kids the seniors wanted to play one game on that legendary would repeal before they graduate course and legendary without I don't mean funny looking up. Kid senior went for high school he is great. Great grandfather is tiny Wagner who is the shortstop on the world champion 1912 Red Sox. Any wow that's hanging I love it I knew back then you could read it and that's a great piece on and off. Tiny and Quincy your next up you went typed in prostate and kind and good evening. And her so I I was were in the stands talking to parents and moms and dads. And it is one guy and he says all Muslim and civil you know my wife. It is my wife's. Great grandfather. Played for the red sites and its equipment that would mean that your son is great great grandfather in the that he didn't wanna play if there was no we want to play the game so. So they've got that we may get something against Fenway Park that he dropped baseball cathedral how could that be that's it's EU to. Audio cynicism is stored but I do you that you have a way to get the good story that's like me doing it for 65 years and expect hopefully many many more only 54 we're closing out day on high with Keith until 6 o'clock and we'll morphed into Monday night which is very exciting but we have the changed clothing and now how we have a full wardrobe change in the champion trump owns his walks never months ending up with the term bonds we're eager to not clocked out Toomer Steve Buckley get this call at 617779. 79837. 48 hours to go block I was sitting where you are yes across from the guy great Dale Arnold very excited first time I worked a gallon. Keeping the afternoon and I wanna get jets' perspective on this real quick because jet is back there and he was accurate isn't producing a jet jet gave me a C minus efforts from a debut. Afternoon drive but jet you're there what what do you think the general tenor. Of the room was like with me in without those guys in person out there when I first got old they call us happy that I even it even before the show I mean I talked a lot about trump before the show but. I think Dell was particularly Italy in the mood was more open to the idea of me hosting and rich I think I can tell right right off the the first at least you're gleaning example emotions are I'm leaning yes and well I think I am sure their past I don't think you're correct about that in herbal equally upset about it equally anger I think maybe it was better at hiding things may be so rich and I would not right away Jason you have got to cut 18 spot you. Listen a little bit but it just got people got a lot I do exist that of the the nut graph issue as it were. When I missed was that the nightcap is like when everything happens in the story Yasser rights are right away has a big difference is I haven't sought nothing we haven't talked on the air is. When in my beliefs is that if it's interesting talk about it whether it's a social issue a political topic doesn't matter whether it's 8 AM 2 PM 8 PM and 1 AM. People want good radio all the time rights as the guys in a race I think anybody radio why the big Sean filtered bugs get about four weeks sir Richard I got right this kind of debate what is the difference between. Morning radio afternoon radio does there need to be difference in terms of topics discussed its morning. Whether it will morning radio yes this afternoon and yeah what's the difference and never got that if they want entertain you good morning but they don't want entertaining radio afternoon though probably ever has ever said that. I think there's a little bit more sports centric in the afternoon I think a lot of it. Why they had photos of people wake up they were they wanted to just be sort of entertained on their way into work in these one or whatever whatever the topics are let's let's have a top thing on the way home I think it is all the more. What I got to see people say that I'm not sure why he got even radio line time to think that people were different different things depending on the timing and the idea why I think that shows are different. Audiences are different. You know the the people who were listening added to Jerry and Kirk. Are not necessarily some are obviously the same people who listen to us but I think there are different audiences I think they're looking for different things by the way. I think there's more than one way to approach an entertaining radio how without a doubt now theirs is theirs is great the numbers back it up they do a great job with that I have no beefs about how they handle it. But I think I don't I think they we tried to do what we would fail ms. without a seat there. Play your strength I'd like Howard Stern and opened it and there's a reason why. They were better in the morning they make it I think there's just something about that is that it's that you're you you would throwing them on you and they were just beat. Crazier the hijinks I think if they were on the afternoon at times up and at the new work. I think it's played better in the morning. That is essential to it until I think as they said is selling himself short has before the show for an hour hour and a half down arrogant going back reports show ideas. He was dripping into trump buck ripping into him ease of our ball tweets are racist I can't believe that is what our president is tweeting about. Dale dale is a very political guy I was jailed on the war. As you can believe this almost forty years now both port open main the main thing and I will tell you this is an absolute fact well let me let me. Go far field here. To be successful. In sports talk in Boston. You need to add two things the one you need to be able to go beyond sports yes even if you don't. You need to have it in your arsenal and habits are you need to be prepared. You can't. Be the guy who didn't watch the game last night and a UC you to watch the Bruins that you just trying to rattle I've I've really only watch what appeared knives here but but it if you did the show and a daily basis he would have to change your viewing habits is so if it was my job to commentary on the Bruins yes out west the results that's what I was Heidi is that. Many end. Callahan three guys and it's too especially glad. And especially more than anybody dale. And you can like dale hate dale deals to do you know nobody. Is better prepared going in we show of note about now we're right will straighten up after a little bit. Is that I kind of agree with dale that it's a different thing in the afternoon. But he he could explain why why why it can't explain why generate what people want something different at 9 AM and let's say 3 PM it. Never understood this you give me the platform for minute because who in the morning that there was something. Different and I can't explain. I'm I'm is that a threes anybody. And a much saying that in the afternoon unit we didn't spot when I did the big show we can talk calls what we talked I remember when that when 9/11 happened that's all we talked about for a month. The the recount the hanging chads under Florida L senate does or major world events all we talked about Richards taught me that is really no interest in times so well that ball. And I'm sure if there was something cataclysmic that happened I told it's a cataclysmic happens every week now in this Aaron we just this and his sister. So you'd you'd need to be able to have to latch on of those topics. Now. Is it a little different afternoon drive that it is the morning it for some reason I say yes but I can't explain why. But now there's a thing you can't explain why some piping in let's say the deal is right that you were wrong. Brightest idea that there conventional wisdom but there's all like if it's good radio it's good radio in daylight. Until do you all that's that deal is great stuff into meat that's a different and that's the only two cookie cutter boring sport stock adding dale and holing heat. The straight from sports more than dug in as do I think it's much better show and it's one of the reasons why. So I. I I'd like delta could tell they do I want the night before we even went on the air dale says like guy. Can't we did in this country we've taken not. We we've chosen partisan politics above protecting children with the trump were more endorsements and like yes Dell just sort of sharing their minds I minds here. It off with but now I mean to me that's an impassioned about passion about politics. And so I figured that sort so my best episode I'm hosting alone if I'm with you that's the direction I lean more hitters are getting pretty disgusting. Jet yet ticket list that says there's a low bar with. The whip remarry in studio when he super low bar super love I wanted to know was did you at any point in that. First 510 minutes feel like. These two guys they're attacking it now feel like you're back in that curtain and well what what what would that. I brought one of the things that triggers me is to say I like we are gonna talk about Alex to 9 o'clock Kirk not economic school we'll level we will talk on how well guys saying we all ticket right that's what you'll snowflakes are all triggered. One of my triggers is when somebody goes to development okay that you Kirk gave you a list of things don't there's a let's just already Whitaker tight sag. Not pisses me off. I go against Kirk more than just about as as much as anybody who goes on that you shot yourself in the foot when he said each entrant into Los except returning to block as much I've amended that knowledge that I now waited a matter. As much as it each or three of war five Jerry tang. He's not exactly a well as a united united heavy bowl bound as much as anybody on not shall I go against her in wrote curing I had over the summer. There's a handful of people when you are stationed. Rob and you'll. Don and I went right out and admit it's you grow no no no that's his pupil while you and Jerry and Mike on I was he's more than normal here wacky yet again up and up your knees boy I don't like I said yes sir mr. Callahan. Now the parole hearing was in July after the Kurdistan. I came in here in yelled and screamed with Kurt for an hour the old news we yelled in screens so if anyone sends out streamers as Kurt Mann and yes man puppet. As they listen to that hour in July. So Dell said that right away Jeddah might hear recount the gloves are on. That's that that's that's the number one late last to get me all riled up a few mr. Buckley I. Ross are world world world we're all normal any or all eyes snowflakes I've reached an old. A couple of questions. Take us behind the scenes what was it like during the breaks was at frost the what were their hugs at the end of the day slaps in the backseat again next week it was it was let's get together more often. It was cordial during the breaks it was cordial. It's cordial to be euphemism but IC. We were laughing and hollering warrant holding arguing if you want euphemism for ice we talk on the right track here. Look me in the eye on the ice years. On the ice yourself now we've we've gotten cordial to on the ice your wallet is a profession as. Professional professional environment. As a professional and now we were not any doubt doubt and so we got beat out fishing bringing on stories like this and we've we've had enough for the Sox. For certain times backed away from the microphone on him like he just has no interest in talking captain stories and we look forward to. More future appearances I would hope so and I had a blast here's this Amgen. That they have their. The first break was frosty. When you say that. Yes yes got a little more talkative from now but it was it was tough we have frost your environment than amused at the guys so and then it did dale in key did not want in jail is opposite said. Get us be out three were type. I don't it was not a solid streamer that was now is out an agreement that wasn't their decision I got the call sixth on what you were tie free Tuesday tossed him I liked I fun. And a lot of fun it's inaction it's fun being over there and yes the news it is it's easier yes put your feet up you can relax. The again so that's that's the central disagreement. That I have with keep certainly is at about defeat in which you yes I now it's act it's a crouching to get off a flight attendant took every time to get that by not. It's more ridiculous says that all his idea got into sports rated as only one attack on sports but what if there isn't. A grabber sports topic and he's still a force yourself to talk about sports. We go around it like the infield outfield late but yes I would eat position the next year now. That's that's a that's a very 1970s and the Celtics bench doesn't science and saw so patriots week by week wind laws when I got I got some liaison that predicting this season while the patriots I see all winds up until the seventeenth against Pittsburgh that is only real game remaining. On the Steelers overcome last week's thing that's baloney. While we can get into it a little bit later on others up comic take a shot glass and yeah yeah and the zip file that in his new book removed to comb. Yes he did I so that was always things do you segment it was a lazy digital segment and yes a whole segment I didn't know that the slow day doc slow day. Nobody did a little thing and Tom Brady doesn't get enough respect them national media and it exploded when you and it. A new topic for a month and you topic 2003 they the national media doesn't respect a guy. 6177. Didn't think it was an exciting game. Like what game raiders game yeah that was awful it was felt by all all right yes sport. And you elect him we have like six weeks ago we said it is patriots seasons can be ground but were right back where we always been. I agree yes it's that raiders game was what the second the ball hit off by Johnny Horton shoulder pads at. Only today arms outstretched arms about it Iran harmonies at this game is. Is not last night and that I didn't Oakland was so insecure the pay attention so we were to act for you know 20/20 five years and pick this up or. 617779798%. And again 61777979%. Had spoken Roemer filling in for Elena holly and sports rated at U. On Sports Radio WEEI. People quit politics or database now there's a huge terrorist attacks are gonna care about it. Twenty yeah about the staff and our. Also just day to day politics is the terrorist attack the extreme happens at some treatments what do you do and every single week. Yeah that's my eyes I got into sports like your marbles towards the budget about news again in the news when Bennett a new life showed that a horse landed photo on its six Minnesota of their reporting but it sports taught. It means we have to be that the jumping up and I think I can make the sports talk. And I think he'll he'll entertain the talk about Iraq or you know one that's what what is not when the when there's not really a main topic out there had gotten the job. That's pretty get creative definitely take its board topic and make it entertaining and just immediately hit it in turn to. Whatever the but to use flash. Does another taste of one of our debates the first hour and in with that dale and keep the other day. But dreaming or sports rated WE I 6177797937. See I would I will talk about sports all day long when there's a good sports talk to talk about. What are the relative term and who who gets to decide what the what the big topic in today's. In today's world nobody realizes what's talk radio. We are here to talk about what you wanna talk about I disagree that is true. That is not fair we could have done the first half hour of the show for example on the Celtics not magic get a preview the Celtics magic. With not a five performance. My point is that if all these foam lake that second guy high school football games or yes. Jason who apparently and what's that they journalists like his high school got a little bit. And hold on what you're gonna Jason just warning don't now but why are you. Why isn't unveiling the fourth wallet is on trying to made enabling their case one but need for another few minutes a month I'm trying to make a point. That if ball five phone lines were filled people wanna talk what he has the size of football games you wouldn't go to them and we noticed because it's a big out here to talk about what you wanted to be you know you can tell what guide the audience into what you believe. Rightly so by my dad. So to weigh the topical points. You can tell today's teenage we monitor collects we know how much every single story and WE EEI dot com is Brad. You know how many people can even see your tweets you can look at it Twitter analytics in today's day and age you can tell which generates the buzz and what doesn't and off field stuff. Issues social topics the intersection of sports and politics is I'm excited DB when you say that I'm sorry. That's the kind of stuff that generates bugs you can tell like EU you can just tell and I think a lot of it has to do with. The changing ways that people are consuming media consuming content and you look at the average age of sports viewers but sports business journal I did this a few months ago. It's all guys in their mid to upper fifties the average MLB viewer last year 57. Garrett in a while you're fifty any HL 49 NBA to spring chicken at 42 what are we to glean from this. It's changing people are not sitting down and watching three hours of a game like they once beaten a great changing so thus we I think and again I've been in the business for five minutes by. We have to change and you can't have the same form you had. In 19972007. Over those numbers even 20112012. Has completely changed. You know the two most. Watched the most impressions. Tweets that I've done. In six years now both were videos one was Tom Brady. Talking about is this is mother's mother yup it conceivable I've wondered how got a great in great angle on and I did posted them all up your path so straight I was right on Iraq. And the second was and this is at absolutely the truth. I did the war were in game last year because rocky Nelson the Wilbon I coached. Was retiring any he's an Iraqi Nelson speed media's appetite I guess regain speed that's multimedia that's an I was invited ended today because you like me you want me. Andy he apparently is famous for the fire and brimstone pregame speech. Divot at 362 video it got re tweet by all the football guys nationally in the NFL network and stuff and like 600000 people saw that. So it's so I am not unaware. Of late what works and what doesn't work. I noticed that when you end up with the easel conversations with people back and forth that that doesn't resonate allotments if something really kooky. We started doing more politics I'm used to be pretty apolitical and your columns are not the year crazy political guy now I mean public and you are privately paid into politics very closely by. You start to implement more trump references in your columns well you know and you see it on some blowback on capitol yet you do and it which is an and it's funny is 81 of the third on an accurate calm about this at some point. I tweet out something. Along time ago saying that I refuse to abandon. The trump voters in my life. And I don't know if you remember there were people on T friend dean and friend Freddy and great right now and it's too much and I've got really good friends who voted for two. I don't understand why but I wanna have that Iowa. And I can have a whole bunch of people that I really really respected board the front. I wanna sit down have a burger and pocket copy and paddle my house and continue a relationship. If we happen to go into that realm. Let's let's have a dial an eight and their probably and many of them are probably by having dialogue grant has stepped so they're but they're not the people that evaluates I. Politics out of sports they need to security politically but they're fine tying this together trump got inaugurated in January and I had a period where. I was in Texas like eight days suitable. Home for four days. Winner of Fort Myers spring training for two weeks home for like a week that it wanted India the two weeks as you know. So what a big huge trumpet time I was away. And what's going on I wasn't doing a good job checking voicemail and email it was of a woman of a very good friend of mine I know voted for from. Who had reached out to be three different times when I finally got actors she was very upset she assumed. But I was avoiding her because you know trumpet just been inaugurated. And she just assumed. That I had had. Pushed Iraq out of my life for that reason and I I told enough to be more mature about that but YouTube just as important now is whoever war. So I'd I just want to say that is that pisses me. No but here's what pisses me off as you like Jerry I couldn't see politics more differently but we love Patton debate you like Patton debates. Mice with the people got a lot not mean you can you start talking politics. I take it that I don't like you're the kind of person. Who doesn't who wants to get into their little safe space and a steal it from the political world cool I like sports to escape it's too much you may. I don't want you listening to me I don't want you reading I find dopey if they edited you don't have to care isn't enough I kind of person yeah I always tell people. When you rightist what's on. This the Palestinian people league these seminars is that. If if someone says I work in sports. And go work in sports school player in the right side don't go apply for a job immediate if you wanna write. Two Libyan TV and there. Learn analysts learn those scales right Mike I heard earlier Andy card was saying he does like a trainee was on Chad things under reading media list now. Battling Al out streamer either. And Ankiel is next year thank you there is next and who gets more grief than each shot an under appreciated and nobody appreciates me on them so you can't you where you weren't there and leading out right here on these notes Huron in Europe on other idols I qualifying. At forty years as a as an old wire itself and defend micro trend Randy Hart was saying line what's train sports philosophy what does her sports takes quickly and has the training he did yes. Doesn't in trainee has a sports philosophy. I said who cares wonder who he does I we don't know she homered she critical. Who cares he does he's only known for politics while that's that's what people care about right now is ratings are down for everything. Right wide games live it down for everything except cable news and cable news ratings up across the board seeking see their reaction and American with rich to you real quickly it's like. If there's a major political events like it trumps giving state of the union for example. I feel silly not talking about the next right is no doubt about it with my friends so while I come here and not talk about one of these great. I eat eat if you already it's what's gone. I think it's important to be able to wean. Themes and in contemporary things and pop culture references and all will we're all that stuff. If if if yours what's called just it's all nuts and bolts what's it gets kind of trident it gets tried after awhile. So if if I'm gonna throw in a line about trump personally that once a it's it's the same strong and all will be one it's not a political creed. I ever Tacoma couple weeks ago I think I figured what the reference was and I said. They tried to do this but that lasted about as long as the as the Chris Christie for president campaign. Eight deadline and mine and and and it suddenly it's Shia confused every talk omitting it because geopolitics. There was nothing political about that it was just like I said there's that was camping crashed and burned he child but the backup they don't have children have been procreate the court solid and growing up hustled like dot. My applause isn't everything taking gratuitous shot Chris Christie. It's a good idea. That's one eight. 61 doesn't even that though there wise it short to hate the guy had a terrible presidential campaign and he became trumps little lap dog and and I doubt if you get things truck has done bodily just totally dip pants Chris Christie. In public has a winner who in turn pants rubio. Wrecked what seat but it Christie didn't to us but Kurt giving any notes. Adding trump gave Christine outs on not 1617779797. Let's ground rob in Chelsea rob what's gone on. These guys the guys coming up appear happy I am rob what's up. I got historical look at the size and how is has done. Surprised that the and our. You did you have trouble explaining the difference between morning and ER evening drive. But I think it's five simple words but I hear a lot of news if you're just waking up. OK that's good good putting what do you mean by that other words please expand things happen during the night and you just waking up. And because the morning guys went up since 4 AM I checked the wires and some demons are every day Jane Erica coming in second the wires. That's hard to point. And then by two success Clark it's dirty around the office. Rock rocket grade point let's say the issue of the day for example is way more right we find out Alabama senate candidate gets banned from the mall. I don't I mean if if that's the best topic of the day were the biggest disagreements lie right you can do that 8 o'clock liking you do that at 4 o'clock a good topic is atop. And I do not disagree with you unhappy you don't have to own these are pretty. If that's all the buzz is for the day why not carry off that no matter what kind of for not technically and. I don't think I don't think it should be barred. Under saying. Those guys against coupon to caucus. So like I Kamal here are the you know armed is currently airing on the porch my girl make it to book. And then I run the economic you know there was an earthquake in. A million people died and I wasn't aware you know. That's I mean in the morning and thanks Rodney I guess it's a good morning guys it's more venues the atmosphere is like that certainly that's wire weekend so it's two hours of politics I mean we do. Our I get there are subtle differences between the time slot which is my big thing with ritualized there's a major political event or international story going on and that's what everybody's talking about throughout the guy. Just meet personally I would feel silly coming in here airing may heading going I understand there's been a major speech your major policy you're this and not by. Salt expects how they how they stack up against the evils that's that's a sore arms. The key. We'll see hopefully I'm back in there are those guys so having heard some of the cuts I have to weigh in now yeses. I'd lead I pled ignorance coming at you guys. What's going on right anyways and obviously you know anyone of you. Think about it I was tonight but of the very ads. Are you a little kids in your radio feuds that honesty I rightly famous Irish American journalist I don't need asset. I need to listen to my guys and he was second and nobody's so having said that I did not listen to much of the show. Having heard the cuts however. I'm I'm less worried about it let's put it this way it if someone offers you a drink. Take the went from dale not want to keep seat assessing the jets. Delicate no doubt both were icy to an extent but they'll still the political guy like I said Dion I think I have a great. I'm each day I know Dell doesn't did and this is for a lot of time and a lot of success but. I wanna keep poking out there there's it is a crazed anti trump got in there but just waiting waiting to get waiting ten waiting to explode. Let's grab nick insulting nick what's going on. But then arts I've heard you say that. The typical response. When you're dealing with politics is over a State of the Union Address. Or what is covering major policy. And procedure. But how many times. As their bit. A major news breaking. All right Donald Trump for age and Obama are all occurred more often and the latter than what you described. I'm an and it really gets into the attic you know our club in originally. Had to. Speak about can I'm your age. But I don't believe he'll properly representing our generation as a whole. I I got to defend now it's here Alice isn't representing generation representing Allen. I'm I'm a sidebar but you know what he sensed that. There were altered their place you have to. Appreciate our appearance and. Now I'm being nickel and I say that all you finished I'm being glib when I say I I I they got to look at my Twitter with my Twitter mentions. And that's another problem of what I'm saying and and their positions where you are saying it. You'd like what Denzel Washington. The media has a responsibility. Because of their adult wide network of people that are the fact of the matter is set you up towards Egypt so wider. All right nick thanks for the cock he that we can't say Bach sorority cancers and ninety weary but. His general play L I think is. Correct in it's even a better example almost every morning now the present the United States tweet something absolutely. Asinine nickel back over the summer the morning of the transgender military band and we're you let that day did it matter what obviously worked in that moderate circle of friends you had. I guarantee you that was not one point conversation all day. So if you're doing a talk show weather. And sports or whatever I don't see why wouldn't go went on sandlot heads for. Went to see if this makes sense. I was doing a talk show every morning at six. And the president. We did something bombastic controversial. Inappropriate while whatever term you wanna apply. It would be my responsibility. As a guide in morning show to say hey check this out. As a citizen. I've kind of tune them out for the simple reason that that it's important to me. To focus on on key immigration. Question investigation and runs of at the tank so bad tuchman in terms of talkers don't know and I great ran a great I'm just saying that that it if I'm home. And I and I don't fall. From but obviously he gets re tweet Bentley easily see eventually you don't you don't need to follow its front it is is it's gonna be here. And you know Keith Olbermann will re tweet. The nominees getting so Saxony he is doing is ides Twitter show for GQ he's got the women he it's really getting sad and I'm Eminem. So he'll reach reach four up with some with his own bombast. And and now. And and it read it and go okay I'm not and have my coffee mug against the wall over this one I'm gonna sit and read this story. I'm political news times would have you know my mom diet so exactly you pay attention to what he says not woody tweets we get out Pena to what he dies now he tweets he got all acted. Talk politics alkaline here in talking product line and on and on about the Russian investigation I could. Did you at all dateline tonight at eight bill go over the top but I think just especially in today's climate where we have such began ratings are down for everything. Except cable news I would take my cue from that Rex and theaters today your safety and human mind. You know a life's but a life altering decisions are being made on a daily basis here and I used to work key he's an old friend of mine and have a lot of respect for him but that they showed that thing he's doing now for GQ. A Keith Olbermann talk to keep a lot richer now than good frowned and I went. He without a basic your good friends with enriched heat now I mean I'd seen as we haven't hung out yes but. Keith Olbermann that with the ping easily now that GQ thing. Is that it is is the is the the visual. Com. It's not unlike when doing the show from his attic. I'll come lot of big sort of filter was better than they had reached Keith Olbermann it monitor your Al sterling career it's certainly did that at great UN assessment is straight shots great I did not like the assessed mystery at the time and still like and dozens of people heard you talk about exactly and you're being kind 600 that in that it's that a nine at 79837. Speaking at the present the United States he had quite a morning on Twitter again. He attacks the black athletes but will it you know do some of that and take some your calls also wanna get bought stocks. On I'd Jeff passing Yahoo! Sports baseball writer has given up his hall of fame vote Steve Buckley to. The task of and for the hall of fame is just too difficult to barrel do all that more and expecting Roemer doing it for dale and Holley and sports rated at the next few back to. Helen holly. Sports Radio WEEI. I think you mentioned Dow last segment but we like to update the people in the present the United States speaks on Twitter. Then if anyone from trump coming in at I forty. Time magazine caught it turned to radio on average the newsmen here with the guys that last big Walter Winchell. The winter and do my best Walter Winchell impersonation sickening and forty history. Time magazine called to say that I was probably going to be named man. Colin person of the year like last year I have to agree to interview and a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good intent the past banks anyway. It's real Donald Trump on Twitter I'm minutes ago turning down time magazine's Soledad invitation EE EE gets news. Brag about the laurels he just wanted an out in case you're wondering how come somebody decides dollar trop was named. Time magazine person of the year and award that nobody under the age of eighty adding keeping cares about their nose exists anymore in 2000 every means by the way I absolutely am. Who cares time magazine person the airwaves with made up thing. And the GQ citizen made up who cares is made up and made out with I met at time magazine has no weak now we who reads time who. What does what does a percentage of time readers were not airports. That's testing whether every time magazine. And on an airplane and sit in the backyard now. Glass of lemonade that cool summer days and I take my iPod McKee good liberal I go to guy New York Times dot com Washington Post and I am down in New York Times a defining SA over Iraq a conservative firebrand and Shapiro always amazing. He's organizing all these conservatives is just being at times was a Politico because they've got. Mass emails coming out from the top writers thing read the times. Like front and try to pump themselves up some things did you see Joan but not he calms the globe had a great tweet a couple of days ago she tweeted out. She's doing like hey Alec former globe subscribers a complacent hang them. Nobody in the picture was younger than seventy are you by the way I saw your week. It's this is priceless is that what this latest U perfect. But to get off that you you work for a newspaper like two months kind of where three newspaper. For your thoughts hosted that I do want to be above that. But that's because right owning a rising tide lifts all boats not you'd want that you want the global mineral do you around for a while yes but that's B was just too perfect talking to gloves Reiser all right by having you not talking to senior citizens there applesauce. Those were not EU EU misrepresented. What that week was sold out it was just Jamaica and on and on you mystery you you you you accountable Weasley here. You misrepresented but that was all the while she seduced into a room full quote subscribers admit they were made it seem like that's awesome on hand made any other you've stop it. You made it seem like that was your typical globe reader. Don't go there I think it might beat at an angle hello readers opt. What's a typical herald readers is again and very younger these days they are right to bring in young columnists like myself OB yes got it. A sliding run around do the right one is to do that absolutely. Let's grab Dylan Rockland bill what's going on tonight. The reality buckle and you guys. You know what you Edgar few weeks now one in. Incumbent year. You're good and I I just don't recall he has injecting so much. You know the politics and then you try. That's me am leading the charge that the rounds on the all. Know now. Trying to prick but got a shot that is but much like Dallas a very political guy but until recently hasn't sort of publicly so where again but to come out of the closet here for a second time zone and. And I know you in the people are looking bachus to questions for. Yeah you couldn't understand why you're you're using your friends there associates have voted sort trump. Now I don't have many friends who voted for trying to run with friends in the period and if you I didn't vote for him now the point I was trying to make was that it upsets me when. People who share my political views have gone out the deep and instead. I don't wanna talk he would you vote efforts from your trader of the country AM unfriendly UN baseball and so forth I not only. Disagree with that I strongly disagree I want to have healthy debate so the people in in a few American sports chances are you know a lot of people voted for. Just because sports in and of itself means that way if it means that way thank you. And so there are a ton of people that I respect that I like whose company I enjoy. Who voted for truck and I'm. They they are just as importantly right now is they were a year and a half ago. That hasn't changed in it that gets in trouble with people who share my political views that I apologize. Oh what was so understands what you're not including athletes and as we know. As. Yeah keep our I want to say athletes would people in sports administration people and it's a media. Coaches certainly is NFL and and an owner right I try to eat right cause the bit of a ripple when I was asked him Belichick about the trump letter it doesn't mean disrespect Belichick I ease ease that it is perfect example but that was the number one story on what is. In this region one of them in the country right Bill Belichick but this bonding endorsement letter to trump. On the eve of the elections that next day of course you eat off of back that's the only thing I asked Belichick. Whose young woman asked him about you my friend don't give me this I'm not what is mine I'm not helping here. I don't know paid yet it and put so much from these ultra here. Tell bill you're doing now we begin our way or allegedly up against the top of the hour they'll fake you know for the call I appreciate. Replica got a break in a minute here the rap against atop the art of Illinois common lines that is trump. Help your career have I truck has helped my career. So officially. Was when the best things ever happens out seamer that RG trump was elected present a more years or more you realize that any of Hillary Clinton was an office number when it would be so boring and so plot to be England's attic I would still be great not just into broadcasting in the address doesn't all that different than what you're doing anyway trying to. You beat politics never one would it be the front page story on a seemingly daily basis because while Hillary Clinton is not competent at her job through dispute competence. Ho hum presidency must needs you might never know buck. So I am totally. Transparent about term getting elected. Is the reason why you Parse office this screeching voice today. I'm your airwaves 617779798371. Hour down three nordic outspoken Roemer.