DHK - Sarah Podradchik, 13, germinoma Melrose, with Courtney Shea, RN, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Sarah was diagnosed with a germinoma brain tumor in 2016. After months of migraines and tests, she was diagnosed with the extremely rare disease. Her treatment has included chemotherapy and proton radiation. She just finished up her active treatment in May. She is starting to get her energy back and her spirits are high. After being out of school for a year, Sarah is entering 8th grade in the fall at Melrose Middle School. She enjoys dancing, skiing, and softball in her spare time. She has a younger sister, Abby, 10.

Courtney has been at Dana-Farber for 2 years. She has worked in pediatric oncology for 19 years. She has been Sarah's infusion nurse during her chemotherapy treatments. She says Sarah is doing great and should return to school in September. She says Sarah is a spunky girl with a great attitude and her family is a joy to work with.



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I gotta tell people this story Michael and I made friends a number of years ago during this Jimmy Fund radio telephone. We can named Danny Williams hi he neighbor and he was a great friend of ours. And Danny unfortunately passed a number of years ago but his mom gale is still a friend. And who's Gayle Williams each. In one of those strange coincidences of life. JR williams' mom but it is your neighbor and your teacher yeah. And she says hello I go after we met you. At the clinic are called there and I said hair match there yeah she was and she left a message back in oh how sweet you are right you are. And by the way hurts her son Danny's brother got Mary. I knew it yet. Yet. Maybe patsy you know yeah it again it's available to all over you but. Well. All right that's part of the around town where he had an Smart guy. Aren't about the market. I feel about that for court each day results of witness Jimmy Fund clinic and governors there when you're with Terry do you ever. 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