DHK - Shaughnessy is down on the Bruins, but is he right?

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Wednesday, September 20th

Hour #4 and we're discussing Dan Shaughnessy's column about the Bruins place in Boston, and finding out your thoughts about it.


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Fourth and final hour Caleb Hollywood keeps. Sports Radio WEEI you just heard. He's during trending now tell you about patriots practice and Rob Gronkowski was out there I see the video to what's out there. And yet the patriots injury report just came out says he did not practice. And three players did not practice today according to the patriots Rex Burkhead ribs. Marcus cannon ankle slash concussion. Rob Gronkowski groin. Now we saw him out there of the park where the media was out there guys were shooting videos or their camera their phones and stuff that he was out there. But that was only the media portion apparently and in that report coming in three yen as the zone I don't know why does the clarified. Now limited birdies on the practice field he wasn't Alonso was but according to the patriots injury report he did not practice. Are limited participation but practicing you know Danny Amendola Philip door sets us Stephon Gilmore Donta hightower Chris told him. A land and Roberts Eric grow Matthew Slater Vincent Valentine. The element. Right a couple of things week to regenerate the couple things before we get to your fight with with that Dan Shaughnessy. Bill are I do wanna bring this up. I forgot that it's flat out for development forgot to ask. Bill Belichick this question on Monday. And I don't know how he would have dealt with that he may have just dismissed that are where the mood he was then maybe would have gone on and on on glared action but I would probably ask them I've got to ask him. Dude does he think that the NFL should continue injury reports. And you know it's about one that's a good question song as a got there with him like. The third hole with a whole Brady became Oppenheimer Brady was like whose businesses and now bows in the offseason where it's and off season's over his business but the NFL's mated everybody's business once the season starts. We find out Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. What's going on their body and he can be somewhat invade but still you gotta say it limited the on or no practice and you gotta you put down some injury. Is it just. The good sportsman at the cynicism aside here's what we all have chemical ripped. Cynical reasons why they do it and I think we're right and so maybe it's not all that cynical now I think it is relative art but if you take that out of it. Is there reason. To do it isn't just good sportsmanship. I you you're your opponent hey listen and what you prepare for this guy he's outs we know he's not gonna play and it just wouldn't be proper for us that leads you down that road when that's not gonna happen. Isn't that happened pro sports. There a place for that pro sports. Where you you have to do do do the Celtics have to. This a injury report they have to tell you who's playing. They're used to the guys are suited up or. If they're dressed. Just hard to do that hockey I don't know equity or okay yeah yeah I mean. Upper body lower block so and so's not practice today and they'll say a provider upper body lower body down. Any annoying. Forget about the even from a strategic standpoint let's say it's good sportsmanship. But are you really protecting your players could lead not only leads to bad sportsmanship you're adding to the keys album left tackles knee hurts OK well we're gonna do that gonna go it is me and most guys would. You're not trying to an island of odd that semantic game cause actual lives they have most guys don't want. Injure anybody yes they do. If you go on if they don't like they got the advantage when not a bad yeah got a bad knee and they're going to me and they are trying to hurt you. They don't like to think it's one of those things are taught by yesterday you don't like to think of yourself that way. I'm not the kind of person who would do that don't wanna you know wanna claim but that's what you're doing my builder. So I just don't think it's good for the players. Have injury report be required. Texas has fantasy football would be difficult with no injury report yet that builds real worried about the fantasy football players out there right now it's a bill wouldn't care but yet not also found that all else failed in care at all but I know that football but the yeah it would drive me crazy got a guy that for a gambling and so that's what they they look at so that. Again that's why I can think of another reason why the injured or did I guess maybe for the the regular fare but even that inactives would be all you really need league if you were going to a game and it's going to be too late probably were to buy your ticket but you find out although Brock today when you find out at 11:30 for 1 o'clock if he's in or he's out. Fortunately you're underway at a stadium or dirty in the parking lot but you're not going to be looking for because you just got the news these apply while let me ask you guys this question about deaths. I'm looking at patriots injury report Rex Burkhead. Injury rips Wednesday practice did not practice might have to know what it is. Why can't just be Rex Burkhead didn't practice. Now why does. Gronkowski personal goal or go to our said I need all our injury related what possible reason would there be that that should be an. Said that he circuit yet the play that gave all of ours and luckily got out there. The good way to get in practice. That's I have to say hey who are limited to crack back didn't practice as too late for that now that if you do it let's do it three days in Europe. Three days in a row Rex Burkhead didn't practice now as a fantasy football Arctic I am not gonna play him. But we needed absolutely no wise it's Jersey authorities are once you've already done it this way you kid and go back. Well they I can't but they what you could that a little bit of an uproar they won't but they. But they've changed it now they changed the stats all out doubtful problem to less painful yet to. Gotta be a little more specific became presentation at ports might injure reports. Him. I'm Michael mentioned this in and we were talking about it in the office earlier today get on dale went out and I its efforts that opinions Dan's is wrong but everybody has one. Dan Shaughnessy wrote a piece out for the Boston will be actually ran it ran on line last night prior to the the Bruins exhibition game at home because he talked became nearly at the garden fine. And I am just gonna read you what what Dan wrote here okay. As the Bruins get ready for a new season they once again are all about number four but this time not a good way. There is little dispute as to where the Bruins rank on the local sports totem pole at this hour. In terms of overall interest and championship hopes they are a distant fourth. When it comes to fireworks and buys the local hockey team ranks far behind the patriots Red Sox and Celtics. Being fourth in the market it's called Bruins. The Bruins simply aren't in the conversation. They can't even see the metal platform. They might be closer to the revs goal on the bronze medal Celtics at the shot OK that's hyperbole but to get the point he shot there. I'm just wondering what he bases now now look there's nobody in this market who will argue the patriots are at the top of the totem pole right. Iraq aria the milk there's nobody I'd make it argued hatred and wanted absolutely and nobody had don't think in this market would argue that the reds starter Zach. Now so that the discussion point here for Dan is the Celtics and the Bruins. He says the Celtics are far away far and away out of the Bruins and impact the Bruins can't see the metal platform from winning are based on what. Well that based on what it does not read that part again others say faced with the way he phrased it in terms of overall interest and championship hopes. They are a distant fourth well that's second part of the Freedom Party yet wait wait wait did to the Celtics have a championship pulp yet at the hope you want more so than Roland let's get real there weren't they do anyway I don't know if if I asked you on a scale of one to ten what are the chances that the Bruins win the championship the NBA title this year. You'd say why are these the Celtics when the NBA's salary to one other one to 101. I'd say prior three. A 33 out of ten that's great. But this that I and my little first ball bid if you like Cleveland in the east and I don't think there's a great I had to act now I don't know all they got to beat whoever comes out of the west and I think there's almost no doubt of the. Funny that you ask that question because it was just an article. On on not espn.com. And if you guys saw it I did earlier today numbers talking about the numbers and how this new system from the BP I system is that what it's called now I don't can't stand and I had trouble but I read up. So according to the PPI system. The so they really like the Celtics they have given the I think the warriors at the the warriors had to. Like sixty something went to beat the warriors are going to be better than they were last year so at the rest of the NBA's part time. Beating the warriors by co op at the warriors one. But the second best chance of the worries when it's in accordance with its not a Boston website. Second best chance to Celtics. Now it's our great chance because the warriors are and you're out right there I get there when I went up or five teams that you look at the Bruins are not one of those teams. But the way you phrase that dale. Where he said and when it comes to fireworks account they. Limo first follies and overall interest and championship all of us are old and other all the Celtics in the Bruins. Bang out the building every game back couple away and not a monster I'm trying to say art these are his words you you know I don't know the fireworks and buzz comes later on try to get to this part works. He starts out in terms of overall interest in championship hopes OK overall interest both teams bang out the building. Both played to sellouts every single night. Does better on TV. I don't know Boudreau all I know in getting close. The Celtics are right you want talk but not seen the medal platform. They're telecast don't see the metal platform. So what are we basing the overall interest on. Affected Dan needs a pithy column to run when the Bruins open the pre season at home what. Do you think that it in terms of his other point you can say that TV numbers are are better. All they ought to it's it's an edit in dispute I'm not I'm not I'm not arguing that went. What I'm gonna go to next is his just using his words because everybody is. They you know everybody has their own interpretation of what people are into. Oh what matters so he uses fireworks in conversation. At that I was using this line first and try to slog through dinner logic here. Overall interest in championship pops. I think neither team has a legitimate challenge and hope you got to admit that the Celtics are bored France championship well the pros come on dale I don't have a higher in the league exists we do not know I don't know that that's not that's there's no doubt there are a better team in their league than the Bruins aren't there are absolutely right. But he said championship Paul. I'm sorry neither of these teams is winning a championship right off. I don't know that there they are not. That that's. That's. That's on an equal conversely that's not a parallel cover season the Bruins. Are aimed marginal playoff team. They aren't that's what they were never know I forgot they've been alas yes yes miss the playoffs barely out where they barely get into the playoffs. And they are one and done playoff team that they were last yup. The Celtics erred or in the conference finals in their league and upgraded their talent some people think so. I don't think they're on the same level. I'm willing to share the Celtics will go further in the playoff and Bruins that's not what he said. He said championship. Hopes. Neither of these teams is winning a title now but I think the goals that differently I think they're the Bruins have as good a chance of making the playoffs as the Celtics do of making the conference finals. Now let's start of the conference file a little bit different apology underdog against Cleveland born you're one of the three or four best teams I don't think they are a true NBA. Title contender so quibble with the wording of that I think it's the warriors to lose again. God I stand by that. Border. That close at or near the third best team in the league. And when you're comparing its overall interest that there will be moral because for the celtics' hopes this year there will be for the bro OK I end up at it but Michael's point aren't the next line out. Before we get there. Do you think what it would it just blows you over what it's done you know I don't think it was done keep from just ask you could lead them than we talk about this before with the carry trade and so yet Kyra Gordon Hayward and Al Horford got the young guys. We just Shockey would cheat on my god would be grabbing your head saying I can't believe the Celtics beat the cavaliers. You've been knocking out there and are out and I finals now and don't know I thought I would not call my god I can't believe wrecked wrestle with the dollar you told me they they beat. The warriors for sake of our discussion and won the NBA title I would be gobs have a wreck. Let's see that's amazing that would be amazing but what should get into but here's a leader in the I mean this is the NBA finals and they are really championship contender even if you're playing the warriors even the great warriors it happens. And once every three games. And when it chant and one of the final fourteen last year where today a championship contender Heyward they yes and now. Yeah add up their work technical if you're kind of not your reports in your league. And yeah but the league balance yes eat last year you were now. Because no blacks fighting about Exxon asked the question the Bruins the Bruins. Make it to the Stanley Cup final I'd be shocked wreck so that's good at that point. I think that's what he's trying to say the Celtics are much more advanced the Bruins but the other part of the column was one. Odd the next line when it comes to fireworks and buys. The local hockey team ranks far behind the patriots Red Sox and Celtics are now what he's judging him on is talk radio and carrier is it is well Irving got Heyward. And the number three pick actually beat the number one pick number one pick up or go for a day. The NBA offseason was crazier than me and it's offseason and the Celtics were at the heart of just about a reasonable. So the pause I think yeah we would be in favor of the Celtics this year. Yeah and you can say I think it's fair to say and you bring Edgar a great point dale now. For talk radio purposes. We wish there was a stretch there for a couple of weeks we talked about the Celtics and non stop what they're gonna do and haters then get Paul George gonna get Jimmy Butler. On draft day what are they gonna do more Paul George talk more speculation. And then you know they're they're they're picking up this. Brooklyn to retrain Isaiah Thomas in the treaty Avery Bradley just so much stuff so much turnover. What this article eleven new pleasure Red Sox in their trauma and David Price an app and colleague David Price and act in all of this. And then now the patriots of course so compared to that. Yeah you know it's not fair but you're point. Art Goodwin always a quiet I brought it closer to the rams and the bronze medal itself now exists right now is trying to. As I just it rolling I rats just as our coach than that buzz there days as I can put on your face now. But you bring up agree questions so. Despite that despite no buzz in despite no sexy free agent signings why do the Bruins. It's such a huge TV audience compared to the Celtics because people have never understood that this is a hockey town. We mean hockey town it is a huge hockey town it is one while best hockey towns. In America I agree with that but what are using hockey first town or he's unknown and outlook I know what's first and second let's hockey crazy hour. I I just think that that you know even when the team wasn't doing very well the last few years they were bang in the place out. And and the TV numbers were down but we're still beating the Celtics. As far as interest that's dance term interest the level of interest. Or what does he base it on both teams sellout every game. Interest is there for the folks go to the home games right at the Bruins do better on TV than the Celtics do so. If he's just going off of pause in storyline in which team is better. That that is that when the Celtics the voters is that so much going on the soft seasons sort of perfect storm in the number one overall pick their big in free agency and they made or the biggest trades. Speaker Ali that's a try felt held by the way traded away the most popular player that's it it it did so much rather have already talking points from them this year the Bruins meanwhile. The best thing they did all offseason was re someone other guys which was great wrath that's to read these are sorry I don't it was great putt. Okay how you know he was already on the team. So yeah he's back and you have some new faces buses and younger guys that you drafted you're in your working in a big seem like to have it op play and now. But it's just not super Saturday and go out there overspend on me another freeagent and they didn't get the Gordon Hayward or carrier ring equivalent join the Perot. Yet they traded away your right big trade away my two favorite players to help. Celtics well easily to root for most folks they're most pop art Isiah Thomas and Avery Bradley both those guys love those guys have starting backcourt for Eastern Conference finals. They traded those guys away. But it tells you something about Celtics fans. That there was no there was some criticism but overwhelmingly most people are on blood most Republicans it. In the trade away a popular guy for popular acts like. Cut every Irving isn't is an obscure player. They've really traded Isiah Thomas 88 locally wildly popular guy locally for a nationally popular guy in carrier. That's the way I look at it I think most up to restore yet most I think 75 to 80% Celtics fans say oh here. He penetrate penetrate Isiah Thomas to get it and get ivory Irving return but I. Feel like for the last. Under a close to ten years. Win that there was clearly a patriots Red Sox won two. And then Bruins Celtics because that's that's one situation where you do have to use but on other us our random Tuesday night both are on the you have to choose one of the to write what you have to pick between orange Red Sox patriots he wants those games all the time so here picking between to do it depends on who you're talking to. I have one group of friends who aren't like more bronzed Thomas birth in a group of friends Celtics there and watch the Bruins right so like it depends on what group of people your kind of associated with. We we talked him every year there are number people like us who watched both. But then there there are those that are dug in and I will I watched one Iraqi careless about the other. Yeah and it is a fight they've always tried to make it an either or in this comedy and it usually is of CI I think I just think that if you're if you're a sports fan in Boston. Good that's a minute it's a great way to save what they do play them sit there on the same night you gotta make a choice than it's an either or but if there are not the Bruins are playing tonight. Celtics fans may be watching the Celtics are playing tomorrow night Bruins fans may be what you had. If you open up the TD garden. And you really good let's say you could just read people's minds and hearts he had some that ability great superhero. A trait I can reach your mind negatively about Iraq's that's right wolf I know exactly to think dangerous in the wrong hands so you open up the TD garden. And you say the garden is open tonight for special event. For fans were equally passionate about the Bruins and Celtics would not Cella. I don't think you have 181000. Mean if you had anti say you know I love the ball early on and I love the Celtics. Now I think he had a lot of people I love the patriots Red Sox and Celtics of the patriots Red Sox and Bruins. But I gotta read Kamal you gotta write these if these same act can't pick between my children. And we're not so that place. I'll let me give you one bit of news and let me ask you this delicate that news do you think the Bruins who have hired TV ratings this year in the Celtics yet as an out of that store that is. Admitted they had when the so they are when there in the when they were not the playoffs this Comcast. On as many. I don't think he sports packages as NASA it's not I don't know I don't think. I'm sick and we talk about the football race I would also factored might read it Comcast is not on DISH Network. But I believe it's on this it's available on same number of cable. New England whether Comcast starters are Verizon. I just remember being in in Connecticut one time for one of those Mohegan Sun. Dinners with Tito. Yeah at the time Mohegan Sun was sponsoring. Was its sponsor for sports tonight right. So I said I'm in Mohegan Sun but I'm not able to watch I hit him once worth tonight I am from Connecticut in the whereas tough sponsor thing in Connecticut does this stuff. Now big in Connecticut. By the way dealing ratings I was talking about Boston. B I said the Bruins had to have higher ratings than Celtic now EI I'm not talking about Connecticut I can watch. Rhode Island air that's in any right answer. But the year they won a championship 0708. The Bruins I think made the play up that play out yet here yeah. An act at one oil and somebody commodity answer on what the ratings were in the would sell outright championship level on the Bruins were making the playoffs but it's a fight all the time Bruins Celtics. Siblings as a sibling rivalry. I hate each other. John Merrill meeting with the media down in Baltimore I just said that neither Craig Kimbrel nor read are available tonight. He's figure closer tonight if they had a closing situation. Is David Price. All right. Four outs. That's what I told us today and hitting an 809 edge of Miller so he's the closer. I think got a Brigham and the most critical situation and yeah and if he pitches the eighth and ninth. Just walks off the downstairs several revealer. At Lazard. I artifact to six hour time out please let there be closing some to resign open and you got to think your chances are at least decent you get Chris sales start and Chris they'll. I'm an extra innings against tonight. I'm gonna enter the island wonder why bring Amy Adams and all I don't let the sweet spot or the other two on the run. 6177797937. As telephone number we get back to the calls that you just a couple of minutes Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. It's my job to tell the truth and the fact of the matter is the truth of the matter is that Qaeda green Erving yesterday. Brought out of wheelbarrow full of BS. Took out a shovel and through on this table. Keep your thoughts but job Bobby I know what else doing it filled my job to tell the truth. What a wheelbarrow. If you just look at it he's not a done deal Michael Felger yeah yeah he's one of those topping the one that young of courage to tell you the truth nobody else doing it will came. He said it all out carrier and McCain are apparently the only ones will tell you the truth the residency here animal and I thought we're just afraid the truth. Will Cain out there. No thank you for doing that cleared everything up from the carrier in your courage please. Please that's great. These habitable LeBron fan boy that's gonna saga of the criticize. My job until two year old looked out. You're on notice now column pseudo intellectual. Is that word salad at one point. And he will bear arms and doesn't come on and ball. High horse will carry a dog the dog and I know Obama came into the arms of the company's single philosophical cryptic dodging demeanor. Did he brought out here to evade every single tough question. Use smaller words okay I think that is guys like you I think that is not a good work it. Out here all right all at they'd keywords that it considers himself apparently some kind of philosopher king that can work we word salads around every question you guys asked. There was your indication rather than it was scripted because he's apple line and a lot of percent on resent. Was that no way I eat out do that off but Dalton does not care and I don't read and follow shorter line. That's given away were you that line. Did do that but he has. Well the follow suit will Kane says usual the other times this year where carrier will dude do or say it's open and and an acquittal. Will be there through break the whole thing now is that creole cajun. 6177797937. Jakes in Providence AJ Qaeda. Hey guys extra might call your tunnel and that is that each such show. All oh what a wonderful at this and we'll have that that will keep strong Ritchie does. Now a wonderful. So I recruit Diego last year when we all can draw on the current some sort out push and you're having a similar to speak. Well you know which team do you believe that most big its interest being. How both teams have kind of gone the opposite directions where you had teams are they all had veteran bottom last year at some use to them. And the Celtics took a lot that you didn't end whether it was treat retreat to our. Trading the pick kind of slip into got a superstar no free agency. And the Bruins right now out. Got out in the taken and that homegrown talent added to this team better so that's why you have that kind of split right now the fans where. You really get the basketball world if you were someone to resist a exit one and then to keep some of that. So that you you know in you are also Bruins and now you can say well. Miguel washes his peak but I like what they're doing as far as where that movement and adding that and then by Mercer that your so expand. Now and you wanna superstar. A new look bruising really deliver on that this offseason now you can watch out the Bruins. Our and so you know myself are probably going to be watching the crew is also this ball but I doubt those that. I think a great point and you bring up a really good point as I have said effort all other people say the Celtics are better. Eleven of the fifteen guys are different are we sure they're better mean I think they are so I say it we haven't seen him play yet wreck mortality and expectations higher. Don't doubt the expectations are you've changed eleven of the fifteen players. I mean raising you think they'd be better eleven of fifteen players. From a final fourteen record for starters I mean just just about her right arm. They just they'd they'd blow it up. Yeah I I think Jake you know Jake brought a great point but I think it may be even. It may be even simpler. There what he brought up that I loved his point but. Is there's an investment. There's an emotional and financial investment that makes it very difficult to follow. Go all in on both teams. Same time a year. So it's almost almost turns into a full time job if you're gonna follow the Bruins and the Celtics. And Z I don't night's soft and hesitant our auto plant had to be a season ticket holder. I mean a real season ticket holder. Purple for both franchises. Below teams must be doing pretty laughter yeah I don't know where that's expensive. But it's also. Every other night sometimes that's a lot of yeah you're quite a minute you're really in there. You gotta be and to and it's there's no shame in it here here into Bruin you're into the Bruins are for the Celtics I've found that people who work hard core. Hardcore into an area roar type person and hardcore into the celtics'. Now they're they're orbit that's their favorite and then the other one is for. You don't say like that if there's some reason always on the Bruins they like them even more on the patriots the red socks off right. Hard to believe there's anybody who they're always like to listen oh yes I mean I love me the bruins' side of me the Celtics but I can't picture. Putting either of those teams above the PayPal ultimately the fear but of hockey is your favorite sport yeah and say yeah yes you do we hockey is your thing. It's a year into the Bruins more than. Anybody because you're in a hockey more than anything. Now and it'll be interesting to seed because as as Jake correctly pointed out the Bruins have. Very methodically. Gone about said it setting this franchise up and a certain way get rid of some of what they considered the contractual deadwood. Youth build up of those system down below you're starting to see that percolate to the to the top here. I mean they had four guys score goals last night against Detroit that are gonna hockey team by the way no but for guys score goals who were here last year. Three of them are kids one is Teddy Purcell who was in NPR a couple of different teams but its try to make this team. In the gulf to Montreal and when the other night and kids are scoring goals other certain excitement level for kit Michael loves him. I'd get a lot of kids he's on board and Alabama and while you know never trailed delegate count when he part 46 that's got to move on to all. Of them were kids. But it is tough especially compared to all the other teams are sort of shots to began. Their fourth. And that's because you're the Celtics where they -- again Monday said their fourth it's the idea that you other closer to the revs than they are at the Celtic match you know drop it like he does expert on he's definitely just trying to get under use Gary and I and I also try to figure out what he was basing it on. When he talked about level of interest. Right. Based alma are this is this is what is based. Ticket if you want to be just be honest here can we be honest now get a better else get real he can we get real I would love to get real bail he. You can read rather they are not really yeah. Fill out I wanted to real OK keep from our view and that's what's got what's so when when I was the globe. And started writing columns used to be criticized by certain emailers. And callers who all had. A fair point. They would. Emailed the sports editor at the time was down scored the assistants were that are oh so who's the editor now and in and they would say. On they complain about the coverage. You're white lies are more Celtics coverage the Bruins got the placement of the Celtics vs the placement of the Bruins. And so we suspect that. You know the editor sports editors morbid basketball guys and hockey guy he was warned that. It say about the columnists. Bob Ryan. More hot oh yeah about hockey guy that while he loves hockey but he's more basketball dash Odyssey fan. Michael how does an awful pop it stopped her pop singer Freddie and say here's an Atlanta they're so that that criticism was was correct. It's all part of that is coming from a guy who. And it will be honest. Covered basketball knows basketball war that he knows hockey. And so a lot of that comes from egotism. Both sides of the argument you know here Bruins fans say you know basketball's on watchable and nobody likes it it's boring hockey playoffs are better okay. He liked hockey more in basketball and you know I don't get hockey I don't get it think OK your basketball. But I think that's where his his perspective it is yet the perspective of a guy who if you ask him. Come over here all time. Roster. In basketball and why do you roll around it's opposite probably do it come out here all time roster in the NHL. I'm done that second third line guys and why Gretzky left shot right shot. The or or and then I'm pretty question I'll go to the job you had authorized this product theater with our final drive with manager John barrels coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.