DHK - Sox playoff rotation talk is hot, plus Peter King on the Pats and Ezekiel Elliot

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Tuesday, September 19th

Hour #2 and we start with Sox playoff talk and then talk to Peter King from the MMQB for his look at the Patriots and the rest of the NFL


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However to dale and Holley with teeth. Sports Radio WE yeah we'll talk Peter King. And then QB at the bottom of the hour our regular Tuesday visitors we talked the National Football League or league wide basis with Peter up Patrick Chung who would normally eight patriots Monday got a couldn't join us yesterday. Will join us sometime the next hour. Are we we've been talking about baseball and David Price and what his role will be there's a piece in today's. Washington Post written by Dave shine hope on pronouncing game's name correctly. If you're not he's he's he I had is and why it is going have to deal with the angry tweeting the the headline is David Price is seeking redemption in an unexpected role. Red Sox bullpen race. He's got some interesting things to say I didn't read these in the Boston papers. I read the Washington Post. I he says otherwise he said and and I'm quoting now from from pricey talking about. You know being on the DL he says I've dealt whether it I've gotten throw it. Most people would have been at the house months ago. I didn't pack it in does it feel good no but I still pitched if people don't appreciate that or camps. So be it. He goes on to say that when management sat him down. Told price that what they're gonna do was pitch him out of the bullpen he immediately made it known that he strongly disagreed. Quote. They knew what I wanted to do I definitely wanted to start he said. Shine and says the team's logic however was difficult to tonight quote it would have been tough to build me back up at that point. I get it. Now here's the interesting part GM Dave Dombrowski who signed price of course to that deal. Said that he is hopeful. This is what he sees for price going forward the rest of this year quote the ideal scenario for price would be something like we've seen Andrew Miller did. Brown said right when we talked to David about it he said his army is very resilient when it comes to these scenarios. Of course we have to make sure were concerned about his health too he's completely healthy. But when you get a guy back like this you still wanna be cognizant. Of this situation. So according to what price says and what Dombrowski has said. What they're hoping is that they can turn him into an Andrew Miller a guy who could. It in the fifth pitch in the seventh. Pitcher the day but whenever Unita leading up to Craig Kimbrel I'm closes things out. Insane level of expectation Lyle afterward did you Miller's able to do what you saw firsthand. From a year ago now maybe they've already changed their tune out when they lose last week when they're talking about how there do you price. One of the things was not only out of the bullpen but it was clean innings. And I doubt you're gonna see him on back to back nights. That does a really solid injure mill basin initially this is written though they said he won't be pitching on back to back days initially apparent the team will keep close watch on his pitch counts. Monday just 24 hours after throwing 21 pitches at Tampa Bay and touching 95 miles an hour. Said his arm felt great so now a guy who's normally a starter and all of a sudden and these 2 weeks your am prepared where he might pitch in the fourth inning game one than the seventh inning game to maybe the set up man in game three. I find that very unlikely here's another quote from price about his ability you know be able to go out there in NB used in multiple situations quote. I've always been a guy who hasn't had next day soreness. I've never had problems would my arm when I pitch the next day I feel like second pitch that day. I've always told my managers that when I see them the next day I'm like I'm good. This is still a trial and error process to we don't know how it's going to respond but when I woke up this morning I felt good. So apparently they don't have any intentions of preparing him to be a sorrow. For the upcoming playoffs. So did you know there's there's there's only one I don't content library named Leo but there's one person here Gail who has a problem DL with I was talking about money. And how much a guy makes him what his expectations are based on his salary. The stale and once I was out and saying that it gets by you keep 270. Million dollars for Andrew Miller knock off. Andrew Miller not warm and then and that's for the rest of this year obviously but right now they're right here and there right this year while they're saying because he was out so long. They can't get him prepared to be a starting pitcher again. So we're gonna use them out of the bullpen and what we think he can do is give us something like Andrew Miller gave the Indians. Which was closing the most valuable player yes real credible. Last year in the post season I believe. His ERA was. 14. Post season. 14 ERA so if one the 11 radical thing is using him. The way the Indians used Andrew Miller sometimes in the fourth sometimes in the seventh sometimes the close. So that that's radical enough and have if the Red Sox were willing to do that with anybody who a valuable weapon. That would be different keep how to. So presented this year to John Ferrell why I disagree with the way you're using your bullpen weapon. Craig Campbell the guy who just gonna close game we wanted to finish game. Who would use him in a different situation so back that was taught here now. Where we're willing to use David Price anywhere any time that's a big change secondly it appears Andrew Miller in that role. The willingness to use and there is fine but Kenny do the job. A starting pitcher. Going to the bullpen and now not just going to the bullpen but going to the bullpen to be the Red Sox version of Andrew Miller wow that's a stretch. Andrew Miller. Pitched four shutout innings in the hailed the SE and the Red Sox seven and two thirds scoreless against Toronto. At any allowed three runs over seven and two thirds. In the World Series and has been hurt much of this year what's been banged up vision or post season here Ari last year those numbers were to sit on the charts. This whip Reynolds. Point eight points out if something like. You have an end of the strikeouts were well over one per inning and it was. It was there in the fourth inning he was it in the seventh innings and the ninety was and you literally at any time insert some big guy who's normally a starter. Well these don't warm up quite as quickly as Andrew Miller did many gonna get amenities high leverage situations. He's already had all these issues pitching as a starter in the post season before when he's begin to begin the game. You know clean inning clean score rated ago he's run into problems. Now it's gonna be your protecting a one run lead in the fourth inning and Jennifer David Price and was on their base. And if they were starting pitching you know the starting pitcher is. If you know any control freaks and we all do. Starting pitcher that's a controlled free throw that at this at me I'm on the go in. I'm gonna start the game I've got it. I'm gonna control everything it's nine and tsunami that goes wrong it's because it would wrong Ramallah. A reliever doesn't have that luxury. So you come into the game and okay if you're Andrew Miller sometimes you come into a clean inning sometimes you come in with the bases loaded. Nobody out and they want to strike out two guys. So and he will it is David Price comfortable. From going. From the control freak position. To just have to clear up some oil on the fifth guy and a. Aren't graded out at dumb brows ski I mean an at least in them browse Keyes case he did say in an ideal situation. This is what he would work out to be they are planning on converting into reliever that is for the rest of this year because they don't think they've got enough time. To stretch him out to a to a starters role and obviously you start next year's spring training in Fort Myers and he's right back in the rotation slotted behind Chris Sale. I understand that. Wouldn't you just as soon see if price can pull this off for the rest of this season this relief role. Now Sunday it was kind of a weird first tried chance at a 21 pitches to get to six outs faces six guys blows through Tampa bank. Look right. What do you have to what do you have to lose at this point to stick him in that role for the rest of the season game three. We are well I mean that you're your assumption is that whoever was pitching instead of price wouldn't blow game pre. Well what what I did get better chance to my assumption is. It's great that he's back. But how long does it how long do you think it takes an hour and what you think what I think as a matter. I guess a better question is how long does it take. In their opinion or David Price suit to go from pitching out of the bullpen to pitching to starting game. Well I don't think they get it done this year. Evidently that's what they told him. And that's but he said they said that there's not enough time to do that this agree with them at least said he wanted to start but he understood what they were Tsang. He he he he said that he his preference would be to start. He said they knew what I wanted to do I definitely wanted to start. But it would have been tough to build me back up at that point I get it. You know it's also a big Tut to the comparison to Andrew Miller like I have urged on the one hand you are paid and got thirty million dollars that he probably should be. As that is in the Miller bullies are comfortable in this role hasn't on this isn't it sather bullpen until. This weekend all season long. Andrew Miller by the way. Had ten appearances. In the post season last year. And every single one of them was for at least four routes. He has never once the good news for a single and he always had a few more few times he went to a two thirds of a game like he was he pitched a ton. And I just don't know if you're gonna deal to have that I did price and let me very. Interesting is how old John Ferrell uses him. I can see. Bump ahead of Addison reed legacy is he now you're set up guy horse here your floating guy or or when do you feel the need to use a million in the playoffs especially. There were times where. You might have to bring amid in the fifth than how is that kind of throw off the rest he give you can't map this thing out when you have somebody like him. Prices made six relief appearances in his career six in the Plato playoff hole until it's all rare dominates six relief appearances. Batting average against 125. Strikeouts to walks ratio twelfth. On it is ER rate pluses office off the charts. I'm an innings returner 42. 42 innings as a reliever yes but a lot of that was about nine years old guys in most of that word I would guess most of that is from. 2000 and no doubt and I am sorry and apologize and look at the wrong column no 42 is plate appearances against. Eleven and two thirds innings one point five or ERA. And I think. And is only playoff wins have been the. Over wretched thing redemption might be too strong you know can he with a great performance redeem himself. I don't know that's deep that's a look too deep for me I welcome I I think yesterday too deep to the I don't talk to carry about that he's he's a vocal advocate of that book he's very well you. But couldn't couldn't David Price shake a label. With a good. Perform suppose he's out of the bullpen and one of the labels as you can respond a lot of pressure. So if there's certain kind of pressure to starting game we have the team that the team's fortunes are on your shoulders and you gotta get my target circuit there's pressure in the playoffs. But there's also pressure you're in a 32 game get a 32 lead. You guys on one out. Runner in scoring position area. David Price comes in Europe automatically immediately you're in a pressure situation and he consistently goes in there and knock that down. He can shake the label the guy who doesn't respond well playoff pressure. That's what we don't have the love them and but he goes in there and pressure and high leverage situations at that as a managers say high level. I leverage. Nineties the start or any knocks down those high Lavrov and the legislature can't this year no I don't that's so he did not Qaeda the one and believe can do is he can come out. And perform a relief role for you right in Michael scenario he performs at a high level for yet. He can't start there there they're not ready to get him physically ready to do that now so we can dot does the job. I think played and I thought the boss because so the big knock on him 10 post season wins as a starter and he pointed out that he's out there by adding a starter yes he did. Niners they are two years in Boston sixty plus million dollars zero post season wins that's going to be the number. So even I mean unless he is literally like Andrew Miller as the ALCS MVP. And that's kind of hard to deny. But again you're not paying him to throw the seventh inning you want him to start army navy into the seventh but in the game that he be that he start. You know what I can see him doing. Golf from one former Red Sox pitcher to another one. Andrew Miller I think has a stretch but maybe he can be Derrick Low. Derrick Low 2004. Disappointing right in the regular season as a starter stayed in the rotation. Almost had to keep him in there he was healthy but it was a very good ERA around five if not over for. But he sort of startled cynic but go yet but starting game seven. He I don't feel I'm reactors but Jack was able to close down series with some big pitches. And that pitch against. Terrence long. In Oakland against Oakland or that the year before that'll three or four anyway. I go through it little little flaw that cleared the angels yes try to play the angels and they played the Yankees but in all three of you shut down you've been hit in the. Among the helmet over this mile through my gesture and it just yeah I mean if parallels vote on it I'd have to. Honesty back to call 6177. You know afford their little 7937. Mattson south. Sadly enough you. Guys are gonna. While in home TP. Yeah. Stepping in and poor currently cheaper and their pressure is not important here. At bat and its partner. And about the starting in it at all this event date is strong and maybe a little support for a stood obviously at the holes are doing is how worked out lots are so. You know and any additional stepping K or. Well look I I think that under the circumstances. There are things he can do in their things he can't do under the under the circumstances he can't start their determination is. We can't camera. Oh can we gets out of now Sunday you've got sucked out of you look great. If he keeps doing that here in a in a limited but late season into the post season roll. Why wouldn't you. Why would you try to get something out of as Michael pointed out your thirty million dollar pitcher right and it is hard but. And he's better than. Me and probably not Kimbrel but everybody else in the bullpen he should be better and should be yeah Kimbrel reads. But not now maybe slots in as either though the kind of moving Kiley of Tim Brosnan compared to Miller that that means you can put omitted any time. But if you're just starting a game. If you're thinking yourself perfect scenario. For cell lower Pomeroy answer whoever decides sale goes six. And ended its price read Kimbrel maybe that's an imperfect world what it does and. I wanted to quote from price in this piece in the Washington partners. Quote I'll be able to help. Maybe not as much as I would as a starter I feel like but that time of the season I know how big that is to have a guy who can pitch in that role. If we make it to walked over. And I rolled the ball extremely well coming out of the pen it doesn't matter that I wasn't a starter I just wanna help these guys win on quote. And it sounds a little more. Self effacing and most of the David Price quotes including the ones I gave you earlier. This while when. Just wanna help these guys weren't. You know he also could be that guy if you if you wanna move him around at this is if this works out let's say. You look at. Look at Doug Fister as they are announced and it hasn't been a bad stretch you're not completely games three starts. We'll start you and if it doesn't work out if you have. One of those Doug Fister first or second innings if you look at his ERA in the early innings. It is awful of the sort of the first and you can't and then after that it's great if it didn't get that got to the got up out of the second. You got you're off you're gonna have a good start out if it's big it's pretty simple. The blow up an early innings but then he settled after the not a guy I want as a reliever Greg Abbott's no peace if he gets off to a good start fine. But hey David be ready if Doug does Fister things. You could be an air in the third day that things are vetted he's in the third of that how long do you expect Rezko. That the sixty haven't pitched three and then not get too you know that better than having him start in May be it's only four body at the playoff game everything shorter that you're you're gore of the ball a lot earlier. Would you veolia water on there and if he's role to be looked crew's lead in Tampa now also maybe get you at five innings out of this he's got to be ready for game three. Your. Joe's and Lincoln NHL I don't. Well I think that the really at current strike the manager whether you win at camp each period. I think there's some of the factors. Come the pledge yet just that by how he judges are well. Great honor in my gut for quite buckle things worked out pretty damn well ultra cool I'll eat meat we eat it OK if he were any better. Starter so he judges write correctly. You know this isn't where I site where the manager. Are you judge our doctor our thoughts are gonna mention. The great performance from Clay Buchholz in the World Series edged I'm I'm I'm looking for some support on that. When he was a little memory that he was a warrior gay go out four and went four and two thirds. But there're there are bad a thing. Of the psychological bat well and I think it's so that's a good manager not. You know or with the psychological messes effectively at. Well I don't and the Red Sox have to have gotten have done this before Derek Lowe's probably the best example of it. Starting pitcher who lost his starting role. All of a sudden you know he's relegated to the bullpen. Any knee he gets the win in relief in all three of their series clinching games. They've seen this happen before. Nine lows case it wasn't that they didn't think they can get him ready to be a starter they didn't think it was good enough anymore. Sorry Derrick you can't be a starter for us anymore you gotta go to the bullpen. And they end up being dazzling when they got the playoffs I'm not suggesting price is going to be dazzling but to keeps point is in the a better option. And almost anybody else you could bring out of the pen not named Kimbrel. You should be. He definitely should be but that's a thing Michael understand you're worried fighter game three starter as they hate David Price you gotta be ready for game three. Those you now not available until there is our time that you really need to work he is the wild and you know only through alternative available to Beazer claims that in that ranking go. A dollar that knowledge that there's going to be a travel day between game two in game three. So he should be he should be ready to go four for two or three innings. If necessary. 6177797937. We'll get right back to the calls that you guys in just a couple of minutes. Peter King will join us as well it's Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. It is time for our weekly conversation with Peter king of the MM QB our conversation with Peter. It's sponsored by Honda north. Peter joins us right now hey Peter Dario. Article wrong doing fine thank you you were. A little critical of Ezekiel Eliot based on his performance in quitting on his team the other day has there been any repercussions from the cowboys camp. Yeah. You know I'll end the one thing that could about the cowboys. Saying they have been through. A lot of criticism over the years and they basically you're one of those he. Let that kind of stuff roll up their collective backs but I think. OK I don't think they handled it well yet you're either. I mean to me. You know I don't understand. He knows where. When you don't chase somebody on an interception return. In the middle of the third quarter three score game well when you know your offense is really really good. I don't get why you'd get a pass. Eight. I'm didn't feel good about the whole thing and so I don't eat it. I think Ezekiel yeah each to. Prove. Everybody who were looking at it your pockets are pretty. That he's gonna do nothing. To me wanna say bring change to bring his career in to any sort of question from here on out and he didn't yet on Sunday. You got the money quote from Tom Braden Peter right after the Super Bowl I've got the answers to that test he told you. Now when he was describing out football how he sees it in his career and so he told you very clearly wants to play. Until his mid forties and then make a decision from there yet I've heard so many stories you've heard the same stories heard them read them. People thinking this is Tom Brady's last year that Gisele will make him stop playing I think you got some insight on this that. Others don't have what do you get this get a sense that Tom Brady was flying to or he's changed his mind since that interview you have at the mid February. I doubt it sincerely if you listen to that again. And go back I I'd listen to it recently have. Because we. We ended up bringing it right before that he opener in the city we brought it back and I had to go pick out. We get selected trained group of about I don't know 22 minutes. And anybody listens to that. And successes and they think now that Tom Brady might. Retire after this year would be plainly (%expletive) in there are no. That 2017. Is not going to be my last season. You know and who knows I mean things change in an off key and I have talked only briefly with Tom. Since that day in Montana also for all right now and maybe something could have happened maybe some seminal event happened in its life. Blood it would really surprise me based on the conversation we had unfair or twelve. There are flawed trade talk the offseason surrounding Malcolm Butler but ultimately he remained on the patriots final year of his deal. First couple games he's I guess that okay. What's what's sort of the feeling around the league are Malcolm Butler made what his value will be at the end of the year. I think if he. Were. Put on the block between now and the trading deadline of October 31. I think. There's many B 50% teen keep it one form. Or at least I hate to promote. Team that you think you're gonna have a pick in the car and the the second round. Com. And and especially. Because. Somebody who goes looking for. A quarterback. Around the trading deadline and you've got to pay a lot clearly would be contender. And a contender with a big hole like right now I'm not even seen the New York Giants are contender. But if they could meet make a reasonable trade for left tackle right now. I mean you know they would probably oh they probably. You know beat. Would be willing to overpay. For a left tackle right now could they simply don't have one. Blood. You know again I think in cases like this and I have no idea what Bill Belichick is gonna do not. And just make this point. Judging on the patriots history and judging. On what they didn't do. We Ginny grapple. And that point would be. Very simply that. The patriots have a different opinion about draft choices than many of the rest of us do. And in isolated in the fourth quarter the Super Bowl. The only high. Directories of the eleven players on the field to work factor on that drive I'm not count Martellus Bennett that he didn't catch a pass on that route. But the other bullet in the eleven players who play. Primarily on that drive. There's 11 round pick. Neitzel there in no second. So. That's why music not how can you not make a deal for Jimmy Rocco what made you could've gotten thirteen pick in the draft from Cleveland. Well because the patriots have proven that they judge players a little bit differently than everybody else and they have confidence that they're gonna get. Good players down the line in the draft. And in places like restricted free agency with Hogan keel mostly in those thanks so. That's flying. You know again as I say I have no idea they'd be willing to do anything with Butler before the trading deadline I tend to doubt it because if you're not going to be something before the draft. Will be hard for me to imagine they would value a draft pick in the Arctic giveaway starting corner who even now. On he hasn't been great so far this year he's still. At worst an above average NFL corner. Peter what's the most likely scenario for Adrian Peterson that he gets cut. But he gets traded or that he finishes the season with a New Orleans Saints. I think it's most likely it'll finish this season with the saint. Because he's not the kind of guy who. Publicly complained a lot that he just doesn't do you. There's a personal side of this. That a lot of people not an I'm not saying that absolutely. Something can happen. But there's a personal side and one of the reasons why Adrian Peterson really wanted to do this. Is because you're not a place for the Houston Texans who didn't meet in our seats in the Dallas Cowboys need in the offseason. The closest NFL franchise where he lives in Texas. Is new warlords are and that really appeal column. Now he might be angry enough at the trading deadline to walk and Sean Payton Christians say. You've got to get me out of here you gotta cut me I don't know that but what I do think is that. When you look at a guy like him they were keenly reasons why. I in part why he chose New Orleans. So I. I would be a little bit surprised. If he raised a ruckus wouldn't be shocked but I I'd be surprised if he raised a ruckus and also I'd be surprised. If Sean Payton doesn't find a way to use him in the next six or seven weeks to make them a little bit happier. I'm gonna ask you this question about fifteen times this year during a year here's one of fifteen. Who's the best team in the NFL and why. I think Kansas City because. They've got young offensive weapons. Who really prove themselves. On acute stage. Against New England in the first game of the year they have multiple eat offensive weapons. And a second theory it's good enough. So I would say right now would be keen to city I think the key question right now would be. Whose second. Oakland. New England Atlanta. I think the battle for second place is close. And very very interesting I when we left picket every week at our site that could Kansas City one going into the sweet. But. I think you could easily say. You put Atlanta. Oakland in new wing whenever round Robin. And they would just beat each other. You know and and it you know I think they're all really really close. So I mean to me. I think. If you ask that question every week I have a strong feeling that at some point. One week this year on the scene New England but I'm not gonna say it right now. Peter we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. I thought I'd say yeah our conversation with Peter King is sponsored by Honda north. And draft when we come back we'll get back to our conversation about David Price and apparently got a pitch out of the bullpen the rest of the season. But he develop into an Andrew Miller type role that's what they've done browsed he says is best case scenario. 6177797937. Is telephone number tech slide is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio WB yeah. Before that as it was Peter King we're talking about David Price in the piece in the Washington Post today. Apparently he we'll talk on non game days that if you're the Washington Post. A guy named Dave Shimon had a conversation yesterday with David Price down Baltimore. This was the day after he pitched two innings in relief on Sunday in Tampa said he came to a feel fine 21 pitches six up six down in the two innings the idea. But he pitched out there but he said. Price said. He wanted to start but the teams logic you couldn't deny it would've been tough to build me back up at that point I get it now Dave Dombrowski is quoted in the same piece. And this was the part that sort of you know set a soft tracks here a little bit. Dumb browsed he was saying quote the ideal scenario for price would be something like you've seen Andrew Miller did. When we talked to David about it he said his arm is very resilient when it comes to these scenarios. Or we have to make sure we're concerned about his health too he's completely healthy but when you get a guy back like this you still wanna be cognizant. Of the situation and quote. By the way price and in the piece he was joking. Within earshot of keg Craig Kimbrel said you know by the end of the regular season right I'd be promoted to closer Kimbrel laughed and rolled his eyes. This also follows up on a peace nick of Florida wrote the Boston Globe which talked about the popularity here price within the club. Instead it all year long as an idea they think he's an awesome teammate. And why is valued a little well blocked him. A cradle of those present Greg have a great teammate right. Which usually earn their own beer and Jordan's on how failure malaria jordin you're favorite clarified no no not that. That proposal you and got the spread today who got the spread your right he did. On the pastor today but for the Astor room. It's a fact why after OPEC and know that you I did wonder if didn't that I IE assume he's just gonna only pitch out or relief that you guys brought back yesterday ruled that maybe even now it's not too late. If that got me thinking that if they really are comparing him to Andrew Miller. A guy who. Last year was used ten times in the post season and guys or is that before. Never though the fewest outs he got in an appearance was for so use never limited to just one inning he picked pitch from back to back days. A couple of times and it fueled if you can do that but if you could throw. Six outs here than six outs again tomorrow. What's the huge difference between being able to do that arm strength lies and be able to pitched five innings in game. Regression that's that's well I don't know what does it take. To build up and I know spring training in six weeks. There's six weeks but I know I know it doesn't take all of six weeks to get a pitcher ready for the regular season. So what what do most guys say it takes in the simulated games. Where does that factor into the preparation and it seems like he's been getting ready he's been throwing they had all the updates you know form from fifteen. I think our revive you know on the mound what fifty yet simulated game one simulated game 272%. Capacity the whole thing NASA now we've had. Some in game competition. I think the whole process started about a month ago didn't. Oh yeah I at least. That's an ant price said in the piece in the post hey you know a lot of guys will take at the house by now days tougher and I made him appreciate it and I didn't give up that's good. So as I want to be there for my guys. He is a bad brain training of this is spring training. He's a month in the spring training. At least. AB and now we're gonna end of the week five. Yeah that's a little different though is that you are spring training you're assuming you go into a healthy he was as true. But. Yeah I don't know I didn't say it's quite an X-Factor here just how is your perform what is he actually gonna be used. If the situation that he pitched on a Sunday they are used they were down Ron. But he just kept a close for two weddings he had to clean innings threw it to pitch you look great. Through all this pitches and everything else it 95 yeah oh yeah he's thrown hard. And so. We'll see how they use and Ross the way here they'll be as soon how high leverage will will yet. They are they try to clinch the division 6177797. ID 37 Tonys Bridgewater hate Tony. K I don't know it's a good I got that player should at all it is it is passed away and if it is a big. Tell me right now who was two games sweet picture right now. Right now personally yeah that's right at this moment for. Source aloe. At all. Walk past Clinton and that's another good spout about looting and then more of their little of the floor. I all their paperwork which got Kelly it's what's this week temple and it bit but one of the 20 lead that law. Published we stops lock step price could be stuck in the apple blocked. Each item equals sixty pitches that once somebody just excellent maybe eighty pitches and that's all international. Uga to target all this stuff. Like oh this accent now we can pregnant skirted. You're not. We can't walk off. How I I don't know how you get three more starts on David Price the rest of the way a little while. Well yes yeah. Great. Start. Which means which means that it if he's gonna start he gets to he can't pitch again until what Thursday or Friday. Then you put forty no he can't get restarts and there's no way. Their quarterback should be on it right. They pitched in Sunday. Yesterday did you started days on this and on a pitch count or let's say fifty they have my page he went 21 let's say put on a fifty pitch count. I don't know where he winds up after fifty pitches. So it's good to wash statute to boot sixty votes or look at for the I would of all I'd like this it's worked the ball. Against re. Wait a minute stop that you just said that if this turns out there the game's over you're it you're going to the bullpen you've just said with a bullpen who cares how he pitches you got a bullpen. We it would chizik here tone. On yeah I know you tell us. Got a great bullpen so who cares. About with faster you just said if he starts and he sucks you're done. So why aren't. Or another I think sorry I don't think price necessarily is just a mop up. A lot like that ought to Christiane why stop at the half. You don't you'll talk about while also look all that probably it slash two. He's had experience in the all their excellent member of the ball pretty well like pick but also walked a bogus he. Since. She's burns who you know not just expected. Beatable or Greg got the like a especially guys like it was okay certain. You can't just what have been the wall pet and expect that the pitch and what it's about Robert Stewart swipes that locked. I I don't I don't disagree with all that though Tony I think some of that is true there were just assuming you pay you know he could eat it picks in the bullpen. Well he's really struggle in the playoffs especially after when he first debuted in the playoffs against the Red Sox out of the bullpen for the rays nine years ago. He was really go to Lou this guy's got the unbelievable. But then since then the playoffs have been a disaster form including last year and now all of a sudden. Just as he has better stuff that everybody in the bullpen doesn't need to be comfortable as are below. Succeed there 6177797937. Although. In limited. Performances admittedly he's pitched great out of the bullpen in the past as we said it CRA was like one point 207. He's got a very well now in Tony's world they'll suck because he sucks her head at at at. Well yeah okay pretty civil. Eight equals today 6177797937. Is telephone number. Dale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.