DHK - Spygate is still a thing in Pittsburgh; Ghosts tainting urine is now an issue 12-14-17

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Thursday, December 14th

HOUR 1 - Patriots cheating is all the rage in Pittsburgh these days. With Pats/Steelers just days away, our sports talk counterparts in PA are embracing the opportunity to remind the people of how rampant the cheating was. Stephen A. Smith has done an about-face on the Patriots beating the Steelers. And how does a ghost taint one's urine with an illegal substance? We explore the possibilities.


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So the big question for me is when Paul's nice joins us about 330 today that. Are we going to be talking to Paul's nice the Pittsburgh talk show host slash columnist for the Pittsburgh post gazette. Or are we going to be talking to Michael Holley former college room. See that's it because there's some stories there right Bengie. That would be very entertaining to our audience all of sure there will be in and maybe you'll get that Michael's rethinking the whole I don't know how Ali air. I've really got to learn a thing or two I was like squad you know dorm room what's that. Drop reduce the dorm room for Patrick and middle of the dorm room that was and I was not a child. I was intimidated that. When it happened. As a lifelong steeler fan is in your life long Western Pennsylvania. Arab guy got the other acts good judgment the whole thing nice and probably I don't know if he's not we'll post it here on out he's mellowed or or not. Over the years but he was not very mellow not mount a is there. Now not really a great basketball player program. What kind of a walk on to the Point Park University basketball team dice and you know what his whole point was that any guy who has not yet into it and today I made district eighteen guys aren't taking on saint Vincent district eighteen the project teams they are saying definitely throws it seventy and I target Damon college oh pit Bradford deathly -- there David but. I thought it was handled I don't think the whole market got much to Eric when you're running swarthmore and I found out who he was gods no exaggeration. The kids a former Celtic. Dahntay Jones. Really you know Dahntay Jones what his role is now that we stick I don't know about the other Dahntay Jones from duke. Although all that doctor yet what rockers byways and when you went there and him what do you think of Dahntay Jones is doing the pushups country dumped on a goon. 000. That LeBron that runs off a take care of it I think particularly its fine Frank Murkowski ethnic food it is a he's the glue that's what he was a cozy export. If it's any it's in Eric -- thanks for your forwards and yeah. Power for grants and he's just don't know how LeBron come into the game no interest in boring you knew why he was very problem is going to be thrown out of the game uses five fouls or sometimes in my joy technical and enjoyed it so yes the throw game will be there aren't drawn. Ice punishable at full all of them let them put on. Johnson. And high school is now head again last month had. Something Dunlap on last. And it got a little testy at times. Well black students did you see what his tweets earlier in the day. I am not familiar with his work. His name is Colin Dunlap. He's on 9937 the fans those balls he says Paul always in the eyes of their colleagues who you ask him what he thinks about the Colin Dunlap. I've seen Colin Dunlap assertion of who Brady equates to yeah Brady Barry Bonds where farmland all. All that this is theater owners Rosie Ruiz ala. Our roads it definitely Americans in at halftime otherwise I have. You go guy yeah let me just let me just do little Ricky on Boston. Bought this violent sports are cheaters. And then you don't grow you hoping that in care of the marathon yeah I'll get America on personal this. This is the tweet that I think got Mott to book and for the shadows of the fact that some don't see Tom Brady in the same light as bonds McGwire Rosie Ruiz Armstrong bad jobs and access. All is mind blowing its mind blowing guys the cheater a proven one such esteem should never go away where it where's the breakdown of how they did that go outside a breakdown of Lance Armstrong did we know what Barry Bonds wears the breakdown of Brady Hadi is that take a look at their their their signals. Bob and I can't respect I understand if you don't want it back with Tom Brady or you don't wanna say each I think the guys acquire or like so be it. I'm allowed that may not allowed to have an asterisk next thing because. I don't you know and get some of his accomplishments. Are tarnished. Which which month. Which was tires. The Super Bowl anyone directly after the placate or the second one that he won after the lake where one was the one that really. Aren't you push ID INS and outs with the Steelers the Steelers the Steelers fans are they go back as old as I got until I had left. How does absolutely. Saying you know they played a practice they taped the walker I guarantee you. They tape the walk through they knew what was coming and we for Steelers players talking it's like they knew our plays yeah maybe because they're really good at this now. Now. The bad wrongs and crap you know they were Dylan they're just hoping that they would punt the ball for brown they had Duvol. Or renewing their problems they did they were developing technology you always ask for party Adams does he do it develops technology. He's got like a laboratory down there to do a rocket scientist yeah staff to head so you know maybe that's maybe that that's the reason they're so successful. But it if your our sister station down who's about to present I think they've governor David were CBS Pittsburgh. Then I got a. I don't think there's any question if they benefited from something not above board. I think they're huge question what Tom Brady I can't quantify the message opinion. You keep benefited and was able to complete five warpath and he completed his career seventies that enables complete hundred and get more passes in his career. Because of both spy gate into play eight. Are they deploy to edit out there that I don't know that the the people. So. What examples all. Yeah right the actual ball all right the all that and never as every other refs or the other he could never did they couldn't tell there's a difference but yet that was the cause significant reason why I've been. Might have a conversation with you about spike you know might you know might entertain it is is OK that's yeah I think you should because we. We don't know we don't know like you know what the extent of it was in if you think that. Coaches were. You know kind of lining up. These coordinators they stole the signals are gonna get the stick signals to Brady and Brady was able to just play football because somebody was telling him what defense was coming back. All right if you don't have I don't buy that but if you wish we could have account recently clay CD the discussion off. Placate the football. Soft football. I mean I'd probably how how'd how'd he do in the immediate aftermath of deflate game where even that mean that sometimes. The last. Two seasons. Were not making some very lame deflated ball. Sometimes we mentioned Pia side. I go to that other than joking about it now I ask you before or after an Obama zero times. This season have you thought of at one time I've never thought. Last season and didn't think of it one time without those four games he came back then think of it. Ed Landry on now Monday night deflating the football after all and they've we've metal I think it's tired it's like. When when something happens and people always choose any time there's a scandal that happens you know and people have kind of strange mines. Scandal happens and they say. Well I'm an about fantasy football team after that so I'm here to hear Michael Vick was sort of think bad news kennels and about benefit football team. Bad news kennels yes oh yet. Okay within the next year that the very next year. Name is. Retired now because that was. Not as good as I went on and it's yea right so what route back to the late day. Yeah well I cannot lay a suspended last year days. On that we're known you I got I got admittedly not a bad I feel like Collins hired is not really in this is that does that take. More than Mike. You know rob Parker thing he had little bit. Yeah it is Los radio sometimes maybe you won't be on you know. 645 to dance. You at night and your name I liked I liked in the nighttime on you doing a good job in the morning show there obviously because you say things like this again people prior. Ask your opinion how where Brady is in the quarterbacks you can't give it to keeping the top quarterback ever to ask you a talk show it was they were quarter of the best what are decades. That now. This. Shot that night show is thank you how to do radio. Report your writing it out but what. Well the check that always well I'll take a peek at he's like I'm the guy we had down from Denver you chowder heads I don't know I was in Baltimore. I was before my our day yes. Yet the guy yeah he's gonna bring up here in front of the busload of ravens fans. Some are looking at the November. 2017. Pittsburgh radio ratings. There a couple of sports stations that appear on the list here KD KA is the big one. For November of 2017. They were pulling a five point six there and Entercom station. There's another one called that WB EG GAM. There on the list today and they did a zero point one. For November 17. Our columns radio station doesn't appear on the list which means they are doing less than zero point one now so what are you gonna talk to about. How to build your ratings he claimed he tripled much ratings. Last night it hot. KDK day. Other thing is case I think it was W something other W Blodgett a little case of there I point six. Five point six in grind some of their fourth place at. An all out guy. Well it's the ravens guy. And our I. I want one really good we know everything to do this we probably went good for. As race and they are pretty good bunker and they are our sister station by the way they are out there there are our colleagues only all the Jews wouldn't. Cause rate the rate. I think. I think brokered. I love this felt like it they were and you know good for them different than they won't they won't overreact to it. If if if the patriots win this game do you think patriots fans know will there be an overreaction to warm up dealers now. That really doesn't mean it does matter but it hasn't. Like I still nice and he'd like it but it's not as odd you're going to Denver or are going to. Miami you know like at two places that the pictures of struggle on the road if you had to go to Pittsburgh to to noticeable I don't think people lose their minds about. Ed Bootcheck was talking. It or writing. The Pittsburgh post gazette. Talking a lot break. Roethlisberger winning the week fifteen with fifteen. All of this rule now. Hope this city. Yeah it's big game Meyer man and it's in week fifteen the Steelers have that game at home. It will not hurt. Heinz Field. Ben Roethlisberger penguins last name to give an hour. But it's been our our right. That's nice a lot of things in the middle. I don't remember all of them but there in there so we go to Collin on who is a colleague of ball was already now Powell now is on what time of day. He's on line always on tomorrow night. Between six entered well maybe Doug left you know left. We just from what I've equity figured them out crap all over night shows yes c'mon does with our without within Likud would Dunlap must not be. Well get an opportunity talked Paul's nice about 330. And in yellow try to you know. It learned get schooled us on you know Pittsburgh football. We did point out yesterday that in Tom Brady's career against Mike Tomlin coached teams he's six and one. With 22 touchdowns and zero interceptions but I guess according to Colin Dunlap that's because they Schnieders. Despite their chief excited. And to placate both both gates puts them if you marry us and in the same boat as Johnson. & Johnson. But he coma. Our spirit. But what if you take away despite eight years. Just locked those offered Brady's career marriage how they don't take its third actually might help. He's probably batters thirty network earnest when he has helped them you know it's that we're suppose forties afternoon groups are likely some of those doubles what I have clay season's an early years if I were to equate Ben Roethlisberger to like. Harvey Weinstein that'd be okay with him. Well maybe I didn't leak yet executed that and would that mean what's it what he's doing an effect here if these equating Tom Brady with. Guys like Lance Armstrong. And Johnson. So I can say that Ben Roethlisberger like Harvey Weinstein and you would do what you'd call a fair but that also wouldn't be okay with him if you do it. He was it if they use the ball both Tom Brady suspended for while these cheater or what was that profits burst on it for. Right that's right health pointer wanna make a huge leap it's there already missed games that year occurred. My guess is what I hear is the other thing America. Charges. That's what did which again in the news for the back robbery that are lower than where they actually proved. A longer. I went out and into the specific allegations this Howard Archer of thank you very much loved this Pacific not to Iowa love the Atlantic I'd be idiot. How will not get into passivity. We've daily investigators. This investigation. You're gonna cut instead of a process of this investigation also we wouldn't be having this would be having this conversation at the patriots won their game. Last week and he has to golf or this week it's the golf through an on again as they wouldn't we wouldn't be having this conversation would be this much passion. Not a cute if I guess some people like this is a must win game the Steelers are. Are getting excited Ed Levy on bells say you know I just heard of last year to watch his guys out there work and without around the if you're glad to have the opportunity right now Mike Tomlin has been talking about a for a few weeks. Dunlap. Called Tom Brady Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong like this wouldn't have happened without the law just intensifies it. Read on I don't know the if the patriots had one would would they doubled down with Colin Dunlap be doubling down now he's feeling cocky. Wouldn't be a little more desperate if the patriots have won on Monday night. Yeah I think the pick is he he's got there's two different things there's the national news I think he's forty series Don Imus beside him being done and that is Dunlap and I just keeps it yeah right he's not he's not saying he's done and as such it. Right he didn't care whether they won or lost on on Monday night he's just he's a cheater he should always be lately that's the first thing you should say about. Are they give us his top five quarterbacks of all that's on for a talk shows talk show morning starts early morning drive talk show interview his opinions on. Whose best quarterbacks here. That a lot of know that I don't know what I know that Brady's. Well at least you think that you know that Brady was helped them while he's cheating and Roethlisberger better than Brady. You know there is now on all of it perfect on on Colin Dunlap shelter guests that he probably would. And Brady cheat is best quarterback of all time. Rupture. It'll branch. Operating without punishment back on the team was punished sport. There was nothing about radiant despite about him benefiting from anything on the field. If you wanted to. Her own child do your own self when asked questions let me answer let yet. I'm I'm wondering what happened on because if you are actually all of your statements just five words or less you're putting spike hit on Brady there's no evidence of that the outcome that's the issue. Well I feel that there operate benefited from spy gate and I think it's all well read. I'll be competing knew that signals from the defense. That's how. Did you really quick and communicate all. Are in read your column your life but you're the way for them to call their play that it singled out play event at the run up like. Yeah I think. Think I think the patriots. An and we can get some disagreement on this and I don't forget that that's gonna respond fully to I don't think about that's showing and it would have felt take though in Pittsburgh always been over it. And it's. You're allowed to use feels that. I feel signals I just like the I watched that press people have for years and years years yes but what did you do what they didn't like is shaping. I don't think they don't like tape and don't hit it where you were taking it from. So about it now that it happens but ten years ago and you earn tenure at a very good prevailed put it to bed in the arena 2007. Happened out due 201710. Years and spy game. I'll tell you in a cost of a first round pick on like that cost them some money you don't like that. Approval from the still can understand quietly can say yes which you're it's. Steal signals. With your hands down right now get a cup or illegal that write it down but we don't want to tape it. It about this I can't do it. It all up and don't tell me it just baseball this year editing active in baseball that don't really care it's not that I'm being too efficiently. Like that you're using technology like anti technology you have to use the Microsoft surface pro and only now. I don't try branding of the inner. Yeah I don't have a problem with me. Stealing signals have me yeah probably being efficient as of the signals the tape it. Our report you're writing it all. While the check that you know to get checked out a few weeks we'll find out if those indeed the case. Maybe did new you have them on again have a bit irregular. Maybe as much pulled appreciate their help that short column Dunlap provides. But he's I wanna keep a few months. But we want to do to fill you guest host. Was beyond effort he wasn't ever admit that knowledge and housed gospel of the fellows post that after seventh out of my hand Boesky frenetic attack. You're no longer responsible now PK. So we'll get some some Steelers stuffed talked about a we will bring in Michael's college roommate Paul's nice from that the exact same radio station and the Pittsburgh post is that right. Yes that's both as I say. Not all four years it was kind of the electorate all four years already too much I don't think I literally for years I don't think it would have been able to handle that. Now but let me ask is this is an important question where you freshman year roommates for the Democrats not to get to your friends and then decide you chose to live together well at all. Eight he won. All I think after freshman years that count on you. While it was out of the houses they keep it was a different time in my life from the product that split. My kids ever asked me about a Mattel and I'm going to be up front with the good of the best the best approach this is what that they would have sold. My mom. I like him. On non odd I don't like this throughout life and Obama heads you know and she knew she knew it I thought I was fortunate it now I thought I was you know we were they like to. So. Going to toot my junior year of college. She said well. Who's your roommate and videos off campus at that point when you're going to be in I just said Tony. Actually made a name made weapons and ending up a person knows that Tony. I was living with a woman usually be known. The reported girlfriend of his life. Not a great idea in college not a great idea grow out of there it was such a bad idea that it lasted about a semester toward kicked out of your partnership I. And I. I had to go somewhere does it all of us that there's Paul's eyes if it was placed all of Celtic don't Greg yes fine yeah it would to me so. In it was an interstate it was not a good idea now and so. That's how I became roommates. Paul's nice the bold choice look for the lady you're here and obviously I try to catch I. Yeah. That's right don't die and a bit. Ever worked as it does not alone she had she had and all the places let me sit there and they are Tony hostile to away. I don't. There's always great to tell the last time as they would have bill. Good drive. One of those 6177797937. Op when will talks Bruins hockey is the afternoon goes on as well it looks as though they are about to. Up part ways within a a contract signing mistake. So we'll talk about that Matt olasky has been placed on waivers by the team and expensive. Mistake by the Bruins as well he's that it still get two and a half years left on his contract three point eight million a season. And is about to be headed for Providence assuming nobody picks him up on waivers sold will add that into the mix as well. But will probably harp on Steelers fans and talk show hosts as well Paul's eyes will join us at 330 we will also touch. On the Boston Globe spotlight team report. That the latest installment was in the papers today. I'm Adrian walker is gonna join us but not today you'll join us on tomorrow's program is that right. As at 330 tomorrow returning to a talk with Adrian. Was one of the owners of working with. A number of reporters and writers are on this project. So Natali coming up as well we'll get the calls that you guys 6177797. ID 37 detail on Hollywood keep Sports Radio done. The I don't know Tom Brady bonds prompt others advocating with the patriots or cheating. They don't of course what does it he's a systemic Cheadle as what what he needs systemic cheating with. Sweet Tea Party and that feels that. I'm IV aids problems institute notes he's at the patriots works fine for war spy gate and that he was suspended for for that played. I'm not still level. Jurisprudence here like the NFL. So this isn't a referendum on. What's that guy guilty woods yet felt guilty like I bought the governing body and it felt found them guilty. He's just an axe to hit. Did that they've fairness here. It's not asking doesn't have any issues about an erupting now does now easy eagerly willing to that. Systemic but it is that she's got referendum but that's that's the national. Take. It hurts per day. We had some of that hair red around. Right around to placate the Brady. And I Shaughnessy was harping on this plan a lot of pain. You know Brady except that they can accept the suspension then. It cheater. If even if you think that he did everything that he was accused of doing. I story about your football fan how you can think that's gonna actually change things went when quarterback after quarterback passes went right to France to us. Right exactly like that that's my hoping it's not like ought to protect and others is trying to protect and ready now. So when Aaron Rodgers said he intentionally over inflates the footballs in if they don't catch it that's. FY but I think but I think this is what happens when you have a the flight gate and spy gate NFL with just so good at messaging they are and I hate that they're so good at the PR. And they are able to to get their point across because they know what people do most people are just gonna get into the details. So they'll give you. A national headline yes right that you can hold onto and that's what everybody does so he added that the facts here are diligent the facts don't really matter to most people. I definitely see where is that they see the suspension and they can dollars in debt and make it prominent and it's also slated septic because that happened because happen right now it's gonna hurt him because they erupted the Jerry Rice stickam stuff. It's stickam Oz gloves cares. To have the greatest receiver of all time. May have been cheating to the same level of fame and Ernie Hatteberg was in to this level I'll call the same thing if Brady. Like the football a little bit too I would less narrative in and Jerry Rice put stuff on his gloves there but it's both wrong but I don't think it really drastically changes have good either one of them war. Or are. Does for some folks though pictured that well it does that you're the Pittsburgh area was it your martial fault that would jar got going for you this week in Pittsburgh Tom Brady's cheater now well. OK well let me just read you some of the latest from Paul's life to join us in about an hour. We know the patriots are who they are they lying cheating franchise that happens to win a lot of football games. Belichick or go to go down as one of the best coaches of all time but as we've established many times established his legacy is flawed because he cheats. It can't win. Without Tom Brady. He's really and I ballots as I can the law because he can't win without Tom Brady it's supposed to move on from Tom Brady's Lincoln forgot that it can win without proper. Right so it it's sounds like they're kind of lining up their excuses for if they lose sent wow day after his great if your health and well of course that they cheated I mean nobody else. But at that Perkins says that's all history though and this is 2017. And in 2017. The Steelers are finally clearly. Better than the patriots he wrote so. They do not beat the patriots what do you do you know take your ire from Bill Belichick does Mike Tomlin. Without those types of Oliver Mike Tomlin last year. After they lost to the patriots in sick that he wanted to he wanted that. He won it either the roan needs to move on from Tomlin to avoid. Or he wanted to drastic changes you know Keith Butler out something everybody I gotta gotta gotta gotta do something yeah. Now the Steelers are clearly better. Clearly they're better. The Steelers are off salute feelers out salute him more and players to what they did what happens if the Steelers don't go to the Super Bowl the patriots it would happen. It because when he penetrated the patriots cheap they they cheated are prepared to wait for the next scandal wracked the Steelers are better. Well let's face it it's Erickson has said that the patriots on some rings who was a on the Steelers tides of war it you know Ollie there's tons of them Kordell Stewart I don't know slash over the years. We that was. Joey Porter Joey aren't always matters. They police ranks it. Let's get the call to you guys 6177797937. Bobs in Waltham Bob Europe first and it has Vanilla Ali would keep let me finish the line I have. It I don't fight at the specifically was able to introduce you all to a disease which was. Forty or of the United States are flick it's it's called patriots do arrangements liberal unbelievable that hatred. But he took insane hatred that at least in for this team it's worse than that I was being consulted for the Yankees and go to. And by the way I do think that this is a very big deal we lose this game. Because we not only have the potential to lose all through the Pittsburgh which in and of itself might not be about we shouldn't survive. You know theoretically you cannot answer now. That would be done to go to Jack right so also tiebreaker will. Yeah like Jacksonville lobby got three games left and they've got they've got Tennessee at Tennessee final game of the year and they got Houston and they got here for Cisco to grapple led 49ers so. I mean it and it was is its tiebreaker because they have won or lost a lot of conferences about the tiebreaker. Yet conference record yes so there if the patriots lose one more game of the job or went out your right page its new play about wild card weekend. It was a videotape we have right now week and we'll. So quickly that we can we're doing. That's afterward I think that's a little strong I'm gonna play the titans of their play the bill's authors and. That but there's one obvious to rest which they need. Right I've body feel like this game on Sunday. I mean it's it's hard to say because on the one hand you could say. Look we do well against the Steelers you know but with the injury we got on the offensive line right now. I think it's gonna patient out I think that's an easy. I don't know none of the top five defense at the patriots have on routes to the shootout but I'd prefer it did get yourself in trouble. That's what other injuries meant. Yeah I know but Bob get in trouble he had a really really worried about the interest sheep like they always UST this. Install soda. Zones and look at it. And that more people into the outlook. I'm also a possible yeah it definitely wanted to tap very much tapped out on the hatred quotient is the markets can and Andrea big deal or they played some millions now without them. I'd like to have all of the defense it sounded like he's even more Larry a lot of their man without Donta hightower for awhile now both sides hour. Apparently can't be without power then you've got to have been no I gotta have Trey flowers hour to get both back. Ryan cheese here's a complaint right now is I'm sort of missing for that other defense your defense that gave up 38 points last weekend the Flacco. To Joseph Flacco. This match ups at all matchups that match. No matter what I got does that matter what the dolphins did to the patriots are what the Steelers did to the ravens' young made the dolphins provided any blueprints. Now I think golly I don't think that I think the blueprint the for the Steelers having the patriots are provided the blueprint of how to attack the Steelers. And they just keep using it over and over and it's up to the Steelers. To figure out how to stop relates to those polls right this since the Steelers are an extremely talented team at least. Other top ten talent is incredible. And while maybe there issue is between mayors. Today there eggs it's their coach. Oh let me last year laughter yeah this year I don't know he's been saying great things about Tomlin. We'll find out but it was you know last year was this calendar year it was January of 2017. Original around him right he says now if you talk to go to congress and hey say at what what what is this. And I thought what the mediocre receivers. For the patriots I was always a big it's always yet receivers mediocre. I hired the Steelers not Chris Hogan who's. I felt I love him at all that buffalo buffalo that ago. This guy destroys you actually entitlement got a Tony Joe Brown. The patriots don't have anybody like Antonio Brown upon that ground is covered in last year there are now. Italy and he probably delete it library could be assessed it proved it this pop rock Lester yes. It destroyed the Steelers 384 yards threw 84 to eight yards from Tom Brady. The whole inevitable buck radio and he did it without rock. When night pissed off rock history industry. You think you have to be able to run the ball a little bit consistently als yes you'd ten times out of 925 yards dollar sign it and they put that two years ago they proved that if you have Stephen Jackson as a running game you can't win without. You don't need. Levy on bell or letter format unison you guy like that but you need to have some somebody you don't think one thing we haven't mentioned. We haven't mentioned in weeks is jealously. Well I think it's played eight events at the pictures bury that guy. It wrong you're really getting a whole lot out of him than the other three guys all give you something indeed at least they did until last week. But the part of the patriot way is you're so good week of practice and work their way back into the good graces yet he had he evidently didn't I guess. That's that IRS is not their only option was there at the not well thought now is gone like they didn't sign. Mention this larger plot a little bit it does not all of it now under a burqa and lowly. Who's that skillfully now a blunt yeah now making her a lot about in the share. Because he's not here though the Eagles loved him so much that went on traded for another running quite that are is they split five running back to randomly now yeah I've got to keep those guys for a good point you know. 6177797937. We will talk to Paul's nice. Of the Pittsburgh post gazette and the fan radio arena in Pittsburgh he's coming up at 330 right back to your calls coming up next Sports Radio W yeah. It the outlook live at Pittsburgh but list. Outlook lot of that's good it would not be right now it's not my well rocket department rocket black eagle baby got back. What and it's getting its candidates didn't don't make it. You noticed that yeah city that I don't know whether to Rockne Lou all the stomach but Mike Tomlin and the word yet that rhetoric I. They in this particular situation acts that would make this dealers will come the rules put him then will enhance our. Book called to duty and and know that there's this Sunday. Feel better and better. Come out about this. Biggest game in the NFL. By far out but all they talked about on ESPN learns black gold at it Ariza big Steelers any claims it is now claims he was always Steelers fan grownup. I heard Max call him on that earlier in the week he's not I'll always been a Steelers and he said state he's had to stage the recent sage. You know me for a long time Steelers have pressed for a long time and you know I've been a Steelers fan front runner. No front runner thought he was a system you know New York jarred projects development want forceable rules newsroom for lied about well that's thing. The only one category people like seven layer of the worst all of the worst kind of lame losers. They they they desperately need to root for winners that they themselves become a loser. That's about it that's the admit I the a direction that fortune cookies I. And a or is that too. Which is get a quick tip of the hat to a to the headline writers out there yet because there are headlines you know it's like click bait there headlines will which will get me to to read a story. Now Michael mentioned this off the year that but then I just saw the dead spin had confidence. Yet and headline says and I'm quoting. Jeremy Curley says a ghost may have tainted his. So Jeremy Curley says let's go or like may have tainted he's. What's more likely. A ghost proposition you. Which happened pearls sucks yeah yeah or it goes messes with your urine and down a sexual experience with the guys and didn't. Or Gaza. I'm going to be texting Amy gadgets that for days those earlier days did you. Hopeful the other because she's. Even when it came out behind you need to feed its. And panic that still doesn't but it goes to the very generous lover. Calvin Watkins tweet it out about this asked how did ate tainted supplement get in his system. Jeremy Curley said quote. I don't know. Lot of ghosts around here ghost putting him you know the ghost of Christmas past unquote. So once you go against you know have a pretty much it had that much so topical he's on coastal resort gusts present or yet to be. I'd tell you can't rule it out because you've heard ghosts you'd you've seen this heard I've ever heard I rehearsing. You heard a Virgo sleep around or the little boy what is and Jacob Jacob. I yeah packed that'll are commodities like Jacob your reverend Susan here but you believe in ghosts because of your trip down to New Orleans he told that's tomorrow. Both believe and go yeah see America to slow laugh laughter and clearly there are believed to go. Yes I did your editor collide in music and yeah. Doesn't know that's a reason to Jeremy EST that's out west down. That's because while dozens of babies at the ghost of wean you bank not any. And maybe maybe Germany Curley was. It has been unfriendly to somebody that it goes really likes you don't know you don't like you know what you do that's my friend McNamara Sheila. The turning curse of the from drinkers of the date cruising at more playing time no answer coastal deaths both look like for like that. Maybe he's got an enemy I'll be less self conscious. Texting Amy Casper the ghost contained demands. To be really really funny that I can be very clear about that. What you're acting Amy you know those some visas some very. Very interest in times bill. Please be very well grounded because the energy here has a tendency to manifest whatever is going on leave you. Okay that I was the war Dalia that he was that goes out. Foreign media portals in the front portals and back then that was but this is something we haven't heard this is at least a unique guys I don't know excuse yes. Do you think that goes stated that it did commissioner. Archer well and we appeal it kind of you know that produce a gamer to know I insinuated ghosts all want to hear about a hold the phone and ask you mr. commissioner design. How do you believe in ghosts was doing his racquet on the program today. CNN through the mail room are my record a good clean. Yeah. Then one day here AM you know PD's I can't explain except for drugs. How does the fact that happened if he could still fail let them if I was stunned. Difficult to explain about gas pump a way that the same time late left off. We thought you were deeply felt that there is there was nothing and a fortune cookie about now it's wait. In weightless all right the analogue picture in this ghost carriers will violent year round yet we're political skip the anymore depending more you to not be you know he didn't immediately because I've been there he is the idea that you can put something in the body it is just injected him with the Reuters on exactly goes through. A lot of British born and needle there. Inject. Or withdraw. Look or is it goes kaput and go with excited and yeah. Locker roomful possibilities yeah yeah curly weakly falls asleep or injected with Roy it's supposed to go through walls Likud sample. Afterwards it was different witness unless you're gonna switch to. Healed in general I thought I'd only a solid PLO and don't know dale and another player and he had another player guilty players yes it around a lot of wrestlers passed away because rust was even after yeah holidays. In China take that. Here all right how about that could demand. Of them live in Augusta something good to join the clown think that goes would be after the celebrities note coast or the players like Jeremy currently there are. That then they know they can get away with a imagine a wreck. Right is arteries a ton of attention put on that people are gonna dismiss that fond of it goes and does not go there is laughing ha. LA and until. Organized. Jeremy currently a ghost may have painted might play a delicate and just as keeps that you have an off. Now not rule on an outing going on goes to wouldn't count goes expeditions goes on the socialists aunts and uncles and so I of ghost town motto now. The I messed around. Meant that I I actually I had an invitation to stand to YouTube that's why you don't want that snickering check I appreciate and find out what there was you know acclimated with ticket January 13 you know does that camps are you two lads are invited to join us for the night at the Lizzie Borden house on Garrett. I haven't been director of a problem with generous Ryan over yours you I don't take my thoughts I don't know I that's rock and I don't know invited governor by myself now I cannot are invited Ryan your ride that was important house. I'm not. Undertake that invitation to them and I'm in the past and on you thank you Brian not on how goes on I golf yes. It's a fifth. (%expletive) yeah out. I was involved me leaving my house on all Arab I don't admire and everything. That's what she's this. Six what 77797937. I can't wait to talk to Paul's nice. He's coming up that day at 330 mainly just fine outlook and a roommate Michael was very messy. See all of that stuff we get UFC tickets to giveaway before the afternoon is out. Dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media so once you go against you know that. So it had rice and yes.