DHK - Stats are not our strong suit; Being fair to Marcus Smart; A froggy Final Drive 11-17-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 17th

HOUR 4 - Trivial things like the average age of a team or the splits between the Warriors and Celtics shouldn't matter. None of it matters when the Celtics are the winners of fourteen straight! In the ongoing war between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell, some video has been released that doesn't make Jones look so good. And we take a trip down to Florida, where many weird things happen, in Final Drive.


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I backed peace is that Elin holing shows all mad at how one man still admit. Keep that these things are not pick in the draft and the way home he did Al-Maliki says they can. You know keep the match. The second making Evans. I'm strike whenever it happens unfortunately act alone look at the time we are fresh data time we got a beautiful out here that we gotta get that LeRoy I keep the rods everything I did back. A brand new segment on display only bit worried possibly. And I've been doing this it. You know when and. I don't think we go. We've got to move novel with Intel. He was dolphins could be shut down this video ever brought him. Our dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI freestyle Friday we've been all over the place. We've talked obviously about the huge Celtics went last night at home over the defending world champion believes state warriors their championship contenders yes. They are contender. Championship contender I mean is that your in the NBA finals here a contender right now and and I'll tell you actually a question are cats look at what Michael let me pull this cut from earlier in history when Republicans that you were right. Dale and I royal highness let's just say this now in unison we were we were wrong the wrong you were right where you were right you belief in this team I'm stupid you're Smart. I was wrong you right. How the Cairo wants while it hard to believe Ronald Reagan replayed honorably and you. And Ross earlier Ellis is talking about Soledad last year the warriors. Destroy the cast at the wars of the team crushed the second best team with the cavs but that was there's a huge gap there than there than another gap between the cast and the Celtics. If this year Celtics team better than last year's cavaliers team. Rule. Called fair how about it and I don't think there yes. While yes there so carrier air at constant well I'll OK and there's no LeBron now on this team I can't wait for you to tell me how this that this happens. Turnout happens. Last year's cavaliers team. So that that team is much better than this laster Celtics currently Dana. But they did match up well with the warriors. Medals in his matchup the matchup if you what is it gets you get asked if he's done it this year Celtics team yet is better than last year's cavaliers team more athletic. Well it's deeper but definitely deeper that's better rebounding better coach. Better coaching better coaching a genre that but they're better coaching last year it it. But it now he actually has talent to go with yet about idea of Harry Carey but then. LeBron in loans. LeBron. LeBron james' move. Verses Tatum brown Horford stuff. Like that LeBron James and I looked like it was still there and everywhere four through eight. I like the Celtics again and I like Thompson and generous welcome that's what was so frustrating about last year's cavaliers team. All opens. It's just awful corpse of Jefferson in the corpse avert your eyes right here. Right here ladies who have Brent Barry play second calendar just no energy I Channing Frye and Kyle Korver and and OJ argue got hot code to our family. I was offered Richard Jefferson. Guys out here. Yes so there are better better matchup. So they are contender towards the same words that I gotta be honest the Warrick did the the cavaliers were in the final but did you. Feel they were really yes I thought because I can't brought and they are at the rest as it as it is considering what played out where well where they a threat to the warriors now an Irish played out but going in to give a puncher chance to brawn. I don't but I'm just saying as he saw the two teams match up you went as a began while part of what else did you think if you make. If you make the finals are you a contender it by bite to bite. The fault Europe your contender year in the fine you one of the two teams left I don't think you've got a legitimate shot of beating our eyes closer so that they did what brought up was like Iverson sixers or Reggie Miller pacers were in the finals but they weren't. I did either at a real contender out of the lakers for the lakers were to win that was it and it. Or maybe the other contender regulate the kings and a team that they played in the west was little but better late last year there was probably three or four contenders tops. Where's the warriors the spurs the letters that help the in the cavs this year going into the year. You thought warriors. And maybe cavs depending on Isiah Thomas of what's in and they played themselves out at least for now so the warriors are on their own kind of here's the. Yet there on their own team the Celtics are an Iowa noticing how all I have no weakness. In the Golden State Warriors are you gonna go to the Wii but yeah please. Let the schism. On a system running. Running that you can run them and you can Wear them down. I didn't notice if you get a run you've learned the last night didn't Wear down the Golden State Warriors wind out atlantis' tank you know okay is that a coincidence. That stepped curry. Didn't have his legs that's what happens abort portion nice. You're technique breaks down blazer and a tire you out by injury and play the game all right how about what was Klay Thompson's injury I don't know that he had an injury now. I Kevin Durant played well. In what it greatly colony but he did it without your first NBA game you saw Kevin Durant it was a nice player nice player he's not let this guy yeah. Well William Brown maybe it's all right I think if it got better number seven on the cell disaster hit a beautiful on the ground brown pastor of brown Dee brown and why why. Hi can you Wear down the Golden State wars because little known fact. Ago there the third oldest team in basketball. You're acting too. I. The warriors aren't important and I don't care are words there are all really regular public to the thirty. Her oldest man in the third oldest and ultimately the caps yields. Should be right at him and like you agree he's a they're if there they're middle of the power player like they've looked old and I look over their rage third oldest team our oldest and I've got the little skewed rescued west and adds living stated that some of the it would dollar area. That you like yours that I think it started I have a panel of the I know that you are blocked the fourth oldest are for the race card for would be the only thing getting older than them. Our Dallas the knicks and the grizzlies. Now is how little you. We got a yeah isn't even a terrible management. That bad Mark Cuban and you can't say I'm an old Circuit Court by the lady the the Golden State Warriors for the fourth oldest team in the league this year. The Celtics in the fifth. Some down fifth oldest now via a letter that was added that somebody's Ari do you got a bad that bad Intel there. That Celtics or this guy is or for corporate. They're gone there before rookie from team. Ever done and it got it did the list is. Skewed here. Don't know what it is all the website and yeah its real GM they lists all the things that they don't list them in order so my mystic. I don't know why they've got. That starts. It's got Arnold and Streisand and I had a Celtics right after I don't just yesterday was then the warriors. Have four players all under third that are top 45 in the lead into today's tell us who live there the third oldest we just found out of fort oldest team in basketball is a that's gonna fall down if they keep up with the athletic they've all. It goes ebbs try to prepare for the show you how lesser of and it you know I get my my staff hash tag show proper staff working for a million now this Ghana are on earth advice aggression that. I think you're right illusion yeah data but there a benefit. Anytime brighter eyes and heard a better got to be measured acted that got a vacancy today good stuff talked to me. So you don't do you think the warriors or are still the best team in the league do OK at the tokens in our own crazy islands right now. But. It's like the Celtics can't compete with of this either they match up well against. You know the Celtics. In the last nine games town like god that I should begin thank you Ryan. They've won a hall of their average age sir I don't know that's over let's just say welcome back he's got dale they're each day. In the last nine games through warriors are some of the theory that last nine. Against the entry last night. You over the out of budget outlook and no question in this stuff to stay they. In other words he added and it's their fiction three is it just felt as though was I. Right. I don't think that's right that others are knighted yet that the same upside down and his stuff I doubt I Ronald G and I got beat him pretty soon forget about that that. Now. What does what does that mean. Six year. Out of the helpless what that's it and what a veteran that knows you that paid Brad Stevens and the Celtics have figured out how to play against the warriors the warriors have. Better talent. They are clearly clearly. They we have two MVPs. On your roster including a finals MVP coming up events. Yeah you're better but there fueled so you're better you're better than everybody Els. But sometimes matchups. And I equalize things. And there. Watch out. The warriors don't wanna see the Celtics if it was true or me. Locked down and out ever a lot lied throughout you look out golds I like that stat. Like that six in three over the last night that the guy in the last nine. They only played twice a year to break it goes back because I'm wild card goes back when they weren't Brent. Lead paint and take it all the got a lifetime two votes you. And 35 and listen lifetime there'd been in the warriors right out and day out all the producers we've had here and way up there like that's that Ryan's doing some don't some real work proceeded without an odd number Boyd DeVon it's up I've talked to. Tough to you not to weigh up there yet your your power rankings for that's tomorrow Soledad yeah haven't you keep it that. I hate Italian ultimate you know I don't think your numbers are right what I don't lay out any hot and others note I did that that I obviously played last night Celtics yet that's very last year they played twice. They split 11 and I years have I you're two and one of the amount of your below that they split into three into. Your before that warriors Onebox. Three and four that you're going to be tough era or Arab warriors won both. I broke Parker 36 you read it wrong time. So confident that that need that. I like that that was like it's that. A offers it gives the big Smith I don't know Ryan thought. Just fly it right I doubt that powering six and three woods doesn't matter by the way another three semi exactly what does that matter more. And that matchup well with a K favored close Dana what do what a time for stats it's adults and healthier bought at a lower. Elect our first limo that Bob I'll call an early age you said that the journal's 2004 Boldin and hurled kernel team. There to get off the bench is all their top five aged there an agent I don't look at that a loved one that I would just say I stepped curry had an off shooting night because what. Who's coming up through what went about how. And our citizens not only read and nobody was F five injured I injured the jury he thorough enough yeah. And after it happens when you get old is it possible they just really really good that it Ehrlich. But that I'd say over the last couple years regardless of the record whether we know what it is or not we down to ratchet we don't Brad Stevens has done a great job against gold skate there's been some impressive games against them. Even when they were completely outmanned. Regular couple years ago. The thing about the year that Golden State cart right from wrong in this the year that they won 73. Games. Solid beat him here it is so they only lost a handful of noises in that age because I. You're with the board six yeah. That. Must've won that there are teams won six of the last 96 was Mac right. Jimmy Hendrix is for those around you nailed it. So close and if so goes her Arctic that Michael Holley right again. All right and he got a championship team and this is these are the best times of championship teams. When you just sitting there and you said women. Expect to be watching a finals series this year with my team us. Nikki title. Could you need to send that in the NBA very often either at all to meet other sports sure here in there that's what's tough to be sneaky champ. This that their 2001. Doctoral gonna Mardi Gras in New Orleans beat the patriots will be involved but you're there for Mardi Gras and a New Orleans and the big return its liberal vs the rant there it's amazing. Just sitting there. 2011. They're ready to read to get about Jeremy Jacobs and you're saying yeah let's all hope fame class this year too bad guy got never been a hall of fame Jeremy. Everything about 2011110. My god no way at all and anyway. Think you're going to be watching. Stanley Cup final voice the content ruined yeah. They're slightly slightly the only voice a tough kid lift the cut I want it from the very coach. And help you Michael Celtics have won two in a row against the warriors earned our Fries and a three of their last five. Sees billionaire in the last fine Delhi foreigners in their last 102013. Of their team. It's. Still mad about the rats are bad for the last two years and man Bobbie gallon how to manage only a mad about chicken and beer and tied me to the party boat. UN World Series here you are 2017. About the jump on in the 2018. United Center when the ledger reports are warriors cavaliers past that you think I. And then it too scared away and then Joseph. Then and Joan Tennessee. Was in the public old state Boston. Or Iran as he locked in on Newberry street. The current munger Tuukka Rask you don't have anything else to battle yet because every available through Andre and armored stepped curry and Aisha. Narrow little obscure little Riley. And please do hurry. Total commercial was his drawings is in the maze is John graves right that is driving off. Cute. To read back your call on next is Michael cutting back on his numbers here Sports Radio WEEI. Jerry Jones thinks he can play very. He is dealing with the dirty player in the game apparently. So ESPN's outside the lines himself this morning the one we've been talking about and Jones calling Robert Kraft to disparaging name and talk about Roger Goodell. He had back. A few hours later. Yeah I mean literally like a couple of hours later. A video surfaced from four years ago. Some of Melrose hotel in Dallas Jones bumped into a fan Jerry Jones pumped into the sand was about it married. Demands and this is reading from the story here who was wife asked Jones to begin videotape a message for his fiancee yeah. Jones on the videotape says Jennifer congratulations on the wedding. Night you know he's with a black girl tonight don't chip. This video surfaced today. Four which Jerry has since had two already apologized. He issued a statement Friday afternoon saying that comment was inappropriate. It's not who I am and I'm sorry but as I said the video which was four years old. Became public within hours after the outside the lines report came out. Who have the video. Of the event. Tim I really I don't I don't series I have no idea I don't know it had to be somebody. Had to be one of his enemies. Associated is can somebody associated with the NFL owner. Where was video taken you know Dallas and Dallas it was at a hotel in Dallas and at the Melrose hotel and and house. How we got a mole that Bobby had Dallas he thought he had Dallas a lot yes and somebody gave Vermont. As somebody is known about this video for a long time sit awaiting the NFL had anything to do with it suddenly surfacing I warriors player I I don't know I don't know who wrote yeah perhaps wouldn't. Oh charity Wanamaker that's about right. He says I lately we got to get ugly and gonna make Robert not Robert Kraft that Robert Kraft can't be too happy you know they either but. His he said Islamic rebels like miserable and oh the most. Now the operatives are out and by the way you know Roger Goodell made lots of hires and give them a six figure salaries for seven figure salaries according to the story. Nice work if you get it but what is it one of its tires. Is Joseph Lockhart. These political. So while politicians do most of such that the nationally dirty like 99.9. Percent of them it's dirty again down in the mud. And so not a coincidence. It also let him down in the past that look at delve down debate we just talk about it and have all the information on Josh brown and penetration and prices have all the information on. Asif Ali a date they don't have all this stuff is so. Some and they can't they've played dirty but I'm sure Jones he can pay people to listen up stuff to keep goals stuffy you talk to wicker sham he can have more of these articles out. But they they got the attack ad mentality now do you analyze yeah this is about right here a Roger this which hired to swear this is our skills and all the other stuff just goes to bill. Don't know how to do what you pay consumer Andrea couldn't tell you know. They play dirty and they did today in rye and Jerry's already had to apologize for Alex is in Vermont hey Alex I don't. Very athletic guy I'll talk. So we're gonna put topic a little bit back to well that sounds good sure. You guys and I'll call on top of that either bad shooter and I don't necessarily agree. On what. Let me take an open period. He'll make that may be some percent to the tide back great shooter. Other times did open threes and NBA. How many times you get to as wide open shots in the NBA. Look every a decent amount. Well Ed and he's had some act all the shots he's crazy (%expletive) about what. 30% from mount three point range as your month. Less than there are so he's got some open ones so you're saying and I'm glad to let me down that road user retirees get a lot of open shots. So widening not making is open threes. So I let the defense is the problem and that that he's there's two problems. He's never met shop thank you light meeting. That's true to the shot selection dodger it was another part of tiger there was the other. So in that he had the bad shot IQ so they kind that jump together but one at the end of the past their kindness including. We never trade that brought the three quarter of the three quarter court shot. Now you ought and I heard any sane thing holding company that company time the game is that Alex. When I heard that they've been used these journalists are to defend his player which was nice of you saying hey he's not worried about Google percentage though. And you'll see some guys who that is the big Daryl Morey thing back a day like date they take that stand out when those guys with the united. And they're there and how they're certain players that know how old stats are viewed off so half court shots at the end of the quarter. They won't shoot until a few seconds after the ought to get up and downs of not going to be a mess. Where's market Smart does that. But let's be honest how many times does that really happen and it doesn't he have the ball does that spur of the team have the ball several he have the ball. Where they're three quarter court shot sir are. Probably at the track he said there are two problems one shot selection I agree with him Alex very very good call and the other problem you know what I admit he's got a great shooter. As it's simple he's not a great shooter you don't shoot like this over wasn't here for. For markets. And you his four shooter in college and more shooter in high schools don't shoot like that he's consistent he has been consistently that he's Irish I won't say. Is his form doesn't look what you terrible shooter and the fact that he can shoot 75 close to 80% the free throw line proves that he's not just. A trash shooter but at when he shooting 28%. Or ever does from the field is not that bad but he's also not somebody that's gonna shoot 40% this. It's not fair I'm going to be years ago is Heidi he's not a great shooter he's a very good basketball players think about that a guy who can't shoot. And is in I'm calling him a good basketball player upon. Rhonda a good battle Ronald Moore if you would act is he shooting percentage in quotes is higher if you get to the basket and any actually developed the mid ring and he appears they took better shot eight. And at this altitude to have a stat where. No Rondo for one of the albums like a specific about the best of all again I've not liked all elbows like either if I had him be like left to right it was like one left at the wanted to go for one of those elbows is one of the best shooters in the league but he got to a spot. Give him credit he understood. What he could make and he did it. And he didn't always take crazy shots. At markets martz who hasn't figured out. Where where I need to be on a court where had the most success so let me try to get there and take that shot. Bends on the cell. On that. One on what's up. And I have a bit of that he had hoped were dale and Michael air. I'm a citizen and out well yeah yeah well a much of the game like it infinitely. And you know we get out I'm an accident Marv Albert's. You know what when you get well. I don't know the whole first half that you loose cannon RE ticket back right now and now you take that back. And that's why at Iowa you know as soon as disarm honest real well his medical bills. It's time that my totally they call it bad he's taken that to yourself yeah. It down here had known guys and those who thinks Kevin Harlan is in our our hours from now. That one guy is Kevin Harlan never mentioned the knicks in the glory days. Does not governments in the harp on the shelves aim at the Super Bowl three and Arlen Rangers went in the not OpenId provider of this stuff. But that is not count on Arlen knows the players names. Are on the dole got a pronouncement everything you do that you do that Harland has emotion at the end of the game. Upset happen on an equal shot way. Bradley. That's a special. And your affairs and the Celtics. Those weren't brown defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers. Riddick Brent. Do you think that. Adults feel sorry if I'm correct that our IP second best. Keeper madness of the week that's right. If not a guarantee it's coming up next Sports Radio W media. Lean mean and who isn't. Final drive co sponsored by MRS restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster in future commercial residential or medical facility at any time. In an IRS disaster plan in place and make sure your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more at ARS serve dot com. It's also cosponsored by cars for kids donates cardinal the child today schedule your free pick out. At 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Yes you ready to keep madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines he talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like Kiefer match. Good deal of rebuild of the men and not think I hate hate. Which he got sick days they just got to. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. I was doing vehicle you know she came up from dank Enron thought. I'd killed nineteen children. The encrypted on me is it being while in the pecking order. I bring their life but now one now on long. Full disclosure will not be used. That lady I have realized the plastic ones I can tell you are that. Not Bob that he deets from Rhode Island comic con but. We go down the Florida what's the good place to go to for an odd story we go down to Florida. For me it's like a lot of weird story also from Florida that the majority are in this is if you want I don't know any guys relate to this put this was this is a new one for me. Tallahassee couple says they were served something definitely not on the menu at a local waffle special. Arlen nature Bennett joining us live now in our studio and let me throw what are the couple's claim. I want. We'll house search of something it not on the menu which is a raffle I'm so of course at all I was only trying to Waffle House and I was gonna say how bad can it be a long line it was not waffle they were not certain waffled were served something that didn't adopt children really discussing a likenesses. It is giving a yes there's a roller ball or road. I could Wear or an incentive or an iron brand fan under it we'll find out. I didn't Julie Claire sheets tells wc TV she and her husband win out frayed. A Sunday afternoon. Though she's a Little Rock crazy she's losing rattled my work and Robert Kraft huge jump rather easier to get better means Tallahassee after his Tallahassee this may be her first big story she's a very rattled by the she's a little messed up but she's got a come on a veteran already got on your guy I get there. And that Julie Claire sheets tells wc TV she and her husband win out afraid a Sunday afternoon. Before giving their food she says they saw a dead frog in her husband's glass of water. Long walled old wall yield debt fraud in the water routinely now first of all its glass of water around the water so presumably the person serving glass of water could have even as the dragon and a glass of water wouldn't that maybe if it's an Atlanta water. And that'll live frogs by you know to say you know what we wanna stay is we do. What does they'll bring them to swap out the waters here Wednesday and I wanted to ask don't let up well the food we love this place I grew a beard gray bubble waffles and never had a frog in my water reform in the front pocket oversight field frog in water. She says it happened November 5 at the waffle house on water and wrote off may interact. She gave us pictures and videos she says her husband had already sucked from the glass. Did he envision the I look at it if you're drinking. Yeah I guess you know lives red solo cups in the waffle unplug the usually I'd say not the Saturday the last of their product in the united recognized as a habit that you know you're saying you would know fraud within Iran I would know that I'm -- it was like Ted Poehler something I don't do let me get frog do you let strong in your water from her at a restaurant or do you do is drink out of I entered the water glass and you look at that it would damage I would guess he knows they're looking the way as surgery monopoly yeah it did not talk about how the water would you and I talked and I and I don't have to look at it. She says her husband had already sipped from glasses of water that before noticing the props. Here in an hour and you don't sound effects are pretty good that they got it Tallahassee police pulled the last Jenna that's a plot from. And if Claire she says she and her husband hit their drinks while waiting on their food at Waffle House her husband eventually linking down it hit. Parents. I guess well written or will deliver OK I don't know edited. Maybe he had the for a she may be fresh out of the Tallahassee school broadcast and perhaps he could be maybe the fraud you think you brought smartly brought brought the fraud there all else this is sometimes a little or don't generate right yeah yeah. Product well I got a dog I need to prevail honey I was in the frog and. It down into the street and that it says. The belly of the crowd was facing. And it was. Which is a sign it and brought by the and it isn't going out there we do that. Remarks provoked this an advisory that upside down broad typically that. It belly of the crowd was facing. And it was have a whitish color so it was. Is if you weren't paying accent in you could miss it easily. And make excuses for your husband who aren't paying attention you can miss it easily the debt fraud or water foray Yemen right your way back home after a long night typically throughout you know into the waffled about it a little water. Or excited to Waterloo Austin citizens Sunday afternoon that's Internet and I don't want to today a water crunch time for frost salt water some of the filled it. Last wars and an Kerry Nicklaus award to enable them to people pay so that's true and we assume the front didn't like fall from the ceiling into the glass of relating to Florida maybe the ice. Maybe the white for the for there it is it is a two person pulled out from heart attack and whom ideology. A prankster a prank that aerial tricks there. She says they dump the glass of water out into the tank. Yeah yeah the crowd. Out of the huddle. Water on the reliable bargain away. Why are you. Don't mean. Water and why is now that's all they're gonna tell you about that for a you know it's only one she says they dump the glass of water out of the table to be sure what they fall. You wanna make sure that a fraud I don't know need to dump it out of an honor because it is not a brought him to keep drinking Eddie taught dignity and that's out of rock ministers are great match. The ability to take another accident there. Sure enough there there's the crowd. He'd already taken as he sits right. Staff within baffled as she and her opponent and the manager apologize. And today I think I have errors sorry about that. You know sorry. This does happen a couple weeks ago and I don't know how it happened and on time and download I. He had this fraud big ticket I don't know there are a lot of hot you know what mr. and mrs. sheets regular five dollar gift card. And a fresh water any any hit it a Waffle House or go to the aerial finals both states it's not just that anyone anytime if you haven't here's my card. Right in the other issues right. They don't go don't take this. Just got. It's a whole drug in the water drinking at a restaurant. You know LE EU have hair raising your foods that I they're making. A piece of plastic. On what's going on here. Hey turn old. Harm army never go to some places like lime in it you guys they climb or wedge lemon in the odd great talent that's Everglades and the other than there. I don't remember well how has done it well problems and I Waffle House and I don't go again not gonna Walton road under way to Florida State game you know is that gonna stop that there frog go (%expletive) wanna pay the water. He grocers. Plants there. Classic party next yeah. If plastic in my food I wanna freak people out too much but if you wanna be free to play shore not a wanna beef regardless of status to everybody has either Google or being. And earlier they'd be well brings free art. Just Google it I told you guys this before but maybe and I'll do it a Google. Todd haley's wife. All I know. I'd you know the story yes Todd haley's. Wife but it was like we've done now yeah. You can't unseat. Google that and greed that apparently shot that went out Ellsworth there are a lot of hugs story here. That this event and opinion. You definitely lose your appetite. To go live in Phoebe and finish yeah that'd fit you can walk around out along what are excellent at what it does testers got a good point you know what that it works well. Sure could have been half of a high. As a whole fraud what do you do. The couple left filing a complaint with the walk a house corporate office in the state Health Department. The Health Department inspected the restaurant four days later on November night. I think it would have been found nothing completely modifying jobs plans are partnered with this state report shows eleven violations. They weren't on fraud to not know though they were not all prop up. Eleven different frogs are eleven violations at this one while Portugal at her owner even if the cleanest restaurant in the world where there's. You go there it's that you can find somebody will fight I don't think I think it would that this is sounding more and more like what's this is sounding like a couple. Who sound very nice and charming the word jerks app could be and somebody in the back home. Life and yeah I pay out our cook it well. How does the profit a watered to dale that I had about an hour. Including food residue build up and coolness grease buildup and the cooking area. Dust building up in full stored it in improper temperature. That's about not those sound as bad to me is the frog and while well on the report does not mention any investigation of a fog incidents. The dog lucky and you've got to look for some Frontline there. We're close orders water that close to an area where there might be some fraud the frogs get his sanctuary is wrong or not a frog hollow. That resolutely path right now that are right Mexico. You don't expect to prod the isn't there really quite a surprise. They help inspector reports that that's wrong PetSmart there's a sensitive guy right next story bio and all kinds of exotic frogs had turnovers and. My has been a night. I have always enjoyed Waffle House but being that that happened it benefits of that casing around. Don't you. I know out. Well I don't treat them that's right the health inspection report says that was the restaurant has until this week to correct the violations. Out of started there is every hour and they threw out. I don't. Regular inspection report says that was the restaurant has until this week to correct the violations. And Waffle House spokesperson says the company is looking into the matter. And Julian being if anyone finds himself in this situation. You should call the help her apartment and they had them pound guys. I try let's hand it may Merrill we got frog in my lap now never not too long ago we have Kiefer madness involving a fraud in food in the thing happened. It was over half with in my salad. And went to stab and saw that that there was a frog a life frog race here on that piece of lettuce that was about the staff. Ollie at least as of frogs automated ice vinaigrette dressing couple better of mixed lettuce and vegetables and no the frog was not the jets' special. At least that was nice to have a live on rod yet much cleared up we would insure right now on the whose fraud fraud and rock N. We affront then there's no progress as a nice job now classic with benefits that the out the website. For this news stations that he Tallahassee couple says they found it dead frog in their glass of water wheel while clouds have you ever found something quote unsavory. In your meal at a restaurant or fast food chain. The options were yes I've found things in my food no I've never noticed that it Robin McNeil or maybe I can't remember if I ever experienced I can't remember market that might be worse they answer a wall and that was six. Percent of the people that I can't remember Atlanta so dramatic right exactly. I have one of the red lake animal or something but we went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans since there's a chain debacle Shoney's yeah we ourselves don't you know at a breakfast there. Big big breakfast buffet. Big woman comes out the first trio of banks are and it's a hot day. And there is sweat dripping off her. We're into I like and she puts it into the you know big box law which has its turnaround last. Miley for all of you headed home now senator with the family we apologize to all of you know Howard the stand up there proud and who we left you. Think this is a little sweat a little salt. If it's mice way in my eggs that might. Enable them and ask for the weekly clarifies that keep you said that hair in the drink would be grosser than the fraud well yes. You really about that yeah I mean Erica and I Herrera county that holds okay are dead rock rock what I gross. A lot fraud occurred debt for Iowa. What's my feeling is that a bit of hair that seat but if I find I hair. There's a pretty good chance that there were others that I didn't find the kids are gonna fight I did dead frog it's the only frog there right in an avid over active imagination wreck of the heritage. Takes it up half a game need yet the that it's lawsuits. I think they're they're filing some sort of complaint but it threw off to a good inference to be in front. Our and daddy I say evidently you and Aaron. At any help everybody I I'm not into the house crystallize in the in the house of an action packed our lever you. Generate a food patriots that game Sunday afternoon at 425 that means will be Gillette Monday. Talked to Bill Belichick you guys enjoy your weekend by. I had the tonight. I have always enjoyed Waffle House. You have hair raising your kids sometimes there may be a little piece of plastic wrapped package teens say this is it and in the end. You definitely lose your appetite. They health inspector reports the violations are not an immediate threat to the public.