DHK - Steve Pagliuca, co-owner of the Boston Celtics 8-15-17

Steve Pagliuca, co-owner of the Boston Celtics  joins Dale, Michael, and Keefe on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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We heard from some from some remarkable people all day long you know with. Kirk and Callahan this morning and Owen map in the mid days and and throughout the course of this afternoon as well we've got some great guests will be joining us. The first one is actually on the line right now he is one of the owners of the Boston Celtics. And an old friend Steve Pagliuca with a tasty Dario. Gary you guys doing today. We're doing well right. We're excited with how things have gone here and and as always the Celtics have always been willing to help but help us out would this event. An amazing event every day you think about it seems like yesterday when we were talking about. Getting out Jefferson and here 2003. I guess you guys are doing this herb but sixteen years now right yup. And what we're here Levy membership which is so instead of hope we will gain on that one. Steve SI understand it and I said this every year that we've done this every single person within the sound of my voice. Has had some contact with with cancer and and as I understand that's the case in your family as well. It definitely I've just come back from from vacation. It's thick bit it's it's been a very incredible story of my knees. Got diagnosed with live I just circled the bone cancer which is tenure both that's seven years ago. And through the superhuman efforts if Barbara best general stone Kettering. All of those institutions. If she's still alive today. If she's been connected operations and immunotherapy. And but we have great occasion there you know you wouldn't. We we did it and that does amazing stuff that's sweet and so they've they've picked after hanging in there and she's doing great right now so. We deathly spirit of those personal that terrible. Really haven't seen terrible disease. And which are doing is so critical. Two to fight it it's just amazing that the money is being raised and outspent so effectively. So that does she can have a quality of life and then be alive today and and and and this is we're honored to be part of it is that the Celtics. Nineteen surgeries sounds like a very strong young woman. Yes she's she's really been amazing and and and you know it's it's a good bit to see. I guess there's just a very tough thing to see and and if they can stave it off the they're learning more more than you know they're being. All the things they didn't fight it and that as of this money goes forward it's been just because. What was the reaction like Steve amongst the family well when she was first diagnosed. You know shot it yet we act. We we hadn't been any serious isn't much before that and get to see it ten year old girl. If she hurt her knee issue not playing soccer her mother thank goodness Broder today it. Did pediatrician very quickly. And as he did Regina straight look at the knee he's got spotted any. Today he said I immediately did our current and they diagnosis just accomplice of the and sort of came seven years ago and you know they did a fantastic it got in in in treating her fighting off with a very tough cancers so. It is that it is something you never wanna hear and you know we were shot. They actually have rally personality every fourth of July the daily puts a lot of fundraisers neighbors thought by themselves for the Dana Farber. For the basic purposes of fighting disease. Well I said I'm a hunter medications in the past during this event nobody wants to deal would that word in that diagnosis. But if you do have to do there may not be a better place in the world than here. I absolutely we're blessed in Boston to have. You know the finest medical positions in the country. Who are state of the art and and coming up with things in data aren't as great job Astros picture quality institutions here collaborate. And and it really you know uniting to fight cancer and and this is the fuel that that that this event is so important every year. Two to raise that money to increase awareness. To have people open up their wallets so that says we can we could probably. Defeat this thing hopefully our lifetimes we'll we'll look at this center controls that. Terrible disease and and don't have especially children and receded children. It was initiated with my knees but also our business to the Children's Hospital. And Dana Farber with the Celtics. You know it's it's it's always a tough tough thing but it's great to know that you know we're out there fighting every day. Steve we always appreciate the Celtics representation here. You guys have always help this event in and got the word out there we really appreciate it and we wish nothing but the best for your niece's well. But yet where that we cannot. Bob myself and also discussion group of the sport this. I don't want to put together back these are numbers up but you know we're we're gonna donate to 25000 dollars of it it's up there I think Bret Stephens is going to be on top of that tomorrow but just. But keep secret right now but you know what what would we wanna really helped fight and and we're honored to be here every year this system might have done here at probably. Listen more Debbie you know what like at this event because so uplifting. And you you're gonna 24 by seven and I applaud what you guys do. Steve thank you thank thank you for the job on that you know well. Okay take care pretty thanks Steve thank you Steve.