DHK - Taking issues with Chad Finn's recent column on unheralded Boston media members - 11-24-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, November 24th

Chris and Andy look at Boston Globe reporter Chad Finn's recent piece on local sports media members he considers as unapreciated. Andy especially takes issue with several of Finns choices. The two also talk about the news that Cavs guard Derrick Rose is considering walking away from the team after his latest injury set back.


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She's that dale and Holley show. You guys sports. Second hour O'Dell and Ali third hour Gilani and eighty heart. Here until 5 o'clock that's when Bakken Roemer actually come in to finish off here Black Friday extravaganza you're out there and shopping. Getting some deals. Black Friday thing like once or twice in terms shopping I don't know why I am sort of old school in this regard I kind of like going to a mall. For Christmas the only time I ever do. Do any any kind of go out in. Fight for parking and do that kind of thing is is around the times that pose a Black Friday thing just once in the atmosphere you kind of fun I guess I don't know if people are. Happy we're not trying to stab each other forward in the the last Elmo or something like that it's it can be a festive fun kind of thing. By at same time. I am just I guess I don't really have a kick him bluntly what things are supposed to cost it's probably bad as a consumer by. IAEA and I am part of the millennial generation right we pay fifteen bucks for. Take outs we can get it delivered and paid the fee and pay whatever else for convenience of that kind of things and so wired that way. I just never feel like I'm getting a good enough deal to. Actually offset the horrific inconvenience of going out and dealing with people on the busy shopping days. Did you say it wasn't here we connect the break I did not I was just told that was what I was doing their the year of the mine I was camping of those trending now things. But that was not the long break in I guess I took like thirty seconds and you left right before the turn in half now. I know you guys are all over the place and is clear I know we're return we'll try to get back I'll try to pack the get a drink. By the way we got a list of the football hall of fame voters the conclave here. Tom card not on it now I don't know Tom curry has like MVP votes and some of that crap New England to have representatives he says Ron Borges was also on the I seen your selection committee. Which. Is that the old timers the the veterans committee firm for baseball parallel do you think the average. NFL fan could name. Five people on this list. Three people on this list all of the voters yeah. In. Mean you Peter King is well obviously via. Jim Trotter Sal pal. Yeah I mean you have said that it's basically the TV guys as the reds local and outs. James Lofton yet jolly weakness there yet. Even some of those guys that are sort of these guys Barry Wilner relief. The ghost Alina from the Florida times union. While the heat again. From the actor but it did and now conclave needs right where they list him as being as an usher he's bearing they listen here's Florida times union in this disease pretty retired this is class of 2008 while maybe that's just what he used most recently associated with adding he's an at large bid up. And he's one of those guys remain heavily his own website like bags are some guys like Clark judge here talk they network. It Yeltsin as Yahoo! Sports Radio with that much of that is that exists that. And I know I. But talk I think network they do a show it's actually judging Borges got shell where they talk about abstinence or volley at a tuchman and ready Clark parts. The other articulate. And for all agree that the baseball process gets not to death and the BB WA here but. Number one I think they generally get it right we can't look back into many almighty god how is back guy and a hall of fame. And the guys who I think Howard the knot in are the ones they're caught up in PDs so it's not like here's a guy who's got these unbelievable numbers just being completely shunned overlooked. By the baseball writers. And it's a much more transparent process has posted this. Where. Couldn't name and you you cover the sports you know a lot of these grant personally but. If somebody who's not in the sport. Would none of them could name Kennedy beat Brett but I don't know Borges is that they were around if it worked around here now I would also argue that they generally get it right as well. I think the guys that should be generation gap your failure neutral Davis. Yeah we just brought him up because you have one of the techsters had his own guy yeah techsters says that you need either for his but the football hall in 83 years. Although leaked production. And in parentheses it is Reid is three plus years. Or eight plus years of sustained top ten play even if not the best. And the texture puts Ty Law. Tied spelled TYE in parentheses after. Yes that made me look and Terrel Davis fulfilled his basically two OT. He had 11100 yards as a rookie and then when 15117102000. It was done it was a plea for games five games eight games never had more than 700 yards in the season was over a three year window. Truly elite plate and he said now we sort of mentioned up there. The difference in football is that's what happens in I would guess Rob Gronkowski is an example some of these big tight ends that are true tight ends. If they're gonna catch 75 balls over the middle. They're gonna get blown up in their bodies are not gonna hold up you're not going to have these extended stretches for the most part so. I think bronco prior qualify under his stand here you are tired prominence of say after the season. Finishes this season hall of Famer he's actually all best tight end in football when he was on the field for. The last five years he certainly checked the box of deaths of the busy yet exciting clothes no question he's got Tony Gonzales who did it forever. Or Jason Witten did forever. And those guys are never at the level they gras and the other issue with football in the NFL is is roles like what are you asked to do. Dion Lewis is not the same player that. Mike Gillis Lee is or certainly got electoral Davidson you know it's a totally different era but. James White. James what's really good as job doesn't have a chance of ever going to the whole thing because he rushes for no yards yeah. And people would just look at NCA caught some passes yeah it was great Super Bowl but not that I'm saying he is all they understand right and it the jobs in football can be so. Specific or that it is an punter the best example of that yet and they should be. They should not Shane Lechler doesn't go to the whole thing I know I maybe I'm old school a map that. And then even that though there are guys like Lechler that I think are. To show off my leg punters I'm indicate it is high in as far as like you know about keeping your coverage you guys field position or in order to get us back because you needed to show off. Whereas Belichick is always sort of gone for situation punters who are never gonna show the big leg are never gonna have a great numbers so football can be very like a fallback. He could have the greatest fullback ever. Who Russia's once a year on a diet just so that vacancy in the ball once they'll never get all fame he could have been the best player at his job he could fulfill my role right Mike Alstott the whole thing. I don't think he should be but he's not a real fullback see people like you to yeah it's about rising fall back guys like James Devlin is banged heads for a living never get any law. That what the Sharia which at tufts. I topside it was a linebacker. But started in high school but like that I mean linebacker and pulled against say that I sounded like it was coming from a place of love dying position it sounded like your fullback opinion there was coming from plays a part of a football team on a a different note here this big news coming out the last several minutes here apparently Derrick Rose speaking of injuries. And a guy great players whose career sort of anti real here. I cavaliers guard Derrick Rose is left the team and is reevaluating. His future in the NBA there's growing uncertainty. Inside and outside the franchise about whether he's going to return to the team in. There's a few folks reporting this a date McManaman and Ager which announced key from ESPN on this particular story rose missed eleven of eighteen games this season he's missed seven straight. Because of the sprained left ankle. And he's frustrated with injuries one team source told ESPN rose quote he's tired of being hurt and it's taking its pull on him mentally. Rose has been non communicative to multiple people close to him inside and outside of the cavaliers. In recent days according to these ESPN's league sources so apparently he's thinking about. Does not too in the same. That is a modern sports problem right there gonna walk away with me he said that her you know that means. That's equivalent to have a lot of money in the bank I don't need this anymore. In the old days you have wait until they meet you go away. I can't tell you that I wouldn't necessarily think same way for him. The guys pitch against dealt with the serious injuries ACL everything I begin to. And and usually this op process and fairness happens in the off season. Like it happens. Easy to guys they retire right before he season starts right because they're thinking about mentally like I feel pretty good now. But I know simple ball like I know what I'm about to go there. With two days in the middle of sweltering August heat of eighteen weeks of this just getting beat to hell week in and week out I wanna deal with this anymore I feel like Derrick Rose is. Having that process may be started form in the summer. It just happens to be. Manifesting itself when he gains and disease. You often. Won MVP he's not a whole femur archers can yeah bountiful could use the best at his position olds. That's required period magic and I'm pleased Bassett and you criterion edition one of the crowd he's the best player in the NBA for how long. Are you only have gotten once a pair of half a minute now or apple Apple's auditors to multilayered process. Now they're pro wants to the voting as they say not a hall of Famer and it's only really a big deal. From accounts respected him playing with out him largely anyway. They old certainly impacts them in terms of depth in all. There all you look at their roster you think may 2009. Freaking awesome this sort of panic and being 68 wings like a Redskins team. That Snyder when I was put together Reid signed like Bruce Smith and beyond standard M. All these guys that is collected their minds did is that it is a Disney movie. With. The relief pitcher. Who's Dennis Quaid plays and he's like forty years old pros on the side of the road in the bat radar gun actually chosen you throw like a hundred again or gas something like that but the rookie by the rookie. So when that time he plays or these replays for that than Tampa Bay Devil Rays. To shell like the greatness of ladies in this place about these legends you see the uniforms their proper people actually played the double. Box. McGrath. Like was and he can't they nail or somebody was there to all of these guys that if you look at got a studio named these say wow. They really had a great weight all of those guys were hundred now that was Khatib. Oh with Miami the work. You know prevalent that discussion here is. It's gonna have to delete it the whole idea of the Celtics and cavaliers in aid. Axles in Miami sometimes and think about LeBron and I didn't have any idea what you're talking about I usually go for that's what I appreciate that with Cleveland. And we're thinking about like a Celtics cavaliers playoff matchup it really does come down to. Tim O'Brien physically carry this team. Yes can he get them past the Celtics in seven games here Ambac to Wear until it's proven that he can I just assuming can I door sedans will be couldn't the first few times he was trying I assure that veteran Lleyton Celtics team shore but. Now we waited seven years in her into the final seven finals around yes. That's a nice little trend that often just ride that trend until approved. Mean rob it's kind of like betting on Brady year in year out as best quarterback in the league yes more often than not you'll win they'll be a couple pick ups in there yeah but if you. If you could actually gamble that over a decade. You'd come out. Far more on top than you would lose what I love is the guy who's been waiting for Brady to fall off because eventually that dialed back right Alleman necklace eventually Kellerman will be right he won't but you don't get to be wrong seven times. And then finally when Brady's 46 figure that's why is gonna be more. Then yet take your lap and and doctor capitan lookout brilliant and I don't think he's he's going to be around these never gonna fall the map. Ever he might get worse he might not be the best cause right now he's still the best yet what a three touchdowns to interceptions highest passer rating you rank it he's the best that it. They'll be a time when it's. Now he's fifth in touchdowns in seventh and rating he's not gonna go from their down to Joseph Flacco land where he's 32 and that'll be the opportunity for case keyed him to step in or Carson when speed the best quarterback in league for that year and secure their spot can't. By the eighty hard haul out like they're tone of that. Six once had 77 died 793 senate say you are sent back caller who was named Max something like that we're here till 5 o'clock bucket Roemer coming after that I'll get some thoughts on the Tex lines while coming up 37937. Please chime in there it's Lonny and heart Sports Radio WB yeah. Our law. Sports rebuild WEEI. Crystal Lonnie eighty yards were pretty at WEEI. Our Bonnie Chad Finn over the busting alone but together AA lists. Sports media people. And these are folks that he it does it's every year. To try to find ask him the depth people that he likes they don't get a ton of attention sort of year here. Folks doing yeoman work little bit underrated may be unsung heroes of the blossoms were media landscape and I was billionaire. It's not see it on here it's not DR EP ER utility that not that one now or is it an AYE a ROL. Not balance. I think you're on here now I don't think so you know what you and I'm looking for hearts though now easy to find its pre simple lame although Taylor and like Chris price and that's a little sarcasm now like that's dead Sarah in the Arctic ice outstanding. The attorney to every Twitter follower Chad it has content that's all he's getting right now is why do you hate everybody else you are up about the slowest. Sure I was fired up at that it was an interesting list. It's certainly. Trends toward the what are you critical homer thick. Coverage. Spoke act I would say people that are overly critical don't seem to be represented on this list. You see anybody who's critical on this with whom would you say though that a drug man he's old he's part Andrade a funny. These guys listen I quicksand slant podcast he is funny. He calls Bill Perry and Phil Perry seems to view on that and generated some discussion yet he works that the Phil Perry got left out because screwed apparently because he's conservative. I brought up I was Twitter it cannot be true I'm not sure they'll knows that I case. They do call on the senator. That's his nickname but I don't know that that really got into politics or anything yet have a liberals they're there are at least two of them from this as a matter fact. But I would say. Draper even Mayo probably positive Bob's OC very positive I work with them papers are comic play bad guys very nice guy. Also does some stuff on pages dot com but I would say he's in the fair and he. On Chad kind of compares and on and here's some video. Compared increase but a very positive island journalism your boy is right right person agrees and then your girl trying to made. Any who didn't know who I was but that seemed that you see that problem at that I don't really Trout and anomalous. I think training is more known for politics than anything else. On dish this station she comes on the morning and fulfills the role of liberal right. Liberal woman. Yeah whenever when Tomas he's not filling that role better out streamers falling price of liberal not liberal woman right but I actually. In this is not meant to be shot at her get ill be taken out what what are her take some sports like I don't even like what does turner. Sty Il. In terms of sports commentary. Like I know she's a liberal. Yes from her politics yes. Sports commentary is Sheikh critical of any of the teams is she very supportive this year hole or you know guys sort of get. Did you Arnold actually is she's here she likes a good dark meat apparently. What does she know about like what her feelings about sports what is she like not like about Boston sports. I think with her and K we eat that yourself since. Fearful flit away from the Golden State Warriors it's. Like four to six inches away from me apparently. What she's talking about I don't know but that would be my questions there and I just think it's very positive. You're maternity out of a positive guy you're a critic if you're a columnist if you have delve into. Questioning any of the sports teams that sounds like it make the list right to me the whole idea. Aid. The late late. People caring enough about any of this stuff to have and adding Chad has a good job covering the beat and not his job yeah. But to me it's weird that that's that people even care that much about it and I'll be honest and that is that. And I'm certainly not an A list celebrity by any means dot nor most people don't know who to telling him they called me and shark -- shark which is better than Indy shark which John Dennis used to call me. Emerson low load the are you familiar nest and host. Now. Then the question estimates the idea before I watched Emerson law yet lots up for and rob Bradford. Recovers is the red so baseball now uses everything. I'll be honest I am a horrible outside of the games themselves. I any horrible Boston sports media consumer. I don't watch death outside of when the Red Sox are playing with the Bruins are playing I don't watch. Now NBC sports Boston outside of when the Celtics are playing. I don't watch any of the talking head shows and I barely listen to sports Dockery. Other than that. Absolutely I'd like I like to watch games I like to watch game and that and that's about Boston thing which I don't like to talk about them that's what you're doing I don't know how does that any opinions one would expect within the region one but thank. Well I didn't develop my own opinions. You dictate what they want to say what they want no part of this you think this gets back to our wanna watch T based all football hall fame voting right you're like the baseball hall of Famer and all my ballot I don't give a rat's ass what other people pay yes all I don't care I missed the point that was really good may have affected my vote and I'm just gonna have my blinders on and do what I want you damn right. I fair you wanna go back and forth fashionable but. I'd like to hash things out to me it's all about discussion of Sports Radio is that's where I acknowledged we had a very nice caller who questioned some of my got to be the best. Maybe a tweet that opinion a little bit to his call developing opinion or I didn't poke holes in that period all over the last hour I think he did which use. Paul Pierce. I was collar college and done nothing that leads. I'd certainly like training on this list yet because I hear you refuge with training occasionally we'd won feud over the amounts quick it was shortly was about. I there was a caller called in who I think was he'd sound the sent out. But she said she was eighteen name's Alexis. Pritchard and stiffness he's he. Cirque faith she probably was about twelve but she called in and her sense of comedic timing to edit dumped on turning a little bit and I just let you respond. Later sense that the timing is funny because there was it as doing a late night show and this kid called and was like eleven. And he did the same thing to me and I thought it was hilarious is that just something about a kid. You know somebody's thirteen or fourteen years old or twelve years older whatever. We just calls and it's like you suck and here's why I find that hilarious I was funny when it did it to me and I was funny when elected to the deterrent so you know and I he noted that Elijah I noted that on Twitter I did not say. Artists I am saying that she did not she's a little chained the she'd appreciate the the tweet that I put out saying that like when Alexis. That's so you sort of lied leak you she'd. Oh I thought it was bleep off with the leader you are robotic law I think was leap off was it cold when you may cross over here was there. I miss you machine gun should really look at rate known and I went all that is today a few hours are you really look in my direction. So she still has Hughes got a glaring it's posse these last week out police and the Toledo that he was here right. All this is within the last week yeah Al week with last week we before it varies gas is very recent is when they're at the museum assigns whenever that gross bleep off and then. And producers chains he shall we did. Holidays Somalis here yeah. Bits. And I appreciate it could send the comedic timing I write that if you can't laugh at yourself I don't care for I can laugh myself I'd have nothing to laugh that frankly. I it will jump back to well more Celtics talk coming up they're taking on the Orlando Magic we can Michael Irvin schedule for the 4 o'clock our fingers crossed its license scheduled murdered or see her words carefully there. And we're taking all the way up the Bakken re group come in top 5 o'clock hour Crist a lot of IndyCar with the Sports Radio WB yeah. A island hop. Sports Radio WEEI. A lot of heart or these four traded WEEI because something interesting they. Popped up over the course of the week any kind of gets lost in the shuffle of the patriots having. 16 in a row in driver's seat to win the AFC and. To the collective greatness of everything that had happened down there Foxborough but the cautious march acquisition. Did not go the way that I think many in Foxborough would have liked you know released yet and yeah we're the discussion a lot more earlier in the season when the patriots started out to into an or some glaring deficiencies but you look at. I Gilmore specially. He was the top of the list but to wade Allen certainly fell in those categories well Cassius marsh into this category as well. The offseason shopping. Very much a mixed bag for the patriots this past yeah and it obviously has. And really deterred them from getting to where we thought they'd be which is competing for a super bully the season. But you know you trade a fifth and seventh round pick. Right at the cut down beginning in the season for Cassius marsh and we know that Belichick cares about. Graphics those are assets and you know they'll make moves based on the compensatory picks and moving up around and all of that. So to send those too late round picks for a guy that made it through nine games. Is surprising that's a surprising myths and you know we we're so used to over the years guys you know you keep a keen Ayers comes in mid season you trade for him you need him and he fills a role in Chandler Jones has hurt me every everybody they maximized people who come and maximize their abilities. And cover up their weaknesses will Cassius marsh were not able to do that now. He just. Mean you look at last week. Believe you played two snaps one of which was a Marshawn Lynch 25 yard run his area. He struggled to set the edge I think the second one wasn't as long but they ran him as well Yankee votes that they were and you should he couldn't set the edgy gave up a lot of runs he couldn't cover remembers him one of his first plays early you're giving up a long touchdown. And he never really getting me the pass rusher and if you can't do any one of those three things. As an edge defender. It was a swing and if they clearly targeted him for whatever reason as a back up special teams guy in Seattle who could come here have a bigger role they have a huge hole they don't have players on the edge. And I think he probably actually got a little more time that he deserved I thought he was pretty bad from the get go early in the year. But you invest in and you need players at that position may be given a few more after weeks. He just never did it and I mean it could've made the move anytime that they signed a guy out the bills' practice squad whose base we never played. That take a roster spot so you could have done that and anytime found another body. But now you look back at coney yearly. Which I give them credit for from afar looked like the perfect move yet. Contract year veteran who was under performed. You bring him in and guess what he probably marking Anderson's it gets ten sat on the signing how many times has he is Bill Belichick hit on moves like short all a lot. This year was not one of them an early in the year it looked like maybe is gonna hinder. You know might feel asleep not doing anything he's now a healthy scratch the last two weeks but has been under four yards a carry all year. Certainly the edge of the defense whether its march or EU leaders some of these guys feeling the big one. Is Stephon Gilmore witches I guess right now probably an incomplete got off to a really bad start yet has trended upward of late with the rest of the defense. Will the ever be worth the contract probably not. As a you know the by far the biggest free and there on there was one loss you put squarely on the shoulders of the illegal hands the basic at the drive going against Carolina and then there were times where you look at the when the Patriots defense started to turn this thing around it was when Gilmour is out right. And really all he's done is. When he's been helping they've matched him up of late. We have another big type receiver to marry is Thomas type. Mike Evans tight. And that's how he's found some success so it will be interesting to see how that goes moving forward. But it wasn't the best of off seasons member all the talk was. The for the sort of the first time ever the patriots won the offseason. I think people were as excited about this offseason as they were back in a separate when they retooled the loading up. Yeah they loaded up here that now loading Brandon cooks has been. If not a home run. He's been pretty close to a home run he has really fit in nicely has been healthy. Has caught deep balls has made plays he hasn't been moss like I guess that was an unfair comparison that was sort of labeled at label that was put on him but he's been really good. Other than that Dwayne Allen. Took him half a season to catch a pass. Might still asleep healthy scratch Gilmore up for debate marsh go on you league on. They're it was there was none the bet now this. Now tell you this off the it is solicited when I said something about a swing and a miss for Marcia another swing animus. From the offseason. All boy did it come out of the woodwork on Twitter the annoy you trolls whatever you wanna call on super fans. You cannot patriots have won by two goals and usher you're aware that 12 there yes I as correct so don't ever criticize anything that they do want an individual level move they make a game plan they have any news because they won five Super Bowls you don't look at the individual moves you just take it all as one lump sum that one by super. But feel the same way that's why I've never criticize the Chicago Bulls right you should. Ever there when those six titles and quite frankly stunned should be ready to criticize anybody in this town they've all won titles within the last decade so you can't criticize now. Absorb on don't know quite public need to change this network's programming you hit that the combination of that and it is an impact and this year. There and you're still don't know I don't think well I really hope that it will. Assuming Gilmore is more. What we've seen these last couple weeks is supposed to be train wreck we saw the first couple of weeks. They haven't knocked. I mean they certainly have enough I don't know there's gonna be something you look at unless you say. All who could that players bet play for a while Dwayne Allen was great example of this is able Alan's not. Hurting and you. But who could that second tight and that other spot. Our tells me taken at an artist art gallery is Martellus Bennett. If not for Dwayne Allen was Eric wanted to get on the field. You could have a big back who's capable filling that four minute offense roll pounding it whatever you want to call ghostly hasn't lived up to that now. They have depth in the backfield that they've brought Birkhead into and so they have bodies there. But I also just look at it in terms of skills that are trying to fill a void certainly the edge of the defense to me is the most glaring sort of hole on this team right now. Where Trevor Writely is playing marquis flowers is playing for all I know this leak did who's fresh off the practice squad could end up playing very quickly. And if you are gone and gotten somebody differently would you be better team there may be. Could that mattered down the stretch. You know is is Levy and bell gonna run the ball right at the edge of your defense because quite frankly you can't stop you know where they just pound it pound it. And we see that you know the the classic example. Years ago was the Richard Seymour trade where you knew that was gonna hurt your defensive line in your run defense. And then you lose that season because Ray Rice and the ravens just running down your throat. If Seymour bit on the field with a acting have been different. Maybe maybe not maybe that that he and other issues you lost Wes Welker the week before and they were an emotional mess that team and other they didn't have. What it took offensively rebound from that that quickly from the loss of Wes Welker. But it. You never really know. You know it's sort of those butterfly effect things we never really know how would have been different had you. Handled it differently let's say it doesn't impact and this year I. Like I personally don't think it will so they beat the vikings in the vikings' home state correct OK and despite a eight heroic effort from case Keenan had. The man was a lot like radiant 2001. Numbers that people are showing great early and bring ever ran like that. Now Brady was a running to pick up first down willingly and he was yesterday Sherri has in his career but buyer and not not not quite like that. Oh when you look at that combined with your act the last. Bunch of patriots straps. And they haven't had a first round pick. In a couple years which obviously hurts you by. Depth or lack thereof on this team we're so assuming that Tom Brady is gonna continue to play and play a high level I see no reason to hope that at this point but. Looking at sort of the the depth of this team and may be a thin line between they're always going to be good. As long as Brady's Brady correct there they're going to be one of the best teams in the NFL they're gonna go deeper to the post season they're going to be in that conversation becomes itsy title games Super Bowl. By what we saw I think a lot of stretches but the patriots knew they were doing really well. Some consistent hits in the draft of volume of traffic which they to have last year going meat were trapped none of them in the first round on the first two were actually last year. Does this catch up with them. Over these next couple of seasons of aging Brady who still may be the best or close to the best quarterback in the NFL ageless believe but you don't have. The kind of depth which are accustomed to. Well I've actually ties in. Earlier today I don't know if you probably didn't listen Google's press conference I did idea. That you tough. He actually brought up that it's a random note statistic roster statistic. That the patriots have more players more ex patriots are playing for other NFL teams. Than any other team yap he said he wasn't sure of the exact number of changes Saturdays seven denying he got tied look it up in his late meteor he had it I guess that the you know I it's a little loose because I think they include players that you know. Their second team was the patriots and on the go elsewhere you know Jonathan Casilla is thirteen mayors of these types of people. And certainly on some level it says when they bring players in their NFL quality players because some of these guys are the crate on LeBlanc these undrafted rookies who don't make it here but then they're starting quarterback of the payers are Daryl Roberts with the jets of those types of players. They they bring in good talent often mean that I think that's they know what they're doing and I don't think it's. Being homers say Belichick knows what he's doing right but the flip side is also true supposed to be your version of you know some Aaron Donald type disruptive defensive tackle and you cut him two years in. You know you moved on from him and he had injuries and other things too but you moved on from him or. You know a third round pick on. On Jacoby percent you took a quarterback that you clearly were moving on from now you got to receiver for him but you were moving on from him and you know GO Grissom. He was drafted ahead of Trey flowers so theoretically you are expected geno ressam to be part of your defense of and mix and where are we looking for players. The edge of the defense to be nice if geno Grissom. Contributed so. Yet it's an inexact science all the cliches are true everybody has their swings and misses there's ups there's downs there's no one else I'd rather happy that eats about those things. But he makes mistakes too and sometimes they cost him his team 617779793. Several gets on your phone calls a promise coming up. In the 4 o'clock hour also the playmaker Michael Irvin will join us in all of Bentley hand things off we hope. Two people can read where at 5 o'clock Chris Lonnie Eddie art with the till that it's sports hernia WB yeah.