DHK - Tara Daniels, 25, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL – a blood cancer), Bellingham 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Tara was first diagnosed with ALL in 2009 and after two years of chemotherapy, she finished treatment in 2011. In July 2012, Tara relapsed while she was attending Stonehill College, July 2012. She underwent 29 months of chemotherapy. In August 2016 at age 24, Tara relapsed again, and completed 4 months of chemo and 5 days of radiation before undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Tara's hobbies include writing, reading, cooking, sports and video games. She is currently a senior analyst in marketing operations at Digitas in Boston. Tara says “the past eight and a half years have been a long haul for not only me, but everyone who’s important to me. Despite all of that, I don’t think I’d trade it for anything. My cancer has taken a lot of experiences from me, but has given me experiences back, ten-fold, including experiences like these. The nurses, doctors, staff, everyone at the Jimmy Fund have been monumental in giving me those experiences and helping to make each and every day possible. Without some of the research done there, I wouldn’t be alive. That’s something that hit me hard, especially with my most recent diagnosis."


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It's always fun of his little friends and as far as the Jimmy Fund radio telephones concerned this might be my oldest friend. Topic as she's been part of several of these bad the bad news the good news is. She's around to be part of this whole thing on my friend Tara Daniels who grew up in Bellingham and that's fought cancer not once. That's what he said. But three times. I'm hatter and transplant last November I remember right and now this is what her week is like she's joining us here today. She moved back into her apartment in Brighton last night. She goes back into the office to go back to work tomorrow I'm sure we going to so far aren't. A little bit that the I actually include the document yesterday though. Well we ran India we were we were at the bit Jimmy Fund visiting with the kids and and Lisa comes running up to us and says. Well tyrants here in Iowa on know best about the and he's an auto it's okay she just didn't immunizations and stuff to make me nervous when she first told me that yet. You've been proved three of these cracked. I guess the good news is there's nothing they can surprise you with this there of any effect of the opinion that that's. But. You know what I what I described you know people always say. She's determined she's a fighter. Did you just did you think of yourself that way before. This experience before you were first diagnosed did you think of yourself as that kind of person. And pick it up. So I get the defense but those. Fairly. If and the one thing that that blew my mind. We saw in I've got to read regular reader for people using discount air freight system but this is work via the quote this is your quote how. Wow this is amazing. Tyrus in the past eight and a half years. Have been a long haul for not only me but everyone was important to me despite all of that I don't think I've traded for anything. My cancer has taken a lot of experiences for me but has given me experiences back tenfold. Including experiences like these the nurses doctors that are wanted to be fun. Have been monument on give me those experience and experiences in helping to make each and every day possible. You should do what. And treated. So I would treat them there there's been a lot of heart is. Thought they had tears her eight years it. Bloody days that I wish moved after the native. But I have gotten I've gotten to meet quite a few people. And I've I've gotten you know I I got my job because I meet a connection to Geneva and and I benefit jobs and I graduated college. Think of them going back to tomorrow. I've gotten to. And you do have a lot of experiences that I wouldn't have otherwise have. They met in college you actually relapse the volley where they parents don't know and but I can't imagine going through anything that you've gone through but let alone doing that we are away from home and you're in your act called what what was that like. It was good because well it was good but it was it was. Good because the Jimmy Fund work with Meena but I really you've done to the choice of but. You. You know there there is one chemo treatment I got back to school. I did that after from the hospital eye drops to a reduced course of four confidence at a five. And then I went back. You know I went active at Howland was doing the full five classes. I was with to have chemo third I think it was two weeks on to count two weeks on two weeks off. In the hospital. And I looked at doctor Mary and I was like that's. Lydia cited different light and they did and I was able if it's all about how can I. Henry did you obviously if there are here's what our plan is going to be and then you get popped out of a bit difficult to get a lot of folks like that. Well it's always a matter of finding the right balance. If if terrorists you know I don't really want to do this scheme of things we would have had a much more expensive. Backed terror really is a testament to everything this rates. Abouts in fiber in the Jimmy Fund. But how much more there is that we have to do that we have to learn. She uses. Been able to get through treatment get into and and get into remission now three times but the fact that we had to go through three times this. Speaks to but we still have to. Well let's talk about what the last year's been like because. I was around to see some of this. You actually end and I've I've seen the picture you showed it to me he actually hit the button to start your own transplants. In the hospital you push the push the button to start. You're in basically in isolation when I came to visit you at home when you finally got to go home. We sat on your front porch in February because I couldn't come in the house at that point. You were isolated from people for how long. That happened. At. You you tell me. I just told you like yeah they'll know and that don't. Ideally your family was in the house with you but you wouldn't have visitors you can because you're immune system was basically shot at that point. And you could've gotten god knows what infections yet. Anything anything that at normal person would have been able to even fight off that I had symptoms of I would've gotten it could have been detrimental. So it was just in my family in the house they were allowed to play your head job and I had chuck. I don't they are allowed to come and go but. I was either in the house. In the car era clinic that to. And other than that I was able to contact. The last night that a lot of face time there was a lot of face time. Luckily I was still working so I was right. Worked I think starting in January. So you know kind of helped me. And then. I read a lot in Wasilla Netflix. He knew shows that we shouldn't. You probably via a TV critic or movie critic at this point and I for a little while. I just finished done. I thought start to finish and I actually started hospital. Recommended capsule okay. Alec and I. And. How do you I mean besides that Netflix and and the reading. How to get through six months that I of isolation. Dealing with it with cancers keeps coming back and keep. Not knocking it back. What do you tell yourself as you as you're getting. As you gearing up for this this fight. Having said. You know it's two different things that isolation especially hard and you do it from the very beginning was going to be probably the hardest he. That was my social worker had office that what doctor that you. And I'm a very social percent. I like human contact. And not being able to do that these defeats on a regular basis is really tough especially. You know sitting outside thirty degree whether it gets old. So. You know just telling myself that they're into it. And knowing that that's not a for everything. Makes a difference and again supporters feed at the Jimmy Fund has done. Absolutely that was like my social highlight her sixth but getting to go to the Jimmy Fund keenly seeing. Amy and seeing. Gent in it and everyone else that has worked there all nurses and doctors. Just the fact that they meet my daily aided. You know I don't think that that's something that. Every. Clinic experiences. And I think that that's a date for special if you looked. And gearing up sport for the third time you know. There was equal play my oldest brother wrote on FaceBook. And he said. Larry that's definitely work and were all behind you you know this is Oliver if I were gonna dig our heels and and work now Emmerich on us and and it kept telling. It's on it day by day basis is that something that's on your mind if you do you think about it like dude did you ever have a day where you don't think about leukemia and don't think about. Q what their real thing what any of that forza always kind of the back your mind. It's always in the back my mind. But it is the chance of relapse is always in the back my mind I know that's out. IE don't like those dot. But I worked at the numbers so. Don't hurt contrary to what I've been advised. But I've got my own research in it you know every time there's an acre pain. I I worry that it's coming back or short wrath there you know have had acres something. And I dot scares me because it for it. Each party to protocols and keep that keep. Them there. A even if a couple of years ago without that money has memories. Last couple years. A long way yours at that time. I I for. The I've known with long hair I'd know you with no. The short sporty look yeah. I kinda like it I think if you're gonna keep this a lot. Coffee. Is very nice to wake up in the morning. Well at us at our. Summit at this. After an afternoon. This art so what you tell people. Why it gives you can tell them why they should give and using your own story you can take that picture you can do it much better than we can do it for two days but. You've been through things that we can't relate to tell people why they should call 87773. Went to report that 250000 dollars if that happened after. Fifty rupiah. It's so important because again with so with that things like that and people like the people that are donating people like you guys. Who are doing what you're doing. People like me would be here. And you know it's it's not just important to people like me who get to keep their lives it's important to people like my mom who still has orchids. And my nieces nephews who still have to lots. And you know. All of the other people that we come in contact with again kind of with seven degrees of separation thing almost weird. Everyone is linked to how many people director lifetimes that your. By giving money you're not affecting just meet your affecting all the people that I effect. And all of these people that they affect and so on and so forth so. Who knows and you never know when when cancers and I was sixteen I was. Bond hearing sixteen hours a month and I ways on the keyboard for her. A club and I was working two jobs. And I was the junior college. I first got instant. I was a varsity soccer player I was super fit and I obviously it never smoked a day in my life than. Followed all the rules and I still got it so and it came back he followed all the rules the first and second. Three is average. You have visited us on a number of occasions here and you're always welcome here by the way. The next time you come with just we'll just physically it will I will say yeah he'll tell me about your. Well your mom calls in Iraq but yet you've. Senator Barack have to think it is your hedge hog that your rats when you move back into your apartment yesterday back with your roommates your mom wasn't sorry to see the rest go. She does not start either act actually after a couple days ago it apparently think that rat hole and hey just laughed my nieces and it's take it. Taking. Or become confident he's saying and who. It's not a done there's you know I I should point out that. You actually had your doctors do research on whether you could keep here. Your head truck when you're in isolation. Because. People had heard it. Or after taking on keeping those. Now the first doctor. And November's. That was one of the hardest things that terrorism harass us because I don't know me and there isn't so lots of information out there. And a lot of research on how anonymous has now. While it's always fun to see if it's you're always welcome here you know that and all the bet your family to a doctor thank you very much it's great to see guys that's Terry Daniels who has beaten this thing three times.