DHK - Is there a better way for players to protest? Should TV continue to show the National Anthem?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, September 25th

Hour #4 and the discussion of protests in sports is still dominating the conversation.


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Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with Keith. Sports Radio WEP I'd done here to let stadium on a patriots Monday. I'll we've already talked with Heath Evans at 230 today and again I I I can't recommended enough we will get an opportunity to replace Heath today. But he he'd have a chance to go one WEEI dot com listen to the audio listen to Heath Evans interview listen to the the passion in the heart that he brings to the topic that. Everybody's been talking about he was terrific we talked to about 230 a we talked to Bill Belichick already we will bring him back on final drive a little bit later on in this. Other way I said earlier about. Trump. That you can't convince me that that is conservatism. What he spouts what he what he stands for that that wouldn't be. What I would consider the hallmark of it but what he what he Evans said. What he stands for it is eight. Yeah I believe that is a very up front he said he said it many times the first time I do admit he is a a right leaning guy he's a conservative guy. He's he's he's a strong Christian as well and so that's word that that's his point of view that's where he's coming from. And if you listen to what he has to say. It's not like he's trying to. Shove his ideas. In your face that try to tell you what you should do at the very thoughtful I thought reasoned way of looking at this whole thing. Which is what we need. When I cannot tell you why honestly. I don't like the beginning of LeBron James statement either. To do that we don't have to do that you don't have the column of blown up. You've blown OK I know it got a lot of a lot of reaction people loved it and I am sure. His ideas. Can speak for themselves you can you can bash his ideas. It with without making a personal which is what trump does all the time that's when it'll at one of many things and elect about trump is always so personal. And not not really strategic and not really going anywhere is just say hey this is what I'm thinking right now are destroyed out there. And LeBron James to a degree. Gave some drop back to trump. Los. I mean how tough is it to take the high road but all the timing of a summary given itchy shy you're goatee shutter. And I that's what level of Ahmad defending LeBron in the. Yeah yeah that's what we can I'm glad are you get what are we get all girls like. Abroad and I'll be dells like the real good points had a big night out though they didn't I did you have our delegates is this is not right. Let's get back to calls that you guys chosen Randolph major Ohio area. Hey guys elected thanks for taking my call thank you real quick I wonder what she knows that I'm a sweaty three year eighty combat veteran. I thank you with the Marine Corps and I certainly all the other services. Now. Unless I come from a navy scrambling aren't my father was my recruiter I joined it was a tradition. Now I give dad not photos you know paycheck or college and everything else in some people do it out and I'm not knocking that. I did it out of love my country. Now I get it also shall people like you and all these NFL players. Even pretty good president trump can voice their king. And I I believe that now the other aspect of it is if some of these players. We're at a funeral for a military member and they had to receive a flag. I don't think they've been dealing today. I think that is a very harsh reality that a lot of people lose site of now if you think about it we have not had national anthems and medical games. Beat up until 2009. So do you ought to know you you have them you know you had them well Blair went out there that players weren't on the field for right. Correct yeah player and I agree with you I don't think a play that. I think if if a player were at a funeral. For someone who served in the military. No that wouldn't be thought of there wouldn't be thought of of doing anything out of kneeling. Noah I don't think that's the case because that is. What you're doing is you're honoring that person and they have many people have said. It's not about the military so I don't think there will be protesting the military. At an event like that no they wouldn't right now. But it but it does not that's not part of the protests as as I understand. You know you're right now there's different aspects of this different viewpoints are mutually consideration. The an ailing and yesterday's games was because of the remarks the president transcend. Hole. Eloquently or forward eagerly as they were spoken to him from his opinion. Now granted a president should not speak in the gaining each speaker speak to them and the majority. Of the my inclination not to listen to magistrates but for XP for everybody. All right now I'm not saying I voted for poor child or a voter to claim are not like back there are naked eye that's that's neither here and there. Children make a racially. Protested. Because of the things that the police are doing across the country. Are right. What do you agree with it or not that was just yet that was his right his First Amendment right to do that. Yesterday. And I stand by again by the solid area of all the NFL players. Stepped up specifically. I supports. Known nuevo. From Pittsburgh because of what she did because she was a army. Ranger. Yeah can you do that. Yeah of course of course in that is. His teammates word. Not thrilled yeah it's one of what we're not there there's been talk rather hot ticket that would not necessarily get that as they thought there all the same page that's why Roethlisberger statement today you know what's so important as what he was in effect saying was we should have been out there. He's saying you know we didn't necessarily handle this the right way no I didn't that nobody says we didn't handle it the right way that's all of them in the Tom. And this guy who is that it has served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan is an army ranger you tell and he can't go in and out on my feet. It appeared said if he said the war. Oh yeah I meant I'm all about the team. Sorry that's. Yet I don't fly yet that would that would be a little strange he changed his mind told them yeah Abdallah. Get this item has guys don't you my story and I can't do that. Then I would think. They would come up with a different way of making a statement. But he. He and I I don't think he. I have a feeling he didn't say anything if they so they assumed he was on board. I don't think he I guess Dicky talked about a what he didn't say yes or no right by not saying no I think it just assume it yeah they took the silence that are all on board but it was so poorly thought out because they initially said. Is that the announcement came out on 1130 river was. The Steelers are gonna stay in the locker room. And then when you find out about how quickly things happen with coin toss and you know opening kick girls that. Well aren't they they hit in the locker room they'll take two lost another in the tunnels already all those hours of planning is sort out the door it's another standing in the tunnel immediately former army Rangers on your team he hears the anthem. He's not just gonna hang out on the tunnel with his teammates now he just decides are I'm gonna go out there. In other other guys that I'm sure also wanted to be out there but they've talked about a team they decided they weren't so they see him. And now it's just confusion. That you boost to the bears then you have a quarterback can't sleep and added toddler in the he's got thirteen more weeks that the figure this out I guess what they are they are right the ship because. Yes right now this is an issue that really could. Could affect the team on the field yes you know. I just I just don't know how they. How they get to that point where am I I'm not saying Villa nueva did this on purpose. But his Jersey sales of through there and number one number one jerseys they'll say it's a remade himself. Look good not because he's a self promoted us Lebanon saying. He better sub look at just by doing what he would normally do yes and he made them look it made it ruled out there that look worse yeah like hey these guys. It drives up announcement. Not me. Here you had as we set a variety of stances taken some took an eight some word locked arm in arm some stood separately. Hand over heart and then there's Joseph Cardona. Who faces every National Anthem the exact same way considering he's still active duty navy he stands at strict attention yet. During the National Anthem and he did again yesterday now who would have told Joseph Cardona on on and and I'll listen we're all taken in the okay. Nobody well you would you think again if you listen so mark caller I guess on that maybe would but that that 53 man roster I feel like. At least the impression that we get it at some of the post game comments that we've heard whether it's from demo quarry. Trey flowers on the midday guide Brady was obviously on the morning all those players. They feel that each guy has the right to do whatever they want and it doesn't sound like in maybe there's some in there and there's been quiet we haven't heard yet. That's judging somebody else of a player says I feel like a minute meal. Is it OK but I could understand that the person is doing is okay you can do that I I'm gonna work airlock arm okay. It's I think everybody was able to do whatever they wanted this past Sunday what's going to be interesting though Nixon yes as time goes on yeah what are we doing. By the way also dual citizen there will not be a single comment made by a player about this the rest of the week. Totally done. I I told analysts on Wednesday they were focused on on our good Carolina a tough team tough game. They are done and I am guessing that got letters that was. Passed on to them. Ron Rivera a great coach you know got a good scheme against good players really just going to be tough going to be the toughest game of the year on and on and on not a bit you know lives when it. Mentioned the president again. And his statement he just refuses. Just today are on the move on he refuses to let it go. And we'll just keep going. Until pill. To highlight anybody who agrees with him. So it's his statement about. NASCAR right NASCAR old loves NASCAR go NASCAR buried another sport yet not disrespecting our flag our country and our flag. So that and he he likes that no he wants to applaud NASCAR. It's our play now. Not disrespecting our country. Or. Our fly. People have been very eloquent today. About what the flag United States of America what our flag represents. And how it is really. Insulting to many of them. That fans would would sit that players woods would Neil. Or sit. So you'll know what the flag of the United States of America represents tell me what is the confederate flag represented. What does it represent. And if you tell me you've been to a NASCAR race without seeing confederate flag. You went to the wrong place at a equation out I would run like Judas went to mica found bacteria admitted it was like a block party people were like you know disaster go Kart something. You gotta be kidding me. So. Confederate flag they want their own as of the confederacy what does that word mean. And what their own nation yes we're fighting against United States of America. They went to had a home president's. They wanted to see secede from the US. And so when you have that flag around. Is that not disrespectful to our country and our flag. NASCAR says nothing about the confederate flag. Nothing. So what people question at what would you say. About the president and he's got a lot of questions to answer that he never really answers sufficiently. In at you wonder why. Folks question. Here is his racial views. Here's one example of many. Very strange. What a very strange statement. The jump behind NASCAR. A a sport. And organization that is known for many things including. The confederate flags. Waiting. At every race I've been too good and if so I'm I'm I'm I'm speaking not all identity doesn't information yet. So I was enjoying it until I saw. Atlanta you know although things look bad that allowed the few times this story idea or two yes two of the racetrack I did yeah. Not out there sure. The live shows from there to roll on the track lots. Are you would you win I don't think you'll win that all right win in francs in sandwich hey frank I don't. Guys and I think it was great. It. Democracy. A chance. That his daughter. Well. I don't. Cheer boo. Won't work out short. And certainly. Are. There. And so right out there. She wore out I. Celebration. You and I might think that and unfortunately frank there's a lot of folks out there who disagree with us. A lot of folks out there who who think it was the worst day ever. I'm never gonna watch an NFL game the rest of my life well you miss the holiday by the way how does that look now best weekend so far the football season. Or and it's unfortunate isn't anything on that day we can be became Israel and AJ it was unbelievable talking about all sorts of it was one of the best regular season patriot games in recent memory it was that tremendous outing that game was great I mean we talked about the Steelers and their lack of what the dealers bears Packers Packers and it listed on the chemicals very I wish it would easily via our got a tip off Miller tip off was that Thursday night football was and oh yeah reds started well there's 39 a great game -- the first time in NFL history game ended with that score. That's no game has ever ended 4139 until Thursday night. Even Brown's call that you can't 3%. Little nice slow touchdown run there Mitch is in north Providence hey Mitch I don't. Until you guys what are locals. Undisturbed the other gentleman I like to watch sports on the loose in the sport so like the pay attention to sports isn't it scary. And I don't really want it. Have to abuse sports. In the same sort of prism or debate style fought that I view politics yet. I think it's unfortunate I think the NFL. Really should have tried to get a hold of this earlier I don't think it's a good things for their branded with the fans they're paying customers I think in general. Don't want a seat multimillionaires. In an against the flag yes it's their right is along the NFL's says it's their right. I think that owners and commissioner are going to be very apprehensive to tell people they can't do it's it's we kept out of the bag now so I just think. What do you think they should have told them they can't do it before this weekend. I really do I think they represent a brand and that brand represents. Oh livelihoods for a lot of people not just the players or people in the in the in the front offices are people that work in these stadiums. Makes you you'll you do know that 70% of the players in the National Football League are African American right. Yeah I've heard an end and that end that for the most part. Protests about the anthem have to do with perceived racial inequalities in this country. So if you're Roger Goodell and you tell your league did a 70% African American on on and now you're not doing that. What are you saying to them. Well but if it's good it's also about the fans who pay them money and are you're you're gonna side with the players. But that money comes from the people who paid for the tickets in the concessions in the what does that. The players are right what if there right. Well that's their right to say that would but who's to determine their right there are you know you say people wanna have this conversation. Okay it would have a conversation. What if people don't think it they ought to be on an eight protests in the flag because they think the fight make something else today. I actually don't listen. What. What's this person amid Mitch you bring up an excellent point. You're right that this is not I'm not being sarcastic diesel. I know I'm never I'm sure I'm not an idea of the next important initial that you said and I think. This is. This is really what will what will come down to. You said what about the fans. And so the players. Have their perspective in the players have. Been endorsed by owners. And endorsed by but most of but for the most part the commissioner and and head coaches right. But if the fans. Leave. If the fans say that I just can't do it anymore. Then yet the fans will we heard. Ultimately they'll definitely yeah fanned. Which is what Donald Trump is counting on by the he's a very easy down sub while his. His his approach of hey you don't just walk out of the stadium and it it would change to a first law as a make a lot of sense especially if you're already in the stadium. And let's say you've paid for the ticket he expensive ticket if you pay for the parking. And I've seen a parking around this place and it's expect even if your model way expense yeah so you've already paid. You see somebody yesterday. So it's a nice. Sunday afternoon. Eighty something degrees and it's 104. And you see that my quarry taking in the and you get up on about it there. So that money. They got your money yeah. Yet not grounding not going forward if you say look I'm a season ticket holder about every season ticket holder to war. I'm not watching anymore games on change of I'm dumb NFL. Yeah okay and then you'll you'll you'll likely get the league's attention. And and it won't be different conversation. Audience at New Hampshire hate him you don't. They got them doing great odds since. Wanted to cheer they convert to a great show and out broken up or another veteran perspective in here Joseph wouldn't talk factor follow I didn't book. Or you're in the air force and my wife well I'll actually can do a quick shot of my wife who gave birth to a son Saturday morning. You got actually doubt about it. Precedents that would let you do that about who have been who are not glass let. I'm like you have you guys that but I. I looked out of the game yesterday and I look at and I was kind of the deplored in the hands go. Because this is what I walk or whatever when I swore in a rose my right hand and I would they'll give all of listening. Earlier and I was thinking. You know I've seen Brothers and seek other people in the community or say there's a problem nation let's let's talk about it what stronger way if you'd Neil. And I and I know maybe some who question what capita was doing in the beginning. I don't know what veterans into a hit as a better way of doing but I think I just saw it as you know a kind of patriots voicing their concern for the nation. And it integrate what a way to talk about it that it just ignore it. To cap critics credit I will say this he started by sitting. And as you said veteran spoke to on innate Boyer made Boyer spoke to him and explain some things and and he then changed. What he was gonna do to a as he put it respectful kneeling. You know he he he didn't just I don't care what you say I'm sick over here. Now there were situations around the league yesterday. Where a number of the Oakland Raiders sack they sat on the bench. They had initially said they didn't wanna be out there they wanted to also be in the locker room. Because of the timing of games there are rules about you know when kick off is they were told not and you have to be out there. And so they they almost went out there against their will and then a number of them sat the entire offensive line sap. I do think there's a difference between sitting in kneeling night I do think and and maybe it's semantics but it does it does feel different to me yeah. This is. I think that there are still ahead it's one of those where you know it it means something different everybody written that this whole entire conversation but I but it does seem a little more respectful. 6177797937. You'll hear Bill Belichick on final drive coming up just a little bit. Right back to your calls dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WB. Six plus. 7797937. Is telefono protects life. 37937. Again because of timing. Patrick Chung got bumped Kilby with a tomorrow. We did talk to Heath Evans in the first hour today's program we we spoke with Bill Belichick just after four. We understand many of you aren't available to listen to him at that point so we will bring him back in final drive. That's coming up but ten or fifteen minutes from now. Back to the calls between now and then 6177797937. Billiton Framingham paid a hurry. I don't. A 10 the ones struggling at what level I believe it Alejandro. Villain don't we. Got one ounce of criticism one more sign of criticism. Their City Council will push Coolidge the Schmidt spent three clone that portion out here scared. Where are you watch meant to help right now to and that's Barack. So it'll come out it would handle hot with the national air but Jimmy is the most sort of thing that happened. Yesterday. Yeah. What you had said he hasn't received criticism elsewhere. James Harrison while James Harrison didn't now he James Harrison didn't mention him he said I thought we were all on the same page I'll tell you what happened. The Steelers took a vote the locker room. Does he small majority voted to stay in the tunnel. Villain labeled voted with the side that lost and then what was his heart when the time came. It's thought that people out here you know you people talk well it kind of felt like you people. The 7%. African Americans are playing that well you know there's no formal. So sported upon us here that all of them but we should sit on the PGA. You won't stand but it actually happen yeah well I'm contracts. It hasn't happened. Yeah. And upper 70%. Lebanon hasn't happened okay that's happened. That's happening infrastructure on a multi million don't I don't know you lose so that's a bit but I there shouldn't and number. Now none of it though they are considered are there but. Are is your earpiece and yet so that none no owners have said that though so can't players can't they do what they want now. It's that how it's what every single day in. And then not stay there who's also back. It all the. You're mad at DL your medical donors than. Your Mormeck more mad at the owners and the players that sounds like certain we'll. Sweet it was a good putts that looked. To me you people. What do you mean you've been able. And want to own and you people thing does set my teeth on it a little bit because Michael as you said. We are not a team I don't human in that context. Oh I. And therefore I know playbook well that's what they come my way parents want to give ms. Mason and 99 and say what he wanted to say. Is fired up. But yeah. Okay. I know we're talking about. You know protest in and standing are not standing kneeling not dealing. The bigger point me to have a hard time with people who say. You should do this as an American. What do you mean is the beauty of America let anybody I know I am what you're about to what do you mean by that. You should. As every American should. One nation do you want. You know what a democracy you want democracy or not if you don't sit. That we can talk about. Only worried about other during the daylight. So duke should not say this is American should do this isn't there should not do that. Pension rights how fired up people get about it. You should do what I want you did it make if elected the passion and intensity to sometimes derided as dark I don't. Understand it. Yeah how to get it they're going to end you know. Again this all goes back to a you know we were talking with Heath Evans in the first hour about sort of dialogue and have an ability to listen the other side doesn't mean. You're going to be completely swayed by at least I think I would open mind on I think we've kept a while we'll get that point. Williams who will also with him now knows we're gonna get here with him yeah he did you would have changed I was in the space and wanted to. I think you want to have a conversation he did his listening he was is listening. Alejandro villain what Villa nueva has been speaking at podium. I'm in Pittsburgh who a couple of things that he said in this his villain played and I'll quote. I made coach Tomlin look bad and that is my fault and my fault only. I made my teammates look bad and that is my fault only. He says he absolutely would be OK if teammates Neil Orr sat during the anthem. He says some players who have been kneeling during anthems have approached him before and after games and thanked him for his service. He said people die for the flag there's no way else to put it there's nothing else that would justify dying for that mission. When I see the flag during a mission on the shoulders. On the shoulders of a problem teammate I'm gonna identify that we're fighting for each other. Unfortunately I threw my teammates under the bus unintentionally. Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself. I feel embarrassed. For anybody who thinks that coach Tomlin is not as patriotic if you can get in America I'm offended by that. I don't have anything to say about commander in chief and his decisions nothing to comment about the president says. We as a team tried to figure it out obviously we'd butchered it I'm not gonna pretend I have some kind of righteous voice. This guy's really well spoken well I hope you say the receipt of ads are. This pro all. Do our. Follow the team meeting we had on Saturday night brought the whole team together absolutely we had great conversations. We disguised we decided to stay away from the situation. Not protest it but stay away from that situation. He says everybody on the offensive line was very clear that they wanted to stand for the national land. It's a pretty impressive sounding guy isn't there. Oh yeah and he he certainly is and noble thing in that could be a sex does that sound like Tom what kind of lose in the T-Mobile. Right and so firm for bill waive it to say this that might take that takes pressure off food. Tomlin a little bit he's he says this is me I act on my own there's nothing anybody could do about it. Maybe he's listening to what James Harrison was saying like a about we're we sort of decided as a team most going on. That last minute you change your mind and you make everybody look. A little foolish. That our previous caller was creating a strong man to say anybody who's criticizing him. Well but he's undersized and I think himself that's travel back his body was coming out he he wanted that was his launching point. It does get to his re just equipment that you know only learning the straw man in the earlier freer for your argument is just go to your client. Yes the good stuff TJ's in Boston since I hit the right button here. Hold on there are gonna hit that button I apologize a TJ I don't. I credit where credit's due I ought to honor him for his service stuck in the all the way up Joker are gonna agree to block it because for our country. No matter what you gonna say no matter what you're gonna protests. We always. Great gratitude to these guys service it's unbelievable. I feel like it and there is is their puppet on on Margaret Alva says that there's a now an American woman media may be. Probably sergeant who decide this sit during the National Anthem and she was. Machines are actually out. War. Probably court martialed because she posted a video online. EI I have not seen that it's out there it's it's on. I'm I'm not doubting I'm just saying I haven't seen. Its issues you brought. In your war. Any policy that not now there are rules about in uniform. There are not rules about NFL players having to be at how they have to comport themselves there are very strict rules in the military. And especially in uniform. That would get you truck. She went out at an on site at night I don't know the answer. When we come back you'll hear from patriots head coach Bill Belichick Bela Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.