DHK - Tina Bureau, 52, Queensbury NY, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (white blood cell cancer) with Dr. Ann LaCasce director, Dana-Farber/Partners CancerCare Hematology-Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber 8-16-17

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Wednesday, August 16th

Tina was diagnosed in October 2016 with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma after being quite ill and visiting several doctors.  At the time she was diagnosed, the cancer was estimated to be between stage 3 and 4. She had heard from others about the exceptional care at Dana-Farber. She immediately knew that she was in the best hands possible when she met Dr. Ann LaCasce because she made Tina feel extremely comfortable as she assessed the situation. Tina says she felt that that was in the right place to be successful and beat it. She had a great team and everyone worked so well together that it felt like they were giving this disease everything they had. Tina was enrolled in the CAR-T clinical trial, which has showed very promising results, in April 2017. CAR-T clinical trials involve altering T cells so that they are “tricked” into attacking cancer cells when they otherwise normally wouldn’t. Tina temporarily relocated to Boston for treatment, and by the beginning of May, scans showed that her cancer was gone. She had a second scan in June that revealed the same results and confirmed that the cancer was in remission. She will now come back for follow-up visits to confirm continued remission. Tina is a 5th grade teacher at Queensbury School in New York. She had to leave her students in September of 2016 because she was so ill, and they were scared for her health all year long. They sent many cards and greetings. In June 2017, Tina was able to return to the classroom. They hosted a wonderful rally for her return, which is documented in a heartwarming video. Tina is married to her husband John and they have two daughters, Jenna, 22, and Mara, 19. Tina says her recovery has meant she can do what she loves – spending time with her family and teaching. She says a cancer diagnosis makes you appreciate all the little things in life and really know the good in the world.

Dr. LaCasce treats patients in Dana-Farber's adult lymphoma program. Lymphomas are blood cancers. Dr. LaCasce can speak about the clinical advances made in treating lymphoma over the past 10+ years.


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Well let's welcome and a couple new friends Tina bureau is joining us chief from queens spurring New York. And actor in the case has been with a before she's the director of the Dana Farber partners cancer care unit apology medical oncology good lord wants. It under a business card for and now it's definitely I think it's great to see both Tina let's start with you queen's Burgundy or as that. Lance Ball yes it's north of all the seniors they're told courts are very hotel. That from my Minor League Hockey days. I've diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma. Back in October of 2016. When you. While I hadn't been feeling well and I went to several doctors and me. Seat and actually went emergency room is currently. And why it's stayed during that time. He's beaten the process. Your thoughts were here mr. dot com I think prisons. And it didn't seem real to me I just oh. I eat hysterectomy or something like I knew something wasn't right but I didn't think it was to the two lines. And so I. For a while. I was in shock in just OK so light in a heck. Disorder when knows you are bickering and yes okay so it's now August almost every going to be what what's on a lesson plan went well. I actually authority and packed my classroom and it's pretty much it's very close to being police popular and I done some professional now. I'm ready to start at minute twenty force students thwart good amount with epic career. Ireland I teach ELA and social studies and have a partner teacher who teaches. Its. So it's it's kind of little transition to middle school. High school in new more than one teacher. Are your students gave view a great tribute when he came back and oath about that. How to hubble's troublemakers aren't necessarily troublemaker Blair ran his ears hurt her I was flooded entire time. I was out at school cards. Well witnesses and video clips. From my students and from the faculty staff and community where. It was overwhelming. Honestly you calm in a lot of ways I felt like it. I was being asked that line is going through this terrific experience. The law of that was given to means to me in the prayers in the carrying the beauty especially. In the latest to ease events. You look kind news and you exceed. That there's so much. But I so there is much more. From all facets of the world com in. That's some to learn as we have to now that there's more out there and your husband John is here you'll have two daughters what was it like going through with all of them or first even letting them know what was going wrong you my husband was with mean. And then. He's let my daughters now and they proposed going to you're Albany. Com one was a freshman and one was a senior. On it was difficult obviously for them one is up my Alley teenagers so she actually. Packed classes her last class that you Albany was working on T cells. So she alleys stick my caring bridges. Little's. Updates for people and she put that science part into it but she put that heart she just. Wrote it's a wonderfully so many comments on how well she told my story for me. And my youngest who plays lacrosse. Mom her teammates frilly. Really support her and helped her I was like she was on a team. For her first year being there and to go through something like that I think it it really helped her. Back to the case you can talk about the advancements in treatment probably as well as anybody and I was fascinated to read now is it cart T not cart car yes it's okay that that McCarty clinical trial which. I've believed that that Tina was involved in this didn't even. Exist. A year ago. We take. Patients on T cells genetically engineered them to attack Obama. We have those set aside we gets chemotherapy to sort of lucky consistently get these cells back. And they target they go directly to lymphoma cells and destroyed them. And in that process people can get pretty sick. We support people through there at the hospital and teen people often have. Logic side effects can be quite sleepy year confused for a period times that can be quite difficult for patients to watch. But we support people through and then you know we CDs credible responses and Tina's lymphoma was very aggressive it did not respond to our best chemotherapy cocktails any. And when she came to us this was aren't really our best and only really good chance. To send phenomenally well. Eighteen. A couple of things one. Your husband that he really wanted to be in prime microphone here. I think he'd he ran I've never seen letters and he's a big Red Sox Eagles ran faster. Place that microphone. Like you got that Justin Gatlin yeah. That they have not only. Well now how they report back from okay. But the other thing if he can you walk through you know just your reaction first got this in a certain clinical trial. Pakistan. Click the treatment was working and others in the in June or so ago and it clear expert to. Reaction. I act I was overwhelmed with just a feeling of gratitude that I was on the cutting edge of something. So new that is saving lives. It's almost like extreme views you to list the U don't know. Is in store for you in life. It's just a gift the nanny thing I can this guy. On the ninth so very grateful and feel so very blast. In acted. Become very close to my family you know you love your husband in your children. When you go through something like that suit you really see how much we are truly love each other in your community. And Dana Farber. Every person I had contact with no matter what their title wise I felt like I was seen taking care of way unlocked when it was and they weren't there because this was their job they were at they're considered dedicated committed people. Who. You first. And it just. I just felt no matter how this turns out I am I'm a winner. So. You remember the the first time you met doctor Kate how you felt that I cry instantly email at this is the person I'm so glad. However the stars lined up for us to get connected because when I went to saint Peter's in Albany they asked if I want it to second opinion and I immediately said I wanna go to Dana Farber had heard. Phenomenal things. About. On the work they do here and I didn't know what doctor I would cash and when night came and met her that Day-Lewis. I was so comforted and so knowing misses this is where I'm gonna get better this is where. I I need to be it it just was an instant click that and you were. If it. She the out. Staff and back. Years. With it's everybody. It's so I'd work. And you know. The experience. I love your story I I know you've temporarily relocated to Boston be treated we're proud to welcome you as of Bostonians welcome here. And you say your husband the Red Sox fans that help the thank you guys very much for taking humans to humanize this truly appreciate I'm really happy to hear things are going so well thanked him. Tina bureau from queens Bernie our doctor in the case from Dana Farber we appreciate them coming here as well.