DHK - Tom Brady's book is a big product push, plus Shayana Jenkins files a CTE lawsuit against the NFL and Patriots

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, September 21st

Hour #2 and we're discussing Brady's brand of fitness and how it's all tied to making more purchases... plus breaking news on a lawsuit filed against the Patriots and NFL.


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Our number two in Salem Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI this are the program brought you by AT&T. Thank god my wife was at work yesterday when Michael's assent a last supper boy when I've had stuck to its former tiger at all. It's not what. I. We're happy you're. There are a lot of people got in trouble awful players fall by the way just real briefly here and we'll get our next topic and and because we were talking on music a moment ago yes Gillette Stadium is just put out a tweet. With a picture of the of the giant board at Gillette Stadium and it says 9152018. Announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned so what musical act is big enough. That they're gonna announce this thing a year ahead a time of Big Apple music notes on the tweets so that you know okay that's what we're dealing with here fog in the that would do that for me. Pull for the city and in the middle of the football season right. Yeah smack dab in the middle of football season 9152018. Want to miss that an intern at the Saturday night. Okay what is so I we can guess the patriots are playing home how to act today you know and the profit that. Forgive my ignorance that haven't kept up with them lately c'mon. And Elton John's feel for the role. The stadium Lou I don't know I don't know that I don't at all saga small crowd into gathering. Stone still. I mean Kenny Chesney act banks that place out the only stadium show he did just this summer was it July. And banged it out for two and I'm going up yeah I'm going upper end of the money goes everywhere we go the other way. Katy Perry. Could be someone like that Lady Gaga she tonight at Fenway and Kenny Perry is having trouble selling out Arenas right now okay sonic the stadium's gonna do it about Taylor she's been there before Taylor's release it all she's she could do it. I have been to three of her shows until I don't know. I was IC yeah it's nice Alia you know what that's that's the gas. Taylor with a special appearance by Kendrick Lamar over. That you got a little out of bad blood. None. Do we fix from opposite chance the rapper dude I did Super Bowl halftime. I against the spurs your pick for the rule I'd top five my top five super boy have I or five. Were you number five had beyoncé. And repeat it repeat now what awesome now. On beyoncé about what Iowa in yesterday's Kelly Rowland comes in the game. Well I'm a fan yeah there caller total be brought her up on Monday about it all over Kelly Rowland has this break your heart that is the phrase is great enough for diversity through an exchange and that image daisy would command. Okay good JC turned it down suppose he's already here. He said now. I think I have yet to that feels desperate if you go back beyond desperate just has been rails this you know by election ahead on the list of losers I won. And I'm what was the roots. While they because they really cool but you know when they edit the the opening for the NBA all star and awesome. It's Super Bowl on NBC and there'd be able where's got a lot in my lauded. As they can play there's that and they can play your stuff as well as you could play. Better than you actually heard their roots in concert to be better than that your. I have to write it hurt what if our ever everybody yes but I should put. I should have Bruno Mars back and Bruno Mars is great when he did partner is very entertaining. So. You have done before outline. Why you and especially if you pass somebody successful and that they have played most the same size that is before us and as an artist on reduced. Always has not done yet. I guess it's on its own garden record against the Rihanna who. Just say that hottest. New artists is who has never played the suitable. He got a pittance of that window never played a super ball. What gets people excited I was when Taylor Swift is not playing supposedly has turned it down in the past as well. Crazy turn it down and you can keep on me you know what this does thought go outside to burn money. Like you don't need money. Yes you are down you don't need anything now. In the super boy have got more people watching this or verbal and any other time it right here are exactly you sell records like crazy after. Day after. There's your record sales spike out slightly grating a slight is not even the right word. Astronomical images if it is crazy what happens after you play the Super Bowl but you don't need it. I need to to give her Mars. Here's here's the rich keep between today revolutionary idea for the Super Bowl halftime show. I have to should always Sox. Really ought. To read it yesterday and we're just gonna sit there and stare at the TD for halftime right. Adjustments are. What you know I don't know. The rapper says them what's that. Staring at the TV with nothing will need an. Idol summer to benefit isn't just work my he's tents that pump these what. Pop artist would and then when he goes tick those high notes at Giants Stadium in his voice cracks and he can't do it as it's not gonna go over to lipstick baby lip sync. I had always they're always real forgiving about actually do that it's out of lips thinking. Let's take a lot of stuff out just don't have any good musical groups and more all. That it is alive now in my bag. And I really nice performance stich Jackson was go out there put on quite a show Alan don't don't play at all back to Houston does that act JT and Janet again grow. I did I didn't really know what happened I was sick there. Before it DVR. While no I've missed I couldn't help a lot of pressure and I silence that I. Survey of lawsuit with the other doing different things that I was paying attention at the British. Just I hear that connects easily to the next day it was fun of the case my idea my insufferable moment of the day. I'm standing beside and Romney. Amid the game with Mitt and Ann Romney and my friend and and Romney goes to the I don't know. CN and I bug me answer so I. There are great. It's nice up. But that goal old school few once they usually do is it old school so JT would be great again. Not about really real idea of about Super Bowl once suitable to you bring like high school ban or college. I'm are uplift people let's play some songs that's come together you picked it. You know we got to work that so. You know wherever the games of the games in Minnesota that brings the university of Minnesota. Marching band and. Would have been a bracelet Mac doing us prohibit inference if you could've all right right Minnesota or what about him. I would have been good to let me ask you guys question I ask this of the mid day guys during the crossover. I've been listening you know throughout the course of the day today and I'm trying to figure out why people are pissed off about the TB twelve book. It's expensive I understand that end Alan and an artist I know nobody's he did requiring anybody to buy it it's kind of your own choice right expenses. I I don't know I'd I'm told it's expensive but I I'm gonna let him Callahan card just beg for Tom to send me one. Since he didn't even plan that card for like two weeks now I think it's only twenty bucks to bucks Saturday. C'mon. Well if they. Where did it take to put a book out there. Hi guys off you are coming up there with some skin in the game of yeah I don't think it's to support the artists. So the question he areas and I heard a lot of people. Pissed off about this book and I and I I truly can't quite figuring out. All right I I can figure out and I and I think. People can I heard. Doc flinch he does some medical stuff for Comcast and she says she was frustrated by. Because a lot of stuff in there hurt her word I'm paraphrasing and and if you want me did you ever been items are not computer but I'll paraphrase. What you say. A lot of stuff in there is frustrating because. It is not necessarily medically accurate. L or a lot of cant be medically prove. It showed that that bothers her as a physician. I understand why it would bother physician. If you go in thinking that it's a medical textbook. Right I get all these scientific reasons and why is there anybody who thinks Tom Brady. Has the qualifications to write them an adult thanks to and that and that's my point you know you look at Tom Brady's picture is on the cover is selling its face which is a Smart move. We're selling its nice handsome and it's a whole lot you know Jimmy rappel as general OT fleets well. That means it's about him Tom Brady's face is on there that means it's about him and then it whatever the subtitles is it's his experience. His his his method for getting where he has. Now I'm not crazy enough to think that if I do everything that Tom Brady does I'm going to be Tom Brady your. Are some people yeah you think Tom Brady is why people are like me yes yes Tom Brady. Or maybe not going to be you know a five time Super Bowl winner by duke who would have your file or art or not 64 there are people who buy self help books do you think that some of them believe if they do everything in there the electorate turnaround. About this for the arm that's about multiple books like that so I think and and by the way I think the OK what about let's let's say you're right okay. He's making you buy it right. I don't know what I'm not saying you won't say no there's nobody your free well I don't I do wanna buy that I mean so I do you think it's a bit sleazy in the sense that our here's your book and that's fine and again I think the cover price is thirty boxy yet on Amazon for under one OK the price not that there are products. No but but you can buy it anywhere else for cheaper from my point its own people there in that if I get it to your credit needs a lot of lot of our price that is fine record. If you. Read it a lot of us that I've read all the way through whatever it a lot of the reviews of and things like that and it's a lot of it is what I did and if you wanna do what I did. Go to my website and buy a product acts for this amount. But a lot of it is pushing you towards more things to buy a whether it's an electric foam roller yeah that's kind of cutting your decision right. This is George decision so I don't think it'll sleeves if you don't if you don't like it don't why. If of people if you don't want abide of the TB twelve electoral lights in the TB whatever so I don't know. Whatever it is OK don't buy it I understand them but I think a lot of people well but I think of the of the deceit Tom Brady on there and they're gonna say. Art when I'm gonna buy this stuff this worked for Tom Brady. A majority said rather than getting a a cheap foam roller on Amazon how many at the one Tom Brady set on his website or rather than get in a normal back in knots and get them back enough that he's selling a hundred boxer ever. I I think it's like a little salesman these sleazy little bit that's why do you. You know my guess is that that there was a time when Tom Brady decided. You know he wanted to market himself better more efficiently now more prominently. And I am I'm guessing that that time probably coincided somewhere in the because sanity of when he married one of the marketing geniuses on the planet here. A woman who who is eight genius at marketing and selling and building a brand support and I and my guess is she said her husband then at that time. You're really not marketing yourself as well as you could have and I'm guessing she helped push him to some of the stuff. But let me ask you as this this and keep brings and that's a great point yo I'm I'm wondering. Just how how people view these self help books I'm not really into home. And I'm not judging anybody goes with the weather inside the secret or you know five ways are you you know what a regular ads or whatever it is. If a self help book. Is a self help book have to be medically sound. Or psychologically sect says in other words the psychological. That the community the psychology community. Have to endorse it. Four to be legitimate. Well eight a medical self help book yet bad I don't mess this isn't what it if it hasn't gotten it looked OK now I used to really so. But I I did these five things and it turned my life around looking at economic and you know that ten million dollars a year now and I've got all these great things gone for me it's about to. Changed my attitude and that's what I did and here's my book. Yeah wears an apple and I tell my story I'm gonna sell the book. When people buy it is the assumption from them that. They can do the same things have the same results or is it just the curiosity I wanna know yours I'm I'm curious about your story. So that's why buy the book or. Brady a little bit more miss I would say bring a little bit different than others self help authors because some self help. Helped author that you've never heard of midyear trying to figure our how can I improve myself Bo Brady edit part of his curiosity to learn here's the cowardly act what he's doing other a lot of people are also buying it. For them because again that so the name of the book the TB twelve method how to achieve a lifetime. Of sustained peak performance. So that there are already trying to sell anyone that Bernard if I raise this book. I can have a lifetime. Of a seeking performance not sure my notion of Britain has always found some revelation last couple days and rags to that I had to answer. But so was peak performance for what's peak performance for one that you sent there for a carpenter. We'll probably be like the best partner. So if you read at the peak so when you go and you're carpenter you know you pick up the TB twelve met that your dad being better than I'm not a carpenter yes. Yet that's really did that was even. When when the before the book came out there that an X or bonnet and is anybody here who's Brady's words talked about no matter what you wall are. Number he was saying like if you're. What a teacher a dentist and all this stuff but you're going to be better at that. So. Like I don't know about that seems like a lot to put out there when. When I look at their day at the issue with the book it pretty clear OK it's not and it's not an autobiography. You you were led to believe that you know here you are by and Tom's life story here he's given it all up that's coming someday but this ain't this ain't the time wreck. Everybody knows based on the reviews what the book kids. So then you get it your pissed off because it is what you knew what was going to be. What's all about that it's all about TB twelve and Alex Guerrero and and banned polling and yeah yeah that's what we thought it was going to be there's a false pretense is here. No I don't mind that I don't mind though here's how you get pliable I the thing that discount. Are you note the word would be but I guess bothers in a way is all the they here's that's why notebook that you could afford it now spend way more of your money getting a solid stuff and it's the Smart movies about scherzer make a lot of money on it. But just because you read the book and then you buy an electric foam roller and all this other stuff doesn't mean you're gonna have peak performance in your life. Well I think a lot of people be just bought it they'll be sold Susie Topper is based on the art are gonna do this or spend money this. If you buy out. I don't know Tony Robbins has book's size so that was you know you know if if you buy a Tony Robbins book are you surprised at. Once in it. No you know exactly what's in it you know exactly what team that TB twelve method was all about. What that I don't know what that I think motivate everybody that you both for this book came out we knew what. We don't know the specifics but we knew that he was gonna talk about you know how he's been able led to keep going at the age of forty. It if anything the best advertisement he has that he himself. Met that is every Sunday at one. Yeah look he's up there door when nobody else is doing at the age of forty. Yeah it's tricky it's tricky for. It's tricky for football player like Tom Brady. And I guess I just like in a no more no more talk it out I can understand the backlash. I can understand it now I I wouldn't go there I can answer how somebody was saying. Let the book is called how to improve it was it was subtitled how to improve people how to achieve I would like a time of so you change time peak performance. A sustained. Performance a year be grateful so you've got it right here to the bad I managed it customized and I don't know. Go winners Tom Brady's gonna tell me how to do this. In here. Then. I should be able to I should be able to do what he's saying I can do. I. It's hard for a I don't think a football players relatable. Your quarterback. Is relayed especially the gray scored a little time to everybody did to 95% of the population if not higher I just don't see that. Where'd you you've got a guy. A part of his job there is an extremely cerebral part of his job request got to be. Got to be on top of the have a great memory you have to. You know be a leader all all these things. Got involved. The mine. This mentally. And this is a typical part of the job that most people just can't do. Throwing a football you can pro football's about darkness and pro football property could hit. They get hit he'd take off can you call the defense you don't go and our activity or eighteen years of hits. Obviously and show you be out there that's why. It's not I wouldn't think it's as a relatable has. Somebody who used to work in the mail room and they went on to success. That's more of an every man every woman's story I don't think Tom bradys and every man every woman store doesn't it seem. And act and I go back to the the best buddy story when that came out in the summer and Tom Brady's charitable giving and I'll let. Doesn't seem as though the longer he plays the more people are trying to poke holes and and what's going on with Tom Brady now outside of New England even half understand that because they hate him anyway. It would appear here. All best buddies thing in the globe story about his charitable giving you now the book comes out and well you know you just try to sell stuff but. Yeah that's kind of thing applies the book he did do himself from the other thing you're a major right and I trust that holds no matter what he does right now. But up there right now if Peyton Manning in one of his last years in the league came out with a book. They're allowed to kill Rudyard mix bottom wanted to be kidding me and like how lame it is to come out of the ball especially south of the could barely walk at the NRA or anybody India Brett Favre about the book he doesn't want you know. Be careful the pictures is a lot of jokes of what you what you say about what Brett Favre say Tom Brady around here is good for him like he's sell the stuff he's obviously. Playing at a very high level he is the poster child for the TB twelve method so like that that's all great. But outside here. Your a year or annoyed by Brady anyway and I was trying to sell you self help things. And be pretty easy to make bottom of that it went in about. I think he's more passionate. OK if you say he's he's passionate about quarterbacking one. In the right there. Is a whole TB twelve thing. Yeah you can ask him. You can ask him about you know breaking down the New Orleans game and they give you a good answer. You can ask him by the TV twelve method. They give your greatest her yeah I mean this is. This is his this is his passion for what he's gonna do after football I was bodies of record as a senator so piper go. That's how does this guy and he though this is that. And and obviously the the sub title of the book that the key for it. What was that I don't achieving a lifetime of sustained peak performance he's not saying how you can be like meat for the rest of your life I. Now how now all all mormons for you Michael. What's your paper that the peak performance for a 65 year old isn't the same peak performance that the 25 year old background. It's not explicitly enough. He performs at it seems pretty self evident not really. It depends that we can live and I bet you think that's also you honestly think that what he's saying is who I think you'll feel like meat if you do that so I think that actually now. And neither did anybody out well some people do. And act OK why we say hello coach stupid but I don't know biskupic I'm buying it don't come as a reminder book. No I'm not saying I'm saying. Let I'm buying your 200 dollar agreement whereby those pajamas. What what are you telling me with these jams that to count expensive they're expensive they're gonna help me. You created snit gonna help him in the field great Minnesota thing greater than what are we have and that's why. The self help market. Is so successful because people are constantly. Searching for and I think that's also look beyond who they all those things and again if you saw you playing into the market so you are telling people that because you know that's your market and you know. Let everybody's got a target audience with a book. Who was his book for. Was gonna apply it who's gonna by itself how people Tom Brady fans. Senator Tom Brady fan and Tom Brady is saying. Out of you know get your peak performance for a lifetime. I think when I went out you know Tom I'm Tom Brady and as somebody wanna be like Tom Brady you know I. I I I tell you guys about awaken 180 because it worked for me and I can advocates for where our solar to so far so why I work or at Reinhardt and and it worked for Randy and we and we talk about that all he's saying is these are the things that work for me. These work for me I just say that's what you're saying with the weight and money. Now that's what it's exactly runs in Ottawa for me it worked for and how I this'll work real well. I think writing that's another. You're gonna you're gonna lose a 130 pounds like candy yet you're saying I've you know you came in it took twenties you're probably not gonna lose a hundred he is this will work for you if you follow their program won't work on going their unit camera Tom Brady but if you if you do this. Yes you have a but again this is a little bit different peak performance. How we really know what your peak performances. You see that the the circle is not saying you'll be like me. While. Now he he's not just you know keep he's not trying to say that if you follow everything in this book price you'll tool will be NFL caliber quarterback. Now the other thing he's saying your peak performance he's he's that he's achieving. What he considers his peak performance I guess and these are the things he uses to achieve it. You too can achieve peak performance that's legacy can't be wrong. And that's. How do we know anybody's team performs religious. In any idea what the masters is two and a half hours involved. How is while that seems pretty good but I don't know but it didn't hit a great app I don't know who's this then another guy Vegas. That's safe. We get right to the calls back to the calls you 6177797937. Daylon Hollywood Keefe. Don't try to sing along with this week. Now about it is wrong register not a new one meaning general yes let them do it yeah it's wrong registered probably won't work I have undone the good yeah. I'll the I had the wrong word. It's supposed to show. Are these guys I think. He again. As. All right that's it take to the films of some can't find al-Qaeda and February there and letting go just let me know. I let's get to the calls for you guys are back to them Craig's an event for hey Craig I don't. What's going on August it correctly the first. The first sign that it gets straight shout them snake oil salesman and the title won it on you don't need. Sustained peak and lifetime and things that it's too much. And he ago idea thing is that they if you are great seeing you got to be concerned about life after football because she's gonna go for it go. To a joke and I think that I can envision him next fifty years old Serb Tim robins little selling out. Now Holiday Inn conference room to a budget if you're old balding guy very bad and this is not. The kind of thing location has put out a memoir something what it is just it's insane it's it's the LT anecdotal evidence right. OK okay so so here's an idea Craig don't buy it. Order on not survive but I think it's a little revealing all part of it the guys trying to. He's kind of a crack pot a little bad you know obviously the great football play ever grateful that I. What I mean just out of Austria edit them through edited but in Atlanta and it it is these assets. I don't know how old this is not and Alex Cabrera on a guy who's got one of the most dubious past. Ever when it comes to look nutritionist or met that I mean it's I can't. A Q the big event in out out sick somebody working with somebody else gross character putting out well Fox Sports Net I don't know. Are OK you know it's great I agree how stuff I guess pretty you don't need to grab Arnold I comic con man. By the snake oil salesman that there's something to that there really don't I really don't understand. It's changed it is something change and people are allowed to change again it. I'd like to Torre Tony Robbins thing but that's all right that was what that was weird yes there we your grammar. As enemies ease into things that he never was in two before but I told you where I may have where I think a lot of the stems from. He married one of the great marketers in the history of the of the world right now and she said you know what you can be doing more to market yourself there's also there. 01 point you have to sort of there's a little out of fork in the road of I could is that what I think if you push it more. You know just the generals are in his own line like hats and shirts and shorts and things like that that's a lot different than a here you know eat like this work out like this. And you know through the self help aspect of it is different than other players who can market themselves differently or you can still be out there and and making money off your name. Is it a little logo TB twelve little logo thing you could just made a lot of money off of that. But the Jordan Bryant. Jordan has an entire brain if he ever told you what to eat as he ever once told you. You know I have so much if he shared told -- get 200 dollar sneakers though it's arguing miniature shoes he told what to drink. Yeah throw on a Gator victory and it's a twenty McDonald's. Leo one point network when they're burger commercial yep everywhere he made most of his money was unaware that would that the sneakers if you Wear the shirts that there's no law. Waffled record ever read that that's right Victor Crist. Under shirts so there's a couple of ways if you really wanna be. If the super mega star even after downplaying it doesn't have to be here eat and it stretched the way I'd. Except he believes. Yet but he's not ready product this late religiously believes this stuff. I mean he is proselytizing. About the benefits of of the bands and and that nutrition and that night she aids in the electoral why does the Saudi Robbins believes what he says. And I ecological look at him a little differently than welcome Brady and maybe they should be a little bit more alive now edited the thing together but you just put the way. You know the way Craig maps that out right the greatest quarterback of all time greatest player of all time and everybody around here's probably favored player. 1015 years from now. Arnold was are we doing and and maybe this is the path he's going down well I agree on the title was the difference between a lifetime. A peak performance and a lifetime of sustained peak performance what's the difference likelier word guy but where are different and I don't think it's as redundant as the caller said. If you took out the scene right change write a lifetime of people mormons means that you know you you peaked this month in had a real good month two months ago and what he's saying is you're sustaining it in your sustaining it for life. That's when I got that dead I think that this is sustained but from the redundant sweat redundancy well let me ask you. Lot of we look at Brady's. In a different way to look at Peyton Manning because he was selling everything. Now he was selling things that were little more mainstream. Yeah why he hadn't been. Right it's got to sell off shocked that made me. They're among all other people's products that yeah Brady's products. Essentially so is it better to sell other people's products for your own products. It already is really selling himself. Yet at sounds. You know I mean. And not many people was and what it's it. If it fails. It's him that fails them okay it fails that if you eat Papa John's pizza you know like it is it really paid Manning's fault that. Really now they go to another one they're just a good and a whole lot to do the user to theaters that. Our robs up in Maine hey rob I don't. Get are you got there but you know yeah you all over the map that I did not. When one man I think you're oversimplifying a bit self help out and and I think you're making it too complicated but. Several bottlers are ready to read about did you get help on the web but as a. You're my meteor could bring a great point about Tate and and you were talking before about advocate for Michael Jordan. You imply that you're going to run faster jump higher have better of play basketball better we his sneakers. But this time rage and look you should straight if you actually get some sleep eat right and stretched. An actual title differently somehow he's like a coupe now and and and I just. You know I I'm not. It's really. Strange to me how you're picking it apart it's really simple what he's saying in many ways which is. You know sleep better you into into a follow epic performances not hard to understand. You repeat performance of being able to sustain your energy level and you can do your job that your best period and the senate to release simple. Art and I anybody ever thought it or is it is that rob it is rob got a great point OK so now let's get back to this. The review if you use US simplified it to the point where I say. If that's it why my buying the book. The ledger does its edge and rob what is. I want my god you liken this to you made the point earlier about. The self help industry and the reason. That self help industry works so well is that people. Really bad at all linked group they've changed diets all the time they've tied its predominant image that we're not understanding that it takes work. It really takes work. And edit it and and disciplined every single without threatening to Tom Brady had over everyone else who does that is it is on. Unbelievable. That I went. June this massive. And method. Of course you know it works differently for everyone I'm short by. It then if you ingredient for everyone or anyone is going to be disciplined to whatever method. You have chosen whether it's go 181 you're managing before you an idea for exercising her. You follow it and follow it. You know. Routinely and consistently. And you're gonna IQ really pretty big result that chart no matter what did that whichever Weight Watchers is trying to lose weight. Or it Tom Brady method and and yet if you can complete your bet we don't do that we don't follow through on getting sleep we hear all the time we don't. So maybe Brady had a different methodology that duke. Sustained. The program won't be consistent with the. Pretty Smart stuff they're good good snap okay well. He's a great call take you round. Appreciate you. 6177797937. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. As we talked about. What seems to be some some backlash some fallout based on the release of the TV twelve method which I have not purchase. I may not I don't know. Not gonna beg for one like I've heard other people do but and in it by Dubai and I'll go into it with a certain. Understanding. That these are things that Tom says work for him. He thinks they'll work for me as well. But as our previous caller route from Maine said I may not be as religious about following these things is as Tom Brady has that rob was it was really good. Yeah a lot of people are similar over complicating it I do wanna hear because I just I keep coming back to. It being at it being relayed a ball too hard to you when your job. An Emmy in my job. But maybe maybe it maybe it is an over complications. As he guy who's doing the job that does require him to you. To be alert was extremely physical. Position. Anyway how much of football as physical either gets 85% mental 15% physical I've probably flip around maybe 5050. I I I might say they'll bit for that position the proportion is smaller than it is for other two sure I'd still say it's more mental than for for quarterbacks probably the most meant to position and all of an all opponent question but. Still a big physical component of the job or you were people have to. I make unwilling unwilling to be flexible and that's when the Bible Megan's and Bellingham hi Megan pliable. I don't think grab me share one thing I wonder hey is that a big frustration is at Barnes & Noble effort say 830 dollars. I thought keeper. And but I think one thing it really important for Brady is. He prepared and then when he's failing or having tough game except preparation echoing back and help them. And I can say I have three jobs then always the preparation helps me when I'm not feeling well. I don't think there's any doubt that that preparation might be the thing that that is the most needed in the hardest to learn. You know I ever. Samples that are you know again I didn't five but yet because currently import from Amazon but I went there that aren't now lions. Starting with the top down bicycle how it all started so although it's not not a by Agassi did not touch on those things which a lot of self help books you. Yeah well in his case in particular you know that the sixth round draft pick 199 overall you know. Wasn't even a starting quarterback that to begin his high school career in and had to fight to get on the football field at Michigan and you know those are all things that we all should admire right now and we always have around your right. And yet all of a sudden now we criticize him more than than we have in the past at least that's my sense. I Steve's in Boston hey Steve I don't. They got a lot of what's gone on. But it allowed remain kind of took some alliance so much fire there is on given this credit but I guess to keep you seem to be attacking more than the other two guys. Who could let let's say you've got to hit spears and now you yesterday and an advocate you're unemployed people already want. What are you wanted to get his nutritional and game planning and mice and eating habits that are regiment from if not the best guy in the game. Yeah I'll let Mike you mentioned there aren't. Well I mean I think we used to host an exodus out of here probably in trouble on. Where's that gonna give him a better explain what all that and actually in court of Likud who we want our kids getting under Churchill might some. We yeah I have a hard time country in the world world I will be sitting reading too much generally that's not include this from Steve won't give an archived advice. I hope with the parents or the guardians I I would never look at any athlete and say hey do do exactly what he does Mary Mary in those people. So I would not that special but you could say do what he does in terms of don't watch his foot work you know watch is the best start right here and you look at look at how he trains that's different on field stuff if you we're brick on the tape but that Mikey wants to be a quarter fracture our storm Tom Brady. But I wouldn't then it. Firm for eight year old wielded like don't you ever have an ice cream off the avocado is her I would I would do that. I'm pocketed Radmanovic an amateur there's anybody who would. He just the collar sort of well the latest well would you open your model rowdy or raise the one Dianne Nolan and that the word rob used from Maine was disciplined. He's the one guy knows got the discipline to pull this off. Mean other people are trying more what do it if they if they probably told. It's hard to do it that way he talks about go to bed super early you know player that wanna go other wanna there nightlife he does do that lease anymore. And you know the way he eats. There he's not the only one that doesn't like gathered around going in the last game Drew Brees found similar isn't due sugar Aaron Rodgers has supposedly tried you know emulate the same sort of program because. They're all looking at this guy and same kind. And hard to argue with the result I think it's also tough to where if your if your kid if you're like hey read this book or follow what's going on this book they stories that. Hey Jeff we need this which console hard dollars we need this now which cost semifinals for me this across to market dollar price a lot of people out. Right right you're you're you're right especially if fear following all the way if you do everything in that book I mean I I didn't add it all up on. It's gonna set you back that's for sure christened Boston hey Chris. They had yeah I don't Asian culture and thank you are so I just putted it. I don't know if you guys have heard of adversely podcast by Bruce Lee's daughter I'm talking about you know the Marshal or sleet and her. Well actually pretty funny girl as she walked about four or equaled. Well known in whole or. Yeah absolutely all back to China. Give it new teacher. Really teach them about it I don't mind. When he came back was creating own our weekly sports medicine. We're similar to work on Brady's you're. You order so of course Burton's routines on I'll work out equipment. I use WQ art classes. Alone and Arnold so you can you can create his own regiment. He was experimenting with different diets we're. Just wasn't. On sharing these things will look. Or Newton who Obama. As far as like actual. Low key person that was Q and things that not many people. And let you know basically what I need you Gerson. That's all these years it's Robert main guys eat he's a 100% rate in out and it if you focus on. You know maintaining healthy lifestyle you owe you an awful lot a lot of people aren't acting grad school. While NN and don't want it to them but the people learn that I mean. Yeah I'd like first on August 5 like a lot of people learned that from a very early age. Mays is the recent years about health class I can't or I didn't play that middle class is okay and pontificate I care but they tell you it's your parents try to get to eat vegetables that's why right he can't can't sit there and in eat candy all day long I mean. It's why dictated go to bed at a certain time. At at a certain age make nice to have known now you need your racquet I mean these are. It I preach and I'm not criticizing it but I think if if you guys Internet event ever rob rob remain at had a very Smart phone call. And our our last caller very Smart phone call. So if we're over complicating it which may be the case. And they simplified to this degree. If I followed their method that I don't need to buy. America paid an estimate of my it was. But see that was the point I started with OK don't buy it. He's making you write nobody argued that he selling and he selling why don't you make the decision whether you guys are better not our store or buy the products or not but I think it is more complicated I think just. Do you like that he has this book. It I don't know if it's easy as a yes or no cause of course he can do it every once he gets out every once the McNeal says you don't have to buy it. But it just. He comes across as a little little odd that a little weird stuff that the stuff that he's quote unquote selling. Yeah you know as rob said you know get more sleep you know better nutrition better hydration. And an issue with any of those things. Now if if he was out there saying you know you should be taking these drugs you should be popping these bills will bull wall wall would look let's back off here right it's just the opposite of that. Now I'm I'm probably not gonna have the discipline to follow his program but but the fact of the matter is is he selling something. Dramatically weird he saw a lot of stuff so no but that's I think of the things he's talking about are they weird. Eat better sleep better at its record or better vibrating fall brawler to me is weird. That's on line for only a 152 dollars Randy apparently wanted one based on what I heard on the promo earlier today is that right 6177797937. As telephone number Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.