DHK - Tom Werner 8-15-17

Tom Werner chairman of the Liverpool Football Club and the Boston Red Sox. joins Dale, Michael, and Keefe on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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With Tom Warner the Boston Red Sox Fenway sports group detail and Liverpool soccer club I might add it's well on its Tom how are you dead quiet and pay as you said this. When the most important days a year for the community for game four puts everything in perspective. We had a rock hole in here earlier. With with Matty mom dawn Matty passed away in May. And rock courses one of the team captains for the Dana Farber the Jimmy Fund. Time and tie in the sixteen years avenue in this that's as emotional as I've ever seen in here. It was amazing and he's an amazing guy. But what to if shown encouraging is that. That contributions and everybody makes in this really does save lives and you know we've been at this for awhile on the relationship between the Jimmy Fund in the Red Sox thickness 64 years old that. Know whether people give five dollars or 500 dollars. You know we've all been to Dana Farber and we see the results and I was looking at statistics today that 80% of the children know who. Planet that they've kept cancer survive and it's through the great work of hospitals around the country but especially Dana Farber with a work has. Extraordinary and last. That's weakest link. Talking to the new headed Dana Farber and and justice that of the progress that we're making it's just extraordinary so. You know it's it's we're we're we're winning. And we've seen the progress up close and we talked doctors Allen was in here. Half hour or forty minutes Jones been at this since 1970 fives and back in the day you know the prognosis or it. You get a diagnosis that was death sentence in some ways would come along way and security got the Red Sox. As you know a lot of kids who you see the next year and the year after and year after so it's really as you sit. Are very encouraging us and gratifying to send. You know dealt brought up up Brock told we spoke to Dustin Pedroia who spoke to it must be something to see the players. Put that much passion and effort into it and you can say this is our relationship with the Jimmy Fund but not all players are gonna. Necessarily take that on it seems like a big group for the players love it whether it's at spring training or going over to the clinic or never it's. Become a big part of their lives this is a great group. Players and I think they get a lot out of out of seeing the affected. Know these these kids are struggling in and the joy that they get when when they see death and fundraiser for a cult so. I think they know that they're making a small differences in what is the real challenging time for for many of these patient. Any MacNamara who was just in here just before you. And and was treated for Milo this plastic syndrome her folks on the Portland sea dogs. And thankfully you know is able to come to a city like this and get treated you know in the best city in the world as far as I'm concerned if you've got these issues that. She did say she was happy to send and prevent intensity and. And Raphael peppers up to the Red Sox and held a gun. They've been they've been extraordinary in the last few weeks. A field averages. I have three home runs and three at bats last between last night in the Sunday night game the Yankees and nobody was trying had been intending for rookie of the year all of a sudden he's in the conversation so it's it's an exciting and very. You talk about gratifying these these are really. You know you use the joy that is devers gets you you see it on his face it's almost like he's playing the Lee it's infectious. They think you know we've just talked about this recently. When you guys go whose team. And then for another 56 years the Yankees Red Sox thing back and forth McKenna. A cooled a bit do you think they're Red Sox yankees rivalry has returned and me to that. Intense level. Well it was a fairly intense left and you if we all remember Jason Varitek. And Alex Rodriguez that it's exciting for baseball league and if the three games in New York. They were exciting you know we. Lost the first game that the second game you know we pounded the Yankees in the third with terrific come from behind victory and a what's great is there coming your house this weekend and a you know yeah I'm very. Positive about our team they've had some ups and downs that our pitching has held up and I think we have the best pitching staff that's the RAI STR a and secondly you know which we haven't had. In a bunch years and then I think our offense is now clicking so. I'm I'm very. Confident that we're going to be playing in October anyway. Hopeful look on what you're ahead. Fiftieth sometimes side guys come to Boston and they struggled their first year one guy who hasn't is for sale and big reason why the ERA is the way it is the staff. Even you guys have to deal surprised but just how dominant he is not well. I don't think I mean we expected great things from Chris that he certainly has. Taken this team in this city and a it's fun to watch him play pitches quickly he is dominant and you know you you know you get spoiled because it when he gets up for on your your simple as well as the pitching a shutout but. It's exciting and and he's got a lot of grip. Great to watch CNET. You talked about he gets the ball and throws and one of those pace of play guys I like it when they get it and throw it how do you feel about the pace of the separate commissioner talking about picking up the pace of play as well. Well we're working on it and we've obviously just little bit this year at the pace of play is not what it should be. We're I do think that too we're gonna make some changes and hopefully. We can see it slide down at the of these games are. Exciting that. I come from a time when the game is it two and a half hours and then you go home and I think we've got some work to do it's still it's not so much. The action that's the time between action and now we're even looking at in some ways and trying to them. Taken an experiment and see if we can limit the number mound visit so we're talking about that changes and the game. It's a great game that. Games can afford to change and you know basketball didn't have a pitched play clock in and night did then there. You can see that you know anything that we can do any way to say it makes it that period of inaction. Short it would be great. Then there's this before but. Accurate changes are too radical. Oh dollars go to baseball and baseball elected epic that if people want changes to baseball and when the game to be shorter and gave sorted Ortiz. Up. And I'm not gonna get whatever I'm going to the first time I've ever said he thought I had heard god tell her that we got I've heard of people that they want a seven inning game at that. Well Tom we can't thank you guys definitely have something Allen issue that before you take your time each year you know that the Red Sox partners come together. And we have almost a 100% participation. And we come together as a group. Two not only donate. It's great cause that to hopefully have some someone at the match ended. This year the partners have. Pledged 175000. Dollars so. We. Very. Committed to. Continuing our our active contribution. I think all our partners. Julian origin. Pledge thank you very much we sincerely appreciated that seat and let the party you went negative. That are in a business that helps build that got an average literally got up yeah we have to. I'm 1101074. Dollar but or gluten it what you guys. What's that 1000003. Thank you. Two in in a way it's probably good that our time it is now as we don't have to talk about it disappointing single point Liverpool. Dale math that they tale of the point. Here Europe today. One I was here I was here all. Not today but I did you did you give me a favor too because you know to elements in any her folks own what does the dogs. And yell out bounced a pitch he threw are surprised at an idea that and we can't find the video so you can talk to and on crutches and over that video we really would preach. How can I got and I'll I'll look at the tired about an hour deceit and thank you Tom Warner represented the Red Sox ownership replied from Fenway Park this is the WEEI Nancy Jimmy Fund radio telethon presented by the.