DHK - Total domination by the Patriots, plus Heath Evans breaks down the win

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Monday, October 23rd

Hour #1 on DHK and we're discussing the Pats win amongst ourselves, with the callers, and with Heath Evans of the NFL Network.


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Does that sit in the comfort of my living room watching the game last. I'm thinking about the poor guy his wife and his two kids they've been saving for months. Finally our opportunity. I mean that seats are great honey but but you're gonna go to see the patriots play you're gonna see Bill Belichick you're gonna see Tom Brady you're gonna see a rematch of the Super Bowl. Honey we are going to Foxboro to see the patriots. You're sitting up high in the 300 seats in pro about halftime on your looking at. Not just listening. Maybe a better story here listening to this Atlanta Florida. The goody Purdue study it was loud here debate right at the play by play for the people go to the ninth. Or maybe you just kind of search. The stadium for better seats because who's gonna find nobody Iraq's securities and artillery lap two and as I don't even know just looked around. A better story though you say out that the of the fought games. Applied the law again like I let us that the falcons gave it I think they want that on pretty convincingly pentagon bought garrison at an eye on all lit area. There was some plunged last night Al Michaels is a lot of people think we do the game and applaud oh. I thought I hop. And then now we had the if you had the over the net you're an obligatory. I referenced from now Chris Collins that was that was for sure back that that was not due east of the calls were better than Romo. Two last night the week to read broadcasting ranking. Item now that he's down he's that was Rick it is one my favorite things every time. National game is that it is in Foxboro acquittal market they wish you lots of daylight had no other way about a 45 minutes the other way here's here's July actually closer to Providence equity arm off that in fact we feel obligated to show you Boston but Chris that it duck boat tour duck boat which is great a year as if from that he learned about the accents. Yeah well. Oprah announced they're all ours and they all it does the mind an all out here a game that he'd done here a lot and he decides to drop that nugget on us last night. While unseasonably warm temperatures and nobody came and maybe Friday. Yeah and they'd been here for a few days they are you are nice and beautiful Saturday. Saturday afternoon he says. Tomorrow night yeah or maybe even Sumpter and their journey then yeah a plot to attack America representative. You know did the they have the meetings with the head coaches. I don't else's you'd angle on the duck boats and headed for fox what is they are lighter topic a Nokia duck boats. Pocket god why. Do downward path that got the worst line is the worst loss was like lazy that's like somebody who's never been to boss right. Let them play this. How it. But I needed out there don't short they're probably it is yeah. I thought Blair I think I heard Glen earlier and he's exactly right nobody from your ever calls it being. No I mean now teens will nineteenth. You know the half but he may be an out and an ironic way maybe. Now. But not as strong broadcast may the fog out to a non it would have saved it as they play by play announcer. Had had some experience today did let level guys in my life I can see where it would have been soul argued who would they were doing last night I don't Barry. And you you've got to Beantown. Yeah I was gonna say because remember the original fog bowl woody didn't have the overhead camera the playoff game January 5 97 super role in your Steelers hawks right Terry Glenn and curse yes one off. Couldn't see anything. And and as you said let it. I kind of got into. Like I I tweeted out last night I was able to give you such a different view wolf things than what you normally get it like you're after I got out there I I liked it when the patriots were on offense because I like to see. You'd look at at some of the throws Brady was making music just the way it all looked completion. I mean yeah you see that narrow tiny window he's throwing into an and you see how he sees it. I mean I know after awhile that kind of wore on I lost I don't like change and so I'm like oh blocked a ha I liked watching game one way I was left. Decorative statement like Diego aren't they are both liked seeing I just don't want to give this way I could see just made defensive players that let you off hours everything the that's James please. And then. I don't fighter replay like that he could see sort of some of the offensive line play and stuff but the defense the players are lost. Ed was litigator sewers again is that I know that was out. I picked separate lives. Good product that goes that low scrambled or eight yards they're both. That was like two yards he's got tackled immediately I'd like this give NBC credit them they had no options. This was ironically it was the first time they've ever. Done a game with two of the sky cams they'd never had to album in operation before one time nice timing on their part. And you know you gotta make due with what you got half the cameras don't work they can't see anything. And right and as they don't want it had a goal and it was so funny because they'd go to that angle he's now this looks fine. It has to forget it go to the widening of or they go to the Booth where you're looking at Chris and now now let's go to that nothing. So. But that aside. What a performance and all that despite our defense as. Our way out back and what does it. Ten minutes then. Yeah I thought the guys finally the defense the fog was the story that defense is the bigger story than the flawed. Here's what other Tibetans was great was unbelievable that he for the tremendous Stephon Gilmore watch and wherever it was watch from the wait a minute. They need to get out there that. Now. I think Atlanta. Help this yes OK right big thing that so many stupid play calls. Now because individually skill wise. You figure Ryan Jones Freeman. Chosen Freeman on the elite level Ryan had an elite season last year and it is good. He's you know he's he's got a great year he's good but at the other guys are fine but. Based on what the Patriots defense that allowed before to other guys your ticket that live together at least build a move the ball and they couldn't and they had these. Dump fourth down decisions they had been noted why don't avoid. Seven I'm thinking while. I mean that you know as as Al correctly pointed out you know trying to drama off sides it's fourth and seven you know it doesn't help any so you're gonna run the plight they did. Yet they convert Matt Ryan scrambled for an angle while you know what this aggressive good for them. The second one at midfield fourth and six and one I'm not so sure this is such a good plan and then fourth and one I don't let's run the jet sweep steer our seasons are gonna make it. He won't make sure want it and I think he's probably gonna. What what they'll probably do it is either move on from a and that he's gone from the staff. Or they have somebody else quietly come in and take over the play calling do duties but check out both all of the fort down calls were stupid. From Atlanta and excel does it came go to pick one up those stupid. They were doing yet. Because it's still not over last year. It's like you're trying to make this statement of hey it's different now won't let it be different yeah. That the fact that you're even saying it's different now we're thinking that we got to establish something in Foxborough tells me that you're still in 2016. They just tried so hard to prove that hey we're aggressive we're not gonna let we're not gonna let the patriots push us around and we're over this of when not over this approval. Know all of you everybody you know I don't with a Super Bowl and their role if they are out over the patriots they're done damage downward spiral from here they're really fortunate to be three you know. They've now lost three straight games all the AFC east and got a fourth one next weekend. The former over go to the jets next weekend if you can't beat that yes. But there's going to be some issues maybe that's from Turkey and goes are you sad news to scores sneaky you know takeaways responsibilities but. They do they look like a shell of themselves from a year ago remember last Monday when we were sitting in here are built talked about. The change in offensive coordinator does make a difference. And you know Ali you know they do have pretty much the same personnel but you're the way you call places different. Last night you're looking at this thing now. That some stupid play calls in the Super Bowl last year too yeah with the other. Right now with the other off fight coordinator but it looked at these last night on what that port Matt Ryan looks like he's just he's he's like. A zombie. Yet but that some laughs yeah him right I understand there's a close relationship with the quarterback in the offensive coordinator and yeah Brady mcdaniels you could see how great that is but. Even if he doesn't get along while Steve turkeys and much of a dozen or maybe you don't see I'd I'd certain things. You spent a legal long time you know not a rookie quarterbacks on you're two or three you're coming off an MVP season. Some of that yet to take on your grown and he just doesn't seem to really. Command to expert guy who has now Super Bowl appearance in an MVP award. He doesn't strike you as day outlet to command the entire offense I'm a top five player in the league in are gonna go the way I go it doesn't seem and that's the case of them because he's not. They're not that's as those cover of rookie season in a way it is like looking great season for him he'd always been a kind of fine right or better than Larry good at the numbers were always good I don't know how great he was replica dome quarterback. Who just throw it had happened that'd be best receiver in the league on this team. So it's gonna help you to have those kind of numbers how the touchdown. When they find the score touchdowns Julio Jones just ribs ripple all anyway hormel Karbala so was Jones on the team all night. If you could you could've thrown to him get a lot more that. Let's see how that works because that was an incredible. Touchdown that was an incredible touch object Julio Jones 85 days was too I'd say like four or five other receivers in the my dealer at a I don't know that many now think him a go to ball was wrong then dropped the ball was in Malcolm Butler they have yet to hands on it he's like ripped away and he took it problem. He was how did he say they did data to sum up that the season that's. The second red zone target jones' had all season first touchdown first look out for him. That is yours and I guess he's an idea saarc. You know look for number eleven northern you don't have thrown him throw the rolling back I mean I don't know why they they tried one and ball on early on. You have Julio Jones the patriots are down two of their three best corners. And those are Ron let's not Rhoda Dovonte Freeman who could kill some of these linebackers coverage they didn't do that so. Again not the tickets other things a bit away from the defense is their best performance by far. But Atlanta also ultimately had scratching decisions today Dan Quinn meeting with the media talking about the fourth and goal jet sweep plight. Said and I quote if you could have one play call to get back. That would be the one. A well as the only 101 ball again and that was that on right there. You were asked him about it asking him about it last night he said there and had a big guys in and inside we had a hard time knowing that the but the euphemism. A hard time getting movement in other words we could run down did not look good Rodham inside. So we don't we can get something on the perimeter. And it just didn't work out wars. No I didn't but why that. Why that you know I don't butterfly we're gonna admit that made big guys earlier this first thought was in the winter when empty. They can quarterback sneak. But then you know I've you know licenses up and emotion is something else is going on OK now's not a quarterback sneak and they do it with Gabriel. Although I did you do it every. Do you have to running backs or heard of what great running back into one solid running in your receiver and do that during the super. Do Julio Jones made his run over somebody or I don't know whenever I looked up to a what you did late they gave. What he did. Every time down there if you throw the right spot yet if a margin of error. You can't really throw the right spot knuckleballer it is often he stole from told you just took it from them you could do that down in the Golan you're allowed to do that. And and they don't in news is the amazing I. Fear though that debt and and we are correctly pointing to the inadequacies of the falcons' offense and play calling and all laughed. But I fear were running the risk of not giving the Patriots defense enough credit losing his because they have this is now three weeks in a row where they have looked markedly better. And and they are continuing to get better and better. Well those of us who saw the either silent thought I saw it a long time ago. I have baby I'm taken for granted because I know I know the patriot defense. And last couple weeks was it 14177. Yes not bad that's not a bad area well. Well play well this week I look that up again rat we're not third worst that Hitler in nineteen there's something called the ninety to 98. I think it does pretty good that you set top five so we're clear that and the boy into week eight yeah. So here we don't expect chargers double bye week in and eat him bent need to look at stats aren't. But you know the American born from Ireland like 29 started problem they're out of it when I was 32 teams. The big John who that's nice pick up the movement have got good movement and there is evidence the defense played this has played great. About their performance against a lewd joneses is is the one guy who stands out. But the running. The war what he did he gets around I run our offense now early in Virginia. And they're able to get some runs late and then but it was too late game was artist I guess. Now to the jets that apple all Powell but they did this the team did a great job. Stop and Iran that we do I mean this is the first week that they didn't allow it 300 yard pass there. The exit stated that put seven games it'll happen once. Also out of the B Matt Bryant which it speaks to the kind of season that that he is happening but did it to stop the run pretty well it's funny he's going into the year. Right at it we also I certainly did that the secondary was the strength of the defense. And now it feels like. They're coming around but the guys up front you know we don't usually give them. Bolts on a credit but that's a hard team to run sari Michael twenty fourths are tort reform prepare. And tightly shuttered away Eliot did you parents in a different lies if they had not given up the touchdown to Lyoto last night out there would have gone in nineteen okay. But their Utley did work. In point oh count ally I don't believe that if you take this the way to go right now and all throughout town schedule at all and I don't like that. He's tied with Dallas but take away week two the whole week just the way that we gave myself I gave him a and I don't believe that there. The 24. Not bringing up the rear anymore no inching toward the middle of the pack the middle third there was that little third we'll see what happens. Last night and we know now that special teams are not a third of the game we know that definitively. But last night was the first time all year where all three phases of the game had big contributions. He had blocked field goal. Now you know you've you've had something from every phase of the game chipping and allowing your win again. First time all season for sure though all three played well late there's not one that. Group that you look at the others say you know in all the beer and bargain like on the office that it make up for the defense or anything like that deals that he actually got. Special teams plays which is good to see because they've been. Given up are taught penalties on special teams that they've not looked sharp what they normally do so. That was the first time I guess you could argue over how strong opponent really was but didn't really matter late. That they weren't able to put a complete effort against the jets they weren't able to do it against some of these other team that art is good so. Even if the falcons are a playoff team this year who cares that you're you were still able to the putter all the other for four games. Best game we've played all year easily ask what is the best game when they look like you can see what they were doing he would have saw on the goal line. Where they they try to run it on third down and you think you know I would you run there by just go for a quick pass in the end zone C settled for the field goal. Even in those cases where he didn't completely agree to what you're doing offensively the entire game felt like a patriots. Type of game they controlled. Throughout. Why after 1617 years of the Bill Belichick regime why don't we continue to make the exact same mistake every single year. Where office defense that this is not a championship beat I don't like guys that are yet I know. I had said I thought. You thought I could take the high road today and always kind of thought that not I was got a document back veteran McKnight told June. Earlier this is a it's going to be a good defense when the best defense that football. He thought I was gonna. You still under failure to buy the wood and a high donate all of his ceiling well somehow I got back a sudden I don't make it to top all I want when there's 44 was so what if you're not gonna give me credit don't throw me it would that we brigade. And Eduardo reunite and I didn't mean I don't need rules limit in general EU we. We day generally went on to. Some bounce off adequately apple we look at is all while his defense can't stop this taking it today and give it to me 300 yard games. And every year they get better and they get better and make it better in hit December. And all of sudden it looked like a wagon again I say go after six straight weeks of them allowing 300 yards passing and you know allowing Devin fun just to fair catch a touchdown and not being on the same side of the field as positive Whitaker. Really could be kind of irresponsible. Just to say everything's going to be fine. Like I understand the patriots are always going to be a contender every year under Belichick and Brady you're thinking conference championship out worse the bet that's the kind of sees that they have. But to not point out some of the issues that they were out. I don't see what the problem is that an and he can also look I think it would say hey there are improving they are proving good belts exit last week during the conference calls. How do you expect a finished product after six weeks. While let's not expect to finish rock product at the seven again they've played well but they're still even room to grow from from us and. I don't have any problem pointing out where where they've struggled or a guy who has been disappointing lord. I'm less or not it. For him to supporting a guy who has been a factor and all all the things you point out during the course of the year simply not even though they do have a track record of success. You can't say expected more from Stephon Gilmore where's he been sadly I have expected more. From from David Harris. Or once again last night your second tight end spot. You know he's not getting a lot from it it was a big missed block. On on a running play that was blown up because you know he didn't get the block so Dwayne Allen talking about so. Only got any NFL only tied into the NFL who's got more than twenty pass routes. Without a catch he's got sixty. Now he's been out I'm sixty. Pass plays and doesn't that catch. And and charged him one day I got to go take a hint at what they get a target last night when he got a target police. Courtesy he had had to but I had not shark get that many targets all year. So he's made he's been out on those that are part of if Decourt yeah. It's a rug out there'll fake it TI thing. Golfer that's the idea haven't voted to it yet I sat down the secret weapons though. I will do here is will bring Heath Evans in just few minutes NFL network analyst former patriots fullback we'll talk to him that return. Back and he seemed to be on ruled out Bill Belichick will join us at four all five here in our studios at Gillette Stadium. It's Dele Hollywood key Sports Radio W yeah. But who cares if you coastal still. There as well those sort of settled the opportunity they'd play like that were so called. Don't know if we didn't predict it it really could go anywhere so just couldn't attack actually do it figures in the wizards coach fireworks celebrations have. I don't know maybe score a touchdown edge in shots of the musketeers the mosque it's significant because thinking that I. Events dating didn't move at all seems unlikely. Yes we can learn have to I don't know it was that he predicted that it was it was obvious before I don't know I thought it was morphology went. Where we cave of the second half so what are you I wasn't sure who was you know big celebration happen with everything just kind of sat there. So that obviously with the video that just because he's so. Tom Brady earlier today talking about the weather conditions last night of July time now to talk to. Former patriots fullback NFL network analyst Heath Evans brought to you by the New England who bought a tractor dealers by Boston volts wagon. And by Leahy health orthopedics. And sports medicine polo. Well that's good morning to hear her notes better for you guys and courageous citizens. Yet you know we were just talking about this a moment ago end and I'm not gonna include Michael under the same Meehan may be some other folks he's the only thing out of it you know he well he's you and I have so much in common were bold visionaries when it comes out there aria yeah and and I am guilty at times of of watching this team watching this defense underperformance say. What the hell is going on here neglect full of the fact that Bill Belichick always figures it out no such. Well little abnormal we get stuck talking about all last week before the other late political lives nobody could figure you've got to be executed. They got to self corrected last week over the jets after the first two drives. And that a lot of the things he admission battle most of last week Jones. Those guys that you do then I came out and tried some of the same concepts early in the game and they were just sitting on the routes and they were in the hip pocket of the of the wide receivers and tight ends and the use all the mantle coaching the things are being taught and preached and probably forced down their throats every day. They're starting to do what they're taught to do and and you saw some good team defense last night it's always the bend but don't break. You know red zone was it was near flawless and honestly the fourth down. The first wanted this Marcia CH in the first four down there they're open three on on fourth down attempts. You know he's guys give up plays really in every game you can be playing the right assignment and doing the right things they'll give up the great play. How do you explain what you saw last night were which is pretty much shut down defense for about 55 minutes. Compared to earlier and earlier in the year where guys didn't even look like they knew they were supposed to be what do you think the big difference is that. Well you know I said last week you don't but he could have better defense when I towers in the middle of it but do you talk about mental you know it just. Angles understanding now beyond over anxious on reason and stepping properly and not get in his eyes drawn away. With some nonsense that's going on in the backfield it's not his responsibility to. It's it's constant assignment football and those things it. They'll always said those in the united percent of answers before you have to feel so if you just. If you just do what you've been talking if you put your head in the playbook you memorize everything you've been taught. You know there's going to be about 10% of the game but did you have to go apply your rules you have to apply. Everything that you know as a football player about what would the surprise elements and so. Again I saw last week on tape they use some of the little things that they self corrected midstream and then today they came out. Last night really kind of hit on all cylinders and and a lot of ways. And I thought forced the falcons to. Two to play different then than they do what they've planned I'm not sure what does the fourth down mechanism for the forced out fourth down stop process was work. Yeah those the fourth and seventh in the fourth and six were where you give up. An idea of you know short field Tom Brady and the one before the half was crucial. Now this is clearly their best defensive performance though week before against the jets not great but certainly better than what they've done prior. So if you look at the last two weeks is being their two. Most impressive defensive performances. Stephon Gilmore did not play either one of those games is that just a coincidence or is or something to that. Well I was in this team is its growth process you know and I think supply those were the shoot has been around that the the network this morning because obviously hasn't been important injury bug. Has bit them it's gonna be up to him whether or not he can settle into. The mental discipline of this defense you know and some of the zone concepts concepts of their right or wrong it's not just man here and they they're gonna run Samantha. And all of an opportunity to show the atlases and still with. Even the man stuff like. Remember just Ellis Hobbs in the first got a new England and in the coaching specifically that the bill would sit and just aren't with him in the mornings and how else would would buy into the teaching and coaching and he's got better and better throw his rookie year sucking sand with the same. He. You've got to. It's it's the mental aspect you know trusting the coaches earning the respect our earnings. Their trust to to go other performed as we started deceit. You a lot of these players do mean this who we know what what Patrick gonna bring to the table and Devin every single week. And and and Malcolm knew there was some talk one on one last night to wield it. And he got beat on that all of all he's playing a lot a lot better football so. We Jonathan Jones I think you can go harm in the mean you can go down. The list and state and these guys are putting in the mid to work and trusting the process and trust in the system that's going to be the same thing for guilt or did you expect. It's it's going to be on his shoulders you know. We're talking NFL network analyst Heath Evans but Troy Brown has is saying he likes to say and he's told me he's told others this just could you don't know their name does mean that they can't play. And and a guy like Johnson that a mostly who most folks around here couldn't pick out of a police lineup suddenly looks like a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. Or the next thing I do so last week and that jets game at second drive he was a bit earlier someone. It'll be them on this and breaking route on the economics take us there's the position the safety I know good well. Bildt told the probably sit on the inside hit and don't let them inside it becomes inside is an interception this is your place. Yes safety help over the probably gets speed on the second drive that second drive leads into a touchdown that wasn't over him last night some of the same exact concept and use all his leveraged about six inches further inside and then when the wide receiver went to break inside guess who was sitting right there Johnson was sitting right there incomplete pass and so those were. The mental discipline us. That that you get to put into practice and in default on the player and I know when the law was a clear cut by the dolphins and they'll pick up puts Mitt go back from of all places and so I did would have been Tommy and Josh and Donte' and everyone told me to do and it worked out former for four years but. It's it's always on the player shoulder to to be able to. Digest what you're being tough mentally and then. When the pressure's on in the course of that game to be able to remember you're talking and we'll put it into practice and it's sometimes easier said and done that. That's the recipe for success in doing. You mentioned Dante he's got to be one of them happen is guys in this building 36 carries last night a 162. Yards. You know you think the patron and 162 less than ten yards but do you think they can sustain at least a competent running game for the rest of the season. I do what expression that even just some of the games that have been working all year we've elected performing games you know the key into east conflict. You're frustrated you know that's considered to guard two times last night with say a very speedy athletic defense. They were to come up and it wasn't just run game it was past game and you get cut in the east these traps at times were Brady just kinda give these little to the second releases in the start marching down the field and then there was this series where. I don't know maybe like midway through the third quarter I believe. You know there's second and eight are second and seventh. Hogan drop city would have picked it up so what do they do that was a five man pressure kind of workable on third down and eight. Same different five man pressure Brady hits cooks flawless blitzes as real protection and he beat the blitz has always. And and they come right back down first intense and another five man pressure and Brady eat some tokens so good old line. Running game obviously kind of you know without explore everyone's attention last night but the details of even the the pass protection. In Brady just be an almost dance around a pocket with the space given. They're it's it's it's the weekly progress shark you know they're they just get better and better and better you know. Now we're definitely giving the patriots. A lot of credit for a complete win but. It's off three straight losses for the falcons and is the first game I've watched all sixty minutes of them this season but they seem like a mass. Well it's it's a broken rhythm and I am as some people look at the rushing yards and put up last night I don't know what at 1 o'clock 110 so much doubt it was a it was a good running night but. What made them in my opinion so dominant Vasher was the ability to dial up. Different scheme to run game every single week and it made it very very difficult so you got so. Todd not tried to stop who's also back then Matty ice became Matty ice for the first time and Julio and some do and Gabriel those guys came arrival. You'll I don't care what your stats sheet looks at the end of the day can you run the ball when you. Have to run the ball and I would argue that do Atlanta Falcons cannot and then. You know can you can you passed when you have to pass balance that we also this word around adult be a balanced offense which he'll date date the pats put clinic on last night. But I could care less what your stat sheet says can you do when it's a must and the patriots showed last night in terms yes. And you know Atlanta show last night that the curtain and and he was even some desperate attempts to try to get four downs to get ten yards in and they still couldn't get it done. Generally speaking. Does a group of running backs to the running backs room like it. When you've got four running backs and a full panel addressed in the same game. Well we're gonna have a cordial and excluded in my you're right I also listen if you've got a bachelor dad of course not you know but I think it's. The the different skill sets and how the system works in and how they can constantly stresses defense of coordinators mind about. Which back is out there and then. OK get this back as four of five different unique skill sets and and all this back comes in okay he can't do this in this but he does this really really well. And then and then you're constantly pressing the mind of that DC and it can of those linebackers. Defense of captains to make calls based on the unknown. And the personnel grouping that comes in with those players so. Yeah at least eight people probably tired of me saying that this is a some mental game and then. You know racial terms of subject of whiskers a few pictures you either I don't think it's just against checkers and I said. No the problem is either rationally Teresa checkers and we're playing chess and that's why world was to Barneys and and that's. Really it and we you stress a coach's decision making so many different ways by. OK what is Berkett Duhalde shoot leader comes 28 this week the line and up in the slaughter motioning out on the slot four for red zone. Past leading scorers on new Deon Grant. It's it's a mental stress and and that's why. The beauty of how they use them is is. Is what makes him so special. If we always appreciate it's time we'll talk to next week. I guess it would take care that is former patriots fullback Heath Evans now an analyst with the NFL network. Got stuck lot of football playing and he loves break in that stuff down. But you just know that in the running back from their gonna really this guys healthy now all of us are all gonna dress that means none of us are gonna get carried the ball as much as we want to rise but. They carried it effectively. Well I think you know maybe it's breaks down like it did last night thirteen carries for Dion Lewis and next in line was a ridiculously. Thirteen 864. You know Brady had five rushes but you know a lot of guys under duress but. Thirteen minute sneak a graphic very fine so thirteen for 76 or Deon Lewis. So he's I think he has become their lead running back he's the guy. 6177797937. This telephone number. Based on what you saw last night are you much more comfortable and much more confident. In where this patriots teams gonna end up the season 6177797937. Head coach Bill Belichick. Joins us at 405 dale and Holley with Keith down here to let stadium on a patriots Monday. Sports Radio WE yeah. I think the coaches upstairs. It was. Challenging. The you know for us. We took a couple timeouts and wasn't really because of all it was just you know want to get our goal line in their own school. So I wouldn't attribute. It was it was not easy for you spotters upstairs. To get it. That instead it will be effective game too much. Strong play Miami coming out with fought path. While Bill Belichick talks about that somebody suggested last night in my Twitter feed that they they they should use some fog had in the stadium and I suggested. Fool for the city in honor of Dan Quinn. Because there's just one abominable. Decision after the other. Now with all that's happened for teams like you see at least their mind when the patriots. You don't see teams generally self implode like it seems to be a case in now. In Indianapolis right now. So the colts get throttled last night TY Hilton goes off on the offensive line right that's always a Smart move in other twice your size and generally eat people like deeper or faster liar she gave him welts and related gonna surround him so today he came back and and he was backpedaling real quick meanwhile first and foremost I'd like to apologize to the team in the old line. It was out of character it was frustrating how the game went but at the end of the day man I got their back I love them to death. I was wrong I'm always against that and I go out there and do 100%. I messed up all meet. And I'm sorry for that. I'm a leader and those guys look up to me and I kind of stabbed them in the back. I'll approach them individually one on one. And let them know that I was 100%. Dead ass wrong is under walked there's no I was impressed that it Robert. No I don't I'm saying for these guys don't forget. Oz there's a lot of okay we're gonna yeah we're good now it would goodfellas oh yeah yeah yeah. If there were your thoughts are had threatened and I. That I'm sure you order what they want the rest of you aren't. All around the league though it seems that there's double or below and a lot frustrated Joseph mix in this about the the military ball Mark Davis prior art is why where how our courts agree and craps all over fugitives this year by the way that he didn't show what are the mandatory meeting today. You want said he said he was sick. Like they don't have trainers and doctors and stop at the facility right we'll fight because right before for another report from some fancy map to batters of the but they had. Prior to decision from the last that you wanted to trade to add that this week. He was saying it's not that came out that he's going to be a bigger part of the offense late hit out of Pittsburgh they're gonna use him more they're what jets for three early why would catch the first play of the game they gave him the ball more of those and around you know maybe they argue some more than now that it totaled at all with Smith Shuster obliged I was Antonio Brown so. I wonder if Bob players are going to be traded or or what's gonna happen with some of those guys. It's probably not a good get I didn't come on say I'm way better here is that when I guess a better. How to my level that he gave up to clarify. Well he's right and I couldn't be sure you sir you. Stocks. Joseph makes it was there and he he could do everything eleven on bell does he just needs to get the ball more. Yeah makes. But that he wasn't he wasn't necessarily youth and even guy even Jeremy Nowak get enough carries. So he was one of those details of the crowd back you'll hear Cincinnati has won as well but he wasn't saying I'm better than him he's just saying yet to give all the ball. There's there's not a lot of Gator players. Andre is you know it it never it never plays out well if you're that guy. You know not a hardcore fans who of course you know bill you know you know I'd do what you put it to grandma I got to look at the other person. Are the comment I got ahead I can't help since I've got to look down at all somebody else's comments go towards your own yeah have shown in the gonna thousands dollars and pay a very good. Did you pull away. Got to go play the hard court red. Yet your great. But other. And those people nobody really agrees with the idea Bill Parcells probably said it best. You said not at the time marks a pyro was the general manager of the Indians and shut him up. Parcells like hey you know as well baseball houses go this year on the court assured their team. It's apparently. Had some victories it those guys are DL he has remarked. Nobody gives it. Yeah I. Guess I. They'd like oh about it anything to say about him you knew the exact date marks today. Nobody differently so that these are all the bathroom later. That the journal about a wide river. I got to act hey I have lived dollar volume is out as ever a moment here there are many investors journal leaving pillow. But it comes out okay you know yeah I get the ball you can do the same thing of having a bill. Yeah it is it doesn't play well just got to go on doing if you're not do it nobody want but the biggest. First it was marte is Bryant is good he's Dockery if Antonio Brown was saying the same thing I want to hear from him either I disagree I think that's where coordinators or coaches might be on the autopsy. If Julio Jones day OK that's a big fish yeah Matt Ryan they're right there thinks Turkey should be gone before Julio Jones is but marte was brides can on the outline where now they're probably gonna choose the coaching staff over you. Joseph makes in a rookie I think they've got it out of here via whatever RTY Elton. I mean it that it's it's likely won't equal the only way we can beat them is if we if we go away from everything we've ever done and we do lists what we've made the point. Before how yeah this is the biggest game for so many teams here when they played them especially NFC south teams that only time or play him in a four year stretch so it's our services. Sort of a mini super boy when the patriots. And then maybe you just decide to do things differently in any all of a sudden all these stupid. Mental mistakes that there. It's not just the players either the coaches brought or not be for and I really mainly coaches and it didn't they just they goal all wait from everything they believe in now we're gonna do this. Not up fourth and sixth midfield. With two minutes left in that I don't want to know everyone there are you would never do that. Ever if you're if you're playing the saints irregulars who you wouldn't you wouldn't do the exact same thing is that a lot of adults act. Because you look at across the field is there what would he do you know he thinks we're gonna do yes so let's go to somebody will be ready for this or that he has. He's ready for what it again trust me he's way ahead of whatever you. It grows like a historic open pretty aggressive. No progress that's what we're trying to do so this is out of the ordinary it's pretty much out of you to do it twice or three times in the game yeah because report. At least I don't need one you say OK here at the one neo we need touchdown. The other two jet sweep but if he could take one step three practical will that have you had bill I thought I played bad I'll I don't know like our you have to look I don't know America I. Those weird and yeah from that angle to those yet to see it all unfold. 6177797937. Died and the phone calls of you coming up next. A Bill Belichick joins us just over an hour from now here to let stadium. Ellen Hollywood keep Sports Radio WB.