DHK - Tre'Davious White speaks on Gronk hit (spoiler: he is not happy) 12-7-17

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, December 7th

HOUR 2 - For the first time since he was hit by Rob Gronkowski last Sunday, Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White spoke about the incident. Needless to say, White won't be forgetting Gronk anytime soon.


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However to gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI programming note. Last night as I you know try to do whenever I can I was listening to up much. And he had Evan relic on and rob Bradford and things got a little contentious. Robin and Evan kind of home back and forth about the whole. Alex core piece that relic had written and and at one point relic several of course rob feels that way. Because he's friends with Alex Koran of course rob you know come on he's a journalist he wasn't gonna take down on them now Alex -- will join rob Bradford on the show tonight at 725. In case here you know that's one instead of your dad's case collide this that your your clocks for that is -- going to be in as well is you know that are humor that just Brad follow him and I four I -- throat he should be -- is -- is different as well as other -- little. The thing I don't I don't know the answer to that I just know that Alex Cora will be on with a rob Bradford who's in for Mott tonight good depth though Herman. Are here. I think we can punt on managerial criticism this year. While. From any one. About are you friends of Korea if I friends are not I'm talking in man to give Lou Lou made is cottage industry Corretja not a barrel well I think we're gonna go the other way. Agree to disagree because that's a REIT because exports for him and you know I think the lot human in view as analysts do you value baloney opinion also exports that's very but it I'll drag his daughter. Are you and I title talking about that and analysts and that's that's all for play money can't overplayed. Overplayed relationships and I don't platelet. I don't need to said he doesn't really hold while they are he said he said he didn't really norm until core became a member of the media. And that they see each other at the ballpark in Haiti what's going on with the team and beyond that sort of thing Luton he he said it's not like they were pals are. The beginning of a beautiful friendship does this over to make that hurdle the other day talking about this. Where that the relics story and he says not a big deal because this stuff happens all the time between players. Players at an all of them he said that David David Price situation I was just shut up they can't remember anything like that price and Packers flee but in terms of a Jeff blonde and Alex Laura. Then corps are going act. To AJ hedge it messed up happens all the time to play that's fine a player anymore I don't wanna know. Can this guy separate. From being from his playing career and no we can't do the same stuff. And it yesterday did you apply to be right about that used thin do you think a man right. It's not is not analogous that matchup completely with David Price situation dumping anything does. But it's like. It's like a minor league version of it. It's a minor league version of the David Price that other guy is calculated. No I calculated I think it's a small what is it that is that a deal breaker should they rescind the job offers they hear the contract don't know but it is something. I don't watch it is pretty interesting about as the biggest story around the Red Sox last season and that to bring in a marrying a guy who had the same thing because of that similar color. A lightweight version let happen to yet there's been a lot of talk over the last few days since Sunday about the grunt hit on pretty obvious why. The one guy we haven't heard from in all of this history Davey is white. Until today. I he has been can clear he's been cleared in the concussion protocol. I can say that he's exactly heavy bag and its director body. I can clear like I can clear he has been clearly are from Boston's protocol and I know what's on our belts. He is able to what not only practice again and that means he's able to talk to the media again and he did today. And and we've got three cuts for yet will start with a one where he was asked how fair. Was grunt suspension. How fair. And. The sale. Man there yeah. It's that time. It could vote on it and I got a son raised and it. You don't think about it it's. Reality. I'm not thrilled not throw a man not thrilled the one says it's a joke. The joke got a broken is that he can. I know that it correctly that is most are sure I had on the football field and it could have. Could kill them. Which is what we heard yesterday seem strong on it you know I guess there's a chance theoretically again and again it's possible. One example there Michael Hamilton on the street did you go to jail jail for that go to jail. But I polar bear let's go to cut to I don't do you say what's on my chic it's I'm sure you get repeated again when we go to cut to. What happened. He's done. He's let me apologize. That. He apologized. Does that mean anything. Yeah and then let the reporters lie that is. I don't ever played it it is all right Brian holiday be asked why he had us call you guys as well it's not just called Texas when an Atlanta hospital bed but I want to talk want to there's a lot of benefit analysis reams of the Pittsburgh report that when we went to the Pittsburgh players last year. Rubin was taking shots at the Rooney's. Was now and Nelson and all. Yes he he we hardly the apology in the locker room it was obvious. Somebody had gotten a hold drunk they're chilled when they got to the locker room and says hey hey hey make sure now. You gotta be careful how you how you. Portrayed as saying the Pope also expressed remorse and Eddie get eaten. It didn't know his name but he did know is number that sought a number right there you could hardly miss that it was right there. I will go to the the final cut from Troy Davis why today talking about what happened on Sunday. Well I have. Yeah. It's. Could pick your tongue on it today thank goodness he had his mouthpiece him yeah thank goodness for the right broken neck. Yes we have bitten off his own time. Horford has kids Malia left in the paint a bite off your own all he could have been killed. And is his son could have been our ultimate that they are the tong and yes there are filed this a close second with the tongue biting. Aired that you're talking look out your heart are ovals and I'm I'm bigotry Davey is quite a bit about pass on all this stuff like joining us world. He you know what I probably would be very pleased that I was in either not when did anybody can called rock. Dirty player because he's got three takes it Eagles are dirty play too dirty dirty air layer you know what if your him if you could double Decker had fine and they aren't headaches. It's a part you know caution you just had a concussion or your life flash of running. Storage get knocked out sometimes there. But he was there a life like you usually get out how his peace and because Smart he's had been in a smarter talking about you know I'm being bitten off. Yuck. That's about it as people's agendas and not withdrawn what heated air you sold back on a discount Arnold what do you do in that situation I think if you stick and some mice. Dixon I think that dentists hospitals and helping I don't think that dentist can reattach your tongue are that this could Ali that I can really skilled that this dog that's right auto bailout around the mount have been around you have been around if you want to doctored but I'll list a don't say look at this as you can and other than us if they go. I don't know net. They got the video that you guys are all. You get dental it was terrible. Without any in that little rebound like if you do I'm oh million. Yeah probably advocate of the death yeah I'm more of a two guys it would keep everybody I don't I don't attach any time off to the sun yup Tibetan situation c'mon now and I encourage you bodily year. Got her real way a couple of ideas and what happens. Is we'll lower. I think he's saying he was playing football at a very dirty player rather our bill does he elbowed in the back had a that they feel they don't the picked up no problem glad to have. Imagine that. It's hard right off and I don't think they have gone from a league Bradley can do that is voluntarily you can't buy it and now that you could Biden. Dixon and it and they all are not enough yep I'll hold it a couple of ten I can't have him I think it's the second strongest muscle in the body. Then turn and Steve Buckley will be right gras would have gotten out Beasley everybody that's a point oh god I thought this tong and proctor to game. And grunt byte up at times and Taylor apologized point seven that's just not me but what I appealed this. I mean like. You know. And our good office on but I got incentives here. China playing his game. It. There was Keith there too. Pretty good. Or obeying I guess you can buy an off your own Tom are there. Mixers each shot down on your dad on why you're eating some gas in it it's the war ruined your day mess you up old ruins your day cut deeply. Yeah but like I think about it the whole thing off. Yeah I mean I really heartedly I figure may be. Half an inch three quarters of an inch I just like the top. The very type departments closest to keep the front. Maybe. And that sort of thing about this in the ground as I used to be two games. You figure brought against Connecticut in two games all the things that could explain death. Al close second tong the tonne populist son neck while death and violence on both are one and the failure to feel like. And I you know yesterday gosh it really got off light if you think about it. Can considering Mia the alternatives mr. Davis white Mary you know doing I don't know I had not looked into that. Because it's not only you know father this kid. You know his wife now without him she was so this is some and maybe she's she's with another guy. Recently loans while you're hopeful if that happens. It happens sometimes. You bet he came here where we're not on a break they give us the strongest muscle in the body I'm Soledad it it made it. Well now what the second strongest positive agenda now for ground three games. And I just all the things he could have done. What is the strongest muscle about it. In Philadelphia guard Michael it's. The jaw with on the muscles now have a it. Just curious by the way to know what ground he's doing. I'm during a guy Nigeria's. Kelly he the other half. He can get around the team he can't be at the facility can't work out be a practice can adjust I don't have time it's constant push ups. Pushes the fatigue the duo over and he stayed here duty go our problems go away somewhere his mom lives in now as got a place in Florida right. Yeah as I remember he was visiting with his mom in Florida I pick at Fort Myers actually Florida teams down there anyway number there at their idea of bronco on the beach and Fort Myers after the Super Bowl oh yeah. It may be in the stands. And yet the buy a ticket probably he's ought to be in the stands short I don't know I don't even know that can be in the state stadium. Washington is able to Miami bad girls are watching red zone go to Miami now what do you know beer can he can eagle so locker room after the game. Our nose out Wednesday's deadly until Tuesday till Tuesday yeah art what happens and it's 830 minute football right. Until midnight or midnight I think so going to the locker room get on the plane because I don't quote me on that got so locked Korea do their interviews. It drafts get on the bus. Buses and to Miami international one of these airports around in Miami international group Fort Lauderdale somewhere yeah and then. Okay good goes there goes the stadium and get yourself play all access pass. Wait till midnight. While and it's just caves and I'm over just relax we're moron. I've just relax fled to Italy at the weekend off enjoy it since he's losing 280 something thousand dollars on a lot more than that spent his own money go to Miami now. I'm. Not. We get back the calls are you guys just a couple of minutes 6177797937. At dale and Holley. Which keep Sports Radio W media who she is because it was dirty I have. Like I had to say gacy did a whole who wanted. You people who wardrobe for sure the minister exacted the whole who warn field. What exact he could you translate that. That they were putting his own that are applied in this does that thing this is that this is the thing I text him I thought they shouldn't jump to. Like that was my initial thought that his teammates to fifteen through the fields. And I was that you can't just the pain will be doing is now in the league and you can't just do that but as some way. His teammate should've let gronkowski know how dirty and how out of phones. They're playing their play was so kind of disappointed in their. I was Ryan Clark on ESPN radio with Ryan Priscilla and he was talking about receiving a text from. Fred Davis wife saying man Ryan Clark quoting him exactly quote the whole who would want them. EM un quote. Yes I could have the time they Malaysians and that's partly couldn't so today radius white was asked about the text and he said quote. That's between me and Ryan. So in other words yeah I sent atonement. He said are a necessary one component is hit radio no I want that I predict it's quite also said quote I'm focused on the colts this Sunday. Once we get back to a bad week where we play the patriots. We'll see what happens. Who. About a report that Rios I'm not either. And they obviously a couple of weeks maybe you know cooler heads everything but I don't know just look at the Bengals and the Steelers and how many years that's been going on for. That this they if they feel like. I'm not gonna lose he can Sammy it's enough and today is light is basically telling you and and the bills are saying yeah. There have been I get him back. It they say that you know why an okay. Glimpse into what will it matter. I don't care. So even if they get warm for the game brought the story yesterday about how O'Dell Beckham go warned. Going up against Josh Norman after all the trash talk and all the only base we've been fighting on the field the match up before he got sort of war warned that hey you do anything and it cost spot. Okay you still get one I shot in an early gains or the other got back into that to me. An update Korea on Ryan Shay easier we mentioned earlier that the. The Pittsburgh Steelers player had what was described as spinal stabilization. Surgery. Michelle steal from ESPN spoke with a neurologist named doctor Anthony a lassie he's affiliated with UConn he runs the neural sport program. He stresses he has not seen Shays here's a record. He's giving his opinion as a neurologist. He also consults with the NFL PA so this is a doctor that the players association sends players do. Asked what he makes of the surgery he said it's not good we're not going to see him this season he may not play football again. He said doctor unless he said spinal stable as sensation surgery is needed quote. When the bones around his spinal cord are dislocated. This is a more severe injury than a contusion. This is a much more severe situation on our hands than we thought. Is crazy over the weekend that they had the NFL look at all the hits the big hits both clean and dirty. And is this an hour on this task at all also a career threatening injury under its arms he's like that's our efforts in every week. I was to back to the call to you guys are Billiton Phoenix I don't hide don't. It's like taking my call first of all want to send personal entourage. Here. I hope. Current portion of notes football it. Doesn't matter much when it comes essentially has to spite you want to comment on wrong I wanna shop played on Sunday march Ursula suspension. As far as will loan. Wilpon as someone who consistently. Executes. An anti Austin by us. He botched a city street mark's very well at checked. And missed almost all the New York centric media ship personnel still there it looked to diminish the accomplishments. Of Boston teams. Austin swinging but terrorist. Bridge spell check corked settlement. Ought you know. You mean this statement that said they're giving the players than our city the city ordered the franchise's. Narcotic I think he Eddie said yesterday lights there. Franchise and I watched I know that the French are not prepared. Red Sox. You don't goes Red Sox are you know. It goes out do you think it was while we're yards this I think I was we are once they got on a long time yeah. But that's but there's Cherry Hill from and and also to you know the support seems quite. That racial components of the Celtics came in the eighties you know Bryant come folks and I think that carried over and I'm not saying that. That it will bondage racist. All I'm saying it hasn't anti Austin. Biased and. Ali you look we talked about within yesterday he he freely admitted that one of the worst incidence of his life happened that the Boston Garden earth but he also. In the exact same conversation talked about how much he loves coming to Boston how much you know he wants the Celtics to be back you know and deep playoff front sweetened make a visit back to the city. He professes to love coming here despite what he said was one of the worst incidence of his life you know blue I don't know win how to I don't know how far back. There has got family here as well. So. That's another reason to come back to borrow things they like that. Now and also pointed out some of the issues that have happened here. In his life. I don't know if now for. He if you are thinking about. I've at a minimum of. Okay never happen I don't know I'm not about where analyst at now I'd say that my name was saved for later and so. 6177797937. I Harris is in Roxbury had Harris. I Dylan. Dale in Cuba act in the questions like why did yes and go. King of the box come race issue when there have been any hourly rate issue that in now and I'm more likely. I did say ten times worse I just said there have been incidents in other cities and they don't keep going back to that same card for these other cities. Oh yeah it elect would have elect when I found dead GM for the eleven hawks made that made the comment about. One law. While there is okay ferry right yet and army of it Donald Sterling own the Celtics can you imagine what that's sort of been. I bet good but I think what's going on here I think elephant in the room is that. We all Knoll did not ongoing. Beautiful call all of would be between personality you've already you're out of a politician look at night on your. Instances when. Yes and yes that means there's a thing of the opener. In night we went out undoubtedly out of Morton's then but my plea of want police aren't you wanna look at it. And build dabble there yet in their struggle more and more than they love the guy. I honestly believe that if you don't like you handle that. It has all the do we're all going to be between. Personality on and in Boston and down and visited there a way of pulling out because they know that we're sensitive to react to being called racist. Yeah other part of two pairs would be a big part two is there enough to discount it Arnold got I don't I think complete reason by aggregates it's a good call I would say that also the new in the sport's all no matter which one you're talking about. Specifically patriots I guess even Red Sox are so successful suit you're doing a national show. The toll makes a lot of sense to pile on those teams when you get a chance to do it right because everybody else there OK could I got I'm sick of Brady too so. Find something negative about him find something negative about the Celtics or whatever else you can duke is your your. That's show is as well on point out to us it's for a national audience. The national audience let's hear it right they don't wanna hear it wasn't pom pom cheers for the. If this is why I think is so dangerous about. The whole Boston. Making Boston. Stand above others and that thing two mill hill let's call it the gold standard. For racism it doesn't exist there's no gold standard is bad and yeah you know racism. There's no city today say well we got it and nobody else that's what we half. It dead just doesn't exist but the dangerous part and that is why everybody would get on board with that. As a larger city to be off the hook and I brought it right exactly. And there's somebody in Biloxi Mississippi and that's write them off to bash Boston. Somebody at Alabama Birmingham this thing and and these handles are not Boston. Com. Kelly's and Amherst a Cali area. Or able or. So we're talking all outrage and there was so one idea which. Every day passes through racial politics you know racial politics are suffused leverage here to. Then there's the other side constraints you know I don't see race is that the other right and I completely agree with cheap access you can't say I don't know. That deals like I don't know that leg but that's just testament. But I think. When someone tries to say that. Race is the reason that something you have to select. Will coach analytical clock so that's where a panel about which races I don't think they were racist and forcing I think you know they were just may not. Up but what will was thrown out that you say will put an act. Yeah it could happen as like it or maybe alert that you know he's elitist throat it's sad. There's a lot of factors in every situation that you have a lot into you know race is one of them look like science experiment of your life. You really can't eliminate all the different variables so people always wanna say the reason that people are respecting them the reason that people are doing this the others to them. Is it because of some. You know what ever race gender. One gave whatever. I am not gay I am not lack not a woman and people don't really listen anything SA ever. Why Seth. I know that everything is set not telling lies that you said about black you're not a woman you're not gays a lot of people listen to a what do you think it is. I don't know I don't think people look and anybody I think people listen to me at least as much they'll let anybody else which if you get about seven seconds. And that you're thought not complete your kind of look at somewhere else and so. Now realistically afford good one minute and forty seconds we have and we've got right there with you but that was enough for all of us pay hanging on everywhere Kelly don't that's right and I think his point about will blog saying well hey it's a part of the story some ET tells us or other part of the story about the same time if you don't think rock was racially motivated. Then the fact that your Davey is white is black is not a part of your story and if you're trying to tell this story than that do you feel the need to be brought up in in this case. 6177797937. Final drive coming up about. Two hours from now about 545 thereabouts the best final drive of the week this is the only filly won so far as president went out of the year as we're in December and so we're we're a lot of got to be fat how about a is that does that rank in the top five final drives and get down here five final drive ranking rollout. Actually at our place. Dale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Clinton did okay. It's. That the previous wife Buffalo Bills talking about Rob Gronkowski today again he's been cleared from the concussion protocol. Practice presumably will play this weekend. Said he can't wait for that game coming up. Fred if rates don't think he's line. I've been I've been his teammates goes back to I'm not looking forward though I was wondering when that team can physically confront wrong you don't have to any aid to anybody any side jobs if cheap shot that you could stop on somebody to do the same thing the elbow back and had even if your 180 pounds. The compliant and a drop in album the back of head. Think of all the risks you bite your tongue off you breakneck. You could die if all of Palestine. And maybe other things vivid thought. Rock critic of the it's one to one game William Moore loves his kids or for an immediate edited. And a life of your wife or girlfriend. Well or unsure on that Wells Fargo. Wheel was high time someone was the mother of the child right one that's true but that doesn't mean there that the wife or girlfriend. Who it is yet he I'll I'll I I would just say that all of us who has the story is suite JBL headphones yes we are and we like them so much we're gonna give away appear before the show was out sometime in the 5 o'clock hour. So RE Christian. No he we should give client care and then he can Wear them on The Today Show now is definitely a show them off to them how nice. The point I Newark with the guys we got to plug on it we got tons of all I would we just know he's officers. It's stacked high and it's like he's he's got to get some home out of there anyway so. So giveaway pair in the 5 o'clock hour don't see your wife or girlfriend listed and in Wiki where all my information. Can't go to a higher authority out there nothing did it two minutes activity as a wife are on earth got a white pornographer. Odd days out Michigan hated Qaeda or special for an. This that would go a long day. All right so quick. I really appreciate what happened on the radio it might well on I completely disagree with what he's saying so far as. He didn't back that he you know the example you guys brought up the Mike Evans I don't need to be a guy. What I liked about what happened once again I really. Article. Michael while. Or has been talking about in the past. You guys allowed the conversation too old. You know I thought it was a really good for radio brought up a lot of topics. I was disappointed in outlook on just failure to. Without the circular argument. Just seeing sort of a because I said so and so disappointed from that angle with respect to how he handled it. But I was really appreciative of how you guys sort of came back atoms and down. You know what I thought if you make it is. I'm wondering you know what's going on what the personal it will mark the very educated. Can carry four plastic and thought this might want current. But clearly it was just. Not admitting that he threw something out there it was sort of average. And you get called on it that he is has had this defeatist attitude like you know what it's going to be listening it was like it's now in the left side is that. Awarded a sort of the state of the country as sort of the you know the presidential thing and everything going on some people are sort of just like Michael who are extremely educated obviously you know what from a hypocrite here. Well lion and I'd hate to think that point five years from now. Win it presumably without you know anything to to further the agenda that go nuts they'll racist said he has apparently 25 years ago. We don't deserves a lot of credit for any change that there may have been in that amount of time of fifty year span you're talking much. What is odd years ago I had to say it's from predators goes in 1992 not great opponents are between then and now now. Is that's. But it has worked out years from now I think it's gonna really wasn't a negative I hope not I hope I Nigel Bennett's comment of of saying of people storm has in the air I hope that's that's the case either can't do that can't just give up. Now it's there's some some weird things some very strange. Depressing things happening. In all over the country if you choose to focus on them and and I'm not saying ignore them. But there are enough people out here you're looking form you're looking at work with with somebody. You're looking for positive person who is who is committed to it. Note changing. Changing things in their community and you can find them lots of an abundance. Trials in Woburn hey Kyle I don't. What's going on account. That I'd done it had a couple things I wanted to talk about. First long look in if you will audio so they are personally can't summon the guy. He brings up stoplight. Oh you know love Mike given this or that you know the crap trillion to two week thing. They'll welcome they've got two games well I mean in my point of view they got two teams could lose the second president during the same exact thing in consecutive years. I mean you good. NFL history clock eyed players have been suspended for more than one game for popular. She told me that Clark's incident last week was one of the six. Arches. Why you have sort of some you know what got some people some people believe that let. And we we played that's what we're talking about this all in what crock could've done. A guy who played in the league Marcellus Wiley said yesterday as the worst hit he's ever seen he played only he's watching these as the worst hit he's ever seen to some people. That I don't agree with that. You don't agree with that let. You know that's why it's it's an interesting country we can have hit millions and millions of people are the same thing getting. Several different reactions. Mean home Ida you know argue with Marcellus Wiley who's played the game and I obviously only watched it but. And off the top of our head we came up was about three just without even thinking. Brandon meriwether and tied heaps was it's much worse hurdle does meriwether a lot of the game. They're just launched ticket game watch Mary Weatherford and I'm that we were talking about yesterday and and Ryan Tom Foreman sir Charles Maarten so Charles Martin of the Packers. Picked up Jim McMahon. It's pick them up. And thrown back yeah. They had every day and act like a child pick them up over his head and threw him down that it legal. As illegal and edited out at worst outing on whether anything now. I mean that many plays in football history like that some many of them have been outlawed. But if you say even in the and that Errol we've been paying attention to. Head trauma and CT. Is so that a lot of nasty it's football's next sport. Mean these people are acting like they haven't seen anything like yes yeah. Does not break that paradigm. John's on the cell phone hey John. You. Say or. Do. A great player right. Which he came off. Really. Picked option as cute guy. Way to carbon fiber a little on wrong arm. You really find it. I've really gotten bad drive into the ground elbow from those guys 260 pounds a year I don't know are you making. Any kind of and maybe got. There have been driven into the ground by 260 pound ground. Actually at work many years ago that our big guys that I went after what might actually able. He can close out a 190. I had quote concussion syndrome. To great troop are a lot in my head to salt table yeah yeah. I didn't even know that next right. So here he had a concussion about it but as I met him in chum with all due respect it's a lot. What does that have to do with whether or not ready that's why it was contest and by the way it looked. So so him out in the he got bit if you see on the line and make him. You would think he. Can old what does he did get hurt and all it's still dirty play. I'm not take away I think bronco desire and so what are you trying to do. Just try to I just don't you get to some very. Nobody celebrities nobody here what we know those talks about as a parity all they said wise my know all they set. John all they said he was in the concussion protocol he doesn't put himself that he you know. Art art argued so. My last one will be OK without a doubt. Awful most common have to drop and some spotlight is that will back and call back. After that game to pearl at the NFL won't do nothing about it no matter how dirty that it will be. I think I think. The first part of what your last point 100%. Correct but the second point is a hundreds and fall yet you know after I had the right well how about that and they'll absolutely get. On foreign suspended thrown out again they're at for that game on like all of Italy and Paris into the league if they if there's a line of guys all trying to take wrong counts as three weeks of buildup for. And so that it's had enough time to talk about not enough time to forget about it so there's going to be plenty of it I'm going into that game the rats are probably gonna say something to both teams. I don't they go after I think women. I think she Davis right by the way was hurt. Before Crockett them it seemed to did you see this things done didn't seem right daddy got I I couldn't tell got ourselves in right. And he just he was just kind of rare for a little bit. And then ground to smash them that he was. But at our alma may be had a concussion there. And gras operator words or maybe it's this little stunning ground game concussion on an open it was dirty play he got a one game suspension that it deserved it and. Because that even our move and our audience forget about it anymore you aren't we are not even talking about it only if he was not in the concussion protocol does and he still get. Brock doesn't easily won in. I don't like that utterly. Now if if you have the other let's see album in the head yep rights are still targeting ahead and but he gets up but he's OK UT there's no suspension. Maybe get a one game suspension and then in that case you get a fine. In this case. Appeal. And NA NA got to change a thing you missed it there's sticking with a one or your right. The fact that he was concur this makes it worse just like due to the it take an opera field. I'm sorry about how I don't think. You're looking out why I Loko is able to move in brown made the play our losses that I've thought was. Pretty nasty hit. I should I revolt for big time pants. But he got his he got his reduced because who's jumping up to celebrated Antonio Brown you're goes. He's so healthy after the game he screaming karma. He's got to be okay. Dates out enhanced competitive I don't. But I Leo yeah. I'd sort first time caller into your program to work out there are sold. Chill out. Inconsistencies. In a I can't understand why NFL can actually. Set some guidelines on but that equity talk the player automatically when game suspension if you create a personal file all. After the play is over or cut about like Oakmont it's. You know it shouldn't have sent to me you know I'm not saying that go on certain certain there are yet to get attention but but it's in itself what itself. Ground rules. And plans accordingly. In particular kind of help that is. I do think it's sop I seriously and didn't make it easier taken out of the hands of you know John Wright must like the you know if you get popped for steroids or refer to carry drugs it's four games and OK there's no really complaining about that. This is a lot tougher to do because Mike Evans wrong key to leave and Michael Crabtree go back to some of the other ones. I guess throne of the same old umbrella but everybody use them differently I mean Troy Vincent. Yesterday said that they may look at the situation like Ron was involved and yes it wasn't you know in the heat of battle quote unquote. They may look at that and and they may in fact increase what the mandatory because they any of that anything after the whistles and automatic game there was there was those two areas that they could have penalized and one was unsportsmanlike conduct and I forget what the other one was. They elected to not do the unsportsmanlike conduct the other one I think was targeting a defensive defenseless player via a look maybe in the future they'll say you know what he he violated both those things. We're gonna get into games from now on but. I tense up a New Hampshire Hakan. They got tied a quick question you that first. If you what it when you watch the 12 o'clock arm and almost sad that there was no whistle beyond won't drink it was a cheap shot all that but how is that any different then. You can hit the other night. Will choose to do is try to throw block as the plane was going on grant the clintons clearly over these all of this standing over a. Jack you know I think I'm him meeting on a stretcher at all lined I mean and then a celebrate it I mean granted a dirty player he'd probably get. Deserve it but how is that any different now. Like. Think because they hit team. During the therein are less daunting as it happens on these guys or talk yesterday you know just listening to I'm reference my Marcellus Wiley again. House commerce those Wallace but Marcellus Wiley memo on mammals said yesterday that you know is if it's within the lines. At least it's football to be dirty but it's football with him but this was not even a football place as a ground. The guy wasn't even looking by the way I do agree with that part I mean guys laying on the ground on his stomach out of bounds in new drill on it is different. Not by the virus by I'll ask a a violent. Violence the worst kind of fell we have today does a little bit more about. Your baby is why we found out he does have a son through Davy is white junior a things like after Davies junior. They're very focused on that I was the mother of the child mama's I'd imagine OK come on now. You push out a kid. Who can't get your kick Jerry cared for as for as long as you do. And get nothing. You know mention. Today is a white fundamental rights under the name to sun through baby just put pressure on your dad have a college degree. So get to get a college degree at least he has a standard now we have to strive for something that's all I wanted to wanted to change that cyclone how my family was. First on my family to graduate from college up like everybody that is coming after me they can strive to at least get a college degree and that's what I want my son to be. All had. Our girl. And a bad day two matters are actually was a second parent and I girl. She is graduating from nursing school a couple of months of Schneider's him after that concussion. Well. And raised in line so it's gonna be both parents they graduate from college. So. What a story you could've could've changed that my outlook of young tree debuts like junior. Notably the movie where you jumped twenty years later worked for Davey is Floyd junior he's on the get revenge on Rob Gronkowski is an aging rock right now I'll revenge on or I haven't Glock of your retire at that point after Brady is pregnant or else they'll play a guy with his wife appreciates that he didn't boards. Hell yeah I don't really know it's really. Six 77797937. Daylon Hollywood Keefe. And Andy sports training and don't Julie.