DHK - What is Kaepernick hoping to get out of the NFL?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, October 16th

Hour #4 and we're discussing Michael's hatred of Dan Fouts and more on Colin Kaepernick's lawsuit against the NFL.


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Fourth and final hour dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI to patriots Monday were down here to let stadium. You'll hear Bill Belichick coming up on final drive and about 540 for those of you who missed him earlier. Little sneak peek for you boys and girls. He's always had a good mood when they beat the jets that's right. And style points don't really matter much to when you get a win on the road against the jets at the good day for him and let's go to there were a lot of stuff points. The backing. I really well the fight back in a fight club back made a couple Bates plays look at the second half noted another back to back solid fourth quarters they used to it says. Well bright spots one gras to Brandon cooks and others after a tough start three. Malcolm Butler. Is there any question about what was your best corner Knoll none at all and it was well there was oh no there was just there was when there was for him when they gave Stephon Gilmore third I don't usually don't let everybody come on everybody thought if I don't think he signed for six to 65 million dollar contract servers and Alia. Malcolm Butler still better than Stephane Deo yes. Really equate it to put the bills everybody said Butler was the opener that's an idea to number one corners but. Going into the last year would anybody in the world said Gilmore was better than Butler I think. It's just good to get paid more than does it mean that he's a silly better he was an unrestricted free agent Butler. Was just because there's no word doesn't mean he's better how about would welcome Butler leaves because the patriots on sun to a contract and you have. Gilmore over Butler now like part of the reason is part of reason you have to moreover butler's that you pay Gilmore a lot more money let's. Tougher to move up from so. But available free agents in the same year both on restricted free agents. Leaning Boller got more money what it. What are the patriots who did the patriots had to pick between those 22 players. Because essentially they did. Yeah I don't yeah well really. At all that we thought was getting to a point where they were gonna turn out there ever thought Malcolm what was going to be new Portland's. So don't know the audience here. So let us. Like he gave up some place yesterday is likely competes at all times even after getting beat. And sometimes you get upset about it and discipline Fargo are completion and still trying to rip the ball out of the guy's hands after it has gotten beat but. That's well loved by. Heidi Collins fumble on that always going after all day so yeah he's a guy you want and I hope that he's here next year but I doubt it. Some signs of that money now I don't think it's gonna be here but we'll sleep. And and we also have to point out by the way the the breaking news and it broke really in the first hour of today's program. And it stands to reason we would bring it back you know the last hour of today's program because it was breaking and it's breaking now. Michael Holley has declared that. What you heard yesterday was the worst broadcast team in the history of earth he is really to especially again I've also dealt he's got really down on our thoughts any of the personal vendetta now against I eagle at all every other guy on that best that I played well. Yeah because you know I saw the list and was put together about Richard rice it director TD HD it's like to Wear today is to torture our I think I hit some peoples that does that does that. Sir Richard dates and he was explaining his list and he was writing about things that her from you guys and everybody. Seems to think that the lists Sox. Only vote that day says that their I think it's a little lift any any any. As the president Andres but they deal. Entrees can Andres can't talk yet silly bar off it was a put him on the season it's his shame that he was left off the list. Head he also want to make that distinction that there are many fine local broadcasters. They needed put on this is more of a national thing over there sits a national thing. Don't have these. National broadcasters who really are local Brock now there are not guys they iron eagle. Is it local broadcaster yeah start someone's always Marv Albert the Bart Oliver tonight locals OS like mourn. Today art New York fan so we're so Sean McDonough. What did you want them to start the job done now what I'm listener monitor football slowly he's a local broadcaster Nolan and I don't get no I don't get the sense. That he is rooting for. Or rooting against Nadal in New York guys you can't take it you are Albert who he is on tomorrow you'll hear I guarantee you'll hear he hates Boston definitely good news according to NBC sports Boston yeah. I don't know if you've heard of them. If you from the get their new outlet a idea weeded out today that it looks like LeBron may be playing tomorrow and yeah it does you'll hear it if Marc does the game you'll hear it and they're very down the middle buried this state. Ed I Celtic. Tones on carrier ring knocks three Iraq gonna get a U verse. That I well they actually supports the broadcaster here's a little some days time. I'm an eagle yesterday you can't tell me like I was not rooted for the jets I know you'll. Now hardcore doubt that tough the tough broadcasts all the way around by the way when you do hear Bill Belichick later this hour there's no controversy for him. They called the rule exactly as it's written they got it exactly right. I've heard a lot of patriots fans interestingly enough bitching and moaning about how the officials screwed the jets which by the way if they did I would applaud them for. But statins projects if that happens the patriots though we would be. Lose our mind. Yeah especially if you're watching the broadcast you know had no idea and don't have any local any insight on what I figured out yet and others are you OK I think. Let's not let. Oh my god CDC is don't say anything for a second is don't don't admit to us that you have no idea what's happening and body did admit I heard our are almost sister station unfortunate. That our families can come together like a button is always close but listen his own lack. By the way the reunions with Keith wood and a little income into Malaysia should not really. That idea that cricket term but it got some things are through here in any of the body from our are almost sister station policy. Like I keep doing so. It won't tell it like a well I have my favorite guys that for us not just a sit outside our guys go our. People had looked. That's what exactly a year plus of our I don't know it's a delight you molecular down month down the remote that change when it was desperate yes. So I sort of that network but zone lack of broadcasts of all this league has issues that's not a touchdown. I gotta be honest here he's going on and on beat the horrible call. So. Nobody does is the leaders build ballot until they're glad that now Scott this is why all well OK the ashtray other people not understand that. See so clearly while I. As is very confusing now and CBS didn't help anybody win it but that's just you don't see that dialogue like you'll see you'll see fumbles all every game you'll see touch backs every game but one like that. And you'll see me was that a catcher wasn't a catch just about every game but that is a pretty unique play. Freddie to have the ball for as long as he did to lose it. Then to gravity again but apparently not even have full control over and I'd be out of bounds and then at about at the pile on. So touched. It's easiest thing in the in this sixth game of the year the patriots when it it's against the jets and it's easy to say I have got to rule right. If direct graduate loses Super Bowl. Looks like I got a off the drive it I just thought that the falcons game to come back and now now James White players on the two that touchdown they were just got in had a review it. He gets it might. I don't I love Kevin Harley a brokered this guy. Usually it's the fourth round pick you know weird you don't own an active. Whitman. That's Balkans touchback soccer ball that's what that of the 21 that the I just assume Kevin would know the rule. You know era now well no vehicle alright my over there. Typical crazy there what do he would he would go yeah look like a touchdown until he does the great that he always calls the touchdown. He doesn't do like the Bob Costas where. He's the wait was that okay yeah this collapse like that happened and it well IIII. Know dropped it a volley drop it just apply Pope led you see it that's. Arlen does which is pretty which is very pronounced Michael I'll give it your best friend that's right that's for. Treatment from frost no I think about it that's OK I know where we stand as a record you know Kara are and so I think we draw all the die off Twitter today. I'm actually and Providence. Drove off to apparently. There was this guy to death under a different name there was this guy who tweeted out a picture. Of the patriots yesterday. And it showed a bunch of patriots in the end zone with their back to the middle of the field like facing towards the stands for any rate and Neil yes. And this guy sent out the photograph and said and I'm paraphrasing him because he's now deleted the tweets I can't quote it Ford. But it it basically said you know this is disgraceful. Patriots. Kneeling. You know with their backs to the flag. The line it was all a lie that that many of the members of the patriots including by the way everybody Matthew Slater who was just in your few minutes ago. Before the anthem. Take today that says it to a knee and pray before the start of the game. That flag it was being held on the field was clearly the New York Jets flag and green and white all of the American flag. When the when the anthem took place. The patriots were all lined up on the sideline. Right hand over their heart left hand on the shoulder pad at the player next to them. Every single member of the patriots. This guy just flat out lie aid. Lie in an attempt to make the patriots looked at and what he basically said the boycott needs to intensify. They get the right way it is he had they worked it this guy what's fake news but I think we drove them off Twitter because the deleted the Wheaton river and nobody stripped off Twitter refer was way more Putin's voice. Well I I said when I tweeted it out I said if this is a real person and not a four and troll. He deliberately lying if he could be one of those those four and box out there Bob a 1151000. Followers sex robot. I don't know he you know. I don't less regard. But he he's you know he's out now flat out my I don't know where he went gaga. He deleted the tweet he's in hiding he tried a lot of push back from that. But that's the crowds is you'll see that and that its reach created a million time idea is all the people who worked really just to make. As for the don't pay attention than they hear that and they think it's a big big issue still only. I do wonder what's by the way to the cowboys the cowboys are off this week. But that's the one owner that is saying if you take it near not playing and apparently there's reporter over the weekend that. Some of the players are really love and that right dance now we get a chance to see them there on the bottom next week there in. San Francisco all places and we'll see if they do anything there that Jerry Jones asked you. In force's new policy that's. That's give me 14 launch kind of backed himself into a corner yeah and well well look what player 515253. He probably doesn't care. So he's open one of those guys does it so we can look tough let him back it up at that press god Bill Parcells cut the guy the first day of camp. It was gonna make the team anyway but you know you do with Dez Bryant scored the duel with Jack prost press got a good luck you know to be asking for trouble there. And that leads as to what we've been discussing that with a hole Colin -- predict situation he has so filed a grievance against the National Football League. The NFL PA gave out one of those generic you know we stand by our players. Sorts of releases. He hired Mark Geragos is is attorney. And and what they're basically claiming is that the National Football League owners and the league. Colluded to keep calling Capra nick unemployed. As a quarterback in the NFL. Not really sure reading through this what it is he's hoping to get out of this. My guess and welcome and I'm saying if it's a pretty guess on my part to assume that what he's hoping is that by threatening discovery. Roger Goodell in the NFL owners say Roger we can't have this guy you know dig around and are in our emails and stuff let's give a bunch of money making go away. It's the only thing and copilot. Or just bring attention to this you know keep that keep the conversation going which she's not partaking in. Why he isn't he's not he talked to anybody he is not. He's not taking part in that but you know he first did it in the fall of 2016 here we are in the fall 2017. And the president of the United States and the vice president of the United States continue. To reference that you know starting to. I would say eighty. It wasn't going overwhelmed mainstream but it also wasn't getting that much attention until trump. Brought it back into and to focus so like. Everybody was talking about it was that the hot topic like it was in the fall of sixteen almost seventeen. They season was going on some guys would do it. What none of really were were being as full cool. As Colin Capra nick was last year or not we're getting the following the Japanese got last year. So it'd have the same type of same type of energy same type of blows. It's a truck. To trump brought back so if you asked well what is Kelly Capra knicks point let's troops. I don't transport was due to Davis Davis got don't want over here. Here shiny Bob but no but may be his point was hey look over here. Because this is something we can all agree or most people can agree on that list is bad these people are anti American. So focus on the anti Americanism happening here. And just like cholera cap critics point is hey I don't like this conversation stopped so now my ticket to another level. I'm going to take the lead to court. On the I disagree with the Michael does. He doesn't care about the conversation he's not partaking in it. He's not talking he's not saying long time but that conversations going on by the way he set but he said in the spring until now. If I'm playing for your next fall I'll be stand in for the and that the best part of it. The conversation. Is this happening even though. You're not you're not leaving the conversation yeah right they're talking because of. Or are they talking about a fifth for the most part they are smiling yet they are and I think is so they're they're talking more about. The military edited does this disrespect the country or not that took them 99% of the conversations van. And from what we're led to believe that's not why cap predicted that to begin with so when you look at it you're right he started this in the fall sixteen. Here we are in the fall seventeen. And to meet the biggest difference the biggest change overall this is act average unemployed. What what else is really an agent once employed he'd be standing for the anthem. A three said he would so righteous let's what he said I mean I can only take them up this hour it's amazing that he is still. They thought Mitt amazed that the right word but he's the first got to do this so he's the one that gets all the attention you know it has been in the league all year. Marshawn Lynch sits on the bench every single game. Though raiders aren't gonna cut him. Rate he's still on the team is a lot of their starting running back there's a number of players that still take it mean. Not as that is or was obviously right after that we can trump but still a number of players across we've taken the no is ever questioned that the teams and instead artist who legitimately said they should be caught early should be gone. So it's weird that Capra still gets all that that's I get I don't think there's this whole collusion which is. How this all started today because teams are currently employing players who sixth in in players have taken it before games. A by the way today when Mike McCarthy the Packers head coach said that. I'd looks like Aaron Rodgers season is done he needs surgery on his broken collarbone. According Adam shaft there McCarthy said that Green Bay would add a third quarterback to the roster they just elevated the practice squad guy to the main roster to back up punt late. He bristled at the idea of the team would have interest in Colin Capra. Our personal. Life Brussels Brussels. Was it sounds where it's sort of like Hitler normal state I think Byrd and doesn't look I would Brussels line. The could have fought it out McCarthy looks they I would definitely a flaw. So let's get them if if you're Colin captain and his representatives walk. What are you glad to get down here not know but I'm saying for why why why would not the cardinal had that type of reaction. And I'm not a great quarterback but you know well maybe now he has that reaction because this is the guy is still in the league right now just from a week ago. They say that. In not always a guy who's who in the NFL right now I don't know feel that's what he meant during his bristle. I give you sixteen of sixteen touchdowns four picks last year on a bad team. So he can say Ollie eat into a great job because starting quarterback for the most part for the for a horrible team last year. And his teammates and that he was a. Instrument you're starting Brett Hundley yeah we call Bristol and got flawed that. It who's their backup now who's now it's our practice squad colonels or. The BD three player problem. Could if airlift is Marjorie. The diamond in the rough there details guess. The what was your quarterback in whole part the couple weird though Clark Swanson and we Sean mr. either of them get to the ball enough milk god spoke to. Don't know I would want it out and athletic guys could lead against them better that somebody else to about them. Back to the calls tenors in Pittsburgh ate dinner right on. Good guys without. What is everybody seems to forget college athletic thing is he actually turned out working out million dollars from the 49ers. Not real totally not really got to click we've got to clean not really he is about to get Cutler they were gonna have to pay it anyway they're about to cut them. He just did that you get a head start at free agency. I. On how close they were going to cut him they told him they were gonna cut it he thought at the time is gonna give him a better chance who have been part of the free agent pool sooners that we thought he had a better shot at getting another job. The point being here is now going absolutely for collision went. Why Bible my letter he opt out of the park. Who's about to get caught anyway when you're well known. What did you think whatever happened ten or if he doesn't opt out of his contract is he playing with the 49ers today. Now I do think. Neitzel and. We have conversations is that what what do we do this event like okay by the letter of the law shore letter of the law he opted out that's what the that's what the law is gonna say college I predict opted out of his contract. Public we you know it and I know it and and John Lynch in a senator their rookie general manager. We're not gonna keep them they weren't going to keep him we notice. So we're going up his calculation about our hat on literally all this detailed it doesn't even matter. Look in my opinion he's not the NFL because of his political stance. I Yeltsin had a group Nowak I don't believe there's collusion and I don't believe you could prove it if there was collusion. I don't think it was always certain efforts if you and at concerted effort on the part of honest to opt not to bring in his guy and right. Get a paper trail. That a deal anyway if you admit as he would tapes if you had a conversation. Especially if you can get the commissioner on it. Or just a couple of owners together you know simple I all side if you don't sign them then you have. Something and they'll be crazy for the league to do you ask god to save the league could make a mistake like that put. That would be shocking if they did that they did. I'd love to hear those tapes. All would be. Hi entertain right stuff. I just don't believe I don't think they did I just think that it was an individual choice by a lot of different owners those who. Had a need for quarterback it's atlas is just not worth it are. Actually I think the guys who play football. He should he is he has the ability to play in the NFL. You can disagree with his methods. But. He is he is one of the best fifty quarterbacks. Play throwing the football today I don't know so he should be playing they did just. Call up the Packers just called them joke talent and that's the guy from the practice squad Villa went to Wesley College yet deeper deeper into that yes. Three guys. The school. What are Wheldon was he was on their practice squad where is already was there Wesley I had no idea. I can look it up I think it's like Ohio. Somewhere in there. Dollar tired Dover Delaware Wesley OK let the college crossroads of a million lives were crime never takes on the gas so. How about none of us have heard that until this moment now a culture that little part of me there's the playoffs. On the playoff idea because our public amount joke now at a photo that even they beat them. Was that it wasn't a you know elite eight matchup yeah energy entity that could be called art I Diego. A top twenty power division 36177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep Bill Belichick and our final drive coming up a twenty minutes from now. Sports Radio W media. Final draft coming up just a few minutes. Head coach Bill Belichick joined us an hour earlier than normal I know many fuel. Aren't available at 3 o'clock to hear him so we'll bring him back in our final drive. I find myself now Michael looking at news stories and hearing rich keeps voice in my head. And I am not try to work your side of the street yachts finds but I see I see a potential key for madness and in this one story when he got refusal for tomorrow. Men hides in woods for ten years to escape nagging wife. Mortal of Coca I like that that's a good story. Parity when it right you want a lot of questions right Michael and she would receive looking for him for ten years she's nice guys did not start acting like working through she was sure they don't well who are right that's that's it yeah. Well it appears he can't be out there in the woods. So I Ayers didn't think that the divorce was the best option never has it costs money money yeah yeah force is cost auditors they get real nasty with I don't know how you spend a lot of money when your hiding in the woods who bottom sheet that. I think just about gas bragged about by the year it's not a I will be listening later on the week because I'll just. I'm won't be surprised at the suddenly appear definitely agree it's it's of it's a pretty good when I was killing. Are back to the calls that you guys bill is in Framingham hate they'll I don't. Regards. I'd supporters say this looks so everybody agrees caller trap and the shoulders financial players they all agree that if you can stay and lie down you'll do whatever you want. What are what is the end and the future column OK you got it. She wore I don't slicks social justice and police say that all. All what do you want to ask it will I don't understand their. It's you have twenty million police officers. Earn zero point 001. Well. And they happen to shoot at unarmed black eye after all those social classes and everything took place. That would be the number one elevator story across the country it would just put that back and spot. I don't know what he walks app than what you say they call one. What are you what are your thought wanted to do what you want what do you want I don't understand it that's all you guys didn't. You know maybe it'll. Did Colin after it at that. I think he will be able to tell you what he's looking for oh and you may not agree with that or not but I think you would say. Know that type of programs that he would like to see it plays detective conversations that he would like to have I'm sure it. We just got her from a we haven't heard. Yet but speak but does he have does he have things he'd like to see sure. Shouldn't those people you should he have been a little more. Pro active during this this long silence of his while other players are left a while there and and pick up the always who was the Seattle player. Who was on such and all the ball movement and it's like Atlanta or both of great job Doug Baldwin is the guy yeah. Chapter and first of VO bring back the dare program and schools into this into this that. I mean wouldn't it be nice if Colin can't predict what's out there saying something to somebody. But you know if but I don't think he was the only was he cannot predict in this is this story in the snow it always happens this way. You know one guy becomes the symbol of everything. Account predict is that the only player. Who who thought hey we've we've got to do something that would I've got to say something. They couldn't agree as the story goes they couldn't agree on what it was going to be there are gonna do something collectively. And Deborah McCord it was a part of this. This is congress it was like an exchange. And wound up in twenty or thirty NFL players. All part of this texting capita was one of those guys on that texture. And they couldn't agree on what it was so Capra neck. Decided to. Sit first. First you set right then he took a knee. So he became the symbol of it but he's not the only person who said. You know I'm uncomfortable with the with the injustices that are happening across the country. And as a football player who's a very privileged position I've got to be able to see somebody that. The issue is if you're gonna go rogue solicit their twenty guys on the Texas memorial near the first one act out on it. Hopefully you're a pretty good spokesman for that I would be what my criticism would be as if he. If it was Doug Baldwin lets say that was the first one to do it. There immediately after the game he's at a press conference all the microphones or ask him questions and he is able to explain. Thoughtfully why he did that. Don't get me wrong they're still be people upset with it and they'd be making any disrespect the flag bought. I don't think you'd be as confusing. As it has become I think if you very early on doing a better job. Yeah and I don't know if in. NFL players. Could look at captain nick as a god they respect because he had the courage to do this and it cost him a likely cost him his career. So he turned down an opportunity to make at least a few of them you million dollars is a backup quarterback somewhere. Because he stood up for what he believed it. So that there's respect for him on on that level but. Also many guys who were taking in the guys were raising of fists they don't see exactly the same way. The Capra and it does for example a lot of the players who were kneeling or saying. I'm dealing could have respect for the country and I feel like the solutions are within the system. Whereas jeopardy. When he was asked why didn't vote last year he said I can't support this system. It's it's a system for the oppressor and the oppressor is not gonna allow you to vote your way out of oppression but I think that is today. I don't think that is a mainstream. View of kneeling and fist raising NFL players. So Connecticut for Capra nick too. To beat the spokesman for all of these guys I don't think he is that. A yeah and there are a lot of players who were more word kneeling thinking that the solutions are within. The framework of the system that we know right now in the cap predict. Is going in a different direction oh where his comments these comments from last year suggest that he's it was something bigger net. Kevin's in bill reckon he can't you don't I you don't what's gonna do it. I like that that I buckled to defend Ortiz on this offers. To defend director they would vote when gonna sell sterling got caught in what he says. I believe Obama had an opinion on in your league and you got artwork on him at the time you guys are old trump I can I could tell from the government your voice. Venom. Yeah yeah we are very familiar veneman my voice for not talking about the president and we even mention him hardly at all all it knows though that there's no venom it was named Kevin. Kevin I know venom. We'll talk. Trump's opinion was almost all of almost believe in the people kneel down there you're our national like. I couldn't did I and audit no I didn't like what he said I'm not a fan of if you asked me in my element that both warm know my history and of of the way he's handling this controversy no I'm not. But there's there's no venom involved. If you have a problem when now Obama spoke out of a double stroller get picked out of the NBA and having a great call it it. I don't remember what Obama I know that there I don't know what he said about Donald Sterling but I didn't have a problem with Donald Sterling. Bing out of the league. That's the interesting thing about sterling. Was that. It was already out there it was few years years and years there was information. Public information about sterling. And what he represented what he stood for and people chose to ignored. And the irony is a guy who probably could've been kicked out 1520 years earlier got kicked out because. That's straight from his ex girlfriend Muslim. By the way he didn't he get I I've got Kevin Kevin I've got Barack Obama's statement here he can say anything about taking the latest property. He said the owner is reported to have said some incredibly offensive racist statements that were published. I don't think I have to interpret those statements for you. They kind of speak for themselves. When people when ignorant folks wanna advertise their ignorance you don't really have to do anything just you just let them talk and that's what happened here. Yeah I don't have a problem with what does that disagree. I don't have an issue with what he said. That and Z so I was kept haven't gone as we got a we'll take a break will get to our final drive and a head coach Bill Belichick in just a moment dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEE.