DHK - What you can criticize Belichick for; Why the 49ers need a “large jar of vaseline”  when negotiating  with Garoppolo; Derrick Mason joins the show

Dale & Keefe
Friday, January 12th

Hour 2 :The guys ponder what you can criticize Bill Belichick for. Former 49ers GM Carmen Policy claims the 49ers will need  “large jar of vaseline” when talking Jimmy Garoppolo's contract.  Tom E Curran gives a fans a reason to shut off social media and enjoy the game. Former Titans Wide receiver  and current on air host in Tennessee Derrick Mason joins us to discuss the Titans opportunities against the Patriots. He gives credit to the Ty Law calls him the best cornerback he has faced.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. When I was listing in rap port this morning when he was on was that for Callahan I was shocked now. Somebody told me somebody texted me from the first cowards and you know he's been saying this for awhile. Just nobody was listening to. That wraps reportedly shouting go well that that Rappaport has been saying they were offered a two and three. We'll just sort of took Mary Kay Cabot at her word back when it happened in the spring and ultimately we ended up taking Terry Pluto at his word that. All well Sasha would have given up the Houston Texans pick which now is the fourth overall pick in the draft. Maturity of its true and it's certainly does change the entire complexion of this deal. If what you find out it's not then there was never a first round pick involved in this I. It changes the entire complex and it's only changes some of the because it it changes what you may have thought about. Trading him before the season what he could've gotten men and there was this huge haul maybe it wasn't submitted out one of the reasons why capital but it doesn't change to me. What happened at the trade deadline. Because even Rappaport says it's not like you've got. Another team on the hook you literally just want to the one and say we can make a deal you'll make a deal. Rather than and they really trying to to have to push it and see what else he could have gotten. Which I feel it more often than not the patriots rule would do agree with some of their other trades I don't think they care to. Where the player here as a no question. No question while they changed now. Can we can debate you know well why we're Christian story part so why would they change. If you believe wicker sham they changed because of Robert Kraft. If you don't if you don't believe quicker sham. You'd think that Belichick held on saying OK I I'd know my move of of holding on to grapple until the trading deadline. Well cost me a third round pick. But are gonna cost me a second round I I think I can trade for a second rounder and our second router later. At least I get a second rounder for a guy and who knows in game five Tom Brady may go down and out got Jimmy Rocco. Halfway through the season yet there's still a chance of Brady get hurt but halfway through the season Brady's playing well. He's he's he's just as good as he's ever as bad as he's as he's ever been and it's time to move up from grapples so. Now I need to get a second round. Yeah I do think that when they got to the deadline. And it was clear that we are gonna get Jimmy grapple assign and I'm not franchising him. I I know we all think that was a viable alternative I don't think that that Bill Belichick even considered it for a second. I don't think he had ever had any intention of franchising Jimmy drop did you think it's crazier to think that he could sign an extension that it is to figure out the the minutia that would be the salary cap effort. Well who knows. Who knows like you know you got to throw it out there and I do you think it's crazy if I'm this guy I would sinopec. Maybe maybe he's all about the money you may be is that agent will will take the money up front right now on that one but that is what you wanted to add another one of our unity even if you got that yet at all and earlier to get him to sign a deal reasonable reason field. You say if I got to the highest what are you doing a lot of thought to a competitor did you win your. You know what we're we're on the remote comfortable here to think so comfortable with up to I do it's one hour into the show yeah. There's a game tomorrow we have talked about in a live report. Fourteen point spread everybody in New England is comfortable aren't they have you talked to anybody dale anybody like yeah we're talking of the folks in Nashville they don't believe the Tennessee tech short I was talking and I'm gonna win this thing I was actually a little talk and we'll talk but against a lighter keeping our -- off all know that it is an ideal city that is nice that is the nice city. But let's talk them they're very pleasant people. Asked about the Shaughnessy. So yeah they say he had very pleasant person a year ago I was in shallow shots I think it showed that same show but same station and so there there were all buzz about Johnson should get there where did they say what's his deal. Now I think they know what is dealers added at this point. About half an hour to file you don't know what deal if you don't but they don't think I don't think the titans can win. On the can talk in the topic anybody who says that nobody watch out. Nobody nobody even can pretend. The only thing you'll occasionally either through a caller text or tweet. I'll get you out the last time you thought they were gonna kill a team look what happened I mean. The writers he yap it's it's the jinx factor not because bella that's the real deal right what is their worst team that they played. Playoffs. Yes let that are used to look worse yet. I hung out one yes yeah awesome on an island wondered Oslo. Us while they're really good receiver got all pro receiver but. It Brock got sore but also as Michael Irvin said hey don't breathe on a quarterback because quarterback to make your life beautiful or in the case DeAndre Hopkins. The court back to make your life yet that really really unpleasant and humidity right Houston is Israel and other injuries and had JJ watt particularly immersed list. And had clowning in those guys were doing some things that we gave last directed. And so. But I think I think that Houston team were what sixteen point guards. And they get now you have an and they didn't cover. It's pro football talk did a thing saying you know double digit favorites at this stage of the playoffs are pretty unusual. Alice at the patriots. Basie big that it happens with them you know sixty points last year fourteen points this year. They going to at some of these games is overwhelming favorites at times. Because they're better I'm they had they had clown me they had boy we say they had Cushing had merciless they had the under Hopkins. It'll Brock cross those probably of the big difference all of this Marcus marionette and hid bad this year this isn't Mary go to from a year or two ago. I figure the very that also I just because you know what you what he's capable of but it's all he is significantly better as the seed Nadia no word here. So I was asked you guys are armed to come to I know I think so I. But you guys that you're not playing as an act like you know just as as a fan of of the patriots yes I'm a fan of the patriots beat the president. And so there at all Michael Europe a reporter I don't. What's the problem and I know I have a wish to patriots Jersey damn oh yeah detergent that. I don't actually only my time I don't know yeah. At this patriots jacket comic it's gimmick Chris. And I got a Jersey New Jersey today and I don't have one get a get a hog managers the veil threats nobody Nelson a department. As a warns that once said that my service Jersey. Certain neighborhood that I do I got that Jersey on Andre if that played that was started all of our data over an eternity ago we gonna do it. I thought I majority in the regular old block actually a well this is playoff game I think it's going to be playoff game number 35. Yes. For Belichick and Brady all time NFL record heat passes Tom Landry and Don Shula who's in a tie with them for most playoff games coached so. Topic Caron who as DJ being said last night on TV Tommy turn instead of a pretty good week so yet column. On Tom Brady was at that was fantastic. On did you read that and I CIA took great come on on Brady just looking editing that things from his perspective. Last night did something called setting the agenda that's on of Boston's fourth night that particulars analysts and you know we could talk about epic its. It's a little long but it's good and we can talk about it. You're gonna spend a lot of time on Saturday night probably hearing all lot of talk about all the things surrounding the New England Patriots don't have anything to do football. Lot of people have opinions about Tom Brady and how's Guerrero would. Maybe the strength and conditioning staff and Bill Belichick acted who might be chirping. Whether or not any of that. Story ideas together last week or anything that I've reference about a little bit attention uncertainty surrounding this team has any validity at all let's say something else. This football game this match up this opportunity to watch a playoff game. In the NFL he enjoyed it. Because. These are the good old days right now believe me. The patriots are going to be in a position when Tom Brady who is from Bill Belichick we use would maybe nick this area go someplace else and Josh did this map the first two. All of this is gonna change and you're going to be a position should maybe around 22 on B two which point 13. We have got to be dying to have a play off game over at Gillette Stadium. And we need to get warned it won't matter what opponent terrorists you know what you might not get one for awhile but you might be on the road for a few years. Because the patriots about gonna enjoy this kind of upper hand on the NFL. Incidentally what I'm trying to get that is if you wanna enjoy football if you like football you appreciate this run of success. Maybe but the Airbus on. Turn up in notification skip the hell away social media. It enjoy the football because salt could be an awful lot of Kabul market from different people about what they might see perceive or think. Going on on this football game I don't care the Tennessee Titans suck. Have a playoff football to a stadium does not suck it joy we please. I was very deepens and like the laws. It was good he's right it it it is going to get bad here. I don't think it's now. And I don't think it's next year though he says that's his point is as the good old days right now right I'm also jumps out six points 42 or 23 if it made I think it could be sooner they could easily could be so well that's a shock like I I let what Tom said there because he's greatest playoff football and hate. One day it's not gonna be just roll out of bed when the division and have a body every year but. Okay of a four year old quarterback and a 65 year old. Coach and I think everybody's Smart enough to go as long as those two guys in their you're gonna do really well and as soon as they're gone look around the league there are. You can count the good coach on one hand income the great quarterbacks maybe on a hand and a half like so you're it's going to be difficult to replace Pope. Those I feel like at Augusta on the national guys today. There are times that. You know it's it's difficult process and of the sounds bad the sounds obnoxious. But it's difficult. To get excited for playoff games. In a divisional round when you've had 34 of them already. Urban 34 playoff games so you just really have to. I continually. Like slap yourself round got a pitchers have got to do all sorts of things to just make sure you appreciate what you went through and back into the interview with those guys are saying. Or are you by University of Tennessee fans or war Vanderbilt as more university Tennessee okay. If Tennessee football was like Alabama football. How do you think Tennessee fans would sound. The kind of stomach patriots fans. You're in a national championship conversation every year. You expect Alabama was it like three of the last four years to play for the national championship so for me so after awhile you say okay. There's an expectation. That you're going to be there and I found myself. You know doing the same thing as you guys to. You you think OK what are they wanted to version big hill oh okay. There and AFC championship game again that's what they're supposed to do. And you just have to. Remind yourself that this is not normal. Tell the story about my son that the the middle the middle child. Sending a quarter swallow work on a total mess and it neighborhood I. Our Doug all right and whether my daughters are a lot of my well gas and there was it was my daughter of course you don't you make no mistake whatsoever but. So talking him a couple of years ago. Hey dad what's this Super Bowl again this year I'll stick ball. This. Is not that easy. For him he thought he owns just seems pretty easy to go out. Every year he's been alive the patriots have been in its championship game. I just can't imagine crazy I can't imagine. Even being in that position as a fan growing up and neither can most of people this. I still like the bills are such a good example the other team you faced twice a year and unity you might have friends that are that are fans of them. The patriots. Appeared in seven Super Bowls over a stretch for the period and zero playoff games. But it broke that streak this year but over from 99 to now is the only been a gap where they didn't even make the playoffs. Forget hosting a game in the second round then just make the playoffs meanwhile Peter turned the Super Bowl a centrally every other year over the outstretched. It's so hard because of that. Tennessee a team you don't really know a ton about a team that you'll barely gets in the playoffs. Is the worst team left in the playoffs and your plane and at home where we've seen a bunch of blow out wins that's Saturday night game there weathered the colts are there Texans or whoever we've seen that came before. And Yury look at a Pittsburgh looking at the Super Bowl. Which is don't spoiled shore but that's also the reality. Yeah and what it is so when your team does that. What kind of fans is it's supposed to produce we talked about yesterday in the event through mafia boys and there are a little about tennis yet where. But albums and I prepared to take the criticism from some you just a fan boy European girl. What are if you're a fan of that team. And your team does that for you get your money's worth every year. And take your kid does everything for. Everything in you which team to compete. You what your team to not only compete but don't mix and a championship or 265. What are you supposed to do how how do you feel about the fatigue and I mean it's kinda hard today. Just disgruntled. I I don't know I don't like I think towards point I like about how pay I don't the divisional round it's not the juicy matchup it's a thirteen F fourteen point spread. But it still playoff football except there are real good day and it might not be that far off. Where you're watching the division around weekend in the NFL the patriot party and part of. The only thing that surprised me the current said last night is. He said this to you as well because he's coming in tonight. I don't know no I don't think so on that but you know he's been here are on Friday is alive tomorrow night though critical Sunday you'll be able to get so they said this many times that. We talk about Brady and Belichick was gonna and he keeps saying play nineteen. Brady's contract is out out of his contract is up Crocs cup contract is that he thinks that's the time. Where they'll step off so superiors so twenty I was just surprised that Tony 2222023. Yeah that's between nineteen in my upper welded in a way I analyze anything I don't believe that's right forty season but he does. But. You're right I mean it's it's playoff football. And even even if you think they're gonna just demolished and have fun watching them demolished titans and a half game. And into your point will get criticized and occasionally from time to time for all all you do is suck up to Belichick. Give me what to criticize him for Europe tortured I mean here's how I mean think about you know that this this little segment of time that we're dealing with here. What are you gonna bitch about it. I he's not warm and cuddly and I think fans like that estimates that a cap. He does he say hey Jack the I'm not hit his his actually his management of the cap as been masterful. I'd I'd I'd for the life of me I try to figure out what it is people look imported bitch about draft picks. That's been awful has met with the six. Five Super Bowl champions. Us now but I'm from San like recently. Like for example in diaries and they are shall I know I think every. It's OK I think context of these you've got to the criticism has to match. Which are criticizing you can't say I'll I haven't been able to criticize Belichick for. All the super balls so when I find something. I'm just gonna go nuts are out so you can criticize I Dominique Easley he's been a first round pick on Dominic easily and then. A year later you're you're you're done with this guy in did you really get the most out of that first round pick and a what other players were available that he could use him or to put you used a the first pick in the sector Ron Brown on Ras I Dowling. And he was injured in college. Ron and I are valid debt and I high school like this is going to be different in the pro yeah yeah. Yeah are these criticize them out but big picture there isn't anything I mean honestly got it if what we're looking for is to criticize him for Ras I Dowling. And donkeys you don't have any bullets are done you know I mean I think our guys to hack keep going to is. All I know is that they keep winning. That you don't Haynesworth Ochocinco had a great had it's it's it's completely derailed things here hasn't. We completely screwed up what they've what they're trying to accomplish we could criticize them personally for his opponents. Alia. Kind of check out in addition we have. A little. No short meeting people away. Man's gotta eat and eat multitasking he's got a lot of stuff doesn't I was how to corridor through another factor. That. And that's fine them. It's it's 6177797937. Will talk with the guys about it coming up next Sports Radio W media. It again and it. And again the south. Did you on this ballpark. Derrick Mason has been a competitor for the New England Patriots on a number of occasions. Much like Christian Fauria is a talk show host here. Derrick Mason works in our field on Nashville Tennessee is well and he joins us on the line right now Derrick it's dale Michael enrich our. They had done that on battery. On which you've got to accomplish as well a little bit more about it here etched itself. What is now that it's everybody goes crazy and national bill. Exactly so we did I could now I know you got used to have a ball. I tell me Derrick the the scenario you paint for your listeners in Nashville what your team would have to do to come up here and win tomorrow night. Well they can't do what they did against. I can't learn in this city that's one naked duke they can't start out slow spot in the 21 points war. Uncertainty. That's one thing they can't get there were able to come back and took an epic got great chances to yet. Firepower in the in the and a plus they're tied it again also that took her circle almost. They can't condemn it are secondary channel. All need to basically take the day. Paul has not been good it would do it concede it. What they have to find a way shouldn't minimize it played because they come. Couple whipped they do indeed it will play the waiting game you can't you can't protect. It's going to be a long day concede. So Derek. They view entered free agency and you had a chance to come to the patriots you went to the ravens instead. Just tell us about that decision and and how close was that. You know coming to the patriots over Baltimore. It was close it was little. I'll hit even though you know Julian Epstein. In Baltimore. A lot of great friendships. Sketchy too fatigued I'd put together. All they are in Cote got all that's left. The cute but I do them bad parents and what it if I can't. You silently and it's got to Baltimore. What I had an opportunity to be actually be in not suitable. You know may be okay I don't know but it yeah admonished and much intimately that. That was one of those things that we got there sooner that we should have done in England. She you know an advocate actually decision back I think you know all that the company directors and play. That we had an opportunity. In to play with the quarterback territory. I can't. The default one and you'll. Speaking of Tom Brady what's your opinion in the greatest of all time words is that somebody else. Well. I don't like can be he's from Michigan. And did you or did you recognize you on bomb plot allow them. I'm pretty big bear nobody. What that country in the secret double. What he's been able to accomplish. It's hard to appear here. She and being able quarterback. That it made it can't be good old canard that people gold. Project. And Michael Jordan Jordan to carry. Legit job market are completely bought the car brilliant at times so. To me it contests and it out themselves. If he's not the greatest. And they do that let me get a serious art. Derek Kerry is a guy who should concern patriots fans and he's gonna get most of the most of the carries this weekend. I wonder if James Harrison's addition to this roster. Is something that could actually have more to do with this weekend's opponent then if they were to win whoever they would play next weekend. I term. It it targets set. Because. Saint century Mark Martin in Baltimore and he appears better. He let me get back to quarterback. I don't want. Slow down with people they still played Saturday should be some bad position of knowing just yet. Marketable may be but he still want to be it could see all. To gay. And somewhere. Now and he stopped the wire what Libya this seat happy that he wouldn't have some type equal. To possibly stay in the game and give himself that opportunity. To win. Because I can remember. Of people all. Sequels certain route there 08 81 definitely in the play we ran the ball 56 car at the term holders. On the body could Schwartzel we knew what to the football game that has to operate what ratings to extract it when that ball. That it can acting and I have to run the football at least forty locked arms you've got the shock when and interpret. But all you do it in the I went back to what extent we principal sticky and god. And that is incredibly greater than Rick a lot of the equity that we act because it. It in their. Well we knew beyond where it could get a also standpoint and run football ain't cheap simple a lot of countries can't yet Erstad at first out of football and that that concrete you know all objects. You mentioned you know getting to the Super Bowl earlier he would come to New England maybe another Super Bowl appearance. You weren't a Super Bowl 101 of the most incredible endings I've ever seen super ball before Malcolm Butler obviously that was the best Indy. Oh or or worse all the effort there from Europe for a country and I just I just thought I. What are you know do you ever think about it and if you do think about it what are your thoughts and what was the play and I'm just wondering how how how often do you think about that that incredible finish. Are right around this. Because you just everywhere not only. What you want is capable of basically every yet you are urged. What Bill Belichick it could that change is. Unprecedented. So you all to kidnapped and could go well let me suitable. We'll be it sells it this current year it hurt because we had a opportunity. It's also won't go play no one really remembers. You know that that good luck and remember that C. Like any AD here are what it won't let any it and Noble's. I'd be game one apparently had a game. All being remembered. Kurt Warner and the thing we'll land our water suitable game and that senator. But younger woman. And they can you pass. You know. I always check 120. What will it actually it actually looked like. Package should be able. We've played a cutter earlier that ran in bill bill sexson football life that I get from the 09 season you could spell check out talking trash there with a sigh that what do you what do you river from that is that something that you did off the move them. I'm you know what I enjoyed it. In Julie. And scale. You know it at that particular situation. Great part about it I've talked to BP. GDP. The local they work it impact relations. And I will quarterback camp in at all yet to act fast car the car well I do not get playing if I have no matter what B each which it again. Pop. And I don't think Bill Belichick YI yeah. How does. He added yet she's at her out of it and put. Even walk out smiling at us be you know be integrated. It's. And you need. Last thing for me out I'm curious for a guy that is a great career over 121000 receiving yards a number of thousand yard seasons. Who was the toughest quarterback you ever went up against your career. Well I'm not and good luck on your blog or. I'll buy it at all he had DP. Wanted to be copied to. It speaker. One on NB. I'd get an opportunity. To try to remember to click it and my freshman year and actually any admission. Arms in the top Packard name but he was as Smart guy. You luggage or 61 to each and he always skeptical. And any Smart plays exactly so whatever you're you are kept at Rachel. Way to get down the back on Monday. Sixty minutes I could take note to protect ball. It back in the day can do that that and there's so you know he's the ultimate product that it. Derek we really appreciate you taking a few minutes and I I'd want to wish you team Locke is I hope they don't do all that well out here but. We understand how that goes right. Look. They get it on etiquette of the telecast but I. At eight there'd have to. Play a lot better amateurs at it they're gonna get an opportunity. Two way because you cannot block 21 point expect. Derrick thank you we appreciate it. On upon got to go to my. Out there and as I Derrick Mason who's now sports talk show host and now in Nashville but. As as reported a 121000 receiving yards and Izturis they're great career designator I'd never yours also that when Belichick was yelling at him. That he was actually chirp and Dean Pees at the time. I never do that part of it. That that that's what has money went belly laugh up there he remembers that moment because I'm sure they played two without out of league great part of the footballer. And after on the ball forty times the way we're body already filed Volga. Well he's probably right I mean it. Because that would mean their editing obviously they've been successful uncle Leo their run the ball in and run on the clock and but but it might be the only way that they can win this thing. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number we'll talk with you guys coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. Ricci Easter insert here this holding. But a series of our results fault and record Darrell. Out of our mouth that's why aren't a problem of belt falls into Thursday exert an derby you're you're you're due out at 100. Rick Brown is OK. Now what's scoring in the right now. All here mr. cardinal George that Wall Street view worrying at all and he should've won that game we develop their. Actor Heath thanks so shall it be a miracle miracles will make your. There are so great record. He was he was like let's get that he was Neil deGrasse Tyson Foreman there for awhile I just I eat there I was trying to keep up. It's in the actor Heath there's. Insert. You don't have really put a lot of thought into this. By the way we have all over the last hour plus we have talked to about 24000. Receiving yards. In the NFL. About it. Between Mason and her and I told you that amazed that more receiving yards senator Richard Lehman yes I would competitive OK I had to have been accidentally hit that your original idea. I was gets the calls that you guys 6177797937. Joe's in Arlington page on I don't. How heal itself so. A quick question sort of opens up we'll turn. You guys all mention that are delusional way Belichick and treacherous cigar. And 24 million right. Yes woman particularly at the gym and back in because it is their starter it's not the end of the world that he's the backup but you can't really explain Natalie canyon. We can explain it even it is our as the pack upgrade. Logs portrayed an image more than several Barbara electoral guy. That's gone on a contract. If he was on the contract from twelve Mumia. They would our photographer. They're pretty good to have him hurt you if if they traded at the beginning of the year could out of all of this year and it even if he didn't wanna Simon you could French doesn't twice. It's not ideal but he had three years but at. Yeah but if you look at the history of of what car what. Quarterback work when perhaps they're all in the caption can someone go right. Once I lost a close eye on what exact. What you don't. Know it was not a franchise knows about those he actually was frantic franchise in the trade and that when he got to Kansas City avenue contrary. Okay what do Melamine at number one most narrow part it talks between. Between beauty and other teams in the league and the day like Cleveland for example my searched. That Kim was not stay in there. He's lost possible sure that's possible. So why are they gonna give me an and an arbitrary deadline when bill had to trade a guy. There for a murder but only in the would want to. That's of let's not judge a fair point you don't know for sure though lets you call somebody else maybe maybe grapples says the Cleveland trot to strongly discourages Cleveland. From trading for him. The franchise tag is different then you know got franchisee let me use that that franchise and twice that he can still say I don't wanna be here so. Leave me leave me alone but your money on that jet to take that chance you probably do it both Cleveland and civic discourse so far under the cap. That they would pay their starter 22 whatever the franchise number at issue was not used in franchise to franchise targets using it on a backup quarterback. Yet here are using it here but somewhere else of course if odd hurt us obviously when a candidate. Look you would have been a lot better for all involved if they'd been able to get a contract done and I'm sure that would have been their preference to get a contract on but they couldn't. Jimmy Rob Lowe and his agent died he played this perfectly. Because he went out performed they acquired him he went out performed. And if anything the price tag has just risen for Jimmy drop below. It's risen to such a degree that a guy like Carmen policy has decided that you know maybe this is exactly how you approach this contract negotiation. If fire we're going to be involved in this field. I would prefer to be involved on the side of representing Jimmy so yeah. Except I have to tell you I've I've are just playing around with that you don't act. I am thinking to myself my lord I can use this is the follow her but of the negotiations. I get pointed this. As it may be a midpoint I can point to another thing I can talk about what he's done. 1448. Bay Area fortify and offer some weight can do for the king. They hit it if if I were representing the team I think what I would do. Is entered the room. And I would bring a large. Jar of factually. And I would say to radiation on the other side. I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle. It in the 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock shows the blue and only the illness yeah Jesus is with the this'll. One. That's how Carmen policy would be approaching the contract negotiation with a severe problem. Giant jar of gasoline. Right in saying please pay TV yeah. This week. Kept me. Out and while. So. I don't think it about that it's the contract back on ice product now we don't wanna be here in our government can find a you're gonna be here you're you're you're in charge down note thanks. I thought we're talking about football and I you're you're. You'd put your vastly anyway. That's the I don't know I think that's the Grassley and or athletes there. I and you know maybe you'll take advantage rob what advantage there today is that what you got I have not from what I've nasty food diet that nasty jobs you know there there are certain. Folks you know as they get on in years needed to know them and and there at that point their lives and they don't want it all written or take things have whatever they do well plus speak is what does the case. I get the feeling that's a common policy and. Would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say to the agent on the side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle. It. In the earlier I think they're drifted dump that's when I've got a lot to do don't they let them based upon president says we do pretty much as I want it to that point so let it fly. I don't look in. Get over the colorful language from Carmen policy he's right in this regard. Is that the regarded as wrong he's every right everything about it right at 9 am afraid that he Dark Knight is a long have to pay whatever Don he says. I mean they're at the point where I guess you could theoretically are a lot of walking organist and Kirk cousins yeah do that. But based on what happened when they finally played drop below. He's sort of you know re energize the organization never losing the outback that whole thing you know it you know John Lynch loves them. Kyle Shanahan loves them the senate would bring a hard act of you are actually department. Ice Tyson that was had gasoline and that ether of the or senate president. He's the investigative series that our policy act and he's investigated. Every four years that happens something's not right. If you think you're only in Youngstown Ohio yeah excellent and explain it I gotta finish this way and you get something you'd like I Ohio Owens and lash out here came about Ohio Iowa Carmen policy terms via sums off. You know it. Now if you actually have to go through this now is sort of like a little bit of a joke if your favorite Cisco went on you oxen. The hand of a Jon Utley I want to player don't do it do to answer your thing dog out of the I think it is the opposite of what that now. Yeah James Teradata data Erica hill is it was a joke narratives are wasn't. That's again we don't know sums up about him too. And I would bring a large. Jar of actually. OK okay then then I would say I believe his. I don't I don't know but that's it ignited a flag doesn't want to play here I'm alone layer again. Can you can can we just ask him through his be out of the negotiations. Did what you know let's talk football and he's got other to have this piece but I nasty guy. It's an Attleboro hates him I don't. I go Michael builder and Arizona are the better. Yet active military shower. Yes I know all. About it and it didn't happen. Eight Micah. I have read and the ball well Michael. We're beginner so I think was none of which I have been podcast. In saying that. You know Brady might have been getting a little bit upset that in the patent shall not to give Jimmy G. Forty years seventeen million. Law. You know in Brady's play equaled what about me or that he can hit the market these are gonna hit 45 million. 20/20 five million as a as you know lake I'm restricted free and a lot of it's not. The second thing is you don't auggies. Talk and the lines of Tom Brady but I'm just gonna say you guys we haven't had albeit one who torched while while the jets. What's it spread latch yeah James White has been. Outing lifted me playing live. Would all at probably about one quarter of its normal cast of character is that. I don't know about that you don't cry it's like I don't think he's fallen off. I think he's still a great core reckon and obviously MVP ability to background cigar cooks. Right eighty always at least one running back fits that solid and oftentimes to get eight touchdowns this year from Rex Berkett. It's unbelievable and eight touchdowns whose. Probably going to be back tomorrow. There as well out Lyle and I hadn't heard or read. In you have Dion Lewis I was sure looked good against the team that doesn't do a really good job of defending running backs. As as pass catchers. And they should be doing just fine tomorrow that the. That hasn't brought up I feel like a lot of the of his element went down that's hugely guys as a significant injury but a lot of the boy imagine if he had. The oh the weapons that Roethlisberger had which okay. Brown belt they're great but. Rock there's a better than rocket as a tight and as far as disguise to throw to he's on the shortlist. And then cook is a thousand yard receiver Percy you know and so and then the running backs have been really productive so. It the covers I was there is as some might make it out of a large. Yeah you are out of fashion I don't think I audio environment I'm not age are dead. Is that in order to take your athlete out of conference correctly. I work from Nashville Leah titans. It's just left on their way here ago they had a delay of three hours and leaves a late while they really just had a delay of three hours there was postal left. Three hours ago and something was wrong with the plane names tomorrow night. Yet tomorrow night leave it one it was mostly the line. Left around our central constantly. So let's leave it noon now is that not every day holes four hours yeah yeah I did. We're gonna ball well but I tell our story of a low profile social media. I guess it. Lower the Mets 6177797937. Mats in Gloucester hey Matt. At what that got him out and got beat I'm so tired of the you look you know go rock. Nobody gonna pay a backup quarterback twenty million dollars ticket because salary cap. When you have already I mean. You have a starter why would put twenty million dollar salary cap you'd tiger just trade him at least I didn't keep them. But how would I mean you know how. That money that you have to get rid of right. Yeah yeah yeah clear up about ten million us ten million dollars just to put the franchise tag on him. And then at ten Maryland. Aren't yet great art. I don't trade him in it it by the way is one of the reasons I don't think Belichick ever had any intention of franchising him. No art. Well and and if you look at it you know Belichick is always looked at his roster is 53 men deep and you know he thinks that obviously you know your quarterbacks important ought but he thinks that. Depth the bottom of the roster matters. I don't think he'd like the idea of whacking ten million dollars worth of football player off his roster so that he can franchise Jimmie just turn around a trade and. I got to be the bigger the biggest problem the biggest problem. Would be in my opinion is he gonna get that much to give any amount of money to him a drop low you have to reduce Tom Brady's contract even if let's not. What I'm saying but you gotta do you can't just say to grow I hate to Brady act franchise them just like betrayed them and Brady comes back as has ointment. Here wanted to get his territory for nine dollars he had done anything and only get one playoff game for you. I've done everything. Don't tell me. Salvador and get on eighteen even though he's done nothing. Well still that's pretty and it and it got got to raise Brady's I think is crazy I did I hear these artery. I think it's corresponding moves no matter what it is franchise tag on Jimmie the move them corresponding move reprieve. Jimmy grapple gets 1718 million dollars in back up corresponding with Brady for not willing to do that now you really propped up large off I'll ask you know carving an uninvited not a guy that not a part of how you hurt the party leaders of parties that are. Are wrong address patient jar upon the cops now let's not that the what is as he found. You don't. About inner dill hole and keep lotions and that's below on sounder. It's awful that's probably awful. Yeah I saw that press. Many who are very abbreviated are. Yeah Nike. And we all have to do that reads aloud to. Yourself about the not. It's that a large. Well I'll actually. That should be allowed 617 words and swearing in recent war part of continents that are not as bad as that. Found what they got investigative arm Polycom policy an investigation now we know they have browser history look for rob I know is that we don't teach Federer. It took all. And in the football did he do jail time at some point according he was with that part alone frightened to Barlow from Youngstown as well. So he used to run the 49ers and 49ers had all the cap violations though they got they got knocked. Think they lost some draft picks or something like that. Any with the Cleveland he was terrible there. But I've got an a football since we talk like that there's something else that background. A large like there are now actually. We're not what is next to him on a plane though would want to be alone with them and an elevator conversely no or little don't have problem no launch. Brings you the large. Yeah exactly yeah exactly exe that's just brag remember I don't know that's got ready to the good point. The man of access. Nasty access large. Why are actually an you know needs time to get him on the radio probably now this is natural for him. It just tumbled out naturally. These are hesitating. He's got an audience there he. Is part of the party as well. Wise and planes or for. That 677797937. A in hand wash in the bathroom and come back here just a couple of minutes while there had Wallace as well or had watcher did you drive ally clearly from the that's what I'm actually looking yeah Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WB.