DHK - Which 2018 NFL HOF semifinalists will make the cut? - 11-22-17

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, November 22nd

The guys started the hour discussing the 2018 NFL Hall of Fame semifinalists and their chances of making the final cut before transitioning to a lively conversation about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They also discuss Bill Belichick's comments about the Dolphins quarterbacks. 


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So he's in jail and colleagues show hey and I got a masters wouldn't quarters tell them how to control. Does have a great effect. Corporate voters to Arnold. Michael holly and Ritchie. Ray Allen Milan viewed there's got to be a better way to dozens of these people that WEEI Sports Radio network. I. Galen Hollywood heat Sports Radio WEEI and Michael is off with the family to see families. For the Thanksgiving holiday. I he will be back here we'll all be back here on Monday ruled will be at Gillette Stadium on Monday for a patriots Monday. Alex streamers filling in today out in in place of Michael Holley I don't doubt there was a car you were starving amount Alex is good -- wait hold wait on hold nap I was in any occasion I was an interest that he obviously wasn't dedicated his argument falls Alex Sox went probably parts of the he said his equipment one caller on the board ox is dated starter Matt start Matt boom dropped off I know that it work. She's his way to pay and play back. And don't Estrich couldn't do condone it so yesterday the the Pro Football Hall of Fame last got whittled down to fifteen the final fifteen for the hall bank. I'm not coming John Lynch when I say this OK this is great patriots rare three former patriots made the cut to the final fifteen you've got Richard Seymour. Ty Law. Randy Moss. There is absolutely positively zero doubt in my mind Randy Moss has a lock to get involved. Are you sure are the way yes I love this and I love Randy Moss if you'd actually be in the hall of fame for me to be a no brainer. But the fact that he goes on and and the fact that it's a loss was better. And I don't know how much better you know I knew it was good it was until I usually clothes really I think it was pretty close and there were other receivers that took them awhile. The receivers have not been looked at very kindly because every sees the video game numbers now and they say other than a marriage a second all time whenever they played a pass happy. Kind of bug generation. So I hope you're right bill but I I don't know if you I don't know if you will be. It's a great receiver class to also a portable Isaac Bruce Hines Ward and Oscar has been there. Are about war but the the rams guys have been on the ballot for a little bit too great Isaac Bruce says crazy numbers and he's done is his third year and now. Thirty Cris Carter didn't get in right away Cris Carter for awhile number. Everybody earlier might be too young brute right of rice and Carter ruling these guys are those are the two best receivers for the longest time. Right automatically gets and clearly as he should meant Carter. Was wait wait around for awhile I think that their two locks this year for the hall of Ray Lewis is a lock. Yes and I can't wait for that's fallen sure we'll be sanctimonious. Going in the god it'd be so good to go over under twenty minutes. Off the whales smashed the overly old are right right outside our half hour over a half hour old far right he's gonna he's going to be approaching mark. Profits in the law. Because I was show you what I will do what the man's sport really believed in me. And this amendment in this country so great site is is about the when he would opine on proper degree more allies ray Lewis and price it's one thing about this guy Scott don't. I argue did you write ridiculous thing about that cell and and I think he's a law I I also think Randy Moss is a lot 166. Receiving touchdowns. 23 touchdowns in a season with Tom Brady in 2007. There are Peter King today on MM QB said that that might be the greatest season and wide receiver has ever hat. I think he's locked. After that I look at eight tightness I only Richard Seymour statement. And I think time time is teetering on the edge but probably not getting any. He's he'll be one of those big movers he'll make a big move this year and he'll make final ten. He'll he'll be just outside that that final group but I don't think he's gonna make it I think moss is a law. The TO by the way had more catches in more yards than red mosque. And he did it and I think the exact Santa Monica this early years some games. I think that that is a lot closer than you think yeah I. I'd give Brady moss the edges while it grandma's little bit better but still I mean he was right there for me it's rice TO moss and some more rice is the best. Animosity or the next best receiver in their dink factor kinda cancels each other out right TO and probable cause yeah I mosque is different I mosque is now in the media are original and it could jot down. He's honest the guys don't how that character Claus thing like the baseball guys you writing you don't seem to hold you off you'll personality against the lake. Those guys EW AA guard he's out to grow Owens though they sent the voters have said it. Yeah then he's probably on a team to play more of a dink and mosques. I think that the biggest beef about loss as far as on field performance was that the dog from doctors now. Which is kind of in defense like another raiders rate for a couple of years and that's what he teach him to get him for nothing pretty wretch. Than their original size height. Yeah I would take I take that they are sorry he's not you know Boston disaster every single play but they show even in in Minnesota there'd be there'd be the place where. This could zoom in just thought Brady moss and it does Iran play. Or those. Added especially when does Iran play in discuss sample on a night and move but guess what he still drawn the attention of the core racked. I don't want it was time to go he would. Average and a touchdown a game and a hundred plus yards a game for multiple seasons like yeah that's as a hold them to me. If you were if you were drafting year your team. And you had a healthy Randy Moss available in your draft board and help the young to Rollins on your draft or who to take. Out that mosque so yeah I would to Mossad is tight yet. But then but then it TL vs anybody else out probably a professor rice TO like of this generation are guys that played in the ninety's on the a good mid ninety's on. I think addict feels better than Margaret Harris are deeper and Isaac Bruce or deeper than for Cris Carter idea that you are all those guys including a bunch that are in the hall Cameron now. It's a weird edit an offensive line and actually get in a lot easier in defense of linemen some of the skill position guys get get punishable. I think I think you're gonna yet. Three and four guys who I think will be in positively this year. I I think in addition to two we mentioned Ray Lewis is absolutely positively ID or losses. I think Brian her locker and Tony the Sally also make it and after that it's a crapshoot. Mona air Corey I'll attempt not some now. But just like win something that should be at some point I mean the that is the year two or Ty Law gets close Edmund doesn't it and he absolutely should be in the hall and now. Colonel why he is looked at is as sort of a secondary. Because last year. He made it pretty far freer with the political cut down to was he in the top ten the final eight or whatever Rosie is principally on the thirteen to ten I think he made the ten last year. But he should he shoot outs Libyan but I around as it's a pretty crowded less good defensive backs analyst firm against yeah Ronde Barber. John and John Lynch Brian Dawkins right. Steve Atwater. That's the rustle us Randy Moss lots of become the first guy that finally you you're gonna not be able to say well Tom Brady never played the hall of fame skill position guy. That he can switch it down disable how many did he win a Super Bowl with that basket and you thought out argument that politics the patriots career is obviously a seven mosque perhaps the best receivers. As he's receiver ever happen after I got a weak jobs who is heard on nine I was at strains 2019. Out the first out of the playoffs. And when he tiny stray that Belichick in the like yeah right to an apology didn't like it means when he to any treated for you know the seven Deion Branch eagle fourteen to lose sell so if you are these idiots like Scott has Maher who we add on from all nighter yes if you're one of those guys. I guess what you would say is you know one of his two MVPs came with mosques the bats are pretty what you're yeah right that's what you would say but whatever when he's won so many. He's at some other unbelievable seasons in all these Super Bowls laughter Super Bowl without wrong this crop will be a hall of Famer tonight that we ought that's it right it was Democrats no opposition and nobody none nobody out drunk and Randy Moss will be yet. For skilled position or has forgot right for his offensive guys them Volvo halting kicker in first first receivables great but. Spurs running backs tight after the Cordell was great night and offensive lineman. Would that like Obama now now Famer. A year you're gonna have three. Offensive players from the glory years of the patriots will be in the hall of. You can really just like people it is still amazing even Brady at this age India Dion Lewis to James White to Rex Burkhead and in this three are just panic in. Dion Lewis I guess is a little more his ass if you on the field and white and Eric had entered that he's eluded you got defenders but. You interchangeably sub those guys and with Brady is still makes them great it is it is unbelievable and any I heard that Kazmir guy last week how anybody could argue. Against Tom Brady at this point is beyond ass and you know he got beyond capacity wasn't yet he forced me to start looking stuff up. It does look up obscure stat well first fall as we said he was real big gaffe free talk to us he goes on Twitter instantly yards per attempt a large eyes that's a big number I was which by the way Tom Brady leads the NFL and this year like eight point three is it art and I don't anyway when I went back and looked out and afford their career hits. Joseph Montana averaged seven point five yards per attempt. Tom Brady for his career as of today. Seven point five yards per attempt to and assistance to an idea Montana ahead of Brady on his last night here's a guy who won't look at wins pretty a look at yards per attempt it's Ella and any older giving its pre for gonna go back 1012 years it's well eighty weigh in Serbia has enough to stats yeah okay that's. More Brady is fourth all time in yards he's like third all time touchdowns. Composite off in the most of any all I've done he's not even close to being done so there is no coherent. Argument against Tom Brady I don't cats and anything. Another thing. Not as Brady vs Manning for awhile that died out as Brady Denver's Joseph Montana rob that's died out there's there's nobody Alice Brady got to the fifth Super Bowl win yet apparent. It's sort of you you sort of sound like oh my tennis. Just as much as ever need anything it was that the hobbled Brady's on restraint the right you know that I that I do like the branding for the have a good. Metallica altitude bugging yup you know I knew him well probably to help us Belsky that's even more reason go to Mexico City just guys targeted to Alter the kicker records yes every record. But isn't every year Brady out to different parts of his games the last couple years it was mobility in the pocket right became much more mobile guy in the pot game this year it's that deep ball. Throwing arm deep ball much more often I hear it I pointed out on Sunday. And I know itself to both will get a perfect but as we went out he he he hit his first twelve passes. His first incompletion traveled sixty yards in the year. I know that they're taking chances and act and he has bombs away now for the techsters stop with this OK now. Does that turn off the text on another line is off this but instead I don't trust me that way for you. Trust me on the other debate not sold tickets at an I don't know one air trans woman who really likes a lot on that planners and diversify EI's audience Nightline brought in a very IT guy nobody these are things to sort out trying to two extolled the virtues of hall of fame candidacy for Julian settlement. Sorry scenario. You know I love Lisa Julian Edelman will always July and yes he's not going to be involved. Now there's an arrest in the patriots hall of fame and he might be in the patriots all I think he should be but I don't the players are up percent a breath of fresh air here must have gotten a must've gotten in Connecticut street here. Best afternoon show I've heard all year I can't I can't stand dreamers is that. This is the guy who said I'd I don't know why do you look at the text machine on things you always you doubt then that he unkind mean of its announcement as a good exercise if you wanna do the math I think now why I don't ancestors and that's it they're small percentage of the as that is and the next as the next big idea that's out at that wreaked on this fight it's gotten so bad against texting Chad producers 37937. Jet I have right out I've been there he's on doing to use it would really rattles Alex. The first by the numbers in there I assume hosting a Dell I never keep text never to meet the distraction and analysts here than noise block at the noise I try to do this disease at an overhead that deceit yes I do it too late night bucks it's like this. Feet on the tail he's comfortable with him that's right here at the front row that. That's an idea and an area that's at C that's a hangover from the old quality hang absolutely just hanging out our agents color quality and show this could you do a show like this their feet on the desk and they'll likely need now. Very and you deal pulled my arms are. I'll it just seems I'm not a quick heads fall apart not happy camper if the tables out the problem I'm Lester back to the call 6177797937. The text line for jet Lucy and everybody else is 37937. Kevin's on the cell phone take. And I don't. Say how you guys do and what's on the Thanksgiving to you and yours is. A couple quick point for Alex one Alex and saying white Catholic Irish blue collar union Democrat and I wouldn't vote for Hillary. I can anybody that's self interest rather. And I saw Nixon to DB whenever I say that's a tough thing that nobody likes that's why people hate liberals in the system for not. Now I had the Denver activity outside DC during the ninety's. And she was terrible the staff of the White House there were no more retirees. During the Secret Service that whatever she treated them like travel Putin awful. Us fauci is group her policies would have helped you out Kevin. I disagree I disagree she just she says that any human being and and help conduct Eli got and so I'm 58 years old. First presidential election I'd never vote then I couldn't agree would you more widespread. They go to evident dale you have together on this one you have to earn my vote. And neither Hillary for forty years of public service and I don't know how eldest. Rats sometimes sell drugs why don't I don't want to fund more she's not on the ballot in more but thankfully rights issued Bill Clinton now I mean thank god we have to deal with Hillary Clinton question guys night I was under a bill had affairs outside the marriage 100 dollars he'll play there are some forces forced affairs. And force sexual intercourse the idea that on does that trump might have been all over me on Twitter the last 24 hours or -- they -- it other than 180 and you know I don't of the trop might hate right now. What is your tweet last night Brett was a great tweets so so they think that I I got a lot of these and you voted for Bill Clinton did you. Not. And there's a twist federal pretzel and what I don't know. All odds when real Donald Trump that's partisan politics ahead of sexual predation of miners we've actually failed as a society that is. As salient point but in today's culture you say that your loony lefty. He takes dance against child molestation. So I don't know this world we let him. And if Hillary was president we saw morals like that because I can't think of someone more moralistic and if I'm Jessica had any doubt you eat your food with the same mouth you just spoke that well I outlook good law are not tied to New Hampshire tonight at the right button hey Todd how are you. Do you doing great Todd. Hey I don't know how many years rice and mark in it would join can you imagine what rating would. She had mocked and your streak during his prime he's gonna have gronkowski for that. While Lester. I don't think wells that. Will play. Having lost kind of old Brady wouldn't looks great mosque known would sit right. Well look Tom Brady had. By far his best seasons statistically ever when he had Randy Moss is a target and Randy Moss also had his best season ever statistically. When he had Tom Brady throw on a two on the whole 23 touchdown receptions of fifty touchdown passes it's kind of hard debt. Did you know negate the the importing Chad for the other. Right but you seem about right. I think most people understand it I think the advantage on Montana and Jerry right up on kennels won a Super Bowl about your race of his first one terrorist wasn't there are so yes Branson once who bubbles without time without Randy Moss without rob Wright house odds acrid. That is he kicked a game Reche Caldwell and Gabriel and I can and I argued his well that's a tough it's tough to compare because who are the other guys are even and the next thing is that Peyton Manning. We had Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne her for a long time. I don't wells did Dan Marino I guess they're mentioned but he hasn't won anything about those hard got to throw them top John Elway having. That there's not whatever your status that's Michael's try to save it back to our what's your stat what do you look for the order I think give us something and Brady has its. Brady has that balls right now. Nothing yet especially these last 34 years for pre into sentiment completely different atmosphere right. He injury and what you draw the line of demarcation from the moment he dropped to drop well. And Belichick said we all know times you know pot is aging project situation for not only Brady has had. For the best years in his career out of a seven wrecked you can draw the line right there I'm I'm actually surprised. Not New England but you know all those haters outside of New England. That we haven't heard more of this you know nobody gets better after the age of 383940. Without something dollar not I'm surprised we haven't heard more don't they a lot of that is is nobody cares and football bought that if you take stuff you're out of Baghdad did an hour then they get suspended its your Geiger your pissed about that but if you found out that. A player on the Seahawks just got popped for something was okay good care led a move on to let all know what about the record book argues it's it's not like a baseball's all of the game of basketball that bass or hockey wouldn't care it's it's such a baseball that would mean pretty they'll might be doing stuff that is so scientifically advanced that the testing systems and you know we can even wrap our heads around it right I mean it's out of the realm of possibility that Brady is taking any substance that. You know maybe 4050 years from now in a nightmare twenty years from now. What a hundred years from now deceased so out of the norm right in terms of what he takes a TB twelve without Guerrero I mean I don't think it's. And I don't think it's not possible of these not doing some are operated under the impression that every single professional brightest of something wrong so you'll never be we constantly do agree on yeah absolutely yeah. We grew office. Steroids and offering yesterday Jaeger that at a mall in and then there all of that every guy Sosa McGwire all of them years ago when there's this one dale that you want you flunked the drug tests. In any get in there tenement Manny Ramirez gets suspended fifty games once a hundred games the next time in. The only reason he wasn't suspended a third time is what did they wouldn't complain more how many players tested on how many players are tested positive since these government drug testing not. Right next several dozen places serve suspensions yeah this girl says several dozen over there you know 1015 you can hear it. Decourt right obviously many more players I think I've taken some sort PEDs in time and just the guys have been suspect is just as you suspended. Tells me that you're to stupid enough to get costs you were down but he still about the numbers we don't know how long you were doing it you're cheating at some point once again area of the steelers' offensive linemen up popped this week and it's going to be suspended for four games yeah and Andy put out that the envy the obligatory it's almost like in a cookie cut other righted again released now that says. You know I apologize to my teammates and fans. But I inadvertently took a banned substance added I'll read it back felt better and stronger and all of those things that was the better and stronger partner got in trouble the first time is definitely better and stronger it's amazing to me how many guys inadvertently take stuff. You know there or he just forgot to take the masking agent or forgot to do something or you didn't get tipped off in time one of the drug test was coming there's there's always something. Pot Scots in debt and he's got I don't. I just sort of slip up among air out we. But Britain today. What on it was dot org or you don't know how good month and a pin and seven Super Bowls. You know we went 440. Number no I certainly. Welcome good enough to get the floor. But an argument pop. Yet I always bothered me when when Brady was. Lousy at one point four and two I guess it into usable editors say OK so he's getting penalized for Super Bowl loss where you just look over the fact that Montana must've lost however many. Scholarship recipients. Late getting to the Super Bowl shouldn't ever be viewed as a as a as a failure or or knock against you. I never know. Clark or outright and it's not all of. Thank you do anything about Super Bowl after the 07 season. Where Brady and moss take the team down the field they scored the go ahead touchdown they've done what they can what they've got control over. And the defense can't make the stop and then the helmet catch in the David Gregory and all that stuff. Was while Brady and moss are signal while standing or on the sidelines at that point but still they had the best offense and have a history on the fourteen points in that game. And I'm just saying they had they had scored the grand old right out right right they had they had marched down the field had scored the go ahead touchdown. They had put their team and a position to win yet another Super Bowl. And the team didn't complete the deal I know it's hard for me to blame Brady for that Super Bowl loss. Wes Welker made. I'll stop alana while I welcome the other Jain Super Bowl loss. Dropped apps yes the wanna play an hour ago that he should have or walker he's up to these days haven't seen a lot of laughs he's coaching in. Rice and as bright as a result of assistant coach for is not and all those I physically present for my he's got a tag spotted wearing now sunglasses somewhere does the saddest things a few years ago but the Greek is he how many got in an enormous not a talk about a poster featured wide Ian found so aft up. And he still wanted to play. Exactly it was like I always think your garden event is like our power play now he's it was easy with Houston he's like. This into the whatever our receivers and some of us that about concussions he can implement all the protocols you want but until the players care about their want to help more than their short term players there's short term paycheck. It's not gonna work Michael Irvin told us. If he knew that he had CTE would eagle Bakken play anything absolutely and he's not the only guy that he goes out to do and I am. 6177797937. Its telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Dial 6177797937. We're polite to all of our colleagues every time they get. Harry I tell me. You're nearer my god. What happened there but again maybe next you tout its daily Hollywood cheat Sports Radio WEEI. Offensively they're still players are outstanding. Yeah there are other series goes all the wrong. Or that and of all to do receivers made good throws and that poultry coverage as well. Could taste as good so we offense. And force the defense that is player with their name and of course. So. They're both experiences which. We're just ourselves how much of the stuff that says. He actually believes when he just I'm talking specifically when he Simon yeah the opposing team. Usually when it's a bad team he'll focus on the punter hunter who might actually be really goes tonight a couple of times or you'll find some obscure player. But I know his line to some of the quarterbacks he couldn't even find an obscure player who actually is and city goes to the two quarterbacks who both saw. Anything other outstanding. Get on Marquette acting praise when he played anyway innovators out looking for reasons hacker a couple of years ago right rams went on and on and on about. Is again Jay Cutler and Matt Moore. What color is kicking themselves the tape actress she broadcast job. The guy out there waiting for waiting out the key question now Nokia we have like a rib injury earlier in the year Tia cracked ribs I don't now he Anglican relatively close and it will be a ten million dollars though. Terrible but I mean a lot when I was gonna make his project what a lot but is it worth the physical punishment he's taking his word and other companies that do not mean another compassion for calorie suffered a U over the last couple years guys usually say. When their done publisher could've played longer I've had other players say you know playing mentally that make you take the Jersey off. Because you know your post playing career lasts a long time right. But isn't strict music guy he's really dying to get out there right I mean even that isn't productive president Roberts Sydney just say like dostum used that you were saudis stating exit and not really noise did you feed through type of mentality seems like he's just come out there he's obviously very naturally skilled guy he can hawked the ball boy. The greens are never so much he cared about and don't is awfully last week at red zone interception to viewers than acting that's partly was he even gonna be a good. Analysts because if you know energy to sound like Brent Barry the other night on the Celtics game and it was dead immaculate Jay Cutler be similar to Romo just as president -- the loan you got the sense are you don't beat any close to this or did he really worked what is worth a shot at least he's seem to have more personality tick collars in that he's in pretty dry but I'd rather hear Cutler though the Daryl Johnston for the twentieth straight Moses and who's I think has at least these guys have. Eight knowledge of the content and out this week I'll act and I think I it's. And I don't I don't Dan Morales now they are all about Korea as we can I. I am all about that analysts recently retired analyst they have a real knowledge of the players who were honored until it went against Italy years ago offering Conosoga in the World Series in between years between the Red Sox job and Indians because his. He knew the players into the teens and never existed like our analysts have to be lifetime appointments. Yeah that's Supreme Court justice you're down called for now I am he's turning laurels and anchor turning they've not sat. In the Maryland general by the but it starts he's got a ways to go to get to Phil Simms why he does but it's begun people forget a few years gone up that long ago. Bill Belichick was part of the Super Bowl pregame program was like 345 years ago. He was part of the pre game night you know they have the six hour preview I'll have a million to harass and Andy had Belichick in there. And he was great from. I'm sure Belichick put his mind to be one of the best analysts out there who understands the ball better than him. Well that's the thing of using union out of breakdown plays and there's nobody better at that depth of its just that right and you don't like politics gonna be criticizing players it's not his game and exit those great dancer is getting. It what do you think that Romo was agreed on early was being actually critical towards players towards guy that's top. Typically last beat in the rate of with the raiders yet it is lit up there wide receivers are secondary and Annika explain carpet out immediately. People get his sarcasm he starred at some sarcasm McCall's and I think it when you're doing a broadcast for that many million people it's gonna go overall people's heads yeah I think I talk with him in and it seems pretty forced because it's it's again I don't think it's a real person. In monopoly and applaud him and at night. Well he's a guy who you know has the picture that toed the burnt toast that it puts the waiter at the restaurant on thing that's one of the best pro pot you read a profile in years it's for the best broke by the ever read. Paula social quickness you can eat an art site go real high maintenance on the chin I would say so. I Christian is in Wilmington Christian I don't. Purse and would you bother you or Christian. Or you're just. I don't you know you're on you're land. Art art art art art art are now thought. It wouldn't. What's the point here forget until we took this all that's gone on your kind of Stalin you're fill us look at your notes. Are a lot I like out I do like morning but all I wanna talk about what you said earlier you are not. Brady. Like happy EP Jake something. And all I. I'm and they got outings but that's what it's a rise value would it surprise you Christian with the TB while being Guerrero he wasn't to. Us. Okay now okay so I'd. Just like you to what you're out. Can't see taking anything and it did not like. Our Arctic right there in. Ericsson that was it was not hot Tate he was you were talking about players when they they play late to their careers and how come there hasn't been any kind of wild speculation yet about him. I just rise to power I really am. You know when your forty years old and you're playing as well as you've ever played right what's up if I were you doing a familiar Manning was playing this well at the age of forty. We probably to quell and stop them especially the HD it's easy HTC. Reports still out there and arrived in edited of the defendant that was first yellow light his wife you guys the hundred yards for his wife right but you don't put that ball in his forties Roger Clements. Barry Bonds those guys are great when their their four to talk about the powers and it's and he connecting to union and he talked about and the parent innings to bury stories out of acting to skip forgotten just don't we don't want to believe that there's been lets him with a Peyton Manning at Tennessee stuff. That well forget about these for him but does it Tom Brady's back right place he buddies you know he's jumper is junk yeah I can never know what I think is that I allowed out of hand check out our thumbs up on the back of her what is junk in it traders face and each each got sent to his house. How do I got you on an outrage nonstop Peyton Manning on Africa. He's funny LP takes over the browns went pass forever that they have a pavement and I Amal is a little baffled by this because. And look Manning is a likable person okay. I don't I'm not saying you like months and nice personality. You know people seem to think the awe shucks thing and how lucky it was such seek to cut my apple might point he has. Tom Brady's not unlikable at all. I mean I disagree well he's. It in what regard. Oh if I if he wasn't a patriot I wouldn't be able to stand him why dogs and that with a asked the Morton and all that stuff he's still were about how we. Hawks in the things he says I think he's the warning to anybody what you do what is has all the right things about the opponents see oh yeah it is by the ideal pomp and up on and he's great player and nobody thinks that first thought he wins too much though you're not a pages Boehner immediately narco like the guy I think that the things that he advertises for is certainly not for the Everyman. And I just think there is very blue easy. Yeah it so I I think you I think a lot of people to with a dark cookbooks and TB twelve stuff is. Psychology ask you listening to a preach it's an all our. It's in the ball park so I think Brady. Come across as as a real person to me anymore speaking at the podium Mary's. You know sometimes it tearing Turkey will shows an actual person now mired up about things. Not coincidentally when he's nutrition and health plans come up and now I think Brady. Used to be very personable and relatable like but not anymore and it's easy to forget I gotta be jealous of two on with Giselle and as with every everything else that he at the one on issue Keefe oddly -- and the only person in the world that ought to welcome Tom obviously now. The market always confused me was Brady came from being you know a seventh round a sixth round it was Jesse's. Gonna do a plucky underdog and yet inning whose dad played in the NFL and grew up months and about players is the first overall pick and. Let's audit Tennessee I'm. And a big part that it is faced thinks Manning the everyday lineup today where they promote what they advertise the big part of an honor guard Peyton Manning's doing it. Ron recently. Priced beer and pizza and that he got Tom Brady up their two and I'll boots and cars that that Ehrlich of Smart thousand dollars failed to agree with the trump stepped Jason Brady has had his locker you know at the early onset of the presidential campaign and then jokes or be greeted truck became president needs lumped in with trump. Knitting got speaks out of bed with Mike Pence goes golfing with Donald Trump a few months ago Q not what a big story it would have been if Tom Brady went golfing with Donald Trump. Over the counter Lucy Manning did it would be one of the biggest stories in the country and I think it's a free pass and are brought up that off. Opera opera people like him more. Already burned so I don't kiss my wife my kids wanna go. On my family other reliable. It. God terrible record is pitcher and Abner the because I'll explain to me why he's more likable to America. And Tom Brady. Belichick affiliation has a lot act with its you know that's the bingo that's not the first president incentives to girls Papa John went accessible guide John Snyder upon. Take your word for yeah now and an economic tide that lets you might think army dal but but now Nazi I think he finally hit the nail on the head here. Tom Brady plays for Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick is Darth Bader. I mean he is the evil lord and and because of the connection between those two I hate bella checked airport I must take great. And the patriots are the Yankees they're cute basket analogy is if your outsider going and you automatically hate them anyway the cheating scandals Rucker get into whether there really cheer now did the right to avoid talking to them the ball actually you know that happen. It was just. It's too much prefer for a lot of people out of the guys like for twenty years that you take it away from him and just I'll I've always said this when Brady retires I think it is TB twelve stuff goes the way that looks like it's going people are not are critical what else is the way that it's the way it looks like it's going I don't understand well just any all of this BI -- the book he has out of and beyond the preaching and in all this unorthodox doubtful these court unorthodox solid like the fact if you drink enough water you won't be able to get sunburned he didn't eight and say that in the book he said it that debt you know he thought that he was hydrated to such a degree didn't get sunburn is up in the book that is that's a little gross anatomy honestly is up in the book is kinda. So as all of that ominous kind of stuff. But I don't need a lot of meat I eat vegetables like a you know I avoid this I avoid these foods site. I hydrate I I use bands that my muscles there are more elastic rather than getting you know heart eyes. But a lot at the the the brain tease is that he talks about a lot of that stuff is not scientifically sound but you know what it's pretty commonplace. He drives are isotope IC goaltender or allowing these. These brain trainer type things a lot in the NHL it's not an uncommon thing we'll get to this amazes there in the bread I needed just apply to active the pull any punches is total crap that's been debunked by ice by nutritionists across the across the world acid alkaline diet and they actually Muppet that Robert Young. It's in prison for practicing medicine without a license there which doctors are witch doctor that's right so I mean. TV twelve manual but I the obvious like you said dale that's pretty common practice fine but that a lot of the other stuff the stuff that goes the extreme. Is scientifically and I'm just I'm just your and I am not. Climbing a new for the separate us from other people play. What is the stuff that go to be slapped a lot of that goes to the extreme that's the part I don't under like take a look at the acid alkaline diet is DuPont is steak and that's that's how Brady that's what you here's your rate on a port 80% ass out alkaline your diet about your ass it that's wrong moment your food it's your stomach. It's acid also the dot but that diet. I mean you'd have to say it's working for him right right that's the only proof right right but I am saying it okay every other city twelve guys and hurt us but that's the other thing too so the only proof that Tom Brady is ever offered for TB twelve is believed meet. Look at my plate we know facts to back this up. We know of any issue we have the anonymous testimonials at the act of his book the art of the other stuff Guerrero. So I would have liked to see one graph or would like to see one scientifically backed up staying in TB to me and I didn't. I gotta be honest the T the whole TB twelve book that the furor about it. Not just George others is well underway. Am phony and made up to me OK here's a here's an idea don't read it will go but I think a lot of people feel. Those same people feel the book a lot of things are phony email and that's fine yeah but moment by point as. Are there to make got a buddy Dyer had to go by the book but I've I've I was the by my shoes the read it you choose to follow it Zdeno Chara of the Bruins told me recently. That he bought the book. And he's been following a lot of the things that Tom had in the book because he's a forty year old athlete also try to continue playing at the highest levels and I don't follow the book okay Zdeno Chara prize to follow a lot of and he says you know what I think it's working. I think a lot and that's the thing attic so much of it is mental and it's so if you really believe that then maybe it'll work and got it radiates a big part for him like obviously. Having a clean diet and and healthy living that's gonna help a lot of sleep that's helping a lot of that we get a lot of the need to ignite the extreme Brady does it help setting makes you know tens of millions of dollars a year obviously press enough yet. Hence all about the guy bush is right right exact you can buy or did the hole but you a hundred plus pages devoted to TB twelve. Arm bands TB twelve resistance bands that like a hundred let's stop what's his and he'll play seriously don't buy them right hate lights but he's pushing a lot of this stuff on people where again Tom Brady is proof that were XP house and offered anything else that works for other people he hasn't. He has the only group is believed me what we say inject. I say how much is that purple here as costs. That's a pretty affordable you break down the audio meal yeah that's eight dollars a week thirteen dollars a plea that's not bad that I was not that I thought there that's affordable. Yet but for. You know rabbit food. Not simply doesn't leak and that. Got to go fluid turnips. Secret about it every now turn it. Turnout I have the very good chat gender or transmitted via on the unrest Mort Thanksgiving side issues to hurdle in my opinion yes really yes because I am not a business. It's a little rest before as I when I like them so that are some things nothing violence that's including mashed potatoes be our last segment today is that Thanksgiving now right definitely not now now memorial Beers out of the ground running your wallet that we don't final drive but it's up to you that a sport sucks and it's amazing how that they Jerry Daly and agrees with that Julia. Files once a year or 6177797937. Ellen Hollywood keep Sports Radio W yeah without. More detail Colleen keep on Sports Radio WE yeah. 6177797937. This telephone number this is a warning mainly to Alex. Because this is gonna scrub the whole day we are going to talk briefly at some point next hour. About the goaltending situation for the Bruins lives at all down I don't out here are three hours early he said so you probably did that the notes I thought illegally room I think he's probably gonna you know might my pilot borrowers are Annan on. Why they're playing Anton who golden for the third straight night tonight. And when and if they're gonna go back to Tuukka Rask and whether they should go back to grass but that's coming up later on if you wanna stretch your legs out the appointment to collapse. Will be fine nobody nobody be upset about that. I grabbed my car was as magnolia America products and high class hockey talk. In the off season guys it's even started yet. No now but what when it does you'll be ready for a 6177797937. Markets in Cannes to. Yeah mark and I don't. What's the very first revolver. Out of the way first and foremost you. On the Kremlin but look around I love. Listen you guys. Out of the ball out of the board. Honorees and thank you very much like I thank you expert. There's just. And as for the touch on. Obviously among well eagle on the bottom of our diplomats should have big patriot fan and you know you watch vote on a cynical about important result at the 43 Burton mark thank you very much and my first memory. Of the patriots. Was. Watching them. My father. I recorded them that you both want. So. We're bad memory there how well we're right there a better. And more or stores or to place. Yeah. You know what. But the same old script yeah don't we start out walking. Oh this little ball and here we are you yeah. You do to actually bring up a great point mark and thank you for the ball with that they'll know he does reading between the lines not how he does bring up great of that every year. Other than the eighteen and all year yes something happens you lose a game early on billion he won't look good and it's not that at amateur golf injury yeah Tehran and I are going to be able overdone bat and oil bill attracted gee I'm sure screwed Belichick the coach would this movie every year every year faulty or it'll be a game it was Kansas City game. You know other in August 19 and I'll get clobbered in the opener against Kansas beyond our doll that was the Carolina the way that they did. That the defense was so bad for four weeks we have we are they are reacting I'd be favored again right in the turning point and he was really that sandy in games that church is coming here and brought all over themselves like we have seen teens do. Year after year after year and shot Watson gets hurt its quarterback its or II gets hurt and the Broncos lose their minds because the patriots it's okay. This is not supposed to be everybody else's either hurts or can't get. Out there on the other categories fall apart right when they are based smoked Atlanta to that was a big one outside by Atlanta was great and normalcy they make the playoffs this year. There are your start to see them play. Complete games there wasn't just the offense having to win you're the defense is actually chipping in. Then when you look at are after each week a quote contender. Falls away. You know that the bill actually is awesome he's looking pretty Gloria I'll Kansas City latitude. Aren't able to beat them this year we've seen for re enter an interception for the giants and sent as where they are they still beat the chiefs right there it's. Travis Kelsey third interception Americans won't let that they've lost their hands are what they're doing but it says it's just the Steelers and patriots at least part of throw looks like in his dealers I don't give a talk about all these are our top three defense they're playing really well they're healthy right now but the patriots like the fourth and music title game last year. Alley and Roethlisberger is what he is now. Patriots Steelers the classic games at Heinz Field and I don't think the patriots Campbell Cink you Waller agreeing with Bartow. About marketer collaborative unearthing every between the lines like you know 6177797937. Its telephone number. The text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WB.