DHK - Who has a better lineup now Red Sox or Yankees? Bruins trade rumors; How can the Celtics/Marcus Smart get away without criticism.

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 1: As the Red Sox kick off their spring training, when will Martinez be officially announced? Marcus Smart will be returning soon, but questions still surround his incident with the picture frame. As the deadline approaches, the Bruins continue to make moves. Who could stay or who could go?


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Yeah. Tonight I think we we shifted a little bit. He was practically sprinting out of here soon and if you reserve announced the organizers. Got five good minutes glad every single day I'm an average says yeah trending now he's gone out there at. Right now to a port are glad its threat now every every day and today I think Ross he wanted to try something new. He filmed yesterday conceive on Twitter and next day's gone I mean he sprinted I hours or even. Glenn normally move as quickly as he did get not a here and I'm glad Rossi now they're all we've. Egypt about it can't do it everyday and it's just you know me now you know which it now he thinks that I don't like you word reality I do I look forward to every yeah yeah yeah yeah completely ready Rossi you need to get apparent classes that's got a camera ability bonds is he came in here yesterday. Wielding your I I kind of look out the torrents like century fox does that and the ability this thing I would like snaps at one outlook yet. For others eyes absolutely need to bug the whole studio it's primarily an IKEA. At that right off rough is right up where we live across we dolby audio line making it collateral quickly yeah. That person. War veneer over a year we've got a lot of long cross overs never once has he sprinted out before the trending music MI had some to do with the fact that he wanted to get in the other room and catch the rest of this Red Sox northeastern could be that northeastern all hollows around the board and say they just they just don't wanna cross and Red Sox have evolved into yet another across the morality there like lose play by play this afternoon. As he sit there must be in the press box watching that's our Nevada. Pitching out meetings in the first inning to say the least that they slower game. To this point and tuna underscored that that will full guns yes and desire to act as a Red Sox northeastern updates how we got it on on the monitor here but eat in and for no real reason you feel obligated. Baseball baseball season has begun this is the official start of baseball season. I consider this not a tomorrow's America up with today. It's if it's the big northeastern tilt that's right the double letter very exciting if these guys it's what the Red Sox or at least guys who are. In the Red Sox organization. As victim let's get the later innings. I I it could be. You name a player I couldn't tell if he's a northeastern or on the Red Sox got just a certain point there but that's just give a last name yeah and I don't know. Well that's probably as much we'll talk about the the Red Sox in the college games today of the people the key affiliate allegory of the score and so we'll get this out of the way as well because this is probably as much. Women's hockey talk is will the ball day. It was fun to watch yeah it was great and now there is no way in the world that any. Championship deciding game playoff series gold medal there's no way those games should be decided in a shoot out ever play overtime to UT get a win. Could imagine. Seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals also are late now sport through the overtime so light up you're gonna go to the shoot out I. Hate the shoot elegant to the shoot out is enjoyable guy I'm more of those to let it hasn't worn off what I. I'm file that but in the regular season you're right if the game -- easy to doubt the the NHL to their credit they do the regular season. And the fans really like it. I mean yeah I mean the players I tinkered sort of the broadcasters the owners over the Bruins couldn't couldn't win one. And the chiefs chief so after an but the fans flock yeah but the second the Stanley Cup Playoffs start we play overtime until we got a winner which is how we should be yeah. You know Peter Forsberg decided league gold medal. In the Olympics with a look at the shoot out goal that night before or ever was or forever yeah that was a stamp boldly called because they literally put the picture of Peter Forsberg scoring the goal on a state. You can sweep of the big goal is a huge political. But don't entertain like it. So that that TJ Joshi out last time when they were playing Russian about wasn't as great shots that was unbelievable theater that was as. That was more entertaining that I think if you put on another overlook another twenty minutes of overtime. Now if you're on the wrong end of that that's obviously that's going to be frustrating and he's there will this is generally hockey anymore or use now it's one on one would we with a goaltender. But that was talking with some of the greatest. Sports the year earlier we're gonna see you at least that at least they put a twenty minute overtime last night of what a five minute time. But they couldn't score through the twenty minute overtimes I guess they said valley got to wrap this thing out we've got to go about it it was unbelievable and good for them. As school I was thinking about this is I was watching the end of the game and and this. These names won't mean a lot of that some of our younger fans but I thought of Ralph Cox. Out of the University of New Hampshire. The last player cut from the 1980 Olympic team that went on to win the gold medal. And in light black man so he's the last guy and he sit at home watching on. Confident that together left. Bobby carpenter's daughter Alex was the last player cut from this team I don't really so Alex carpenter becomes the Ralph Cox for the new generation that. And by the way she was on the last Olympic team she's a great great player. Many people work more than a little surprised she was even cut. But now she's sick they are home watching it on cuts that far from trivial or their. That's why rob out topless Ralph cock a lot of guys out this week category recording guys are Ralph Cox I can help you out with the and then they go. And to all Ollie and add further now the United States won the gold medal February 22 1980. Jim Craig where's my father almost all of us women's team on the gold medal February 22. 28 because it's. Yeah. It was great. Good call Al Michaels better. I mean it's. And otherwise I think Al Michaels we're gonna shoot out that well Alan my idol let's be honest it was much more shocking idea in one's. But also while an end and let's be honest what you're thinking of his the end of the rushing game which wasn't Goldman now true right is senate files. If that's true of Finland was the team they beat for them and that was good Albert means who was marred you're always on Stan Kenny and me Michael likes. Yeah I know my of those like Terry does not like Mara. But. It gonna be met if they lost the global game had copy would have viewed out of it or they beat Russia it's great buzz now that I've console over there so all I dabble probably and our our color our Olympic hockey talk today. We were talking about this going into the Olympics I do think interest is is down dramatically. You know I thought it was going to be down anyway I had the Olympic hockey men's Olympic hockey in too much for me going into this term it would vote the way they. I don't roster is things that there was in the NHL guys get so used to it with a 98 the first time they did it bows on the USA guys were a mess in the trash their hotel rooms they finished sixth. Without probably will eventually JR and Roenick and LaMont today telling jokes that causes all those guys he thought was a great team but it they. They did terribly and then. Ever since that he had. The NHL guys in the Olympics and it was weird because Derosa for team USA at an vol all these guys on the Bruins planet for teams like Bergeron Chara and Rask everything else but that was great. Now this year you don't have that so that takes some of the steam out. Also I don't know the last what are games with the same way I do think the time zone thing. Throws people off because some of the stuff you want to get home. You're watching the the you know Olympics in prime time. Some of it has already happened argument already seen some of the results like they're bouncing around the stuff that lives of the tape I think that throws people often. So got other things to talk about because your kitten a little nervous here all where is this Judy Martinez announcement to get a dominates. I'll you nervous yesterday. Sold. We get to today it nothing's happening in your like get a little panic well although they did say yesterday that today they've they might not have anything from that while they said he wasn't gonna work out today. We know what does this state of medical science in this country can't figure this out like yesterday the report was all of it out of Florida are you put a bit little polonium appeared done the pres adult floating back. There in this amount of time Lou was on Lou was in Florida and the whole show in Boston right Laura why didn't they fly in here first. Why did they just like the Boston he's played against northeastern like the matter I fifth where these guys they didn't it's easy and that shows up at jetBlue yesterday in Boston and right to Boston going through all the stuff you gotta go through. All unique all your doctors all your medical doctors the Florida football teams in Florida. If the dog out there they brought a dermatologist but other than that it. Plays like yes I'm stream guys that I thought there had odds I know it's February and as the Florida thought he got to put this on. Yet I don't know what what they're doing here I mean. You look at the Red Sox to order count as you know two million followers a bunch of fans pay attention what's going on. They're re tweeting Wally the green monster paying and now with the northeastern mascot but that's what they're doing right now when they could give us say hey welcome to Boston JD Martinez press conference tomorrow. I need the press conference to be today but I would like deciding to become official. And it hasn't done. So something something got to be off because we're told yesterday. That during the midday show Lugar you Judy Martinez and they bumped it to 2 o'clock is that okay great will your legitimacy and mr. our show. And now 2.4 hours later still laughing at a JD Martinez. I don't know how people can use that that's fine. Is this just an abundance of caution and you are talking about a theoretically a 110 million dollar contract. It won't be that because he'll opt out before you get to be out of it but you know it's a 110 million dollar contract so let's make sure now that there are no no issues that we're gonna have to run into lay. I mean that may be it is but it just seems like that the the timing is off but why would you even say that you were gonna have him there and to your point if you needed to meet with the doctors. They don't need to Russian men that need these game ease the spring training games Ernie these workouts and make sure this is all set and rate ago. So to me I just feel that without getting more without without more information it seems like something is slowing it down. And win wouldn't that be you know what's like his health. What is there is or something they didn't know about his health and weather up there because it would really at this point only be the Red Sox saying oh wait a minute. Here's a red flag but Judy Martinez is gonna take a physical object. Hey how did it help you that I thought I want 200 million dollars it has worked that way I feel really get it out why some garlic look at. I deserve more modest man here it would have a one wants me bench or from the forty bullet went oh boot. Only work the other way it'll be the Red Sox seeing something and don't. We might need to either you don't altar of the contract we need to do something you know differently here we need another out maybe some sort of optioned to cover ourselves. I don't know what it is they knew we all we can really do was speculate right now but. I don't think it's just. Business as usual or this in order to be done. Ultimately don't think that this is going to be a major problem I think that. Whether it's loose suggested 7 o'clock tonight. Or more you know 10 o'clock tomorrow morning I I think there will be the that the obligatory press conference and holding up the Jersey and let's stop. I don't think he's hurt I don't think they discovered some you know. Long undiscovered knee injury or something a unique elbow perhaps you've each elbow perhaps but it. Assorted you know the line they Gaudio do you think it stinks you'd think something's something's amiss something in the foul. He's missed games in the past he's had indicate that maybe there's a lingering injury I don't know what it is or what what it would be. But I just feel like this the Woodward and wrapped up now. Regina Martinez. We're talking about it on Monday. One day it became always on Twitter so get it hasn't come official. By the Red Sox that's what really managed to their credit they haven't said anything that would fit well but they're they're all talking bottom. But the players are orderly is good at talking Majid Martinez throw excited about Judy Martinez. But it was Monday where that's where some of the baseball reporters got into a spat over who broke the story who have the story. Ultimately is Pedro Gomez I had that first and I had a I had it all you said it might happen I think the data having a pay great. But it was mark and I were on it was like at 5 o'clock we'll allow for 5 o'clock where Pedro Gomez had done deal done deal. On Mon day. Here we are on Thursday. It is not a done deal. We follow up Pedro Gomez Vasco the shares a done deal as some real proud of. Assuming that it is a done deal today tomorrow whenever it is assuming that it's a done deal. How much does this change the landscape in the American League east because all of a sudden were reading stories new including on our own website. That the Red Sox have a better batting order than the New York Yankees. Yeah I disagree with John to mossy stay mafia had that and I think the Red Sox have a very good line up with Martinez. Because. Dire adding. He's had 45 home runs I don't think this year but the thing is true power hitter thirty plus home runs with Martina you can put him in the middle lineup. Obviously got bets on you know another year of penance and deep Bogart's. Ramirez is kind of a question mark is me I mean I know they got Alex Cora says he's got a hitting third but. Based on what he's done his track record in Boston is very mixed you know two years ago yeah that's the guy who can at third. But his first year here terrible last year I don't know that the guy you want hitting third every day and one out. I think it's. Aaron judge Jon Karl Stanton DD gore is bird Sanchez look forward thinking at the Yankees and of their lineup threats like them better pitching staff. But I think the better lineup is definitely new York and I'm surprised to mossy I think he went you know you want one through nine he lied to mop projected lineups for bowl teams. Eddie gave you know who has the edge with a each spot. That's also a tough thing to do because if you say Erin judge is an edge over in Tibet and candy. They got that's only one point for the Yankees the body more than one point I got that these significant like a bigger win than that yes and at some of the other on the I was I was surprised he says DD glorious. Is no worse than Zander Bogart's. I disagree and I like Bogart's. I'm sort of sour a little bit on because all we've heard about it how grades going to be I was going to be the shortstop of the future. You know power hitter is available to all these things. I haven't seen the power of him I don't know that's coming back at all senator gore is has the edge there. One through six and the Yankees is that's as good as anything we've seen in awhile. The Red Sox are dramatically improved from where they were a few days ago. Or will be we probably should and they are they are dramatically improve not just the fact that they at a forty home run guy in the lineup which automatically improves you. But what it does for the rest of the batting order how it moves people around and slots than in the proper place. I did better. They'll be in the playoff chase. Paled doubly battling with the Yankees in the American League east they'll likely become a wild card team and you know we've seen at the last couple years. So yeah I mean they definitely should be their playoff team. They're bringing everybody back in the strategy Martinez and they're swapping out the the manager I think there's there's more upside to this manager. Bogle will say so just go backwards mosque is article he starts out. Rookie that first brought Gardner. Movie about that will also include yes and it absolutely and you better incendiary judge I think that we are judged him their marriage Greg bird. Actually agree with investment and he odds mosque is as eat out probably say that to just because. Greg Byrne is is more projection and him and I was completely out by UN Tomas balcony even feel like yeah pick. Greg Gardner. Judy Martinez job growth Stanton. Stan. To Houston. VP. You but your your data I'm hesitant parts of my that'd be on the team I. That could've happened argue with that you just gave me crap for taken even to get a picket guy Martinez of Stanton Stanton. Zander Bogart's DB grew Boris. I'll arts and one Gregorio is there are Rafa devers Gary Sanchez. I enter Sanchez Sanchez. Eduardo Nunez Erin hicks well is. Mean I know that I know Eduardo Nunez yeah arts the season there Ali Longo go let's go Nunez Pedroia vs X. I take unions or Pedroia and exited. Jackie Bradley junior vs labor Torres. Because it depends on what month it is or cover athlete if that's a good month I was gonna JJ is that a bad month that's probably washed his Bradley either hits 40100. And keep these are hard got to the other tag. Odd in the last one is Christian Vasquez and burn injury or whatever. But one through six Red Sox very good as you that's a good lineup but at a busy port fifteen runs against northeastern sulfur does. And some rays clinched touch smaller dome nobody who's actually in that lineup is playing for the red sock now. That shows organizational depth and for the organization I think some of the guys were earlier that now it's. Yeah it's. Definitely lower level players in there. The few with a devers at the start to the public of the other guys. Swipe hurtful if they did you think my heart was catching. Kudos to this do you plan to iron in my play every spot by the time the dome of the spring. This includes forward ago. But Saudi radical lineup is is great. Or very good and yankees on his greatly the Red Sox are very. But last year and had a glaring hole and they stole 193 games in won the division. So that they are absolutely a playoff team early state police they should be I think they will now. Now whether that'll be enough to get people all cranked up over the summer. Whether it will reignite interest in the team. Everybody's hoping. X I wonder you know what you're talking boat. Star power a that's that's the thing we're Judy Martinez he is exactly what the team needs you in the lineup and in the and just the power. But as far as them bringing in another big time personality or a superstar. I don't think he's that although I know that he's not that it was thirty years old he's made one all star team he said two years over thirty home runs. We don't really know much about what you're saying yesterday. Soon as he talks to the media. That might be the first time we've heard his voice but I don't remember I couldn't learn his voice I don't remember ever hearing him in David Price even said in the article Bob nightingale is a quieter guys have more reserved guy. Maybe that's it he's having a panic attack I don't about facing the B rigid Boston media all price that some as he doesn't know what lol lol lol lol I don't know I wanted to let us get booed. That's right maybe maybe sun maybe is cold feet. I'm saying injury you're saying called feats of sound they thought involved. But. I don't think he's that's that's star apparently. Did he sell any extra tickets. Prelude and I was apparently admitted that Christmas at Fenway which I know that is certainly sailed by. But in years past they could say hey look David Price hey look Chris Sale look Craig Kimbrel evenly good look at all these guys that we got. Judy Martinez I don't think has that appeal. I think he will if he does what we think he's gonna do he will quickly gain that appeal. That's the plan you know peace sit there with you know eighteen home runs at the all star break it all okay. Yes they could definitely use out the personalities of part of its new. You noted it. Woolsey and video that took out we don't we don't know he's been playing and Arizona players Detroit played in Houston. So it's not like we battle a ton of personality part is overrated. If anything it will be a part of fourteen minutes personality does Andrew Bennett and Andy yeah exactly that's a portable keydets nobody I'd probably like that his players yeah I don't but I don't think but they. What kind of differences there are some of the conversation from yesterday when you had a Ortiz Manny and Pedro. They were more most watched knowledge because of how well they played but it also bit the characters that they wore I think these guys seem to have a lot of nice players. Although there are Venezuela I don't take nice as a compliment from you advocate in him not when you say it but I got a I think I love to find it doesn't matter Saturn Aura that the event together and act and other got a bad they're good players. But I don't think they are you know. Off the chart personalities in baseball that's usually baseball they might only have a couple might literally be Bryce Harper did it. Are you and that's on their stock to within in the Red Sox. Happened to not have him. They're they're one of many teams that are that are lacking those guys. 6177797937. Its telephone number tax Linus 37937. We've got some other things to talk about such as. Why any hotel in the United States of America. Would have deadly picture frames. Hanging on their walls possible season ending picture frame as he read an investigation and and we need to find out what kind of picture frames there are in the hotel in Los Angeles. Plans right. If what happened to mark is Smart happen to any of the other three teams in this market. Bob hole it would be writing front page there is usually the Boston Globe sort of dollar rage that did yes we would have gotten good on Boston Celtics are ten foot tall and bulletproof regularly and want to write. Whatever they only party talked about how Brad Stevens not that he deserves a lot of criticism but he gets 90. So you got markets Smart and other saying you know this could have ended the season why cops are hello. Yes why just a wild story and they've been cleared to play he's got Nightline is gonna play tomorrow. But it was it was one of those is so solid the whole set up to you with a way Brad Stevens said. You are kind gather information on that the gathering he's the player hate the close call fair what happened are parts of friend and I punched a friend they're out of a got a whether or body of why I didn't gathering to be done right that's it now why he punched the frame on hot. There's other holes really matter are missing that shot was definitely the frame are we ever seen this frame quite to the hotel we got a picture of said for target we everything. It's it's very very odd if you would have become a bigger deal like you said if you miss the entire season. That I who would have gone back in and really gone through this thing but still he missed half the games. There we. But at the Celtics so people lose it's okay who can forget. 6177797937. It's dale and Hollywood keep Michael Finley are offered school vacation week you'll be back on Monday. This is Sports Radio W media. I know we were. Only half jokingly talked about this market Smart thing. The lead story that we're being told is that the media markets Smart misses a last second shot big game and allies. Celtics lose. We're wondering why he's taking the shot beside the point he misses the shot this sort of give another story if they lose. The story is six hours later. He's at the votes. All of Los Angeles. Evidently from his frustration of missing the shot six hours before. He punches a picture that's hanging on the wall in the hotel. That's what we're told. All right he punched picture you know onto wall what do. And almost certainly disappears. Can't play now he's been cleared to play reportedly will play tomorrow night when the Celtics returned from action post all star break. Nobody's. Asking any other questions. Nobody seeing him in the head coach didn't seem to no one was going on and Edward just. Apparently he made a mistake and it says no hope to get a Mac that's seems world and now he's the best he missed eleven games. And obviously the Celtics you know lost three straight going into the all star break four of their last five VO the defense was terrible. They gave up. What a 150 points in the last two games combined and I thought all markets Smart he's very good defensive players to buy them out there. Previous eleven games or Santo. Yea swiped at a picture frame at a hotel room. After the game so we've seen guys. Right after the game punch a wall in the dugout are all thought and someone get hurt you on Mars Alomar was one guy in the it was like for the fire extinguisher whatever he acts. When there's an ax but there's a verdict also a bit and any any punch is in hand through that it was cut open and everything else he used. He was he was hurt. This is after the fact things are competitive and I think it didn't bother but it missed the shot against the lakers and and lost of the buzzer. But I feel like there's probably something else were hours later we just sit around sand. You know let you know it's thinks. Mean missing that shot I take that picture frame quick though there's definitely something all right let's listen to this and and see if this helps flush it out for us. Yes it does affect. And I. I was nuts. It is. Yeah. And since. Start. You know professor. Yet. It's things of this. Something that. You know where on earth. You tell us what might stop exactly how I thought I had back edited have you gone over there yet I mean they. And they also out or you can't put the if this recent losing streak in all the losses on Smart he's not the most important player on the team. He's probably the fifth when you hear your reckoning guys how important they are. They lost four straight games when he was fine you know including that lakers lost were remiss that at the buzzer Oz they went six and five. In the eleven games without Marcus Smart during this recent Ron. But it is his stupid and every he's saying the right things there early date he takes the responsibility as he showed he would pull a hamstring heated twisted ankle. And he caught up its hand because he punched punish or pressure for a with the basketball related I guess alternately bill does that matter. Why does that matter that he punched it because of past or related or because well a lot of the the Internet detectives kind of figure now is maybe get something to do. With a lady on its program I don't know that's the case but that was sort of one of the things that is been brought up over this time. I guess it really doesn't matter either way he missed all these games he puts a picture frame its do it only matters if that's not the real story. You don't think it wasn't for no I don't I don't know I imagine if that's not the real story that's the story we're gonna put out there because nobody will question us in this town so I could say anything at all and so I. I'm gone with the picture frame thing and maybe maybe it's not it may be wasn't it is a bar fight that we have no idea what laws I'm thinking if it was in fact punching something in your hotel room. You can say pause frustrated about the shot or. Something you know in your personal life but either way the end resolves the same. Asia to back and then you can spit at Ford's sales a sick guy you can trust is this a guy that you wanna give a long term contracts knew what the answer that is known record that anyway whether you do that or not whether. Well he played all 82 games or missed eleven for punching a frame. Or punching a when dole or mirror whatever he did our recount his hands at like five and five going into the all star break. Yeah and any missed eleven games rent a bailout six and five. So presumably over the course of those you know five losses could he had made a difference in one or two were more I think probably shore I mean. I'm they got absolutely crush on a couple games like Toronto and Cleveland I make it a different doesn't matter who's going there and maybe wasn't the Indiana game. The gold state game was yet and at the it was a closer game. But I do you want an up there he is he is an important part of the team especially the when they're playing so badly. On the defensive side you want somebody like Marcus Smart out there he's. He's eighty was any was scoring. Decently well form off the bench you know when he went down at the game they miss that final shot he had 22 points against the lakers of use give you some offense is well. You're gonna get him back and big but the bigger point. Is. If this happened on the Red Sox or this happened on the patriots this up on the patriots it would have become a national story. It did happen on the Red Sox sort of all kinds of an investigation into it who would get somebody. Right we would have gotten an article written somewhere on on really what happened. But Celtics in the hey they're there playing with house money seems like whatever they do is great. So your not gonna questioned some of the on court decisions apparently you're not gonna questions from the off court decisions either. And we don't really question anything new. About that team now. What's the most crude a day and I think about this the the rumors. Of of possible off field issues for Malcolm Butler swirled for a couple of weeks around yet. But rumors say it right at you know do what this curfew nobody volatility as a flight to it and the get a fight with a coach Yahoo! and and we're talking about it bird two weeks here now obviously the magnitude of the game that was involved. Sort of you know blows it all out of proportion but right. But in markets is case of a two picture. OK and I hope to come back over where we wish you a speedy recovery thanks for the idea for the info yeah that's that's it. That is gonna back in the here's Guerrier looked at the web traffic the last time there was real criticism. Around the Celtics it was probably. When Ainge traded the number one panic. But the Mac will quickly became a win for him but very only anyone known Ferran very quickly became one for him. But I think Danny Ainge is great of a job as he is done. He gets some criticism. The coach and the players really did not. We market Smart happens to be the one guy who people do get frustrated with the shot selection. And shot selection and that's a bad shot selection there's nothing else that's it and so that's bad that. The thing that's been criticized more than anything else while the other guys they can do whatever they want. 6177797937. We'll get the calls that you guys just a couple of minutes there's a couple of interest thing Bruins notes who that I will offer up for when we come back in just a couple of minutes here on Sports Radio W media yeah. 6177797937. This telephone number let me give you a couple of bug Bruins updates here and trade deadline is Monday at 3 PM eastern. Bruins have already made one minor deal with the Rangers brought Nicole and and he's with the team in Toronto today by the way. I appear LeBron superb hockey reporter. You know very well respected very. Well Lott well sourced now writes for the athletic in Toronto. A was with the ESPN until they blew everybody ran for governor and hockey exactly. I he tweeted out human it's a few hours ago quote Ryan McDonough is ten team no trade list. Does not have Toronto on it which means the leafs are clear yes if indeed Toronto decides to get serious on an offer to the Rangers. Also hear that Boston remains in the mix on the rangers' captain but price needs to drop. We have felt all along that the Bruins and Don Sweeney were interest and Brian McDonough according to Pierre LeBron they are still in the mix still pursuing Ryan McDonna. And look I don't blame the Rangers I'd ask for more than I expect I'm gonna get any way in the closely get to the Monday trade deadline you would expect if he hasn't dealt with the price would drop. Then you've got this mark giver who covers hockey for the Providence journal journal does a great job. You guys know that to Rome again let's suddenly appeared practice on Tuesday for the Providence Bruins. No strings attached no promises he just wanted to get a feel for where he was four months after hip surgery. And the Bruins gave him permission to go skate with the Providence Bruins you skated Tuesday. He skated today. After his second and likely last skate with the Providence Bruins today he told marked ever quote. I'd like to be a part of the playoffs with a team that can that you can contribute to any way you can but also that you feel can win. One more chance to win I'd be thrilled. He was asked about the Bruins he said quote they are one of the top teams in the league a great group of guys they've had a lot of success and they are rolling. So why I'd be lying if I said interest from Boston wouldn't be great. But I'm not sure that will happen on quo. So this guy would cost in nothing more than a pro rated share of the veteran minimum. You have is he worth more than the veteran minimum you're used to this like is he gonna add something the team that they don't have to do they have. They may be if they had a lack of leadership or they didn't have any good veteran players that got all of that they do right sauter. And it last year looking for a depth forward and you get and and you could add Jarome Iginla basically for nothing. Would you be interest in doing. I guess but I I think you'd want the opportunity to play. Right when he I don't think you'd be okay if he's come back right he's gonna put that it's time and it's and he wants the come back and play. I don't know if you even agree that because right now everybody's healthy and you added drama gala salute to the roster it's even getting ice time. Or not part picture where yes I but but reportedly the Bruins are in pursuit of some some sort of help up front. You know and perhaps Brian McDonough. Like and let's say Rick Nash for the sake of our argument you're gonna go pursue Rick Nash from the Rangers I got to give up something to get. He's also gonna cost to more money than to Rome again is gonna cost you right. He's been playing all year structural McGinley is forty years old will be 41 on July 1 and hasn't played this entire season because he had had surgery. And and last year how good was the fourteen goals he played eighty games in the you know two different teams combine a way to Bruins have just made a trait. Yes a Slava. And and this was expected in fact. If you listen to zero pox given no but it podcast and that that will drop today that Tai Anderson and I recorded with several hours ago. I predicted that frank but Tron I was going to be traded pitcher he was today. The Bruins traded frank but Tron out of the Florida Panthers for 20183. Round pick. So they set a third round pick for Nicole and in the military that they doubted so they essentially traders Frankfurt Tron offered Nichols. Although the third round pick that they get back is going to be higher than in the third round pick that they gave away so. Makes that I thought Frankfurt Toronto was actually a couple of years ago of the good news going to be something the lead DHL goals so glory literally at goal game in the American hockey so I thought he was going to be something but. It kind of goes to show. I mean they're both pretty you know he's not taking advantage of the opportunity but that also other guys passing by when you look at the other young wings on the team. He probably didn't see that rated. But that's a couple of sort housekeeping stuff right yet to couldn nice depth defenseman. You give the author of picky get a third round pick back you move on from Frankfurt Toronto. Which still says to me that yet they could definitely be adding another affordable piece before Monday. I'll say this I don't know of anyone who's ever met or has talked to were spent anytime with Jarome Iginla who doesn't love the guy I mean Bruins fans loved him teammates loved him. There is no one who doesn't like Jerome again. You theoretically have a roster spot open right now theoretically if contracts spot open is just traded a contract away. I don't know. I think you can do better than again what the sorry but if you can't if you if the crisis to lie if that. You know you you you could theoretically as long as you sign him by Monday at three he's playoff eligible. So you give him another month really get himself in shape. You know what I am and I'm sure that while the the stipulation here from the Bruins has gone down province escape with a just you know you wanna see what how you're feeling you wanna see how you're doing on down to do that. I'm sure there was also phone called the coaching staff and Providence and I tell me what to say. Yeah at least on Pratt is an element does it look like he's got anything last. How'd he fit in with this team. Let our you know what. What line you'd need the best on to these not the same guy it would usually even when he was here he was a more veteran player older guy he had what thirty goal season. I would see him on this team is tea as a third or fourth line guy with the possibility of giving you some power play minutes in front and now. So he could do I think. Yo so the browns play Saturday and Sunday and again unless. If they make its investigators without any significant injuries. I'm probably gonna pass on drama gitmo and and I think they can do better weather weather for Nash war. Somebody else I think we can do better or to stand pat and a lot of fans look at the roster and they say let's just keep it keep it the same. And so. Do not betray anybody else away keep given those guys that you of the ice time that the ones that have been getting it. And a bigger refund they they got they got a lot of talent on the team right now the out Florida Panthers American Hockey League franchises in Springfield. Ranked the Tron I was from east long now rather go. Assuming that they wanna take chance on put him through waivers and having nobody picked them up he could end up playing in Springfield are. Oh am the Florida Panthers probably one argument chants up top and see what he can yeah. Pelosi to the boss or was he somebody that was was playing over is his head when he lose. Believe me it's on goals. Ellie that look there are they're great American Hockey League scorers who ultimately wore her for example is forecast had 88 remarkable HL yeah career wrecked. Not a great job at the American Hockey League level couldn't stick. With either you know the Washington Capitals of the Boston Bruins to just didn't work out form as a quadruple declared baseball Seattle time our guys that that if there was too good for the miners for the for some reason they can't figured out at the pearl. Any sort of falls I'll also add this not because I think there's anything percolating but just because. Caller name the last day or so and I forget exactly which day it was said. You know what if the Ottawa Senators trade Erik Karlsson and ice and I think that would be more of a the summer type deal. According to Bob McKenzie. I'd that may not be the case that it may be reality between now on the trade deadline. According to Bob McKenzie. Other senators are engaged in some level of trade dialogue for Erik Karlsson. He would be number one on anybody's trade board of a guy king's ransom to get him. I I would do it. I don't know what it is but I would do it Eric Carlson yeah I've read after watching him in the playoffs last year. If he just seems like a guy on on a different type level. I'll I'd be very interested in that now I know. You tribute hopefully they'll decide to long term deal you know you don't wanna offer for a year and and now the rest of the season. I'd be very interested to know what it is like a document Charlie Mack a voice so I guess I'm not as all the and is is may be other franchises might be. But he's really available commit a caller of the day you're right yeah we said Lloyd Cutler anywhere in the I don't know I I thought it was really possible they would trading in the summer in the summer right but it's I didn't think you could put a deal to get you may not be able to. According to Bob McKenzie part of the price if you want all choir Erik Karlsson. Is the hectic Bobby Ryan off their hands and what they're what they're looking for. Is a way to get rid of the Bob Wright and Bobby Ryan contract pays him seven and a half million Percy per season for another four years. While annual cap hit a seven point 25 million. And he says it. Deal program and great feel for him a bad deal for Ottawa for anybody else and so now the question is if I add that in the next okay you want Erik Karlsson. They got to take Bobby Ryan too he's still interest that. Not as adjusted but the the good news without would be is if you're taking on Bobby Ryan you don't have to give them. As much yak at the rate the assumption here is that if you take on Ryan. The other things the you have to give Ottawa did to get his players is last look now obviously Mac will be off the board than it would just be an ideal match point or are probably not easily touch about it but by them by putting Bob ride to the deal than it's like forget it. Here's a guy who when he was. Leaving Anaheim a guy that that the Bruins that are really needed that we're where they were they really needed another scoring forward to that he was early in his career for real reason. He has not been maybe the contracts are awarded is. But it he still has some them. The dowdy pretty doubt be a blockbuster trade deadline. There earlier karlson and Bob Ryan Bob McKenzie theorizes that the team who would be more most interested in him. Approaching Ottawa for this kind of package is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Who've now that's a senior battling the top spot Eastern Conference you're battling hurdle that top spot in the NHL. You stick Erik Karlsson on the Tampa Bay Lightning and Alison it's like goal. Yeah that would die you don't make a deal to keep another another team from making it DR you've got the wanna mortar team and I think anybody would want Erik Karlsson in. Oh everybody every everybody illegal want him on there now is going to be trickier with the you know. If you at the take on Bob Ryan is insane contract and everything else but yet if you think the Bruins have the edge over the light by the right now for the texture who says the writer. Wants to know who it is who's saying that they viewed it take on Bobby Bryant it's Bob McKenzie. Yeah so. So taken as gospel that also makes sense because why else would they be motivated to move Carlson now. Break if they think that you get more Foreman in the offseason or come up to date but they can get out from under Bob Ryan. Is he hurt right now anyway but either way he's got he's got a crazy contract. So or four more years at seven and a half million per year the stinks. He'll be 31 soon. But there I guess that's the but I did the price of doing business suit to get Carlson. But I mean it's hit the bay rarely get those guys are out would be. Pretty impressive because right now I think the Bruins the way they're playing at a to have the edge over Tampa Bay a seven game series I'm taking the the Bruins. But Carlson is such a game changer for one player. It's the Dallas playing more than half the game it felt like last year the playoffs against the Bruins he couldn't get him off the idea that he was he was ridiculous. That you put him on Tampa. That would be a nightmare scenario abroad to time Norris trophy winner. I mean he's a remarkable talent. One of the best skaters in the NHL. He's at 47 I could all of that and now he's he's still inside of his career I'd you'd be crazy if you weren't interest prayer. But as a little too large deal because you've got to. Was actually if you had to take both you download a lot of money off this roster to be able to take those contracts so what do you think that would even look like that quote I don't McKenzie doesn't speculate on that but if you were the Bruins. What type in names would have to go in order to get that deal done. Your your bring it on thirteen fourteen million. I'm I'm this is talking out of my rear ended by Kurt appeared because you're you know you're theorizing yet but the type of talent that that they'd be looking for. They'd be looking for. Some lose some package that includes the likes of damn Heine and objected ross'. Torre proved. They have an eight time all maybe all of the above. And and with crude contract government do when you're happy you'd have to unload some of your salary commit some as the other guys to make it in line in the process those guys bombing anything. Crew to make over five million a year so just you might have to do now. And if it's those yeah I mean. That's a lot of money to give the Bob Ryan stinks. Could you know. Michael Michael doesn't like the David Backus contract he really wouldn't play this game really like the Bob Ryan contract but it means getting Eric Carlson overturn a I'd like to know that it I would. I would hope that the Bruins are at least involved in that leisure Don Sweeney you got to talk to Ottawa you know that are Carlson's available I'd be upset if you found out they didn't pick up the phone. That he didn't even inquire. As to what it would take. Maybe it's not maybe maybe Big Dig there they're defeated Ottawa doesn't says. A week you know any kind of deal when he tried Mac -- then I'm fine with a thank you got it okay I'm good but if they're like well. Are we understand record trade him you'd have to take on Bob Ryan here's who we want we want we you know we want crew we want the brass. Won a couple picks and something else. You gotta you gotta at least listen that at a news as well as that I would definitely do. 6177797937. Is telephoto protects slightest 37937. Other may be stuck percolating for the Bruins between now on Monday a we'll talk about that a lot of other things as well dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI.