DHK - Why are we so down on the Sox?

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, June 15th

Hour #1 featured Sox talk... namely why are fans and media so harsh on a team that's been pretty darn good so far this season?


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Forest we on the dale and Hollywood keep program like to call it. Wednesday night Wednesday it's Wednesday all dates are good days here right now just having Wednesday where it's thought John Farrell and trotted out his involvement. Yeah all good baseball had a day. When that there was it was that they want you. Really was relentless. Angered by that or else do you do to the pro the question is an appropriate. No I don't have a question was an appropriate but it but like I said he's just gonna have his guys' backs he is gonna protect his guys. And yeah I mean if that means taken him a strike off your back well Sylvia. Yeah I think I think he was angry. And I think he's angry at that question even those on an appropriate question. I'd he's angry at every media member because. He thinks they should know why answers away answers. That's arguments. Maybe they're based at this point the other players are happy with the media so. He should be on the side of the players. Yeah I think there that part of it. Solved. Don't get the players the players clearly are thrilled with the media this year. Read it specifically David Price an avid relic but. And he goes beyond that and there was. Your report Salo after his start entered ads start Saturday night is same nineties these defending price and shouting at me numbers and so. I think you know John Ferrell is to pick between the two we should pick the players that the no brainer. Writer based that you would lieutenants and you know why. I can answer this question. But he had no I can't tell you but he still had he he answered at least but it really answer the real answer is. And guys is that an injury answer essentially. To Cordoba and and his and I think that. I think I think it is all about the desire or. Unwillingness being labor. Can no and as the manager of the team you can't say. Now fans may want them to one and two in a hotel like it is John Lott. Would be pretty stupid. Be it don't way to run your baseball team. I think what he wanted to say it was you try to deal with immigrants. I think that's what he wanted to I think you variants that they have I go back it limits they'll Wear backwards. These are there if they're there now that that there in the interest of at least somewhat being fair on and I tweeted this last night I gotta say. Percent of all looked fine last night at third base last night couple I think I said last night there last night that's all I'm not talking about this what he's going to be for now this point flat or any that had hit an RBI how to walk. Had to really nice defensive plays. Could have had a double play but didn't have time to turn the the second half of it but a nice you know backhand stop to make the throat Pedroia. And then the diving stop in the played a first. He looked fine over the last night. Epic at Wanamaker mile and counting on tablets out of our car at all when Sallyann you guys. That was just a shade the wrong news and that I don't think I've waddle count on that every night out of the tan. Well yeah that was a surprise retire early get off the air Syria Pablo thirtieth Hanley of personal on the block wasn't going to be in a while and finally Hanley look fun it's fun. Remember last year how surprised we work yeah that he was he wasn't just app. Richie was a little I think that's a plus I live out of frustration is that he can do it they know we can do it needs and wants you for whatever reason. I'll make it may be because. In in his opinion that tied. Well last wicket guy getting out there you know play all games I have to him. Yet maybe in his opinion it's easier to be at the age. But seven but it okay if you just look at it you don't have to play in the field that's easier but to be good at it. I think it takes a little work and I don't know if he approaches that. The same way Ortiz did I know not to say problem but the same approach in terms of a game that it worked at a bad now. Strategist sitting here when I think about what went wrong or what what he's got to do to me the next the next at bat. Never watched a video camera work this thing out. If you really wanna be great at it that's what you gotta do. But yeah I yeah I guess he just doesn't wanna play first base. Another pitcher down last night. Now they say ten day deal that's what they said today for Brian Johnson. But it just income you and I and everybody knows it's a ten days. You know if you're lucky he comes off the DL and ten days now and it takes him another. Ten days to get himself ready to pitch again and I'm surprises taking this long to mention that you still have mentioned a big gap. The best player in baseball. Which one Aaron judged well Cuba McKee that's a book about he had quite a night. When you say that ultimately when you say is the best player based on my outsold water. Well don't you think while yet what wild to think about that but my purse that was my child's injured. OK though and just go out. Mullah I don't know donated from now and rent out the best player playing in baseball I would love the better their play only need it isn't as last year. And I don't finish second to track. When he's able Q that's was right there with them if package you do or made how I related are out excellent yeah yeah yeah. And show these guys. It's exactly. What we need and baseball. You guys spent the last couple of days last few days actually oddities. Are talking about the issues in baseball in the pace of play and you know Ali you know young kids felt like it was here you have a guy. Was just 24 years old. Notes admire Elaine who is except it was asked who hits. These. African American all the things that baseball Napoleon and have young players black players exciting players he's all of those whose. Playing at a high level of 62 is the unicorn there. And and what can't he do what he can't do what what's this flaw pitch. At at at. He got a fire till plenty I don't know he's got all fighting idols you know if he can hit he can hit for power he can throw he can run he's got all of the things he's great fielder. He has had a grudge or less accurate last event. Even the Max who is running the best player I would say Mike Trout has a longer track record of it yes and he's also still very young so Mike Trout I think is the answer the season and Erin judges having I know it's only been in the what two and a half months but I thought when he with a Triple Crown when he's off. The shark gesture it's it's a crazy season and Erin judges haven't but if you had to pick right now between. Now Ares got he's got a hedge your bets sincerity Aaron judge or move you bet to detect. Our brother. Is another movie bats that. Yes yeah. And Eric judges know stiffer sound like he's just hitting home runs is not doing any allies into horrific outfielder. He's playing great. The script so that's the answer also are America layout you'll probably for years to come the judge Trout and that's and and because of that. I'm out of an eternity you know code on the same path for baseball I'm jumped up a bit different spin on it. Because you've got Aron judge and who knows if he can sustain this if you can great for baseball longer for the Yankees but. Yet Aaron judge playing the way he's playing. Mike Trout playing the way he's played. In you know he'll come back and they'll get it Carly and MO keydets. Tell me why baseball's not exciting. No you're. It's just that in the last handful of you on the portal monitors not a Arnold's those guys it doesn't translate no no court has now let's suppose guy but he in the last few years I remember it was that last year two years ago looking at the all star game rosters and all the players that were 125 or 26 it was insane. Whether it's a Bryce Harper Jean Karl stand are those they'll to Baylor obvious is. They've never had their might not be ever young stars like this all playing at once in the history of baseball. But is still the intrinsic ever root you know looking at all star game ratings are things like that based on these young stars that are still going down you know they enter we were all so. In our defense. Like you said you'd want to back down this road but in our defense we were also talking about. Tweaking little things like pace of playthings. We weren't saying the current SARS there are there aren't enough but there are stars we've we've named several already there's more than that. But but the whole idea we were talking about was for many young people to games to slow. There's not enough going on and is also their interest that's all we were talking and I think there's a difference too between baseball fans appreciating baseball right now. And then the casual fans and are or who is a household name in baseball. But I don't think they have many more another Ortiz A-Rod Jeter on while judge will be if the if eventually this option because he's playing in new York and he he's a power hitter and. Household name guys might be pitchers. I think Clayton Kershaw is a household name should be and I think Madison Baumgartner because because of the World Series and because of his name. You know it's the name because it's kind of hard to forget that. I said this the other night on not ever key feature month and I said couple weeks ago for your wife came up I asked my wife and my wife if she never even heard of Mike Trout. She's at now. My truck never heard in my trial to know laws you know what's forty play. That's a sort of speaks that whereas. You could name probably half the quarterbacks in the league should I know that is or you'd have always led and paying good good or rocks in the NBA finals she knows she's heard of seven of the Gaza McCourt was that kind of thing. Really good exercise and think after everybody now has I think we should just ask our lives have you ever heard contrasting what does it but don't do that players and people after after today about Kirsch. Gershon there are likely will not Havoc yet there's yeah she would child and not know Clayton Kershaw is like what I don't think so what's the professor at his side back. Clayton Kershaw what they do you know. And all that together organize the best pitcher of this generation. But multi vets and guys like nick Betts and judge in Trout it should be additional duty and I would think. Major League Baseball they got that ate it every team has a PR person. They got the MLB network so that's more PR. I think they should really go outside of what they've done previously. And just re imagine there public relations marketing campaigns just re imagining. And just. If you don't have any experience in sports blew it. We don't what you have any background of baseball. Is and this is the hardest is like telling it to meeting a comedian be funny. But but this is like going to them and saying hey. We're where we're Major League Baseball and we want you tell us how to get young people's attention. We reflect who got a lot that can give got a lot to sell. Now rich keeps why does he know Mike Trout I shouldn't say. How can we change that story. Now the this story going around today John Hayman who now writes for a site called and rags sports. Charlie Kaman reports today announced come on that smoky bats com. Supposedly rejected the Red Sox overtures about a long term contract extension according to Ayman. Betts is comfortable going year to year at this stage of his career. The Sox renewed in for this year at 950000. Dollars which is sort of funny when you think about. The money flying around baseball in this guy you know being in a handful of best players in the American League is making 950000. Dollars. So the question is. I'm not surprised at all that the Red Sox approached him about long term deal. Malone surprised he's not interest at right now why is that. I think if I was him what it Giancarlo Stanton signs a 325. Million dollar deal. I think he just you'd bet on yourself to play out the rest of these years and then specially by the time that comes up you're gonna 300 million dollars. Bryce Harper becomes a free agent after next year. He might make more than John Carlos stand it. Probably and then the bestseller as you know when bets follows that he may not make their kind Amy may not make 325. Or 350. But if you're the Red Sox wouldn't you be willing to give smoky that's 200 million dollars today relatives sat beside it right now SE OK a deal but your best interest and now. Enjoy another hundred million dollars here a bit yeah that's true course should get you just everything is the best player in baseball. So if it's not the Red Sox and I think it would be but either it's not somebody else will look at this guys say yeah. We'll give him 300 million dollars put him in our apartment Satterfield he wants photo right field put him in the top Carlyle up in the middle of the lineup whenever willow will put him there will will pay that got to kind of money. He should be he should be everybody's favorite player outside of Boston and you look at this guy. At 59 so I'll add that to he's 5900 but 1750880. Pound delayed a short guys and so the short guys. Sort guys would do well in Boston they really did I'm with you bet. Julian out of another good short edge it's not a contract extension that short stay out of my guy Brad marsh yet another short guy who wanted to trade during the season. And after but now my guy yeah while you know to present Xavier I think that's Arden. But. He's small he's fast. He hits for power. The appeals to people. Who maybe not who who who. Don't like the traditional aspects of baseball and I think to a dance after the game I mean I could dance all these things. Bull draw fans two years ago I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps his going and if he deserves a similar year like the last years. I would be surprised if he goes to the top of the league in Jersey sales if there are more endorsement opportunities form. Amid this is baseball to be going crazy right now there should be a meeting as we speak about how to capitalize on some of the exciting young players in baseball. And and by the way the Red Sox have like three of them. All killer bees Bogart's young exciting terrific young player 24 years old Ben intending. Our rocket ship to the major leagues in and I know Erin judges kind of but the rookie of the year ballot in the in the rearview mirror right now but still one of the best rookies in in Major League Baseball the Red Sox have got like three of those guys young. 210210. Yeah I mean everything go on for. Why wouldn't you. If your Major League Baseball forget about the Red Sox they they already try to capitalize on it deliver a Major League Baseball while Archie jumping and you know what action say that they kind of bar. ESPN. Running the footage of running the Promos for for this most recent Sunday night game of the week. Was talking about the killer bees and was showing all guards Ben intending bets Bradley shown a mall. They already are kind of try to. Want more though I want more of this guy is a Italian enforcement's we talk about quality as you are yet Garcia promote they're going to talk about it another company and there yes blossom all over the place he's. He's a golfer. You know leak is kid golfer in Tennessee. You know that some PBA sponsored event. Have him on the PBA total Hillary is not up because because all the adjusted to college and outside of Korea bowler bowler. X and all young people are really into bowling ball he's a great sport and that's a young person's work. Young demographic there and it's. But since. That's your idea like yeah pretty much put the bulk of these recommended today have voted into. Yeah I have a bull. But well there are put him on the PGA of my BA. I'll be quite a light here in that event. I want I want I want him on talk shows. A Guatemalan. When I'm on buses and trains when all over the place that's. Well he's got overshadowed in the zone and in his own city this year because we start out at the beginning of the year David Price was hurt so that was a big deal then. Dustin Pedroia said that's not me that's them and then that the team wasn't playing well. I think Chris Sale was pitching well also he became the big story. And then David Price went off on the media so he really hasn't. Then that the the the major focus. Of the season. He also I mean got off to a bit of a slow start off to a slow start an and that kind of way relate things a little bit now he's been hot as a pistol here of late. Looks more like what to expect from him in and probably you know what you gonna get from this guy. He's he's that good. He's you know when you finish second in the in the MVP balloting when you've got all the things as Michael pointed out. Why wouldn't you spend your money why wouldn't you invest in will keep that stock right now. And and I'm sure the Red Sox when they went calling when they went trolling about a an offseason contract extension. But it was pretty big money now I'm betting it also wasn't anywhere near 200 million dollars. No offense they play that game quite Jon Lester in Chicago right now. Because they play that's stupid game. Well let's see if we can get them you know on a team friendly deal because we're given him more money now the we have to give them. None of these guys apparently are gonna go that way and accuracy Zander called. Alexander Alexander I believe is a Scott reports here yeah I think movie is moved he's not. But it. You don't necessarily need Scott boards and see all the money flying around baseball and you're playing as well as back batches and say okay Elway. I don't wait awhile well let's is crazy about baseball you know there are of an arbitration years there have been known as its when he 21. And blues when he can become a free agent. It arbitration Hadley next year so the good big bomb because of how while he's played off all the work that formulas. Let's are really cash in he's gonna play another four seasons. Crazy so that's that's the argument for accepting. 200 million dollars which it sounds crazy but when you think of these players are we making 30350. Would you would you wait take a chance thanks so make sure your healthy for another hundred million dollars or urge you. I get we're even though the Red Sox give to wander both say they do next year the year after that. Would you would you do that. The illness that you up with something okay my center of some. So Red Sox might have the best reliever in baseball on Craig Kimbrel right. Well I mean they're okay the rest right now they do okay I'll meet you need to be taken even yeah rather yes I read our the Red Sox have the best reliever in baseball and Craig Campbell yes yes they have the best starter in baseball on Chris Sale. It's. Hi yeah starter baseball and Chris Hill about Kimberly got a better argue all right orbit oh OK now I'm one of the best stars they might have one of the best players in baseball and we'll keep bets and Dale's that's that's that's. Manager in baseball a job fair. He is I don't know if I was exactly goes. 86177797937. Will get to that part of it exactly the way it was no political will get to that part of it and characterize it close enough that's what the mid day guys think I'm gonna do it's bailout Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. I'll watch the Red Sox game last night on message and I'm following along on Twitter as well. And my AM minus and colleague TC Tom Karen. It's engaging with some of the Red Sox fans and I'm paraphrasing some of them here you know basically saying Tom TC this team sucks. And you know going after him. And I was listing to Dave Dombrowski yesterday on the show here on all and that yesterday in one place at the you know we we won seven last ten. Now it's eight out of the last eleven so I was looking at an earlier this morning at 37 and 289 games over 500 that's a season high. Nine games over 500 they're third in the American League behind Houston and the Yankees. Second in the American League east two games behind New York their seventh in Major League Baseball. I won't go through all the individual rankings. Some of them might surprise you actually. You know where it where they stand. Let me when I was surprised in America or a wanna be surprised us that anyone are they are. Forward in the American League in batting average amounts per out of I get out of there and I just their their their fourth LP gas. In the inner ugly and and those things surprise that he did it because they're their home run numbers aren't pawns they are dead last fifteen in the American League. In home runs first in doubles. Fourth in hits fifth and runs scored you know etc. it's utterance. And even the pitching numbers while we know that some of them their really good you know their their strikeout to walk ratio is best didn't in the American League. There's strikeouts per nine innings his third in the American League. And and as I was looking through this because we get we get a lot of these TC a shock we get a lot of those on here. My as the TC minus the TC part and and I kept thinking okay. What do we think this team means. What are the expectations. Right now. Because we hear it from folks all the time this team stinks Farrell Sox. They don't have any power or that which is true they don't hit home they haven't hit a homer but they do have power. And I'm his power are out there curious what exactly. Are the expectations for this thing World Series. While it's June so there. A lot of nuggets played Canada however an envelope that they expect they quite slow be you ask the questions are whether they expectations for the team and I have to go oh wait I follow. I think at the beginning of the season especially with the acquisition of Chris Sale. Thought are now I got up and had the Cy Young winner last year just go out last year yeah unit now that that works I'll be so terrible this year and bad things he has thing stinks and that's not shocking it is nothing else you can check it. It does I don't and so. You have to last year's Cy Young winner. You've got Chris ale yep David Price I could put Dave price is act number two rated number three based on what you saw from Purcell last year. And he got moved too bad it's. Second in the MVP race. MVP race didn't acknowledge god and you you thought they would go to the World Series BO World Series team so have they played in your opinion have they played like eight. World Series contender notes is June but have you had that feeling about this team. Here's where OK start now. The the Arnold you just making excuses Texan 3221. Go an article that started the season without their number two. Starter. And only recently rejoined the rotation on Israel. Number time. Realistic way I think he's not I understand it I was out of a that you look at it like that -- I thought price I thought price was right B was behind sale RV and I had a couple of days are probably aren't solved his excuse jump an all of so our number two starting out they are now. You know a couple of starters down. With a Eduardo Rodriguez and Brian Johnson joined the list you know yesterday they've had fifteen players on the DO. Nine pitchers. Right now today they have seven pitchers on the DO. Seven. And I'm sort of wondering OK what did I expect given that. You correctly point out Michael reports LO has been awful. The Cy Young award winner you know. You go about getting Rolex. So itself as as bad as he's baton and I'm thinking how can get seven pitchers on the on the DL right now. I've had nine pitchers on the DL. What I realistically think they were gonna do with that. Yeah I obviously going to be a team that wasn't it at the very least in the ALCS against the Indians now the Indians also aren't off to a great start but that that look like the two best rosters and you expected those teams to be there. And so they're actually kind of exactly to where I thought they would be at other win the division this year and other two games out of the Yankees are playing really well and I did not visit act that's and that's a process that has been surprised if he said they were 37 and 28. Was at the fourth or third best record in the American League yeah. That's fine may get up and up the second best record to their their right about right up there would be. Now it's it's a little bit different you know maybe some guys apply build a better others have played well the worst there's always gonna be injuries but this is basically where. They should be position. This is where we have the fun conversation right here right here at this moment because we've danced around it dance around on around a circle now let's go for the hearts let's go right ahead. Would they be a better team with a different manager. Our radar and Anna are are they not you can't just say any manager would I don't know whether it be a better team with if they had retained abs destroy you editor Carla del Carlo would it be better with them. Null and could be about where they are right now about charities are seen in bench coach also and I season the idiots that are of Goodyear. I know this I jump back with Joseph Maddon have them just try to think about manager who is seen as godlike. Among these baseball writers and baseball broadcasters so Joseph Maddon is one of those guys that love him. Talk about baseball or anything else still all Joseph Maddon right and you give every team I'm ten wins and holly yeah on the way to talk about the way Joseph Mendes the guy who gets the announcer so. Nice she would shows during Vietnam. Actually joke out of the picture hit. A genius but woody woody would they be better with Joseph Maddon I'm not as big Joseph Maddon tennis someone's who's best manager in baseball if it's not John Ferro bravado was about to gonna go performing there. No and I wasn't gonna go Farrell actually I I guess an aunt and and I know you're kind of joking around out. I just don't think perils done anything wrong here this year. I individual little move here there reports every manager I think he's done is all overall I think he's done. You know pretty good job with his team I think he's done things wrong this year but it's hard for me say. That because of those wrong moves they would have five more wins they'll I think he he is apps every manager makes mistakes he's made mistakes yes absolutely. But I think he's anymore. I got my point earlier and 28 losses and you're saying horrible. Pinch hitters or the wrong guy at the wrong time or keep it a starter in too long and things like that ensure that happens Avant every manager of more the stories of talked about with him are. What's going on the clubhouse Pedroia vs the Orioles patent battle thing this most recent thing when David Price another Arnold winning streak they've won a bunch over that stretch. So no I think pretty much as any manager I think it'd be roughly admitted the same spot there now. And I was looking unity you said you know who's the best manager in the American League well the record tells AG inches. How many baseball fans would say AJ inch is the best manager in the American. With the Houston Astros are running away with things not a household name I am not I don't I don't I don't even ask them up with don't ask the white I want age enhanced body that's our guys like a writer. It today and I hit the new novel ways it has got knocked on the dot ya yeah you know again we'll get we'll get Buck Showalter. Sorry not a big Buck Showalter Fannie may be per day. I you still like Buck Showalter more is as far as the ending game manager but then the Zach Britton thing from last year and then some of the excuse making that he's come up with this year I have a really soured on Buck Showalter. I think the only time. The people and Boston have lobbed a manager and that's when in the 21 century because. A walled old Joes in different category because. Won't allow him because he got out of it he was us but only the only love only season I can say there was managerial love from start to finish probably 2007. Not 2004 because they were playing and okay baseball for awhile. Dale you are wasn't on the station at the time but you were getting a lot of calls you know me. Getting calls about Francona for an coma hoping for when they won despite him we got him when I have heard on the alternate. So 2004 they went 2005. The swept out of the playoffs no love their 2006 injury down the stretch no love there 2007. I think. He's he finally got that this season of love. As a manager but for a for the most part if you're manager of Boston. You're not gonna get love while you're managing. I maybe if people disagree with how you were dismissed. An ample distance. AA might appreciate you from from afar. But this is not the kind of job where were people will love you as you're doing it but federal it's different affair there's some extra. And people have been rooting for him to get fired for three years. And he's resilient as me he really hit adversity you can't even I just thought you know here as our governor of last year at a a homestand. Of the kids act Arizona was in here and another bad team. And looser and hey if they lose like three out of five for something. He's gone. They didn't lose three out of five. It's funny she's ever happen as well there's always a series a young artist got me and I know we're up against the break but it to your point Michael. You go back to you know close to the end of may end up at four game series against the Oakland ace they lose the first three games of the series. They pull out the Sunday night win so that they don't get swept. Monday Ken Rosenthal writes the piece about I don't know job could be on the line. From that day until today they've got the best record in Major League Baseball. Players play hard for. Us I know they must they want it almost makes you wondered as an. I'd lucky maybe you guys had Loftier expectations than I did I just don't think with. Nine pitchers. On the deal this year seven right now. I'm not sure how I expected there are going to be better than two games what I don't think the Yankees would be where they are frankly they're the surprise for me. I didn't think they were ready for this this big a leap maybe Joseph Girardi is the best manager in in the game today. You know maybe just ride the rocket ship that is airing judge and Sanchez and all that stuff but. If you told me those parameters for the Red Sox this is about where I thought they bait. But maybe you thought they were going to be better than that 6177797937. Will talk with you coming up next Sports Radio W media. WEEI. Development conference if it surprised at the and we got Pablo. That's good course download history you grid and of course allies. If it. I think they know that. We do have on this note that the roster here as part of it and we do it not all good if you're right. What an accurate vote that is the human trials sometimes right. Could. And I I thought we want them about it yeah so like this what got a check if there. Dave Dombrowski yesterday on what OM out. We've giving it the raw numbers they're 37 and 283 best in the American League second in the American League east is behind the Yankees. I'm just curious what you thought they were going to be at this point. Dominant the best team in baseball. Did you really that did you really think they are going to be the best team I thought it did acknowledge that ever have been diligent and I would be in the season ending poll says the Indians were the favorite the American League Michael Goodson the Red Sox though he did expect more. That in the defending World Series champions is. Well our best in the American iron and thought Ed and I think I think they're doing aboard the cubs. Yeah more than the cubs and yes your pointing that. They don't have to imagine. That. And it north Theo. They don't have video. Honesty but they have moved back to Alex as feared as we did move keep vets offers a reminder that he is a might try obvious American leader who is it might Trout. That would put down low like that he also only three players in the American League have a higher wore this season. Those are provoking but this season only three players tire war Mike Trout. Injured Aaron judge otherworldly in Erin hicks. Erin hicks and dad and you know if there and I guess yeah yeah or judge erred in and of course. Imus gets the calls that you guys mikes and Providence Mike Europe first on Sports Radio still on Hollywood keep. Good afternoon gentlemen I'd like an afternoon's. Oh I am just a couple of quick points so Michael to your point we do have to start marketing these guys and you know we have that was phenomenal phenomenal. Baseball player but he and beat them want to use of I'm. I'll about a Yankee Stadium one day. And other couple kids really tortured them. You know they're young and he turned around a wave you. Didn't have to do that obviously. I'm not. But it was nice to them that do that actually gives you pulls away to kids all the time at a sort of Yankee Stadium. And to me that's a throw back player to me that actually baseball should be you know yeah this war. Anymore. Yeah exactly he's he's a really nice. He's my accurate. I'm a huge yankees and sort itself. I I think he's he's a future in my trial. You know Aaron judge was also Berger an Asian man arm you know liquidity to these guys out you know on what the masses would they watched and watched and when they watch movies you know garbage television shows that fortunate that we have to go that route to expand our game because our ancient. It you know you just answered that of course what is Allen did not that I watched. But what I don't you watch now what does Allen do the began says stance in these events so maybe get him on the outbreak on Elin should bring on marquis. I'd bet it's going to be and Bradley and have an end Chris Young. Now. And sometimes he's part of the game as a group sometime this you know his weapons. They act the text or who says I thought they'd be better than the Yankees with three exclamation that is true that is operating now that's got more. Red Sox or is that more yankees as much more yankees because the Yankees I think have surprised most of us. Yankees and Astros we oppose it reflects Indians and yankees and Astros right now right now though we are more than half the season off to replace. I'm Michael another Michael does once on the cell phone Michael height. Yeah guys I don't know I. Paid additional I've I've got your knee but I grew up Chicago auto alike ought Chicago sports man. And it went back beer per game correctly yet back in April and Brazil I get hot right now all at mid western. You got art show I'd talked about you know what we do to get more excitement around like basketball cards and Bradley and they're great players no question about it. But what do you base that account it was hooked. Quietly go up with Eddie better. Bennett sensation in and out Y yeah they're solid quiet written attorney general worked out there right now I don't picket. Because of that better probably. I mean I know any better it's a pretty big deal when I'm wondering how he helps them sell baseball and he's a cubs fan and probably. New audience. Aren't. Exactly exactly and and that I got the NY got hooked. These guys luck with the rocket murky. Sixties somebody blocked musicians like I waited. And I think it. I wouldn't go musician you know I don't I would I wouldn't do my actor yes they're selling more jerseys because there are series champion you don't have enough because of exactly. I have come up with the right Ben AFLAC AFLAC Wahlberg Ben Affleck Casey Affleck Mark Wahlberg you know. Movies. Indian movies like penalties on ours yes athlete and he misses it you need a new audience OK I baseball fans hardcore baseball fans know. Who Anthony Rizzo is an you know Chris Bryant is you know who can bet that it. Which advocate we're trying to expand attitude you guys tell me wanna expand. They audio David Ross was on Dancing With The Stars so that should help a game that put him but he's done nine let I got to be accurate is it a drizzle and and Bryant are also huge because. The Chicago Cubs just had this unbelievable World Series win. They were in the middle of it they were huge stars Ryan was almost the unanimous MVP of the league that it's got nothing to do with Eddie better lights there hasn't suddenly selling more Jersey it is positive side for different guys a couple of days ago based on these do something different photo I know which announced that differently I was only pointing out they're not selling more jerseys because of any better. You want to bowl and go on toward Pearl Jam and dance without Arnott now George Allen Allen and Allen yet like Alan idea like falling as. I I was young people on the look of a better idea if you look for a quarter on millennial. Hello I do I go to a thought out way. Six that's great they are 6177797937. As telephone number text line it's 37937. It's dale in Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media.