DHK - Why hasn’t J.D. Martinez come to Boston for his physical; McCourty details what he knew about Butler and the Belichick/Brady relationship

Dale & Keefe
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 1: Dale and Keefe kick off their final Holley-less day still wondering why there hasn’t been an announcement from the Red Sox regarding JD Martinez. The Malcolm Butler story returns as Devin McCourty went on Sirius XM NFL radio and answered questions regarding Butler.


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Yeah yeah. I know it's been about fifteen years keep that in that case you didn't remember yeah. It's more than just turn your head costs I feel like that was stable enough about it and McCain are highlighted a path that more than that that the ball a lot of the costs that don't don't don't atomic. The things of that left them that you know you get your height your weight you put blood pressure maybe they take a blood tests. And Tikka urine sample. Maybe today. What else is they don't think there's like an EKG and ball at an MRI OK it's more than five minutes and yet I thought five days they'll I would think the guy probably wrap it up sooner than that I think it's usually a one day visit I don't remember going back to the park to the physical will be scared little later date. Something something is about miss with JD Martin alone mr. Martinez yeah. Doctor boombox here that's right on the little shadow we'd like you to come back and legs just checks on penalties and a bounce something I don't know I think they've found something and we're just speculating here but that the longer we go without no no no you've gone way past speculate you are full blown bat bleep crazy well Abdur remember where you heard it first or we find out something is really wrong what do you think's going on dismisses. I I planned I don't know what the plan. I hit it just tweaking Scott Boras and if that's the case I applaud the bar yeah I think they're tweaking Judy Martinez policies in on the whole thing which I don't think he would be any. It's got. And try to get Scotland. Eight patently crazy guys over the try to get it or else they are I don't what you've done to a ideologue I would apply. What but that the deal would this guy every single user clients everywhere is a few guys on the team that I try to get Scott Boras. The try to make Sergey Martinez's health he. And I wonder if he has something up something is amiss maybe contracts though goes through but maybe they tweak it a little bit maybe they've put in some sort of injury claws out. I don't know are we gonna have to send an extra second restaurant pick to Cleveland the committees that deal at volume in the past I just hope she got off to the cavs would call it good Davis it is. But I wonder if we said this yesterday a little bit right now it is it's. So it's very much in his favor or he has updated at five years a 110 million dollars. Maybe the Red Sox found something and maybe they're trying to get something in their favor can they get a team option in the fifth year in May. Det cord injury cloning if you miss time due to a specific injury similar to John Lackey. All right we get it for a year but at a 500000 like something like that I wonder about. What the working on now I think he's okay. Over the one is going on when they when they signed David Price. You know that the that we reached agree with David Price was like on Sunday they introduced him at a press conference on Friday. Now it was different in that it was December and not you know the beginning of spring for get this thought the content yarder. I think the fact that he missed the big BC tilt is probably not that big a deal that's a bit mayor's cup today. The Sam accounts talk about the Colorado but our slogan not a cap space and affected the doubt for those of you care yet not that we wanna lose any of please stand but but they're the the game is on on on our sister station wants and training for those guys and our our engineer patio death came and said you know you guys you fellas are are welcome to drop in life entity at any point during the games I did. I'm glad that we're all right without have a page for the offer comfort. Paving crazy happens though Lowell we can explain in our own words out by the way I just gotta tell you this idea I've I love RP ones. Once there are people who listen to us all the time they get what we do yes and at 2 o'clock somebody texted in five minutes with a workplace starts. Well I I it's a great called the great tax unfortunately I think we kind of spooked him because that's how it outside and I don't feel responsible well. And Jason the one that brought the camera and so for those who missed that Glenn orbit like that do a long cross off yeah let's do the show after the show he well he didn't like he used to how we use yeah but so the trending began. And he resigns after Ed sometimes out there during and after but. After Rossi was out of a good idea Russ that this is grateful peek behind the curtain. I'm gonna videotape this and that put up on Twitter put up on FaceBook reverie there with a and then now I think it's England had Glenn get out of the way and can I just point out. The last two days. Hasn't Russia's air he did not stop brushing is there one hasn't it while the rest is here on it about us two days was going on. He is susceptible to being ashamed I can tell my. I have actually had it coming across like I did it like talking to I loved it I loved and Michael I didn't mind it. You are journalists and he can get the hell yeah we sit down and set up but now I feel he thinks that we were really making fun of him sticking around kind of word we kind of orbit again I'd I literally light. Talking to you once worried polo shirt that was very. Orange pumpkin color and starlets are calling them pumpkin and owns pumping jokes and we never saw mr. are your never came back. They're sort of pump inserted but I know it viewers mock turtle it's literally go to you know you sometimes at attention the yes these ripples from that. For a little. Oddly welcome another co host pointed that out to one day so what's where there were his arms across Avery now get. He was self conscious usually arms over his yet it's always Wear vests after. No president has too much of delegates today especially I walked in it was like the end of the conversation that only applied note. I think it's it's that's the one that sort of point this out to vote to the public. That he sticks are in talks Christian makes on expressions the opposite christened that very nice there is on paper trail. The rubble and that it is very nice to go and take a guys three guys and he's gone like as I opened the door the door to any shot you Doherty walking past now say goodbye does what it's. You know you'd be out of yelled over his shoulder is out apparently I'm doing trending he's probably in his car is better is part three minutes I Aggies in the in the crash whereas Gladys they'll literally in the doorway most days. But I feel like if that's their way I think that the loss Cheney Agassi yet that you and Jason. Everything was going fine until these are poking his side near the iPad is a bad. And a wasn't exactly discreet about what's with Nestle beat a bossy I like the ideal line. It was like but the dude with Cameron cloverfield who's just like always in the right position or not you always could see him there were camera. They'd gotten McClintock burst cloverfield reference ever yet fail Hollywood keep program. Hopefully. We should be the last itself. The recent one was just terrible putt. Anyway so hopefully you know maybe Golan will be back for the long process I text from a colleague over my other place who said. The last time the sock cited G eighty debate and issues like this is a G-8 the issue that JD thing yet J. D. Drew took awhile. That's a good point. Don't know that turned out. Armenian parliament markedly talented fielder who yes nobody ever really like yeah. Assassination. Now it is true. Within J. D. Drew. And Bob Wright was never gonna forget about it ask a is a baseball player. Oh. Maybe didn't like him is about like crazy idea of care let's hope the rumor is not throw so what are we gonna get really get a press conference this week or in your press conference Monday are we gonna find out of this deal gonna do I want to do that that high traffic media time of late. 4 PM Saturday. You know when everybody's waiting to hear the news and I had no idea and I don't know what's holding it up and apparently according to Luke Scott Boras doesn't know what's holding it up. So I'm not saying you're wrong to be panicked and outset that I I think in the long run this is probably all going to be fine. I hope so again we started running on Alex Cora already gave up his uniform number for crime. That's true once again and possibly get back yet how we got that desk that he did the big mayor's cup game today any any wearing number twenty today yet if he's wearing number 28 tomorrow beg your all that Arnold survives hey you gonna though that every note he knows something that we don't. But that I mean that's the big story of the offseason for them obviously is is Judy Martinez may just await some sort of announcement I'm surprised we haven't even gotten. You know the official announcement by the team by bickering there's a difference between a press release any press conference. Sometimes in the same day it and I did they haven't said anything as sad as isolated if you wanted to. Wait for him for certain day or you you know he certainly didn't wanna do it while they're playing or who wanted to wait for Boris are all these different. Reasons for you know when your into the press conference wanna get more attention not convinced it's it's a big signing misses this is their move all of the off season. So if you wanna wait. Monday at 9 o'clock or Monday at noon or whatever fine. But the team hasn't even officially even the players in the manager that they've had a chance to talk about him. We haven't seen them that the team issue any kind of official release. That's violent that's why I think it's fair to ask questions Toledo oh players all talk about and company in practice I mean there I'll talk and always going to be great when you're killing him in the lineup this injury history that you're aware of Obama. Have you seen as X rays. There's MRI. Currently no one has them. Unify these doctors are idle I know this is silly thing in and we did bring it up yesterday which is you know briefly in the interest of of trying to you know flesh this whole thing please. She should just applaud him in here. Lot of the Boston got out you got the best medical facilities on the planet I'd bet yeah yet everybody available to react. Yes you'll fly him in here you do what you gotta do hop a plane I got to get a receipt on jetBlue offers yeah Austin Fort Myers is a problem. You have to get signals very ordered the author lawyer on the plan. I would I would even picked up the cost of his lunch box. Yeah out well pricing of ice willingness under the circle that is a good point why why sit down there just. For one city can delay this even even longer a sure he wants to get out there and I think he's the you know play in the game and be ready you Austin. Get prepared for the season get their up there in the field with the guys take batting practice and all our stuff. Antsy just kind of delaying this is a totally exciting to begin when you know you didn't bring him in December imprimatur in January you're signed the middle of February. It measures delaying a little bit longer there are people end up being fine. But as we're dealing with a solid day to day basis it seems it seems very strange. We'll keep following it all afternoon long. I mean I don't think will be able to do it on an auto updates that come across gather won't be an. Updates there won't be any thing. I did you see Dan Shaughnessy column in the globe today oh which phone was thus basically. All I'm saying is give price a chance to Rio again. He wrote the puff piece yes price plaster and then he also broke the story about the play exactly tell them. And and so you know and even sets in this piece that he thought David Price blew up the season last year. So our what I don't get them you know it's basically. Don't sports fans. Give a second chance here and it it it's look it's an interesting thought. Given the let's be honest there are a lot of Red Sox fans who don't like David Price very much right at I'm not on too far on a limb when I don't think so. What are the chances that Red Sox fans would be willing to say you know what. He really made me mad last year what he did with deckers Lee was with debt lat long again we're getting him another chance here this year it's kind of which on us he's asking unity. The chances are very high if he pitches while that comes down to do if he's healthy this year pitches every fifth day. And goes out there and have an ERA in the low three's. You're gonna win a lot of people over. I would think if the team was playing well that's what people care about. And yes this I usually is extremely popular. And if you asked me or ups on sure many Red Sox fans yet to choose between the two are your forced the pick sides. Yeah a lot of people are picked us suckers they myself included. But if you're just rooting for this team which some people are. And David Price is pitching like he did it prior to when you acquired them or even last year and it was frustrating because a lot of it was in the bullpen late in the year. But he pitched pretty well so if he pitches like that. People nor some of the other crap that goes all of them or. They they don't care they get to go along with the media if anything. A lot of fans will celebrate that. But price can't make is made excuses as he has in the past eighty S to pitch well here's what Shaughnessy writes in the first paragraph. You'll like this despite all the noise and nonsense and even though I thought he lost his mind and his manners and blow up the Red Sox season last year. I that's all I don't let it affect it but I occupied. I am a big believer in David Price is town eagle talon and years like this next. I think he could be Boston's best picture this year I think he could have a Cy Young season I think he could win back the fans. Could sit there while yeah it if he is their best pitcher if he does win the Cy Young team will indeed win back fans and Hewitt. Yes yes he would take for sells a better pitcher than him but. Regardless that it's close having David Price should be and he's being paid could be one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. But I mean I agree with the overall premise despite of that Shaughnessy just looking at through the articles you wrote last year one of whom we all thought world where did this come from. Where it was the most positive shots store your ever gonna find last year going on and on about how great theater prices. And then he's the one they gave us all the details about the plane and turn everybody against him price as of now he's back. And writing about price against him lets give this guy chance. As fact he said on the first day of spring training of the first spring training game he approached price in the clubhouse this morning said hey can we talk some baseball pricey yes he would. Mean they had a nice little discussion back and forth about. How good his arm feels now he's able to hold his nine month old son and his left arm he couldn't do that last year because his elbow was bothering him so much. You know that that he was really glad he he pitched. At the end of the season even in a relief role to kind of get over the psychological barrier of of you know what was wrong with them. Yes if he goes out there and wins the Cy Young all of a sudden he'll be the most popular player in the Red Sox but the question is. On opening day. About the home opener if he if he was you know out there on the mound what would Sox fans how they treat him on that day I think he's gonna get a warm. Welcome and a big ovation when miss him big. Priced item. That zone early yeah I do. He got a short leash so I think. I think fans query is rich keep there's that they've done with a of this I think this do this out of a crowded now is that I think there is a little bit difference between you know maybe what what some on radio or TV will save about price and even some of the callers call in and voice their opinion but at Fenway itself I think. For the most part price will get a big ovation they're gonna do on opening day Chris fail all star bought. On opening day they announce all the players you know they'll go out there they run out there on you know the first base side or whatever. Chrysler an ovation you know that you get booed their idea. I just I know I just don't think there will be just rousing ovation for I think it's a short leash though for example a sales gonna get arousing ovation personnel now Chris Sale last year yet. Basically pitched the way David Price did his first year here ERA price was higher but all the higher one I was seventeen and 81 I was seventeen of the night. I don't boat what guy had a four ERA one guy had 103 at the big difference was under three and sales both parties and of over three gap but sale and 03. As he sort of fell apart at the end of the right of the news crews and for such a long time to second Cy Young David Price is Nora near the site yeah. Yet Chris out of two point nine ER eighty point 90. So the league in strikeouts. Yes we like strike hit hardest hit it 300 stick I think that right now they did he was he was awesome yet the winds were worse similar but it was a division winning team. In both years so there's a lot of wins to go around prices better in the second half obviously. Come but. Obviously want him to succeed ousted at the big differences. Because he seems the return of a person. That the leash is going to be a lot shorter for example of David if if Chris Sale for some reason. Gets pulled in the sixth inning. With a couple guys on bases were allowed three runs. People the fans are gonna be thrilled that performs but I can pull off the mount known words of David Price has that same line. And I gonna give his little leeway there like you be more likely to get food with a similar linemen than Chris Sale the sales built up so much good will. I will say this if you're Red Sox fan. You better hope in shown us he's right because if he's right and and David Price is your best picture and has the Cy Young season and all that stuff. You're gonna be really really good this year. Because I'm I'm gonna taken as a given that. Chris sales going to be really get give those two guys given that they're both pitching at that title level your gonna be really tough to beat so if you're Red Sox fan you care about whether your team wins or loses. You want David Price to be good I mean that should be like a Pedro showing 120 yeah really and that's exactly what should be. But he had a shot at the shots article and swim it's a new year let's give him a chance. And it. Who wrote I asked. Argued. About you know what that debt was not feeling well he asked Joseph to stately on the right pull our act thing Joseph and it will question. Appreciate the article the good read it. But man so much for the Boston media is so negative and what a tough place the play. It's that new year let's give a bit champion shot is trying to don't almighty himself so over order. Should know and a half months Dan writes an article get him out of it I thought yeah. But I hope this guy opts out he's terrible disease out of that for boss that there's gonna be an opposite article says that you patrol if he pitches Portland. If he pitches well who knows maybe price screams that Evan relic again or he does something in the locker room. It'll be actually in the sea and how he gets along without score that's also going to really telling about prize this year. It is almost comical after dark or beat the price whisper I wonder or at least be on the same page because thousands of my favorite things about. Price starts over the last couple years is he would talk to the media at the same time John Ferrell talked to media and they were telling the not a scenario I think that everybody. I got a good curveball at a terrible curve ball well off speed stuff was really sharp today while he's visited the off speed stuff those guys never were on the same page maybe outs or and price will be. And that will while the Pardo fired out Barea early on so I will say that I think the fact that price was willing to pitch in relief. In the post season and pitched well right he really pitched well beat it I think that gained him some brownie points in the eyes of Red Sox fans don't you I think actually that I held I mean obviously you're paying them 217. Million dollars to start. But still any news or use our heat engine shut it down Dolly came back and and I think even he wanted to has to start in May decide to put have been in the bullpen and all of their starters were terrible. So he still doesn't get you know. This is the guy who had somebody bad playoff starts. So he was able to shake that last year but at least he was able to pitch well in the playoffs at Seoul. That's going to be the thing for him again issues if he can stay healthy. You're still waiting to see what can he do in the post season is he going to be able to. You know go against the trend that has been his entire career word spread terror more so argue with the Red Sox fan willing to start with a clean slate. David Price starts like you can't Jonathan like yet. Like that noted philanthropist Dan Shaughnessy who never carries a Roger. As an agenda or anything are you Egypt that we'll college Shaughnessy. Are you willing to polish Odyssey here. And get this guy clean slate to start the season. I'd go to our white elephants so they know what it looks like a similar looks like. I think. Assume the first month looks like for David Price before I start on going nuts about. 6177797937. Its telephone number text line is 37937. Listen if you if you are indeed a Red Sox fan it would be to your benefit if he pitched great. And he may end up opting out may be like that till the way the battery pitches maybe you increase the chances that he does that. Campbell and I think I'm willing to polish embassy here. And your chance I'm good I'm gonna give thought I had there's always thought they can do all we are saying is you may have the Stafford very very long time in my as we used to own. 6177797937. Gets the calls that you guys who just human it's a lot of stuff we're gonna touch on prop quarts of the afternoon. We will have our JD Martinez watcher you know finely tuned as well but I don't. Think it immediately and alarm or something we can play if if the deal goes through Claxton weren't knocking on them with the spoiler I mean that's it could be that different does it count that you are that. Second the countdown of the zone like when he officially. I'll Michael Holley is off the week with the kids on school vacation week I he'll be back on Monday C got dale and keep. On dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio W media. Yeah. It's. Yeah yeah. All right I know that the Super Bowl was February 4 it was a while ago and and and keep an ire over. Don't you probably noticed that world K you're not even a little bit. But I think that will be totally over enough work try to get all we're doing our best. We get it according police shot but let me get over here don't you wanna hear from a mound I do think that a deal right. Here he goes again so it so Devin according was on Sirius XM NFL radio. And that's where bill Paul has been embarrassing himself recently instituted the same idea great. I thought so let's let's start with the cut number two hearing Andy. This is DeVon according. And doubt. Yeah I will play him in this border because you'll you'll hear this 11 in double play than the one right after it's a let's start with this one windy you know old Malcolm mother was not to be on the field. All we never really knew. But you know it's a meal loses. It was bad friend as far as you know he's been a great teammate. We've enjoyed obviously a lot of success together so. Just being able to not be out there unknown you know I think it's friendly guy you know when your teammates it's doable. Iran lost gods are open it seems so we'll mouths when a great teammate our great friend tomorrow for the last four years. We did you have an indication that perhaps he wouldn't start throughout the week order was that a total shocker in game. No. Just starting power we knew bullet on not playing. I think bill set after the game it was a straight coaching decision. You know onus on NFL works man coaches coach and players palatial. You know we just plea boot you know who's just a situation that's and it. So. So now that that sort of place in the day at the scenario that I laid out as a possibility. That. He's in uniform right is not a start and they tell listened Malcolm Yucca start okay. And he says something does something what ever it is and it goes from you're not gonna start to. To heck with you you're not gonna play. Because DeVon McCourt said we knew he wasn't gonna start knew it was gonna start which I think you can still question that for a guy who started every other game and played every snap in the playoffs in the two games leading up to a but that's still question they tried it as we pointed out they tried this one other. Game earlier in the year the New Orleans very early on we it through they they didn't start and they started Erik rolled and rolled got hurt and they had to put Butler and after that he played 90% of the snaps that he played all the time after that he played all the plays in the in the playoffs are right. There that still question to me out. But he played on that putt that there's one part in the game played on that so wasn't like he said something where hey you're not gonna play at all on your your does your completely drenched. You know stay in the locker room right now like that now he was up there is on the sideline. And they threw him in there are one special teams play three technically. Played in the game. It still bizarre and EOK so according knew we wasn't gonna start. But then as the team is getting torched on defense to look around for any kind of change and Malcolm Butler never gets on the field while in fact that that came up as well. It hurts you guys there and. Game do you think if he had had to hold the game that it would help you guys defensively all lot Artest defensive pressure that I have always hit in. We just got much any being. Was the final score a lot yeah I have forty people SL. Birdied two Barney arsenal defensively it was a lot of those I mean we could go to Melissa hall of famers defense we've added both teams try to use. Us Morton and now. Call Boller haul ever know unless he's saying yeah all list hall of famers but I helped us that's that's also reported he's saying that the whole defense was terrible. That I don't should I think his point is one guy might not made the difference he's tried its east and trying to put it all on Malcolm Butler. Not let the door gone I would Newt. You know there's a whole bunch of president play well nobody will doubt him about it but think about it and if the defense is playing that bad then for a team that. Always makes adjustments for team EO of the pictures are always wanna try some different. Welcome Butler the first time he played and that in that Super Bowl. That was the plan going in but based on how things were going in the title air it was getting torched so they took him out the put mark Butler and it worked. Everybody is getting torched us in May get a 41 points and nick pulls. Dumb according easy because it was it was talk when everybody everybody was bad so yes everybody was bad habit you don't win the game but it's even more surprising that you don't give him a chance out there. Let's give you one more because DeVon McCourt was on a roll. Zone and this has to do with the whole Brady Belichick. Elation ship since you've been with the team do you feel like the culture has changed a little bit we've heard so much about Tom Brady and then Bill Belichick and I think it was Josh McDaniels can leave not even met Patricia Leven to Detroit but does it feel different a lot of people are suggesting that maybe bill vote checkered Tom Brady. That have. You know grown tired of each other's assault just a bunch of gibberish sure as the culture changed since you've been there. No say you know we've played enough votes and is something new every year what comes up. Poem that could be a possible distraction you know. One years of league game next year it's you know bill on time hate each other is you know you can go to an illicit things that come out. I'll but I think that the culture part of New England is no matter what comes of this is going to win football games and you know as long as opposed militaries there and his staff I think Don always the agriculture. Are no matter what comes of you know that's been a joy to play for as far as auto focus of everybody China winning you know having Iowa common goal so. Always have fun with and we understand things come over and I don't think it really bothers the organization as a whole. So he says stuff comes up all the time it does send anything idealism that is exactly right yeah there there may not be a better team in recent memory who has dealt with stuff. As seamlessly as they yeah I am I am much more. I guess interstate or bothered by Malcolm Butler not planning that I am Belichick and Brady maybe not inference. Click that and they've they've worked together so well for so long what I don't care I care I agree but it's C I also think it's why I don't think the Butler not playing thing is gonna linger long term here. Well they're always able to put stuff behind them. We are what really what lingers what what what spent Sunday night people talked about problem he's gonna have to clear this I don't if locker room and I wonder what what the other guys that are returning it is a different circumstance because. It's not like you have Malcolm Butler under contract and he has to get over it only do what he does present do so on another team will be here but I wonder what accordion Harmon and you know even Eric row or some other guys on defense owner how they feel about it but your right when they when they come back. They probably. Adults it's gonna sit down and explain to them here's exactly what happened here's why we did this at a Hamanaka. One last DeVon according cut here and. Has to do with you know how long he thinks Tom Brady's gonna play this game. If you're really gonna play into at least 75 years old. That's what I'm hearing about it I got to watch is specials. A total must see in the talks Romanov every data or go home now I watch more gritty blue and palm you know he he doesn't credible job keeping his body ready some stuff he does we look at him like he's crazy. I'll put it keeps them you know very healthy and able to stay on the field. Likely seventy. I keep my Michael thanks he's about him not watching Tom vs time. Accordingly Jack I thought that for a decade at originated or let's edit thank you you know people ask me it does your wife let's into the shall I since she hears enough for me I know that she's got she's heard my act already she's got the gist of it do that needs to. But yet the way things are going to be you'd be hard to that against him are they face a 45 you know what you noticed though is you start here players. Come out of the blow of the shell here I mean Alan Branch with us last week talking a little bit about it DeVon according. Ball to his charity event down at Rutgers a week or so ago and now. Yeah on on serious sex them. There start and talk a little bit more but it does still seem like football was gonna read that according to cut today or something a little branch probably will but we. We've gotten the sense football decision and we didn't believe that at. Right you know right after the Super Bowl bouts of politics that was football decision it was an arrow one else's. And then there's always made up stories about Malcolm Boller which I've kind of been proven to be untrue. But then the few players that have talked and how that many read them according a couple of times and Alan Branch for the us. And nobody is giving us anything other than football decision. And the so they knew it was gonna start but nobody knew it was gonna play although Alan Branch told us he didn't know anything about why he was trying to get an option to mid week he was gonna play anyway so you're probably not paying close at ten that that might be true. But yet we still haven't still haven't gotten anything and it's I am I so wanna hear from Malcolm Butler I don't know what that will be. Maybe when he signs there's that you press conference was next team Ferrell get brought up. All see that does he give a patriot answer or does he give what he feels like really capital I don't know. And where the heck is part six of Tom vs time what is the hold up am I gonna answer all of our questions I'll take that ticket together here. Mean they tape that the goodbye interview. While eighth after the Super Bowl and let's go Waller and I now. I don't think it's gonna answer darn thing probably not well talk about it. So while you get a bunch of Boller. I. Was like what the game at least a that would blossom that if if part six of Tom vs time comes out of first leader Tom says what that. It was Belichick thinks I'm like Malcolm but rack he's right the world would explode out of it in me right back to the Brady Belichick dynamic and from pitch stuff 6177797937. This telephone number so. We haven't solved the Malcolm Butler thing although DeVon according to give us today it's a little bit more and were trying to figure out whether David Price is. Be given a second chance at C data that's the Judy Martinez six. Box said. Just weeded out. No news on JD Martinez. Night. Keeping a putt that just in case we're already succeeded Jack we have got people on scene we didn't we've got microphones we got reporters we've got everything. And when equities and noted humor to a 6177797937. Dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. If you have an indication that perhaps you would start throughout the week or it was beautiful shot. We. This story. I think we'll. District coaching decision you know it's not an outdoorsman coaches coach and the players palatial. No we just play. Just a situation those. DeVon reporting on that serious act seven NFL radio talking about. The mouth about the decision by the way according to you rap for adults saw this today or not. Martellus Bennett has made the decision apparently that he wants to play. There was some thought at the end of the season you know he didn't want to hang them up. But supposedly now he's decided he wants to play he's too late two million dollar roster bonus on March 14 that's the start of the business year. As as Rappaport points out his cap hit for the patriots would only be six point two million. Which is pretty reasonable. If you can get it healthy. And as a second tight end users within Iraq they were great together is really did refitting it now if you look at the history of Martellus Bennett around the league. It's kind of short. Shelf life. In places right now he seemed to get along fine that he seemed like here everywhere else see when he had issues whether it was with Jason Witten with the cowboys or what he said about some of the guys. Well on the bears I'm regulates all of dozens programs Jay Cutler yet he does so that's the lets everybody has programs like all of everybody yet and about your health is now I've apparently now keep posting on there and 1001 day awake upping alike when he hears your pictures but. I like where mark felt that I guess it's gonna come back to how how easy it is he gonna be ready to go because that was such a strange. Story pleasure to healthy when he got here. Know what what the soccer right Packers I think it was going on and how can't play the rest of the year than many can play like what they want me to go on IR by. Or they don't they wanted to come back but I don't and they now monitor teens I do wanna play into this is I can't play as very event yet that he was out it was those very confusing so he's healthy. Sure I mean he's been. You know outside of Aaron Hernandez obviously the best tight and opposite. Rob Gronkowski they've had. They tried a lot of different between Allen was a complete non factor Scott Chandler was terrible and so if you can bring Martellus Bennett back. And I guess that'll depend on what's going on with what their cap space and you know who else they wanna try to bring in and all that other stuff. But yet he fit you know two years ago usually goes I liked. They're tied in tandem win when he was here with ground and I like that combination. And as I said for out six point two million dollar cap it. It's OK you know as a bat. Now I mean let's put it this lady better than Dwayne Allen yeah it is so he'll be wearing downbeat on I don't know if they think tick of Hollister will be enough to be that that second spot. You know we were talking earlier. You know a couple weeks ago I guess about Jimmy Graham you know the possibility of Jimmy Graham coming in here. How how expensive you would be in you know exactly how he would fitted to Martellus Bennett your recount and now we have a given track record with him so. I thought he was done I thought he said he that last year that he was gonna retire but maybe come on back to knowing that he feels feels better about. 6177797937. Is telephone number Tom. I I have no idea where you calling from Tom because they efforts. I'll root out there we go over to have met a terrible terrible return. That narrows in 2000 positive outlook right now the traffic or how we I would move. Did that took aren't blades on the Mike my question is. Whenever. Mr. bell objective ever asked the question you know he'd defer some though we have to do better but he never does. How you gonna do better we had a better not let it idle it. Does he owe us an explanation. And yet I think it does anything that the press can do to get him to air to the question of the white relatives. One you know the answer to the second and with David the purchase of our question I think there are happened god ever gonna have we ever gonna help. Probably not I'd think they'd want how we can't copyright and yet we could out about possibly go on without knowing the answer this I do think that. That yeah may be again. Fans invest so much time desolate money into the product without fans what would really be doing that I can play games fervent anti stadium but it DiMarco I think sometimes Belichick would be fine with that I think he would be but I feel it may mean the contracts for he had some of the player I'd be hard to I think I might not be as strong. So I look at it say. Yet I I would love to hear him explain why Leo what we're so used to him not doing it but part of the reason why doesn't do it. Is there always winning in so you aka questioned. All the ways they've won and that's that's great but when they lose they lose a Super Bowl like this. Yeah I wanna hear it now out of the descending the press can do. Medium not being creative enough I don't know is there a way to sort of get excited headed to admit the truth serum like do or are we the how of that do you think that that the players. Like early would we talked to Alan Branch. I'm now we've heard from DeVon according I'd let's start to hear more and more from you guys as we go along the idea unique era ever gonna spell it 'cause I don't. They haven't yet and and my guess is that what about the players that leave. Is what's keeping them from Stan. Because we're on the team of the agreement for a don't cut now I mean or at least your what do you got your voice heard from DeVon of course parents football to something more than right right. But players that lead guy was Latin lady. The doubt be the only thing. Although. You know that how many players. Have left the patriots have gotten into the media. And bell they all are really good at you know weathered rod nurses and or Bruschi or Willie McGinest they're they're good that it. And they're not really that they'll talk about their experiences but they're not like spill the beans on all the stuff that happened here. It's not an audit I would think maybe if there's a player that leaves. At that has some more information. Maybe you'll hear it but. It's been almost what three weeks now and we still we still haven't gotten a good answers though. Maybe we'll keep you solve our the answer to the callers question is there some way the media can hold Bill Belichick speak to the firing get him to answer. Please. The first question about giving present and that you think he always got an explanation. I can see where fans would like one yeah. If if that if a ballot check explanation. Look unfavorably on a player he won't do it. Yeah but his benching them was looks on here and heat yeah I guess he'll take the heat he he'll say you know what coaching decision that's me. You know what gave you got a problem on your head so it's it's it's it's strictly coaching decision I guess I'll put it this way if it's just a coaching decision. I don't need him to sit down and say say say if he's telling the truth that he's already told prep right at that point I got to meet him he doesn't have to. Gated to every little x.s and o.s part of and say why he feels. You know this player did deserve to be out there and you know going through all the matchups some people might wanna hear that that's fine I don't think that's the most important thing. I do think that if he's covering up and if he's saying. Go Malcolm Butler something that he did. I get if he's if he's if it was disciplinary in some way. That I would like to hear who's that would make more sense that's when he what he won't I guess time will never do that because it and especially. And let's we don't know what happened let's say for the sake of our argument that Malcolm Butler is the guilty party here. He's wanted a free agency. If Belichick says something that hurts this guy going into free agency he's never gonna do what about right after he signs that a side unlike Katie Martinez he actually signed the contract and so they can't take that money away from many more guaranteed money is blocked in the then I think he owes it to us in 2000 he has he has a guy who you know to think about it throughout the course is history here. Has always protected the players. And it'll probably have. Handful of guys that he needed. About eighteen years but anybody's but he's done it I mean unit Delis Thomas right with the crap out there was an item buried in Barre Thomas could have and I think showed up but the big by not playing Butler all are comparing them. I think zone without seat but you're taking the you're saying my decision coaching decision yet but you violent but for this I just decided. We were better off not plane but could you look at it it's aired the best coach in the league in league history. Decided that's mistakes he's human but he but he also decided he and I guess Patricia decided that Malcolm Butler wasn't good enough to play in the super rule the out there over year. Now sell yourself now now go out there and did see fridge that happened last game a dog got benched wasn't good enough. That's that's the tough on the sultan or a at texture says hold his feet to the fire hold them accountable for losing the game by not playing Butler okay. Tell me how that plays out. Tell me what you do that hold his feet to the fire and holds them accountable. And I don't know how your ability I mean I I'm not even be a Smart Aleck one myself tell me what how what that entails. There and see if that were necessary just straight. Bobo. But I mean he's got to be asked about it in these give you another non answer the next idea today you know super rules one that is speak at the com mine. I don't think so I didn't I didn't but I breakfast right right that's Kevin I don't think that neck not that's not even a combine is that at the Aegean meeting of ministers in new and he doesn't say anything there either their the next time I think that that. He's scheduled to speak is the draft before the draft. Yeah and so he does a pre draft press canals and I just thought they'd committed panic mentality or any gonna say when somebody says bill what did you play and ultimately. And your top draft. That's got. As far as he's concerned at Torrey authority gone it's the genius of how he plays things and it frustrates the heck out of everybody. But the genius of it is he can now say. Party dress. They did you do it like it is like what I said but he's gonna say iron priority address that are talked about an eight hour under the draft he would say no comment you said the x.s and you're left with her rapper how to run a football decision. Which is weird he doesn't make a lot about football decisions but if it's clear if it's just that and nothing more yachts and this was one of about short on short lists. Any intake ports and it was a bad one because I think he got the first down by the you're one of those guys I am. I don't I don't think that's as bad as this on you know we set a single play as there was still spent three weeks on fourth two or more rate that was though that is the V topic for for the longest time I think do you think. You're not oh OK with I am not part of eight. Do you think the patriots fans it's our are now the point where they can say okay. You know what he can't on ring the bell they won't let us back and replay the game were animal for non. Idea. I don't how can be I think a even if you think that you wore try watching the game again. Or to hide this act you're try thinking about it again I think I think you kind of get upset is because. There are so much on the line like what what could have happened had they want. Who they lost to. Ganassi and it was nick pulls a slow backup quarterback that you lost why doesn't the five other Lombardi pro pelted in the hall at patriot playoff sort of helped pitch over the hump and does but it but it Dick greedy and you say there's another way and you don't know at a Brady saying he's flavor for warriors beat don't know. It out of more years he's got laughed so. You wanna maximize each and every one of those. And a detector he says don't let him be so dismissive of the media keep asking questions until he breaks. He won't break of reasonable rate ever but he's he's he's never even cracked level home broken. Yeah but I do agree you have to ask the questions you can't you know whatever whoever the media at the assembled media next time Belichick speaks you can't just. Would that series that it's like but still asking the questions. He's gonna say the answer is yes it's football decision but. Every once in awhile until you've interviewed for for a long time. Every once a while he'll ask him something where you think you know the answer is going to be an Eagles a decline at lucky he has something he wants to get out our plasticky yet you know it. It it just will never happen OK but if he decided you know what gamma. I'm gonna tell everybody what Butler did it right. Then it an almost full matter what you ask he's gonna direct you back there and I happen with us this year you know we've one of the support push him articles he wanted to talk about bring it up my body was gonna shoot it down but did not shoot towns in fact you know. That's where we at the fake news drop in 31 of them this whole thing so clearly he was very much aware of that article. In wanted to share so to the Texas point about you got to ask the questions absolutely right. The whole feet to the fire thing but all I can break I don't know I don't know anything. He saw a lot of interviews and yet I listened to him over the course the last eighteen years or so it doesn't matter who socket to either weather's awesome Monday or whether it's. All the beat reporters or you know he occasionally does the interviews with the some of the the networks feel prior to the games. It's you're just I can get them. Whenever his next press appearances I think it's draft I don't think it's I don't you Clinton's combined but that's next week if that is like a quick thing to like that's the thing at the end of the first rounds of the at midnight zone pre draft thing out there. Ian can stereo I think I know this area speaks not sure about bill. It if bill doesn't speak pre draft and yes it's at the end of the first round it can we got the player we wanted to remove or. Booth though on paper you know get him one enemy here and see if it's in our system and a we'll we all the answers all the questions are we know pretty much how he's gonna say than we even notice it to insert the obligatory. Yep but and one of those that there. Such in the conference calls and eat a sandwich. Kenny Perry that the guy regularly though he's gonna send in the have a very you know that's why eventually Gary there. So we're keeping our eyes on Fort Myers floor or not I sort of are we. As we got patio on the other room listening that patio give us any Judy Martinez that days had gone that is just happy that bill would. I'm having a patio Mac clone. Not that are you want to Judy Martinez update all got on there is no O day OK nights ago. 6177797937. As telephone overtaxed minus 37 ID 37. We get back to your calls in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio W media.