DHK -  Why Howard Eskin is the worst media member to speak about the Patriots; The return of the XFL

Dale and Keefe
Thursday, January 25th
Hour 4: Jon Ritchie and WIP fuel the feud with WEEI. Howard Eskin has insights on the Patriots cheating. Will Eagles fans use the cheating excuse again if they lose the Super Bowl? Tom v Time is analyzed by DHK with the help of Gotham Chopra. The XFL makes its return, and Vince McMahon speaks upon CTE issues, players involved, and the national anthem.

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Yeah to. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WE yeah I've been busy day today. We've had people taking shots at our. Arnold sidekick I mean that seemed a little harsh to me unbelievable. Evidently now we get accused by our sister station got wise and their brother station by the way and and don't know blind and I was one sister and Brothers and I understand I just always wondered are sounds the sisters and Brothers city of Robert beer at Cerro. Well those are our sister station and still have dealt almost sent him on almost so close in WIP in Philadelphia their midday show and tomorrow you're gonna hear. A sizable cast between ONF. And their camera and Ritchie tomorrow I don't know what they called Sheldon are again with our exact these John retired by the NFL show that the entire show. I don't know and don't know they'll never know what's our what's on historic terms of funds start I don't know the answer got him in the whole town fodder but that's coming up tomorrow Satele. We talked little bit about John Ritchie yesterday had some. Idiotic comments about you know the patriots. Filmed their closed door Philadelphia Eagles practices when no one on the planet has ever said Diana John Richie. Athletic conspiracy for the ages say that the patriots won a suitable long is the league wanted them to because of 9/11. Of the John refute the same producers texting me hate please did you come on our show is trashing me. And you know tweeting things out to me in in trying to incite a I. Gary Ross are about Jason Roth owner trying to incite Ryan recognizes guy in the world right. Right now I try to keep really hurt him I mean it was on I don't know if that was on Aaron knows there with the team. And I felt like I was a part of the I mean that I started the season blew my knee out. I wish it wasn't that way. I mean did you tell me evidently making it hurts me and a member Stoppard me you know now on the table yeah. It. It did it was the fact of the matter you'd play in the heat you're hurt and I was like he got the edge of the he's hurt. On the IR and it hurts and it starts jobs aren't there. So I social part of the people were saying is he's not James Devlin is not aware of what we're saying here he Wally and play in the game. He just seems a little. That hole or is that just today outside that area that's the key today of what do that ourselves and we have a producer defensively we got to Jason and something good you really fired up. It is really in the that. The host. I don't know the camera now what have they changed is not quite like sometimes you do too I do. Was mimicking me on direct its non it to different. I'm looking forward to this us on look at Andre tomorrow. So so what was this so Fauria. Fauria Richie didn't get into. No I think a caller called in today. And was trying to give him basically let the John Richie like I played you guys didn't play which is good which is the old standard. I guess he did that some caller to that two or math and four is a world. No I did play in my played in the super. Cholera like. Our men oh my best. Off just went down her Richie Richie of for a nor'easter. You yet so this is. This is that two bodies kind of catch about Arnold visas club did you guys are good for. That play from Andy he did point out incorrectly so that none of us play with. He played we didn't play a tear gas at a gas Howard basket WOK. Yeah that's and he got in on the farm when harassment yeah children Howard's third. What's your which you're you've been through that. That the deal many times what's your take of what's going on here it is EI fools well. They're disgrace. There are a disgrace. The media in the Boston area is a disgrace it's Hugo. Their laws to consult with Bill Belichick doesn't talk to a man like they are separating children. They were. They were obviously it pretty boy Tom Brady shut it down. If we had anything negative but they can't do anything all day. It's that simple. They she needed it's been documented they treated multiple. I'm John I think I heard you say this morning we know when they cheated. But we know that they had achieved more than they were caught there's no question. They cheated more bit and they're caught there was a question. Property that was the commercial speaks Yugoslavia would you ought to let it loose lips to your your four and the commissioner came more than it so those go. Some saw it. A Columbus sports net. Up there and try to defend patriotism won't news conference and yelled just to wield them with facts in I don't want back. He's about current. Throughout our current downturn last year and angry I what's his problem you just can't leave your balls hang out there. Now the current Eric did something actually current corrected the commissioner. As commissioner this is what this is that things that he does all the time where he used to do I don't know if we do at this year. Every time he bring up a you know was this worth it you know you do you have all the information so well what the federal court and they all agreed with us. Out of it and and so current corrected them. Within that didn't play well nationally play well locally didn't play well nationally which I'll always bring you really care. You really care what effect yet what they think nationally of what you got here I don't think it would ask him look. I'll agree I was don't agree with them he said they cheat if they cheated. Now he starts to get into what you know it's more than that at bats there are other things yeah that's what it breaks. That's what we have problems have a conversation about. 2007 Buick if you want me to say they cheated in 2007 not got it yet achieved. Most have yet. Shorted. He said all of the Boston it is despicable lot. That seems to grace note this volatile race. There are a disgrace Darren joke it's it is another guy there's a bigger recover delta same city that had built common right. Okay follow the word disgrace elicit a lot of people. Sure about him. With a story I mean if you can't she just a team sheets. Let's ask him story there who want to go to go that far away he seems rather. Taking. Yeah you know something else has happened that's when we run that's when we run into problems. With. Patriots story all of their cheaters. Active cheaters because there's so many things that happened that we don't know about. It's hard on. Like like back in 1997 when Arafat in Gaza all day there is utterly quote prominent Philadelphia sportscaster on quote Lucent a dozen roses tool woman five days before she was murdered by her husband. The woman had posted a fake profile on a dating site. Identifying herself as 25 year old Brenda still notes sent with the roses was read during the guilty plea. Of Raymond stumped by his attorney. You know we got deep here. We got deep I was I was gonna talk about a show respect him and I don't this is this has taken a turn. The I did not tails it out you know that they'll get to a. He's been known to lead long term campaigns to have players traded from Philadelphia teams such as Bobby Abreu for alleged lackadaisical defense and class a lack of clutch hitting. Allen Iverson for is allegedly selfish play. His last public stunt. Was organizing a mock funeral to celebrate TERRELL OWENS demise with the Philadelphia Eagles during their 2005 season. I don't like that the symbolic one that Howard was in his evidence here. They just want to Rome you know fairyland yeah although the fairy tales that they act it is a disgrace and last week. And I know that videos out there and I think Johnny pointed this out as well. We're the official added Tom Graham on our cola can a diploma factories and gradually an unbelievable. Are you kidding won't. He ought interference play that they can they are the biggest wideners. Peyton it's flawed well mr. perfect Bob Kraft what candidates do cute doesn't talk that Medicaid. Who might be a really good coach he's not all fame coach was he cheated. I hope we played here about it I'll take our wow. Now I'll open it until it knew the NA interference. Also a news today on out on FaceBook watch which again I didn't know existed until yesterday Richard but the the first episode the first. In a series of five currently scheduled but there will be six later on. The first episode of Tom vs time now this was only fifteen minutes long you can watch it very easily very quickly on FaceBook watch. It would just give me a couple of highlights here because Gotham Chopra the filmmaker did join us later on in the program as well. This first cut is that Tom Brady saying my life is focused on football and always will be. What are you willing to do and what are you willing to give up to be the best you can be. You have so much energy in the clocks tick on all of us. And we say yes to something you just say no to something else. In the end my life folks from football and always has been and always will be as fun as I'm playing. I've I've given my body my everything every bit of energy for eighteen years through it. Skip thank you. In two OK so if you're gonna compete against me you better be willing to give up your life or is good because I've given up mind. Hold aren't so hot how would you who. Salad and you're always how hot here positives up that I would went to Cuba that I comment. My life. It's a great quote. You have a figure first well in terms of quote a great quote awesome. Maybe this goes back to her kind of wanted to hang them up yet but everything is in the heat years if she hears them say. Everything is devoted to football my life senator around football. Right here we go. A right under her children health of kids and yet there was a great quote part in this film. Common to Zeller driving home after the patriots season opening loss warning I love this this is part of the best part of title Kansas City Chiefs hooked up. And edits to sell who's trying to get him over the hump. It was. You know just. We're not in film yet you don't know that your basic building a relationship first time in some of it your best friend. You know big time. Two feet you know people they did you know you your looks and we pray for you this. Its momentum. Osce. Pain and over. GE. Sounds like a powerful automobile ventured a guess what she's not wrong. I was out there are only one that's gonna spank us she just clobbered she's like it's going to be awesome. And it has done. Well there it was I was trying to find out trying to really listen sounded like in some resilience on apparently brought these government wasn't. It was what sometimes anti US a wasn't. What was wrong not super from any particular thing note. I mean your resume minutes he would raise. Presets are and I feel that great 37 it has got a 93. Do you advice. To me. Saying. Is there. OK. Let's go to the next one Brady saying he still dealing. With the 2016 season and missing the first four weeks. Still feel like I'm dealing with last season. All those external things you know not playing the first four weeks. You know the way that our team wine. In over the course this season like I kind of expected those things to happen. I didn't know they would result in the Super Bowl but I knew we are damn good team. You know I got to see it I got seat every day of practice site to not give a damn we're good you know we just need to go do it. He knew they were good. We'll just give you one more just one more piece here well will go with with number ten here brandy. By the way Mike McMahon. Marcella Brockton says it's kind JJ's the oldest. Well Otis. I believe. It caller our own doctor Benjamin thank you write our vote for all of its negative. This is Brady talking about the 20042005. Season. When he knew he couldn't hold the ball the way he wanted to. In 20042005. I was going through a lot of body issues you know. Bumps and bruises rural is our state patrol got to have more with our right throwing arm where I could throw the ball the way that I wanted to throw it. Slots that left shoulder. He's had an issue and AC separation and now and the whole time and wouldn't. And then Alex Guerrero so Gotham Chopra joins us today and we talked about neo all the time that he's hitting behind the scenes. And Michael asked a great question and it was about the Seth wicker sham peace. And and based on his experiences. Behind the scenes with the Brady and Gisele and everybody else. If he thought that they Seth wicker she impeach rang true. You see anything anything from your time with them that matched up what. With what was written in the story. Yeah I obviously familiar with the article and I agree like a bit you know food but did you know and reflect well on a lot of different people vote. I don't know candidly like how accurate it is then and I consider compared with my experience. I give Tom you know a hard time and they enjoyed each call you sir Natalie about like a thing that we on the bodies there which is. The complete antithesis of my experience. The palm I mean you didn't even at. He's the one guy in the world who would never ever in my experience throughout the sort of things I mean it's really important to talk to the quote one of the guys in Clinton like one of our entire episode about that. What does that really mean to be one of the guys. Well yeah I don't I don't I think they're probably a lot of inaccurately and that and I think that you when you've had been like that the highest level of strong personalities over twenty years that you guys everybody gets along and every single thing. No I mean I just I don't think that's what I don't think that. But that came as no surprise me at. Look I spent time with the bomb last weekend and you know around the championship. Mean he's just focus is that where he loved his coaches he knows that the best in the business and again people believe that I can terms of late to that they've had. You know from cliff notes back to me again okay everyone he gets it and he get that. You know that's a product of the collaboration that it had for this month time. I said you after that interviewed Gayle. Do you change your mind about how long these guys don't play I never changed my mind about how long and a lot of play Mikell. I think. 46 there is no doubt in my mind he wants to play. That law and I have just tell whether he can't just physically you don't the communities and that is going to be his arm. All all of this year was an Achilles apparently now he's able to battle through it and play throw it. But you know the he's been on the injury report with a Achilles this year armies are going to be the Super Bowl MVP this year is going to be branded car expert on shore. For Brad it could be the Super Bowl MVPs and Bali Yemen changed that after hours ago are now an accurate that's as well. Brandon cooks. Eleven or twelve at least eleven catches maybe more at least eleven catch a couple of touchdowns so Tom Brady's going to be very good match and a guy. Being that good at forty years I saw early 4885. Days and play the game something like that oldest non kicker oldest. Player who's not a kicker in Super Bowl history. Finished just supposed to stop. I I just I can't see it I can't see. Performance wise. Not having it now. Maybe pressure from the family and edited that part maybe decides that he wants to do something else that's an unprecedented I mean a lot of people do that and in many industries. But if he wants to keep playing I don't think about it he's sick and I'd be seriously. You know happy you won't have to stop for physical reason Keith. As five years to Zell says hellish last year you hung it up aeration is telling Jay Feely to talk him and hang in and the maybe they meet the middle. And it's sort through where you're really compromise. Are able to backed the call to you guys 61777. I 7937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio WEEI. And beyond yourself. I don't know who you are. Chief. I mean and Keith I don't remember okay Michael Holley had a much golly you other two guys. I am I am somebody I've heard the holly I don't know who you are only guys been erroneously on right now he's a great guy is Dallas first neighbors last night. Who cares. I'll work. What that my favorite quote I thought I favored John Richie quote was about 9/11 being the reason that the data from the first 2000 earlier about a direct quote I somebody. Wow. I guess he's using. I'm James would be in bears of that to achieve our listeners that jump on the tweet saying you know 12 back stupid opinion with something attacking him on us inciting right. It's a couple of tweets your way buddy make our youth center. It should be able to handle it you said 9/11 was a conspiracy. To make the patriots champions. But he is somebody he also said that at the patriots filmed closed door Eagles practices before the Super Bowl worth it to open I. The department lawyers Orton is on the silent for that. Recover from injury. Is there the trap and practice maybe icing. See these guys this is look at that that's what's gonna happen there already there already lining it up. The patriots when this game what are we gonna 'cause cheating something you did they cheat the eagle law according currently our job that he didn't he cheated in 2004. But the most the most Eagles fans think the patriots cheated and that game nor was it nor are there more Andy Reid. Having injury Andy Reid and Donovan had any real got a quarterback throwing out on the field in the fourth quarter and he literally I. I think that three minute and 452 drive and final touchdown their senior senator try to start a congressional investigation and the Eagles were cheese that says Super Bowl that's their senior senator I'm saying after that game. Were Eagles fan has ever get the patriots were no they didn't know he had only 800. Orders. But going into this and they think they're gonna get cheated in the game hopes are made clear what is it more advantage in red are I'd been out on some got laid. Great read our back used it to his advantage all the time the lakers believed all sorts of stuff is gonna happen with this up to some of the did. But I did ends with the patriots all the way to know where it was coming so they they looked out for everything got their head's messed them up. If this is part of this is part of the thought process forward Doug Peterson it's a victory for the patriots if he even spends. 35 seconds talking about it. In two or three minutes preparing for at least send somebody off to look at all the corners to make sure there are no cameras. And the patriots are stealing their stuff. An advantage patriots. RD think it's advantage patriot and I think the Eagles are detained there really aren't related but. Asserting that the best team that patriots have faced in a Super Bowl. Anyway all the citizens not the best picture Symbian is suitable city neurological saying that about this team unity. To divert I don't know horror are working the best not they've dubbed best patriots team now that they're really good team I hear a lot of kind of minimizing. Okay Shaughnessy on them coward yes she's got the Cleveland you know Tommy Karen. As said he's is that I'm average a lot of dinners are average he's been crushing all yes that's true of everybody but parade ground yeah I don't I don't agree with that. Our Lester back to calls the guy's 6177797937. Robson Quincy hey rob. Not on what's that all. Rob Ramos yet glad what's known here. And they you're talk talk about how well eerily similar ministers for the last summer with the Eagles in the street global. You know people are talking about how we're getting old got a lot of all players mainly Brady specifically Brady. Kind of near that all of our old defensive players on the equity equals with that plan. But the funny thing is to be paired with that Brandon Marshall comments. Is that next year is probably going to be one of the patriot card schedules. They're going up against five playoff teams from this year. And they're also going to be going up against for all either. Coordinators are players undergo checks. And of course that's gonna become an Afghan Brady keep it up to a win in this state and expert and here. Brady's washed out and so yes on learned that your feelings on the outlook but they'll check. A tall order. There are good points rob especially the last one about the Belichick disciples taking over teams the one thing he's been able to do. Is is not stay the same. It's important especially if you've got people. Who have come out of your system and trying to do what they think is that Belichick way well. We got those people doing the same thing but for the same types of players. And your more predictable but he he hasn't been the same coach. Playing the same type of system. The entire. Entire eighteen years you switch it up pretty pretty regularly. So I think it's up it'll look out for but it won't be a problem. An hour but the schedule. There's things can change any thing of five playoff teams every year get out here and there place yeah that are usually it's more. And I about an hour and one of those bills yet to hear it every. Every year there's going to be they can schedule is of their schedule is really easier schedule is difficult this year it's what's made the growth of right yes. According to strength of schedule it was like a fourth hardest schedule what is it are the NFC south is gutsy play at all for most teams and then it would every time you win the division play the other division winners so you have every year there's at liberty every every year. I'll also a team that you think is gonna be good falls off without the raiders are playing in Mexico City was going to be tough that really wasn't that tough the Denver game wasn't tough at all. And you thought they were going to be more competitive than than actually work. But I'm looking forward to them get the ups and get excited about this game film forget about am feeling great about it. Think you know just that sort of pick and MVP on the third I got a penalty more out of it or these people so that means that pat and got a winner right. I would it would seem likely that if you've got Brandon Cox is the MVP yadda patriots will likely win. Kind of off the board and off the board MVP of the a lot of people would go and Amendola the gold rock they go Brady. And bradys the obvious choice. The obvious here. You'll you'll go at the low key breading coax I think is gonna have some nice matchups in this game. And deep balls to. And so it hopes that that the name of his game right yep that's right gonna happen he's not running a lot of short curls. Now he's quick out east plus 900 is or the first touchdown. To feel good about that I am feeling good about that take that back into. Feel good about game day audio and yeah yeah. Mike Lombardi didn't scare you off a little bit no arraigned this matchup for the patriots he did not. And thirteen and three team now. Download their elected good. The patriots are favored is still five and a half keep your dad you're my guy and what I've some places are older less than a little more files will stick with farm out. And in this offense is another reason. I'm feeling pretty good about it it's not just because Peterson was with Kansas City. And even though Kansas City when this first game as that that doesn't define the patriots matchup with Kansas City. They played them this year and 2015. It did play them this year and had a good start broke down and played in 2013 in the playoffs. Doug Peterson was in control then they really have any issues with them beyond that stuff West Coast offenses. Against the patriots. They are extremely familiar with what the concepts are. I don't have I don't have any issues with what the patriots matching up with them especially with two. Weeks to prepare for them are ever got plus 24200. Pretty cooks right now to win the MVP good. So I put got a hunch that a bunch and so carpet down 200 dollars on that got that I would do that but if I put down 200 dollars and Brandon cooks. And he becomes the MVP yet you went 4400 dollars really yeah. Yeah you feel yet again about this yet the ninth best odds I'd love it. He won obviously telling you the full grown happen it's going to happen it does that feel wrote it about it yeah okay. Final drive is coming up next a little extra chains dale aha. Sports Radio WEEI. Final drive cosponsored by an arrest restoration specialists. Regardless of the season a disaster future commercial residential medical facility at any time. In an IRS disaster plan in place make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more they are served dot com. He's back. Vince McMahon announced they re formation of the ex FL today and to remind you what the exit felt was once upon a time. Here's one of their original problems. The rock. Rock says he's also right about the except that I'll always have that the rockets inside these calls about the accept belt phenomenon known as the rockets are pumped. The rockets gate about the ex FL. The rockets more than not the Iraq. On the accent belt as a matter of fact the Iraq has just like everybody else that Americans were all fight club pick your client go to all the yeah except down all the players. And except bell. The Iraq simply says justice bring it. More wrong can get really loud. I was forget about Al Iraq that's what I. So the question now is touted their new introductory promo gone. These days if you this is not their past. These days defeating Russia in if you show most fans this is quicker simpler. Lowe's reform this season gate safely this is hopeful we call this. AC. Great legacy. Small ball field won't it. And played quite give you today. This news Sunday. LeRoy is better. We could get the rock everybody's. I was not that is so Vince McMahon of the press conference with the following statement. Approach to presenting games will be multiplatform. Which will allow us to engage fans and customers are viewing experience in ways. That were never imaginable. Just a few years ago. You'll be able to watch yet have felt one big screens. Mobile devices and everything inventory. Thank you again for joining us we appreciate your interest and if you have any ideas please send them along our way because. We are listening. He reps have felt will be a bit to be gained some re imagined. That we imagine the game professional football. Meaning I have and I actually thought of yeah right if I got even better idea than senator big screen and mobile devices like the NFL like now like yeah I'm my own here so do you have any ideas then we're listening he's had a thought and sorry Johnny men's Alvin says criminals. Need not apply a. Your next question from Jimmy trainer from SI dot com. Jimmy haven't I don't. Will dignity and rights because they're two players like China to open Tebow contact. Well I think this it's. That one of things ration the quality of human being is very important thing just as important as the quality of player what I mean by that is you want someone who. Who does not have. And it criminality whatsoever associated them and and in the and stuff fell even if you're on the that would probably. Eliminate some. Not all of them if Tim Tebow wants to play. You very won't play. You gotta have been zone was different Appel who just let it out seconds ago clarification. Johnny men's cell has not been specifically ruled out of playing in the exit you need of you absolutely need this guy he even tweet out something about the exit felt today in the gun in my heart he did hand out you know you need this guy. The logo should look like Johnny Denzel. He should be the face of the exit and from that Favre who LC got I don't know kept al-Qaeda because the obvious answer I got Tebow. If you pit them against each other into the greatest college quarterbacks ever have them be pain and he'll put Tebow in a team in Florida put mentality and Texas and go from there. Vince by the way big on the National Anthem had something to announce about that. Our next question from Tony Magglio from the rapid toning it down to questions for once just a clarification. My first question is we will show yeah. Names on the back of security again like he hates me at an average Q you mentioned that. Actually happened things just to clarify will be of the rules of the players month span for the national. Well first question I'm not sure about the individuality of it he hated me we're not there yet. And it's amazing that people remember about rod Smart. The players he had made others. That was extraordinary what enough where you'd better not vote is again we'll as a football experts and that was what the audience what stands one. More than anything else regardless and you guys as well in terms of what you think it is going to be appropriate. As far as national Adam's concerned. I think again it's time ordered British interest and and appreciate the National Anthem with these words here in America does not matter. And any country to do that so I think you'd be appropriate to do that. So it's amusing when people remembered he'd Vince will ruin it ahead a parent or not only guy that they're okay these explanations is why did he hate me he gave me reality. Yeah I think coach or some of those things he's been back out of and so what about the player's right to free speech. Chance and next we'll go to John Lafayette with the acting coach John how. How way to keep players who are you talking about politics politics out of this game you can suspend players if they have political opinion there's good reason for speech. Well I think this. You know the rules and regulations as I mentioned you're you're gonna have. Will be a booklet will be wherever we can do to make sure that all the players understand the rules. As well as everyone else mention ever want to abide by those rules as far as the national apple is concerned which may be where you're going now. I think there's the National Anthem at a time honored tradition and it's plated. To this day and many many years in the past prior to most athletic events and our country. And that other countries. So warmer rules are what everyone will abide by there's plenty of opportunity including wages and which players coaches. Members of the media against pressure selves in terms of your own personal views or social aspects of concern. Whether or not it's Twitter or FaceBook or whatever but again we're here to play football when we come blue field. We're here to play football session once job. This sounds like he still suffering the effects of the stone colds boundaries are really on us. Fight through this turnaround I finally Vince address the issue of injuries. And CT. Our next question from Jackie Ottawa CNN. The majority haven't. And now I'm my question is that cautioned ET ER visits these huge. When is concerned with them right now and getting confidence in the general public to it do you have any planters. It is about how I could keep players they are. Cure re imagining. The name of football major re imagined on all levels as well as safety and industrial will do and to register a safe environment as safe as possible. It's still football. They hit as safe as possible. That he does that affect badgers don't think I. And finally I think specifically right and you know we're gonna bring in experts are gonna help goes ahead and all these fields are that I mentioned many times. In my remarks listening we're gonna lessons of those medical experts and heed their advice. Again to make it as safe as. Paulson. And sir I don't know I think if I give this one sees yet that says. This is not gonna work they're dirty newest soccer work eight teams they're gonna starting January. 20/20. Play twelve Gaither. Points when he pick in the under does not happen. But it does that happen I think that put the one identity just like last time that one season and that was it. Convinced he's too stubborn to not play the ones he writes no matter how much money more time to play in this I that they did not. And it didn't help them much the no planning thing last time a final rattled the co sponsored by cars for kids don't each car help the child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids. Dot com we'll be back tomorrow we'll talk with Michael Irvin. And then next Monday we're headed for Minneapolis ever keep this up next we waited much tonight accidentally. We'll see guys tomorrow five. We talked pool game to date does not. And what did you guys went through. Did you guys put forth. Again I live this stuff. What do you do if I.