DHK - Why the NBA All-Star weekend was almost unwatchable; Is Kyrie NBA players favorite star?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, February 19th

Hour 2: Callers weigh in on Gronk potentially going to the WWE. Fergie delivered a horrible rendition of the national anthem that was a microcosm of a horrible NBA All-Star Weekend. The Michael Rapaport vs. Barstool feud stole the show on Twitter Saturday night.


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Yeah. Our efforts to do Hollywood he they'll offer bruins' Michael offense. Mike Komansky Phil and then. Along side to your phone call 6177797937. We'll get to be Michael Rappaport bar stool drama a little bit later Oswald the NBA all star weekend some good some very. Very bad and also of some stuff from a Fort Myers Red Sox. I feel have helped this team. Henry Dombrowski both speaking to its rule changes in Major League Baseball maturity monitor you're very says the guy was that every single home game you got to be excited about the pace of play there isn't really don't work these cramped up so good baseball cannot get -- its own stupid now we both think that there is some truth to may be Rob Gronkowski leaving the patriots you know sort of identity we know people on Twitter and on the tax line thing we are. Idiots think it's one way of putting it for even suggesting that. Although I guess your normal Bronx that after the game and then all these reporters saying that he may retire. He's actually ban in a wrestle mania before. There's a number of wrestlers that say you know he wants him he's friends with some of them so it's not like to be completely foreign concept for McDonald's also look at the who's reported this note Dave Meltzer you guys about is the the got a chapter wrestling affect. Mike Florio and now Jeff Darlington who was it says last week or so. That it's. It was couple weeks of this what will I brought himself who drops say how did you hear about that yet not today well you know also if you are really obviously you've been thinking about it and he told a few people. And one of those people most of told Florio or however it worked. But the start and come out of nowhere but we're not completely making this up now maybe it's a contract ploy maybe the patriots will law. You know give him a big time deal for original idea that people why can't be her contract that would try to get up over that eight million dollar. Russia where is that right now where he's supremely underpaid do you coma I highly paid tight and find he's much much much more than that and more the position itself as prod underpaid at this point given what they do vs even that number two. Wide receivers he's better than number two wide receiver be better than a one run receiver in most cases right so I can see you wanted to get more money and saying. Okay they're gonna stick this eight million bucks I can make five wrestling. Pretty good guess me and acting. What why can't the negotiation for contract why can't the contract played and turning into you know what I'm better off doing this my body and my health. And my future going on in the white people this is a pretty healthy year for Graf played fourteen regular season games played in the you know the playoff games but had a concussion. Or three he had a concussion this year yet is that a ball a hundred plus surgeries since college like he's he's still more injuries than than most guys have. No no no no no longer I don't know. He's a great actor so why not make the move why not make via the transition slid eight years in the NFL too by the way which is a pretty good career where I got so it's a longer it's more than most. I think the average for two years if you are if you saw the way you want way to start is Corey you probably wouldn't guestimate dates is always so physically so much life on the draft to begin with because all the back into I'd give him credit like they recognize last year with all the injuries that we ought to change something he went all in much like. Hanley Ramirez is coral and on TB twelve he is that's what prompted and so we nationwide change. Still gets too costly the year so I'm sure there at some level there's is slightly hands up what you what. What now we did this whole change were more pliable or bending over for Tommy carted CO Cilic and stretch in the locker room on the current pliable and we're still getting can cost do you like lucky what are we doing here maybe bring out Guerrero into the Debbie Debbie we locker room to be teach those guys a thing or two about stretching. You think those guys and not one bench press and I'm guessing they're on thinking I think they're all people are wholesome Alice Guerrero. You know non steroid plan maybe some others the fly away the cruiser weights maybe some of them would get him on that. Now let's go to Joseph Bridgewater joins us next what's going on Joseph. It is unknown guys like Joseph. They are and so we're talking grow out here that's right yeah I was mistaken. So he's going to WW EB. That way they can get them oh and started there and then a couple years from now except they'll kick off and EG new poster boy he's the face of the league. What you figure out my sort of to keep spears is a long com for the ex FL. Com. Like that that would mean nick. Honest is no one of the key spears CO 00. Points was that scales of the one I shoot you spears gave 100. Does now or what all these he's gonna place on this off brand of football they're gonna pay him. Nine million dollars now play the except I think he plays football it is not for the patriots the patriots only guarantee National Football League not whatever. And all the XLs going to be that is big press conference shooter Shaquille O Joseph not a terrible all rules are set those terrible call is not an although is this Thomas remained a sea of some sore on the promise to accept. Yeah when he got. We're out of that you know yeah I but won't the W and corporate kind of nonetheless in your. But what I think is that he goes. They're good console apart either call a Hollywood side of the knew that hidden from what I understand. Who thought their own movies travel twelve of their own. The Maroney one of the Marines to the marine three other local area that war that is war. That that Thomas that's not a bad idea so Thomas he's gonna make movies through the W me. Apparently didn't try to live a while for the you know or. The rock it cargo quibble about way but the idea of their their fellows I've been under lately with it because you didn't need. Those superstar got. If you walk wanted to contrast five million normally wouldn't look solely. You know you've got up out of contact with other Korean people whether he can become more evident after the forward. Anybody with a quiet and dark quite what compounds to. So that's now so without me get back out guys are there the added color what I'm sure that he or some downright celebrity coach or something does some reality show it cholera analysts kind of the ex FL on the exit l.'s next great player they have so I could he be part of it is not gonna play. Against these of them and have a state every technical start date but there's a future where teams are gonna play or whether or not the gonna have. Rules are gonna have in place there that it's so far these are some of the WW we. Produced. Movie hopefully. I'll see no evil star in Kane. That was a good one K now that terrible not seen it the marine as I said the marine to the reason for you homefront Nazis and what about jingle all the way to. Nazi photo leprechaun origins is nuts aren't horns laudable. What about twelve rounds to re loaded with a Randy Orton. Israel is all of a real news is I haven't seen that watch these these no let's show these these sound terrible. Have you seen surfs up to wave mania no I saw the first one which is excellent side Edison answer the marine five battleground. The misses in the island. It that. He could definitely be in any news and I mean his one legitimate Rory EV Schumer movie if he was and train wreck as a call train wreck. Seeing it was his idea to actually hear her boyfriend but they threw a bunch of these public the chaperones are triple H and base. And race and our help now that was a big diesel. It favors a remake expect if there ever get a rebate I guy that you but rocks not going to win an an Academy Award he can beat. A bad guy in the marine. And and I recently had enabled going it seemed like at the other daily Q yeah right out the rest well I think so how did you know that this patriot fan base now taking Cubans today. To go watch these how do you go in C a dvd only I got the tough one but a lot of these straight to video and I can't imagine a lot of money in the they just campy. Right so you might can and has a lot of production that he's home I don't think there is so I think in that case you would say. This looks like rock this this rumor never came out. Realistically how many more years does he play anyway three yeah. My guess relax and I think Brady plays on the wrong I think their privacy and timetable provided good that right now is Brady and Brady has a the outlook playing yeah. Outlook rock is retired I think he is this ballots Jack and prompt. The way birdies at this point yeah given that it did make Eagles right in his be coaching. Brady without ground. That will happen at some point. And we're all going to be Golan straits who are blockbuster video to check out of the marine six starring crock. Let's go to Guido in Winchester a. We don't pay hey guys I don't let. So anyone that is gonna put rocket movie has not seen actually he is horrible. Yeah talent there's something about a much seat I've not seen crash leads but we've seen the our budget a couple of those commercials he did he didn't one movie with Joey and accrue blow to play the catalog crash leaves what is crash lead. What we got clips show. That I'd like you know I people on the Internet hurting themselves doing stupid things on Nickelodeon. It's gone nickel and had an eight year old daughter taught how often I've been forced to watch this thing I thought it would be funny at first it's a stinging Paul. It's painful to watch and read it I'll put it like it lips are moving in the eyes swallowing the telephone. So what I that's that's a teleprompter what if he really puts in the time sits down has a script and it's like actions are what you data this dumb. Action stars who aren't that good and acting but they're big Jack guy picking carry a fake on the white wrote that. I don't think I idol because I think you'll late look at the guy didn't want it. Ultimately. Secure. Get distracted our water around with that so the guys and all this money I wouldn't rule it out real excellent call urges. Dropping. Dropped by this item of all time would you watched I watched the clipping him wrestle me. It's fine it's crazy how never done it jumping and you'd get a small. Compared those guys it's crazy about it that that was the summer of Sony TV twelve. That's our idea is that only Los at went on a bench press those with the other rock and others in about. Thirty seconds of the class the camp sit in the front row I'm not gonna bother anybody that when you get the ring and Annika make a play. He was more like. A tank top and shorts and notice they're like you looks kind of small. To produce some of these guys buddies were there there were in the team wrong year you know it's not a your cells are grown skier on the part of its there was the march. Merchant a huge deal that it be we can't have given a five billion dollar base and he Celek wrong shirt to make. What are the million Jason. Easily they gave him you know higher profit I'd like about it. That's the united Lesnar and I was not prepared talks waitress and what's wrong we're against wrong focus flail that's that's dropped wealthiest of the little. Little bit roughly cold season Dora goes on faculty. They had just won a lot may go to our remote rocket a much in a I think so we're kinda wanna address all backwards. But he can pay that much. Got the arrival. Keep arguing the demagoguery and how mean Leona went to close debate showed come. As the greatest that come on it's. I it's a great question called the equities are all things that considered mentally out Willy find a way to know soup plex yeah they have show that never made indexes added Value Line you'll learn all you ever considered. I think they are former husky wrestling career would look like I think you know I went undertaker at rental anyway that's the only way to get him on the map yet crime the undertaker. Who is 65 years old news to be helped to the ring and a lot Eagles are apple one lot botrus at mania I'm not watching too. Last year that's right two losses of mania. Wrong undefeated mania of the to think about. Our let's search engine the FDA also we get to us and else are we can write a lot of good stuff but there are some viewer first and I did OK idea. I wish I didn't but I did wasn't that something barrel get to that next Boston sports. WEEI. He's not there. Okay. It and it. Then. We've not that was the National Anthem that was Turkey. Turn the average for the NBA all star game last night could is that the Super Bowl selective. You to deal Cashman over that went under tank at the flu and bird should occur under the the best fictional walked into her mouth I got marriages there and why would you think you go over with the solutions to get out and I thought she wanted restaurant super bowl of the big spot passionate audience. Here that take a cough drop out of her mouth. To be based on my researcher Google apparently well it definitely went over last night. Ashley lives and I am sick what is going on and then they show some of the players and trademark green is perfect he's had his mouth open and he looks like in shock low country hasn't and that. It was it was bizarre. And it followed a nice rendition of O Canada by Barenaked Ladies they go up there they do their job they get a they've been there done those that they say they're on they're gone here comes Fergie. Who is just like making love to the National Anthem I'd I'd never anything like that those those very confusing. We'll us. No don't do it I'd seen when it said the hand them a listen Jimi Hendrix in your plate and guitar. Just sing the song that I know we want. What we did and it was trash so if you're not gonna make it a memorable you know good version already don't don't played and yeah. I think alleged Jimi Hendrix here is a good at it you're gonna you're gonna make it thing out of everybody else like. Sing the song to sing don't make it your own it's not your own to make something you don't need to remake out what she took that answer opportunity to make it are against you real whatever she sang was a difference although the national post last night. The pacing was off. All he has yet to snared from wherever that was in the back the music was yes yeah out late the the that is. Yet they they are playing a different song. Then she decided to go about it a little bit unfair I think I saw as people's issues be deported you know I don't know donors aren't happy that I would go that far but it was. Like Fergie. My effort it was out there now this is any handled very well I couldn't dance for you for decades about who's gotten planet terror yes to planet terror actually was excellent movement I think. Musical prowess is that's that's great is a big player in the Black Eyed Peas would not so much about the soloist. For delicious. Yeah. You know video that the British guards and an error are fine for. She had there there's the artist gets aren't why her for that that seems like a weekly does she even in the news. W.s they get out Avery they want there in LA first of all is the NBA all star game. Let's not forget the whole Peter pants she pentagon has and she's agent that some woman who was late for concerts stuck in traffic in actually yearning herself onstage almost embarrassing moment of her career. If you please monitor that she fought through that last night. What was worse. Thud last night I'm gonna go pee your pants allow you can you can that's cool. I don't know Miles Davis line that was a tough those a tough thing last night of the week it as a whole. Cool you can see you need miles they didn't do more harm Hamas that was. I'd ever match. The overall. And also recap I enjoy that the game would it the game it's it's Oscars the baseball game it's much better than the the pro ball obviously the hockey team. They did so frequently because neither have a lockout or there of the Olympics that it's probably the second best won the big thing that those drive you nuts. Was hey LeBron LeBron says last year was inexcusable we got to play tough real play defense this year. It's not a syndicate was competitive again in the brought all the credit for that always take these take any credit and credit hour or that I told the guys you know. That companies as a team LeBron vs team staff LeBron that's gonna right there was yet and see any I saw a little bit Friday night order on the here's some of the beat the futures game I saw nothing Jill brown on Saturday because that did the people involved were not people that are even sort household and want to dump contest known it watch the skills competition. And it watch him report offered as contest and not watched them contest not to take part not bad NBA Saturday night that dunk contest yea right it wasn't huge names he had done Victor all the people who put a black panther mask on one point and dunks were operated on though Larry Nance junior. Who is that now a new Cleveland carefully dad was in he's done confidence back and if that was a part of it yup yup them out there. Dennis Smith junior and then Donovan Mitchell's great rookie for the jazz Livonia he had some really good dunks the Eagles are not like other and I you're you're an NBA dork you admit that yeah okay you know those guys. I would. 45 ties month on every night but it's an NBA fan Lexus. They don't know who those player people admit they might kill old people if he's also the other people really in the army nondescript noting that that that in their lies the issue they may get right with the game itself but the the NBA Saturday night is a shell of what what used to be Al think that's the age of me saying now approaching forty now definitely better when I was younger. Guys who use that she knew kind of who they work. Took part in the event they visual account all of the same big deal art showed up at sentiment will all your asses and just showed up in that you add real stars playing in it. And Saturday night that's true you had a rookies and fringe NBA players yet fringe MBA forgive me players' brains and behavior of a rookie of the year Tom Mitchell probably well. Earlier incidents but were down in the zone agree year patrol people isn't all our youth caught a lot of things. Like yeah. Where it's one year of war there's like orange and red of the there's no way that's a jazzy what was that. It did I hated me and I are the all star game you go for that they were just like this team LeBron team steps so there were in their own logo but they were like white and black paved the keel over a wanna. Those candidate that's the game and before Fergie rule of the National Anthem. They duplicate ten minute. Broadway Show a bullet Kevin Hart wanting to be an NBA player. Now I don't I think it was the the parcel guys. Was that apartment teton mount you know we've seen enough of Kandahar and at this point like this Kevin Hart have to. Have to be involved in everything is the NBA yes he does liberty game he's going to be bald all weekend can rob regular two in this thing that wasn't funny in the bringing up piracy second is terrible it was sold as an awkward that did not as they bring out. The kid from workaholics. The don't look at Chris. Christians are. Chris is this for player introductions this is before there and actions they clearly did like a shell it was the whole show on stage and robbery go to Kevin Hart would talk and then they would bring out Jamie Foxx to rap song that he would leave and go back to it was clearly the musical. And the Queen Latifah showed up it was very confused where it was the target audience for. I don't know that because you're the year the NBA not me want got to be skewing younger than me or much older whatever whatnot me. They'll now know interest I I didn't get it now a couple of things though that emerged from the weekend as well. This Boston. Could be getting involved. In the NBA all star weekend at least 20/20 two yeah they're looking bad report that great to have had a 1964. All it out there every night watching all that crap on the end. It's skate be good for the city society yes I can take it it's not a city it's not something that yeah I'm pro Boston. I it's not something that I would try to go out of a weighty to. You attend that know how expensive it. I'll pass on that the initial path while my sound like 89 years old nephew or as well apply wanna go ahead of us fat daddy can't afford it's I can't you let another observation though from also we can jump I was relieved in fact I wanna go on the record say this is legitimately might only. Opinion or take away from the tire all star week. This is it an idea I wanna pay I know thoughts and into the game as the game of one thought I didn't see the Saturday night stuff a little Fergie for us I saw a light only cousin and his Twitter right away whole react I would. Hiring Irving as you watched the the game. The different clips they were showing Al how I ended up in this area that would blinking an NB ATV was doing a much practice stuff with carrier ring of us they only got so there. You didn't watch the all star game was on watched all star practice for like three minutes it was not it was not on the really it was all on time or are you looking for it was someone posted a clip of the practice on again on Twitter sleight of hand on it ended up on that Lincoln it was fun to practice video. The takeaways how much these guys the best players in the world. Love carrier or whether it was off the court and joking with him whether it's on the court does note that watching how much they. Seem to enjoy playing with him as the playmaker for that team LeBron last night in the fourth quarter mile quarter watched really in that game. If you wanna convince yourself. But they eventually the Celtics through all these different moves land one more likely jeetz superstar player and that reasons but because that guy wants split carrier ring. I think that is definitely a possibility and a that I equated to rich the Kevin Garnett factor who were guys want to play with Kevin Garnett the draw a plane with KG got guys to buy in a I think Erving is one of these guys when I don't know who that player is right now and he's got Hayward when he's healthy is a potential all start playing with an Al Horford I guess is it all starts here. But just watching your actions. He is a guide can join other superstar to play your boss maybe it's after Horford and they get that third person that whether a Big Three carries here long term. Hayward signs another attorney at wanna keep playing together. Just watching him and how players react to him. I didn't think he had that all I know that about Harry before this year but you see it during the regular season and then with the best players in the world. Over the weekend they'd they'd love carrier he's not a dislike superstar no not at all and that's what really stands out you know again the game is whatever nobody cares who wins it's his view it is the game but when you see how the players in Iraq from each other or. You know how they play on the court you know sort of who gets the ball late in games you can tell you could tell who has the most respect amongst the league and I think. Not the iris and a group he is it not the pilot Isiah Thomas they feel like you know Iverson's bench traded. Propping up Tyree your sort of taking shots at Isiah Thomas but the fact is Isiah Thomas was a great story and had a great season last year. But carrier rings used in a different level as far as where he that he is a superstar which stock do you think tops our colleagues super superstar golf that he's even he's even gotten off about one vacancy but he's he's one of those guys who. He's a top ten player in my mind top ten talent but also the way. He's looked at. In the league I think you're right you know there's LeBron obviously and Currie of the two captains. Here come Michael brook west road rant like they're hovering around every shot Carter had yeah urban is in the middle those discussion it's it's incredible those guys that on the court obviously as it was he had thrown into it and he. He doesn't look out of place Isiah Thomas got to come across wrong I'll apologize at a time yet. Isiah Thomas always seemed a little out of place with the league's best players in league there was that dropped ball between what they wore and what he has. You do not see that with carrier ring and I I also think is a level respect that he got these other guys in the league. Where he saw double the long game with LeBron he saw LeBron was going to leave next year he was gonna be stuck in Cleveland with a TV it's so he did not want. And what's of the Cleveland Cavaliers set I know it's gonna cut this off LeBron. But I just a wanna trade as I think their other guys in the league west were to rant except for a while their own issues with which Jean wanna play for. I think there's a respect given a Kai read because he said. I'm not going to be at the mercy rule LeBron James is going to get right to earn that respect for doing incredibly crazy about it he'd now yet it is a guy who. Who started on the Olympic team in the world championship team so he's one of the twelve best players they viewed from America be starting on that team and so. Though one generation to guys who weren't in there. Early to the mid thirties. LeBron Carmelo Chris Paul wade. They're kind of phase they're so good all those guys are but they're kind of fading and I have this mid to late twenties group. Where than Tyree fits in and current guys and the warriors that's sort of an in hard and that's a different. Group and you have more of those guys if you're the Celtics you have wanted to be an opportunity you know. It is unbelievable where they were a couple of years ago and again at the luck of the ping pong balls and they convinced Horford get here at war forget series a really good player liberties not. One the elite players to now. It to have Kyra here and have him over the weekend at least some positive reinforcement they might re signed your long term that was another story came out. Although the course the weekend with he's open to the signing here he likes boss he's trying to play with Gordon Hayward. On which we get a chance to do if not this year at some point next year. And is of the road the way it's worked out for change I mean just I think everything I can't change it's it we watched happier you lightly you got him for. Isiah Thomas in a bag of basketball's the I don't know god Tyree freak in Irving stalled Blake respect a cisneros for us that are you the Isiah Carey slop or. You get Jason Tait have had to pick. And they get Markel faults who can't lift his arm on the side of what it defaults to the the carrier one because you've got superstar superstar yet and that and it and it no matter what team you you wanna deal lock into unless you have that guy. You have no shot the Celtics pollen have a shot against cool state to shiver at the F carrier ring. They ever shot against Cleveland in a best of seven series they do an ad without. Without that player you're essentially irrelevant to him. So as NBA all star week everything your thoughts on that for he's a rendition of the anthem and everything that went on how high res stacks up in the NBA. But a huge story over the weekend month. Michael Rappaport. Vs Barcelona and I don't think it went home that well yeah Michael Rappaport so we'll get into law. All the details if you missed it affiliate on what happened there I thought it was very entertaining. We'll do that next month in for dale Michael. It's still Hollywood keeps portrait at W yet. Film follows you Sports Radio WEEI mutt is game dale and Holley are off today they'll be back tomorrow. And this weekend of exactly how I stumbled upon this with a fleet through Twitter I could miss it Saturday it was everywhere and so Michael. Rappaport who. People know he's an actor he's a director any got hired. Like months ago by Barcelona as a dog at a higher whatever they hired now used to have a podcast. Anything else who's really fantasy football podcast. Okay and he was apparently a guest he had on myself that's pretty he's appearing he would you part might take every now and then and much of the appeared in the park is a friend of big cats and so there was a connection there. He would call entity would do this whole dead cat through team it was the big new Yorker obviously another based in new York and somehow a fellow at the bar -- guys they hired him because they have a lot of money and I want to -- now and for the again attic your credit a lot of us had the same feel how does he fit in at it again with the bar stool and so they also have this great endeavor called rough and rowdy where they just go down the West Virginia and it's like on -- boxing and he's put two people could literally be that Myanmar it is anybody out the mystery shop you can sign up for yeah does it take part about it is beat the hell out of each other yet they bought that company at -- that they found the state you can go -- West Virginia like this summer that support us now how how. No weight classes this summer as well as a reason why the West Virginia like this is doing it. And don't hold on barred other label and to go on paper view events and they got a couple of guys that right forums so that was Hank. Again environment of the guy he fought a mess in the first on again on the job like whatever a couple of guys from Marshall and this time and it's committees or other Philly writers. Against another guy's been doing stuff while and so long story short I saw and Mathieu could fill some of the details. Michael route for all the sudden losing his mind and accusing some idea of taking steroids which who cares first of all this rough and rowdy at that you can do whatever you want the fact that they're testing for which there. It's the back story is yet the 2000 dollar bet with another partial writers and that's why he's so mad about parents who lost the bat well he's locked up is that real the that he is he is. According to the Big Three different stories that I read us some idea of he's done us a line or he put that one out about the accident bails out of the bad he has it's so he owes sandy my ball bats this many already that he wanted to bets mideast paycheck dollars at things on the the rough and rowdy decision he wanted to bet on a shovel or a committee basically wanna bet on it that shaft was the guy he fought against and to wrap important way of getting out of it. It's is claiming it's midi was on TDs wife says she why should be have to pay though he plays now not a dollar bat and the he lost his mind on Saturday at must've been laundered times likes or more on about exaggerated roles that more than a hundred times it was like he was a spam bot. And he was tweeting out. Hey you you know oceans video ads many are still have to take a steroid test in any use like the needle mode gene was a very we've seen before. And he used that every tweet and it was every response there was. Know on the styles to every writer every response everything was rates mideast terrorists released heiress now what he also rallied nobody can. Nobody in the world cares what anybody. Do you like glass down there it doesn't matter you know good that you should you steroids to fight down there. What every it can't get all hop up on whatever who cares they're not testing for everything is legal in this rough and rowdy boxing match. But he also did not the exact timeline of this. But Michael Rappaport who worked past tense for Parcells sports. Tweet out something to the effect of if you're a stool Euro booster. Leahy respond X ray you are still fans at death toll for life and decoy you saw the stool euros Clark's office to I employs there's only 800000 dollars a year or some like that. Working for bar stool. Calling one of their. It exactly the gay rights toll call a personal so he rips the two leagues he's spamming everybody on Twitter made a video where he went nuts about on Saturdays we're not freaking out this onetime Hollywood actor in Pittsburgh it and what Boston public. The market and you've been known about he's a bartender and sell right ace only that it needed to drink after yeah. These lefties he was in Cumberland farms more rules yes the more so is that there. He's and other they're not so run for mine now. Yeah hurt him one so now they I don't wanna have him as a smoke for good call my reference the company though probably not now that they've Portnoy is that a guest on the station several times. He wakes up Sunday morning following all of this it does an emergency press conference from his bed and this is what sounds. Merck's press conference. Our Sunday morning in the bed and doing some bad just woke up. Less that I go out a couple drinks certainly things disconnect the Twitter for one and night it was little room audience while homeless world lacks. World with reports. And Mike rap wars between the juices juices news is that the Jews and Lowe's said it everyone knows it. There's which aren't that degenerate. Into a real arguably tipsy when an adulterer which by the way. Oh and so tipsy. What do not say if your stool. If you're stool girl loser. Loser in life don't you talk about. That's all it flew home product of might it Poconos the toll all of jobs so it by the people we love our fans of the best. That's way big to describe your podcasting dummy. You and fired. Of course you're fired. Rapport with the thing is gonna happen. You and say that Vista was done all your W elm and him have that in a soul. Fan base the business that we've grown up in bed I ever to go to Barbara I never afford people fires alone before get a bed. You fire or apple or. Just and promo shots sometimes eases rights lawyers. Man. I've been a lot of buzz on the morning. Fighters. I think there's a theme there and so from his from his bed with barely a shirt that he also references. Wrap reports. Podcasts it's collect I am Rappaport yet it's all this to these they were told to. You know you can rate. Podcast that any vice podcast hash tag dork Kirk's anybody can go on iTunes you can rate them. One through five OnStar system and so when this all began Rappaport had Blake 2000 reviews. And had an average rating public four point five pretty good pretty good fifth that. Like 20000. Reviews came in all one stars they now act just want an app. But he's that way up there in the ratings is because it the way they you know categorized stuff on what's your rated you move your move opposite battle with rather more rabies has tolerated the world once he's getting absolutely crushed so. There's a follow up to this because after Portnoy fires them publicly on Twitter Michael Rappaport response and it turns out. He still had the password for the bar stool to voter counts and he was able to log into that and he filmed his own response which. I don't I don't know what well lets us police. Emerge to press conference. Michael wrap forty year. Woke up this morning. Some crazy news. Text message from date for doing. On what can I say listen. Of all the days. Should be fired. For bar stool. As what is shout out everybody. Podcast is at number one. You know move on to greener pastures. Told these and I was a Ric Flair. Pleasure million dollar company right Plano private planes. And you'll and Alison it's okay. But you don't and you seem to think to change. Your password. On Twitter you don't you you pizza reviewing and doing dancing on Jack. Right on the and rigs layer. And I got real chest hair on my and I got real hero mom and it. And when I wake up 1 Sunday morning. I don't wake up alone and I wake up next some salt. And and warm. I wrapped forced aerial podcasts. You know peace told fans. She's everybody rocks with the Arab rap we're serial podcast in the Michael Rappaport. Amount. He's sucks so then there were as this which of those amazing. Portnoy. Texted Ian Rapoport. If you get out of sheer you know but I got to fire you can't have last night. And then rap sheet response LO while WTF wait wrong rap as important is that wrong you are not fired since you don't in fact work here. Like the fact advocates on the front page it DMZ right now. Michael rapport really fired from real jobs says bar still prized and they get like an interview with where he's explaining to DMZ today particularly quiet actually file Michael Rappaport and he did that video like you said on the bar stool on the Bartel count. So we walk after being fired still creating content for free. For free report noise now all that's being said great weekend great back and forth great content for the web site. Here's my conspiracy conspiracy. The thi this is a this is all a build up is all fake news to work to set up to Rappaport fighting. One of the big borrower could rise potentially in the next rough route Will Smith like you could you create don't really really really really bad guy. And that guy headlines now people are gonna download the open it at 6999. And a whatever one thinks though and they'll that they'll watch him fight friends are big that are similar that that's my conspiracy theory consistent that is it seems real but it was soul music itself voted everyone of the podcast talked about it today it was a huge deals like I half wonder. Is this now approach the next rough and rowdy three where he's gonna head off against Robb report back if I can buy an off your article I'd argue that it is the theory they're too. This Rappaport case I hope so because I can't think of another person that's joined Barcelona I've seen their stock goes down this. Yeah and now we offend the entire like that you're in here they are always a fan base your podcast the relevant because the fan base because of the ridiculous nature are still fans you've. Essentially. And all with one swing of the bat that's actually kind of impressive yet that once we you can. You can't to result this huge fan rob port for guys eating too. I don't know less to work I just would have thought he would have a better sense of humor but he's the guy to go through some of the tweets I'm not gonna get into about his back and forth Portnoy. Is just. It's a huge round I guess it's not even closely Portnoy is it's a battle that Robert Bork is late. Would atlas and like his responses are literally to the effect of what I slept with your mom Brenda because that's the kind of guy you're dealing with the -- or -- anything better than analysts say the one thing that makes it potentially more reeled in some sort of build up is that all the other bars two guys are doing this thing we're like we knew this wasn't gonna work this Ellis talk about it we hated it we'd have paid this guy I've Revver so be if you really felt like you know welcome back at some point. You may not play that card as hard as their plane like this guy sucked from the beginning thank god like a Sakharov obviously did. What do you get audio and it was K Marco probably fox at all every single guys to pile on on that was sort of real but it also it's added that it is the end game is still even he's not abort the legal fight our three and he headlines rough rowdy three Babel du 50000 outdated forties so this indictment 40002 fight in 41 or 42000 downloads. So what it either 6099 if you bought late or not and generally. They're making money with it and watch it. I've been I've seen the highlights I I've not watched the actually of what they audit yea it's anybody's fight yes yeah. So but if it vacated headlines they'll get 50000 and I saw. One of the showtime programming guys when pres weed out the number taking grafts and tonight I think an occasional night I'll get all the showtime. Shows of these rough and rowdy fights on their network of the next step this would you fight in rough route yes oh my god did you steroids I'd fight any art sector. Let's go either I don't get that on what you have both BL popped up with steroids. He ate at Michael clean yeah and I want to just cocaine and all the reputation it right before the fight. We each reached the age. Initiate probably good stuff on us but to of these herald's article that races. Added a lot of faith is getting bigger. The Pentagon braces on both the do I know I yeah rules to show a lot so this was not that they stole my idea they would have known this but back at the old hold our college days one of the years doing it we lived on the quad million dollar idea. Quad boxing. We have one guy who had two pairs of boxing gloves we would get a circle for two guys in there and they're just beat the hell out of each other until somebody basically tapped out. It was our it was amazing. We get it every time it made it bigger crowds and bigger crowd we've videotapes of a home. There were legit knock outs in the sales experience if you'd watch fight club. We have watched buckle up don't we only if there's a kicks there was no late. I tap out of the united fights over not quite literally he's actually give you just locked together squad boxing at its Biden was there legit knock outs before Abu Alia like. Kids' snoring on the on the ground. Okay okay okay okay. Of the people on the here. Or five. Yeah those unsure of the whole barked school Fischler thrilled that brought the volatility of breaking up to the wire there are hundreds of kids like sort of around on the quad right now this I don't particularly want that. They were just kind of breaking up that he'd like to rock guy. They were there are superstar there we've ever wanted to know underage drinking. Every kid out there is hammered at every college yeah it's every it was good but this is basically taken that idea. And they found a way to monetize it had to do it West Virginia which makes a ton of sense. But it. I wouldn't be surprised at that end up on showtime all the old guys indeed Michael raab works about it I've not heard that anywhere else month that is a pretty odd thing out of its edge Ayers has to be a theory here because it as it happens so quickly and it was so organized. That I feel like there's an end game two if there isn't. And he's right what a dummy rap he just just terrible young audience he's not really relevant actor anymore so. They came up fantasy football podcast with elves you know what NC football anyway. He's got this great following can make money that way if you're with it if you're a you're a bar stool you're making money for your brand yeah. What do dull blade and views get over a 100000 dollar loss to do wants. Does that ring not videos and come to a couple of the so he did that's what Simmons righty had a falling out with sentencing report and gave us the answer is guys haven't brought them on. And eventually falling out some would suggest the S and more fall with star. Was a stern dive while fellow was to not entirely sure but maybe this is his thumbs up on the back and maybe this is his thing leaky this the big public breakups with. Real heart disease where. Out and draw on Twitter says don't forget the Lucy and true romance torments of my favorite movies Michael Rappaport is definitely in that he asserted only tribe called quest documentary who's the director from all the time they hate him now as well so there's something that isn't happy today a massive square garden. 33 major one of those two. But yes people like I'm Rapoport and out now for a ideally actually came along with that that Maury short guys the first time. He didn't play along at all that it waits he's here he got a second time in the first pennies. You're on the yellen have fun not that the right it's a series not okay. Our thoughts through our attention Sox locker on the Red Sox and baseball moderately says there's some new rule changes or speed the game. Am an exit as I really don't work regardless stuff yeah pro mod Dombrowski and happy today as we look forward to be. 2018 season we'll do that in your phone calls coming up next.