DHK - Will J.D. Martinez ignite this Red Sox lineup? Bruins make a trade, but Dale says much more to come.

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 20th

Hour 1: The Red Sox are the hot topic as the Martinez deal brings questions to Hanley and Moreland’s  status. According to Cora, Hanley will be the team’s third hitter. The Bruins make a move and bring in two defenseman. Will they continue to make moves as the deadline approaches.


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Yeah. That was gonna take the whole week off like Michael did and and I heard you doing T shirt designs with months and I've got to go back and save the damn show you don't like just singers that's they're just they Serra has upon us he has he has arrived that's Garrett Carl Roberts all of us are those and other guys as though with the politically for the I work out of just diggers Martinez from now on what else is the JD stand for nobody knows. Yesterday we found out it was just I don't know I don't know what G eighty stood for and drew when he was here a long time I don't you know what I think his name is initials were even JD it was like DJ he switched them around I'm pretty sure that's the case. I'm put a man and I and I and I don't think that was him either. You're excited for Martina yes there absolutely should they were dead last in the American League in home runs last year. It it was an area of incredible need now let's give credit where credit is due here because. There was a whole bunch of folks in Red Sox Nation were praying that he Lott just break the bank give them whatever you want to get him in here. The Gretzky played this perfectly. It perfectly. Yea ditto as word with with Scott Boris December now as I agree and this is what 210 million dollars which they were thrown around their earlier. You'll get a monster year contract year pleasant to teams it's 45 home runs and he missed forty games. He's still have 45 home runs. And they're dragging this thing out here we are middle of it towards the end of February. Any science or a five year deal I was worried because we saw the tweets and everything come out deals almost on deals almost on the but it Pedro Gomez is the deal is done. I was thinking is it gonna be six or seven years old cat fight going on. I was. Love. Our author only and that's that payment was upset their bodies get after each other Pedro Gomez and Gomez sort of vulture the whole story I feel like we did which ESPN guys have a tendency to deal. ESPN has confirmed. You mean like all these other guys have been telling of the last two hours forever hold offs are only response to the a Twitter question. About Wednesday to Martinez going in and where. Any response over and says Red Sox soon. Eight tweet that AutoZone knew that responded to a tweet right and then after Pedro Gomez at and Johnny Damon reporting it he read tweeted his own freaked. I buster. That movie and the only thing it's lower than that is an and it's happened I'm sure it's happening your timeline yet and might. When someone will tweak U yes and then they'll favor at their own daylight between I've got it. I would like I don't let your advantage of that on that yeah favorite Iran there are rules. I think that I had to burn but it was. I'm Jessica. A you being sad is first on Twitter assure you that you obsolete as the favorite Iran tweet about it already you showed of but this is our and how about. Daylight comes. Right after. Just the a brutal media session with John Henry and the media members found there about how they haven't done anything east completely thrown the coaching staff the manager of the bus we don't need to be popular we just need to win oh my god are not good out here a cake can get let's can we assume. That they were some fair chunk down the road to completing this little jail Martinez happen if you are either so. Here's an idea now hate Jon Chu and calmly told tomorrow. I want to what did you the picnic table thing tomorrow because. We'll have something else to talk about that okay or what or maybe you'd buy into the key conspiracy drill hole out a little one it was that media session that sort of pushed this deal for they said hey we can't be sit on our hands anymore we gonna get this thing done. We looked ridiculous I I I like the key spirits and Perry but I felt positively in dialysis. No doubt about palaces that five year 110 million dollar deals take more than fifteen minutes of yeah you know I gather and march is an and maybe we'll hear from him tomorrow I don't know if they've announced when they're gonna do the press conference. Because less people on the planet not admitting that it's happened that's true we're still awaiting word from the Red Sox assumed that that it is an abundance of caution about the physical. Yet categories let's just wait let you know a lot we know got to deal. We know we'll pass the physical but until it's done let's just make sure and a after the Josh McDaniels mass maybe we should be celebrating my you know but yet. They're fine let's wait Philly actually out of in those terms of a little of a little worried about that but. This is this is exactly what they needed though and I was surprised yesterday we actually took his pre split you know once the news came how weak we opened up to the phones. And there were a lot of people that did not love the deal in their stance a lot of money for this guy. You know he's had one really good year was that they were saying he's acted more than one good year. But they're also worried about luxury tax. Implications of all stuff I went on there and they're not over the luxury tax threshold I think their five million below right now and I an understandable lot of money by trading price spreads to Pittsburgh expressing a lot of home runs in the minor details of disappointed that didn't make trendy and turn it we as the day pretty high bar to get an nick holed that made trending Nicole in May that brace the reds DR and sorry breadth and you are going to be in there. But others is that this is definitely what they what they needed to the other bringing back a lot of good players but they had the glee airing it. Lack of power that they go one move that's that's all takes out a lot of money but. That's pretty rapid take those other thing is while he's going to be the everyday DH. When he five million dollars each of the first two years for avid your I have to guessed right and I I'm I'm I'm a hard time complaining about this here's the thing that surprised me a little bit now let's score brought this up today. Alex cores and leaking out his batting order day by day he tells anyone got an album and I laid off proudly Wear Nina Dustin second. Today we find out Hanley Ramirez is hitting third. I was a little surprised at that. What he's not gonna play every day all that's why a lot to do but what about a lot more than people think yeah but the vesting option you can't afford to have I think it's 497. Played I couldn't disagree with you more apparent points in Millen the next year yes they do. Knoll because if he plays well enough that I'm giving him 500 at bats are 500 plate appearances he's playing well. I and and you know is as good it. Obviously JD Martinez is now top the list in movies up there but that next group hitters it if he's good enough. That he gets the 50497. Plate appearances. You feel good about. Seattle figured they wanna pay a moment I don't think they mind C I think because they are you are talking on next year you're gonna have to do you want pick for sale due to give him more money you're not actually did not look. But yeah I heard him today with with Jerry and Kirk I wanted to adopt him on don't ask him whether wants for a body ET to sounds like what every. Red Sox fan hopes their athletes sound like for a and so he does the cheap year again next year's I don't know if you wanna. Reward him you know will sue how the season plays out but I don't want him long term got some other free agents if you wanna kind of roster flexibility. I wouldn't think next year. A 35 year old Hanley Ramirez at 22 million dollars. Because he has been very hit or miss since he's banner that first year Delta's fifty news or use terror it is awful player. Doesn't sixteen he was fantastic but the last year David Ortiz you. Thirty home runs over a 110 RBI. Than last year. Just another time and season like he played first base does he not wanna play first weeks of the globe does not have a glove results. How weird yeah. Where was that not only did a great deal of back to what they play first fair could I get a straight answer on at all years actually okay how does he want better than okay thought rather employed for space and it's more widgets what he's gonna do yet and I think I was getting screwed in more action figures there's Moreland. Problem he's the guy is gonna lose it that I don't think it's going to be him I think they're gonna wanna pay them I don't think they'll mind at all if he's if he's what they think he has. Yeah happy to pay. I yeah I mean I just for the next year I wouldn't be surprised that it is an absolute lame duck year I don't know I think they're gonna watch it very closely. A big if he's playing while they're gonna put pressure on to do it. But it's going to be one of those things where. If he's healthy which is another thing with Hanley he may not like he's he's rarely healthy for a full season gravity being what do in TB twelve before them now that's true and he didn't have a vesting option for next year's us tell going to be a lot of healthy and here he will be healthy he's gonna forced their hand. And Woolsey I would be shocked though at the end of the year you know with 490. Plate appearances and it's maybe they get the best of both worlds. So Chris Ellison mentioned it's on this morning with the with Jerry and Kirk. Down in Fort Myers and everything he said your ear like you as a red socks things of god that's exactly what I wanna hear including this. Scott sailed talking about Gil thoughts about its contract contraction in the discussions at all. An extension. You know concerned about. Now. What. The work that bloody options I mean everything's ago loan trust whole Boston will be huge issue. No one wants to lose you. You'll Tuesday. You're left it is capital equipment both options that its right. We'll get it done right at it we can do this one of the few that hitters number and also said I thought our guys showed more mature. He hit that stuff that you get that that would apply those. It has the potential couple hundred million dollars. 100 million dollars I don't know. Were. I have one thing. Play baseball. Team. It'll run in the warm. What I mr. Com. Older gentlemen what basically. Slow. If and when that happens. All they care. More. Confidence. When he and every athlete that ever a guy is a different type. He I think he means a fix until I mean I don't that I just did you spot and stuff because he knows that's what people wanna hear I think that's how he lives his life I think it is too and we talked a lot about last year you know the differences between he and David Price and you know house sale is non Twitter and how we. Really doesn't seem to care vote kind of what that would outside people say about him he'd ever makes excuses. He's very unique. Their five players like that Major League Baseball or professional sports him in the PIP. I mean in. He's just agog at two years left most guys who had an option and so he's making twelve and a half million dollars this year. Which at a standstill it's crazy money for ready to wrap their head and yet and I can actually say this sentence he is woefully underpaid David Price make based on our performance you act makes thirty. It sale makes twelve and half. Next year he makes. The soon to pick a team option which they will he makes thirteen and a half million. So most guys in this position in sales to 49 years old. Most guys in this position would probably be. You know. Worker but their agent right now in trying to figure out a way to let's let's get out left and right but let's say once you in the Red Sox might even be willing to do it as well because you could say all right we're or get a cheap you gotta keep your autumn last year get another cheap beer all things considered this year. So maybe we can rip up the option for next year and start you know there are 2530 million dollars per numbered years but it doesn't seem like he cares. He just wants it while their pitches that it's really it's incredible but to do one more from Chris Sale this morning talking with Jerry incur. To somewhere it obviously works it works for you it would work for everybody can more. Focused and less distracted to you the depth adopt that at some point someone to really at Indian officials come out my background what my family. The coaches oh along the way. Got people you're surrounded Borough and I just know that it's not important he noted at the end of the day you know job security but on the word about job security is what's the word about my job. You know if if I do my job right way to security and come and on out there with ormat. I mean I'm not worried about job security I'm worried about my job. It in my as a wedge shot right right I'll have security and he certainly has I mean he is what's going to be the seventh. Highest paid player on the team next year but the closer makes more than him. Pedroia price or sell low Hanley Odyssey Judy Martinez he makes. In the same ballpark as ruse thanks Theo. And yet he's got what their pay us seventy some odd million dollars to not like yeah it is you know keep playing well for parts socket that's what we needed to resign so. It yeah it's it's great and that's one of the reasons why I think some people love the deal last year. Even if you wanted to go among conned anyone is the prospect in baseball don't give back out for just anything. But he got a really good player. And they guy. Who is maybe the best contract but outside guys who are on salary arbitration your mortgage bets is also underpaid and there's got to the got across baseball or underpaid. But Chris Sale for what he has done and he has got to be one of the best contracts all baseball. As as the the beat guys have been doing the math they've got the wrote the Red Sox with JD Martinez somewhere in the vicinity of 232 million dollars. Which is a crap ton of money that's as the luxury tax threshold is 237. Yes are there they're right there and and the whole idea here is a AV is what you're looking at which is why the the fraudulent back years of this thing because they'll never happen. Not at those numbers he may be here more than two years but it'll be at higher numbers at PS. And you know they can hit get two years for fifty you know and and then the other back half of that he's got an opt out after two. I years which is a one year thing and that he's got an opt out for years three for years four and five which is a different thing. But they're gonna. They're gonna keep paying money. Yet another they definitely are and I guess the question becomes. Are they be flexible the trade that predator that's the next thing to this looks like a playoff team how's the playoffs in year ago you're adding Judy Martinez threw it. It should be a playoff team. Odyssey of stiff competition with the Yankees in the division but if they're getting there and now all of a sudden it's the end of July. How flexible are they going to be if there's an injury or there's just a couple players really under performing. They appealed to spend some more money bear. I think yes I thought there's going to be other ways to do it might be other players on the team other contracts that you might be able to shed their my two ways to. To figure out and and you know still be aggressive at the trade deadline. They are a much better baseball team today than they were yesterday that's exactly what they needed. Even if I don't quite understand Hanley in the three hole you've got that's leading up and I said dust and it's been intending who's gonna its second right. And and according to what Alex Cora said today him he's gonna hit third. I assume that means JD Martinez hits fourth yet fair his whole career he's hit everywhere in the lineup but most fourth and fifth the fifth actually that the most fun. He's played with the guys like. Paul Goldschmidt Miguel Cabrera so that may have changed things so I don't think Martinez 45 home runs the next highest on the Red Sox last year's 24. Like Martinez hit more home runs with the Arizona in 62 games than anybody in the Red Sox have all of last year. I don't airs on the to ballpark but whenever. He's probably gonna be your cleanup hitter marquis bats and so this is last year I had issues of market bets hitting leadoff as much as he did. This is completely different ideas don't want multi bats hitting leadoff divisional lead your team in home runs. But you Judy Martinez he legislature to you know at least he shouldn't so that's who likes hitting leadoff not a lot of guys do. If you lost it lead off great better insanity. I would hope Bogart's can jump up and hit third and now maybe they don't think he has enough power for that that's why they put Hanley there. According to Alan score it's not I guess not but director James Hanley yet add I don't know but it sounds today if right. There's your opening day first baseman is Hanley Ramirez Matt. Opening day first baseman slotted into the three spot. You know slowly but your hip and done anything yet they haven't. They haven't even played Boston College in northeastern yet we are now the top of the order they gave up on good doubleheader on Thursday. But you don't with a lot of should be good north Osgood as the Yankees slots there's the Astros but. Think any other lineup in the American League I think you feel now of their Martinez you feel pretty good side by side. I like the batting order I like the pitching staff I like their chances now it's certainly like them better than I did you know 24 hours ago. This was the area of greatest need Dombrowski got it done he got it done it not outlandish numbers from going into the off season. There was talk that Boris was gonna look for 200 million dollars gifts are what which are Annette and you're gonna end up paying and is fifty. And Daniel decide at the end of two years whether or not you're gonna dig deeper into the well to give him even more money. Let me just get this out of the lake that wasn't here yesterday with you guys and I'd like I haven't had a chance to say this. You guys all know that we were off the year on Friday. We had the sensitivity training here Friday it was. We were off the year from 6 AM to 6 PM we weren't sitting here locked in a room for twelve hours noted there was a pretty fair chunk of the day where we were all together. I thought it was mostly productive. You know we all were completely aware of the seven George Carlin words that you couldn't say and on radio or TV correct we know those suggests but you know what. We learn some other things that were important and you needed a refresher and you needed day you know get it reinforce that you can do this he can't do that and think about you know who you're affecting you say this or you say that I thought it was very productive and thought it was really well done. I apologize that I can remember lenders last name via the attorney who in layers are part of that she was really really excellent. And I thought everybody in the room got a lot out of I really thought that everybody in the room thought that it was it was well worth our time yeah there's very productive now though what would you will see going forward is whether or not. We mean. Judge let our actions on not on our words judge us on our actions and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised what those actions will be. A look at a lot of things we'll talk about throughout the course of the day Alan Branch is gonna join us a little later on in the program. I mean he's senator he's got it. You know what he's gonna say is if I hit eight innocent of all right things with a different kind of a desperate for the estimated way to stop the run once or twice. But would get into that we've got a whole bunch of other things as well 6177797937. As telephone number. Tech slide is 37937. Our Michaels on vacation with the kids for this week so it's mean keep the rest of the way it's dale and Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. We missed a lot of changes assistant manager Walt. This guy. The part of John Sterling. Played in this afternoon's performance feisty Brit Hume us. Get on board right now they'll just diggers. It's a lot at words I want it will show up as some knock off just figure Martinez twelve dollar T shirt outside of Fenway Park and Giambi. That well. Just figures and other guys I thought branded end. Oh my goodness somebody's not doing that stuff too okay rough. Let's get it runs through a couple of things here quickly you you heard Keith say during trending now that the Bruins made a trade with the New York Rangers today it was not for Ryan McDonald or Rick Nash but yet not yet. What they traded today it was odd defenseman rob I'll Garrett who plays for Providence. In the American Hockey League and a third round pick. To the Rangers for nick Holden Holden is a thirty year old defenseman on restricted free agent he is the classic rental. He assaults of the classic depth defenseman last year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs when the Bruins were in it. You remember they lost their top four defenseman injury in the first round playoff series. Literally their their top four defensemen were all hurt. And what Don Sweeney is doing is ensuring that if god forbid they start to drop. Defensemen too to injury he's got a guy who he can slide right into the lineup now they've also see though is he's not better than their top six. Or pretty he's still could be zero every shot I don't know he could play you out there you know the question here they've also got like nine defenseman. On the NHL let the NHL level right now they're not gonna keep right. You know Paul postman still here probably people remember that these tax hasn't played since like November of Apollo postman is here via. You know they've they've got Kevin Millar who scratched right now. So that's eight defenseman who were here now you add. Nicole into the mix so it it kind of stands to reason that somebody's gonna have to go some something's gonna have to happen. And you know they will move there will be making other moves between on the trade deadline on Monday. The other thing came out of the blue mark givers. Providence journal tweeted out a photograph today of the Providence Bruins practice. Any sort of calmly says drama get up at practice today with Providence Bruins the health of our what White House a whole lot hello. I'm. He has four months removed from hip surgery. I he does live around here I think Brookline I'm not positive. I think he does have a house in the area. But marked ever wrote four months after hip surgery Jarome Iginla on the ice with the AHL Bruins today. Again let's said quote I'd love to still play. This is kind of the first step getting out here and seeing how audience I wanted to see if I can still gul I don't have any deals at this point unquote. Does this for protect your explaining it to somebody who's the complete idiot how is Jarome Iginla skating with the province growth that I cannot allow him I mean they have given permission to do that right pretty not under control while the blue dogs preaches out their the other province Bruins Jersey on your curious at what weapons that he's got to practice the other game ready your buddies out there on the guys that rusty what he can do but it debt but like he said he has no deals so he is not. Committed to any team and it no team owns his rights or anything like that right he is a complete freak out Aaron. He is he is available for the Bruins to sign if they decide hey he's got some game left NB. Again Lowe wants to sign. My guess jealousy and obviously wants to sign or he wouldn't be. Out on the ice for the province pronounced that when he played eighty games last year yeah. We only had fourteen goals you know thirteen incidents so is certainly not even the guy that scored. Thirty form you know with the Bruins a few years back where it would he be an upgrade at all I feel like I liked the name but I don't know if he and everybody does yeah. I have a feeling like Holden it's one of these if you if you were thinking about it it's a depth signing you know. You know there're there are lots of rumors out there and you've heard all the rumors Brian McDonough. Rick Nash Nash they're playing against two guys who were rumored to be. On all on the Bruins radar and I don't know that they are but I've read this stuff out of Canada. They're playing against tool on tonight one as Patrick maroon. Big strong tough guy you'll get see him tonight. And the other one and you'll love this one and the rumor out of Canada is that the Bruins. I have interest in and having Milan Lucic each return originally. And again big strong tough guy Bruins fans and a lot about Lucci each. Not sure how much Lou teach. Detracts from the overall team speed for this team I think he doesn't fit in in Edmonton in many respects because. Right. If if the Bruins even considered bringing Lucci to back. In my opinion Edmonton would have to eat a bunch of money. Eight he signed one of these expensive seven year deals or something in the Bruins aren't interest and act now all I. I wouldn't I wouldn't want him back I think just based off and I like tomorrow's heroes never some of that that couldn't stand united it fit better just the way they played does exactly the type of guy that you wanted. But they've sort of gone away from that and they've let their skill guys be very skilled and Larry you look at their their wingers and maybe in a vacuum you would take him over a couple of guys just the way hoping he's put together right now I I like this group a lot more I will say this I'm Omniture David crate she ever played better than when he played online with me La Lucci each. Yeah and vice Versa delegates it's important read on line and yeah I mean Craig T had a field ten foot tall and bulletproof of those guys on either side that's true. And I I don't know what the level of interest he has I as I said you read some of the stuff out of Canada there's some there's a thought process that perhaps the Bruins would be interest didn't. Bringing Lucci to back to me it would be more likely they might. One acquire Patrick maroon you'll see both those guys tonight. No way in Edmonton wouldn't it be more willing to give operate now or more likely forget willingly if they if there were to make a move or you talk about some of the young guys that we've gotten accustomed to watching order. Is it still draft picks and guys that they on the rights through that we generally. Scene I would depend on what what you're guess if for an told an active and up any of the young guys that you see. Yeah I am for in a rubber match the old city problem Garrett in here a couple of times guys but you know he's in Providence you you were willing to give him up. Two to get a rental. Rick Nash would be a rental and I don't I think eight top ranked like you're not gonna give up Jake to brusque up front and Nash. You might be willing to give objective brusque. To get Ryan McDonna. Who's under contract for the rest of this year and all of next year it's more than just the classic rental. Kevin called upon the globe has floated the theory out there that but the asking price might be and in his mind com Brendan Carlo Trent Frederick. The young kid from the University of Wisconsin and a first round pick for McDonnell. Got an idea yet in on that I would do it again this year and next year and now you've even got another defenseman here like I said you got nine now. In keeping nine. What if there was a deal for Nash and McDonna together. At that point would you would you move on from depressed at that point. I like him theories but. That's. This is like if you trade Jake the Brussels that you know young guys that you you still don't value you have you know that's the beauty of this organization you got a bunch of young guys. But this is a young guy who you know can play Astro and and you and you party made the the determination here that that he's a legitimate NHL player. They're gonna make more deals today it was just the the scene setter right thing. For Don Sweeney and and the and the Bruins and you gotta cover yourself as you said if anything crazy like last year half withdrawals that you're looking around where world defensemen go entered Harel Hertz. At least now you have a real NHL you know deputies. I love I love trade deadlines although generally speaking it seems like their big duds yeah. It's funny to 2011 when they won the cup surely made his big deal was made during this western. Road swing the Bruins are currently on which came before the trade deadline. And they said it actually help because they they brought the new players I think it was a I rarely have early in was it Kelly and Cabral and you know and and they joined the team during the western trip nick I know everybody kind of fit into the team. In this case Holden is gonna meet the team in Toronto they're going to Toronto after they played tonight and tomorrow and that is what in in the National Hockey League is called the rookie dinner. Now what it means is that a lot for this lavishly expensive dinner. Or is and they stick the rookies left tapped. But but look the beauty of it is a good OK let's got a bunch of that's splitting yet nobody's gonna get clobbered if if you have like won rookie ought to be organized you know he just be getting pummeled by this whole thing but they got a bunch so it the other concern right now is split this eight lays please tomorrow night as the the so called rookie dinner. As I understand it in Toronto and it's it's one of those team building camaraderie things. Holden gonna join the team there and then the question is what moves will Sweeney make between now and Monday afternoon. I think I think he wants a defenseman. Beyond the depth defenseman the pages that it yeah I think he'd like at a forward. Ethics are being you know what you know I think they feel. The taping with the date they they think they've got a cup content and so you can't sit back and do nothing and I can't and I and and I don't think they want to I don't think they will. Like I said they made a move today that now put nine defenseman on the roster and I can't keep that. Both southern and both I mean. And I don't think that that price to pay as a pork I like Matt grizzly getting sent out a Providence because he showed that he belongs here. Yeah dot rather have him than than a month jazz now maybe you know hold them fits that while they he's the odd man out but still I I think that. They've had a lot of these these young guys that you wanna see stick and we also when he surged into the contracts until there's a lot of guys that. A plane for peanuts right now that are that are plainly well and I tell is somebody else he'll see in a Bruins uniform within the next 234 weeks is Brian McDonough I mean Ryan did not kill the well yeah Brian and I out of a I'll yet problem I think you'll see him here now. When the Olympics a rover on the back to Harvard. That kind of a close relationship with his coach I would say don't wanna stick his coach we know glass and then let them even for the playoffs and everything okay musicals and some data could happen if your client sell I could go back and finish out the year with Harvard I think killed and turn pro. I wouldn't be surprised to see him here as well of secret. That eagerness is second Euro potentially where you can see you guys. Arthur makes his debut in the playoffs are pretty close to the playoffs I think they irregular forces loyal ally on the they've got a game on April late which is a makeup game. That's right Monday and a brighter the ratio now and since that game that that's not out. Depending on where things stand and they should have their playoff position pretty much established before then. You may actually see several guys make their NHL debuts tonight in the kind of billing guys richter the views or to hear the area's been and whatever goal right exactly. It had a cottage industry here so we've had that talk about as well we'll get to the calls would you coming up next 6177797937. Is the telephone number. Text line is 37937. Get to the calls with you next dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WE yeah. We just don't get. When I don't want it is not well. Have a good. We're gonna go to. It's. I. He has he's been the model citizen in the few days he's been around right. And the right diet TV twelve meth cities you know he's leaner meaner in. Look in LA he's ready to start to wonder why the whole thing today about doubt. Although the Red Sox won't announce that the players are what we talked about it everybody on the planet knows via the JD Martinez has been signed. He says he's fine and and the reason I think he's fine is that he knows that it doesn't affect his at bats. I think it does and I don't think it well I know you and you don't I disagree I think that they don't want in 2019. To be paying David Price. And Hanley Ramirez all over one million dollars 322 million dollars whatever it is. I think by bringing in Martina Israel of one year where you're paying both of those guys that kind of money in the next years gonna go away. And I just thought they had at age 35 he's given you more bad than good. Indeed it is a good year this year that I guess it's a wash he was not good this year's terrible first year he was really good two years ago. But I don't think they want him Ramirez plus. Is he get I don't think it's terrible first baseman but what was his problem last year he couldn't play he didn't wanna play. Now all weather now on the line don't know he's had a shoulder surgery now is arm feels. What do you do with a Z gonna be the first baseman again next year I just. I think they're gonna monitor his at bats and I don't think he's gonna hit the option I don't meeting its performance and on the net and I think you moral or immoral to I I hardly say this today and it and I kind of agree with Lou in this one. If you're gonna try to limit his at bats to keep him from hitting the option releasing today. Why it is so different now know you won't get anything out of them because once he realizes what your doing. You've lost them well maybe Italy later Mary Lou later in the year I think you'll sort of figuring out I don't yeah. What I mean is he going to be got to do you want Mitch Moreland the face righty so I don't know if that's the case you face a lot fewer lefties and if Hanley is just that they're against lefties. That depend attract you wouldn't he wouldn't hit it. Because also if even a few dozen so he the option vests and just point two million dollars next year. But if he just goes out there and and how it's it's still contract your form to be sabotaging any kind of future deals of us who wants to retire. He wants to sign another two year deal with the team next year. And if he's terrible and if he plays lead into doesn't fifteen. These are himself pleased he's not gonna get any kind of contract. I think he's still. Has the play well. And it made we're saying the same thing with different words in this regard but these things I don't want him to get the the plate appearances. If it gets to the 500 plate appearance it's is it appearances it's because he's he says global. The way you wanted to get right artery I would as an oil and and you want him to you want him in the lineup with that kind of back I don't that you want next year though that a huge separate back out. I think he would mean to adapt don't want also wanna win I do it ought not an IQ how apparently knew rhetorically are saying you're the Red Sox. And you wanna win so even though I think he's hit like hell he's really good our line up. I'm gonna make sure we don't play him because I don't wanted to get to 500 played apparel I think right now the team is looking out and they're saying we don't want them to get to that number then I went release them know what however if he's playing really well it's gonna kind of twist your arm and you're gonna be forced to play him but I think you more because you're going to be probably and they any race in the division all your along with the Yankees you're not going to be able to to see them if he's hitting the ball. But I think if you asked them right now would you hope happens they're probably saying I hope he's good but not great if we can count ping pong and in Moreland back and forth a mini some good looks great now our team won't be that cut know that though that's still pretty good even without Hanley Heatley was offered good for the team last year. Hence no one there is what it had a lot of home runs but they still scored on two rounds. Up to the plant is that ago though yet thirty almost knocked in a hundred he was and he was great with the engine and I want that guy. Right but I don't know but we see two years were is not that guy. So I don't know what to expect from this year do you think you'll be motivated obviously because of the the vesting option it's come on let's get the calls that you guys 6177797937. As the telephone number Sean Sutton Idaho Tayshaun I don't. I do on their guys with us on taking my call this afternoon they're dale and Holley I always enjoy your guys show good respect that he is. So that wanted to ask you gentlemen a quick question I mean I. I like the eighty Martinez signing I mean the Red Sox we all know needed a big big that I know it kind of divided the red sock and do their ordered debt sits. You gentlemen think though that. Is there a chance that the Red Sox could still make another move for a that you think bigger trade like eighty caper Edwin Encarnacion. I think is their team in IIII just don't see them. As I understand your question now. It may and they may end up trading JBJ at some point there's been talk that their intestinal Lotto line dvd you know that it's it's great that you got this you know otherworldly defensive outfielder but you know what about when he's got a badness and all that sort of thing. I just don't see them bring in Edwin Encarnacion in that and that's spot though not don't think so I think there are perhaps you what the team looks like right now though it's a lot of money for DH Martinez. If you trade Bradley. Then what he do any movement Betts who might be the best offensive right fielder mould him the senator. And maybe while Ben has and he played center field they did in sort of bats but I don't think I don't think Bennett sandy. Parents the look a bit of doubt be a great center fielder and that Martinez is not. Particularly great in the outfield sire hear your downgrading across the board out there well I'm no huge Jackie Bradley family if you find a trade for a great but I think. The way the team is laid out right now I think they've they've got a pretty pleased 6177797937. Stephenson went prepay Steve and I don't. What's going on this question. At a draft. Jaw in the place you draft the last race. Great job. The exception. Jake or at all yet to a special kind of slow greens held it open on this and will now that it didn't play by Providence. You are looking at here is stats and you know. That has been a great XOK. Okay I'll offer. Which or should call it white. Abbott but it here if you're gonna if you're gonna play the game of look who they could've taken but they didn't take back in 2015. And analysts and ever and everybody's got guys like that I understand that. That the biggest example of that as Matthew bars I'll playing for the islanders right now. They picked three places in a row thirteen 1415 they picked Jacobs of moral Jake to brusque. And Zachary submission. And at what those guys are in Providence now as a morals a defenseman Marty said they are nine defenseman at the Major League level right now. So mission is a right wing who you know they think it is gonna like it is the big star yet now. But if you go back through this and also drafted parliaments and draft a second round I got an economy into a second round and you know he's already playing a bunch. I I I just think that if if you do it in fact if even go back to 2014. They're first round pick in 2014 was David posture and a public crossed the fourteen Dahlia they also got rind and auto debt behind and Anders Bjork all of that same draft. You know that you go to 2015 you've already got Jake to brusque here he was a first round pick. You go to 2016. Your first round pick was Charlie Mack avoid pretty good and prince Frederic he had both guys Fredericks at the University of Wisconsin. 2017. And while it's it's a way too early to tell he's a finish kid named buck and nine and and I don't known I don't know when and if you'll see him at any point plays like nineteen yeah yes that the fact that you've got a couple of guys were first round picks were in Providence right now doesn't. They're not the draft has been pretty good and I was frustrated back in 2015 that. They were stuck with those effects data Brenda I think they were frustrate you or your -- wait for trade community to move up in the get somebody noting that those three picks in the fact that the Brusca is already played. As many games he's played this season you know those other two guys I don't think amber is why I think the stock is kind of got up and down like one point. I forget who was was rated as you know he's the most NHL ready and and it's kind of switched over time but. I don't look at that as a boss plus just drafts have looked pretty good I think it's free agent signings is probably where you can kind of question and then. We'll see with a Trevor this is a year where the trade deadline will be very important because they or a cup contending team. They're number one in the in the NHL dot com power rankings are one hotter teams and all hockey. And it seems pretty wide open but when you're comparing it to the other teams. Not just in the conference but in all of hockey or are you terrified the lightning are you terrified of a guess what you're looking across the leader saying of the Bruins can win it. And now there's going to be pressure on Sweeney because the easy thing to do. Still probably be just to stand pat or make a move like and Nicole them like a rocket apparently like our team or or were good likeness. What's gonna be all the more daring is the sacrifice some of these younger guys and you go all in for this season that that remains to be seen. Look I I think that. They feel like this is a year where they can compete for the capture they showed. And I think that that they don't feel like but they've they've got to make some wholesale changes here they really like their team a lot. They'd like to add to a I don't think they feel like taking much off the Major League roster makes much sense for them and I don't think it does either. No I think they have enough guys in place below you see who's. Potentially available and that's the other thing too is. They are the other teams right now that are close just of those teams I mentioned it how active are they going to be like right now if you think. Boston and Tampa Bay here kind of neck and neck as Tampa Bay. Today have the appetite to out there and swinging get an epic and I wireless arraignment so. Not that you ya gonna make a move to make a move puts you do something just to sort of keep up with. With some of these other teams because they make it certainly passing by that I read an analysis out of backed candidate the other day. That said it it almost seems as though this entire trade deadline is in the hands of Don Sweeney. Because he's cuts so many things capital wise to trade and that it's almost like. Teams are going to be forced to see what he does first. Because he's got a lot these got a lot of young players and draft picks and he's perfectly willing in my opinion to trade a first round pick this year. That it's almost like whatever Sweeney does is gonna determine what everybody else does when I talked about this without. With Jackie last night he said he would add Tampa Bay into that list as well but they've got a lot of young. Trade chips as well and and that they maybe wanted to do it I really do think those two teams are going to be battling away to see who comes up with a white at the deadline here. Is there say a particular needs that took some years have gone into it and say you know they definitely more score on the definitely more scoring other years that span. They needed another defenseman and they only you know they're they're thin there left shot defenseman is what does that not why am pleased Tellme now that any left shot defenseman. Now they spent much of the season saying they needed a top six forward another thing may mean you can learn to develop some made that party got some top six forwards here that they they feel that maybe that's that's not one of their areas of greatest knowledge it's been it's been good there you've you've got guys that you feel like. You know it sese Marcia as a bad series which you would not be ideal Tuesday as investors and you feel like there's enough other guys the pick him up and yes first you know if it's posse box struggles we'll find yup yup somebody else it seems that they can get scoring in a number different ways. And otsuka the plane in the way that he's playing. You know hard to find things to was to complain about the way the with a bronze ago. I saw a texture earlier in the show say you know the way the Bruins are playing I would one do anything and end it's a valid argument. They're a point out of first place in the east with a game in hand. They swing tonight at two and I you know they win tonight against Edmonton they take over the top spot in the Eastern Conference. And an are not the only appointed to behind Vegas whose first overall right now right which is weird enough. I mean you can make a valid argument why would I want to anything. This team's playing great. They obviously like each other they play hard for each other they've got a great spirit in the dressing room coaches and players all talk about that they play for each other they fight for each other. I don't wanna mess anything up here now it it it is remarkable to just how they've changed from a year ago and it sort of you know infusing some of the young guys and they've all played really well. Plus you've got some of the more veteran players. Return to form and it features personal Odyssey was hurt last year in the and he wasn't playing as well and now he is awesome he's gonna be on the short list. For the MVP Charles haven't really good year where there are times last year where he wondered Eric how much more. Deemed as the Chara have and so all and and rascals Gaza bounce back and played really well. I can understand that argument but I still think. You have. What time when he three teams are reports or five games remaining in the regular season and it's after another game you'd you'd make a couple of changes. I think finding an animal more talent to I think yeah well you take that chance yeah you do it but they won't be make they won't be looking to make this big gigantic blockbuster deal. And I think the big gigantic blockbuster deals or summer deals anyway for instance there's talk that auto was gonna trade Eric Carles. But then I can do it until the offseason. Yeah it seems like a lot of the deadlines and share missing couple but that kind of duds Rosen Ryan Miller couple years ago as one of the bigger names and is this. There's a lot of hype around it and then you get the deadline your your watch and that TSA and you're watching I'm off my trade deadlines and other class and outside of a sudden I firing Drew Stafford yeah yeah a lot. Half decade there is bright badgers average game for us that her body and Jackie can you L United States whether you want into orbit for his ex has that he left and and look I think they'll make. The trade today was not normal. This was strictly a depth move this is I need a veteran defenseman who with if what happened to us last year happens again this year I'm gonna feel confident stick in this time line up and saying here. Well I had and last year people lost their minds as they did anything it. Other than staffer that if they traded away some of the young guys whether the ones or playing or the Gaza we're now seeing this year I think people lost it because. They wore a piece or two away from winning the cup last year there were piece or two away probably from. Making sure they got into the playoffs with a big difference whereas this year I think if you were to commit some of those younger guys I think more people be on board because they see. Just what it really happens to 6177797937. Is telefono protects line is 37937. Alan Branch will join us later this hour. Dale on Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.