DHK - Will Shayanna Jenkins' lawsuit be successful?

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Thursday, September 21st

Hour #4 and we're discussing the Sox, Patriots injury report, plus more on shayanna jenkins' lawsuit against the NFL and Patriots for Aaron Hernandez' case of CTE.


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Fourth and final hour gala Hollywood heap. Sports Radio WEEI. We started today talking about certain things and and other things happened as the day went on with his. Sort of taken over. At least some of our Twitter time lines and some of the the news outlets out there but just let's start here. Rich and I have a little bit of a disagreement earlier on the program it got a little heated at times about a name calling the telethon with the media now life. You know I think that's good at a restaurant deals starred. That idea honest I don't you have Michael did you start the name calling used. Would economy idiot I did because an idiot which is very hurt that was that Enron and a laundry and brought I was right there's gonna never is that rod did you chuckle because you but then Keith came back onto a clown. But he did you now a different clubs yeah. And record. This whole thing started because. Michael and I like John Ferrell leaving Chris Sale and last ninety to 300 strikeout and out there it would gain in eight innings. And get twelve extra pitches get him from 9911. When I saw the reaction in the dugout the bullpen when I saw the reaction of the team. I thought you know what this is a Smart thing this is this is a team bonding moment. Now we heard Andrew Bennington leasing and on the bus so obviously there are pumped about it. So they have their work there. He is more of the you know save as many bullets in the gun as you possibly can campaigns especially when I thought the team was also of that same months. Throughout the year when they've had an opportunity of Chris Sale Election Day they've done it. And you could make the case against that if you really wanted to today. It you know they have not clinch the division yet if they lose that he does want Chris Sale pitch in as many days as possible and get him out there and as quickly as you can but you know hey it's a long year. And were preparing ourselves for the post season something that Chris Sale has never done an over the course of his career September. Has been the worst month form he has had them again it's not he's not bad but just compared to Chris Sale level appearances he had one. A couple starts ago Horry was not that sharper were certain question earlier you get word about a does he get burnt out. And any game which yet complete control. And also let's say 300 strikeouts is a huge deal let's just say hypothetically if the barrel on the very idea but it it lets face the greatest thing ever. This is last start it doesn't last start that OK maybe you really wanna get on that milestone he was so close to doing it I'd I guess maybe. But he has another start he's got to get at least one strike out towards Toronto and next time you got to get twelve strikeouts. Let's get that out the way you know I get that strike are here we are in the moment he's all revved up against the Orioles he's got great out blunt guy blowing things only one day only 99 pictures of nine united pitches tacked on another twelve or thirteen not a big deal. And for me to tack on another twenty it's not a big deal but you there if I'm sorry yeah for a different day. And we'll talk about how stopped a lot of pitchers. Are these days Chris Ellis now what but many pitchers are thought to pitching coaches are soft to. And just about just turning these guys and the sixth inning warriors and Michael if I don't know when that point and I don't distract I did today. Yeah. But with last night who cares he got it got the Orioles got them on the ropes and is your last game against them you picked it up. Final punctuation. Not to take act. See you next year chumps. And joy on his right up 300 Oracle's. But it felt like I owe Brian clarity thought it out there I don't feel it and I think it 300 against this team just as shown up a little bit a little showmanship going on. Between the Red Sox and Orioles sweep in this team was necessary. And it felt good because of their history don't think that their over things and how that happened in the spring. Or not I just I pictures make me nervous of imperiled fragile I think you little guys for this the New York Mets that's what's up front. Not yet. Is not that that's not his makeup to this point via Maria yeah the batteries come on he's never pitched in the post season let's see how we done about it there have much of last that last inning throwing 979899. As you walk off. With your 110 a 111 pitch 99. So I'm talking about Chris Hill being soft. Most of soft or or fragile yeah I think all pitchers are out and out here here who are who you warships in the stated these guys drop like flies I get nervous about it and that they had that game. Wrapped up he went seven scoreless he was great. Not great to see him pitch that well such as of September odds of samba that the numbers that he said before. I did that there's any reason to it to bring him back out that are in the panic. And Melinda and back there would throw David Price other even with a big lead. Just to sort of see what he could do to John pearl told us earlier in the day that he's in all multiple inning guy. But he told the reporters later on but he's envious closer you didn't need a closer rights of my in total so. And so but that's I was only roll right he can pitch and other times he's idea closer to help remedy. He'll be able to pitch and other times and if you make the argument that Chris sales gonna have another start David Price is gonna have other opportunities probably tomorrow Saturday Sunday to pitch. It's pitching against a really bad. They'll make they'll make up definitely got out of his legacy a legacy get a handful of pedophile doesn't get ahead of ought to start coming here and I get its hands full this week that read and Kimbrel be back to a suburb last that would have been pretty good opportunity is suited to do. And it's also pretty good opportunity because the game was a lot of hands good opportunity for David Price. Good opportunity for Chris Sale reward Chris Sale the leader of your leader of your staff one of your popular teammates. Guys are fired up about it is more for the Red Sox. Then it was for the fans a couple of times I get a few times are to baseball year they'll do things that don't make sense the but make sense to them for example. When they clinch. The American League east if they clinched the American League east. And they happen to lose a game that night they clinch anyway are gonna celebrate that got this a lot of people who just like I had here all right economic or how about this. And instead of calling about let's just right it's now this just just imagine that happening and just imagine how upset you are. Rightist about it now. So we can get a head start August recess and the draft yet last year part of the campaign going to happen they do it and they when they do to avoid it on the orient they do it for themselves and out routes they say long baseball season. We win the American League east whether we won it. By clinching it ourselves with a five to one victory or winning it because. Hey the Yankees lost five to two and we're American League east champs is just an opportunity to celebrate we're gonna take it whether it looks good or not. So I don't think they really cared about the optics of it last night paperwork and then they'll care about the optics of going forward. It if they lose a game and wind up celebrating on the night they'd lose a game but when the division. And then play the JV is the next issue of just what they do or at home field this is Major League Baseball Leo we we don't understand everything. About the dynamics of it but that's just where it is. A couple things concerning the patriots. An and two that we haven't yet talked about is this is all been happening over the last ourself one Eric Hernandez did participate in practice today. Member he grew. Aaron Hernandez while I apologize you got that on my brain Rob Gronkowski did participate in practice that I ever yesterday he was out there for the early stages. But was listed as a DNP. Today he was a limited op practice participant but did practice. Unfortunately Marcus cannon did not. And that could be a real key when you're trying to you know and in some way hold off JJ watt markets can and I think would have been a key component. The fact that it's Thursday eighty still not practicing doesn't lead me to much much confidence now let me just play this Oreo cake is this is really important in this happened. Within the last half hour down at Gillette Stadium when the patriots players met with members of the media. Malcolm Butler who has not spoken since Sunday. Butler was asked specifically. About whether or not he was disappointed that he didn't start on Sunday. I haven't heard it but I've read it and I love everything about his answer. I've really didn't I didn't know that golf ball instances of Motorola. Went out and did my job. Trident. Most definitely and as motivation. No got a lot of great players on this team but you know it won't want to be active. Got it yet. Already really thanks yet that there was one other part that I thought we were gonna play. And and we may not have it here but specifically he said hey. I am I'm playing well enough. That's the part I really like he's gonna get back to you better believe I'd get back to it is that this is where I am this is where I'm happy. Yeah. You know I don't know that I. And techie mind can run equivalent or who would. I love when he says I haven't been performing at the level but I need debate. That's the answer they wanna hear about it oh yeah he said all the patriots things that are here that he did say though actually dimensions teammates say every Saturday he hit he hit all the boxes. Ali all the patriots specific themes there is no use and around film sorry for myself. Got to perform better said he wanted to be here. That they get about his contract. But you know what ends up Michael's point about the whole trade rumor thing and and he did talk about whether he's heard some of the trade rumor stuff. China's much of that answer on that too. His work place tomorrow at. So this is they're completely normal thing. This is where I play this is why are unhappy. This all is he hit every button but I'm not I'm a Michael steam now yet the last. Six months for this guy bit strange. As a Ara I was convinced he was going to traded. Euro Alessio narrowly Greg jazzy and other human now lately I wish you well I wish it would be but he won't and then. Ultimately hearing is a couple of games not great place every 5% of the snaps which are one hears that it's decent amount put. It's not know what he's used to. Doesn't start. In the game against the saints. So something's up when this guy and you wonder in the last year of his contract would be with the trade of and get something form. For the end the year at that were retirement that hear it after two games. Yeah all he has to do is just played decent football will be fine he's got to make a ton of money Weathers with the patriots unlike with the patriots or somebody else yeah. Got a good team he's got to play a high profile games he's already proven that he is a big game player. And he's more than big game player he's a big season players and all season player. Because you know there's a lot of guys who who Decker Jackson Darrell may play in the Super Bowl they disappear like I've got to the bomb. Yeah I think those in the fourth but no we. Wake up real and yes it is. Not at all. Not only emphasizes that plug and play hard. Loved by this. You're with C. And he's now that I think he's your best corner you know he doesn't hit and played you know great this year. I say look who's number one corner on the patriots is an applicant only have one corner on the paper to be Malcolm Butler. Well over Gilmore and over row and there and everybody else also think that's just in conference. I also think he's their best tackling corner. Now if you look at Malcolm Butler small so a lot of times the ball high and big guy will will overwhelm them is just the fact he's 59510. And he can't deal with somebody 6364 guys consistently. But if you put him out in space. And say. Make a tackle generally makes the tackle. That Billy aggressive powerful god for small guy. That's four you're supposed to be related safety that he's one of those I gather to make that transition he's either good tackler now the interesting thing will be. And now he's saying all the right stuff okay but remember Jamie Collins went from basically a 100% defensive snap participation the year before. Then it was down like 80% Bennett was inactive. Then it was traded. Yeah I don't think Jamie Collins ago. I don't think Jamie Collins that that the patriots felt he had the attitude right there and that's what I was at the progress this guy is he saying everything like they wrote it on a script form maybe native heard her name got him out of and they might have. But now the question is when he goes out on the football field against Houston on Sunday. Odyssey performed a one recent defensive snaps and be Odyssey performed during those snaps because Bill Belichick was really complimentary. By Jonathan Jones and Eric role in the things that they were doing Johnson and in particular he was kind of effusive on. A couple of big pass break ups and he's using his technique properly he was really build in this kid up. And this is all directed at the guy who lost some of his snaps on on Sunday yet look. I think everybody can look at everybody who's most Russians everybody. Most people listen to us are patriots fans aren't you know 90% 95% of them. And and most people listens was agree without the patriots have done business over the years. 01 of the things that I can see a problem. From a player perspective is all they've done business. Now for them it makes perfect sense that hey Wes Welker in his contract year when we're not gonna commit to him until after the season we'll wait. In Malcolm Butler. You know Stephon Gilmore made 65 million dollars for it and found out about this time so who's gonna have to wait. Before a play your perspective sometimes just can't handle that. It's really hard to accept. If your player because you take it personally. I'm not as a player I'm not supposed to think like nick its aerial Bill Belichick and start thinking like them a football careers over. I'm not looking at the business of football on and analytically and the player wanna get paid. And you've got to master what my money I can understand why guys get really upset about that Randy Moss. Could not handle. If his body he couldn't focus is on how he had to be traded but whenever deliberately took it Jerod Mayo a contract the other in the offseason gave that kicker. But contract in the off season I was the ultimate injury and operate get ready mosque that you can't get your contract. Well as your new contract year Randy will wake up my Internet era so it is hard they play for two other team dinner he had and he had to go. So Malcolm Butler out on the shore anybody else I'll never. I give will criticized but not this guy. 00 rarely criticize a player for not being able to focus. On the business of football. When you're asking him to it is. Ball out and play for political spouse themselves act like I'm I out what the player of the players should try to get the most money possible that season is going on unfortunately you have that. That's all you can do it unless you wanted to hold out which that ship has sailed. You're here now you need you need to play in this part of it to themselves and it's easy to say Brad and it's not always easy to do it's easy we salads and a contract here he'll get great. Well some guys are great their contract and as. Easy for the team to say because. You gonna be here next here your position. You're not in a contract year nick scenario you're not a contract year we don't think Bill Belichick. And even if you are contractor so what is your value gonna go down next year contracts going up regardless of what happens patron 207 and nine. And you still get a lucrative contract. But tell those guys not to worry about and just play football that he doesn't start. He's an icon right here chased from our ambassador Robert Knight messing with my money so it's it's a tough position via. And the other story of course happened about an hour ago Jose Baez the attorney for shy on Jenkins announced that China and I Jenkins is filing a lawsuit against. The New England Patriots in the National Football League on behalf of her daughter Abby a Hernandez. We now know how much. The the cover sheet to the lawsuit according to Bob McGovern of The Herald the family is seeking twenty million dollars well. From the NFL and the New England Patriots won him knowing that tent and tent rather I'm there or I didn't say that. They are seeking twenty million dollars from the NFL on the patriots. Day they released a statement from the BUCTE. Sadr saying that they studied Aaron Hernandez is brain. He had stage three CTE. Four is the worst you can get stage three Israeli bad. And that date they gave the photographic evidence for the CTE they show the little slides and I don't know what they mean but they did all that. And and Jose Baez held out the possibility. That they would add the NCAA and Florida State into the lawsuit as well. Florida yeah that's and Florida I'd be NCAA in Florida in the lawsuit so he's talking about both. You know who's got the money I'm not suing pop Warner they got nothing. I'll get a bungee me an old uniforms right but the NCAA Florida the NFL the patriots. Are on the one hand you do it. Seems somebody vote against the infield way. But there are days I don't know twenty million dollars now. Well I'd say I don't know what I would you pick your sanity I would be I've got to be in single digits for some reason I think the movie and I now. Let Dr. Phil about butt okay twenty million. This is wary and also. Get to gives it missing twenty million because what and then the New England Patriots did what exactly is a lawsuit thing. Well what they took the took the father away from that regard to the lack of companionship replied twenty million dollars because this to me most associate asked for 20 get 10 o'clock. Yet but okay what why that number. And they don't say. They just say on the on the cover letter to the lawsuit. That they are seeking twenty million dollars if you know. I think back and oh is this is this is not even loss of parental consortium. Is what it's called ban it but is that for everybody. Because that's that's for a football player so this is where I had it in my opinion gets tricky not a lawyer talk I might care about this tomorrow so. And you break it down. If you're saying this is what he would've made it would meet this in the NFL. The contract he got was for playing football that was forty. The contract that he signed his reportedly well it. Talking about paid. You didn't tell him that this was possible if we can't element was possible. And we tell on the stop playing football is he gonna walk away from the money that he got. He got forty million dollars for playing as dangerous day. So what I tell you pay man stuck playing the ability to sign a contract. But now don't take this money don't take this money. Given that you're aussies can be proven the theory or I don't know what the answer is yes it they say he wouldn't. But he would've had he known he would stop line exit that he's everyone's got to college scholarship who's playing football. Got drafted because he played college football. The contract complete flip on a high level. But apparently he didn't know the risks. Of these that's going to be the case that's what they're gonna that I evident in Toronto and now I gotta be honest Libya. Even if he didn't know necessarily the other of the complete specifics as CTE. If you're playing football in 201020112012. You know that there were concussion issues like to. And especially 2012 he may be the last class of player. Who can say I didn't know. Anybody playing a game right now. Knows. ID they're you know particularly when they're there it it's in pop culture their movies about it. It probably had our teammates announced they retired because of that they got that there are books about it. There are movies about it. There is there's education about a from both sides NFL PA a throw money into it the National Football League extra money into it there have been lawsuits about it. So this that this is. This is part of the culture is so. For the reporters and say this is bad for the NFL yes and now it's bad. In terms of conversation you're not talking about oh what a great game there is this week and you're talking about this big. Lawsuit that's coming toward NFL. On the other hand. What are the current players doing. What the stars of the NFL but right now they sent him a plan and game. I wanna play sport anymore. It's my last year there if you are very JJ walker retire now after this. Tom Brady says he's still he still says he what's plaintively 45. Bomb millers gonna retire a little Mac. Great players throughout the league what are they doing what is your response to this information and I and I I believe and maybe underscores the extreme. That's that will change the conversation when great players in their prime state nope can't go into I'm not playing anymore I'm afraid of CT. I've I've heard enough done. You can take all the commercials back I don't I don't want it a heck of a that's an act and up. I wanna be here when I'm I'm eighty years old wanna be of sound mind and body and CT is just it's just too crazy. An NFL have a problem. Now what they've got to the twenty million dollar problem maybe. Edits when he million dollar. I'd saying that it shall have a challenge that's what the I don't know I don't know it's a problem yet. 6177797937. We get right back of the calls are you coming up next by the way it's free ticket Thursday. So we've got some Sox tickets that will giveaway at in just a couple of minutes as well it's dale a Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI more. Right now what Sports Radio WEEI. And I. Ticket Thursday via the ninth caller right now at 6179310937. Win two tickets for the game on Wednesday September 27 against Toronto plus qualify. When a fifty dollar gift card to the Red Sox team store general contest rules apply free ticket Thursday as presented by town fair tire. Also brought you by AFC urgent care beat the ninth caller 6179310937. Right now. For your opportunity to win so we've given all the information we've got up to this point. I will tell you that Michael Campbell sort this all out for us tomorrow at 330. Erfurt and out I am just asking Michael this question during the break because I don't know the answer to this. Let's just play the game out and say that she'd get I'm sure gave the answer is no we didn't know aren't represented the united let's say she wins the seat back. She Windsor twenty million dollars. Bush is Jose Baez again. Because I think it's like 40%. Which would be eight of the twenty right yeah. If it's 40% and don't resident's morning. Are exposed to go to a million dollars on television complain about it but. You know this is definitely a lie as and it there's a chance here here are your ticket down to tan or Revver also a lot more money and fun. Yeah as a right now right. So that's the situation let's get back to the calls have you 617. 7797. And 237 by the way. A final drive coming up about ten minutes from now or thereabouts we've been sort of accumulating best sound of the day we got by just hearing today I Cates and Boston vacate Dario. Okay lets you. Restrict her way back when with Chris can't. You read and Carolyn Manning get to try to get that lacked strike outlook the that surround not cheap cheering routine that relic or sparkle in general a total idiot election after tried any. Yeah it next gamer in the policy and he's too short of that 300 so that aren't out of the way eclectic Turkey's black top ranked last year there was not a targeted. Well when it counted in the post season. I mean ended did this a regular season record so I. I'm telling you that they're considering your connection fact that Aetna and problematic move on. And a little bit very elite. I can play exactly right after the 29. Because they would have hired three or four different actuary who wouldn't look at what comparable and it's a player it would have made. On a trajectory than they figure out actuary how much that child credit available for her help in education maintenance and support. During his lifetime. And they need that number. And that's how they found that it's not like what will stick on the wall it's not like what would you like to thank you for the second lapse per well. Mitchell Garabedian pay over a hundred million dollar actually use case and because he did takes 37%. Every penny awarded terrific. And that's a fact you look at. I'm I'm getting and thank you the information I'm getting a number of text from lawyers who were saying in general they get 33%. 33% of the of the the war right then they get a third of the award. That that several counselors here have said a typical fee is a third I'm a lawyer. Plaintiffs' counsel usually takes 33%. So that seems to be the number. Aaron that's a lot of money alone and a little less than seven million but it's a lot of money and her point about where they count the twenty million that could definitely be. Right you know I think. We it's easy for us that I used these two of the number there's a big number one they think that the data are even if you cut that have forever else but. They probably have to explain why and that makes will be a sense right they refused final bit longer than men. Not just what his contract laws are what would have been but how much money would his daughter. Specifically. Probably and we should OK I don't we should probably in the interest of of you know just making sure people understand this he was acquitted of the double car wreck according. He was still a convicted murderer now. I understand the legal polled were talking about here when he committed suicide. Though the the appeal are or where it there because it was still under appeal. Lack of parental consortium. Now assuming that he hadn't killed himself. They're saying he would of won the appeal. Hot and all that. How did they know in other words the lack of parental consortium. Could just as easily have been because he was a convicted murder any spending like behind bars. Yeah about but I think it in this case. A guy that makes sense dale. But in this case they're saying you know you can go back before the lawsuit. In this is the contradictory. Part of it but this is what they're using. The lawsuit says this this is what would've happened if if if you had information things would have been different. Right and you say that if they won't mean ever prove yet you can't get information things have been different. So that it on a projection there. Now it's okay don't don't tell me what what would have happened what could have happened a week we could've won a lawsuit we kind of won the appeal always always he committed suicide. Because he committed suicide. I don't have to answer questions about a convicted murder is not a convicted murder right died he died an innocent. They're saying the suicide kept kept my child from having a parent it's very and let's exact except that he hadn't committed suicide he was behind bars and in other words. In other words they'll be using it it's convenient. Argument. So using things that are convenient for you it's just convenient for you to say outlets. Died of suicide and was innocent. So that's his status we're not talking about a convicted murder so you are forced to look at him as a citizen. Who deserve these. Well that's sort of pokes holes that I guess Kate's idea of two where the tournament on from because he wasn't playing football for a few years and there are it's a few reasons why he wasn't. Right spotlight he kills himself and an off season. Now wait it out while you can imagine that you played that season and two months later that's very different then Ari while he also took away all that money from his family because of big that he did. Are they gonna make the case if and and assuming this goes to court and it probably welcome I don't think the NFL the patriots are gonna settle. I did then gonna make the case that you know of this CT is the reason that he murdered some. This is the this was the issues. Don't it would sure you have to do because it -- this thing doing it to an error. I think for from the perspective okay acquitted of double murder and the state says. That is happening to you yeah murder or will host I'm a murder yeah. You mean the gun charge. Right of the reason why he bought guns exactly right. So that that's what I mean that's why their cases a little bit shorter we don't have to deal with this I don't think it would again Washington tomorrow. I think that's not part of a blood and I'll be curious to get his thoughts on the whole idea of settling because. Normally when he sees big lawsuits just think at all while we'll just see what they'll settle for and you know how much money will they throw out us. I just don't think the NFL the patriots can afford to settle. Because when you see though the line of lined up at your door to that style suits following that yes all let's see how much they'll throw it may. As slippery slope Larry's in the film and hey Larry hey don't. Protectorate of the I have never take libel lawyers are going to be you know what their justification that's pursuant. What you're saying that they're Seward because they say you know you would recruit suicide knew what about an asset. What if there. Basis for the lawsuit you know critical activating the NCAA to and Florida. The base in the loss could be that he would have never played football at all either about ET's. Not saying that makes sense. Well record the other the other guys think they're gonna say if he knew the risks if he maybe would have played but to ultimately would have killed himself. And so there there are blaming the suicide on football. I think they're they're gonna blame him being a criminal console while he would have never done that he'd never play football he would have brain damage from early age and would never got any of. We had seen Larry that's orchestrated dale. Criminality does not help. The lawyer's case. What they want you to think it is that what you put out there we should say he wasn't found innocent on how old Lloyd ought they have been murdered child is make asked the court right course. But produced from that lawyers respect right. What they're gonna tell you if he was unfairly charged double homicide. He was he was acquitted in Cordoba off no that's not a hundred times so there was no there was no murder there. And he died an innocent man. Nazi Dayton say that that will be wrong well let yet but if in terms of the the bottom line does it say. On the death certificate when you talk about Aaron Hernandez in your being technical. And lawyers were talking about you know how it right that. But he wasn't out innocent he did the murder conviction was they put the teller I said today about how does mobile is rarely if ever for that and they have never know that it so it right so. A would have to pass until I understand but he's got to look at it from from from where they're coming from they're able to say. Legally it is a legal fight is not an emotional thing it's a strategic all of its strategic something goma strategy. What do you say strategically. If you're opposing then you can see you asking for this here ask you this your clients are murder nor is not. A classic a victim are north. And expect that away this time no he wasn't convicted murder but then the charge was vacated so what does it say today. That the charge was AK yeah so it's. He was a convicted murderer. Who then had to charge vacated by law are I don't dealt. But what you know I understand they added that Jose Baez is gonna say he's not a convicted murder ideas and unfortunately no unfortunately he's gonna be right. It's not it I guess there's something wrong with that law that is a bad law. That's bad which they're gonna change and end this is the case the irony here Hernandez PT bad but. The probably change. Our Josh isn't over hey Josh I don't. I do well I act like quite kind of Mary what Larry kinda mentioned couldn't lawyers say that you know Aaron Hernandez had this problem. And currently an absolute negligent in testing pre CT and making sure that their players knew about he even think it's. That he personally problems he had to would have been magnified by Kiki eat. An airport and a twelve negligent because they didn't do their due diligence to mixture. You know all of their police are helping. Well I think the issue that that the National Football League suffers from in there and that's why they're gonna lose a billion dollars or have to pay a billion dollars to these past players. Is they keep try to pretend I liked it there is a connection. They keep try to pretend like science doesn't exist. All of there's no there's no connection between now concussions and CTE gathering is. And just because Roger Goodell keeps denying it or try to by the science that shows that it's not true doesn't mean that they're gonna be able to sidestep it. Okay and could tell us what like this we'll have got Mike McCann on tomorrow at 330. Mike McCann wrote this article and really great article and it's prophetic in a lot of ways you brought it has been in April there may make all the occurrences after the abatement. Like many other states as well as federal courts Massachusetts recognizes. Abatement ad in the Hugo which is often called abatement. And the not think about this for second this is why you would. Frustrated in an argument sitting across. A nice conference table. From Aaron Hernandez's. In Hernandez's. Attorneys. This doctrine dictates that when a convicted dependent dies. Before their appeals have been heard charges for which the defendant has been convicted are vacated in fact. Since have admits she'll means from the beginning. The dependent status is technically restored to a time before the defender was even charged. Let alone tried and convicted crates so if you stay ought to try to give it to like and how. All the things you've got to hand it back as that the law. I dropped out overturned out final drive is coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.